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GM:Stone Cold
Titles:WWE Undesputed champion:HHH
WWE Crusirweight champion:Rey Mysterio
WWE TV Champion:Y2J
WWE IC chamopion:The Rock
WWE Womans champion:Trish
WWE US champion:Scott Steiner
WWE X-Tream champion:Jeff Hardy
WWE Tag team champions:Kane and RVD
Anouncers:JR & The King
WWE Thunder
Anouncers:M.Cole & Coach

Bloodbath 5th January 2004

The fireworks go off as Jr welcomes u to Bloodbath.Suddenly out comes Stone Cold.SCSA:As GM i demand all titles shall be on the line tonight.and goes backstage.
Match 1:X-Tream Championship Steel cage match
Jeff Hardy (C) V Matt Hardy V.1
Closing Stages:matt hits the twist of fate but out comes Ric Flair
& Batista Ric distacts the ref as Batista kicks the door down.He
gets in and does a top rope powerbomb (Batista Bomb new finisher) gets out of the ring Jeff covers Matt 1-2-3.
Winner:and still champ Jeff Hardy

Ric Flair:Mett the newest member of Evoulotion.HHH walks out
HHH:I quit Evoulotion


Match 2:US championship match
Scott Steiner (c) V Goldberg
Closing stages:Fairly equall match so far until the game walks out
& they stop and shake hands with each other They then call out Eric Bichoff who comes out and says meet the new show which is going to run this company out of buisness WCW and we are going to kill WWE.

Then we go backstage were Terri has Ric Flair.Terri:What do you think of WCW's rebirth.Ric:WWE is going to whop WCW's ass wooooo!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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