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Same Rosters
Same PPV's and Dates
Raw Champs
World Heavyweight Champ-Benoit
IC Champ-Randy Orton
Tag team Champs- Flair and Batista
Womens Champ-Victoria
Smackdown Champs
WWE Champ- Gurrero
US Champ- Charlie Haas
Tag Team Champ-Scotty 2 Hotty And Grand Master Sexay
Cruiserweight Champ- Chavo Gurrero

Okay Now on with the show

Raw 04/19/04 Week 1 From Toronto,Canada
- No chance In Hell starts playing as the boss walk down the aisle with a stern look on his face.

Vince- I'm gonna get straight to the point. Eric Bischoff please come out here.
- "Im Back and better than ever!" Eric walks down the aisle with a look of concern on his face.

-Vince- Eric, I have seen your performance over the last couple of months and all I have seen is you kissing up to Evolution.So I have made a descision you are going to join the Vince Mcmahon kiss my ass club!!
Eric-No! No! Vince I am not going to do this.
Vince-Okay then, I have an idea "YOUR FIRED"!!
Eric-What?!? No Vince, Please No!
Vince- Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Good bye! Now we need a new GM. I have already took the liberty of Choosing a Gm and he is MICK FOLEY!!!
- Foley's music plays and a deafining Roar fills the Arena.

Mick- Thanks Vince,now I have 3 Major announcements. First, I am bringing back an old friend. So can I have the back bring it out. It's the Hardcore Championship!! and it will be up for grabs tonight in a 10 Man Battle Royal. My 2nd Major announcement is that I have traded Kane and Grand Master Sexay to Smackdown for Rikishi and this man.....
-"So you think your untouchable?!? WORD LIFE!!"
JR- My god King It's John Cena!!

Cena-Yo Yo Yo Chill Chill. Mick Foley You are God,On Smackdown they treated me like a dog,I couldn't even get a couple of pinfalls, but who cares Smackdown can suck my (crowd replies "BALLS"),Smackdown is where the winners Suck "Kurt Angle", but I'm on Raw, so Smackdown can choke on these nuts! (Cena throws a package of nuts to the crowd) WORD LIFE!!

Mick- Thank You John and my last major announcement is that there will be a gauntlet match to decide the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship and Triple H is the first contender.
-Evolution's music hjits and all 4 members make there way onto the ramp even Orton who is heavily bandaged.
Triple H- Looks like Orton here knocked some sense into you last night.(Triple H punches Orton on the arm lightly and Orton winches in pain)Sorry Randy.
Mick- Yeah, he did knock some sense into me that's why the other three gauntlet members are Orton,Flair,and Batista!
Triple H- What!?! that's not fair,look at me,Look at Randy,we are injured.
Mick-Have a nice day!!
-Foley's music hits as a ticked off evolution walks to the back.
Commercial Break
JR-shocking announcements by are new GM Mick Foley!
King-Poor Evolution having to face each other.
JR-Serves them right King. Welcome everybody to Toronto,Canada
King-You show no respect for Evolution

-"You think you know me" Edge comes out to a Huge pop.
-Christian & Trish come to Huge Pop as well.
Lillian Garcia- The following contest is scheduled for one fall introducing first the team from Toronto,Canada Edge & Christian!
-"Stand back there's a Hurricane coming through"
Lillian- and now introducing The Hurricane and Rosey.

1st Match: The Hurricane & Rosey vs. E&C
Finish: Hurricane whips Edge into his corner and Rosey starts hitting him while Hurricane distracts the ref.Christian sees this and grabs Hurricanes leg. Hurricane yells something at Christian while edge knocks Rosey off the apron. Hurricane turns into an Edge Spear for the 1..2...3!
Lillian-The winners of this match, Edge and Christian(E&C Celebrate in the ring)
JR- A powerful team has just gotten back together.
King- They can be unstoppable Jr!
JR- John Cena makes his Raw debut against Matt Hardy and that is Next!
Commercial Break
Interview with Evolution
Coach-Evolution you have to face each other tonight! in a Gauntlet match what are you going to do?
Triple H-Dont worry we have our stratagy planned.
Coach-What about Mick Foley as new Gm, now you cant be given everything you want.
Triple-You are this close to being knocked out,so you should leave.

-"So you think your untouchable!?" Word Life! Cena Makes his way down the aisle to the 3rd biggest pop tonight behind E&C and Mick Foley. Cena gets to the ring and someone taps him on the shoulder.(Cena turns around)
Eugene-Cena.....Eugene's Idol....Autograph.
Cena-Sure Kid anything for a fan.(Cena signs a paper for Eugene)
Regal-Eugene what are you doing? Sorry old chap for him bothering you.
Cena- No big Dog, It's cool
Regal-Okay.Have a nice match sunshine.
(Cena walks to the ring disguisted about Regal calling him sunshine.)
Eugene-Look manager Regal.....Cena......Autograph.
Regal- That's nice son, very nice
-Matt Hardy's music plays and the fans give a mixed reaction

2nd Match: John Cena vs. Matt Hardy
Finish: Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, but Cena pushes him off, gives him a spinebuster.Cena then gives Matt a Five Knuckle Shuffle.
Cena pumps up his shoes and sets him up for a F-U. Cena plants Hardy and pins him for the 1..2...3! WINNER:John Cena (Cena does his you can't see me taunt to Matt Hardy much to the appeal of the crowd before leaving)

(Mick sees Orton in the hall)Mick-Hey Orton great match last night,I just want to ask you something? Trips asked you to lay down tonight didn't he. Randy why do you listen, you can beat him any day.He is holding you back. You should beat him and become #1 contender.
Orton-No I listen to Triple, No matter what.
Mick-Okay.I tried.
Commercial Break
Jr- Cena is going to be a force on Raw.
King-I hope Hardy is all right that looked like it Hurt,and what about that Talk by Foley to Orton.z
JR-Next is the 10-man over the top rope battle royal for the Hardcore Championship.All of the Weapons will be in the ring with the Wrestlers

-Whoo Whoo! A-Train comes out to the ring.
-Al Snow Comes to the ring.
-Palumbos's music hits and he walks down the aisle.
-"Hellooo Ladies" Val Venis comes out.
-Maven comes out.
-The Man Beast Rhyno Makes his way to the ring.
-Rodney Mack comes to the ring.
-Dreamer comes to the ring with his Kendo Stick.
-Rikishi comes out for his Raw Debut.
King-Who's the 10th man it said there was 1 mystery person
-Caw! Caw! Raven brings his carriage full of weapons to the ring and throws them in.
JR-It's Raven he's Back.!

3rd Match: 10 Man over the top rope battle Royal for The HARDCORE Championship.
Elimination ORDER:Maven,Dreamer,Snow,Venis,Mack,Palumbo,A-Train,Rikishi.
Final Two: Raven hits Rhyno with a Plant and sets up a trsh can in the opposite corner. Raven turns around into a GORE!! Rhyno picks up Raven and puts him in the shopping cart. Rhyno pushes the cart into the ropes and Raven flies out. Rhyno wins!! Winner and new HARDCORE Champion:Rhyno

JR-Rhyno is the new Hardcore Champion!
King yeah thats great, but guess what JR, the Gauntlet match is next
Commercial Break
Foley-Now ladies and Gentlemen The Main event.
-"Evolution is a mystery"(all four members walk to ringside)
Foley-Okay,the first two Wrestlers are Triple H and Ric Flair.

Main Event:Gauntlet match to determine the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.
Ric Flair VS. Triple H (Gauntlet Match 1 0f 3)
Finish:At the beginning when the bell rang Flair fell and Triple H covered him for the 1..2...3! Winner and advancer in the gauntlet:Triple H

Batista vs.Triple H(Gauntlet Match 2 of 3)
Finish:The same thing happened and Triple H covered for the 1..2...3!
Winner and advancer in the gauntlet:Triple H

Randy Orton vs. Triple H(Gauntlet Match 3 of 3)
Finish:Randy Fell down and Triple covered for the 1..2... Orton REVERSED!! 1..2...3!! Winner and #1 Contender:Randy Orton!

JR-Orton just reversed Triple H's pin and is the #1 Contender
King-Triple H isn't going to be happy JR.
Triple H-what was that Orton!?!
Randy- I am sick and tired of you expecting me to just lie down for you. Mick helped me realize you were holding me back,and I don't like it
-Triple and Orton start throwing punches at each other. Flair and Batista try to pull them apart as Raw goes off the air.

Please RAte. I will have S-Down on sunday or Monday.

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^^^^ What Limit said, space it out a bit more and you need to add a bit of bullshit into it, I read the first segment and it got straight to the point within the first minute of the show.

BOOYA 900th POST!!!! :D

(hey what do you know, 1 whole post and I wasn't a smart ass)

BTW, talk to Orton17, he's a newnie too looking for someone to work with... have a look!
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