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WWE Champion: Eddie Guerrero
World Heavyweight Champ: Chris Benoit
World Tag Team Champs: RVD and Booker T
WWE Champs: Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi
United States Champ: John Cena
I.C. Champ: Randy Orten
Women’s Champ: Victoria
Cruiserweight Champ: Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Pyros shoot out from the ceiling to kick off RAW

J.R: Welcome from Saginaw, Michigan. We had a very exciting night last week on RAW and Mr. McMahon announced that this week we would have a lottery draft to mix the rosters up.

The King: Smackdown superstars are in this building with the RAW superstars!

Eric Bischoff’s music hits and Eric Bischoff walks over to his podium and his container of superstars. Then Paul Heyman’s music comes on and he walks over to his part of the stage.

Eric: Since RAW is my show I would like to take the first draft pick. (Reaches in and grabs a ball) My draft pick is…. can I pick again?

Paul: No you can’t, now who did you pick?

Eric: John Cena L

John Cena’s entrance music comes on and he walks out disgusted. (The people go wild for John)

John: Yo yo yo, I demand, to take my United States Championship over to RAW.

Eric: That just isn’t…. (Vince walks out)

Vince: I will let you take your belt to RAW if you win your match later tonight. It will be John Cena versus… me! It will be a hardcore match and by the way John, if you lose, you’re fired!


King: Can you believe it, John Cena is either going to be able to bring his belt to RAW or get fired J.R.

J.R.: I think John Cena deserves to bring his title here because he earned it by beating the Big Show at Wrestlemania.

Paul: It’s time I make my first draft pick and I could really care less because John Cena is off of my back. My first draft pick is…yes… the 16-time World Heavyweight Champion, the Nature Boy, Ric Flair!

Backstage Evolution is furious but the dirtiest player in the game trudges out to get his Smackdown shirt.

Ric: I will go to your show under one condition; I get a WWE title shot.

Paul: Fine.

Eric: I think it is time to take my second draft pick. It is… oh my gosh… TORRIE WILSON.

Torrie walks out looking good as she always does and Eric gives her the RAW shirt, which she happily puts on.

Paul: Hopefully I can draw a decent superstar this time. My second draft pick is… oh no… it’s Kane, I have to get out of here.

Suddenly Kane steps out from the back blocking Paul’s exit into the parking lot.

Kane: I did not want to be on the same show as the Undertaker, now you will have to suffer.

Kane picks Paul Heyman up for a chokeslam but throws him into the wall. Paul is almost crying and pleading with Kane not to hurt him. This time Kane actually chokeslams Paul Heyman into the hard cement.

Kane: This Thursday won’t be any better!

Kane kicks Paul then storms off. The Undertaker shows up and asks Paul what way Kane went and he ran off after him.


J.R.: Oh my gosh, what will happen with the rest of the Smackdown draft pick.

John Cena’s music comes on again and this time John is ready to wrestle. He walks down to the ring then says his usual rap before Vince storms to the ring. The bell rings and the match is on its way


John Cena goes for a grapple but Vince slides out of the ring. John Cena tells Vince that he can’t see this. Vince pulls a glass bottle out from under the ring. John runs back to his corner and slips on his customized brass knuckles. Vince backs off and looks very scared. John Cena turns around and tries to get the crowd going when Vince slips in the ring. John hears him come in and he suddenly turned around and punched Vince. Vince looks like he is drunk but John isn’t done with him yet. He pushes Vince out of the ring and over to the Spanish announcer table. John gets Vince up on the table and prepares for an FU. He hits it and Vince goes through the table and is knocked out. John lifts Vince up and puts him in the ring again and gives him another FU. John then gets Vince up again for a third FU. John nails Vince and decides Vince should have enough bruises for a while and pins him 1...2…3. John Cena wins and gets to take his belt over to RAW!

King: He had no right hurting Vince after he was knocked out. He is the boss and he didn’t deserve that.

J.R.: I think John was trying to make a statement to Mr. McMahon and he proved his point.

Eric: Vince said earlier that the draft must go on no matter what and the next person I draw will be exempt from moving to RAW and will be Smackdown General Manager for tonight. This person will be… Ultimo Dragon!

Ultimo Dragon comes out to the roaring crowd.

Eric: Now it is time for my real draft pick. My third draft pick is Dawn Marie.

Dawn slowly walks out and accepts her move to RAW.

Ultimo: Smackdown’s third draft pick is Spike Dudley.

Spike runs out and accepts his T-shirt.

Eric: My next draft pick will have a chance at facing Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Championship. He is… Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio’s music hits and he excitedly walks down to the ring. Chris Benoit’s music follows shortly after and he walks down to the ring. The referee signals for the bell to be rung and the match is on its way.


Chris Benoit and Rey lock up and Rey manages to get Chris in a Hammerlock. Chris backs up into the ropes and whips Mysterio across the ring and into a back body drop. Rey grabs his back and is helped up by Chris. Chris then sets up for a snap suplex. Chris then gets Rey Mysterio back up and gives him a side backbreaker. Rey Mysterio slowly gets to his feet and Chris irish whips him to the ropes and goes for another back body drop but Rey Mysterio slides under him and dropkicks him. Chris quickly gets back up and is greeted by an asai moonsault. Rey Mysterio rolls Benoit over and pins him. 1…2 and Benoit kicks out. Rey Mysterio then goes for a sit-down powerbomb but Benoit punches Mysterio’s head and reverses into his German suplexs. Benoit hits the first one rather quickly but goes for a second one and it is successful. The third German was a release and Mysterio once again goes down clutching his back. Chris motions that it is all over with a finger across his throat. Benoit climbs up to the top turnbuckle and sets up for his diving headbutt. Rey barely rolls out of the way and Chris connects with the mat. The refree starts his counting, 1…2…3…4… Rey pulls himself up using the ropes and waits while Benoit slowly gets up. Rey DDT’s Benoit and goes for a second pin 1…2 and once again Chris kicks out. Mysterio goes back to the ropes and propels himself forward for a bulldog but Chris reverses into the Crippler Crossface!! Rey’s eyes show that he is in much pain and after about 4 seconds he taps out. Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit. Benoit helps Mysterio up and the two shake hands.


J.R.: That was quite the match for Chris since he was not used to Mysterio’s highflying style.

King: We have quite the roster now J.R. and more puppies!

Ultimo: I will make my fourth and final draft pick then, as Paul promised earlier, Ric Flair will have his WWE title shot. My final draft pick is… HHH!

HHH is very upset that he is leaving RAW and his chances at the World Heavyweight Championship. HHH comes out and grabs his shirt then storms backstage.

Ric Flair’s music comes on and he slowly struts down to the ring. While he is making his way down a promo of Backlash comes on with some memorable matches from the past such as the Rock vs. Goldberg, Hulk Hogan vs. HHH, and even Stone Cold vs. the Rock. Also J.R. announces that Snicker’s Crunchers is the sponsor for this week. Eddie’s music hits and the crowd jumps to their feet. Eddie drives out with his blue low rider and right before he gets out he bounces it up and down.


The bell is rung and the match is on its way. The two lock up and Ric gets muscled into the corner and takes a few chops from Eddie. Ric reverses it and gets a few chops of his own in. Eddie locks up once again and gets Flair up for a superplex. He nails it and Ric looks like he is in great pain. Ric Flair gets up and receives a flying head scissors from Eddie. The crowd starts to boo and Eddie turns around to see HHH walking down to ringside. Ric tries to roll Eddie up 1…2…thr Eddie kicks out and he knew he was very close to losing the title. Ric starts his little strut around Eddie. HHH distracts the referee so Flair can get in a low blow but Eddie sinks his own low blow first. He then goes up to the top turnbuckle opposite Hunter and hits the frog splash. Flair is in the middle of the ring twitching like a bug as Eddie flings himself over the top rope onto HHH. Eddie then rolls back into the ring for a three count and retains his title. Winner still WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero

HHH slowly rolls into the ring along with Batista and Randy Orten. The three converge on Eddie and he manages to hit HHH but the other two beat him down. Ric Flair gets up just as John Cena, Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels run down to the ring. John Cena takes on Randy Orten and after 30 seconds hits the FU and throws him out of the ring. Chris Benoit takes on the Game and tosses him out of the ring while Shawn Michaels superkicked Ric Flair. Batista finally turns away from Eddie to meet a superkick. The three help Eddie Guerrero up and look like they are good friends. They celebrate in the ring while the cameras go off.

Major Superstars on the RAW Roster
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Dawn Marie
Gail Kim
Grandmaster Sexay
John Cena
Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy
Mick Foley
Randy Orten
Rey Mysterio
Scott Steiner
Shawn Michaels
Stacy Keibler
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Hurricane
The Rock
Torrie Wilson
Trish Stratus

Major Superstars on the Smackdown Roster
Big Show
Billy Gunn
Brock Lesnar
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Sr.
Danny and Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Kurt Angle
Orlando Jordan
Ric Flair
Scotty 2 Hottie
Spike Dudley
Ultimo Dragon

Please post ratings and tell me what you liked and what I could improve on. Thanks again A-Dust for the help on wrestling moves! I will try to have Smackdown ready by next Tuesday!
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