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I'm going to write this in the old booking style, and the shows might be posted a different times as I don't have much time.



General Manager: Shane McMahon

Main Event
Brock Lesnar
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Kevin Nash
Steve Austin
The Rock and
Triple H

Upper Midcard
Booker T
Matt Hardy
Randy Orton
Scott Hall

Gail Kim
Molly Holly
Trish Stratus

Tag Teams
3 Minute Warning
B2 and Godfather
Basham Brothers
Dudley Boyz
Lords of the Ring (Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway)
Road Dogg and K-Kwik
Rodney Mack and Mark Henry
X Factor

Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

Theodore Long
-Clients: Rodney Mack, Mark Henry and Jazz.

Stacy Kiebler
-Client: Test

World Heavyweight Title - Triple H
Intercontinental Title - Scott Hall
Women's Title - Jazz
World Tag Team Title - No champions


General Manager:Stephanie McMahon

Main Event
Big Show
Eddie Guerrero
Kurt Angle
Ric Flair
Shawn Michaels

Upper Midcard
AJ Styles
Chris Kanyon
Diamond Dallas Page
Jerry Lynn
John Cena
Rob Van Dam
Scott Steiner

Chris Nowinski
D'Lo Brown
Johnny Stamboli
Matt Morgan
Val Venis

Tag Teams
Billy and Chuck
La Resistance
Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire
Too Cool
Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Commentators: Mike Tenay and Michael Cole

Paul Bearer
-Client: Undertaker

Paul Heyman
-Clients: A-Train, Big Show, Chris Kanyon, Kane and Scott Steiner

Yamaguchi San
-Clients: Funaki and Taka Michinoku

WWE Title - Eddie Guerrero
United States Title - John Cena
European Title - Val Venis
WWE Tag Team Title - UnAmericans

Heat Wave

General Manager: Eric Bischoff

Billy Kidman
Chavo Guerrero Jr
Dean Malenko
Jimmy Yang
Kaz Hayashi
Paul London
Rey Mysterio
Shannon Moore
Spike Dudley
Ultimo Dragon

Al Snow
Big Boss Man
Bill DeMott
Hardcore Holly
Perry Saturn
Steve Blackman
Steven Richards
Tommy Dreamer

Commentators: Michael Hayes and Jonathan Coachman

-Client: Raven

Cruiserweight Title - Ultimo Dragon
Hardcore Title - Raven


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The pyros go off and the camera's show us the sold out arena.

Jim Ross: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Monday Night Raw, I'm JR alongside Jerry 'the King' Lawler. Tonight ladies and gentleman will be an interesting one. We've just come off of WWE Backlash and the CEO of the WWE Linda McMahon has hired new guys and re-arranged the roster split.

Jerry Lawler: Yes, tonight is where it begins again.

*Here Comes the Money*

Shane McMahon walks to the ring.

Shane McMahon: You probably don't know this, but I am the new General Manager of Raw. Tonight, I start as I mean to go on. So I have made eight matches tonight and I hope you enjoy the sho...

*Time To Play the Game*

The Worlds Heavyweight champion walks to the ring with his title around his waist. He enters the ring and confronts Shane, before taking the microphone off of Howard Finkel.

Triple H: I take it I have a match tonight, after all I am the franchise around here. I'd just thought I'd welcome you to the Raw roster, and to remind you, don't cross the Game.

Triple H goes to leave the ring, but Shane pulls him back.

Shane McMahon: I'm sick and tired of you being the leader and talking down to me. Right, I've changed my mind on one of the matches. Tonight Triple H you will go one on one with Stone Cold Steve Austin, for the Worlds Heavyweight championship.

Shane leaves with a smile on his face and Triple H looks very angry at Shane.

Commercial Brake.

We come back to the arena at the Commentators table.

Jim Ross: What a blockbuster announcement ladies and gentlemen, later tonight Triple H will take on Steve Austin with the World title on the line. We've also heard word that Kevin Nash and Chris Benoit will confront each other tonight, and there will a Jericho/Brock Lesnar match and the Rock will be the guest referee.

World Tag Team Battle Royal
World Tag Team Titles

B2 is eliminated from the get go, and is quickly followed by the Godfather, Justin Credible, Road Dogg, Rodney Mack and K-Kwik. The Bashams bump into each other and Doug eliminates Danny by accident. Faarooq elimiantes Jamal and Rosey, but is then eliminated by Mark Henry. Henry then eliminates the Dudleyz and Bradshaw. Henry thinks he is the winner, but X Pac gets back in and low blows Henry and eliminates him.

Winners and new World Tag Champions: X Factor.

Justin Credible runs back to the ring and X Factor celebrate in the ring. The Dudleyz run in through the crowd and then beat X Factor up. 3 Minute Warning run back and aid X Factor into beating the Dudleyz up, but 3 Minute Warning turn on X Factor. Jamal and Rosey each take a Tag title and leave the arena.

Backstage we see Benoit training in his locker room. Edge, Test and Stacy Kiebler walk in.

Edge: Benoit, I just thought I'd tell you that me and Test have your back. We got to face Scott Hall and Booker T tonight, and we all know Nash and Hall's history together.

Test: Yeah, you should especially. Being in WCW when the nWo was around.

Stacy Kiebler: So if theres anything we can do...

Chris Benoit: I don't want your help. Now go.

Edge, Test and Stacy leave.

Benoit now continues to train on his own.

The camera's cut back to the ring and Jazz is already there with her Women's title, and of course Theodore Long.

Women's Title Match
Jazz (champion) with Theodore Long vs. Victoria

Jazz and Victoria both have spells of dominance. Jazz hits the Northern Lights Suplex and Theodore holds Victoria's legs down for the three count.

Winner and still Women's champion Jazz.

Jazz and Theodore go to the back, as does Victoria after a discussion with Victoria.

Triple H is backstage and Terri walks in on him.

Terri: Tonight Triple H you defend the World...

Triple H: MY World title.

Terri: Sorry, Triple H tonight you defend your World title against Stone Cold Steve Austin, who has proved in the past that he can beat you. Do you think tonight is your last night as World champion?

Triple H: Well the answer is no. He proved himself in the PAST, this is now and I will kick his ass tonight.

Triple H walks off.

We cut to the commentators table.

Jim Ross: Well Triple H is very confident, as usual, but King I got a feeling tonight is going be Austin's night.

Jerry Lawler: Thats where your wrong JR, I know Triple H will win. But JR, my favourite match of the night is next, Trish is in it.

Jim Ross: Would you grow up. We'll be right back folks.

Commercial Brake.

Backstage we see Brock Lesnar out on the floor. Jericho and Rock both walk over and start to laugh. They look at each other with disgust though and walk off.

Jim Ross: Well I wonder who attacked Lesnar. You'd have to point to Jericho or the Rock as the three are involved in a match later tonight. Anyway folks now is a fatal four way match.

Number One Contenders Match for the Women's Title.
Molly Holly vs. Ivory vs. Trish Stratus vs. Lita

The match ends with Molly using the Molly Go Round on Lita and Trish pushing Molly off Lita and pinning her.

Winner: Trish Stratus.

Trish celebrates as the fans cheer. Molly is angry and goes after Trish with what looks like a mirror she's dragged from under the ring. Trish ducks and Molly smashes the mirror over Lita's head. Molly turns round into a chick kick from Trish. Ivory has managed to sneak back into the ring. Trish turns round and is knocked out with a broom stick. Ivory gets Molly and helps her to the back.

EMT's run out and take Lita and Trish backstage.

We go backstage and we see Brock Lesnar staggering around.

Steve Austin is backstage with Terri.

Steve Austin: The answer to your question is yes.

Terri: You don't my question.

Steve Ausin: It'll be is Stone Cold going to be World champion at the end of tonight, and the answer is yes.

Steve Austin now walks off.

Commercial Brake

Number One Contendership for the Intercontinental Title
Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Goldust vs. Matt Hardy

Goldust is set to win when he hits Shattered Dreams on Batista. Orton climbs the turnbuckle though and jumps off and hits the RKO. Matt Hardy then hits the twist of fate on Orton.

Winner and number one contender for the Intercontinental Title Matt Hardy

Backstage Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are talking to a third person, which the camera cannot see. They’re plotting for later tonight.

Brock Lesnar is still staggering around backstage and walks out into the arena. Chris Jericho runs out behind him and throws him in the ring.

Chris Jericho vs. Brock Lesnar
Special Referee: The Rock

The match starts with Jericho on the offence. In the middle of the match Brock comes back but Jericho fights back. Jericho goes to clothesline Lesnar who ducks and he hits the Rock. Someone in a mask runs from the back and hits a clothesline on Lesnar. Jericho then hits the lionsault and the Rock counts a very slow three.

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match the Rock turns Jericho round and Rock Bottoms him.

The masked man runs to the back and the Rock walks to the back. Brock and Jericho are left in the ring.

Commercial Brake

When we come back we see Nash and Hall backstage and they are laughing.

In the ring Edge and Test are already there.

Edge and Test vs. Scott Hall and Booker T

Scott Hall and Booker T win when Hall hits the Razor’s Edge on Edge[/B]

After the match Matt Hardy runs out and attacks Scott Hall. Booker T grabs Hardy and beats him down, and Booker and Hall then beat Edge and Test down.

Commercial Brake

Shane McMahon is backstage and he is walking towards Triple H’s locker room but he sees Triple H.

Shane McMahon: Triple H, your match is now.

Triple H looks at Shane and walks off.

World Title
Steve Austin vs. Triple H

Triple H wins after a sledgehammer shot to Austin.

Winner and still World Champion Triple H

Shane McMahon walks out.

Shane McMahon: Triple H, you have not won a match cleanly in months now. So I am stripping you of the World Title, and there will be a tournament over the coming weeks to determine the new World champion.

Shane walks off the stage. Triple H runs after him, and Austin follows Triple H.

Backstage we see Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.

Kevin Nash: You ready?

Then Nash and Hall smile and walk off.

Chris Benoit is training still backstage as Terri enters the room.

Terri: Chris your match is now.

Chris Benoit walks past Terri and goes towards the ring.

Chris Benoit vs. Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash wins after the masked man re-appears and helps Nash.

Winner: Kevin Nash

Scott Hall walks out now and in the ring the masked man takes his mask off, and it is Hulk Hogan.

Hogan, Hall and Nash continue to beat down on Benoit as the camera’s go off the air.


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Great show A-Dust, bit low in a couple of areas but still good none the less. The promos got straight to the point and ended really early which was good and bad and also Terri and Shane came in and said that their matches were on now, that annoyed me alittle. Great show, you make up in those couple of areas it will be un beatable.

Pretty much saw the return on Hogan when Hall and Nash were talking to someone. Jericho/ Rock seems to have got off good and the HHH being stripped, loved it. Should be interesting to see what happens next.


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hmm i like it, i think heat wave would be great 9/10

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That was an interesting show. I especially liked HHH's title being stripped, it's a perfect setup for the tournament and should give us a chance to see other superstars in action. I saw Hogan's return coming, but it's not as if it were under the same terms as in WCW. With that said, I'm anxious to see how Hogan and the Outsiders are woven into your storyline. Good work.

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Like the rosters and the Heat Wave thing is a good idea that should help keep things interesting. I like the balance and blending between old and new characters and stuff too.

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--------------Rumour Mill--------------

Rumours have it that Vince McMahon is currently in talks with 5 people to join the show Heat Wave. One being a big cruiserweight or hardcore star.

Rumour has it Bobby Heenan is on his way to the WWE as a commentator.

Expect the un-expected in the World Title tournament.

Rumour has it that the World Title tournament will be a no cheating tournament.

There is a rumour going round that Ivory is on the verge of being suspended after losing her temper in the ring when she attacked Lita with a mirror.

Nova is aparently on the verge of being called up to the Smackdown roster.

Rumours have it that Jeff Hardy has been a regular backstage with brother Matt Hardy and Lita. Apparently it is being considered if the WWE should bring him back to the Heat Wave roster.

It is rumoured that Rikishi may soon lead a group of anti Americans, including the UnAmericans, Kaientai, Yamaguchi San, La Resistance and Haku.


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Good Show, I liked the storylines, you have written this well. The way you have written your show is superb. I liked the mask man running out and that it was Hulk Hogan. It was a bit of a shock to me that it was him. I like how you kept Benoit on his own and not wanting help which is typical of Chris Benoit.

9/10 show.

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Nice rumours, be good if they came around. You've got me hooked on the title tornement now with 'expect the un-expected'. Jeff returning should be good. But doesn't Rikishi come from Hawaii? last I checked is was a part of the US...

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jeff returning would be good
the rumour kill should be weekly i hope ivory is suspeneded

u get a 10 coz i loved the show benoit holding his own was in great character

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The pyro’s go off in the arena and the cameras show the arena, which is sold out.

Mike Tenay: Welcome to Smackdown everybody. I’m here in the sold out arena with my colleague Michael Cole.

Michael Cole: Well Mike tonight is going to be a big night for Smackdown. We already have six matches booked for tonight.

Mike Tenay: Yes it will be a big night because also our new General Manager will be revealed by Vince McMahon.

Michael Cole: Well I’ve just heard Mike that we are going backstage now to Vince McMahon’s office.

Vince McMahon: Thank You Mike and Michael. Now I know everybody wants to know whom the new General Manager of the Smackdown is. Well the General Manager of Smackdown is…………….Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie McMahon’s music hits in the arena and out walks the billion dollar princess.

Stephanie McMahon: Thank You Daddy. Now to business, I am changing tonight’s card. Tonight’s main event will be the Undertaker and Kane teaming up to face the WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero and Goldberg. Ric Flair will be taking on Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels will take on the Big Show and there will be a fatal four-way match between DDP, Rikishi, AJ Styles and Christian to determine the number one contender for the United States Title.

Stephanie McMahon now leaves the arena.

Mike Tenay: Well what a change to the card. I wonder how Kane and Undertaker will cope teaming together a month after Undertaker beat Kane.

Michael Cole: I’m more interested in how Paul Bearer and Paul Heyman cope together.

Mike Tenay: That’s a good point. Well now we have our first match, involving Paul Heyman. It is Chris Kanyon, Scott Steiner an A-Train, Paul’s clients, taking on US Champion John Cena, Jerry Lynn and Rob Van Dam.

A-Train, Chris Kanyon and Scott Steiner w/Paul Heyman vs. Jerry Lynn, John Cena and Rob Van Dam

The match starts off fast with Kanyon and Lynn in the ring. It ends up in a flat out brawl. The referee is trying to separate Lynn and Kanyon and Rikishi runs to the ring. Rikishi enters and superkicks US Champion Cena down and then drops on Cena’s upper body.

Winners: A-Train, Chris Kanyon and Scott Steiner

A-Train, Kanyon and Steiner continue to beat down Cena, RVD and Lynn at Heyman’s orders. They leave with smiles on their faces as a replay of the end shows.

Cena, RVD and Lynn help each other up and walk to the back. Cena is looking angry.

Backstage we see the UnAmericans talking.

William Regal: I can’t wait to get of this hell hole. I just hope that our match is next, then we can leave this country and return to Canada and England.

Lance Storm: Same here. I’m sick of American’s treating us badly, just because we’re not American. We’re WWE Tag Team champions though, and they still treat us like dirt.

La Resistance walk by now.

Rene Dupree: At least you are WWE Tag Team champions. I mean we have never been given a shot since we last lost the titles.

Sylvan Grenier: And it shows how bias American’s are against the French.

Kaientai and Yamaguchi San walk by now.

Yamaguchi San: At least you are given a chance. Taka Michinoku and Funaki haven’t had a Tag Team Title shot in three years.

Rikishi: Is this a private anti-America meeting or can anyone join.

William Regal: You are American.

Rikishi: I still hate this country. I’ve always been held back from everything, just because I am Samoan and not from Washington or somewhere. Maybe we should join forces.

Lance Storm: What do you mean?

Rikishi: Show our hatred for America as a group. That way we’ll be more effective than trying to prove out point alone.

William Regal: I think it’s a great idea, and I nominate Rikishi as our leader as he came up with the idea.

Rikishi: What shall we call ourselves?

Lance Storm: Team Freedom, fighting for the freedom of opportunities for none Americans.

Rikishi: It’s settled. I know a couple of other guys who might want to join us, I’ll go and talk with them.

Rikishi now leaves with Team Freedom still talking.

Commercial Brake.

Mike Tenay: Well it seems Team Freedom are determined to prove their point. They have the chance now when Rikishi takes on DDP, AJ Styles and Christian.

Number One Contendership Match for the United States Title
Rikishi vs. Christian vs. AJ Styles vs. Diamond Dallas Page

DDP and AJ Styles end up fighting on the outside. Christian goes for the Unprettier on Rikishi. Rikishi pushes Christian against the ropes and lowers his head. Christian goes for the sun set flip and Rikishi sits on Christian.

Winner and new Number One Contender for the United States Title Rikishi

Rikishi celebrates and grabs the American flag he brought out and wipes it over his backside.

Mike Tenay: That’s disgusting. I hope Rikshi burns in hell.

Michael Cole: I just hope that John kicks his ass.

Stephanie McMahon walks to the ring with a microphone.

Stephanie McMahon: Hello again. Well first off all congratulations to Rikishi on winning the Number One Contenders match. Anyway I just thought of a stipulation for the main event, Eddie your title is on the line. If any cheating by Eddie and Goldberg occurs, Eddie loses his title and will not get a title shot again.

Stephanie McMahon now leaves too an uproar of boos.

Team Freedom is backstage and Rikishi walks in with Johnny Stamboli, Haku and the American Flag he had earlier. Rikishi tells La Resistance and the UnAmericans to stand up. Rikishi lays the American Flag on top of where they were sitting and then they sit on top of the American Flag. Rikishi says that Stamboli and Haku have been recruited and they cheer.

Mike Tenay: Again Rikishi disgusts me and the entire nation. Don’t forget next week John Cena will take on Rikishi, and I’m hoping Cena will kick Rikishi out of this country for good.

The cameras cut back to Eddie Guerrero who I looking very frustrated and he is looking for Goldberg. He finds Goldberg’s locker room and bursts in, but Goldberg isn’t there.

Backstage Team Freedom are celebrating and walking towards the ring.

Commercial Brake

Team Freedom are in the ring and Rikishi has a microphone.

Rikishi: Well up now is the 12 Man Tag match, and we’ll teach you disgusting American’s how to wrestle properly.

Team Freedom (La Resistance, UnAmericans and Kaientai) w/the rest of Team Freedom vs. the Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Billy, Chuck, Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire

The match from the start is a flat out brawl. All twelve men pile into the ring. Eventually it ends up that O’Haire and Storm are the last two. They are in the ring for themselves for about 10 minutes. Eventually Storm roles O’Haire up and gets the win.

Winners: Team Freedom

Val Venis’s music plays and out walks Val.

Val Venis: Well seems as your up for a fight, why don’t me and Haku have our match now.

Haku whispers something to Rikishi.

Rikishi: Haku accepts.

European Title
Val Venis (champion) vs. Haku w/Team Freedom

Haku locks in the Tongan Death Grip near the end and Val kicks Haku in the mid section. Val Venis then DDT’s Haku. Venis then climbs to the top rope and hits the Money Shot.

Winner and still European Title: Val Venis

Team Freedom enter the ring and beat down Val. DDP, Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Billy, Chuck, Jindrak and O’Haire re-enter the ring and D’Lo, Cena, Lynn and DDP run to the ring and save Venis. Team Freedom exit the ring quickly and they run to the back.

Kurt Angle is backstage and he bumps into Stephanie.

Stephanie McMahon: Watch where your going Kurt.

Kurt Angle: Sorry Stephanie, I was just going to the ring for my match against Ric.

Stephanie McMahon: Well you better win your match, I’ve just made it a Firing match, but only if you lose.

Kurt Angle walks off with an annoyed look on his face.

Backstage we see the Undertaker and Paul Bearer. Paul is telling Undertaker something but the camera’s aren’t close enough to hear. Then Kane and Paul Heyman walk in.

Paul Heyman: Bearer I’m here to say that I call the shots when were out there.

Paul Bearer: Well you’ve got another thing coming then. I call the shots and if you’ve got something to say tell it to the Undertaker.

Kane: I am going to pin Guerrero tonight, and win the title, got it Bearer.

Undertaker: Get in line. I am going to win the title, you brother will have to wait.

Undertaker and Kane stand toe to toe, as do Bearer and Heyman.

Firing Stipulation Match
Ric Flair vs. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle almost wins near the end with the Angle slam. Angle picks one of Ric’s legs up as if to go for the Ankle Lock but Ric uses the other leg to kick Angle in the mid-section. Flair gets up again and knocks Angle down with a knife edge chop. Flair goes for the Figure Four Leg Lock but Angle uses the small package to win.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Stephanie McMahon walks out.

Stephanie McMahon: Well done Kurt. Next week though you’ll face a 500 pound Big Show, lose and you are fired.

Kurt looks very angry and starts stomping Flair. Eventually 5 referees and backstage personnel have to come out to stop Kurt attacking Flair. EMT’s then rush out and carry Flair to the back on a stretcher as Flair is screaming very loudly in pain.

Backstage Stephanie is with Big Show.

Stephanie McMahon: Big Show, I know you can destroy Angle next week. Prove it tonight by beating Shawn Michaels, oh and if you do you’ll get a trip to a five star hotel for you and your girlfriend.

Big Show: I’ll squash Shawn for the pathetic bug he is. Next week, Angle is going down.

Big Show and Stephanie smile at each other.

Commercial Brake

Big Show vs. Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is winning through out the entire match with Show on the defensive. Show is on his knees and Shawn is taunting the crowd and Show throws his hardest right hand into Shawn’s stomach. Big Show gets up and kicks Shawn in the mid-section and hits the alley-oop.

Winner: Big Show

After the match Big Show continues a beat down. Kurt Angle runs out for the save. Big Show though stops Angle in his tracks with a chokeslam. Big Show then grabs both men on the floor by the throat. He then chokeslams them both and leaves them laying in the ring. Big Show is smiling all the way up the ramp way.

Backstage we see Guerrero, who is still looking for Goldberg but still can’t find him.

The camera’s cut to Stephanie McMahon is watching what Big Show did in the ring and is laughing.

We then see Kane, who has been locked in a cage. Heyman is teasing Kane and Kane is very angry. Heyman lets him out of the cage.

Paul Bearer: It’s time Kane.

They start walking now towards the ring.

WWE Title
Eddie Guerrero (champion) and Goldberg vs. Kane w/Paul Heyman and the Undertaker w/Paul Bearer

Undertaker and Kane dominate the entire match. On the outside though Heyman and Bearer are arguing. Goldberg and Kane are now nearly backstage fighting. Heyman pushes Bearer who drops the urn. The ashes in the urn scatter on the floor and Undertaker drops to the canvas. Guerrero roles Undertaker over and pins him.

Winners: Goldberg and still WWE champion Eddie Guerrero

Eddie celebrates and on the outside Heyman and Bearer are still arguing about who lost. Eventually Heyman leaves, and Bearer gets in the ring and the Undertaker is out cold as the cameras go off the air.


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Another Good Show A-Dust

Good Things
The Stipulation for the main event made it interesting and unpredictable.
The Team Freedom is looking quite good.
Rikishi becoming number one contender to the US Title is going to be interesting following his involvment in the stable.

Bad Things
Cena/RVD/Lynn losing because it didn't seem right for some reason

9/10 for the show.

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Heat Wave

The cameras go around the arena, which is half full but the fans are still pouring in.

Jonathan Coachman: Hello everybody and welcome to WWE Heat Wave. Michael, tonight is going to be special. This is the first time the WWE has ever had a show for Cruiserweights and Hardcore wrestlers only and I don’t know about you but I’m excited about being here.

Michael Hayes: Oh I am very excited, I also cannot wait to find out who the General Manager is.

Vince McMahon’s music plays and out walks the owner Vince McMahon. Vince walks to the ring and takes a microphone before entering the ring.

Vince McMahon: Well this is the third time I have appeared on WWE television this week. Again I am here to reveal the General Manager, this time of Heat Wave. Ladies and Gentleman your new General Manager of Heat Wave: Eric Bischoff.

*I’m Back*

Eric Bischoff walks to the ring with a cocky smile on his face and a microphone. He gets ready to talk whilst walking down the ramp.

Eric Bischoff: Cut the music. Thank You Mr. McMahon. Well I am here to make an impact from the get go. Tonight both the Cruiserweight Title and the Hardcore Title will be on the line. There will be two number one contenders matches. Also a new signing of mine will be here tonight.

*I’m Back*

Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon leave the arena.

Commercial Brake

Backstage we see Eric Bischoff and he is talking to someone on a mobile phone.

Eric Bischoff: So you’re ready? Good, I know your going to take Heat Wave by storm and by the end of the night you should be a champion. Well you are one of the best wrestlers of your kind. Well I’ll stop talking to you and let you travel in peace. Goodbye.

Eric puts his phone away now and sits back in his chair with a very confident look on his face.

Jonathan Coachman: Well I wonder who the new signing is, but whoever it is Eric looks very confident about his arrival.

Michael Hayes: That is does Jonathan. Now ladies and gentleman is a match involving four WWE Hardcore legends, in what is being called the Hardcore reunion match.

Hardcore Reunion Match
Al Snow and Steve Blackman vs. Big Boss Man and Hardcore Holly

The match has areas of fast and slow pace. The Big Boss Man picks up the win with the Boss Man Slam.

Winners: Big Boss Man and Hardcore Holly

Hardcore Holly leaves the ring but the Big Boss Man continues to beat Blackman up stomping Blackman and knocking him out with a night-stick shot.

Backstage we see Rey Mysterio and the Hurricane.

Rey Mysterio: Are you ready Hurricane? Tonight we’ve got to show Eric Bischoff we are able to beat the Yung Dragons. Otherwise we could end up in the job centre.

Hurricane nods his head.

Hurricane: Well we will defeat the Yung Dragons. There is no way they can defeat two superstars of our calibre, plus Eric Bischoff would never fire us. He knows how talented we are from WCW.

Backstage we see Paul London walking down the hall backwards and he bumps into Nunzio.

Nunzio: Watch were your going loser.

Paul London: Who you calling a loser.

Nunzio: You

Paul London: Why don’t we settle this right now.

Paul London goes to throw a fist.

Eric Bischoff: Stop. I can’t have two of my roster fighting backstage. That makes my show and me look bad and that will end in you being fired.

Eric then smiles.

Eric Bischoff: I have an idea. Billy Kidman and Spanky had a disagreement earlier today. So I’ll team Paul and Spanky together and I’ll team Nunzio and Kidman together and we’ll have a tag match.

Nunzio: I’ll see you in the ring.

Nunzio now walks off and the camera’s cut to the announce table.

Jonathan Coachman: Well that sounds like a great match Michael but now we have a fantastic match.

Dean Malenko vs. Jaime Noble

This is a slow paced match with Malenko dominating and the match ends when Malenko locks in the Texas Cloverleaf.

Winner: Dean Malenko

After the match Malenko helps Noble to his feet. They shake hands and Malenko goes to leave the ring and Noble low blows him.

Noble now gets a microphone.

Jaime Noble: Nobody defeats Jaime Noble. I am the best Cruiserweight in the industry. I’ll see you next week in a rematch.

Commercial Brake

We come back from the commercials and we see Ultimo Dragon training. Ultimo is throwing a variety of punches and kicks in the air.

We now cut to Tajiri who also is training. Tajiri.

Nunzio and Billy Kidman vs. Paul London and Spanky

This is a very fast paced match, which lasts 9 minutes. In the end Nunzio throws Spanky to the outside and bulldogs London, allowing Kidman to hit the Shooting Star Press.

Winners: Nunzio and Billy Kidman

After the match Nunzio and Billy Kidman continue to beat down Paul London. Spanky re-enters the ring and attacks Kidman. Nunzio tries to save Kidman but Spanky beats Nunzio down. Spanky turns round but Kidman is gone and he is running up the ramp. Spanky continues to beat down Nunzio in frustration.

Backstage we see Eric Bischoff in his office with Rhyno.

Rhyno: Eric, next week I want a Hardcore title match against Raven.

Tommy Dreamer walks in.

Tommy Dreamer: Hey I want a Hardcore title shot next week.

Perry Saturn walks in.

Perry Saturn: I’m going to have a Hardcore title match next week.

Crowbar walks in.

Crowbar: I will be the Hardcore champion next week.

All four men start arguing.

Eric Bischoff: There’s only one way to sort out this problem. Rhyno you will take on Perry Saturn in a number one contenders match and Tommy you’ll face Crowbar in a number one contenders match. These matches will take place at the same time. Let the battle begin.

All four men stand there.


All four men leave Bischoff’s office and immediately start fighting.

Number One Contenders Matches for the Hardcore Title
Rhyno vs. Perry Saturn and Tommy Dreamer vs. Crowbar

The two matches are always close together. The match ends when Rhyno gores Dreamer of a ledge and onto some wooden pallets.

Winner and Number One Contender for the Hardcore title: Rhyno

Rhyno celebrates and leaves the arena.

Backstage we see Rey Mysterio and Hurricane. They have a video tape with their name on it. They play it in the video. It is Kaz Hayashi and Jimmy Yang who are speaking Japanese, then they show Dominic tied up.

Mysterio runs out of the room in a panic and finds Ultimo Dragon. They play the tape again and Ultimo acts out what they say. Ultimo shows them that Mysterio must lose the match if he wants to see Dominic alive again.

Mysterio goes mental throwing items around the room, some almost hitting Hurricane and Ultimo.

Hurricane: Calm down Rey, we’ll get Dominic back.

Commercial Brake

We come back from the commercials and Mysterio and Hurricane are in the ring. The Yung Dragons music plays and the crowd boo the roof off.

Rey Mysterio and Hurricane Helms vs. Yung Dragons

This is fast paced match and lasts 10 minutes. The match ends when Hayashi taunts Mysterio by cutting his throat. Mysterio drops to the floor and Hayashi pins.

Winners: Yung Dragons

Hayashi and Yang continue to beat down Mysterio with Hurricane looking on. Eventually Hurricane enters the ring and starts to fight off the Yung Dragons but the numbers game catch up. On the titantron we see Sakoda who has Dominic tied and gagged to a chair and they are on the move.

Backstage we see Eric Bischoff in his office, he is on his mobile phone.

Eric Bischoff: So you’re here? Great. Don’t show your face to anyone. I want to keep everyone guessing and it will be a surprise to everyone when you appear. See you later.

Eric Bischoff lays back in his chair and smiles as Vince walks in.

Vince McMahon: Eric, you can tell me who your signing is can’t you?

Eric Bischoff: No, I want everybody, except me and the superstar, to be shocked.

Vince McMahon: He better be good.

Eric Bischoff: Oh he is. He is.

We cut back to the ring.

Hardcore Title
Raven vs. Tazz

The match lasts about 12 minutes and it ends with Tazz locking in the Tazz mission.

Winner and new Hardcore champion: Tazz

Tazz celebrates his win and Raven gets to his feet. Raven Irish whips Tazz into the corner and clotheslines him into the turnbuckle and puts Tazz onto the turnbuckle. Raven puts a trash can a little further away from the turnbuckle. Raven climbs to the top turnbuckle and Tazz starts to fight back. Raven fights back and eventually hits the Raven effect through the trash can and wins the Hardcore title back.

New Hardcore champion: Raven.

Rhyno storms to the ring and goes to gore Raven, who moves and Rhyno is sent into the ring post. Raven slides out of the ring and runs to the back with his trolley.

Commercial Brake

*I’m Back*

Eric Bischoff walks to the ring.

Eric Bischoff: Well I said I wanted to make an impact earlier. I mean Shane brought back Hulk Hogan and is having a title tournament. Stephanie has Team Freedom. Vince had already told me I was the General Manager of Heat Wave and so I started making phone calls and talking to some agents. Anyway I’ll be quiet.

Ultimo and Tajiri make their way to the ring.

Eric Bischoff: Now ladies and gentleman my new signing………………………………………..Jushin Thunder Liger.

Cruiserweight Title
Tajiri vs. Ultimo Dragon vs. Jushin Thunder Liger

This is a fast paced match which lasts 15 to 20 minutes. It ends with Ultimo locking in the Dragon Sleeper on Tajiri.

Winner and still Cruiserweight champion: Ultimo Dragon

Eric Bischoff walks out again.

Eric Bischoff: Congratulations Ultimo Dragon, you’ve earned yourself a two on one match next week against Tajiri and Jushin Thunder Liger. Oh, and your Cruiserweight title will be on the line.

The cameras fade with Ultimo in the ring.


Better Than You
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Who is Jushin Thunder Liger?

Anyway, l liked your show, everything was perfect..l liked it how Eric told Crowbar, Rhyno, Tommy Dreamer and Perry Saturn to start brawling outside his office.

EPW Owner
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forgot to rate that 10/10 a-dust i loved eric bischoff hardcore thing

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Jushin Thunder Liger is a great cruiserweight from the Indies he used to work matches in Japan against both Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit.

Good Show A-Dust 9/10, no major faults, everything seemed good, Except the spelling of Jamie Noble's name is Jamie and not Jaime.
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