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Ok well I have decided to do a real WWE thread because my Extremely Crappy Wrestling wasn't getting the response I had hoped for. I may do some ECW if you guys want me to. But I'm gonna use the current rosters with some wrestlers I am adding to the show so I hope you enjoy the real WWE in my eyes :)

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Raw Week one “The aftermath of the Rumble”

The pyro goes off and the fans are going crazy after and amazing rumble ppv last night

JR: welcome everyone to Raw after an amazing Royal Rumble where not only did we see Batista win the Royal Rumble but we also saw Shelton Benjamin overcoming all the interference of evolution and beating Triple H to win The World Heavyweight Title in an amazing but bloody match

King: JR those were two good matches but what about HBK and Chris Benoit in the #1 contender match for The World Title at No Way Out those two fought so hard and it ended up a double countout as they knocked each other out

(no chance starts to play)

King: Look JR its Mr. McMahon he’s here

JR: yea I see him

(McMahon struts to the ring with a serious look on his face he then enters the ring and grabs a mic)

Vince: Ladies and gentlemen I have an announcement, last night at the Royal Rumble we saw a draw between HBK and Benoit in the #1 contender match. Well No Way Out is now going to be a Smackdown only PPV (crowd boos). But tonight u will see HBK and Benoit fight again in a no DQ no countout match we must have a winner. And the winner will fight Benjamin next week on Raw (crowd goes nuts) Thank you and enjoy the show.

JR: well there you have it folks an earth shaking announcement from Mr. McMahon

King: I heard it but what about No Way Out now it’s a Smackdown only PPV what’s up with that


Shelton Benjamin arrives to the arena to a huge pop from the crowd (the cameras then go to the ring)

(D-X’s music hits and Road Dogg comes to the ring with X-Pac and Billy Gunn)

JR: the next match is for the intercontinental title it will be Road Dogg v.s. Randy Orton

(Evolution’s music hits and orton comes to the ring with Flair and Batista

Match Road Dogg v.s. Randy Orton Intercontinental Title

The match starts with a common tie up and road dogg gets Orton in a side headlock and orton whips Dogg off the ropes and hits him with a shoulder block. Orton runs off the ropes and Road Dogg hits orton with a hip toss. Road Dogg starts to take control he lifts up orton and hits him with a body slam. RD locks in a sleeper while orton is still on the ground and Orton starts to fade a bit but then starts to get up and fights back with elbows to the stomach. RD stops orton’s momentum when he hits him with a knee to the stomach of orton. He grabs orton and hits him with a neck breaker. Batista gets on the apron and distracts RD until Billy Gunn yanks Batista off the apron. Orton then gets up and goes for the RKO but RD sends him off the ropes and hits him with the Doggy Shuffle punches and knocks orton on the ground. RD runs off the ropes and hits his Shake Rattle N’ Roll knee drop. He goes for the pin but flair is on the apron and X-pac pulls him off and a brawl breaks out on the outside and the ref is trying to break it up while RD is distracted as well. Orton goes to the outside and grabs a chair and gets back in the ring. He hits RD in the head with the chair and then lifts him up and hits an RKO on the chair to RD and throws the chair out of the ring. He covers RD and the ref comes in 1…2….3 its over Randy Orton steals it
Winner: and Still Intercontinental champion Randy Orton

(after the match evolution and D-X start to fight and then Triple H comes out and helps Evolution but HBK then comes out and helps D-X)

JR: we got a major brawl on our hands here as D-X is fighting Evolution

Eric Bischoff: WO WO WO WO what do you guys think you are doing!!! Stop this nonsense we are not going to waste you guys in a non match these people don’t deserve to see you guys go at it. But I have an idea there will be a match between Randy Orton Batista and Ric Flair against the team of Road Dogg Billy Gunn and X-pac in a six man tag match. (crowd cheers) Next week on RAW (crowd boos) Good night


Backstage we see Johnny Nitro in Eric’s office

Johnny: hey boss how are you tonight??

Eric: well Johnny I am feeling magnificent. I mean why wouldn’t I be I mean Raw really did steal the show last night at the Rumble. A Raw superstar won the Rumble. The title match didn’t really turn out how I thought it would but either way it was a fantastic mat..

(door opens and slams against a wall as Triple H enters)

HHH: Eric were you about to say it was a fantastic match?? Because it wasn’t fantastic. How could it be fantastic if I didn’t win the damn match? Listen I want a rematch and you are going to give me that rematch

Eric: ok tonight it will be Triple H v.s. Shelton Benjam…


SCSA is standing behind Bischoff and the crowd goes nuts

SCSA: I don’t think so. If you made that match you would be in direct violation of Stone Cold’s law.

HHH: what do you mean Austin I deserve this match I’ve earned it

SCSA: no you didn’t
HHH: yes I did
SCSA: no you didn’t
HHH: yes I did
SCSA: no you did not now shut the hell up and let me talk. You lost to Shelton Benjamin even though you tried to cheat. Also you did not win a #1 contenders match last night as a matter of fact no one did. That’s why there is a rematch tonight where anything can happen because there is no DQ and no contort. Triple H I have got an idea if you want the title back…. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HHH: Eric put me in that #1 contender match tonight

Eric: ok the main event tonight will be Chris Benoit v.s. HBK v.s. Triple H to be the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship


(Jazz comes to the ring with Theodore Long for the next match)

(Lita comes out next)

Match Lita v.s. Jazz © for the Womens title

The match begins and it is like every womens match. Jazz starts to take control of the match when she hits a quick DDT then she hits a leg drop. She lifts up Lita and sets her up for a pile driver and hits it. Lita is rolling in some serious pain holding her neck. Jazz throws lita into the corner and goes for a splash but Lita moves. She rolls up Jazz in a pin 1..2.. no kick out and jazz gets up and is surprised Lita did that. Jazz kicks Lita in the back of the neck. She sets her up for a powerbomb but when she lifts Lita up Lita hits a hurricanrana pin 1..2.. no another kick out. Jazz lifts her up and Lita starts to kick Jazz in the stomach. She hits a scoop slam on Jazz and then picks her up and goes for the twist of fate. As Lita turns to finish the move Jazz gets her head out and grabs Lita’s arms and picks her up in her sumbmission move. Lita then has no choice but to give up
Winner: and still womens Champion Jazz

Jazz continues the assault and all of a sudden the crowd starts to go nuts

JR: hey look!! Look king look it’s it’s

King: JEFF HARDY what’s he doing back here

Jazz and Theo Long quickly exit


(Hurricane’s music hits as Hurricane and Rosey come down to the ring)

(The Dudley Boyz Music hits as Bubba and D-von come down to the ring)

JR: The next match is going to be a tag team match and the winner could very well be looked at as a top contender maybe for Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree’s tag titles

King: whoever does win still wouldn’t be able to beat La’ Resistance

JR: yeah well that’s your opinion

Match Dudley Boyz v.s. Hurricane and Rosey

The match begins with Hurricane and D-Von starting out. Hurricane hits D-von with some quick cruiserweight moves and D-von is a little woozy. Hurricane then tags in Rosey who basically crushes D-von with some body slams and suplexs. Rosey lifts up D-von for a spinebuster but D-von gets out of it and tags in his brother Bubba. Bubba hits a clothesline on rosey then hits a standing elbow drop on Rosey. He lifts up rosey for a Bubba Bomb but he can’t lift the 400 pounder. Then Rosey hits Bubba with some elbows to the head and hits a shuffle side kick to the face of Bubba to knock him out. D-Von climbs the ropes and hits Rosey with a cross body off the top rope and knocks Rosey down. Hurricane then comes in and attacks D-Von and they start to fight to the outside. The ref is distract by Hurricane and D-Von on the outside and he pays no attention to Bubba and Rosey and wait whose that coming through the crowd. It’s Jamal Rosey’s old partner. He’s wearing an S.H.I.T shirt. Bubba gets up as Rosey climbs the ropes Jamal hits Bubba with a super kick and he gets out of the ring. Rosey jumps off the top rope and hits a splash on Bubba and pins him the ref gets back in the ring 1….2…..3 Hurricane Rosey and Jamal all celebrate in the ring
Winners: Hurricane and Rosey

JR: Well what do we call this team

King: how about Hurricane and his two S.H.I.T.S Haha

JR: Well if that’s what you think. Anyways folks coming up next is the main event between HBK, Chris Benoit, and Triple H to be the #1 contender for the World title that match is next


(Shelton Benjamin’s music plays and he sits at the announce table)

JR: Shelton Benjamin is going to sit with us for this match what and honor to have the World Champion her with us

King: how come you never said that when Triple H was Champ??

JR: well

Shelton: I’ll answer that one. Because Triple H may be good but he is not respectable like I am I proved that last night at the Rumble. I not only beat him I beat all of evolution.

(Are you ready hits and HBK comes out in D-X colors)

JR: Both Evolution and D-X have been banned from ringside for this match

(Benoit’s music hits and he comes right to the ring eyeing HBK)

(It’s time to play the Game echoes through and HHH makes his way down the ramp but he stops for a few seconds and he stares at Benjamin)

Benjamin: What?? I got something you want (lifts up the world title) you want this big boy come and get (Benjamin stands up) C’MON YOU WANT SOME DAMMET COME AND GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

(HHH gets and angry look but just keeps walking)

Benjamin: he don’t want any of this he got enough last night

JR: Shelton I respect your courage and strength but be careful if you tempt HHH he may do something unheard of to get you back

King: yeah you better watch your back because if you want HHH you may get more of him then you want.

Benjamin: oh don’t worry I can handle him

Match HBK v.s. Benoit v.s. Triple H

The match begins with all three men just staring each other down. Benoit and HBK both go after each other after last nights brutal match they both have some unfinished business. They lock up and HHH gets out of the ring and watches them fight. Benoit get HBK in a side head lock and gets whipped into the ropes. HBK hits the charging Benoit with a clothesline. He runs off the ropes and Benoit rolls on his stomach and HBK jumps over him. Benoit gets up and is about to hit HBK but both men stop and look at each other then they look at the crowd then they set there eyes on HHH.
Benjamin: yeah get him you two tear his sorry ass apart

Both men run to the outside and attack HHH. They hit him with punches and then hit him with a double suplex on the hard outside. HBK lifts up HHH and whips him into the steel steps and HHH screams in pain and puts his hand on his back. Benoit then kicks HHH in the back numerous times. He lifts HHH up and goes for the German suplex he hits one but after that HHH gets out of it and HBK goes for a clothesline on HHH but he ducks and he hits Benoit and knocks him down. HHH then whips HBK into the steps and HBK has that bad back. HHH goes for something under the ring and he pulls out a sledgehammer. He winds up to take a huge swing with it and to try to knock HBK completely out but Benoit grabs the hammer out of HHH’s hands and hits him with a huge chop across the chest. He hits him with a few more and blood starts to trickle from HHH’s chest. HBK gets up and gets back in the ring while the other two fight on the outside. HHH hits Benoit with a knee to the stomach and throws him into the ring post. HHH gets in the ring to go after HBK. He runs at Shawn but HBK grabs HHH and smacks his head first on the top of the ring post. HHH starts to bleed and HBK rolls him up 1..2.. Benoit gets in the ring to break up the pin. HBK gets up and chops Benoit who returns the favor and chops HBK. They go back and forth chopping each other until HHH gets up and pushes HBK into Benoit and both men fall down. HHH gets up and he gets a chair from the outside. He brings it into the ring. HBK stands up and HHH nails HBK in the head with the chair. HBK staggers for a second and then falls hard to the mat. HBK starts to bleed from his forehead and now Benoit is the only one in this match without blood on his face. Benoit rises to his feet and HHH hits him with the chair and Benoit falls hard to the mat. HHH picks up HBK and sets him for the pedigree but somehow HBK mustered up enough strength to reverse it and back body drop HHH down onto the chair that HHH had placed there to pedigree HBK. Now all three men were down and out on the mat. Benoit and HHH start to get up first and they exchange chops and punches. HHH goes for a punch but Benoit ducks and locks in the Crippler Crossface. HHH screams in pain and tries to roll out of it but Benoit holds on. HHH looks like he will tap but HBK gets up and smacks Benoit in the head with the steel chair. Benoit is out. HBK goes to the corner and points to HHH. He starts to tune up the band. He stomps one, two, three, four, five times and HHH gets to his feet. HBK shuffles towards him and he connects with the Sweet Chin Music HHH is out cold. Benoit starts to rise to his feet. HBK goes to the corner again and starts to tune up the band. He stomps one, two, three, four times he shuffles towards Benoit goes for the SCM but Benoit ducks and goes for the Crossface. But HBK is fighting it and he hits a short arm clothesline and Benoit is down but not for long as he gets up and HBK goes for a punch but he ducks and locks his arms in for the German Suplex. He hits the first one then another then a third. Benoit does his trademark slash of the throat and ascends the ropes. He gets to the tope and jumps off for the Headbutt but HHH pulls HBK out of the way and Benoit eats canvas. Benoit is exhausted from the match and I think that hitting the canvas may have knocked him out. HHH sets up the limp Benoit for the pedigree but HBK gets up and hits HHH with a sweet chin music. HBK falls on HHH the pin 1…2….3
Winner: HBK

JR: it’s over by God what a match HBK has won the match and a bloody and brutal match it was

King: now Triple H lost no this can’t be happening

Benjamin: oh yeah it’s happening and I’m going to get a good look at him

(Shelton goes down to the ring)

He looks at HHH and laughs HHH gets up and charges at Benjamin, but Benjamin ducks and hits HHH square in the jaw with a super kick and HHH is knocked out.

Raw goes off the air with Shelton Benjamin standing over HHH’s bloody body raising the World Title over his head.

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thanx grendrill i must say that its an honor to receive good feedback from you. because your shows were the first ones i watched and they do rule. so thank you once again and i hope u keep writing your shows

read*** not watched cna't watch words one a pc lol

cant*** on**

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cool show hey dawg thanks for returning jeff he is my fav

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Exceelent opening show Game, I also enjoyed your ECW, but this one definately showcases your talents better. Having Shelton Benjamin as the champion is a great move, as immediately its sets you apart from any other writer here. I hope you continue to post as this show has certainly laid down the groundwork for the future. Well done. 10/10

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so you all know:

My champions are:
World: Shelton Benjamin
Intercontinental: Randy Orton
Womens: Jazz
World Tag: La' Resistance

WWE: Undertaker (he really does deserve it)
U.S.: John Cena
Cruiserweight: Chavo Guerrero
WWE Tag: Basham Brothers
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