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My WWE Show

Name: WWE Upspring

Brawl For All Theme Plays
Pyro Hits
Annoucers: Jim Ross, & Josh Matthews

J.R says that later tonight we will a 6 man tag match in the main event between Triple H, Randy Orton and a Mystery Partner vs. Kane, RVD, and Scott Steiner

Match 1.
Hurricane vs. Steven Richards w. Victoria

Fast paced match with lots of high- fyling moves by the Hurricane
end comes when Richards goes for the Steve-e-t but Hurricane reveres it into the Eye Of The Hurricane 1-2-3.

Winner: The Hurricane


J.R welcomes us back and wonders if Stone Cold will return at No Way Out.

Match 2.

Batista w. Ric Flair vs. Al Snow

I'm Back hits out comes Eric Bischoff.

J.R: What the hell does he want?
Eric: I was just thinking Al since you like being hardcore lets makes this match a hardcore match.

Bell Rings

They brawl all over the arena and Batista beats Al, Al beats Batista. They Brawl to backstage hallway when Sean O'Haire hits Al Snow with a shovel. Batista covers Al 1-2-3.

After the match O'Haire shakes Flairs hand.


Backstage interveiw with Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista, Orton, and O'Haire

Terri: Ric please explain what just happened.
Ric:You just WOOO witnessed the birth of the greatest WOOOO faction in the history of this great sport. Terri I give to you Apocoylips.
Triple H:Just one more thing Steiner I hope your ready for No Way Out. Oh and see tonight

Locker Room.
Tommy Dreamer bumps into D'lo Brown
Brown: What the hell?
Dreamer: Oh sorry man
Brown: No I know what that was for its bcuz im black and your white.

D'lo walks away


Strait to the ring

Match 3: D'lo Brown vs. Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer beats on D'lo until Mark Henry hits the ring and beats up Dreamer.

D'lo and Henry embrace
Winner: Tommy Dreamer by DQ


Main Event
6-man tag
Triple H, Randy Orton and Sean O'Haire vs. RVD, Kane, And Scott Steiner

Back and forth match RVD and Orton battle backstage and don't return. Kane takes out O'Haire on stage Batista knocks Kane off the stage. Back in the rin Steiner is pumbling Triple H when Batista O'Haire and Flair hit the ring and attack Steiner. Triple H is about to pin Steiner but then beats him up more. Triple H then puts his pinky on Steiners chest for the 1-2-3.

Winners:Triple H, Randy Orton and Sean O'Haire

After the match the beating continues when...

Glass Shaters
Austins Music hits
Apocolyips fleas through the corwd only to see it was a pormo that says

"Will Austin Accept The Invite?"

End of Show

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Well since i live up here in Canada and it is very boring i am going to write the second installment my WWE t.v show.

So here it goes hope you all like it.

Brawl For All theme hits and the second installment of WWE Upspring is here

Pyro blows
Your annoucers this week:J.r and Jerry The King Lawler

J.R & King recap what happened the time on Upspring.

I'm Back blairs through the arena.

Eric: Right here tonight in this very ring you are going to see Rob Van Dam go 1-on-1 with the blue chipper Randy Orton.
Also you will see Kane take on Sean O'Haire....... In a steel cage match.
Thank you start the show

J.R: King that is huge.
King: You don't have to tell me that.

Match 1. Christopher Nowinski vs. Tommy Dreamer

Bell rings and the match is under way with Dreamer having the upper hand, then Nowinski low blows Dreamer goes for the cover 1-2 kickout. Dreamer regains control until John from Tough Enough 3 hits him with a singapore cane, Nowinski covers 1-2-3.

Winner: Christopher Nowinski

After the match the assulat continues until Matt Cappotelli hits the ring and makes the save. But then WHAM Matt hits Dreamer between the eyes with the singapore cane, The three attack Dreamer until refs escort them to the back.


J.R and King hype the Febuary edtion of Raw magazine with the Stone Cold Truth about why he left.

Match 2. RVD vs Randy Orton
Fast paced with RVD having it under control, until Sean O'Haire hits the ring and trys to attack RVD but then Kane hits the ring and chases out O'Haire.

As we return RVD hits Orton with the step over heel kick then hits the Rolling Thunder (Crowd goes nuts) RVD looks at the fans jumps to the top rope when Jeff Hardy shoves RVD off the ropes allowing Orton to get the 1-2-3

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match RVD looks at Jeff Hardy who is on the ramp.

J.R: this feud is not over
King: You can say that again
J.R: this feud is not over
King: I was joking J.R

We are in the backstage and see Apocolyips(sp?) attacking Kane until officals break it up.


We are back and see the Cage being assembled (the cage is an old school blue one)

J.R and King both recap the Kane and Apocolyips feud.


Main Event
Steel Cage Match (must escape, you cannot win by pin or submission)

Kane vs Sean O'Haire(with Ric Flair)

Match starts off fairly slow but the pace quickens half way through O'haire trys to escape but the BIG Red Machine stops him and hits a sky high superplex off the tope of the cage. Kane attemps to escape through the door but Flair SLAMS the door on his head. O'Haire trys to get out the door but Kane sits up grabs O'Haire TOMBSTONES him in the middle of the ring and Kane climbs out.

Winner: Kane

Apocolyips runs to ring attacks Kane when...... (HOWWWLL) The WolfPac music hits and out comes Kevin Nash and he makes the save to Kane.


Well there it is installlment 2
I'll try to write one every day or every second day seeing as how i got replies saying that you people like this (I can't see how its not that good) but anyway hope you all like it.

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Hey everyone here is the 3rd installment of my WWE t.v show.

Your annoucers: J.R & Jerry "The King" Lawler

Brawl For All Theme plays through out the arena
Pyro blasts and here it goes

J.R: King it is going to be an explosive show this week.
King: I can't wait J.R.

I'm Back hits and here is your G.M Eric Bischoff

Eric: Hello and welcome to WWE Upspring. I have some HUGE anncoucnments for you here tonight. The first is right here to night in this very ring you will see Kevin Nash & Kane vs Triple H & Sean O'Haire. Also I am going to bring back one of the most innfluencale titles in the history of WWE the Intercontinental title belt. -Crowd goes nuts-. And the contenders for that title are Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam. -crowd roars louder-. In a LADDER MATCH!!!! -Crowd Roars-. Thank You very much. I'm Back hits again and away he goes.


Match 1.

Six Man Tag (Hardcore Rulez)

Chirstopher Nowinski, John Hennigan, & Matt Cappotelli vs. Tommy Dreamer & 2 Unannounced Parteners

Chirstopher Nowinski, John Hennigan, & Matt Cappotelli come to the ring. Tommy Dreamer shows up on the Titan Tron and says

Dreamer: Nowinski, John, Matt I hope you are all ready to......
Mystery Partner 1: GET THE TABLES!!!!!!
Mystery Partner 2: TESTIFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bombshell plays Pyro explodes and its Tommy Dreamer and The Dudley Boyz.

Lots of hardcore action Bubba Ray puts Matt through a table with a super powerbomb, then the Dudleyz put John through a table with the 3-D. Dreamer and Nowinski battle to the back while Bubba pins Matt 1-2-3.

Winners: Tommy Dreamer & The Dudley Boyz

After the match Lance Storm & William Regal put the Dudleys through tables.

To the back where we see RVD getting ready


Match 2.
Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship
RVD vs. Jeff Hardy

Camera zooms in on the title and it is new awsome looking belt.

Jeff Hardy and RVD take it to the arena floor early on, Jeff gets the ladder sets it up but it is tipped over by RVD. basic ladder matches with all the regular spots (Tipping it over, Hitting each other with it, etc.) The match ends when RVD hits a 5* frog splash gets up climbs the ladder Jeff tips over the ladder climbs it and gets the belt.

Winner and New WWE Intercontinental Chapion: Jeff Hardy


We come back and Terri is interveiwing Jeff and he says
Jeff: I finally did it Terri i finally beat RVD. I am the greatest. Wooo
-walks away-

J.R: Well King if that wasn't enough just wait because coming up later on it will be Kevin Nash & Kane vs Triple H & Sean O'Haire.
King: J.R that is explosive.

Commercail for No Way Out air.


Match 3.

Tag Title Match
Lance Storm & William Regal (c) vs. Booker .T & Goldust

Match starts slow with Booker. T & Goldust have the upper hand. Regal & Storm take control for about a minute the Booker. T hits the Axe Kick on Storm then Regal knocks out Goldust with the knuks outside the ring, then as Booker. T is doing the SPIN-A-ROONI WHAM Regal knocks him out with the knuks 1-2-3.

Winners and still WWE World Taga Team Champions: Lance Storm & William Regal

After the match the Dudleys attack Storm and Regal until 3 Minute Waring and Rico hit the ring, then Spike hits the ring a brawl ennsues until refs break it up.


We come back to and J.R says

J.R: We have just been told that next week on WWE Upspring we will have an 8- Man tag with Dudley Boyz and Booker. T and Goldust vs 3 Minute Warning and Lance Storm and William Regal.

Main Event
Tag Team Match
Kevin Nash & Kane vs Triple H & Sean O'Haire

Basic tag match with Kane and O'Haire starting off and O'Haire makes a quick to Triple H. Kane and H battle for a while then Kane tags in Nash and as Nash gets in he attacks Kane. Then Apocolyips hits the ring to help with the attack.

-Glass Shatters-
Austins music hits but Apocolyips don't leave this time thinking it was just another pormo but then Austing himself races to the ring and opens a can of WHOOP-ASS (I have always wanted to say that) on all of Apocolyips. They leave Kane leaves and Austin celebrates his return to the WWE with a couple of cold-ones.


There it is installment 3 of WWE Upspring hope you like it.

check back Tomorrow or Wednesday to see if installment 4 is up.

Until then Later!!

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hey everybody whats up? here is installment 4 of WWE Upspring!!!

Brawl For All theme plays
Pyro goes
J.R and King welcome us to the show, and let us know that the main event will be Kevin Nash vs. Kane

I'm Back hits out come Eric Bischoff

Eric: I am here to make some annoucnements! First right here to night you are going to see an 8- Man tag with Dudley Boyz, Booker. T and Goldust vs 3 Minute Warning and Lance Storm and William Regal. Second Jeff Hardy will defend the Intercontinental title against Christain. And last regards Stone Cold Steve Aus.......

-Glass Shatters-
Austins muscis plays and out he comes

Eric: Welco...
-Austin takes the mic-
Austin: Shut up. I have been sitting at home drinking Steve-Wiseirs and watching you make a mockery of this great sport. So i decied to come back and pick up the pieces of this sport that you destoried. And another thing ......

Eric: Listen Austing.-WHAT?- I think your tiraid has gone on long enough.-WHAT?- I'd say you've had your 3 minutes.

-Rosie and Jamal go to attack Austin but WHAM to Stone Cold Stunners for their trouble-

Austin: If you wanna see Eric Bischoff get his ass-whipped gimme a HELL YA!!!

-Fans- HELL YA!!!!!!!

Well Eric heres to ya.

-Austin flips him the bird then WHAM Stunners him in the middle of the ring, Austin celebrates then leaves-


Match 1.

D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry vs. Tommy Dreamer and the Hurricane

JR & King recap how this feud started (check my first post to see)

Match starts as Dreamer and Henry start things off with Dreamer putting up a good fight D'lo and Henry double team him in the corner. Dreamer tags Hurricane into the ring then Henry squashes him for the 1-2-3.

Winners: D'lo Brown and Mark Henry


We come back where we see Bischoff in his office in pain.

Match 2.
8- Man tag
Dudley Boyz and Booker. T and Goldust vs 3 Minute Warning and Lance Storm and William Regal.

Match starts and a brawl ensues. They all brawl until Lance Storm pins Goldust 1-2-3.

Winners: 3 Minute Warning and Lance Storm and William Regal.


Match 3.
Intercontinental Title
Jeff Hardy vs. Christain

Fast paced match with Jeff hitting all his signature moves then Christain hits all his signature moves then Christain goes for the Un-Prettier but it is reversed into the Twist-of-Fate then a Swanton bomb 1-2-3.

Winer and still Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Hardy


Main Event
Kevin Nash vs Kane

Lots of power moves in this match and when Ric Flair trys to interfere Kane chockslams him but when he turns around he gets hit with the Jackknife Powerbomb 1-2-3.

Winner: Kevin Nash

-End Show-

Well thats it for installment 4 hope you like it

Be sure to check back Tomorrow and Thursday to see if i have posted Installment 5 of WWE Upspring.

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