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Ok I am going to stop doing WCW and WWE Raws because I got sick of them quickly.I watched Vengeance and put my mind to the test and I am now gonna do WWE Smackdown {All in one thread!} and my first one will be up sometime tommorow hopefully.I already have it I just have to type it.But the first show is after Vengeance and continues on.Oh and it is the same roster and same champions at this time.I will start soon :)

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Ok I have made some changes.First off I am taking some ideas from Ben Brieby where I will put who won and how much time it took as well as some announcer’s comments.I am now just gonna do the closing moments because a lot of people hate long ones.Do not worry tho there will still be a lot of detail.PLEASE someone give me feedback on this I would REALLY appreciate it!Oh and I just made it so the whole Jamie Noble,Torrie Wilson segment happened at Vengeance.And when you give feedback will u tell me if you would rather me have people talk like I do on this show like Joe,”Blah!” or have it like Joe:Blah!And when you reply tell me if I should write velocity as well. Sorry it is a little late.

“I want it all” hits as the pyros go off and we are welcomed to WWE Smackdown. Michael Cole comments that tonight will be the fall out of Vengeance and we suddenly go to a video that shows Stephanie Mcmahon backstage in a hazy setting for special effects.Stephanie,”Tonight live on WWE Smackdown I will make history with Smackdown.In the main event the new WWE Champion Kurt Angle will defend his title against John Cena.Also tonight,Chris Benoit will look for revenge against Rhyno when the two go one on one!And lets not forget the United States title match in which the new champion Eddie Guerrero defends against Zach Gowen!Right Now!”

We return to the ring as Zach Gowen is pacing in the ring and he takes off his prostetic leg as “Viva La Raza” hits as Eddie Guerrero makes his way in his low-rider to a mixed reaction.He gets out and polishes it up and rolls in the ring as the bell rings.

United States Title
Eddie Guerrero © vs Zach Gowen
Closing Moments:This fast paced match has gone back and forth with both men getting the edge at some point.Eddie irish whips Gowen and then nails him with a flying lariat.He picks him up and delivers his triple suplex and pins.1,2,But Zach kicks out.Eddie looks shocked and then picks up the prostetic leg and begins beating him with it and the ref does not call for the bell because Gowen brought it into the ring.Eddie then puts the leg back on Gowen and locks on the Lasso from El Paso!He appears to be putting more pressure on the move with Gowen hitting the prostetic.Gowen has no choice but to tap out and Eddie retains the title!
Winner:Eddie Guerrero Time:13:01
Comments:Michael Cole mentions that the submission should hurt even more with the pressure being added into the prostetic.Tazz mentions that neither men are 100% on more than one occasion.

Suddenly “I don’t suck” hits as the new WWE Champion Kurt Angle comes to the ring to a huge pop.

Kurt:Woooo!Kurt Angle is the WWE Champion again.Oh it’s true!You know it is a great feeling to have gold around my waist again.I mean a few months ago I never thought that I would step into a ring again and look at me now!I am better than ever.

“Here Comes The Pain” hits as Brock comes to the ring to a nice ovation.

Brock”First off Kurt, congratulations on the title win.And if it wasn’t me to have the title you sure are the next best thing.But I came out here to ask for a rematch tonight!”
Kurt,”Wow Wow Wow! First off I am not the next best thing I am the best thing.I am the best in this company Brock.Secondly I already have a title match tonight but how about this.At Summerslam…lets make it me and you one on one just like Wrestlemania except that this time I will be coming out champion…Oh its true!
Brock,”You got it.But Kurt like Tazz says once my music hits…here comes the pain.But Kurt come Summerslam the pain will be brought and I will become champion again!

The two then staredown and then shake hands and raise each others’ arms as we go backstage.

Billy Gunn and Torrie Wilson are shown talking backstage.

Billy,”How are you feeling?”Torrie,”I’m fine.A lot better than last night but it all worked out for the best I mean at least Jamie did not even touch me.

Suddenly Jamie Noble walks up.

Jamie,”Hey girl.Last night was awesome!How about we do it again?
Billy,”Wow!Don’t think that I am gonna let you lay one hand on her.
Jamie,”Oh yeah?What are you gonna do about it?I beat you last night at Vengeance and don’t make me do it again.
Billy,”You know what?Tonight is booked but how about we settle this at Velocity?
Jamie,”You got it!

The two stare down as we come back to the ring as Matt Hardy V1 and Shannon Moore are in the ring and Matt has a mic.
Matt,”Tonight myself Matt Hardy Version 1 and my little mfer Shannon Moore are issuing an open challenge to any team in the back…so…

Suddenly “APA” hits as Ron Simmons and Bradshaw sprint to the ring as Hardy and Moore roll out of the ring.Simmons picks up the mic.

Ron,”An open challenge huh?Well the APA always enjoy a fact so come on boys lets do this!
Bradshaw,”And after that we are gonna drink some beer!

APA vs Matt Hardy/Shannon Moore
Full Match:Matt then throws Shannon into the ring and Simmons nails him with a spinebuster!Matt runs around ringside as Simmons gets out and chases him.Matt rolls back in the ring to escape but gets nailed with the clothesline from hell!!!Simmons gets back in and they double pin for the 1,2,3!
Winners:APA Time:0:05 (bell didn’t ring until Matt got in the ring)
Interesting comments:Tazz just laughs the whole time and Cole just screams out what a move for the two finishers.
We go backstage as John Cena cuts a promo/rap on Kurt Angle about how he is really an Olympic Zero not a hero and finishes with, Cena,”Kurt tonight you are going to see,that you just cant beat ME!Wordlife!!!

We return to the ring as the World’s Greatest Tag Team make their way to the ring to massive heat.They get in and taunt their tag team titles as “619” hits and Rey Mysterio jumps up from the stage to one of the biggest pops of the night.He runs down to the ring and rolls in and taunts his cruiserweight title as Billy Kidman makes his way down to ringside.Charlie Hass then gets out of the ring and the bell rings.
Rey Mysterio vs Shelton Benjamin
Closing moments:This has been a fast paced match where Rey Mysterio has had the advantage all the way through but after a DDT Benjamin is in control.He picks him up and nails him with some right hands.He runs to the ropes and nails him with a heel kick.He picks him up and nails a snap suplex.He covers but only gets a two count.He picks him up and Rey counters and nails a spinning hurricanrana!He jumps to the apron and bounces off the ropes and nails a leg drop to the back of the head.He covers as Hass distracts the ref.Kidman then runs over and nails him with a dropkick as Benjamin hits Rey with a low blow.He then puts his head through the ropes and talks trash to Kidman.Suddenly Mysterio runs and nails the 619!!Benjamin is groggy and then Mysterio hits the West Coast Pop and has the pin.1,2,3!
Winner:Rey Mysterio Time:12:45
Kidman lifts Rey up and they celebrate but all of the sudden Kidman nails a spinebuster on his friend!He then jumps to the top rope and nails the SSP!!The crowd boo as he stares down at Rey with a smirk.

A clip of Rhyno turning on Chris Benoit airs and then “Whatever” hits as Chris Benoit walks out to the biggest pop of the night so far.He waits in the ring with an evil look as “Rhyno” hits and the man-beast walks out to huge heat.Benoit then rolls out of the ring and runs up the ramp spearing Rhyno down and nailing him with punch after punch.He picks him up and irish whips him into the barricade.He then c/lines him down.He picks him up and slams his face into the barricade again and again.Suddenly Rhyno low blows Benoit and goes to gore him but Benoit catches him and locks him in the CRIPPLER CROSSFACE!!Rhyno taps repeatedly as refs come out to get Benoit off of him.Benoit stares down at Rhyno as we go backstage.
Winner:No Contest
We go backstage where Stephanie Mcmahon is seen walking into her office.She opens the door to see Sable standing naked with her hands over her chest.
Stephanie, “What are you doing??”
Sable, “Oh don’t play games with me Stephy.I want you and I know you want me.It is just something to think about Steph.I know I will.
She smirks at Steph and then leaves as Stephanie looks confused and we goto Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar talking.

Kurt,”You know Brock…we have been friends since I have been back but tonight I am gonna beat that punk John Cena and at Summerslam I am going to do the same to you.
Brock,”Oh is that right Kurt?Listen Kurt.The WWE title means more to me than anything.Even our friendship.So don’t think at Summerslam just because we are friends that I am not going to destroy you and take my title back.Just like at Wrestlemania. But Kurt I think you have a match to get ready for.

They both smirk as Angle shakes his head and tells Brock to leave jokingly.We then return to the ring as “Big Show” hits and the Big Show comes to the ring to a lot of boos.He grabs a mic and begins to speak.

Show,”You know at Vengeance I had the match won.I should be the WWE champion not Kurt Angle.You see I am the biggest athlete in the world today.I have beaten everybody. But since I was screwed out of the title do you think Steph should give me a title shot? But noooo at the main event for Summerslam it will be Brock Lesnar VS Kurt Angle. Now I am going to prove to Steph why I should be in the main event so I am going to issue an open challenge…

Suddenly “Your Gonna Pay” blares and the Undertaker drives to the ring on his Motorcycle to a HUGE,MASSIVE ovation as the Show looks scared.He drives around and parks it and gets in the ring and grabs the mic.

Undertaker,”So..your looking for a challenge huh?Well the deadman just answered that challenge.So why don’t you…

Big Show then nails him with a right hand over and over.
Undertaker vs The Big Show
Closing Moments: Big Show started with the advantage after a couple of cheap shots but the Undertaker quickly got the momentum after a big boot.Now Undertaker is climbing on the ropes and goes for the Old School but Big Show counters and cathes Taker by the throat and goes for a Chokeslam.Undertaker blocks it and nails him with some right forearms.He then goes for the Chokeslam but Show low blows him!He then grabs him by the throat and gives him a chokeslam!!!Big Show hooks the leg.1,2,3!
Winner:Big Show Time:10:05
Interesting comments:Cole:What an ovation for The Undertaker!!,Cole:Oh a low blow.
Tazz:WHAT A CHOKESLAM!, Tazz:The Undertaker is not gonna be happy when he wakes up.

We go backstage where Kurt Angle is seen walking down a hallway with the WWE title around his waiste.
“Wordlife” hits as John Cena comes out to a lot of heat rapping about Kurt Angle.He gets in and waits with a smirk as “I don’t suck” hits and Kurt Angle comes out to a HUGE POP!The crowd chant Angle again and again.He getin and hands the belt to the ref as the bell rings.
Kurt Angle vs John Cena
Closing Moments:A fast paced match up just gets better and better with both men getting the advantage several times.After Cena missed a DDT Angle gave him a belly-to-belly suplex and both men lay out. At about 7 Kurt Angle gets up and Cena does as well.Cena then nails Kurt with a clothesline. He picks him up and nails him with several right hands.He picks him up and nails a dropkick.He then stomps on Kurt.He taunts and then picks him up and attempts his own Angle Slam on Kurt but Kurt reverses and nails a F-U!!!He gets an arm on Cena.1,2,Cena gets a shoulder up and Kurt picks him up and nails 3 consecutive german suplexes and then scales to the rope.He then attempts a moonsault but Cena moves and Kurt nails the mat hard.Cena then rolls him up and gets a 2 count.He picks him up and out of no where Kurt nails the Angle Slam out of desperation!!!! Both me lay hurting and Kurt finally gets the pin.1,2,CENA GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES!!!!Kurt looks shocked and picks him up and gets a low blow from Cena followed by a F-U!!!Cena covers.1,2,No Kurt gets a shoulder up!Cena looks shocked and climps to the top as Kurt staggers up.Cena jumps off trying a dropkick but Kurt catches his leg and locks on the Ankle Lock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!After a few moments Cena taps out and yells in pain.Angle lets go and celebrates with his WWE Title!
Winner:Kurt Angle Time:25:09
Interesting comments:Michael Cole comments on the kick outs several times and Tazz comments on how it may be one of the best Smackdown matches in a long time.
Brock Lesnar then walks down to the ring and raises Kurt’s arm in the air.SUDDENLY HE PULLS HIM IN AND NAILS THE F5!!!!!!!!He stares down at Kurt as the crowd boo like crazy.He then rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair.Tazz then gets up and tries to calm down Brock but then gets nailed with a chairshot!!!He then rolls in the ring and repeatedly nails Kurt in the back/neck with the chair.He smirks evilly and rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp but Kurt staggers to his feet using the ropes.Brock looks shocked and rolls back in the ring and nails him with some forearms.Kurt then begins fighting back with some right hands of his own but then gets a low blow.Brock then nails Kurt in the face with the chair!!!He looks at the announcers table and laughs before carrying Kurt to the apron.He then lifts Kurt on his shoulders and then F5s HIM FROM THE APRON TO THE ANNOUNCERS TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Brock begins laughing as Smackdown goes off the air.

Biggest Pops

Most Heat
1.Brock turning heel
2.Big Show

1.Brock to heel
2.Kidman to heel

Please give feedback!!!

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I missed talking to you on AIM, WWE_Booker, but I am glad to see that you are back in action, and very glad that you are using some of my ideas to throw some fun into the card.

I think it is a good thing that you had Stephaine McMahon confirm the matches that we will see tonight. I, to be honest, hate it when Vince McMahon or Eric Bischoff come out at the beginning of the show and are talking about what will be seen that night and whoever they piss off in their speech walks out to confront them.

The Eddie Guerrero versus Zach Gowen match is an interesting one. I find it interested how the referee didn't count the disqualification on Eddie Guerrero for using the prosthetic leg because Zach Gowen brought it to the ring. I dislike how Zach Gowen is getting a large push in your SmackDown! and in the real SmackDown! He has been in their with a shorter time than some other wrestlers, but has already been in a pay-per view, fought the Big Show, the company's owner.

Perfection! Your Brock Lesnar/Kurt Angle story is just perfect. Lesnar wanting a rematch to regain his world title, and Kurt Angle happy to offer him a shot. I am sort of surprised though, most of the time when two major superstars want to wrestle, and when a belt is on the line the general manager of the show or someone or other will come out and say that the wrestlers don't make the rules here, that they do. Oh well, it doesn't ruin the show.

A devious grin came across my face when I was reading the Jamie Noble/Billy Gunn angle. Billy Gunn wondering about Torrie and if she was alright. Torrie says it was alright since he didn't lay a hand on her, then Jamie says that he did. Who you going to believe? Do I sense a possible swing around? Or are you just trying to throw us off the trail. Heh.

I am with Tazz on this one. I just laughed while reading this match, as I visualized it in my head. This would have been hilarious to view. I am hoping this will lead to a possible Shannon Moore turn on his mentor, Matt Hardy. I dislike this angle for Matt Hardy, and dislike it even more for Shannon Moore. The man will never get the Cruiserweight Title with Matt Hardy Version 1.0 guiding him.

It was a good thing John Cena was in this lineup, I am excited and anxious about seeing him every Thursday and I think that you can give me some stuff to read while I wait for him on the television. All I have to say is write more lengthy raps for John Cena.

Not much to say about the Rey Mysterio Jr. versus Shelton Benjamin match. I am not surprised on the turn of Kidman on Rey. I think I responded to another person's thread about how I think that each man is much better as a singles competitor then as a tagteam. Now, with Ultimo Dragon, Rey Mysterio Jr., and Billy Kidman in no affiliations we could be seeing some fabulous cruiserweight division matches.

I am not sure what happened here with the Chris Beniot/Rhyno ordeal. You didn't make it out into a match, but neither of them had any mic time. I think this could have been in the backstages, where one encountered the other walking down the hallway or in the locker room and it led to an all-out brawl where other wrestlers had to pull the two apart.

All I can say about the Stephanie McMahon/Sable cut is, 'What the Hell?!' I never seen it coming, and I have never even thought of this angle, hasn't even crossed my mind. I'm not sure if you are actually using this sincerely where Sable really is interested in Stephanie, or if it is just for psychological reasons. Cudos to you, either way!

The more and more I read of this, I am sensing a possible Heel turn again for Kurt Angle. Saying how he is going to beat Lesnar, right after he beats on John Cena. This might just be me not reading in context.

I think the Big Show versus Undertaker match could have been a great one. I am just displeased on how the Big Show had to cheat to win the match. And, I think that two open challenges in the same night is a bit too much. Otherwise this match is legendary.

Bah! I didn't see this happening. Not at all. When you were playing us all having Kurt Angle seem like the heel, and having the belt boosts his ego to an enourmous level then do a three-sixty on us and make it out where Lesnar is the heel.

I will be the first to say, you did a great job on SmackDown! I am hoping you will continue this one for a longer stint then the W.C.W and Monday Night RAW bookings.

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Ok I have decided to do Velocity too.Thanks so much for the feeback Ben and don’t worry I have plans to do this for awhile!

“Velocity” hits and the pyros go off as The Cat and Josh Matthews welcome us to Velocity and mention the main event will be Billy Gunn vs Jamie Noble. “Basham” hits as the Basham Brothers with Shaniqua come to the ring to some heat.”Hey you” hits as Spanky runs to the ring followed by Orlando Jordan to a nice pop.They get in as the bell rings and Jordan and Danny start it off.
Spanky/Orlando Jordan vs The Bashams
Closing Moments:A slow paced matchup which has gone back and forth with some interference now has Spanky and Doug going at it with right hands. Spanky then hits a hurricanrana and covers but Danny breaks it up quickly.Spanky goes after him and turns around and gets a DDT from Doug!He picks him up and nails a scoop slam.Shaniqua then distracts the ref as Doug and Danny double team Spanky.Jordan then jumps over the ropes and nails a PERFECT dropkick on Danny!He then irish whips Doug into the corner and runs and nails a splash!He gets out of the ring and Doug staggers as Spanky then nails the Sliced Bread #2!!!!He hooks the leg.1…2…3!
Winner:Spanky/Orlando Jordan Time:6:05
Interesting Comments:Josh mentions how perfect Jordan’s dropkick was and the amazing hurricanrana and the sliced bread #2.The Cat mentions the Sable and Stephanie Mcmahon segment from Smackdown with some chuckles and the APA destroying Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore in off topic comments.

We are then shown Funaki standing with Jamie Noble who is without Nidia at the time.

Funaki,”This is Funaki…Smackdown #1 announcer!I am here with Jamie Noble and tonight you will go one on one with Billy Gunn.Now what happened exactly with Torrie?
Jamie,”Oh you want to know what happened when the cameras were not rolling?Well Funaki let me put it this way that is classified information!
Funaki,”Ok…what does Nidia think about this?
Jamie,”You think Nidia has a problem with it?Well Funaki Nidia was there and she liked it just as much as I and Torrie did!

Suddenly Billy Gunn is shown standing behind him.He turns around and Billy nails him with right hands again and again.The two brawl as refs and staff members come to break them up.

We return to the ring where Nunzio is pacing in the ring by himself as Matthews tells us the the FBI is barred from ringside.”Dragon” hits as Ultimo Dragon comes out to a nice pop.

Closing Moments:A fast paced match up has slowed down after a double dropkick.As the ref counts to 7 Dragon gets up and Nunzio does as well.Dragon runs at him and nails a sidekick.Nunzio is sitting on the mat and Dragon nails him with a kick right in the chest!Nunzio gets up yelling in pain as Dragon c/lines him out of the ring and jumps off the apron nailing the Asia Moonsault!!!!Dragon then throws him in the ring and rolls in after him.He goes to pick him up but gets a low blow!Nunzip gets up and goes for a reverse ddt but Ultimo reveres it into his finisher!He hooks the leg for the 1,2,3!
Winner:Ultimo Dragon Time:7:09
Comments:Matthews comments on that the FBI is barred because of how they have been interfering as of late.The Cat comments on the kicks by Ultimo Dragon.

As Dragon celebrates the FBI come down and triple team him as we go to a highlite of Smackdown including Kidman turning on Rey,Eddie beating Gowen,Benoit and Rhyno brawling and Brock turning on Kurt.We then see a clip of Noble beating Billy Gunn at Vengeance and “Jamie Noble” hits as We get set for the main event.

Jamie and Nidia walk to the ring to massive heat and they get in as “Gunn” hits and Billy Gunn and Torrie come to the ring.Billy then gets in and taunts to a pretty huge pop.

Closing Moments:The main event has been a great match up with Gunn dominating with the advantage of power.But after a low blow the momentum changes to Noble’s favor.Noble then nails Gunn with a DDT.He then does a standing moonsault!He hooks the leg but gets a two count.Gunn gets up as Noble goes for a c/line but Billy sidesteps him and throws him out of the ring and goes after him.He irish whips him into the stairs and Nidia jumps on his shoulders as Torrie then takers her off and nails her with a standing dropkick!Gunn throws Noble in the ring and gives him a HUGE military press,Noble gets up and gets a dropkick.Billy picks him up and attempts the One and Only but gets a forearm and then a snap suplex.He goes for the Trailor Hitch but Gunn just jumps to his feet and nails the Fameasser!!!He hooks the leg for the 1,2,3!Gunn and Torrie celebrate as the Cat and Matthews remin us to watch Smackdown and Velocity goes off the air.
Winner:Billy Gunn Time:7:35
Ok so it sux oh well.

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Here we go, with your first match for Velocity. I was amused at the pairing you made, with Spanky and Orlando Jordan. I was surprised that this totally new tagteam beat, the also relatively new, Basham Brothers. I am hoping this is not an isolated incident with Spanky and Orlando Jordan. They are a pretty good team, with Spanky's speed and Orlando Jordan has the muscle and is relatively agile for a large man.

Not much to say about the next match, I noticed you took the match from Velocity, shame shame. But you added your own flavor to it, and it wasn't that bad. Nice to see you change the end a bit, adding the Full Blooded Italians to the ring and mudhole stomping Ultimo Dragon. Its not that bad.

I had to look about at your first post, to realize what I saw with Nidia/Torrie/Gunn/Noble last Thursday hadn't happened here. I thought the main event was a good match. It stays within the boundaries of Velocity, all of these matches do actually no main superstars of note. Good job. I am waiting though, will we get to see or hear from Torrie what happened that night with Noble? I guess I will have to wait until next Thursday, but I bet you won't let me down.

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Well thanks again Ben.But like I told u on AIM I had read smackdown spoilers and I forgot the Velocity and when u said that u were watching it I wanted to know what matches took place and then I saw that match but I was already almost done with Velocity lol.Keep giving feedback and I would appreciate someone rating this for me. Plus I did the full main event.

“I want it all” hits as the pyro goes off the air and Michael Cole and Josh Mathews welcome us to Smackdown and they announce that Tazz is not there tonight but he will be back next week and has apparently challenged Brock Lesnar to a match!”I don’t suck” hits as Kurt Angle walks out to a huge pop with an angry look on his face.He then grabs a mic.

Kurt,”Last week,my beat friend Brock Lesnar turned his back on me and basically tried to end my career again.Well Brock let me tell you that you did not get the job done!Now I am out here tonight not to talk trash or any routine like that I am just out here to offer you your title shot right here right now.

“Grown up” hits as Stephanie Mcmahon walks out to a nice pop and grabs a mic.
Steph,”Wow.wow.Wow Kurt.Now I know that you want Brock Lesnar and frankly I do not blame you.And I know that Brock Lesnar would not mind getting a title shot so tonight in this very ring a preview of Summerslam will go down when you defend you WWE Title against Brock Lesnar!

“Sable” hits as Sable walks out on the ramp with a mic to some heat.
Sable,”Hold on there Stephy.Now when you make a huge main event like that you must console the Co Gm of Smackdown.Now Steph first off what do you think of my little offer that I made last week?{Steph then makes a disgusted face}See I know you want me Steph and tonight you will get your chance I promise you that but now back ot the main event.Now I have talked with your father Stephanie and he agrees with me that a match like that should not happen without the proper buildup.So tonight it will be Rey Mysterio teaming up with Kurt Angle to take on each of their opponents at Summerslam Kidman and Brock Lesnar in a tag team match.So Stephy I will see you later.

“Sable hits as we go to a Summerslam promo which shows the two matches already made with the cruiserweight title match where Rey Mysterio defends against Kidman and the WWE title that will be Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar.

We return to the ring where Chuck Palumo and Johnny Stamboli are pacing in the ring and Nunzio is at ringside.”APA” hits as Ron Simmons and Bradshaw sprint to the ring to a nice pop.
#1 Contendership match

Closing Moments:This tag match has been really a squash match with Simmons and Bradshaw keeping control most of the match.Bradshaw has been in for a long time and is finally taken down after Palumbo nails him with a low blow followed by a DDT.He then tags in Stamboli who immediately gives him some forearms to the back.He picks him up and suplexes him down and hooks the leg getting a 2 count.He picks him up and gets countered into a back body drop!Bradshaw crawls to the corner tagging in Simmons.He runs in nailing Palumbo off the apron and then big boots Stamboli.He picks him up and nails a sidewalk slam .He covers for 1,2,Palumbo then kicks him in the back of the head.Bradshaw then gets in the ring and clotheslines Palumbo over the top rope!He goes after him and Nunzio then distracts him as Palumbo low blows him.Simmons then sees this and Stamboli superkicks him in the face.Palumbo goes to punch Bradshaw but he ducks and he nails Nunzio!He then clotheslines Palumbo as back in the ring Stamboli goes for a scoop slam but Simmons gives him the Spinebuster!He hooks the leg for the 1,2,3!
Winners:The APA Time:7:00
Comments:Cole announces that the APA will meat the World’s greatest tag team at Summerslam for the tag titles.Matthews comments on the spinebuster by Ron Simmons and says that the APA could be the new tag team champions.

The WGTT then run in from the crowd and attack the APA from behind nailing Bradshaw and Ron Simmons with their tag titles and celebrating as we go backstage where Billy Gunn and Torrie Wilson are shown talking.

Billy,”I don’t know what is going on around here but what is going on with you and Jamie Noble?
Torrie,”Nothing.Look Nidia showed up and they just did it all night they did not touch me Billy I promise.Besides you finished him on Velocity you have to get ready for your match tonight against John Cena.
Billy,”Yeah,your right.

We return to the ring where Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore are in the ring pacing as “Hey You!” hits as Spanky runs to the ring and rolls in and jumps up on the turnbuckle but Matt then attacks him from behind as the bell rings.
Matt Hardy vs Spanky
Closing Moments:This huge fast paced match has been capped with cruiserweight action with Hardy having the advantage because whenever Spanky would be getting the edge Moore would do something to distract him for Hardy to regain the edge.After a beautiful dropkick by Hardy,Spanky is busted wide open with a trickle of blood running down his face.Hardy then taunts around with him and picks him up attempting the sliced bread #2 but Spanky reverses into a diamond cutter maneuver and hooks the leg but Moore quickly distracts the ref.Spanky then goes after him and turns around into a spinebuster!Matt then goes up top and nails the leg drop and covers.1,2,SPANKY KICKS OUT!Matt looks shocked and goes to pick him up but Spanky counters into a rollup for the 1,2,3!!!Spanky then rolls out of the ring and sprints to the middle of the ramp and celebrates as Hardy looks irate in the ring.
Winner:Spanky Time:6:35

Interesting Comments:Cole only mentions the match after big moves and when Moore interferes and announces that there still will be four huge matches to come including an US Title match.Matthews points out the little blood from Spanky and mentions how it is a huge win for Spanky.

We then go backstage where Stephanie Mcmahon is shown looking at her computer when the door opens and Sable walks in.
Sable,”Hi Stephy.How is it going?

Setph” Fine what do you want?”
Sable,”well I was going to wait for awhile but I cant Stephanie.I know you want me just like I want you.So lets do this now.
Steph,”Look Sable I don’t know what is going on with you first having an affair with my dad and now you want me?Sable this is not going to happen so get out of my office…now!
Sable,”Oh playing hard to get Steph?I like that.But I am going to warn you that I always get what I want.

She then kisses Stephanie,smirks and walks out of the door with Steph looking confused and then kinda happy!!!!!

We return to the ring as “Big Show” hits and the Big Show makes his way to the ring to massive heat.”Rhyno” hits as Rhyno sprints to the ring to a bad reaction as well.”Your Gonna Pay” hits as The Undertaker comes to the ring on his motorcycle to a HUGE pop. “Whatever” hits as the rabid wolverine makes his way to the ring to another huge pop.
Rhyno/Big Show vs Chris Benoit/Undertaker
Closing moments:This match has been the best so far with the crowd into it after every move.Rhyno and The Undertaker started it off with Undertaker in control.Now Show and Benoit are in the ring and Show is dominating with power moves.He picks him up and hits him with a standing headbut.He picks him up and nails a military press.He hooks the leg but Benoit kicks out at 2.Show looks schoked and picks him up but Benoit kicks him in the leg.He then belly-to-belly suplexes him!!!He covers for 1,2,Rhyno breaks it up.Benoit then runs and nails him with a clothesline and turns around and DDTS Show! He then tags in Undertaker who begins nailing away at Show.He picks him up and nails the oldschool.He covers but Rhyno breaks it up and Benoit runs in and the 4 begin brawling.Benoit locks on the crippler crossface in the ring as Show and Taker fight on the outside!Undertaker slams Shows head on the steps and grabs a chair but gets sShow sidekicks the chair in his face!In the ring Rhyno gets out of the Crossface and low blows Benoit.He then c/lines him over the top.He irish whips him into the steel post and then GORES him into it!!!!!!Benoit lays knocked out holding his back as Rhyno stands over him smirking.Big Show then picks up the stairs and nails Taker in the face with them!He then sets them up by the announcers table and grabs Taker by the throat before climbing up the stairs.He then chokeslams him off through the table!!!!!!!”Big Show” hits as Show stands over him and Rhyno stands over Benoit.
Winners: Double DQ Time:13:08
Interesting comments:Cole comments onthe great moves and call the Big Show sick for doing what he just did.Matthews mentions that he knows that The Undertaker and Chris Benoit will not let this go and that they may have made a huge mistake.
We then go backstage where Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle are shown talking.

Rey,”Man Kurt tonight is our revenge night you feel me? We are a lot alike if you think about it so I know we will work great together tonight.Lets just put everything behind us and focus as a team tonight and take care of Kidman and Brock Lesnar.

Kurt,”You know we are kind of alike in that we are both great athletes and that we both want revenge for being turned on by our best friends on the same night.But Rey I agree that we should forget about our past and work together to beat Billy Kidman and Brock Lesnar.Oh its true!

We return to the ring as “Billy Gunn” hits as Billy Gunn and Torrie come to the ring to a huge pop.”Wordlife” hits as John Cena comes out huge heat rapping about how Torrie should be with him and ends it out with “And Billy man you think you can beat me? No way..the only thing you good at is being gay!WORDLIFE!”Billy then runs from the ropes over the top rope nailing a beautiful cross body on Cena who is on the outside.He picks him up and throws him into the stairs!Torrie watches on as Billy picks him up and gets a low blow by Cena.Cena then wraps his chain around his hand and goes to nail Billy who ducks.He goes for it again but Billy then ducks and clotheslines him over the barricade!He jumps over and chases after him and the two brawl into the backstage area with Torrie following.Billy irish whips him into some crates and then runs to splash him but misses and hits the crates face first!He then turns around into a punch in the face by Cena who had his hand wrapped with the chain!Cena then picks up Gunn and nails the F-U on the floor!!He begins to laugh and then Torrie runs over to tend to Billy.Cena then picks her up and lifts her over his shoulders as she screams and jumps into a limo that speeds off!
Winner:No contest Time:Match never started
Comments:Cole comments on how this was supposed to be a match but became a brawl and that he cant believe Cena gave Gunn the F-U on the hard floor.Matthews comments on Cena kidnapping Torrie and jumping into someone’s limo and escapes.He syas that Billy Gunn is out and when he wakes up he will not be happy!

We go backstage where Brock Lesnar is shown working out to huge heat in his lockerroom.The door opens and Billy Kidman walks in.

Billy,”Look Brock.I saw Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle talking other and they made a good point.You see they are gonna work together tonight so I just came by to make sure that we are on the same page and all.
Brock,”Look Kid.”
Billy,”No its Kidman.”
Brock,”whatever. But as long as you stay out of my way tonight,we will be fine.Got it?”
Billy,”Yes Brock I got it.”

We return to the ring as “Viva La Raza” hits as Eddie Guerrero comes to the ring in his low rider to a mixed reaction.He gets out and polishes his car and rolls in as “Dragon” hits and The Ultimate Dragon comes to the ring to a nice pop and the two stare down as the bell rings.
U.S. Title Match
Eddie Guerrero vs Ultimo Dragon
Closing Moments:This fast paced mostly Cruiserweight style match up has gone back and forth with the crowd liking every move.After a missile dropkick Eddie is in control and rolls an arm over Dragon who kicks out at 2.He picks him up and nails his triple suplex for the 1,2,Again Dragon gets a shoulder up.eddie picks him up and nails him with a right hand and irish whips him but Dragon hangs on to the ropes and Eddie runs after him and gets back body dropped over the top rope.He then runs and nails the Asia Moonsault!!!He throws him back in the ring and hooks the leg and gets the 1,2,Eddie gets a shoulder up!Dragon is shocked and picks him up,irish whips him and catches him with a Dragon Sleeper.Eddie is locked for about a minute and reveres into a back suplex!He then scales to the top rope and goes for the Frog Splash but Dragon gets his knees up and Eddie holds his ribs in pain.Dragon makes his way to his feet and Eddie is on his knees and nails him with some kicks to the chest.He then goes to nail him in the face but Eddie ducks and pushes him into the ropes and rolls him up for the 1,2,Dragon kicks out and both men get to their feet at the same time but Dragon nails a kick and then goes for his Dragon Finisher but Guerrero rolls thru and gets a rollup and pulls the tigh for the 1,2,3 count!Eddie rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp celebrating his title as Dragon complains to the ref.
Winner:Eddie Guerrero Time:14:11
Comments:Before the match Cole tells us we are in for a treat and comments on how great the match is and that he is shocked Eddie kicked out after the Asai Moonsault. Cole and Matthews pretty much say the same thing and point out that Eddie held on to the tights for the win.

We then see a clip of last week where Kidman turned on Mysterio and nailing him with the Shooting Star Press and Brock turning on Kurt nailing him with chairshots and giving him the F5 through the table.We then see a clip of earlier where Kurt challenged Brock and Stephanie said they could fight but then Sable came to the ring saying that it would not happen but a tag match would.

We then go backstage where Eddie Guerrero is walking down the hall celebrating his win when Stephanie walks up to him.

Steph,”Hey Eddie that was a great match!”
Eddie,”Yes it was and once again Eddie Guerrero retains the United States title.
Steph,”Yes once again by cheating.You know Eddie you are all about lieing cheating and stealing and an old friend of yours was the same way until you put him out.
Eddie,”What are you talking about?”
Steph,”I am talking about Tajiri.You put him out of action a couple weeks back and I wanted to inform you that Tajiri will be returning in two weeks.
Eddie,”That’s great!”
Steph,”Well since Tajiri is returning just 3 days before Summerslam and he wants a little of revenge I have signed you to defend your U.S. Title against Tajiri at Summerslam!”
Eddie looks shocked as Stephanie walks off.

Lesnar/Kidman vs Mysterio/Angle
We return to the ring as “Kidman” hits and Billy Kidman comes to the ring to some heat. He gets in as “Here Comes The Pain hits and Brock Lesnar comes down to the ring to MASSIVE heat.He gets in and taunts a s”619” hits and Rey Mysterio jumps from the stage to a huge pop.He runs to the ring slapping hands with fans and rolls in immediately c/lining Kidman over the top and then suicide diving on top of him.”I Don’t Suck” hits as Kurt Angle comes to the ring to a HUGE pop with the WWE title around his waiste.He raises his arms as pyros go off and “Angle” chants begin.Kurt then takes off running down to the ring and rolls in.Brock goes to c/line him but he ducks and nails him with some right hands!The ref breaks up Rey and Billy on the outside and they each go to their corner but as soon as the bell rings Kidman tags himself in!He jumps over the ropes and runs right at Angle and gets a c/line.Kurt picks him up and nails a suplex.He is just playing around with him and slaps him in the head before picking him up and nailing a belly to belly suplex.He hooks the leg but picks him up after two.He irish whips him and runs and splashes him before tagging in Rey.Rey jumps in and nails Kidman with some right hands and tornado ddts him.He covers but Kidman kicks at 2.He jumps over the ropes and nails the springboard leg drop.He covers but then Brock comes in and kicks Rey in the head.Kurt then runs in and the ref separates the two.Rey picks up Kidman but gets a thumb to the eye followed by a low blow but the ref didn’t see it.He then nails the Kid Krusher covers but Rey gets a shoulder up.Kidman then tags in Brock who comes and and dominates Rey for a few moments and backs him into the corner and Rey dropkicks his chest to no avail. He crawls under his leg but Brock catches one and slings him back into the corner and delivers a huge backbreaker!Brock picks him up and nails a military press!He then lifts him on his shoulders for the f5 but Rey tags in Kurt in mid air and Kurt storms in nailing some right hands making Brock drop Rey.Kurt irish whips him and nails a belly-to-belly!He then nails three consecutive german suplexes and goes for a fourth but Brock reverses into one of his own!Brock staggers to his feet and spears Kurt into the corner and Rey makes a blind tag and jumps over the ropes nailing a dropkick!Brock staggers and Kidman makes a blind tag.And runs in but Rey sidesteps him and dropkicks him and his chin rests on the bottom rope.Rey runs and nails the 619!!!He then nails the West Coast Pop for the 1,2,3!!!!Kurt and Rey rolls out of the ring and celebrate as Brock is irate and nails Kidman his partner with an F5!Rey and Kurt raise each others arms as Smackdown fades.
Winner:Rey/Kurt Time:24:36

Ok done.

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Tazz is back in action. I am not surprised to be honest, he still gots a year or two until he isn't able. Now let's just hope Ernest Miller gets on his tights again to step into the squared circle. Heh.

I don't remember when Sable was a co-general manager, I always just thought she was Stephanie McMahon's personal assistant. Either way it is good work pushing the story between Stephanie/Sable and Lesnar/Angle, as well as Kidman/Mysterio. Good job.

I am not surprised on the outcome of the A.P.A. versus Full Blooded Italians match, I kind of expected the World's Greatest Tag Team to show up to give a mudhole stomping to the A.P.A. What really made me raise an eyebrow was you refereed to one half of the A.P.A as Ron Simmons instead of Faarooq.

Whoa! Caught me off guard in the Spanky versus Matt Hardy match. What a big win for Spanky. I give the little guy two thumbs up!

I am not to happy with the next explosive tagteam match. With this one, the one before, and the main event, that is three tagteam matches out of six matches on SmackDown! Not too mention two of the three being odd pairings, of course it pushes four storylines I think we could have used other methods of doing this. Possibly Undertaker versus Rhyno, and the Big Show versus Chris Beniot. You made the right choice by having it a double disqualification, it is just too hard making a hard decision like that with so many great wrestlers.

I was a bit taken back, by the Stephanie McMahon/Sable segment. This is just getting wilder and wilder. Is Vince McMahon a bit jealous of his daughter? We haven't seen much air time for him recently, are you working on something or am I just digging a bit too deep.

The Billy Gunn and John Cena brawl was fun. Two of my favorite midcarders (upper-midcarders) in the business. I think this would have been a great match if it ever officially started. I honestly believe John Cena is connected in some way or another to Jamie Noble. Kidnapping Torrie Wilson from Billy Gunn and all. I hope I am not digging to far again. Because this is great set-up.

The Eddie Guerrero versus Ultimo Dragon match was spectacular. My prayers were answered when I wanted Ultimo Dragon to get a large push, I hope you just don't stop with him there and book crummy matches now. You started the ball rolling and better keep it that way. Heh.

The tagteam match was exactly as I expected. Rey Mysterio Jr. and Kurt Angle with the win over Brock Lesnar and Billy Kidman. What I was taken back by was how Lesnar F-5'ed his partner. Now this guy is really getting on my nerves, Angle better teach him a lesson at SummerSlam.

I give it an overall 8½/10. You only need to work on possibly match formations.

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LoL thanks again Ben.Yea I did have 3 tag team matches but you have to think that one time like a couple of months ago Smackdown had one singles match and the rest were tag team matches!!And yes I called him Ron Simmons because that is what he goes by now.:S lol.I really look forward to reading your opinoins after each show and it is fine if noone else cares to give feedback I will just do it for you!lol.well Velocity will be up tonight/tommorow. Well I might as well give a preview for Smackdown.

Two weeks ago Brock Lesnar brutaly attacked Kurt Angle.When Tazz tried to calm him down Brock destroyed him with a chairshot giving him a concussion.On Smackdown Tazz will return and will step in the ring with Brock Lesnar! Also rumor has it that The Undertaker is not happy at all and he will be at Smackdown and will confront the Big Show! The WWE Champion will also step into the ring with Billy Kidman.Plus what will happen when Billy Gunn tries to get revenge?Cena kidnapped Torrie Wilson and Billy Gunn will do anything to get her back.Plus Chris Benoit and Rhyno will be in the arena and what will happen next when those two see each other.
All this and more live on Smackdown!!

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Last Smackdown: 8/10

Good promos and good length matches. Maybe be a couple more matches but it's fine anyway. The Smackdown side of Summerslam is looking great from your show. Keep up the good work.


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I have been informed by WWE_Booker earlier today via MSN messenger that he is having some computer difficulties. He has told me to tell all the readers that Velocity is now cancelled, and this week's show of SmackDown! will be posted next week.
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