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This is my roster:

Chris Jericho
The Rock
Rob Van Dam
Kurt Angle
Shawn Michaels
Eddie Guerrero
Billy Kidman
Paul London
Rey Mysterio
Ultimo Dragon
Chavo Guerrero
Shannon Moore
The Hurricane
Tag Teams

The Worlds' Greatest Tag Team
Dudley Boyz
La Resistance
Tajiri and Akio
London and Kidman
Cade and Jindrak

Matt Hardy
Lance Storm
John Cena
Sean O' Haire
Chris Kanyon
Tommy Dreamer
Steven Richards


My Smackdown is LIVE
I am starting from the lottery draw

WWE Champ: Eddie
Womens' Champ: Victoria
US Champ: Vacant
Tag Champs: Vacant
Cruiser Champ: Chavo Guerrero

I will post the first SD! on FRIDAY

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Ok Here we go. Please be nice, this is my first ever program.

Pyros go off to start Smackdown!

Cole: Welcome to the new Smackdown! Live from the Giant Centre in Hershey, PA!

Tazz: Well tonight is our first Smackdown with our new roster, as a result the lottery this past Monday on Raw!

Vince Mc Mahon’s music hits

Cole: And here come the man responsible for that lottery, Mr McMahon!

Vince walks down to the ring sporting his usual strut. He climbs in the ring and signals for a mic.

Cole: Well it looks like we’ll kick off Smackdown! with an announcement from the Chairman of the WWE

Tazz: Ssshhh! Cole, the boss has got something to say

Mr McMahon: Well tonight, all of you bear witness to a groundbreaking moment in sports-entertainment history!

Crowd cheers

Mr McMahon: Tonight all of you bear witness to a proud moment for me, and for the history of Smackdown! (More Cheers) Last Monday on Raw, you all saw there re-birth of Smackdown thanks to my lottery. And even if I say so myself, Smackdown! did well in that very lottery, as they now have an impeccable roster.
Now I would like to congratulate the man in control of that roster, Smackdown! General Manager, Paul Heyman!

Paul Heyman’s music blasts around the arena to a chorus of boos, but they change to cheers as out steps not Heyman, but STEPHANIE MCMAHON!

Stephanie walks out mic in hand and waves to the crowd before switching her focus to her father

Stephanie: Hi Daddy, did you miss me?

Camera turns to Vince’s shocked reaction

Stephanie: You see Daddy, I have a letter from Mommy here, and it basically says that I’M the general manager of Smackdown!


Steph: Well Daddy, the stipulation of our match was that if I tapped, I lost my position as General manager of Smackdown! Well, I’m afraid I never tapped. So technically, I’m still the GM of Smackdown! If you don’t believe me, read it!


Steph: I’m afraid I can!

Vince pauses to think

Vince: Well…well, well then your FIRED! You can’t stop me doing that, I’m still the chairman dammit!

Steph: Oh Dad, Dad, how predictable you are.

Stephanie smiles and looks toward the titan-tron

To Vince’s surprise, Linda McMahon walks out to join her daughter

Linda: Vince, Vince, Vince. I’m so sorry to ruin your parade but I have an important message straight from the board of directors

Crowd Cheers

Linda; Basically, you can’t fire Stephanie because you don’t have the authority to.


Linda: Well Vince, you don’t have the authority to because you’re not the Chairman of Smackdown anymore!

Vince: Well then, who the hell is?

Linda: Vince haven’t you guessed yet?

Linda looks at Stephanie

Linda: The new Chairman of Smackdown is…

Stephanie and Linda hug as Vince goes nuts in the ring

The crowd begins to chant: Nah Nah Nah Nah, Nah Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey, GOODBYE!


As we come back from the break, the camera focuses on Michael Cole and Tazz

Cole: Well, what a shocking event we just witnessed

Tazz: I still can’t believe, that Vince McMahon, our boss for so long, I no longer the Chairman of Smackdown!

Lita’s music hits

Match 1: Lita vs Trish Stratus vs Jazz ( No. 1 Contenders Match )

Lita comes out first, quickly followed by Trish. Infuriated by Trish’s actions at WMXX, Lita starts beating on her former friend as Jazz runs to the ring. Lita hits Trish with a vicious clothesline. She goes for another, Trish ducks, Lita hits her with a nice drop-toehold. Jazz enters and pulls Lita to the mat by her hair. Trish gets back up and kicks Jazz full on in the gut and then hits her with a swinging neckbreaker. Quick cover, 1…2… Lita breaks up the pin attempt. Lita throws Trish to the turnbuckle, she turns round, Jazz runs at her but Lita sends her packing over the top rope, leaving her alone with Trish. Lita hits Trish with rights and bounces her off the ropes. Trish attempts the matrix move but gets clocked with a beautiful leg drop by Lita. Jazz re-enters and hits Lita with a fisherman suplex 1…. 2… kickout. Trish batters Jazz on the way up with a stern kick to the face. She walks over to the still grounded Lita and spits in her face, much to the crowds’ disapproval. Jazz tries to Irish whip Trish to the corner but its reversed. Trish sets up Jazz for the Stratusphere. Jazz pushes Trish and she crashes to the floor outside of the ring. Jazz admiring her handiwork, doesn’t see Lita rise. Frankensteiner by Lita! She heads back up to the top rope for a cross body but a returning Trish pushes her off. Trish hops back in the ring. She picks up Jazz by the hair, goes for the Stratusfaction, this could be the end, No! Jazz reverses. JAZZ STRETCH! Trish is on the brink off tapping here. What an excruciating hold, perfectly applied by Jazz, Trish readies her hand to tap. Lita’s back on top. Drop-kick by Lita to break up the hold! All 3 of the women are down. The Crowd begin a Lita chant. It’s about two minutes before Jazz gets to her feet. Jazz is visibly mad as she approaches Lita. She screams at her, You bitch! She was about to tap. She puts Lita in suplex position. Even though she’s facing the ropes, Jazz still sees Trish’s advance, She blocks her right hand. Instead of knocking her down, Jazz points at Lita, They’re teaming up! Trish joins Jazz in suplex position, seemingly going for a double suplex. At the last second, they turn around, suplexing Lita to the concrete floor! Jazz and Trish then go at it, exchanging punches in the centre of the ring. Jazz then goes for a superkick. Trish ducks it, she pulls the top rope down and Jazz goes flying over the top at out to ringside, leaving Trish solitary in the ring. Hold on a second, here comes Christian! He runs to the ring. Trish distracts the ref and Christian picks Lita up. Oh My God! Christian just unprettiered Lita sending her face first into the concrete! He throws Lita back in the ring. The cover by Trish 1…2…3! Lita and Jazz were screwed! Trish and Christian celebrate up the rampway as EMTs rush to attend to Lita.

Winner and No.1 Contender for the Women’s title: Trish Stratus

Cuts to backstage

Paul Heyman is walking with a sour look on his face. He knocks on Vince McMahon’s locker room door. As he enters we see Vince packing his bags.


Vince: Paul! Calm down. There’s nothing I can do. Linda is the Chairwoman now.



Vince picks up his bags and heads toward the door


Vince: I’m leaving, I don’t run this show anymore!

Vince storms out leaving an irate Paul Heyman to vent his frustration by throwing his cell phone at the wall.


Cuts from break to Cole and Tazz

Cole: Wow! What an eventful Smackdown! It’s been so far

Tazz: It’s been a rocket-buster of a show and I’ll bet that the next match will be no different

Cole: No doubt!

Match 2: Billy Kidman vs Chavo Guerrero Non-Title Match

Kidman makes his way to the ring. Then Chavo Guerrero, the Cruiserweight Champion makes his way down the entrance ramp and walks to the ring with Chavo Sr. Kidman comes out all guns blazing with fists to the face. He throws Chavo to the ropes and hits him with a powerful drop-kick. Cover 1…2…kickout. Kidman continues the assault by stomping on Chavo. Chavo grabs Kidman’s foot and keeps hold of it until he’s back up to a vertical base. Enziguiri by Kidman, Cover again, 1…2…kickout. Irish whip by Kidman that’s reversed by Chavo. Kidman bounces off the ropes, Chavo Sr. grabs Kidman’s foot and sends him face first into the mat. He ate canvas there! Chavo begins to work on Kidman with stomps to the knee. He then lifts it high above him head and slams it with unreal velocity into the mat. Chavo applies a headlock, which Kidman powers out of, and he pushes Chavo against the ropes. Kidman goes for a clothesline, Chavo ducks it, and bounces off the ropes on the other side of the ring, Dropkick to the knee of Kidman. Cover 1…2…Billy kicks out with his good leg. Chavo, now with the distinct advantage, pulls Kidman to the centre on the ring. He locks in a perfectly applied single-leg Boston crab on the bad knee! Kidman is writhing in pain! He slowly begins to crawl to the ropes, his knee looks like it’s about to give way. Slowly, he inches his way closer to the ropes. He’s arms length away from the ropes, He extends his arm out fully and grabs the ropes to make the break, but Chavo isn’t letting up! He pulls Kidman back to the centre of the ring. Stepover, STF! Kidman is trapped! He’s not giving up. He begins to crawl pulling his own weight as well as Chavo’s. He readies his hand, He’s gonna tap! He gives it one big last pull to the ropes. He’s there! Chavo is forced to make the break by the ref. Chavo is mad that Kidman didn’t tap and he repeatedly stomps on him, busting his knee even more. He pulls him up and delivers a scintillating hurricanrana, but surprisingly doesn’t make a cover. Instead, he pulls Kidman the corner and slides out of the ring. Through the ropes, He pulls Billy’s legs so they are either side of the ring post. Knee into the ring post! Chavo repeats this a few times before sliding back in the ring. He once again pulls him to the middle of the ring and goes to lock back in the single leg crab. Countered by Kidman into a drop toehold. Kidman is up on one leg! Punches to the skull of Chavo. Chavo gets back up but gets planted with a DDT by Kidman. He pulls Chavo to the corner and begins to climb the turnbuckle on his good leg. He gets ready to attempt a shooting star press from the top rope, but Chavo Sr. gets on the apron. Chavo Sr. pushes Kidman off and he gets hung up on the ropes! Chavo rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. He gets back in the ring and the ref runs over and tries to disarm Chavo. Chavo Sr. then sneaks up from behind Billy. Belt shot to the head! Chavo lets go of the chair and covers Kidman. Feet on the ropes. 1…2…3!

Winner: The Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero

Chavo and his dad celebrate until the new General Manager of Smackdown! Stephanie McMahon takes the stage.

Steph: Chavo, Chavo. Do you think this kind of behaviour is acceptable? You may have got away with this on Paul Heyman’s Smackdown!, But not on my show! I want the Cruiserweight title to be represented on the highest echelon by a hard working individual, not someone who cheats to win matches! So Mr Guerrero, I regret to inform you that you are no longer the Cruiserweight Champion!

We see Chavo’s angered reaction

Steph: So now I would like to announce the main event for next weeks Smackdown! It will be Billy Kidman vs Rey Mysterio vs One Mystery Cruiserweight for the Cruiserweight title (Huge crowd pop)
AND it will be a ladder match! Even bigger crowd pop as Stephanie leaves the stage.

Camera cuts to backstage. We see Rhyno walking to his dressing room. As he enters, he is shocked to see Paul Heyman sitting there.

Heyman: Ah, Rhyno, we need to talk


Matt Hardy is backstage preparing for his match when he spots the Dudleyz. Matt tells the Dudleys that if they worked real hard, and learnt all the mattributes, they might actually have a shot at winning the no. 1 contender’s match.
The Dudleyz laugh at Matt, saying they’ll walk their match against The Worlds’ Greatest Tag Team, and that if Matt didn’t shut up, they would personally change his name from V1 to T1, meaning table for one! The Dudleyz walk off with Matt angry that he came off at the sore end of that verbal exchange.

Match 3: Dudley Boyz vs WGTT (No. 1 contenders’ match)

Charlie Haas starts off against Bubba Dudley. Haas lures Bubba in for a test of strength, only to slap him round the face, which ticks Bubba off. Haas and Bubba then lock into a hard elbow tie up. Neither man gets an advantage so they break it off. Haas then gives Bubba the 1 finger salute. Bubba gets mad and runs at Haas who escapes out to ringside. All of a sudden Benjamin comes off the top rope with a perfect missile drop kick on Bubba. Haas re-enters and begins to stomp on Bubba. Elbow drop by Haas, Bubba gets back up and gets a kick to the gut from Haas. Irish whip to the corner and a tag to Benjamin. Nice German suplex from Benjamin. He puts Bubba on the top rope and proceeds to mock D-Von luring him into the ring. As the ref goes to restrain D-Von, Charlie Haas gets in and joins Benjamin on top. WGTT, Double suplex to Bubba! Benjamin tags Haas back in. Nice belly to belly by Haas, followed by triple verticals. He kicks Bubba stiffly in the back before he locks in the dreaded Haas of Pain! Bubba is screaming in agony, as D-Von on the outside is desperate for the tag. Bubba manages to reach the ropes and Haas is forced to make the break. Tag by Haas to Benjamin. Haas sets Bubba up. Leapfrog backbreaker!, the most effective move in the WGTT’s arsenal. Cover 1…2… Bubba kicks out. Benjamin goes for the superkick, Bubba ducks it, Bubba Bomb! Both men are laid out and desperately need to make a tag. Tag on both sides, in comes a very fresh D-Von. He clotheslines Benjamin, and then Haas and proceeds to powerbomb Shelton. Haas turns around, 3-D! Benjamin is on the tope rope, he dives off taking both him and D-Von outside to the floor. Hold on, Matt Hardy is on the entrance ramp. While the ref is busy checking on Benjamin and D-Von, Matt slides in the ring and low blows Bubba. Twist of Fate by Matt Hardy! He puts Haas on top on Bubba and makes his getaway through the crowd. The ref is back 1…2…3 Matt Hardy screwed the Dudleyz out of a title shot!

Winners and No.1 Contenders: The Worlds’ Greatest Tag Team


A hype video is played promoting the next pay-per-view, Backlash. During the video in announces that it will be live from the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA

‘All Grown Up’ blasts around the arena as Stephanie McMahon descends toward the ring. She beckons for a mic before announcing that as well as the mystery cruiserweight in the title match, she will also have another surprise for us next weeks on SD!

Match 4: Matt Hardy/Kane vs John Cena/The Undertaker

Matt Hardy comes to the ring first with the Matt fact saying ‘Matt has beaten the Dudleyz on eight separate occasions’. Kane then follows shortly thereafter. John Cena comes out and does a rap, in which he punks out both Hardy and Kane. Then the Deadman, The Undertaker comes to the ring with Paul Bearer. Matt starts in the ring with Taker. He stares at Taker who promptly rolls his eyes back in his head. It doesn’t take Matt long to decide he doesn’t want any of Taker, and he makes a quick tag to Kane. Kane also doesn’t want any of the Deadman, and tags Matt back in. Matt gets back in the ring, looking as though he’s accepted that he will be starting the match but he quickly tags back to Kane before escaping the ring and hiding in the crowd. Undertaker runs at Kane, taking him down with a lariat followed by a clothesline. He bounces Kane off the ropes and hits him with a superb boot to the face. Taker then proceeds to bounce himself off the ropes and delivers a leg drop to the throat off Kane. Kane gets up looking rather dazed only to receive a sidewalk slam by Taker. He pulls Kane up and throws him to the corner. He hits Kane with multiple shots to the gut and face using his ‘soupbones’ He twists Kane’s arm head climbs up to the top rope. Old School by The Deadman!
He raises his hand up in the air, signalling for the chokeslam. Kane gets up, turns round. He gets planted with a chokeslam! Taker then signals for the tombstone, Kane sees this and rolls out of the ring, jumps the guard rail and runs off through the masses. Undertaker follows and catches up with him and they brawl out of sight. Matt and Cena get in the ring to continue the match. Cena starts the offence with a shoulder block and then a dropkick, He tops Matt 1…2…kickout Matt back up now. Cena, DDT, again a cover 1…2…kickout. Matt is clearly rocked as Cena hits him with a hanging vertical suplex. Off the ropes, 5 knuckle shuffle! Arm Drag by Cena. He salutes the crowd and they begin to chant Cena! Cena! Cena! Cena throws Matt against the ropes and attempts a clothesline, ducked by Hardy, Side Effect! Cover by Matt 1…2…rope break. Matt begins to build momentum. Hip toss, Neck breaker and a backdrop. Matt turns to the crowd I’M V1ahhhhhhh! Spinebuster by Matt who then heads up to the top turnbuckle. Leg Drop by Hardy 1…2…kickout by Cena. Matt stalks Cena from behind. Twist Of Fate! It must be over 1…2…Cena kicked out! Matt can’t believe it! He goes for it again, reversed. F-U! F-U by John Cena. He makes the cover 1…2…3 that’s all folks

Winners: John Cena/The Undertaker

As Cena celebrates, The Undertakers’ music swells up. Something begins to lower from the sky. It’s the symbol of the Deadman, and it’s Kane, Kane is tied to the symbol! It reaches the stage the Undertaker walks out on stage to a big pop! Bong! The infamous sound of the Deadman! Hold on, The symbol is on fire! Kane is surrounded by fire!

We see the Undertaker rolls his eyes back in his head as Smackdown! goes off the air

Please say if you like it or not and reasons why. Thanks!

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*I really must stop reading these while i'm trying to do something else, just doesn't work.... i become addicted to reading em.*

Anyway great, great, great, first show. Godd match, good promos, well spaced out. missing something,don't know what though. BAH oh well, great first attempt and I'll look forward to reading the next one.

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Here is the preview for this week's SD! Like last week, I will post it on Friday.
(NOTE: I will start posting it on Thursdays as soon as my Internet at home is working, I’m having to use my dads’ PC and I’m only round his on the weekends)


Stephanie McMahon last week on Smackdown! announced that a mystery cruiserweight will appear in next week’s main event for the Cruiserweight Title. Who will it be?
Trish Stratus won the No.1 Contenders Match for the Women’s’ Championship in a triple threat contest, How will the champ react!

Stephanie also told us that she will have ANOTHER surprise for us on Smackdown! What could it be?

Find out all this and more on next weeks’ SD! Live on SpikeTV! 7pm EST.

Matches already booked

Matt Hardy Version 1.0 vs. The Dudley Boys in a Handicap Table Match

Billy Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio vs. 1 Mystery Cruiserweight in a Ladder Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

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hey could u please join the tourny we need one more person to kick it off comon u do it that was great writing and the preview has got me tensed

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Pyros go off to start this week’s Smackdown!

Cole: Welcome to Smackdown! Live from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC!

Tazz: Have we got a night of action planned for you!

Matt Hardy’s entrance music fills the arena

Cole: And what better way to kick it off with North Carolina’s own, Matt Hardy!

Match 1: Handicap Table Match Matt Hardy vs. Dudley Boyz

Matt Hardy walks to the ring with his hand in the usual V1 sign. The camera flashes to signs in the crowd, they read ‘Dudleyz need Mattitude’ and ‘Matt Hardy T1’ The Matt Facts read, ’Matt is ashamed to come from NC, and ‘But not as ashamed as he would be coming from New York City, as that’s where the Dudleyz hail from’. The Dudleyz come to the ring and the match starts. Bubba clotheslines Matt right off the bat. The Dudleyz waste no time working on Matt Hardy. Shoulder Block by D-Von followed by a nice elbow drop from Bubba. They then proceed to hit many double team moves to wear down Matt including a double suplex, double DDT and one of their signature moves, The hard scoop slam/headbutt off the top combo. They walk around saluting the crowd and wearing Matt down. Bubba then hits the Bubba Bomb, “D-Vonnnn, Get the Table!” D-Von goes to retrieve a table from under the ring. They set it up in the centre of the ring and call for the 3-D. Hold On, Its Shannon Moore! He sprints to the ring. He clocks Bubba with the chair, It’s dented! SHANNON MOORE JUST DROP-KICKED THE CHAIR ONTO D-VON’S HEAD! D-Von begins to bleed profusely! Call the EMTs! Shannon Moore has now set up a table near the turnbuckle. He puts D-Von on it as Matt climbs to the top. Matt Hardy, Leg drop through D-Von and the table! I guess Matt and Shannon are re-uniting! Shannon and walk up the ramp grinning as Bubba runs to see if D-Von is OK.

Winner: Matt Hardy Version 1.0


As we return, a video is played showing what happened last week between Kane and Undertaker

Cuts to backstage

Bubba is outside the trainer’s office, asking if D-Von is ok. The trainer says that D-Von has a concussion and that he will be out of action for at least a week. Hearing this, Bubba punches the wall in frustration.


Rue De Bona is backstage talking to Victoria about her forthcoming title match with Trish Stratus at Backlash.

Victoria: I’ve had feuds with Trish before, I know how tough she is, I know how competitive she is, and I know how good she is. She wants the title bad. But, as much as she wants the title, I can guarantee that I want it more. I've worked so long, and so hard for this title. For years I dreamed of this moment, and now that it’s here, I’m not letting it go that easily. So tonight, when I wrestle in the tag match. I’ll show Trish, and everyone, what a REAL champion is made of!

Match 2: Jazz and Molly Holly vs. Victoria and Nidia

Jazz comes out first to a cascade of boos, followed by Molly who is sporting a blonde wig. The others’ arrive and the match starts as the crowd chants Egg Head! Egg Head! Egg Head! Jazz starts off against the Women’s’ Champion, Victoria. They lock into a hard elbow tie up which Jazz turns into a nice headlock. Victoria powers out and sends Jazz off the ropes only to receive a hip toss. Jazz begins to open up offensively on Victoria, Arm Drag, Scoop Slam, She throws Victoria into her corner and the tag is made. Kicks to the mid-section by Molly. She throws Victoria off the ropes and attempts a clothesline, ducked, Dropkick by Victoria. The cover is made 1…2…kickout. Elbow Drop on Molly swiftly followed by a snap suplex. Molly holds the back of her head as Victoria goes to the ring apron. What’s this? 360 leg drop!
Another cover 1…2…kickout by Molly. Molly sent off the ropes, beautiful powerslam by Victoria. Wait... Molly's wig is falling off! Molly grabs her wig and pulls it tight to her head, she tags Jazz. She and Victoria exchange rights until Jazz gets the advantage. DDT! She pulls Victoria back to her feet and attempts a clothesline. No! Jazz turns it into a spinebuster. What’s this going on on the outside? Nidia is sneaking up behind Molly. She’s got the wig! Nidia has Molly’s wig! Nidia starts to run with it and Molly gives chase. Jazz slides out of the ring, Nidia doesn’t see. Superkick on Nidia by Jazz! Both women are now back and up in the ring. Victoria throws Jazz against the ropes and bounces herself off the other ropes. She goes for a clothesline, ducked by Jazz, they bounce off the ropes on the other side. Double boot to face! Both women had the same idea, both now needing a tag. Tag on the nearside by Jazz, Can Victoria do the same? Yes! Tag to Nidia. Nidia with a clothesline, she bounces Jazz off the ropes. Backdrop! A cover 1…2…kickout. Nidia goes for a kick but gets caught by Jazz, Enziguiri! Nidia is rolling. Molly runs in pushing Nidia down, and begins to stomp on her. Victoria now in, punches Jazz, Jazz blocks it and goes for the Jazz Stretch! No reversed WIDOWS PEAK! Nidia sends Molly packing over the top rope. She goes for the cover on Jazz. Hold on, That’s Trish! Trish is here, jumping the guard-rail. She has a chair! 1…2 Trish whacks Nidia on the back with the chair, breaking up the pin. Victoria turns around, what a thundering shot! Trish turns round to see Jazz getting up. She hits Jazz for good measure! The ref calls for the bell, this is a no contest!

Winners: No Contest

Cole: Trish just sent a message loud and clear to Victoria

Tazz: Look at the carnage! Imagine what’s gonna go down at the PPV!

Cuts backstage

Steph McMahon is in her office, there is a knock at the door. Steph asks them in. It’s a FedEx guy with a parcel. Steph’s face light up as soon as she sees it. Zoom in on her face as she opens it and is seemingly thrilled by its contents.


As we come back from the break, we see ring announcer Lillian Garcia in the ring, holding a mic and Stephanie’s parcel.

Lillian: The General Manager of Smackdown! Stephanie McMahon has asked me to inform you, that the forthcoming contest is for the newly re-instated Hardcore Championship!

Lillian opens the package and holds up the new Hardcore title belt

Match 2: Hardcore Title Match Tommy Dreamer vs. Rhyno

Dreamer comes to the ring first. Rhyno comes out next but he is not alone, he is with Paul Heyman!

Heyman: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome my new client, The Man Beast, Rhyno!

The crowd boos

Heyman: You see, after I was screwed out of my position as General Manager of Smackdown! I decided to team up with my old friend Rhyno. Now with him by my side, I’m taking back what’s mine! I’m taking back control of SD! Starting tonight with the hardcore title! Heyman throws down the mic and leaves the arena as Rhyno runs to the ring.

Rhyno runs in the ring and clotheslines Dreamer. He bounces him off the ropes, boot to the face. Rhyno wastes no time getting out the weapons. He pulls out a stop sign which he throws in the ring, and then grabs a kendo stick. Shot to the gut of Dreamer with it. He falls to the mat. Rhyno goes for two, drop toehold onto the stop sign by Dreamer. He was playing possum! Stomps to the mid-section by Dreamer. He goes to get a chair. Shot to the face! The cover, 1…2… Rhyno kicks out. Backbreaker by Dreamer who then goes to fetch more weapons. He pulls out a ladder! Ladder shot to the skull of Rhyno! Dreamer throws the ladder down as Rhyno begins to get up dazed. Dreamer goes for a hurricanrana, Rhyno holds on to him. POWERBOMB ONTO THE LADDER! Rhyno goes to get some weapons, he throws a trash can in the ring and sets up a table in the corner. He picks up Dreamer and bounces him off the ropes. Rhyno goes for a backdrop, blocked, PILEDRIVER ONTO THE TRASH CAN! Rhyno is busted open! Cover by Dreamer 1…2…Rhyno kicks out! Dreamer can’t believe it! He exits the ring near the corner and gets a sledgehammer. He gets back in and turns round. GORE THROUGH THE TABLE! What a shot! Both men are out of it! The arena then goes black. What’s this, it’s…. It’s RAVEN! Raven is here with his usual trolly of hardcore goodies! Raven grabs a trash can lid from the trolley and slides in the ring. RAVEN EFFECT ONTO THE TRASH CAN LID!!! He tops Rhyno 1…2…3! Raven is the new Hardcore Champ!

Winner and the new Hardcore Champ: Raven


As we return from the break Stephanie McMahon comes to the ring to make some important announcements regarding the next PPV, Backlash.

Stephanie: As you all know, the next pay per view in our calendar, Backlash, is only two short weeks away.

Big Crowd Pop

Stephanie: But as of yet, we do not have a main-event. So next week on Smackdown! Live from East Rutherford, NJ, We will have a number one contenders match to decide who will face Eddie Guererro for the WWE Title!

Huge Crowd Pop

Stephanie: It will be a triple threat match featuring Kurt Angle vs. Kane vs. ……… THE UNDERTAKER!

The Crowd Erupts at this point to which Steph smiles at.

Steph: And not only that, but Backlash will feature the first ever US Title Open to see who will win the vacant United States Title. This match is open to ANY superstar who wants a shot at the title.

The crowd cheers as Stephanie exits the ring

A video is played hyping the Women’s Championship Match at the PPV between Trish Stratus and Victoria

Cuts to shot of the announcers’ table

Cole: Wow! What an awesome show its been, and the main event is still to come

Tazz: I tell you, I’m loving this evening so far, and this next match is a sure fire rocket buster!

Match 4: WWE Cruiserweight Title Triple Threat Ladder Match
Billy Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio vs. 1 Mystery Cruiserweight

Billy Kidman comes to the ring first, looking fired up about his title shot, Mysterio comes out next and they wait to see who is mystery competitor is

Lillian Garcia: And their opponent, SPANKY!

A returning Spanky makes his way to the ring to a huge crowd pop and the match begins. All three men stare up at the belt and circle the ring.

Billy Kidman goes in all guns blazing with a dropkick to Spanky. Kidman turns round only to receive a spinning wheel kick from Mysterio. Spanky gets back and shoots right hands at Mysterio. Arm drag by Spanky, Kidman back up with a hurricanrana to Spanky. Rey with a snapmare on Kidman. He bounces himself off the ropes, dropkick to the face of Kidman. Spanky goes for a german suplex on Mysterio, he flips out of it. Stiff kick to the head of Spanky! Kidman throws Mysterio to the turnbuckle and tries to run in after him, boot to the face of Kidman. Mysterio then throws Billy out to ringside. Spanky, Vaulting body press to Kidman! He gets back in the ring and exchanges rights with Mysterio. Spanky gets the advantage and hits a beautiful russian leg sweep. He picks up Rey only to get a kick to the gut for his troubles. Mysterio throws Spanky toward the ropes, reversal, Mysterio jumps on the middle rope, Cross Body! Kidman is up on the outside of the ring. He grabs the ladder a throws it in the ring. Kidman with a shuffle side kick to Mysterio, bomb to facebuster on Spanky, He throws him out to ringside. Kidman gives Mysterio a spinebuster and pulls him to the corner. He climbs to the top. Is he gonna attempt a shooting star press? Spanky pushes him off the top, Kidman is left hanging over the ropes. Spanky crawls back in the ring. Mysterio is up, 619 to the gut of Kidman! Rey jumps to the top, is he going for the West Coast Pop? No! Dropkick to the face of Spanky! Rey Mysterio now has the advantage. He grabs the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring. He begins to climb up slowly, he almost reaches the top until Billy Kidman kicks the ladder out from underneath him. Mysterio falls on to the outside! Kidman and Spanky begin to crawl to their feet. Kidman grabs the ladder and sets it up again. He begins to claw his way up on one side, Spanky on the other. Kidman is at the top! He has one hand on the belt. ARM DRAG OFF THE LADDER BY SPANKY! All three of the participants are down. It’s about 2 minutes before anyone begins to make their way back up. Spanky is almost up in the ring, Rey is up on the outside and Kidman is just starting to pull himself to his feet. Spanky is climbing the ropes, SWANTON DIVE ONTO MYSTERIO! Kidman finally gets up and takes the fight to Spanky on the outside. They exchange right hands before Kidman sends Spanky back first into the guard rail! Rey is slowly crawling into the ring. Spanky kicks Kidman in the gut, Spanky and Kidman are so busy brawling they don’t see Rey climbing the ropes. Spanky bounces Kidman’s head off the Spanish announce table. OH MY GOD! MYSTERIO JUST MOONSAULTED THROUGH KIDMAN, SPANKY AND THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! All three guys a decimated! This time it’s about 5 minutes before Spanky and Kidman get to their feet, Mysterio is still out after going through the table. Kidman and Spanky begin to brawl all the way up the entrance ramp. Spanky lifts Kidman high in the air and drops him ribs first on the guard rail. He gets a table from under the ring and sets it up on the edge of the rampway. He bounces Kidman’s head first off of it before going to get another. Spanky puts the second table on top of the first. He tries to put Kidman on top of them but he fights back. B-K Bomb on the concrete floor! Spanky is pretty much KO’Ed as Kidman put s him on the tables. Kidman then grabs a 20-ft ladder from near the guard rail and sets it up behind the tables. He climbs it ever so slowly, until he finally reaches the top. Kidman is standing atop a 20-ft ladder, What’s he gonna do? OH MY GOD! SHOOTING STAR PRESS! SPANKY ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! KIDMAN GOES CRASHING THROUGH THE TWO-TABLE STACK! GOODNIGHT BILLY KIDMAN! Look at Mysterio! He’s setting up the ladder in the ring. Mysterio is climbing to the top, he’s almost in arms reach of the title! He’s so damn close! MISSILE DROPKICK BY SPANKY! Kidman’s down, Mysterio is down, Spanky is up! He climbs up the ladder. He’s got one hand on the belt! He’s got it! SPANKY WINS! SPANKY WINS!

Smackdown! goes off the air as the cameras survey the carnage

Hope you all enjoyed it!
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