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My WWE Script Writing

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Thought i'd give this a go i usually play it out on my PS2 seeming as i completed season mode to SYM.

A Few Notes First

- Ive Tooken HHH/Flair Out of Evolution and now Evolution consists of Batista/Maven/Randy Orton/Christian with Randy Orton being the leader.

- On Smackdown ive brought back the nWo with Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Bill Goldberg

WWE RAW Roster

WWE Championship
WWE Intercontinental Championship
WWE Tag Team Championship
WWE Womens Championship

50% Owner:Vince McMahon

Al Snow
Bubba Ray Dudley
Billy Gunn
Brian Kendrick
Brock Lesnar
Charlie Haas
Chris Nowinski
Dawn Marie
D-Von Dudley
Doug Basham
Hardcore Holly
Jeff Hardy
Mark Henry
Molly Holly
Randy Orton
Rene Dupree
Ric Flair
Rob Van Dam
Ron Simmons
The Rock
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Stephanie McMahon
Steven Richards
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Spike Dudley
Tommy Dreamer
Trish Stratus
Triple H
Val Venis

WWE Smackdown

50% Owner:Eric Bischoff

World Heavyweight Championship
US Championship
World Tag Team Championship
WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Big Show
Bill DeMott
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Chris Kanyon
Chuck Palumbo
Eddie Guerrero
Hulk Hogan
Jamie Noble
Johnny Stamboli
John Cena
Juventud Guerrera
Ken Shamrock
Kevin Nash
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy
Mark Jindrak
Nathan Jones
Rey Mysterio
Scott Steiner
Scotty 2 Hotty
Scott Hall
Sean O'Haire
Shannon Moore
Shawn Stasiak
Stacy Kiebler
Sylvain Grenier
Torrie Wilson
Ultimo Dragon
William Regal

Current Champions
WWE Champion:Kane
World Heavyweight Champion:Sting
WWE Intercontinental Champion:Kane
WWE US Champion:Rey Mysterio
WWE Tag Team Champions:Billy Gunn/Chris Nowinski
World Tag Team Championships:William Regal/Tajiri
WWE Cruiserweight Champion:Nunzio
WWE Womens Championship:Lita

Starting On
2nd RAW/Smackdown Before the Royal Rumble



Street Fight:Special Ref:Stone Cold
-Brock Lesnar v Vince McMahon
-Triple H v Maven
-Undertaker/Rob Van Dam/Edge v Randy Orton/Basham Brothers
Hurricane/Jeff Hardy v Christian/Test
-Table Match
Billy Gunn/Chris Nowinski v Dudley Boyz
-Batista v Goldust
-Trish Stratus/Ivory v Lita/Sable

Start Of The Show

Stone Colds music hits and here comes Stone Cold to a deafining ovation from the Austin, Texas crowd. Stone Cold said hes let Vince get away with too much lately and Stone Cold ahsnt been doing mcuh about it and tonight in Austin ,TX he needs to get off his beer swelling ass and bring some law and order here to RAW tonight. So tonight Vince McMahon will face Brock Lesnar in a Texas Street Fight and to further more make sure Vince doesnt screw around Stone Cold will be the guest Ref. Stone Cold sez ,"And thats ...." then Vince Music hits and Vince comes down to confront Austin asking him what the hell he is doing and that he'd better be careful otherwise Stone cold will lose his jobe soon. Vince then taunts Stone Cold that he cant hit him. Then brokes music hits and here comes the pain.Brock then gets on the mic and sez he can but he wont coz he knows someone else does. The Brock pushes Vince into Stone Cold provoking him soStone Cold hits the Stunner on Vince and then toasts with Brock Lesnar.

Match One for Tonight
Lita/Sable v Trish/Ivory(Heels)
Basic womens match here Ivory getting the pin on Sable.
Commercial Break

Match 2
Goldust v Batista
Batista basically squashes Goldust in this match with Goldie gettin in abrely any offense. Batista finishes Goldie with the Powerbomb. Then Orton and Maven proceed to beat on Goldie to Lance Storm makes the save.
Commercial Break

Match 3
Tables Match
Dudley Boyz v Chris Nowinski/Billy Gunn
Dudley Boyz shoudla gotta the win when Nowinski got the 3D thru the table but the ref was knocked having been mistakingly #D'ed thru the table. Gunn and Nowinski peform the 3D on Bubba to pick up the win.
Winners: Gunn and Nowinski
Commercial Break

Match 4
Hurricane/Jeff Hardy v Test/Christian
Jeff Hardy picks up the pin on Test for a 2nd week in a row with the roll up.
Winners:Hurricane/Jeff Hardy

Match 5
Undertaker/RVD/Edge v Orton/Basham Brothers
Orton hits the RKO on Undertaker to get the win. Evolution then come in and beat these 3 estalblished stars continuin the Evolution rampage.
Winners:Orton/Basham Bros

Match 6
Triple H v Maven
New Evolution Member just about to get pedigreed but then Evoltuion runs in and beats Triple H but this time Flair and HBK run in and even the numbers.

Match 7
Street Fight/Special Ref
Brock Lesnar gets in the most offense here busting Vince open in the process and Brock gets cut open a lil. Vince goes to hit Brock witha chair and ends up hitting Stone Cold laying him out.Then 2 secs later Kanes pyro erupts and here comes Kane. He beats the holy shit out of Brock taking him out with the ring steps and busting Brock open. The he tombstones Brock on the steel steps. Then lays Brocks head on the ring steps then smashes a chair over Brocks head then anuther tombstone in the ring. Kane drags Vince over to Brock and then counts the 1-2-3 with Stone Colds hand further contineuing the Kane/Vince/Brock Lesnar fued heading inot a First Blood Match at the RR for Kanes WWE Championship in which if Brock loses he is indefintly suspended.

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Good show. Only one promo, and you could add some more. Matches could have done with some detail but again that can be worked on.

Overall: B

Yea i agree it could have done with more promos but i was tired n didnt feel like typing that more and thats the reason for the less detail in the matches but glad you like it. I shall be only doing RAW Script writing as i am too lazy to do Smackdown unless someone else could do it with the roster i have for Smackdown? PM me or just tell me if you wanna do Smackdown.
A-Dust is right, you need more promos and the matches were too short. However some of these matches weren't that great to begin with...Goldust Vs. Batista, Dudley Boyz Vs. Nowinski/Gunn. Some of these just don't work. There's not too much for storylines either. I'll give you a 6/10
i really liked it dude, very good

the only thing i couldnt quit buy into was, you said there was new members of evolution, orton and christian were in different matches teamin up with non evolution members, which to me kinda played down evolution in it, either that or made it look like evolution had more allies makin an unstoppable faction, that sjust confused me

apart from that, excellent!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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