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The first Raw show of 2004 kicks off and the headline of the night is what Vince will say in his WWE inagural address.

"No Chance In Hell" plays around the arena and the loud boos begin for Vince.Lillin says what she says when people com to the ring.he struts down to the ring. He walks up the steps and steps thru the ropes. he takes the microphone from her and speaks into it.

Vince: Ok tonight I am gonna make my inagural address for 2004. So Tonight I am gonna make all the matches for the card and this night is gonna shake the foundation of the WWE. The Matches for tonights card are: Chris Jericho vs Randy orton for the Intercontinental title. we are also gonna see a Battle Royal for the World heavy weight title.

The Fans after not liking Vince for a long time begin to cheer.

Vince: There is a rumor going around about this match But its gonna be Goldberg vs Brock lesnar!

Jr: Sorry folks but we were having technical difficulties with our sound system.
King: I cant believe that Vince has made the matches. Isnt brock a Sd Superstar?
Jr: Yes but it looks as If he is now apart of the Raw brand.

Vince: I will also have a surprise for Eric Bishoff. I am slo giving the Dudleys a rematch for the Tag titles tonight against Batista and Flair. So I hope you folks enjoy the show tonight as i will make my speech.


The first Match The Dudleys Vs Batista and Flair

The winners the dudleys: The match ended when The Dudleys hit Flair with a 3D on the floor. Then Batista got a 3D and Bubba pinned him.

Backstage: Eric Bischoff is Irate over what Vince said He calls in Linda but Linda agrees with what Vince is doing. They talk a little more and it ends with Bischoff hanging up on her.


The Next match Jericho Vs Orton for the IC title.

The winner: Orton by pin: Flair ran to the ring and hit Jericho with a chair as he was going for the Lionsault and orton rolled him up.

Backstage: Vince walks into Bischoff's office and Vince tell Eric that he is gonna give him his surprise in his Inagural speech. Vince leaves and Bischoff has a pissed look on his face.


The Inagural Address is next.

Vince is standing bhind a podeum as the camera comes on him.

Vince: Tonight I told you that I was gonna do my inagural address to all of the WWE superstars on Raw. So Here it is. As Of Tonight The Brand Extension Is OVER! But we will still have Gms .I am also gonna give Bischoff his Surprise and Bischoff YOUR FIRED!

Jr: I cant believ it Vince ahs lifted the Brand extension and Fired Bischoff! Who is gonna be the New GM of Raw?
King I dont know!

Vince: So Here is the New Gm of Raw....Stephanie McMahon!

Jr: King Stephanie is the New GM of Raw!
King: I know Jr I heard the same thing you did.

"All Grown up hits the Pa System and Steph comes down to the ring and stands with her Father. They Raise each others hands in the air.

Vince: And Her Co-GM...... Shane McMahon!

Jr: The McMahon Family has been brought to The Raw brand.
King: I think hell has frozen over for good.

"Here come the Money" hits the Pa system and Shane dances down to the ring.he gets in and hugs Steph and he dances some more.

Jr: Vince did what he said he was gonna do he rocked the foundation of The WWE.


The Next Match. Brock Vs Goldberg.

Winner: wrestled to a No contest. They both got out the ring and fought each other before the match started. and they fought thru the crowd.


The Final match The Battle royal.

Participants: The rock, HHH, HBK, RVD, Booker T, Batista, Huricane, Rosey, Kurt Angle, Hardcore Holly, Chris Benoit, John Cena, Big Show, A-Train, Eddie Gurerreo.

Winner: John Cena: Eliminated Batista and HHH to win.

The show goes out with Cena clebrating with his title.

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No offense, but that plain out sucked.

The Dudleyz are the most stale tag team on Raw, no need for them to win the tag titles again. Jericho/Orton would be a good match. Theres been enough McMahons all over Raw and Smackdown, and I think it would be stupid to put them as Gm's of Raw, all they do is hog up TV time and if they were Gm's, that would be more McMahon. I would be pretty pissed off if I was there for the Goldberg/Lesnar match, seeing it was announced and instead of the match happening, they just brawled in the crowd. The battle royal...meh.
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