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I posted a thread a while ago saying i was gonna do a new show in be the booker, i have decided that i will start the new show after Wrestlemania 20, i wanna start after WM20 because i think it'll be a fresh start for the WWE year which in a way does start after wrestlemania. I will post up Wrestlemania results and who was fueding before it so that you can understand what will go on.

My PPVs are gonna be the same as the WWE
Royal Rumble - Joint
No Way Out - SD
Wrestlemania - joint
Backlash - Raw
Judgement Day - SD
Badd Blood - Raw
Vengeance - Smackdown
Summerslam - Joint
Unforgiven -Raw
No Mercy - Smackdown
Survivor Series - joint
Armageddon - Raw

Here is what happened at Wrestlemania

Raw Matches

Rob Van Dam def Triple H to win the World Heavyweight Championship - RVD won the number one contendership match the night after Royal Rumble. These two have been fueding since then and on two occasions Triple H has screwed RVD out of winning the World Heavyweight Title. Though at many it was Third Time lucky for Rob Van Dam

Shawn Michaels def Randy Orton to win the Intercontinental Championship in a 2 out of 3 falls match - This fued started after Randy Orton cost shawn michaels the world heavyweight championship at the Royal Rumble.

Batista and Ric Flair def Booker-T and Goldust (returned) to regain the tag team titles

Goldberg defeated Kevin Nash - Nash turned heel and brought scott hall back into WWE, the two have launched attacks on Goldberg each week leading up to Mania but he got his revenge. After the match Nash and Hall assualted Goldberg again but he was saved by Booker-T

Chris Jericho def Christian

Smackdown Matches

John Cena def Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship - After months of keeping Brock Lesnar and the WWE Championship away from John cena, Cena finally got his chance here and won the wwe title

Big Show & A-Train def Kurt angle & Chris Benoit

Undertaker def Kane in a Hell in a Cell Match - Taker returned and these continued this fued

Worlds Greatest Tag Team defeated The Basham Brothers and Los Guerreros in a triple threat tag team match to win the tag team titles

Hardcore Holly def Matt Morgan


Thats what happened at WM20, so everyone knows what fueds have took place and title changes etc

Raw World heavyeight Champion - Rob Van Dam
Intercontinental Champion - Shawn Michaels
Raw tag team titles - batista and Ric Flair
Smackdown WWE Championship - John Cena
United States Champion - big show
Smackdown Tag Team Champions - Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin
Cruiserweight Champion - Tajiri

First show will be up in a few days time.

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Well here is the 1st Raw, its gonna be 4 Raws and 4 SD's then a ppv and on from there


Pyro goes off and the Raw Theme music plays

JR : Welcome to WWE Raw, tonight is the fallout from Wrestlemania 20 and what a PPV that was.

King : Yeah JR, that was a good PPV and the matches were great, the electricity was off the hook.

JR : Here are the highlights from Wrestlemania

A video plays showing the Wrestlemania highlights

We cut back to the Arena

JR : Later on tonight folks we got Scott Hall of the NWO against Goldberg

King : Say it JR

JR : Thats gonna be a slobberknocker

Time to play the Game plays throughout the arena and Triple H walks out to the ring to huge heat from the fans. Triple H gets the Mic

HHH : Something Very, Very bad happened last night ladies and gentlement

Crowd Boo

HHH: Last Night, I was screwed out of the Worlds Heavyweight Championship

Crowd Boo Triple H and start chanting Asshole, Asshole

HHH : Last Night Rob Van Dam realized he couldnt beat me fair and square, so he decided to use a steel chair and hit me with the van daminator.

Fans Cheer

HHH : Well RVD, if you wanna use steel chairs, then i supposed you will come out here right now and accept my challenge, to a street fight at Backlash for the Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

The Countdown hits and Out comes Y2J Chris Jericho to a Huge Crowd Pop

Jericho gets in the ring and gets the mic

Jericho : Would you please, SHUT....THE...HELL....UP

Fans Cheer Jericho and start chanting Y2J, Y2J

Jericho : This always happens Triple H, after you lose the World Championship you demand a rematch, screw the champion and get yourself disqualified for 9 months.

Fans Cheer

Jericho : Well not anymore, If you want a World Title shot, your gonna have to wait your turn.

Glass Shatters and the fans go Crazy as the Co-General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out to the ramp.

Austin : Triple H, Chris Jericho

Crowd : WHAT

Austin : It ain't gonna do any good if you stand there bitching all night.

Crowd : WHAT

Austin : So to decide Number One Contender

Crowd : WHAT

Austin : Next Week

Crowd : WHAT

Austin : On Raw

Crowd : WHAT

Austin : Its gonna be Triple H

Crowd : WHAT

Austin : Against Chris Jericho

Crowd : WHAT

Austin : In a steel cage match !

Fans cheer as Triple H goes crazy, Y2J looks pleased

Austin : To Determine the Number One Contender

Austins music hits and he leaves

We cut to the back to the Co-GM's office were Eric Bischoff is watching the monitor with Randy Orton

Eric : Damn that Austin, Triple H should be the number one contender but no, no, no he always has to ruin things

Orton : Yeah, But i know how you can get one over on Austin

Eric : Really, How ?

Orton : You could award me an Intercontinental Title shot, I should be Number One contender

Eric : Randy, Randy, you know what, I'm gonna go one better, Tonight you get your rematch with Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental Title.

Orton : Yeah

Eric : No Disqualification

Orton : Thanks Eric.

Randy Orton leaves the room, And Eric has a big smile on his face looking pleased with himself.

JR : Well Randy Orton taking advantage of an Angry Eric Bischoff there, but none the less in the main event tonight Shawn Michaels defends his newly won Intercontinental Title against Randy Orton

King : Yeah No DQ as well

JR : Also next week on Raw Chris Jericho meets Triple H in a Number One Contenders Match, Winner faces World Champion Rob Van Dam at Backlash

King : The Game JR, The Game should be Number One Contender

JR : Yeah right King, Up Now is Mark Henry against D'Von Dudley

Mark Henry (w/theodore long) V D'von Dudley (w/Bubba Ray)

Mark Henry and theodore long come out to heat from the crowd. D'von and Bubba Ray get a decent pop from the crowd. Mark Henry attacks D'Von immediatly as he gets in the ring. Mark Henry irish whips D'von and then delivers a huge clothesline. Henry delivers a leg drop then covers 1-2-kickout. Henry picks up D'von and takes him into the corner. Henry starts delivering knees to the mid-section. Henry hammers away with Right Hands then back elbows. Henry grabs D' von's head and starts hitting his head of the turnbuckle pad. Henry pulls D' von out of the corner and irish whips him. Henry tries a clothesline but D' Von ducks and then hits a clothesline of his own. Fans cheer. Henry gets up and D' Von starts hammering away with quick right hands then tries to Irish Whip Him but Henry reverses. Henry hits a powerslam to D'von and covers 1-2-kickout. Henry gets up then delivers 3 consecutive elbow drops to the ribs of D'Von. Henry picks up D'Von and throws him shoulder first into the the ring post. Henry picks D' von back up and hits a back suplex. Henry signals for the Big Splash and goes for it but D' von moves and henry hits the mat. D' Von repeatedly stomps Henry in the back of the head. Henry gets up, D' Von kicks him in the mid-section and nails a DDT. D' Von covers 1-2-kickout. D' Von picks Henry up again and tries to suplex him but he can't do it. Henry then counters with a kick to the mid-section and a double axehandle over the back. Henry picks up D' Von and chokes him over the middle rope. The ref tries to pull Henry off D' Von but Henry shoves the ref away. Henry challenged D' Von to get up then he taunts Bubba. Bubba tries to get in the ring, but the ref stops him. Henry goes to pick up D' Von But D' Von hits a low blow while the ref is distracted. This gets Theodore Long up on the apron and he distracts the ref. While the ref is distracted Bubba slides in and him and d' von give Henry the 3D. D' Von knockes Long off the apron. D' Von covers Henry 1-2-foot on the rope. D' Von can't believe it. D'Von waits on henry to get up. D' Von delivers a kick to the mid-section then a reverse DDT. D' Von covers 1-2-Long pulls the ref out. Bubba runs around the ring and hits Theodore Long. While the ref is dealing with long and bubba, Rodney Mack comes out of the crowd and into the ring with a baseball bat. Mack hits D'Von with the baseball bat in the back of the head. Henry covers D' Von as the ref slides back in. 1-2-3
Winner : Mark Henry

JR : Mark Henry steeling the win there against D'Von, Damn Rodney Mack interfereing with the baseball bat

King : Yeah JR, I hope Theodore Long dosent come to commentate again because we will never hear the end of it

We cut backstage

Eric Bischoff is in his office and Triple H walks in

Eric : Trips whats up

HHH : Whats up ? I'll tell you whats up, Stone Cold Steve Austin is making me compete against Chris Jericho next Monday to get a title shot when by all rights i should be number one contender

Eric : Oh yeah i know, about that, I can't change Austins ruling about that, but what i can do, is say that Jericho may be in no physical condition to compete next Monday

Eric and Triple H smile at each other

Eric : Tonight on Raw Triple H you will team with Kane, and you will take on Chris Jericho in a handi-cap match.

Stone Cold Steve Austin walks in

Triple H : Well if it aint Stone Cold Steve Austin, Eric why dont you break the news to stone cold about tonight

Eric : It'll be my pleasure, Well Stone Cold I booked a match tonight, It will be Kane and Triple H against Chris jericho in a Handi-Cap Match, you know seen as i just can't think of any partner for Jericho you know what i mean

Eric and Triple H smile at Austin

Austin : Well Eric, Yeah i know what you mean, But unlike you I can think of a partner for Chris Jericho, Tonight its gonna be Triple H and Kane and they will take on the duo of Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam.

Triple H looks furious with the decision

Austin : Now triple H thank you and goodbye.

Triple H stares at Austin then leaves.

We go back to the arena now

JR : What a match booked by Austin King, Triple H teams with Kane against Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam

King : Yeah JR, although Eric Bischoff must be getting frustrated with Austin changing his decisions

JR : Oh Well thats just too damn bad isnt it, Up now is a Wrestlemania rematch between the World Tag Team Champions Ric Flair and Dave Batista against Booker-T and Goldust, after last nights cheated victory against them

King : What do you mean cheated JR

JR : Look at this footage

Highlights are shown of Ric Flair rolling up Booker-T and grabbing the tights.

King : I dont see no cheating JR

JR : He had the tights King

King : It was for leverage JR

JR : leverage, yeah right

World Tag Team Championships
Ric Flair & Batista (c) V Booker-T & Goldust

Ric Flair and Batista come out to heat from the fans, Booker-T & Goldust get a major crowd pop. Batista and Booker-T start the match. Batista and Booker lock up. Batista forcing Booker-T into the corner. Booker-T reverses and gets batista in the corner. Booker-T delivers right hands to the forehead of Batista and the ref tries to pull Booker-t away but Booker ignores him. Batista rakes Booker in the eyes then puts Booker in the corner and delivers hard knees to the mid-section of Booker-T. Batista brings Booker out of the corner and irish whips him. Batista tries a clothesline Booker-T ducks and kicks batista in the mid-section. Booker delivers a DDT. Booker tags in Goldust. Goldust comes in and taunts for the crowd. Goldust picks up Batista and goes for a suplex but Batista counters with punches to the mid-section. Batista takes Goldust over to his corner and tags in flair. Flair comes in and hits some right hands knocking Goldust into the corner. Flair hits knife-edge chops on Goldust then shouts Wooooo. Goldust takes the oppurtunity and puts Flair in the corner and delivers knife-edge chops of his own. Goldust sets Flair for the shattered dreams and goes over to the other corner. Goldust runs to deliver Shattered Dreams but is met with a huge clothesline by Batista. The ref tells batista to get out, Booker-T tries to get in but the ref runs over and stops him. Meanwhile the ref is distracted Batista and Flair stomp away at Goldust then Batista goes back to the ring apron. Flair drags Goldust over to the ropes and hits a canninball to the leg of Goldust. Flair hits a second canninball then shouts Woooooo again. Flair grabs Goldust right leg and delivers an elbow drop to it. Flair hits a second elbow drop to the knee of Goldust who screams in pain. Flair hits two more elbow drops to the knee then taunts Booker-T. Booker tries to get in but the ref is stopping him. While the ref is distracted Flair throws goldust out of the ring. Batista gets a steel chair and hits Goldust in the right leg with it. Batista picks up Goldust and throws him back in the ring. The ref turns back around now. Flair tags Batista. Batista comes in and stomps away at the leg of Goldust. Batista rolls Goldust onto his stomach. Batista picks up the foot of goldust and delivers a hard knee smash to Goldust. Batista shoves away the referee. Batista grabs the leg of Goldust and locks in a leg lock to goldust. Goldust screams in pain. Booker-T gets in the ring and leg drops Batista. The ref tells Booker-T to get out of the ring and he then leaves. Batista gets up, Goldust is still down holding his knee. Batista pulls Goldust over to the corner. Batista tags in Flair. Flair stomps the right knee of Goldust. Flair pulls Goldust into the centre of the ring. Flair picks up the leg of Goldust and shouts woooo then locks in the figure 4 leg lock. Goldust screams in pain. Booker-T starts calling on the fans, they start cheering on Goldust. Goldust leaves his shoulders down 1-2-he gets them off the mat. Goldust fights to try and turn but he can't. He leaves his shoulders down again 1-2-goldust manages to get them off the mat again. Booker-T jumps off the apron and starts clapping the mat for goldust. The fans cheer Goldust on. Goldust tries to turn the figure 4 and gets it turned. Batista is immediatly in stomping away at the leg and head of Goldust. Booker tries to get in but is again stopped by the ref. Flair gets up and picks up Goldust. Flair goes to suplex Goldust but he gets over the back. Goldust hits a Belly to back suplex on Flair. Goldust gets up and batista comes in. Batista tries a clothesline but Goldust ducks Goldust then hits a powerslam on Batista then collapses to the mat. Booker-T slaps the turnbuckle as Goldust crawls over to get the Tag. Flair tries to grab the foot of Goldust as the ref is busy sending batista out. Goldust gets the tag and in comes Booker but the ref stops him and sends him back out. The ref didnt see the tag. Flair drags Goldust over to the corner and tags Batista. Batista comes in and picks up Goldust. Batista delivers slow hard right hands to the head of Goldust then taunts the crowd. Batista irish whips Goldust who comes back with a clothesline. Flair comes in but gets levelled with a clothesline too. Goldust crawls over to his corner. Goldust gets the tag to Booker-T. Booker-T comes in and clotheslines Batista who goes down and clotheslines Flair. Booker-T scoop slams Batista then scoop slams Flair. Booker-T waits on Batista to get up and hits him with the Harlem Sidekick. Flair rolls out of the ring. Flair grabs one of the tag team titles. Flair slides in the ring and the ref tries to grab the belt from Flair. Flair shoves the ref away. Flair goes to hit Booker-T with the title but Booker ducks and clotheslines Flair over the ropes. Booker kicks batista in the mid-section and goes for the scissors kick but Batista counters. Batista goes for the clothesline but Booker ducks and Batista gets the ref. Booker hits a kick to the mid-section then hits the scissors kick on Batista. Flair whips Goldust into the steel steps on the outside. In the ring Booker-T calls for the Spin-a-rooni and does it. Booker-T then covers Batista but theres no ref. Flair slides in the ring and hits Booker-T in the back of the head with the title belt. Batista covers Booker as the ref stirs around. 1........2.......kickout by Booker. Flair can't believe it. Flair gets back in the ring and this time tries to hit Goldust with the belt but he ducks and sets Flair for Shattered Dreams. Goldust hits Shattered Dreams but gets caught with a big boot from Batista. Batista signals for a powerbomb. Batista picks up Booker-T. Batista tries a powerbomb Booker counters, Batista tries a clothesline, Booker ducks then delivers the Book-End ! Booker covers 1-2-3.
Winners : and New World Tag Team Champions Booker-T & Goldust

After the match Booker-T and Goldust are celebrating in the ring. NWO's music hit and out come Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to the entrance way

Nash : First of all Congratulations on winning those belts, But they belong to us

Fans Boo

Hall : We want our belts back so we came out here to challenge you two, to a match at backlash for the tag team titles

Fans Cheer, Booker-T grabs the mic

Booker : It's on Suckaaaaaaaa!

Booker-T's music hits and he and goldust continue to celebrate, as the NWO leave to the back

JR : Congratulations to Booker-T and Goldust on winning the world tag team championships and what a match were gonna have at Backlash as they defend the titles against Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

King : Its a conspiracy JR, Flair and Batista shouldnt have been made to defend the titles 24 hours after retaining them

JR : Well thats just hard luck isnt it

King : yeah right

Video Footage airs advertising The Backlash PPV

Interview with Goldberg

Terri : Last Night Goldberg at Wrestlemania 20 you defeated Kevin Nash, tonight you take on Kevin Nash's tag team partner Scott Hall

Goldberg : Well its simple Terri, Over the past month, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, they have attacked me time and time again. Last Night I got my revenge on Kevin Nash, And all i can say Terri is, Scott Hall, Your Next !

Goldberg walks away.

End of Interview.

JR : Thats Goldberg against Scott Hall later on but up now its gonna be Lance Storm against Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

King : This'll be good

Lance Storm V Scott Steiner

Lance Storm comes out to a good crowd pop, but when he is half way down the ramp Scott Steiner runs down and nails him with a sledgehammer, Steiner nails him 3 more times with the hammer then throws it down. The referees, declare that Storm can't wrestle and award steiner the forfit win.
Winner : via forfit Scott Steiner

Steiner gets in the ring and gets the mic

Steiner : I have been on Raw for a Year and a Half now, I started off well getting a shot at the World Championship, then those two crappy Co-General managers Eric Bischoff and Stone Cold Steve Austin have mis-used me. I am sick of it now, if i ain't wrestling another match on Raw Brand. I'm going somewhere were I won't get mis-treated. I'm going somewhere that I will get good competition, I am going to Smackdown.

Steiner throws the mic down and walks off.

We cut to the back were Eric Bischoff and Stone Cold are sitting in the General Managers room.

Austin : Why is he going to Smackdown, what do they have to offer

Eric : Steve, Steve, Steve relax, i got everything under control

We cut back to the arena

JR : Damn that Scott Steiner walking out to Smackdown
King : Yeah well i hope he gets mis-used there too with that Paul Heyman
JR : But what did Bischoff mean, by saying he has everything under control

King : I dunno JR, it dosent look like it though by losing Scott Steiner to Smackdown

Interview with Randy Orton

Terri : Tonight Randy Orton you take on Shawn Michaels in a Wrestlemania Rematch you have been given an Intercontinental Title Shot

Orton : Given ?, I haven't been given anything, last night at Wrestlemania Shawn Michaels beat me 1-2-3, But I was caught by suprise, I am deserving of a rematch, I have the rights to a rematch, he won't be able to beat me again.

Terri : What about Eric Bischoff making the match No Disqualification, Dosent it seem like he is biast towards the Evolution

Orton : Watch your mouth or i'll slap the taste out of it, Eric Bischoff has sense thats why he likes evolution, Unlike that other Co-GM Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Terri : Ok, From Terri here back to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawl.......

Orton : What do you mean Ok, I'll tell you when this interview is over, you do that again and i'll shove that mic were the sun dont shine.

Randy Orton is in the middle of threatening Terri when Chris Jericho approaches him, The fans cheer

Jericho : Do you need to threaten women Randy to make your self feel like a big man huh

Orton : That wasnt a threa.......

Jericho : SHUT.......THE........HELL.......UP, Hit the bricks junior before I do with that mic to you what you were threatening to do to Terri

Randy Orton walks away

End of Interview

JR : Well Chris Jericho trying to teach Randy Orton some manners there i guess

King : He better watch or Randy Orton will teach him all about an evolution beating

JR : What do you mean an evolution beating

King : Oh nothing just something we all came up with

JR : What do you mean we, since when did you join evolution King

King : I mean't Orton and the other members of Evolution

JR : Up now is Scott Hall of the NWO against Goldberg

Goldberg V Scott Hall (w/Kevin nash)

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash come out to huge heat from the crowd. Goldberg comes out to a huge ovation from the crowd. Goldberg has taped ribs from the previous attacks by Nash and Hall. Goldberg slides in the ring and is immediatly attacked by Hall. Hall kicks away at Goldberg who gets up. Hall delivers right hands to the taped ribs of Goldberg. Hall taunts Goldberg. Hall throws Goldberg outside the ring. Hall distracts the ref while Nash delivers several knees to the injured ribs of Goldberg. Nash puts Goldberg back in the ring. Hall stomps away at Goldberg and taunts him. Hall picks up Goldberg and Irish whips him but Goldberg reverses then powerslams Hall. But Hall rolls out of the ring after the powerslam angry at himself. Goldberg goes out after Hall and attacks him. Goldberg whips Hall into the Barricade. Nash distracts the ref and Hall hits a low blow. Hall gets a chair and delivers multiple shots with the steel chair to the ribs of Goldberg. Hall goes back in the ring and Nash moves away from the ref. Hall tries to go outside the ring again but the ref stops him. While the ref is dealing with Hall, Nash goes over to Goldberg and picks him up. Nash delivers more shots to the ribs and then rams Goldberg into the ring apron. Nash puts Goldberg back in the ring then walks away. Hall taunts Goldberg. Hall picks up Goldberg and calls for the Fallaway Slam. Hall hits the Fallaway Slam on Goldberg and covers 1-2-kickout by Goldberg. Goldberg tries to get up but Hall stomps him in the head. Hall picks up Goldberg and delivers a Gut Buster. Hall taunts the crowd much to their displeasure. Hall picks up Goldberg and signals for the Outsiders Edge. Hall goes for the Outsiders Edge but Goldberg back drops him. Goldberg clotheslines Scott Hall. Nash gets up on the apron but is given a right hand by Goldberg. Goldberg picks up Hall and delivers a powerslam. Nash gets in the ring but Goldberg fights him off. Goldberg hits a butterfly suplex on Nash. Hall tries a clothesline Goldberg ducks, Goldberg hits a kick to the mid-section, Goldberg delivers a butterfly suplex to Hall. Goldberg sets Nash for the spear. Goldberg spears Kevin Nash. Goldberg goes for the spear on Hall. Hall moves out of the way and Goldberg gets the turnbuckle. The referee gets Nash out of the ring. Hall kicks Goldberg in the mid-section then does the Outsiders Edge. Hall covers Goldberg 1-2-kickout. Hall is furious with the referee. Outside the ring Nash leaves a steel chair in the ring. Nash walks round to the other side of the ring and gets up on the apron. The referee tells Nash to get down but Nash keeps him distracted. Hall gets the chair and delivers a thunderous shot to the head of Goldberg who stays standing. Hall hits him a 2nd time with the chair but Goldberg stays up. Hall hits him the 3rd time and this time Goldberg goes down. Hall throws the chair out of the ring then covers Goldberg 1-2-kickout. Hall can't believe it. Hall is furious at the ref and shoves him. The ref shoves Hall back. Hall turns around and Goldberg hits a spear !. Goldberg signals for the Jackhammer. Goldberg picks Hall up with ease and slams him down in the Jackhammer. Goldberg covers Hall 1-2-Kevin Nash pulls the ref out. The ref is furious at Nash and is about to send him to the back but Nash hits him. Nash gets in the ring and attacks Goldberg. Goldberg hits a spear on Kevin Nash. Another referee runs out and signals for the bell to Disqualify Scott Hall.
Winner : via Disqualification Goldberg

Goldberg Jackhammers Kevin Nash leaving him and Hall lying down. The NWO's music hits and out comes Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Goldberg waits on Hogan to get to the ring but from behind Hall with a low blow. Hall uses the steel chair on Goldberg three times but Goldberg just fights him off and spears him. Hogan gets a steel pipe from under the ring and gets in the ring. Hogan nails Goldberg in the back of the head with the pipe. Hogan hits Goldberg another 2 times with the pipe then hits him in the ribs. Nash picks up Goldberg and delivers a jacknife powerbomb. Hall goes under the ring and brings out a can of spray paint. He gives the can to Hogan who sprays NWO on the back of Goldberg. The NWO Leave Goldberg unconcious in the ring, then leave. Goldberg gets taken out on a stretcher.

JR : Damn the NWO, Damn Hogan, What did Goldberg do to deserve that kind of beating

King : I dont know JR But I wouldnt wanna be those three when Goldberg recovers

JR : Yeah, and now folks we are going to the back for an interview with your new World Tag Team Champions

Interview with Booker-T and Goldust

Coach : Booker-T and Goldust congratulations on your shock victory over one of the best ever Tag Teams in the business and two of the greatest wrestlers Ric Flair and Dave Batista

Booker-T grabs the mic

Booker-T : What do you mean shock victory Coach, Oh yeah i forgot your one of the people that kiss Eric Bischoffs ass every night, You see these belts right here, At Backlash me and goldie we defend these belts against Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, The so-called Badasses of the WWE, If they think these belts belong to them, They don't, and the only way they will belong to them is if they beat us, which they won't, Now Can You Dig That Sucka !! (goldust keeps nodding his head in the background)

End of Interview

JR : Well Coach as always being a jackass
King : Yeah but we know whats up next JR
JR : Its gonna be the new World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam teaming with Chris Jericho to take on Kane and Triple H

Triple H & Kane V Chris Jericho & Rob Van Dam

Triple H comes out to major heat from the crowd, Kane comes out and he gets huge heat too. Chris Jericho comes out to a huge crowd pop. Rob Van Dam comes out to the loudest ovation of the night as the Worlds Heavyweight Champion. RVD and Triple H start off. RVD and Triple H lock up with Triple H forcing RVD into the corner. They break the tie up with Triple H having a smile on his face. RVD switches with Triple H putting HHH into the corner. RVD starts delivering quick kicks to Triple H knocking him down. Triple H rolls out of the ring and kicks the steel stairs down. RVD taunts with the crowd. The crowd are chanting RVD, RVD, RVD. Triple H gets back in the ring. Triple H taunts at Jericho challenging him to get in. Rob Van Dam tags in Chris Jericho but Triple H tags in Kane. Kane tries to clothesline Jericho but Jericho ducks then starts hammering away with right hands to the head of Kane. Jericho tries to Irish Whip Kane but Kane reverses then Big Boots Jericho. Kane picks up Jericho and Irish whips him. Kane hits a powerslam to Jericho. Kane tags in Triple H. Triple H comes in and starts to stomp Jericho. Triple H slaps Jericho in the head. This makes Jericho angry who starts giving Triple H shots to the gut. Jericho hammers away with quick right hands to Jericho then delivers a huge clothesline. He signals that hes gonna tag RVD much to the pleasure of the crowd. Jericho tags RVD. RVD comes in and hits the rolling thunder on triple H. RVD covers 1-2-kickout. RVD picks up Triple H and starts giving him pacey right hands and starts delivering kicks to the gut. RVD irish whips Triple H who reverses then hits a high knee on RVD. Triple H delivers and elbow drop to RVD and covers 1-2-kickout. Triple H tags in Kane. Kane picks up RVD. Kane irish whips RVD and then hits a backbreaker. Kane has a sick smile on his face and RVD rolls around in pain. Kane picks up RVD and delivers a sidewalk slam to him. Kane taunts Jericho who tries to get in. The ref is busy with Jericho while Kane and Triple H double team RVD both giving him right hands in the corner. Triple H goes back out and Kane continues to work on RVD in the corner. Kane whips RVD over to the other corner then runs and delivers a clothesline to RVD knocking him down. Kane distracts the ref while Triple H walks along the apron to the other corner and takes of the turnbuckle pad. Kane then picks up RVD and runs and hits the snakeyes on the steel bolt. Kane taunts the crowd much to their displeasure. Kane chokes RVD with his foot. The ref tries to pull Kane off but Kane shoves him away, Kane tags in Triple H. Triple H goes over and pulls RVD out of the corner. Triple H Irish whips RVD then hits a spinebuster. Triple H laughs at RVD who is holding his back in pain, Y2J tries to rally the fans behind RVD. The fans start chanting RVD,RVD,RVD. Triple H picks up RVD and signals for a snake-eyes into the steel bolt. Triple H goes for the snake-eyes but RVD counters and shoves Triple H head first into the steel bolt. RVD rolls up Triple H 1-2-kickout. Triple H gets up first. Triple H tries a clothesline RVD ducks and RVD tries a kick to the mid-section. Triple H catches RVD's foot but RVD hits the enzurguri. Kane comes in the ring and tries a big boot but RVD ducks. RVD jumps up on the turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick to Kane. RVD crawls over towards his corner. RVD gets the tag to Jericho. The fans go wild. Jericho comes in clotheslines Triple H. Jericho starts delivering right hands to Kane then clotheslines him over the ropes. Jericho kicks Triple H in the mid-section and delivers a DDT. Kane grabs a steel chair. Kane gets in the ring with the chair but the ref takes it from him and puts it outside the ring. Kane turns around and RVD comes of the top rope with a kick taking kane to the outside. Triple H attacks RVD from behind but RVD back elbows him. Triple H staggers into the middle of the ring. Jericho runs off the ropes then hits the bulldog on triple H. Jericho signals to RVD for the 5 star. RVD goes up top then nails the 5 Star Frog Splash!!. Jericho follows up with the lionsault. Jericho covers Triple H 1....2....3.
Winners : Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho

JR : What a match, RVD and Chris Jericho defeating Triple H and Kane, and with Y2J pinning The game, will that be an omen for next week King

King : Of Course it won't JR, It was an accident

JR : What another one JR, Like Wrestlemania was that an accident, he seems to be having a lot of them dosen't he

If ya Smell hits too a thunderous ovation from the crowd and out comes The Peoples Champion The Rock to the ring. Rock gets the mic

Rock : Finally !! The Rock has come back to Raw

Fans clap and cheer

Rock : Well The Rock has gone, he has come back, he has gone again, he has come back again, Well not any longer, The Rock has come back and The Rock is here to stay

Fans Cheer

The Rock : While I was away making movies, I began to think, I missed wrestling, I missed kicking ass, and most of all, I missed The People

Fans Cheer

Rock : So thats it, No More Movies, No more Adverts, The only thing the Rock is gonna do from now on, is Work Here, In the WWE

Christians music hits to heat from the crowd and Christian comes out to the ring with a Mic.

Christian : Yeh,Yeh Rock, get on with it, Fine your back, get on with it, Rock you see when you were gone, the people didnt wait for you to come back, They got a new Peoples Champion, Me

The Rock : So you think your better than The Rock, You think your better than the Jabroni beating, Pie eating, Crowd praising, Eyebrow Raising, Peoplesssssss Champ The Rock !

Christian : You ain't the Peoples Champ anymore Rock, When you left the WWE to make your movies you also left your role as peoples Champ, And with you leaving that role, I took over it, Well if you want to be the peoples champ again your gonna have to beat me in the ring at Backlash.

The Rock : You think you can come out here to the peoples ring, get the peoples mic, and challenge the peoples champ to at match at backlash, then the Rock says, Just Bring It !

Fans start chanting Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky,

The Rock : If ya smellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll wha...

Christian low blows The Rock, Christian hits the unprettier on The Rock

Christian grabs the mic

Christian : If ya smelllllllllll what Christian is cookin

Christian makes an attempt to do the peoples eyebrow but can't do it, Christians music hits and he leaves with The Rock lying down and out

King : Wow JR, The Rock is back, but Christian is stepping up to the plate and challenging the great one

JR : Yeah The Rock against Christian at Backlash is gonna be off the hook intense, but speaking of intense King the night isnt over, we now have got The Wrestlemania Rematch for the Intercontinental Title and this time its No Disqualification

King : Yeah this is gonna be a war

Highlights are shown from the Orton-HBK match at Wrestlemania

Intercontinental Championship Match No DQ
Shawn Michaels (c) V Randy Orton (w/Ric Flair)

Shawn Michaels music hits and he comes out to a thunderous ovation from the crowd. Randy Orton comes out with Ric Flair to huge heat from the crowd. Michaels taunts Flair by doing the nature boys walking taunt. Flair goes crazy and tries to go after michaels but the referee stops him and sends him to the back. Orton complains to the ref but Michaels turns him around and starts hammering away with right hands. The ref rings the bell. Michaels delivers fast right hands in the corner and brings him out to the ropes. Michaels irish whips Orton then delivers a huge clothesline. Michaels taunts for the crowd. Michaels goes to pick up Orton but Orton hits a low blow. Orton stomps away at michaels who is down. Orton then picks up Michaels and takes him into the corner. Orton starts to deliver right hands to the forehead of Michaels then gives him a few knife-edge chops. Orton brings Michaels out of the corner and gives him a reverse DDT. Orton goes for the cover 1-2-kickout. Orton picks Michaels up then sends him shoulder first into the ring pole through the turnbuckle. Orton leaves the ring and gets a steel chair. Orton gets back in the ring with the chair. Michaels is using the ropes to get up, Orton sets him to hit him with the chair. Orton goes for a chairshot but Michaels ducks and the chair hits the ropes and rebounds into the head of Orton. Michaels rolls up 1-2-kickout by Orton. Orton clotheslines Michaels down then taunts the crowd much to their displeasure. Orton picks up Michaels and hits a backbreaker. Michaels rolls around in pain and Orton covers 1-2-kickout by Michaels. Orton goes over to the corner and takes off the turnbuckle pad. Orton picks up Michaels into a bearhug posistion then rams his back into the steel bolt. He repeatedly does this 3 times then drops Michaels who goes down. Orton chases the referee away then goes back and stomps Michaels back. Orton picks up Michaels and whips him into the ropes and delivers a powerslam and covers 1-2-kickout by Michaels. Orton picks up Michaels and sets him for a suplex. Orton holds Michaels up in the air then drops him down to the mat, Orton covers 1-2-kickout by michaels again. Orton picks up the steel chair and waits on Michaels to get up. Orton gives Michaels a shot in the ribs then a hard chair shot across the back. Michaels goes down holding his back as Orton throws the chair down then taunts. Orton goes for the cover 1-2-kickout by Michaels. Orton looks shocked. Orton picks up the steel chair and folds it out. Orton picks up Michaels and hits a suplex onto the chair. Michaels rolls around in agony as Orton signals that its finished. Orton covers Michaels 1-2-kickout. Orton can't believe that Michaels kicked out. Orton calls for the RKO. Orton picks up Michaels and goes for the RKO. Michaels counters with a reverse DDT. Michaels stomps away at Orton and then picks him up. Michaels delivers fast right hands to Orton then irish whips him. Michaels hits a clothesline to randy orton then picks up the steel chair. Michaels waits on Orton to get up then delivers a steel chair shot to the head of Orton. Michaels goes into the corner and signals for his sweet chin music. Michaels hits Sweet Chin Music to Orton. Ric Flair comes down the ramp and into the ring. Michaels waits on Flair. Flair tries knife-edge chops to Michaels to no effect. MIchaels starts hammering away at Flair with right hands then clotheslines him. Orton recovers then slides out of the ring. Orton gets a table from under the ring. Meanwhile in the ring Michaels is calling for sweet chin music to Ric Flair. Orton holds onto Michaels foot allowing Flair to clothesline him. Orton slides back in the ring and he and Flair double team Michaels. Flair sets the Table up at the corner. Orton picks up Michaels to slam him through the table but Michaels counters and hits sweet chin music on Orton. Flair goes for the clothesline but Michaels ducks and hits sweet chin Music on Flair. Rhyno appears from out of the crowd. Rhyno slides in the ring. Michaels turns around. Gore!! to Michaels through the table. Rhyno leaves through the crowd again. Orton crawls over and gets into the cover on Michaels 1.........2............3.
Winner : and the new Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton

JR : SOB, Rhyno has cost Shawn Michaels the Intercontinental Title, Cya next week folks

End of Show


Well there it is, please grade this and post your opinions on The show and how it can be improved. Thanks in advance and Happy New year everyone.

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Actually it was all pretty good. It amazed me how u can really impersonate the rock like that. that really was something that he would say. Maybe the rhyno thing was a little much but u will probably have a reason for that at your next Raw. Out of a rating of 10 i give this post a 9! Good job. Im gonna try and write more like u from now on.

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Really great work man! Can't believe you can write promos like that. Great storylines...And no hard feelings when I say this...but well the losers at WM immediately won the title the next (but maybe you have a story line for that)...
And also... you said that there are gonna be 4 RAWs and 4 SMACKDOWNs and then a PPV... Well... In the first Raw only, many matches for backlash were made.. but I guess I shouldnt complain for that... That makes the "waiting for the PPV" more interesting.

Enough of the suggestions.... GREAT GREAT GREAT SHOW...
REALLY LOVED IT... AND ALSO THE STORYLINE FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP IS GREAT...Good to see someone else in this storyline other than Triple H...

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Good show. I liked the promos and the matches were good. As Sibtain said Randy Orton and BookDust won the titles, one night after losing the same match the night before. The only bad thing was having Shawn lose the Intercontinental title one night after winning it. Aprt from that it is good.



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Stephanie McMahon walks out.

Steph: "Welcome to the most entertaining show today...SmackDown! Now I have a special guest to come out here right now. Ladies and gentlemen, the newest member of the SmackDown! roster...Big Poppa Pump...Scott Steiner!"

Holla if ya hear me...

Scott: "When the Big Bad Booty Daddy's in town, all the girls come around...and it's like taking candy from a baby! Now, I've come to SmackDown! for one purpose...the WWE Championship! Now when I was watching WrestleMania I see you got that Vanilla Ice wannabe as a champion so I thought, why not take that title and show who's the real man."

Word life...

Cena: "You think I'm Vanilla Ice, you think I'm not a real man? I'm not the guy on steroids with a fake suntan. You skip to SmackDown thinking you can take the strap from me, it's a lot easier than just one, two three. I proved that to Brock at WrestleMania double ex, and I got the bigger check. You sit there with...you call those things peaks? You came from Raw because you're scared of Triple H and Flair's beaks! You're nothing but a chicken running away from his troubles, well your new trouble is me so I hate to burst your bubbles."

Brock Lesnar's music hits...

Brock: "You're forgetting one thing you wannabe Eminem. Me! I'm still in your face after WrestleMania. You know as well as everybody else that it was a lucky win. I want my rematch and I want it tonight!"

Steiner: "No way! I came here to win that belt! Brock you had your chance and you blew it at WrestleMania. There's a new man in town and that's me!"

Steph: "Hold it! I am the General Manager and I make the decisions around here. Scott, I know that you're a huge star and you want the belt but Brock has the right to use that rematch clause and he's using it tonight. So you're going to have to wait. But, I will give you a match tonight against anybody of your choosing except for Cena and Brock Lesnar."

Steiner: "Alright...then Big Poppa Pump is going one on one with...Big Show for the United States Championship!"

Steph: "There you have it ladies and gentlemen...Scott Steiner is taking on Big Show for the U.S. Title and a WrestleMania rematch is the main event as John Cena takes on Brock Lesnar!"


Non-Title Match: Shannon Moore Vs. Tajiri​

Shannon Moore ties up with the Cruiserweight Champion. Tajiri gets a headlock on Moore and is shoved to the ropes. Shannon Moore hits a back body drop followed by a dropkick. Tajiri goes to the outside and Sakoda begins distracting the referee. Akio comes in and attacks Shannon with a kendo stick. Tajiri returns in the ring at a count of eight after the assault from Akio. Tajiri pins...1...2...kickout! Tajiri can't believe and begins yelling at Akio. Shannon rolls up the Cruiserweight Champion...1...2...kickout! Shannon Moore ducks a martial arts kick from Tajiri and hits an atomic drop. Shannon Moore dropkicks Tajiri and climbs to the top rope. Sakoda shoves Shannon and he lands on the ropes. The referee begins arguing with Sakoda as Tajiri prepares for the mist. Tajiri sprays the mist and gets it right in the referees eyes accidentally. Shannon Moore hits the shining wizard and goes for a pin but the ref can't see. Akio and Sakoda come in and double powerbomb their leader's opponent. Sakoda gets a chair and busts open Shannon Moore. Tajiri pins him after the ref gets his eyes cleaned...1...2...3!
Winner: Tajiri

Tajiri sets up a table on the outside. Akio and Sakoda double powerbomb Shannon through the table.

Backstage Josh Matthews interviews Big Show.

Josh: "Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with the United States Champion the Big Show who must defend his title against Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner tonight."

Big Show: "I don't know why Scott calls himself the Big Bad Booty Daddy or Big Poppa Pump. Nobody's bigger than me, nobody's badder than me and nobody can shake their booty like me."

Josh: "Now, you and A-Train have just come off a tremendous win over Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit at WrestleMania. How does it feel?"

Big Show: "It feels great to defeat two of the top athletes on SmackDown! with my pal A-Train. But tonight, I'm warning you Steiner...do not piss of this giant!"


Paramedics are attending to Shannon Moore backstage who is still unconscious. Los Guerreros come in and check up on Shannon.

Eddie: "Shannon, how are you doing? Hey, we should go get those japanase mobsters and show them the true meaning of pain."

Chavo: "Yeah, we'll show those two in front of la familia. Shannon, we'll get those two for you, we'll show them the power of Latino Heat!"

Eddie: "And Chavito Heat! Los Guerreros, Viva La Rasa, baby! Let's go Chavito!"

Hardcore Holly Vs. A-Train​

Both competitors tie up. A-Train hits a spinebuster on Holly immediately. A-Train then whips Holly to the ropes and hits a samoan drop with a cover...1...2...kickout! Holly is whipped hard into the buckle and splashed in the corner twice. A-Train hits the derailer early and goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! A-Train whips Holly to the ropes and misses the closeline then is hit with a dropkick. Holly gains the advantage now and wrenches the arm of his massive opponent. Holly pulls hard on the arm of his foe and wrenches it again. Holly drops his opponent down to the ground and locks in an armbar. A-Train eventually gets to the ropes after being in that move for a while. Holly dropkicks the arm of A-Train and then puts in a hammerlock. A-Train gets out of the hold, whips Holly to the ropes and hits a scissors kick. A-Train picks up Holly and attempts the derailer but he can't pick up Holly with the bad arm. Holly kicks A-Train in the gut and delivers a DDT. Holly goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Matt Morgan comes to the apron and Holly knocks him off. Holly turns around and is hit with a scissors kick. A-Train pins...1...2...kickout by Holly! Holly is whipped to the buckle and A-Train attempts to spear him but misses Holly and hits the turnbuckle. Holly then hits an armbar DDT and pins...1...2...kickout! Holly goes for the Alabama Slam but can't get A-Train up, A-Train reverses it into the derailer but can't capitalize on it. Both are down for a count of seven until they start hitting eachother with lefts and right. Hardcore gains the advantage with a kick to the gut and runs to the ropes only to be hit with a big boot. A-Train drags Holly to the corner for a Vader Bomb but Holly hits A-Train. Holly then hits the Alabama Slam with the help of the top turnbuckle and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Hardcore Holly

Chris Benoit comes down and locks in the crossface to break the shoulder of A-Train. A-Train taps and it takes about five minutes for the referees to pull him off.

Undertaker is shown in a graveyard.

Undertaker: "At WrestleMania, Hell in a Cell...I defeated my younger brother. He thought he had finished me off by burying me alive. He learned the hardway that you can't kill something that's already dead. Now I will attempt to continue my quest to become the WWE Champion once again. I don't care who it is but when the time comes...they will...rest...in...peace!"


Los Guerreros Vs. Akio/Sakoda​

Chavo and Sakoda start off the match with knife-edge chops. Chavo ducks one from Sakoda and hammers away at the Japanese competitor then whips him to the ropes. Chavo hits a dropkick and tags in Uncle Eddie. Eddie quickly continues the assault with right hands followed by a whip to the ropes. Eddie hits a high back body drop and a dropkick. Eddie wrenches the arm of Sakoda then goes up top and hits a double springboard armdrag takedown. People chant Eddie's name as he goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Eddie wrenches Sakoda's arm and tags in Chavo. Eddie and Chavo whip Sakoda to the ropes and hit a double hiptoss. Chavo pins...1...2...kickout! Chavo attempts to whips Sakoda but Sakoda reverses it and hits a martial arts kick to the face. Sakoda tags in Akio who hits a senton legdrop off the top rope with a cover...1...2...kickout! Akio hits some hard knife-edge chops and then delivers a fisherman suplex...1...2...kickout! Akio bodyslams Chavo and climbs to the top. Akio misses a 450 splash and both competitors are down. Chavo tags in Eddie at a count of eight, Akio tags Sakoda at a count of nine. Eddie hammers away at both members of the Yakuza. Eddie closelines Akio over the top and delivers a bodyslam to Sakoda. Eddie hits the frogsplash on Sakoda and Chavo rolls him to the outside. Chavo pins but the referee does not allow it because he's not the legal man. Eddie comes back in arguing with Chavo. The ref argues with Chavo to get in his corner. Akio hits Eddie in the head with a kendo stick and Sakoda pins...1...2...3!
Winners: Akio/Sakoda

Battle Royale to determine Number #1 Contender for Tag Team Titles: Spanky, Paul London, Doug Basham, Danny Basham, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, Kanyon, Sean O'Haire, Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty​

All 10 Men start brawling immediately with rights and lefts. The Basham Brothers double team Spanky in one corner. Sean O'Haire and Kanyon double team Paul London in another corner. Kurt Angle and Sean O'Haire hit eachother with lefts and rights and knock eachother over the top. Chris Benoit locks a crossface on Kanyon in the center of the ring as Kanyon taps but he is not elminated. The Basham Brothers take Benoit off and then double suplex him to the outside. Kanyon closelines both Basham Brothers over the top rope. Rikishi picks up Kanyon and bodyslams him. Scotty 2 Hotty is about to do the worm and on the "M", Spanky and Paul London throw him over the top. Rikishi attempts to closeline both cruiserweight competitors but they duck and double superkick Rikishi out of the ring. Kanyon closelines both competitors and celebrates too early. Spanky wrenches the arm, climbs to the top and hits a headscissors takedown from the top. Kanyon gets right back up even though he is dazed and is superkicked by Spanky. Paul London attempts the London Star Press on Kanyon but he dodges it. Kanyon backdrops Spanky over the top and then throws Paul London over.
Winners: Sean O'Haire and Kanyon

Eddie and Chavo are leaving the arena.

Eddie: "Why did you throw me out of the ring Chavito?"

Chavo: "I forgot that you were the legal man. I thought I was still in the match. I'm sorry Uncle."

Eddie: "You just cost us a big match essa, what is your problem? First we lose the tag match at WrestleMania. WrestleMania essa! And then we lose to those two Japanase cheaters! They cheated to beat us! What about us, we lie, we cheat, we steal! Well let me tell you something Chavito...fix it or else I'm gonna leave and you can be on your own!"

Chavo: "I'm sorry Eddie."


United States Championship Match: Big Show (c) Vs. Scott Steiner​

Big Show and Scott Steiner begin showing off their strength with pushups. When Scott Steiner does his pushups, Big Show leg drops Steiner and pins...1...2...kickout! Big Show whips Steiner to the ropes and hits him with a huge closeline. Big Show hits another leg drop and pins...1...2...kickout! Big Show goes for the chokeslam early but Steiner gets out of it and attempts a belly to belly suplex but can't quite get Big Show over. Big Show headbutts Steiner and then attempts a closeline but misses. Steiner kicks Show in the gut and DDTs him. Steiner pins..1...2...kickout! Steiner picks up Show and delivers a belly to belly suplex. Steiner pins...1...2...kickout! Scott delivers a closeline but Big Show doesn't fall down. Big Poppa Pump hits another one and Big Show starts reeling. The challenger goes for another closeline but Big Show catches him by the throat and chokeslams him. Big Show pins...1...2...kickout! Big Show can't believe and starts threatening the ref. Steiner hits a Belly to Back Suplex on Big Show and locks in the Steiner Recliner. Big Show is about to tap out after being in the hold for five minutes but he stands up with the challenger still on his back. The champion falls backwards with the pin...1...2...kickout by Steiner! Big Show hits a knee to the gut and attempts to closeline Steiner but gets thrown over the top. Steiner drops to his knees and kisses his peaks then rolls to the outside. The challenger whips Steiner into the steel steps and then rolls back in the ring and does a couple of pushups. Big Show gets back in the ring at eight and Steiner attempts a suplex again. Big Show stops it with a headbutt and a chokeslam. Kurt Angle's music hits and he comes out to stare at the Big Show. Steiner hits a belly to back suplex on the giant and pins...1...2...kickout! Kurt Angle grabs a chair and runs in the ring. Kurt hits Big Show in the head and the ref calls for the bell.
Winner: Big Show by DQ

Steiner and Kurt leave the ring as the Big Show is furious and busted open.

John Cena is backstage.

John Cena: "So, Brock wants a rematch? There must be a catch. I beat his ass but he says it was lucky, he's just crying with his pet rubber ducky. I'll give him the FU again and retain my title, I'm like Sabu-homicidal, suicidal and genocidal! These people have been booing me ever since I protested about Paul Heyman being fired. I don't care what all these losers think-they'll never get hired! I'm living out my dream while they're still dreaming, they couldn't beat me even if they was double-teaming! All those losers can have those little signs saying Cena sucks...well it's their moms who tought me how 'cause I paid her the big bucks! Word!"

Josh Matthews is interviewing Brock.

Josh: "Brock Lesnar, your match is next in what looks to be a great WrestleMania rematch."

Brock: "Well, I made a promise before WrestleMania that I wouldn't tap out from Cena. I was right wan't I? I also promised that by next week's SmackDown! that gold belt would be around my waist? Well, it is once I beat John Cena! That rapper doesn't stand a chance because I'm gonna make Vanilla Ice tap out! Cena...here comes the pain!"


WWE Championship Match: John Cena (c) Vs. Brock Lesnar​

Both competitors stare eachother down and tie up. Brock shoves Cena to the mat showing he is much stronger than the champion. Cena gets back up and ties up with the challenger once again. Brock again shoves Cena to the mat as people begin chanting "Cena Sucks!". Cena ties up with Lesnar again with the same results. Cena rolls to the outside telling the people to shutup as Brock encourages the fans. Cena gets back in the ring and ducks a closeline from Brock then hits a backdrop. Cena starts taunting Brock and stomps on him a couple of times. The champion suplexes the challenger a couple of times and goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! The champion picks up Brock and delivers a DDT then pins...1...2...kickout! Cena kicks Brock to the gut and hits the throwback. Cena picks up Brock and is hit in the gut. Brock picks up Cena for the F5 and hits it but Cena's feet hit the referee in the head on his way down. Brock goes for the cover but there is no referee. John Cena hits a low blow on Brock then gets the chain and padlock. Brock kicks Cena and hits another F5. Brock puts the chain back where it was and pins the champion. Another referee comes down to make the count...1...2...kickout by Cena! Brock is furious and goes for another F5 but Cena breaks out of it and hits the FU. Cena pins...1...2...Brock kicks out! Cena argues with the ref and then hits him with the FU! The WWE Champ grabs the steel chain and padlock that he brought to the ring and hits Brock in the head, busting him wide open. Cena taunts to the crowd making them very upset. Brock starts getting up so Cena hits him again with the steel chain and padlock. The champion then hides the chain and wakes up the original official then makes the cover...1...2...kickout! Cena can't believe it and starts arguing with the refere. Brock turns Cena around, Cena kicks Brock in the gut and gives him a DDT. The challenger is pinned...1...2...kickout! John Cena knocks that official down too with the FU! Cena goes to the outside and gets a steel chair. The lights go out and Undertaker's face appears on the titantron.

Undertaker: "John Cena...you seem to be the next victim of the Deadman. When the time comes...you will...Rest...In...Peace!"

Undertaker laughs then disappears from the titantron and the lights go back on. Cena doesn't realize it but the second referee has counted him out. Cena is furious.
Winner: Brock Lesnar by countout

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Good Show, the storylines were built up good and you wrote your promos well and Its good to see Steiner being used good again too, The ending of your show was good to have Taker appear on the titontron and the lights go out. 9/10

(raw will be up in a few days time)

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My thoughts on the Raw show.

Matches - These were pretty good. The 2 tag matches were good, had the WWE Style of heel tactics, then face hot tag etc. The tag matches were the best matches. The other matches were a little overbooked with the interference. And i'd rather be it someone else than Lance Storm being beaten up by Stiener, cause Storm is a good wrestler. Could work on your selling in the matches.

Promos - Most were in character. The Christian/Rock one was very good.

Angles - My favourite is Rock/Christian, if Christian gets the win at Backlash that would elevate him higher. Not that much of a fan of another NWO rehash, but nothing wrong with it. Like others said, not that great that the losers of the title matches at Wrestlemania won the titles back the next night. A Rhyno/Michaels fued that you seem to be heading to could be interesting, but I don't think Rhyno should be pushed a heap, he hasn't exactly shown much lately in real life WWE.

Overall - Good first show. B.
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