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My WWE Company (carrying on shows)

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I’m starting my own company kind of, so this is my first script I’m thinking of carrying on after this event to make more I don’t know yet.(like leading on)
Give suggestions if you like.

So admins or mods can I use this thread for my scripts(my company) or should I start new Threads? (took me ages this)

Before following event-

Current Champions:-
WWE Champion – Kurt Angle
WWE Intercontinental Champions- Matt Hardy
WWE Cruiserweight Champion - Rey Mysterio
WWE Hardcore Championship – Batista
WWE Womens Title – Molly Holly



Rock vs Kevin Nash
HbK vs Kurt Angle (two out of 3 falls match) (WWE Title)
Brock vs Kane
Jeff Hardy vs Rob Van Dam (TLC SINGLE)
Benoit vs Rhyno
Stone Cold vs The Undertaker (no Holds Barred)
The Hurricane vs Matt Hardy (Intercontinental title)
Jericho and Christian vs Team Angle (Tag Team titles)

Start off PPV (Backlash)
The Results
jericho and Christian vs Team Angle (Tag Team Championships)
For the match Angle is not at ringside but Team Angle are accompanied by Paul Heyman in the match Paul Heyman Jumps up on the apron while Jericho after the ref gets distracted hits Christian with the belt so Paul Saves the match for Team Angle Jericho nocks Paul Heyman off the apron Shelton Benjamin rolls up Jericho but Christian saves the pin fall. Then Team Angle double team Jericho with some of there moves Christian then interrupts, Jericho then gets up and gets Charlie Haas in the walls of Jerocho, Shelton Benjamin nocks Jericho and delivers a Olympic slam Jericho goes for the pic 1..2 Christian then hits the Impeller on Charlie Haas out side the ring and runs in the ring to save the count. Then Jericho get up after Shelton Benjamin delivers a overhead suplex to Christian and Delivers to walls of Jericho and Shelton has no choice but to tap out.
Winners- Jericho and Christian and still WWE Tag Team Champs

hurricane vs Matt Hardy (Intercontinental Championship)
Tough match for both percipients both hit each other with high flying and cruiweight moves through the match, then suddenly Shannon Moore distracts Hurricane and Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Hurricane but Hurricane kicks out then Hurricane does his flying kick and Hurricane goes up to the top rope and hits the cross body roll up 1…2…3
Winner – Hurricane and new WWE Intercontinental champion

Booker T vs Eddie GUERRERO

After a while of chucking moves back and for to each other, Eddie climes up to the top rope and misses the frog splash, Booker T hits the scissors kick on eddie Booker does spinerrooni and eddie kicks out eddie then hits the heel kick on Booker goes up to the top rope and hits the Frog Splash on Booker 1…..2……3
Winner Eddie GUERRERO

Jeff Hardy vs Rob Van Dam (TLC SINGLE)

All through the match there was 3 tables broken and a ladder used RVD went though 1 table and Jeff through two, During the match Jeff goes up to the top rope and for the Swanton but Matt runs down to the ring and pushes Jeff off top rope and Jeff goes flying though two tables lying below. Later on in the match after a couple more tryes for the win Jeff gets the ladder while Rvd is lying outside after Jeff does Rvd’s special move the VANDaminator and Rvd goes flying over the top, now back in the ring Jeff is nearly up to the top of the ladder when RVD gets back in the ring and Jeff is nearly touching the belt Rvd Dropkicks the ladder and Jeff goes over the top rope and lands hard on the floor outside. Rvd now puts the ladder back up in the ring and grabs onto the belt and the ladder falls from RVD’s feat so Rvd is hanging and trying to get the belt loose, Jeff gets back into the ring climbs to the top rope and goes to dropkick to nock Rvd off but RVd lifts up his legs and Jeff misses Rvd then Rvd undoes the belt and falls for the win.
Winner – RVD

Stone Cold vs The Undertaker (no Holds Barred)

Match starts instantly when Undertaker starts punching Austin. Later on in the match Undertaker goes to his motorcycle and pulls a steel pipe from the side of his pipe and gets back into the ring Undertaker tries to hit Austin but Austin Stunners Undertaker and goes for the pin 1…2.. and Undertaker puts his leg on the rope and the ref brakes up the count. Austin picks Undertaker up and starts beating him in the corner and stamps him down then picks Undertaker up and goes for the stunner, but Undertaker pushes Austin away and big boots him. Undertaker then picks up the steel pipe and hits Austin in the head and Austin falls to the ground Undertaker goes for the pin 1….2 Austin kicks out Undertaker gets pissed off and picks Austin up and puts him outside the ring and Graps a chair hits Austin onto the table and starts beating him on the table Undertaker then climbes to the top rope and hits a leg drop on Austin though the table(like he done in some kind of match before) (“OMG King Undertaker just leg dropped Austin all the way from the ring right though that table. Then after a while Undertaker stumbles up to his feet and grabs Austin and puts him into the ring Undertaker then does his throat cutting taunt and goes for the Tombstone on Austin but Austin reverses and starts hitting Undertaker but Undertaker fights back and then chokeslams Austin pins him 1….2… Austin kicks out Undertaker then picks Austin up and goes for the last right Austin battles out and beats down Undertaker then he does the loothadpress, Austin rolls out of the ring and graps the chair hits Undertaker one’s with it Undertaker stumbles and Austin hits Undertaker with the Stunner 1…..2…..3.
Winner Stone Cold

Benoit vs Rhyno
The match starts off with Rhyno battling with punches then he hits a big clothes lin on Benoit then beats Benoit down in the corner. Later in the match Rhyno is still beating Benoit Rhyno backs away for a sec and then goes for the spear in the corner and misses Benoit then chucks Rhyno into the turn buckle again and German Suplexes him 3 times then Rhyno stumbles up to his feet and starts to fight back with punches Benoit then starts the Crippler Crossface on Rhyno it lasts for 10 secs then Rhyno gets the ropes. Later into the match Rhyno gets back in control and starts beating Benoit and nocks him down then goes for the Gore hits, he misses hits the turn buckle and Benoit goes for the Crossface again but Rhyno battles and runs to the other ropes and Gores Benoit to the outside. Hen Rhyno nocks benoit head on the steps and on the Announcement table then rolls him into the ring again Rhyno again goes for the Gore misses and hits the turn buckle then stumbles back to the muddle of the ring and Benoit gets the crippler crossface locked in, then Rhyno taps out.
Winner Benoit

Brock vs Kane
The bell ring and both circle the ring then start punching each other then for a while in the match they hit each other with big moves and ware each other down a lot. Later on in the match Brock goes for the f5 Kane reverses and delivers a hard clothesline to Brock, then Brock stumbles back up to his feet Kane grabs brock’s throat and goes for the chokeslam Brock then delivers the f5 to Kane, but Kane rolls out of the ring. Brock then goes outside the brings him back into the ring and goes for the pin 1….2 then Brock goes to pick up Kane sits up and grabs Brock by the throat a chokeslams Brock to the canfas then pins 1…2…3.
Winner Kane

Rock vs Kevin Nash
The bell rings and the both circle each other then both tie up then both hit each other than beat each other down. Later in the match The Rock clotheslines Nash, Nash gets back up and clotheslines Rock back down. Later on in the match Kevin Nah goes to Clothesline the Rock, Rock ducks and he clothesline the ref. DDP’s music hits (“Omg its DDP, DDP’s back after his injery”) DDP runs into the ring and Diamond cutters The Rock. After the ref stumbles up when Nash is going for the pin then he thinks again and delivers the jacknife on then pins The Rock 1…2….3
Winner Kevin Nash

HbK vs Kurt Angle (two out of 3 falls match)
1st fall Starts off they both hit each other with big moves like overhead suplexes and backbrakes..etc Then Angle hits his hip throw of top when hbk goes for the elbow drop, then Angle locks the Angle lock in and HBK has no choice but to tap out.
2nd Falls starts after a short brake and Angle goes strait for the ankle lock but HBK brakes out and starts to fight back then Angle hits hbk with an overhead suplex and then goes for the Angle slam hbk reverses and Super kicks Angle 1…2..3
3rd Fall starts Angle goes right for the Olympic slam and hits it on HBK but hbk is close to ropes and puts his leg on the rope when the refs hand was coming down for the 3. Later on Hbk ducks when Angle goes to clothesline and Super kicks Angle Hbk then goes up to the top rope and hits Angle with the splash 1..2…3.
Winner – HBK (and new wwe champion)

All Matches decided by the toss of a coin lol
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^^Ok,when you put "great work" you have to tell why,and what grade do u give a show,so please do this.
And Rampage I know that this was your first show and I understand that,so next time please do it a little better.

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Before event

Current Champions:-
WWE Champion – HBK
WWE Intercontinental Champions- Hurricane
WWE Cruiserweight Champion - Rey Mysterio
WWE Hardcore Championship – Batista
WWE Womens Title – Molly Holly

Batista vs Chuck Pulumbo (For Hardcore Championship)
Los Guerreros Vs Team Angle
The Rock & ? Vs DDP & ?
Booker T Vs A-Train
Victoria vs Lita Vs Trish
HHH Vs Hurricane

Show starts the fireworks go off and the crowd cheer.

Jr “ Welcome to Monday night Raw tonight”
King” It’s going to be thunderous here tonight after last night at Backlash, what an event that was”
Jr “ That was one great night”

Batista vs Chuck Pulumbo (For Hardcore Championship)
Both make there way to the ring and Then both go under the ring looking for weapons Batista bring 2 Garbage cans out and Chuck a lid of garbage can and a steal chair Chuck runs into ring with chair and swings for Batista ducks and Batista clothslines Chuck hard. The Batista picks up and garbage can and hits Chuck in the head with it down to his knee’s , then hits him again till he is out Batista pins 1…2 and kicks out. Chuck then stumbles back to his feet then Batista spin busters (like Brock did to all snow when Brock debuted) Chuck through a trash can then Batista pins again and Chuck kicks out. Later on Batista is still ruling the match when Batista goes for his finishing move the sit down power bomb chuck reveres and chucks Batista over the top rope then Chuck grabs the steel chair hits Batista and Chuck delivers the fisherman suplex on Batista and lands on the chair Chuck rolls him up 1…..2….3. Chuck runs out with the belt.
Winner - Chuck Pulumbo (and new Hardcore Champion)

Jr “ King that was a vicious match”
King “ That was great but next Team Angle will go head to head with those Los Guerreros”

· We go backstage and see The Rock walking into Vince Mcmahons office and complaining about DDP last night at the PPV, Vince then says tonight there will be a tag team match Rock you can pick any Partner you like same goes for DDP.

Los Guerreros Vs Team Angle
The bell rings and the match starts off with Charie Haas and Chavo Guerrer both tigh up and the exchange of punches. Later on both hit a clothesline(Both hit each other with a clothesline and both men go down) Both men crawl to there corners both men exchange the tag to there partners. Eddie gets in and clotheslines both Charlie and Shelton, Eddie and Chavo flapjack Charlie Haas. Later in when Charlie is outside the ring, Eddie goes up to the top rope and Charlie Haas runs into the ring and pushes Eddie off the top rope and Eddie hits the barricade, then Team Angle hit the double team move (when one member jumps over the another member and hits the guy on the back when the other member is holding his legs) on Chavo. Charlie goes to the outside and works on Eddie and chucks him into the steel poll while Chavo is fighting back against Shelton Benjamin, Charlie goes into the ring and rolls up Chavo 1…..2 and Chavo kicks out the Shelton hits the Olympic Slam on Chavo and Charie covers Chavo 1….2….3.
Winners – Team Angle

Jr- “ After the brutal match last night Jeff and Rvd are resting at home after the both got battered last night”

· HBK’s music hits and the crowd go crazy.
· HBK gets in the ring and talks about how good it is to be champion and says there isn’t much superstars deserves more and says that on Smackdown that he will pick a challenger that deserves a shot and he will put the title on the line.
(HBK leaves the ring

The Rock and The Big Show vs DDP and Undertaker
King “Who are DDP and Rock’s partners Jr”
Jr” Could be anyone King”
Undertaker starts off the match by beating on Big show with big punches he then clotheslines him, Big Show goes stumbles into the corner then Undertaker tags DDP in, DDP goes right for Big Show but Big Show bursts out of the corner and clotheslines DDP. Then Big Show gorrilla presses DDP and slams him down. The Big Show tags in The Rock and Rock starts beating on DDP, irish whips him and then flings him over the top rope. Then Undertaker attacks The Rock from the behind with a clotheslines then picks him up and whips him into the rope he comes back and The Undertaker big boots The Rock as Big Show beats on DDp on the outside. Big Show then runs into the ring at Taker but Taker sees Big Show coming and big boots Big Show and Big goes through the middle rope and lands on the outside Taker then goes to the outside and beats on Big Show. The Rock that is still in the ring he stumbles up to his feet DDP rolls into the ring and DDP goes for the Diamond Cutter Rock reverses and hits the Rock Bottom on DDP Rock pins but Taker comes into ring and brakes up the pin, Taker then starts beating on Rock and Rock brakes out and eye rakes Undertaker Big Show then comes into the ring and Chokeslams Undertaker DDP then clotheslines Big Show over the top rope and grabs the Rock for the Diamond Cutter and hits it then pins 1…2….3.
Winner Taker and DDP

Big show goes into the ring after the match and clotheslines Big Show and DDp reverses and Diamond Cutters Big Show. Then he celebrates as he taunts, then The Rock gets up and Rock bottoms DDP and Rock spits in his face.

Kurt Angle is in the ring, holding a microphone. And Angle talks of how lucky HBK was last night to be the Olympic Champion. BANG! Kane’s music hits and out comes Kane, looking psyched up. He slides into the ring, and they come face-to-face in the ring. Kane doesn't let his stare falter for even a second. Angle: 'I just wanted you to come out here so that you could look right in my eyes and see the man who's going to kick your ass.' Kane looks like now that he is going to throw a punch, and both of them are suddenly in a fighting stance. Kane smiles, then turns and rolls out of the ring and walks back up the ramp, leaving Kurt Angle still looking ready to fight in the ring and Angle in the ring shouting ‘what the hell was that’

Triple H vs Hurricane
Triple H comes down to the ring, carrying a microphone. He points toward the entrance: 'Hurricane, get out here'. Hurricane comes out, and walks down the ramp to the ring.

Both start off match with HHH Clotheslining Hurri Hurricane receives some punishment by the big nee from HHH. Hurricane bursts out with a spinning neckbreaker on HHH. Hurricane runs and hits the shining wizard on HHH Hurricane pins
( JR”Oh my god Hurricane could have it here”) 1…2 Kick out by HHH
(King “ Oh Jr that was close”)
(JR “ that could have been an upset there”)

Hurricane drops an elbow...but misses. HHH hits an other high nee on Hurricane. HHH takes the advantage after HHH Taunting Hurricane. Hurricane with a flying clothesline . Booker T try’s the Shining Wizard again on HHH but HHH ducks and HHH nocks Hurricane down with a hard right hand. Hurricane gets battered in the corner by HHH, HHH then helps Hurricane to the top rope and nails a Superplex on Hurricane. HHH picks Hurricane up and locks in the Dragon Sleeper on Hurricane, Hurricane refuses to go down and fights his way back up. Hurricane starts to fight back with punches Hurricane than whips HHH into the rope HHH bounces back and ducks from Hurricane’s clothesline and Hurricane grabs HHH’s throat and delivers the Hurrichokeslam to HHH (JR “ King this could be it, come on kid pin him) Hurricane pins HHH but HHH kicks out before the 3. HHH gets up kicks Hurricane in the stomach and delivers the pedigree. The match is over. Ric Flair comes running down the aisle with a chair and into the ring! Ric waits till Hurricane is up ...and he nails Hurricane with a vicious chair shot! HHH then beats Hurricane on the ground with a chair Ric Flair and HHH have left Hurricane down and bloodied.
Winner – HHH

Steve Austin is backstage and walking to the ring,
Glass Shatters Austin walks out to the ring and talk about the match last night against the Undertaker
The Rock’s music hits the Rock makes fun of Austin and says that The Rock has had enough of Austin walking around thinking he was the best and that he wanted to prove that he can kick Austin’s ass “just like that”.
The Rock leaves to backstage.

Victoria vs Lita Vs Trish

Match starts and Lita gets a early advantage and kicks Trish and Victoria down.. Victoria punches Lita away and hits a big clothesline to Lita. Trish hits a chick kick on Victoria and Victoria goes rolling out of the ring. Trish hits a chick kick on Lita and she hooks the leg for a two count. Trish then Suplexes Lita hooks the leg for a close fall. Victoria rolls back into the ring and nocks over Trish. Massive backbreaker on Trish by Victoria, Lita hits a hurricanana from the top rope, Lita then Drop kicks Victoria out of the ring. Victoria gets back into the ring and hits a powerbomb on Lita, then Victoria delivers the Widows peek on Trish. She pins Trish 1…2 but Lita brakes it up Victoria gets knocked to the ground by Lita, who is already climbing the turnbuckle. And Lita hits her finishing move the Moonsault on Victoria. 1....2...3! Lita celebrates happily for the win.
Winner Lita

A-Train vs Booker T (now a no DQ match)
Booker hits a right hand. Booker gets a trash can and hits A Train 3 or 4 times in the head but A Train still stumbles on his feet. Flying shoulder tackle by Booker sends A-Train to the ground. A Train stumbles up to is feet but hits a big clothesline on Booker T. A-Train hits with a trash can lid then grabs the trash can that was on the ground and slams in the head with that and down goes Booker T. A Train picks Booker up and A Train delivers a spinebuster. There's a two count on the pin. Booker fights back with punches and slaps to the chest. Booker T hits the side kick (the one that Booker T does). Booker picks up A Train and goes for the scissors kick A train moves, A-Train fights out of a grapple for the Book End. A-Train hits some punches. Booker T takes the advantage after he blocks A Train punches. Booker T his the side kick. A-Train can barely stand. Booker T takes the advantage and delivers the Book End! 1....2....3. A Train gets up frustrated and walks out.
Winner – Booker T

A View from backstage and we see Hbk walking out of the arena

Jr “ king who has HBK picked to vs on smackdown for the wwe title”
King “ He said it was someone that needs more attention in the wwe but who can that man be, its gonna be a great opportunity for who ever he picks”
Jr “ of course it will”

Suddenly Christian comes from behind and attacks HBK

Jr “ What the hell is this king”

HBK fights back, then suddenly Jericho comes from behind and nocks HBK down with a steel chair to the back then a huge shot to the face with the chair then Christian and Jericho then chucks HBK into polls on the side.

HBK and Christian laugh and Jericho says “Who’s the showstopper now?” both walk away smiling.

A shot by the face of HBK and HBK is pouring with blood.

Jr “ oh this is bad”

King “ that’s so disrespective”

Boo’s from the crowd

Show ends

This any better than last script it took me ages to do this. Give your suggestions and rate if you like.

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Before event
Current Champions:-
WWE Champion – HBK
WWE Intercontinental Champions- Hurricane
WWE Tag Team Champions – Chris Jericho and Christian
WWE Cruiserweight Champion - Rey Mysterio
WWE Hardcore Championship – Chuck Palumbo
WWE Womens Title – Molly Holly

10 man battle royal (1 contender for cruiserweight title shot at Judgment Day) (Tajiri, Spike Dudley, Shannon Moore, Matt Hardy Version 1.0, Chavo Guerrero, Jamie Noble, Brian Kendrick, Crash Holly, Billy Kidman, Funaki)
Jeff Hardy vs John Cena = Jeff hardy
Hurricane vs Eddie Guerrero = Hurricane
Christian and Jericho vs Edge/ Benoit = Jericho/ Christian (Tag Belts)
Chuck Palumbo vs Chris Nowinski = Rhyno (hardcore title)
Rock/A Train vs DDP/ Lesner
Shawn Michaels vs ??? (WWE Championship)

Show Starts *fireworks *

Cole “ Welcome to Smackdown, my name is Michael Cole and beside me is Tazz”
Tazz “ Its Gonna be a great night tonight we’ve got a great line up for you”
Cole “ Yes and your first match it a battle royal and the winner will go to Judgment Day and face the cruiserweight champion”
Tazz “ it’s a great opportunity for these guys

10 man battle royal 1 contender for cruiserweight title shot at Judgment Day
:All enter the ring and the bell rings.. (First elimination) – Taijiri braked the Tarantula and Spike Dudley comes from behind and hits the Dudey Dog Spike scores the 3 count. (Second Elimination) Jamie Noble hits a furious DDT on Shannon Moore, Matt sneakily goes up to Shannon Moore and pins him for the 3(Third Elimination) Matt Hardy hits a big Twist of fate off the second rope on Chavo Guerrero and pins for the 3 (Fourth Elimination) Jamie Noble gets eliminated by (Brian Kendrick does that Dudley Dog reverse finisher he does) and pins him for the 3(Fifth Elimination) Billy Kidman hits a Shooting star press on Funaki and pins him for the 3 ( Sixth Elimination) Brian Kendrick rolls up Crash for the 3(Seventh Elimination) Matt Hardy Twist of Fates to Spike Dudley and pins him to eliminate him(Eighth Elimination) Matt cheats by rolling up Billy Kidman and put his legs on the ropes (Last Elimination) Brian Kendrick puts up a good match up against Matt does loads of his high flying moves and gets a near fall but Matt hits a twist of fate and a leg drop from the middle rope to beat him 1…2….3.
Winner – Matt Hardy Version 1

John Cena vs Jeff Hardy
: Through the match there was great high flying moves from Jeff hardy and great moves from John Cena but the match ends with Jeff Hardy climbing up to the top rope and goes from the swanton bomb but John Cena gets up and powerslams Jeff off the top rope and gets a near fall the John Cena gets up but Jeff Hardy gets up and hits a Neckbraker Twist of Fate on John Cena. Then Jeff climbs up to the top rope and looks like he is going for the Swanton Bomb but he sees John Cena getting up to he his and asaiei moonsault on him (Spinning kinda moonsault thing he done to Edge and Matt from top of the cage) Then goes up to the top rope one more time and hits a 450 Splash on him and pins Cena for the victory.
Cena couldn’t take he lost to Jeff so he went to the outside and got something from the corner by the ring post and slided back into the ring.
Cole “ What has Cena got on his hand there”

SMACK Cena hits Jeff in the face Jeff goes down and seems to be nocked out and we see that there is a chain rapped around Cena’s fist. Tazz “Jeff seems to be nocked out, Cena just hit Jeff right in the jaw with a steel chain” “ Cole “ we’ll just have to wait to see what Jeff will do about this at the next show”
Winner- Jeff Hardy

Jericho and Christian vs. Edge \ Benoit (For The WWE Tag Team Championships)
All through the from German Suplexes to the walls of Jericho. The match end when Jericho goes for the walls of Jericho on Edge Benoit then nocks Jericho over and locks in the Crippler Crossface but Jericho gets the rope then Edge comes into the ring and speers Christian off the apron and he hits the barricade then Jerocho clotheslines Edge over the tope rope Benoit the runs at Jericho drop toe locks Benoit into the turnbuckle then Jericho walls of Jericho’s Benoit Edge comes into the ring and Spears Jericho and Jericho rolls out of the ring then comes back in and low blows Benoit and Christian Unprittier on him and Jericho clotheslines Edge again over the top rope and Jericho nails the Lionsaults and hits the 3 on Benoit.
Winner – Jericho and Christian ( and still wwe Tag Team Champions)

Michaels comes out of nowhere with a chair! Christian turns...and gets planted with a big shot to the head! But Jericho jumps out of the ring and walks quickly up the ramp, While HBK is in the ring “I’m gonna get you Jericho”

Cole “Michaels will get revenge he won’t give up of what Jericho/ Christian done to him on Raw”
Tazz “ this might be the start of a great fued”
Cole “ it damn could be

Angles music hits…….. and out comes Angle He asks for Kane to come out here and tell him what the hell did he want from him on Raw.
Kane music hits and out comes Kane saying that he wants to kick Angles olimpic hero ass and that he wanted to prove to everyone that he was still Main Eventer material, Angle then makes fun of Kane from his looks. Kane gets frustrated and runs down to the ring and starts to exchange punches with Kane……then team angle comes from behind and attacks Kane and Angle angle slams kane and locks on the Angle lock the refs rip him apart from Kane, and Kane is in the ring on his feet limping pointing to Angle saying he’s got pay back waiting for him.

Chuck Palumbo vs Chris Nowinski : (Hardcore Championship)
All through the match there was Chair shots, Table shots (shots with a table) and shots with a garbage can and a couple of near falls but the match ends when Nowinski drop kicks Chuck Palumbo while Chuck is holding a trash can lid and goes for the pin but Rhyno runs into the ring Rhyno Gore’s Chris Nowinski Chuck comes back into the ring with a trash can Rhyno try’s to Gore him but Chuck dodges him…..but Rhyno turns round and when Chuck turns around Rhyno Gores! Him right through the trash can and pins for the 3.
Winner Rhyno (he interfiers and pick up the title)
Suddenly a big crowd of wrestlers come running from the crowd (Bradshaw etc) but Rhyno mangers to escape.

We go backstage and see Josh Mathews trying to get an interview with the Rock he mangers to catch up with the Rock and asks the Rock what he think of Austin wanting to kick his ass? But Rock answers saying that he had his hands full with DDP, but he says that there will be a time when the Rock/Austin will face up again he smiles and walks away.

Rock and A-Train vs DDP and Lesnar
All through the match Brock Lesner hit some belly to belly suplex and couple of attempts for there finishing moves. But the match ends when Brock hits the F5 on The Rock and the ref tells him that he aint the legal man so DDP comes into the ring and A Train hits a Scissors kick on DDP and he grabs Brock by the neck and Brock breaks his grip and reverses and F5’s A Train…….and A Train rolls to the outside Rock then gets up and Spin busters Brock and locks in the sharpshooter on Brock, but DDP runs in and goes for the clotheslines on The Rock but the Rock ducks…..but DDP grabs Rocks head and goes for the Diamond Cutter Rock then twists DDP’s arm and hits the Rock Bottom on DDP to pick up the win.
After the match The Rock taunts the crowd then stamps DDP but Brock runs into the ring and The Rock jumps out of the ring and ramp and catches up with his partner A Train on the ramp.
Tazz – This encounter between the Rock and DDP is about to erupt.
Cole – and it looks like Brock wants his hands on one of those guys
Tazz – Well we’ll have to wait till the next show find out more on that.
Winner – A Train and The Rock

Austin comes out of his changing rooms and Josh Mathews is there and asks him what about the Rock said about you and him facing off again sometime, Austin says that one day they will face off and one’s again Austin will kick his ass one’s more. Austin then thinks and out from behind comes a group of about 4 waring black hoodies and they all attack Austin and leave him down looking very hurt all grab steel chair and start beating him with them then the Put his leg in the Steel chair then they stamp on it and it jams Austin’s foot in it (like Austin does from the top rope to some people)

Cole “There is no news on Stone Cold’s health as of yet but as soon as we get it we’ll tell you about it.”

Hurricane vs Eddie Guerrero (WWE Intercontinental championship)
All through the match there was some very good moves portrayed including a Shining Wizard from Hurricane and a Frog Slash attempt from Eddie. The match end when Eddie Climbs to the top rope………but Hurricane runs up to him and hits a shining wizard off the top rope Eddie stumbles to his feet and Hurricane Hurricane hits a big clothesline on Eddie, Hurricane then picks Eddie up and goes for the Hurrislam but Eddie reverses and whips Hurricane and goes for the clothesline……Hurricane ducks and Hurricane grabs Eddie by the throat and Chokeslams Eddie and covers him but he gets his shoulder up Hurricane then goes to the top rope and hits the crossbody and rolls Eddie up for the victory.
Hurricane celebrates his victory with his belt.
Winner – Hurricane (Still WWE Intercontinental champ)

Tazz – “ None news of Austin yet”
Cole “ But its less than a week till out next PPV which is Judgement Day”
Tazz – “ Yeah its gonna be great only one match made for it as of yet which is Matt Hardy vs Rey Mysterio for the cruiserweight championship.
Cole “ and that’s a great entertaining match”

Shawn Michaels vs Maven (WWE World Championship)
Shawn Michaels’s music hits and he gets into the ring.
And does that (nWo taunt with fingers) at the stage and out comes Maven the tough enough champion.
Cole “ Its Maven”
Tazz “ What a great opportunity this is for him”

Both enter the ring and shake hands and tigh up the match goes on for a couple of minutes and we see a lot of tigh ups and tosses then Maven rolls up HBK and gets a near fall but out comes Jericho through the crowd with a steel chair and nocks down HBK and Maven with shots to the heads then beats them up with a chair, the ref rings the bell for the DQ. Then Christian walks down the ramp with a chair
Cole “ this is terrible, wait there’s Christian with a chair what does this mean now”
The set up for the conchairto they miss and HBK superkicks kicks Christian and HBK gives some punches to Jericho then he goes for the superkick on Jericho but Jericho slides out of the ring and walks up the ramp and HBK leaves HBK looking angry in the ring.
Winner – Draw from DQ

Tazz “ No word of Austin we’ll have to find out on Raw”

Shot goes to backstage and we see HHH walking out of Mcmahon’s office smiling and Vince there rubbing his hands and smiling
Cole “ what was that from Mr Mcmahon and HHH this doesn’t look good”

Then Jericho bursts into Mr Mcmahon’s office
Jericho “Vince I want HBK at Judgement day one on one”
Vince “Fine you got it”
Jericho “But I want the title on the line”
Vince “Cause I’m in such a good mood this evening you got it Jericho vs HBK at Judgement day for the WWE Championship”
Jericho smiles and then gives a laugh
Jericho “Thanks Vince”
He smiles at the camera then walks out.

Tazz – “ That was weird HHH smiling as he left Vince is Office and now Jericho”
Camera goes at Vince and Vince smiles and Smackdown goes off the air.

Show Ends

Raw Prediction

Find out the update on Austin and will we find out who attacked him?
Brock Lesner vs Rock has been announced
The Michaels/Jericho fued is bound to rage on.
more on Kurt/Kane
and surly more matches for Judgement day will be announced
And why was HHH smiling at Vince as he left the room.
Tune in for Raw on Monday

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There will be 2 Raw’s and 2 Smackdown’s between each ppv

Raw (one week before WWE Judgement Day)

Shannon Moore vs Rey Mysterio (non title)
Jericho vs Charie Haas
Undertaker vs Big Show W/A Train
Christian vs Shelton Benjamin
Rob Van Dam vs Batista (Number 1 contender for the intercontinental championsho
Triple H vs Maven
Brock Lesner vs The Rock

The Raw theme hits the arena and the pyro’s go off

Jr – Hello and welcome to Monday night Raw
King – We’ve got a great line up for you tonight Brock will go 1 on 1 with The Rock what a match that will be.
Jr – King that’s gonna be explosive.
Jr – We’ve finally had an update of the condition of the Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin after that brutal attack last week in the backstage area, Austin has hurt the bottom part of his leg badly and he will miss about a month away from the ring.
King – That’s bad news Jr for Steve and the fans.

Shannon Moore With /(Matt Hardy) vs Rey Mysterio (non title)
All through the match Matt gets involved a bit by distracting the ref a couple of times and Trash talking to Rey. Shannon has scored near falls and so has Rey. The match ends when Rey goes to do the 619 on Shannon but Matt grabs his legs and swings hin back round so he lands back in the ring, Shannon then rolls out of the way and rey hits the 619 to Matt which is at the outside and nocks him and he falls right into the barracade. Shannon then runs from behind but Rey drop holds Shannon and then calls the 619 and delivers it then the West Coast Pop and Rey wins!.
Winner Rey Mysterio

Rey then celebrates Matt comes from behind and delivers a massive twist of fate to rey.
Matt and Shannon walk out leavin Rey in the middle of the ring.

King – Jr that’s gonna be a hell of a match at Judgement day
Jr – Yes King one hell of a match

Cameras go to backstage and we see HBK coming into the building and the crowd cheer.
Then we see Chuck Pulumbo beating down Rhyno hitting him against a number of things Then from nowhere comes Jeff but rhyno gore’s Jeff right out of his boots then Cena comes from behind and Rhyno belts him into a wall. Rhyno then picks up a steel chair and gives all three a wack for there trubles.

Jr- 24/7 King
King – Yeah you have to watch your back at all times.

Jericho vs Charie Haas
All through the match there was a lot of high risk moves hit a and a lot of technical moves done. But the match ended when Charie hits a bulldog on Jericho then Charie locks in the (that submission he does) on Jericho, Jericho reverses it and gets up and locks in the Walls of Jericho, Charlie gets to the rope, Jericho hits a bulldog on Charie then hits the Lionsault for the win.
Winner Jericho

Hbk comes to the top of the ramp and smiles at Jericho

Undertaker vs Big Show With/ A Train
All through the match there was a lot of big moves a Chokeslam from big show to taker but taker kicked out and both Big Show and A Train have had action in the match A Train by disqualification. The match ends when A Train gets nocked down with a big boot on the outside, Taker rolls back into the ring and runs into a Big Boot from Big Show, Big show then picks him up and does a gorilla press on Taker. Big Show picks up Taker, Taker fights out and starts beating Taker in the stomach then Taker grabs Big Show by the throat and goes for a choke slam but Show battles out and whips Taker into the rope and gives him a big clothesline. Big Show picks Taker up again, A Train is distracting the ref the ref steps outside to the apron. Taker then whips Big Show and Big show nocks into the ref the ref goes flying from the apron to the ground. Taker then goes for the chokeslam and hits it (very weakly) on Big Show. Taker then goes to the outside and graps a chair, A Train comes into the ring and delivers the Train Wreck on Taker then he lifts Taker back up and hits him with a thunderous chair shot. A Train goes to the outside grabs the ref and chucks him into the ring and Big Show slowly covers Taker for the win.
Winner – Big Show

Jr - Look at Takers eye’s those are Unforgiving eye’s King
King – This aint over Jr.

We see DDP walking down the corridor, the we see Vince walking up to him saying.

Vince – Hey it’s Diamond Dallas Page you know there is a big match tonight The Rock vs Brock don’t you?
DDP – Sure Vince
Vince – If you have any plans of interfering in the Rocks match tonight you’ll be suspended I know you have got unfinished business with the Rock .
DDP – Yeah I do, I’m gonna kick his punk ass.
Vince – well, let me think, ok then at Judgement Day you’ll go one on one with The Rock.
DDP – That’s great Vince (ddp smiles and walks away)

Then we see Rhyno walking backstage, then from behind comes Jeff Hardy with a steel chair he misses Rhyno and Rhyno gives Jeff Hardy a DDT on the ground then Rhyno runs away.

Christian vs Shelton Benjamin
All through the match there was a lot of german suplexes and technical moves. But the match finishes when Jericho comes down the ramp and distracts Shelton but Shelton manages to hit a superkick on Christian. Charlie Haas comes down the ramp and Jericho meets him and starts exchanging punches Jericho then chucks Charie into the steel post. HBK then comes running down the ramp and Superkicks Jericho. Shelton Benjamin in the ring is distracted he turns round and gets planted with Christian finisher the Imprittier and Christian pins him for the 3.
Winner – Christian

Rhyno runs into Vince’s office vince gets pissed off for him barging in, Rhyno trying to get away from everyone. Vince then makes a match for Judgment day a 4 way Hardcore title match with Rhyno /Jeff/ Cena and Chuck

Jr – There’s another match made for Judgement day Judgement day is going to be huge

Rob Van Dam vs Batista (Number 1 contender for the intercontinental championship at Judgement day)
Alll through the match, there were big moves done and a attemp for the 5 Star Frog Splash from Rob Van Dam. But the match ends when Rvd goes up to the top rope Batista then grabs Rob off the top rope and gives him a bearhug then into the belly to belly suplex then a Big Clothesline from Batista. The Batista picks him up and delivers the sit down powerbomb (Batista’s finisher. Then running dow the ramp comes Eddie Guerrero he runs into the ring But Batista see’s him coming and gives him some puches and the chucks him over the top rope. But RVD now has climbed up to the top rope and hits a flying kick to Batista, then RVD climbes up to the top rope and delivers a huge Five Star Frog Splash for the win.
Winner – Rob Van Dam
After match after Rob Van Dam has gone backstage Eddie Guerrero climbs up to the top rope and goes to deliver the Frog Splash but Batista moves then Batista delivers a sit down poer bomb and then delivers a belly to belly and another sit down power bomb.

King ; that’s what you get when you mess with that hug monster Batista.
Jr; yes king

Team angle catch up with Terri backstage for an interview Team Angle then challenge Jericho and Christian for a Tag team title match at Judgment day.

King – That would be great for Smackdown.
Jr – Our next match will be HHH vs Maven.
King – Maven? When did he get the class to Vs a man like the game Triple H
Jr – King!, Maven is the tough enough 1 champion.
King – With no class Jr he he
Jr – Shut up King Give him credit.

Triple H vs Maven
Through match Triple H has had the upper hand beating down Maven. The match ends when Maven goes for a roll up and gets a near fall then Maven plays about with HHH with he risk and technical moves, then HHH hits a low blow by the help of Ric Flair distraction on Maven then hits the Pedigree for the win.
Winner – HHH
After HHH laughs at a nocked out Maven after he delivers another Pedigree to him.

We go backstage and see Lita by the coffee machine and Torrie comes up and says about Molly being the champion and how good it would be to have a shot for the title and maybe even winning. Then Jazz comes up and attacks them both then from behind comes Trish and attacks Jazz and Trish is left standing.

King – oh no the puppies got hurt.
Jr – king control yourself, and its just been announced that on Smackdown we will have a 4 women elimination match and whoever wins will go against Molly at Judgment Day.

Brock vs The Rock
Both Brock and The Rock make there entrance. Then they get ready to fight in the ring then DDP’s music hits and he sits by Jr and King .

Jr ; hey ddp now that your gonna vs the Rock at Judgemnt day are you ready.
DDP ; ofcourse I am Jr.

All through the match there was 1 Rock Bottom done but Brock kicked out and Brock tried for the F5. But the match ends when DDP runs down the ramp The Brock gets Rock bottomed for the 2nd time and now he’s going for the people’s elbow but DDP jumps up on the apron and he distracts Rock, Brock then hops up and Rock turns round into the F5 he hits it but Brock doesn’t look done he goes up to the top rope and hits an amazingly perfect shooting star press ( not like mania) and pins Rock for the 3.
Winner – Brock Lesner

Jr- Oh my god King has just beaten the Rock
King – yes with the Shooting Star press thats amazing

DDP walks up ramp smiling and Rock staring at him while on the floor in pain Brock then celebrates.
Show Ends

Judgment Day Matches
HBK vs Jericho (WWE Championship)
DDP vs The Rock
RVD vs Hurricane (Intercontinental championship)
Rhyno vs Jeff vs Cena vs Chuck (Hardcore championship)
Rey vs Matt Hardy (Cruiserweight championship)

(Card could change)
(hope I haven’t forgot any of the matches)

Please show interest or somesort in the shows or i might lose interest.
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