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*First thread*

Hi, I wanted to do a WWE BTB as I wanted to re-write some things I felt wrong with their storylines, starting with Bragging Rights, as I thought it was a bad PPV.

WWE Bragging Rights
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The set has Bragging Rights written in alternate colour lettering down the centre of it, with the set curving round, with neon lights and big screens on both sides, one side is lit blue, one side red, both sides have their own entrances. The stage is semi-circular, with a big mound of earth on the right hand side, with a grave dug out and a tombstone with "Kane v Taker: Buried Alive" written on it.

The pyro goes off and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show, and introduces Jerry Lawler and Matt Striker as his co-commentators. They highlight the Wade Barrett/Randy Orton WWE Title match, and the Buried Alive match, plus the 7 on 7 SD vs RAW tag match, and they cut to the trophy that's outside the ring, it's been changed to a glistening solid silver vase with gold trim on the bottom, and a gold crown on top, and a plaque saying "winners: Smackdown 2009" on the side of the base. Cole says it's going to be a great night, as the Nexus theme music hits, and out comes Wade Barrett.

Barrett stands on the stage with a mic, and he says that he doesn't want the fans to get too excited, because his match isn't till later in the evening. However, he says, that Nexus will be competing right now, as he has spoken to Teddy Long and he has arranged a tag team title match, Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre will face off against 2 members of Nexus right now. He then introduces Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel, and he pats them on the back, and sends them down to the ring. Barrett then walks back into the RAW entrance, and after a short delay, McIntyre and Rhodes come out to Drew's music. Cody has a mic, and he says that they don't mind having a title match, because they are so good that they can beat anybody, and that tonight they'll show Nexus who the real dominant force in the WWE is.

Match 1: Unified Tag Team Championships-Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes(c) v The Nexus(Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel).

A quite long back and forth match that ends with Rhodes in control of Slater. He goes for the Cross Rhodes, but a man climbs on the ring apron, it's Michael McGillicutty, and Rhodes lets Slater go and goes towards MM, who jumps off, puts his hands up and says he isn't doing anything. Then Otunga runs into the ring with a chair, and the ref grabs him before he uses it, and they squabble, and Otunga pulls the ref out with him as they fight over the chair, and Rhodes turns round into a shoulder smash by Husky Harris, which knocks Rhodes spark out. McGillicutty meanwhile has taken out McIntyre on the outside, after Drew had gone to confront him. Otunga gives the ref the chair as Slater tags in Gabriel, who goes up top, and hits the 450 splash, covers and gets the pin to become the new tag champions.

Winners-The Nexus(Slater and Gabriel).

After the match McGillicutty throws McIntyre into the barricade, before they all come in the ring, and celebrate, as Slater and Gabriel climb the turnbuckle and hold the titles up. Backstage Barrett is clapping and smiling, and turns to Cena who is sat behind him, and says that tonight they can all celebrate together, he glares at Cena, before chuckling and walking off.

We get a Survivor Series promo-November 21.

We're back and Vickie Guerrero is in her usual "Excuse me!!!" 4 billion times routine, before she tells us to welcome the real champion in the WWE, her boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler comes out in navy blue pants with white boots, does his pose, and comes down to the ring. Then out comes Daniel Bryan, on his own, he turns around half-hoping for a girl to come down, but smiles and shrugs his shoulders and gets in the ring.

Match 2: Champion v Champion-US Champion Daniel Bryan(c) v Dolph Ziggler(c)(w/Vickie Guerrero).

Long match, lots of near falls, but the match ends with Dolph Ziggler lining up Bryan, but he misses with a big boot, and Bryan goes for the LeBell Lock, but Dolph pushes him to the ropes, where Vickie has climbed up. Bryan stops himself from hitting her, she screams, before going to slap him, but Bryan catches her arm, and stops her. Ziggler then jumps Bryan, but that causes Vickie to fall awkwardly on her leg, and she's injured and screaming in pain. Ziggler is distracted by this and shouts to her to see if she's ok, but Bryan rolls him up, and gets the sneaky pinfall.

Winner-Daniel Bryan.

Ziggler looks on furious, before going to attend to Vickie, Bryan shrugs his shoulders and walks off up the ramp with his belt, as Vickie gets tended to by medics outside the ring.

*We get a WWE Tribute to the Troops video, support our soldiers worldwide*

We're back and we see footage of Vickie being stretchered out of the ring with Dolph following, and Cole says she's going to the hospital for an X-Ray.

Ted DiBiase comes out with Maryse and says that he's demanding to be respected, he says that Goldust has been messing with his business for the past few weeks, and stolen what is HIS property, the million dollar belt. If he does not get it back tonight, he will remove Goldust from the WWE forever, by force, if he has to. He is the fortunate son, and he will not be treated like this any longer.

Goldust comes out with Aksana, and says that he will cut a deal. All Ted has to do is beat him tonight, and he will give the title back. Ted smiles and nods in approval, and we have our match.

Match 3: Million Dollar Championship-Goldust(c) v Ted DiBiase.

Ted dominates but can't put Goldust away, and the frustration spills to the outside where Maryse attacks Aksana and they brawl all the way up the ramp. DiBiase leans on the ropes in confusion, shouting "get her maryse", before turning into Goldust, who hits him with the Final Cut, covers, and gets the pin.

Winner and STILL Million Dollar Champion-Goldust.

Goldust hovers over DiBiase, before smooching up to the title belt as we go to a Make A Wish promo.

Back from the promo and Josh Matthews interviews Orton, he asks Randy what he aims to do to stop Cena getting involved, Orton just says that if Cena has any morals, any conscience, and wants to do the right thing, he will stay out of his business, before walking off.

We're in Barrett's changing room and he turns to Cena, and asks if he's ready. Cena says that he's guesses, and Barrett asks again, and Cena says "yes, alright". Barrett says he doesn't think he is, and Cena asks why, what's the problem? Barrett goes out of shot and brings back a Nexus t-shirt, cap and wristbands. Cena looks dejected yet furious, and Barrett tells him to get changed. Cena looks angry and looks like he will argue, but Barrett says he orders him to get changed, and tells him to hurry up, because he's going.

We get a history of Cena/Barrett/Orton promo, before the Nexus theme hits, and Barrett comes out, he turns round and motions back to the entrance, and out comes Cena in full nexus attire, the crowd boos and Cena looks dejected. After they get in the ring and discuss things for a minute, Orton comes out to a big pop, and we have our WWE title match.

Match 4: WWE Championship-Randy Orton(c) v Wade Barrett(w/John Cena).

Long match which ends with Orton taking Barrett down with an inverted backbreaker. He slams his fists on the mat and sets up for the RKO, but Barrett counters and pushes Orton into the ref knocking him down, before Barrett boots Orton in the skull. Barrett then motions up the ramp and the other members of Nexus come down, and there is a mass beat down of Orton. Otunga and Slater make sure the ref isn't looking, before Barrett orders them all out the ring. Barrett then orders Cena to pass him the WWE title, Cena picks it up, but won't give it him. Otunga gets in Cena's face and takes it off him, and passes it to Barrett. Cena grabs Otunga and shoves him into the steel ringpost, knocking him down in the process. Barrett orders nobody to touch anyone, and he holds the title, and waits for Orton to get up. Orton slowly turns round and Barrett smacks him in the skull with the title, to huge cheers by Nexus. Barrett chucks the title back to Cena, and orders MM and Slater to drag the ref in the ring, and they oblige. Barrett picks up Orton, and hits him with the Wasteland, and covers to get the pin and become the NEW WWE Champion.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion-Wade Barrett.

Nexus swamp Barrett and they all celebrate, Cena stays outside with the belt. Barrett orders Cena in, and to present him with the title. Cena eventually and reluctantly hands it to him, and raises his hand, before Barrett turns to him and kicks him in the gut. He then tells the other members of Nexus to "get him", and there's a mass beatdown of Cena. Otunga gets a chair, and MM smacks Cena with it. Gabriel goes up top, and hits the 450 splash on Cena. Cena crawls into the corner, but Harris runs at him and slams himself into him, and Cena crawls back to Barrett, holds onto him to try and get up, and Barrett grabs him, puts him on his shoulders, and hits Wasteland on Cena onto the Steel chair left by MM. Barrett smiles and he holds his title aloft as all the members of Nexus raise their arms and stand over Cena as we go to a RAW promo.

We're back and we see the dramatic replay of Nexus assault on Cena, as Layla comes out with Michelle McCool, and they are followed by Natalya.

Match 5: Women's Championship-Layla(c)(w/Michelle McCool) v Natalya.

Short match, which ends with Natalya going for the Sharpshooter, but Michelle pulls Layla out the ring, Natalya comes out and tries to follow them, but Michelle turns round and jumps her, leading to a DQ.

Winner by DQ-Natalya.

Michelle beats down Natalya, and Layla joins in. They then laugh at her and pose over her before leaving up the ramp, as we go to a Smackdown v RAW promo.

The Miz's theme hits and he comes out, followed by CM Punk, Ezekiel Jackson, R-Truth, John Morrison, Santino Marella and Sheamus. When they are all in the ring Big Show leads out Team Smackdown, he's followed by Rey Mysterio, Tyler Reks, Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger and finally Edge.

Match 6: Team Raw v Team Smackdown.

We get down to a final 4 of Miz & Sheamus v Edge & Mysterio, after Marella was eliminated by Reks, Reks by Sheamus, Del Rio by Sheamus, Show got DQ'd for not releasing a choke on Sheamus, R-Truth by Mysterio, Morrison by Swagger, Swagger by Punk, Punk by Edge, Kingston by Miz, Zeke by Edge.

So Sheamus is battering Mysterio, but Mysterio reverses a powerbomb attempt into a head scissors, which leaves Sheamus on the ropes in prime 619 position. Rey goes for it, hits it, and seats up for a Seated Senton, goes for it, but Sheamus catches him and powerbombs him, and covers for the pin.

However as soon as he gets up he turns round into a spear by Edge, who covers to eliminate Sheamus.

This leaves it down to Miz and Edge. They have several near falls, before Edge hits an Edgecution on Miz, and sets up for the Spear. He goes for it, but Alex Riley dives in the way and gets speared to save Miz, and Edge gets up confused, and Miz grabs him, and hits the Skull Crushing Finale, covers and gets the pin.

Winner-The Miz.

The Miz runs round the ring in elation, and raises his MITB briefcase in celebration. He thanks Alex Riley, and they walk out together in celebration. Edge looks furious as we cut to a Buried Alive promo.

We're back and the druids with their torches are around the stage. The gong sounds, and Taker comes out, and marches down to the ring. Kane follows, with Paul Bearer.

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship-Buried Alive Match-Kane(c)(w/Paul Bearer) v The Undertaker.

Long match, which ends as Taker drags Kane up the earth mound up to the pit. He goes for the cut throat pose, but Paul Bearer appears behind him and smacks him with the urn in the back of the head. Bearer goes to do it again when Taker turns round, but Taker blocks him, chucks the urn in the grave, and chokeslams Bearer in it too!. Kane then grabs Taker from behind, but Taker reverses, goes for a chokeslam, blocked, Kane boots Taker down. Kane goes for a Last Ride, Taker turns it into a DDT. Taker stands up and faces away from Kane, catching his breath, but Kane has uncovered a metal pipe buried in the earth, and he clutches it. Taker goes to pick Kane up, but Kane smacks him with the skull with the pipe! Kane smacks Taker 3 more times with the pipe, before going for the last ride on Taker, and he slams him straight into the pit!. Kane goes to the bulldozer by the grave, and gets in it, does the cut throat pose, before pressing a button and tonnes of earth falling onto the grave, Kane wins!.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion-Kane.

Kane crawls out of the bulldozer, before being handed the world title and raising it above his head as the PPV goes off the air.

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I really like your results. I like Wade Barrett winning something different, can't wait to see the aftermath of them beating down Cena.

Think it was a great idea for having The Miz be the sole survivor

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Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The opening pyro hits, and Cole welcomes us to another edition of Monday Night Raw, alongside Jerry "The King" Lawler. Cole says we are heading up to the ring for a great presentation, and sure enough the Bragging Rights trophy is on a stand in the ring, and Justin Roberts introduces the victorious team captain of Monday Night Raw, The Miz.

The Miz comes out to a loud mixed ovation with Alex Riley. He looks especially smug and arrogant as he comes down to the ring. He gets on the mic and says it's about time he got the respect and adulation he deserves off the WWE Universe. Last night he survived, he won the Bragging Rights trophy for Monday Night Raw, he proved without a shadow of a doubt how AWESOME he is. He says that last night was the icing on the cake, in the past few years he has dominated this show, he was the US Champ, The Tag Champ twice and is Mr.MITB all on RAW, and now he is Mr. Monday Night Raw. He says he's a shining example of what can be achieved when you utilise your talents to the full and have the self-confidence to succeed, and he says that maybe one day the WWE Universe will appreciate what he's done for them. But now he says, he wants to be presented with his trophy, and at that moment we receive an email from the anonymous GM. Cole says that unfortunately the GM cannot present him with the trophy tonight, but he is allowing The Miz's biggest fan to do the honours for him, Michael Cole. Cole is delighted and punches the air, and says it's a honour to be able to present Miz with the trophy. The Miz is seemingly chuffed he has such a keen fan, and Cole shakes his hand and presents him with the trophy. Miz slaps his chest and raises the trophy, yelling "I am Awesome" repeatedly, before shaking Alex Riley's hand, but they are interrupted by the music of...Sheamus.

Sheamus comes out and laughs, he says he cannot believe that Miz has the audacity to collect the team trophy by himself, it says it smacks of arrogance that the guy who stood on the apron most of the match gets the honour of lifting the trophy, whilst the guy who destroyed Team Smackdown and eliminated 3 of their men is left in the back? He's not having it, and he says that while Miz runs his mouth every week, he has achieved NOTHING. In the years that Miz has been in the company, he has never been World Champion. It took Sheamus less than a year to win it twice, and he has put John Cena through a table and virtually ended the career of HHH. Sheamus has far more right to run his mouth than The Miz ever will. The Miz laughs, and says that Sheamus can talk all he want, but he wasn't team captain, and has no title or opportunity at anybody because he got beat, he's at the back of the line, whereas Miz is number 1, he can cash in the lovely briefcase at any time he wants, because he EARNT it. Sheamus tells him to prove it, he says that if The Miz is a real man he'd face Sheamus tonight, 1 on 1, for that briefcase. Miz laughs, and asks what Sheamus has done to earn a shot at the briefcase? Sheamus says that he'll prove that when he beats him tonight and takes it off him, and Miz gets angry and stares Sheamus down, and as he's about to speak another email is received from the GM. Tonight Sheamus will get an opportunity 1 on 1 against The Miz to show what he can do, and if he wins, he will get a shot at the MITB briefcase against Miz in a Ladder Match. If The Miz wins tonight, he will become the number 1 contender for any World Title he chooses for the Survivor Series PPV and he won't have to use his briefcase. The Miz looks worried when not facing Sheamus, but turns around and smirks, pretending to be confident, as Sheamus grins as Miz leaves with his trophy and the briefcase, with Alex Riley in tow as we go to a commercial.

Back from the commercial and the Nexus theme hits, and Wade Barrett leads out all the members of Nexus onto the stage except John Cena. Barrett stands with a mic, the WWE Title on his left shoulder, with Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel either side of him with their tag titles, with Otunga next to Slater and McGillicutty and Harris next to Gabriel. Barrett looks really smug. He asks them to welcome the most dominant force in the WWE, which gets boos. He asks them to welcome the WWE Tag Team Champions, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel. They take a step forward and show off the titles, to boos from the crowd but applause by Nexus. Then Slater takes the mic and asks them to welcome the NEW WWE Champion and the leader of the most dominant group in WWE, Wade Barrett. Barrett raises his title and is smug as Nexus applauds him. Barrett takes the mic back and looks down the line, and says there is a gap next to Otunga, and he says he wonders where Cena is. He says that last night Nexus made a calculated decision to teach John a lesson, in respecting Nexus and playing his part in the group, as he feels Cena has been too rebellious and too anti-Nexus recently. He hopes he has learnt his lesson. However he is expecting John to be here tonight, as he has a 2 on 1 handicap match against Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty tonight, and if he doesn't turn up, he will be fired. He says that for now the tag champs will defend their titles against The Hart Dynasty, and he sends Slater and Gabriel down to the ring. He sends Otunga down with them, before he, Harris and MM stand aside as The Hart Dynasty come out, and come down to the ring, as Barrett leads Harris and MM backstage.

Match 1: WWE Tag Team Championships-The Nexus(Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel)(w/David Otunga)(c) v The Hart Dynasty(DH Smith & Tyson Kidd)(w/Natalya).

Decent match which ends with Otunga trying to interfere, so Natalya comes round to him and slaps him, but that distraction to DH Smith, who's the legal man, leads to Slater hitting him with a neckbreaker, tagging in Gabriel, who charges Tyson Kidd off the turnbuckle, and he hits an enzuguri on Smith, goes up top, hits the 450 and covers for the pin.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions-The Nexus(Slater and Gabriel).

Slater, Gabriel and Otunga celebrate and go back up the ramp as Natalya tends to Smith, before checking on Kidd as we go to a commercial.

We're back and it's Ted DiBiase in the ring with Maryse, and they're in mixed tag team action against Goldust and Aksana.

Match 2: Mixed Tag Team Match-Goldust & Aksana v Maryse & Ted DiBiase.

Rather short match which ends with Goldust tagging Aksana in, who takes down Maryse who is automatically tagged in. Aksana hits a suplex on Maryse, and screams in approval, and goes for the pin. DiBiase runs in and causes Aksana to stop the pin(without actually touching her, Aksana just instinctively moved away from Ted), but Goldust took him down and they both then went over the ropes in an irish whip by Goldust. They brawled on the outside, but Maryse took advantage of Aksana, and hit the French Kiss for the pinfall, as DiBiase slammed Goldust into the ring steps.

Winners-Ted DiBiase and Maryse.

DiBiase goes to pick up the Million Dollar Belt, but we have an email from the GM. Cole tells us that DiBiase must give the title to him, as it will remain vacant until Survivor Series. At the PPV DiBiase will square off 1 on 1 with Goldust for the belt, with the winner keeping it for good. There will be no outside interference of any sort or neither of them will ever see the title again. DiBiase looks angry as Goldust tends to Aksana as we head backstage.

We're backstage and Santino is talking to CM Punk. Santino is trying to be all pally, but Punk brushes him off, saying that he was an embarrassment to Team Raw last night. Punk walks away and meets Daniel Bryan, and he offers him congratulations for his victory last night. Bryan says thanks. Punk says that he sees a lot of similarities between them, they're both clean, talented yet rather short wrestlers who are overlooked because of looks and height. He says he believes that they are the 2 most technically gifted superstars on RAW, and he says that he'll be watching Bryan in his match tonight, Bryan says thanks, but I ain't joining the Straight Edge Society. Bryan walks off and Punk grins into the camera as we cut back to the arena.

Zach Ryder is in the ring, and out comes Daniel Bryan.

Match 3: US Champion Daniel Bryan v Zach Ryder.

Quick match, Ryder goes for a clothesline but it is reversed into the LeBell lock by Bryan, and Ryder taps.

Winner-Daniel Bryan.

Bryan's celebration is interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, who comes down and says he wants revenge on Bryan. He wants revenge not only for Bryan stealing a lucky victory last night, but for injuring his beautiful girlfriend, Vickie Guerrero. Ziggler says that Vickie has a broken leg thanks to Bryan, and is still couped up in a hospital bed in Minneapolis thanks to his cowardice and low handed actions. Bryan laughs, and says he's sorry to hear about Vickie, but that it's Dolph's fault for trying to jump him from behind when he was defending himself from Vickie. Ziggler gets angry, and goes to jump Bryan, but Daniel goes for the LeBell Lock, but Ziggler wriggles free. Dolph escapes the ring, and gets on the mic, he says "you v me, Daniel, at Survivor Series. In fact no, let's have ourselves a traditional Survivor Series match, Team Bryan v Team Ziggler, 5 v 5, I give you till next week to get your team together". Bryan says it's on, and that match will happen at the PPV.

We have a commercial before we have The Miz's theme, and we're going to have his match with Sheamus next.

SVR 2011 promo.

We're back with The Miz in the ring consulting Alex Riley, as the Celtic Warrior's music hits and Sheamus comes out and makes his way menacingly to the ring.

Match 4: Sheamus v The Miz.

Long match which ends with Sheamus knocking the ref out with a big boot, and Alex Riley tries to jump Sheamus, but is thrown out the ring by the Irishman. The Miz then smacks Sheamus in the skull with the MITB briefcase, before going for the Skull Crushing Finale, and hitting it!.

Miz went for the cover...
2 1/2..

Kick out by Sheamus!

Miz looks on in disbelief, and goes to the turnbuckle, charges at Sheamus and gets a big boot for his trouble. Sheamus goes for the Celtic Cross, delivers, and covers to get the victory and his ladder match at Survivor Series.


Sheamus stands over Miz with the MITB briefcase raised above his head as we go to a break.

We're back and Michelle & Layla come out, saying how they wonderfully defended the title last night against the common girl Natalya last night. They said it was flawless and that they are unbeatable, so right on cue Natalya comes out and says she is sick and tired of being cheated out of the title, so at Survivor Series she will get one final shot at the title, against either of them, in a Lumberjills match. Michelle and Layla look horrified and say she can't do that, and Natalya smiles and said she just did. She then says they have a tag match tonight, and out comes Eve Torres and we have our diva tag match next!.

Match 5: Divas Tag Match-Natalya & Eve v Michelle & Layla.

Short match which ends with Natalya irish whipping Layla into Michelle, then hitting a german suplex on a stunned Layla, before locking in the Sharpshooter, and Layla taps out.

Winners-Natalya & Eve.

Eve hugs Natalya as Michelle pulls Layla away and they sulk as they go back up the ramp.

Now Michael Cole reminds us about our main event tonight and we head into a highlights package of the conclusion of the WWE Championship match, and the shocking events that happened afterwards.

After the package the Nexus theme hits and out comes Wade Barrett, leading all the members of Nexus bar John Cena. Wade then ushers Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty forward, and they lead the team down the ramp. They get in the ring whilst Barrett leads Slater, Gabriel and Otunga round the outside and they position themselves so that they surround all of the ring apart from the side facing the stage. Barrett picks up a mic and says that he doesn't really expect Cena to show up, but he has no choice. He then calls Cena out several times, and then finally loses his temper and says if he doesn't show right now he will be...and Cena's music hits, and he comes out in his normal attire, and slowly makes his way down to the ring. He picks up a mic on the stairs and goes over to the turnbuckle where Barrett is and says "or what?" before dropping the mic to the outside. He takes over his shirt to reveal very heavily taped ribs and shoulder, and you can Barrett grinning in the background.

Main Event: John Cena v The Nexus(Husky Harris & Michael McGillcutty).

This match was simply a systematic beatdown by Cena. It ended with Harris about to do a turnbuckle to turnbuckle charge on Cena, but John dodged out of the way, and then hit a shoulder block on Harris. MM then charged in, but Cena lifted him onto his shoulders, and FU'd him over the ropes to the outside, Barrett looks tense. Cena then went for an FU on Harris, but he countered, went for a clothesline, but Cena drop-toe holded him and locked in the STFU, and at this Barrett and Nexus swarm in and break it up, causing the DQ.

Winner by DQ-John Cena.

Barrett and Nexus continue the beatdown, and out comes Randy Orton to save Cena. He takes down several members of Nexus, RKO to Otunga, but Barrett takes him down and now Nexus splits in two and beats down the pair of them. Barrett then calls them off, and Orton slips out of the ring ramp side, whilst Cena slips out towards the announce tables. Barrett gets on the mic and says Nexus are unstoppable, totally dominant and that they...another email from the GM. Cole says that the GM states, and I quote, "Nexus may hunt well in packs like Wolves, but the fact remains that Wade Barrett is the WWE Champion and must defend his title as an individual, so the GM has decided that he will defend his title at Survivor Series with absolutely no interference from other members of Nexus, or he will lose his title." Barrett looks angry, but Cole continues "The GM thinks that Barrett should be tested, and should be pitted against the 2 men he has looked to annihilate in recent weeks, so, at Survivor Series Wade Barrett will defend his WWE Title in a Triple Threat match, against Randy Orton, and John Cena". Barrett is apopleptic, and says that he can't do this. Another Email comes in, and Cole says "And another thing, as John Cena is an individual in this title match, he will not take any orders from Wade Barrett pertaining to the outcome of the match, nor we he have to hand over the title if he wins, and Wade, I can do what I want".

Barrett is furious, and he says fine, he'll prove himself, but he will do what he wants. He orders MM to take the laptop, and he does. Barrett then singles out Cena, and the beatdown commences, Cena tries to fight back but is overcome. Barrett then orders Slater and Gabriel to hold Cena, and he smashes him with the laptop in the skull. Cena is now bleeding, and Barrett chucks the laptop on the floor, and it's picked up by Otunga. Barrett then orders Harris to strip the announce table, and he takes a monitor and smacks Cena with it in the skull again. Cena is spark out. Barrett then climbs on the other announce table, picks Cena up, and hits the Wasteland on him through the stripped table. Cena is sparked out in the ruins of the table as Barrett holds up his title as the show goes off the air.

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so after that edition of RAW, the card for Survivor Series on November 21st is:

WWE Championship-Triple Threat-Wade Barrett(c) v Randy Orton v John Cena.(If Nexus interfere, Barrett loses the title.)
MITB Briefcase-Ladder Match-The Miz(c) v Sheamus.
Women's Championship-Lumberjills Match-Michelle McCool or Layla(c) v Natalya.
5 on 5 Survivor Series Match-Team Bryan(Daniel Bryan + 4 others) v Team Ziggler(Dolph Ziggler + 4 others).
Million Dollar Championship-Goldust v Ted DiBiase.

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I suggest formating your shows and posts with more than just bold. Use color code, italics, space, pictures, etc. Just a theme.

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Apologies for the lack of shows but I have been really busy(and ill) recently so haven't been able to update this. What I will do is a quick summary of the storylines of each match heading into Survivor Series and then do the PPV and following shows properly.

WWE Championship-Wade Barrett(c) v John Cena v Randy Orton.

The week after Barrett brutalised Cena, he leads Nexus out and he said that regardless of Survivor Series Nexus will continue their dominant path on Raw. Last week Cena and Orton just got a taste of what they will suffer in the next 3 weeks, and tonight the focus will be on Randy, as Cena is not even in the arena because he is a coward. Randy came out and says that Nexus can try any underhand beatdown they want, but the fact remains that he will take on everybody until he has punted them all in the skull and is the WWE Champion again. The GM steps in with an email, and although Nexus try to take the laptop, Cole says that if Nexus take the laptop again, the GM will not only force Barrett to relinquish the WWE title, but he will fire every single one of them. That night though, Orton will try to put his words into actions as he faces every member of Nexus except Wade Barrett in a gauntlet match.

In that match Orton beat Harris, MM, Otunga and Slater, and out came Gabriel as the last man. After 10 minutes Orton dodged a 450 by Gabriel, hit an RKO and pinned Gabriel. As Orton celebrated Barrett said it wasn't over, as there was one more member of Nexus, and he said he has ordered him to turn up. Eventually out comes Cena, heavily taped up, and Barrett orders him down to the ring, or he'll be fired tonight. Cena eventually obliges, gets in the ring, bell goes and Cena smacks the ref, and gets DQ'd. Orton smiles, and Cena turns to Barrett and says that Barrett can try and do what he wants, but he and Orton will not take it, and next week Barrett will run the gauntlet on his own against selected WWE superstars. Barrett looks furious as we end the show.

The next week Barrett runs the gauntlet, beating Masters, R-Truth and John Morrison, before coming up against his final opponent, Sheamus. After a distraction by Orton Sheamus pinned Barrett, and then Orton grabbed a chair and smacked Wade. Cena got in the ring, but as they stalked Barrett Nexus came out and Cena and Orton beat them back, with help from R-Truth, Masters and Morrison. Nexus scarpered as Orton RKO'd Barrett. Orton and Cena then stare down as we end the show.

I'm not doing WWE old school, instead the RAW after Survivor Series is a 3 hour special. The last RAW before Survivor Series saw Cena come out and say whatever happens on sunday it's been a long road, but that he is determined to win the title. Orton comes out and says although he respects Cena, he will not have any sympathy and would like nothing more than to punt him in the skull on sunday and become WWE Champion. Cena says why doesn't he try now, but out comes Barrett with Nexus, and he says what happened last week was unjustified and unacceptable, so in revenge Cena and Orton will take on MM, Harris, Gabriel, Slater and Otunga in a 5 on 2 handicap tag match. In that match Cena and Orton delivered finishers to MM, Harris and Slater consecutively, but Otunga distracted the ref and Barrett bashed Orton in the skull with brass knucks after sneaking in the ring, and Gabriel dropkicked Cena out of the ring. Gabriel hit a 450 splash on Orton for the win, and Barrett held his title over Orton as the show went off the air.

For the World Heavyweight Championship, there were qualifying matches on Smackdown for a 6 pack challenge at Survivor Series, and Edge, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio and Big Show. In the following weeks up to the PPV there were a series of tag and singles matches, with all the superstars getting a victory to put themselves over.

World Heavyweight Championship-6 Pack Challenge-Kane(c) v Edge v Jack Swagger v Alberto Del Rio v Rey Mysterio v Big Show.

Sheamus and Miz carried on their feud, ending the week before on RAW with Sheamus putting Miz through a ladder set up in the corner.

For the 5 on 5 tag match, Daniel Bryan chose John Morrison, R-Truth, MVP & Kofi Kingston whilst Ziggler chose Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Tyler Reks & Ezekiel Jackson.

so that's Team Bryan(Daniel Bryan, John Morrison, R-Truth, MVP & Kofi Kingston) v Team Ziggler(Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Tyler Reks & Ezekiel Jackson).

The build-up to that is just a standard big tag match build up, showing up on both shows, over the top battle royal, brawling etc., left as pretty even going to Survivor Series.

Meanwhile Michelle choses Layla to face Natalya at Survivor Series.

So the full card is:

WWE Championship-Triple Threat-Wade Barrett(c) v Randy Orton v John Cena(If Nexus interferes, Barrett loses the title.)
World Heavyweight Championship-6 Pack Challenge-Kane(c) v Edge v Jack Swagger v Big Show v Alberto Del Rio v Rey Mysterio.
MITB Briefcase-Ladder Match-The Miz(h) v Sheamus.
5 on 5 Elimination Tag Match-Team Bryan(Daniel Bryan, John Morrison, R-Truth, MVP & Kofi Kingston) v Team Ziggler(Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Tyler Reks & Ezekiel Jackson).
Unified Women's Championship-Lumberjills Match-Layla(c) v Natalya.
Million Dollar Championship-Goldust(c) v Ted DiBiase.

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WWE Survivor Series

Huge opening pyro as Michael Cole welcomes us to the PPV, alongside him are Jerry "The King" Lawler and Matt Striker. They run down the card, highlighting the Triple Threat WWE Championship match, as well the World Heavyweight Championship 6 Pack Challenge, and the MITB Ladder match between Miz and Sheamus, but first we have the 5 on 5 Survivor Series match. Out first is Team Bryan, first out is Daniel Bryan, followed by MVP, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and finally John Morrison. Then Team Ziggler comes out, followed by Cody Rhodes, Ezekiel Jackson, Tyler Reks and finally Drew McIntyre.

Match 1: 5 on 5 Elimination Tag Match-Team Bryan(Daniel Bryan, John Morrison, R-Truth, MVP & Kofi Kingston) v Team Ziggler(Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Tyler Reks & Ezekiel Jackson).

Bryan and Rhodes started out. The opening part of the match lasted 15 minutes with everyone ring time before Kofi tagged in Morrison, and Ezekiel Jackson tagged in Tyler Reks. Morrison took down Reks with a clothesline, before hitting him with an enzuguri. Morrison then jumped on the ropes and hit a spinning leg drop on Reks, covered and got a 2 count. Morrison went for a "Rock Bottom", but Reks countered into a DDT. Reks pummelled Morrison, before getting up and stalking JM. Reks went for Burning Hammer, but Morrison countered into a back body drop, however Jackson, who was on the ring apron, smacked Morrison on the back of the head as JM was close to Ziggler's corner. That caused all 8 men on the ring apron to come in and brawl, and they all took each other out, leaving Morrison and Reks back in the ring. Reks charged at Morrison, who drop toeholded him into the turnbuckle. Morrison went up top, hit the Starship Pain and covered to eliminate Reks.

Eliminated-Tyler Reks(By John Morrison-Via Pinfall).

Morrison raised his arm whilst clutching his ribs, but got jumped by McIntyre. McIntyre and Morrison traded blows, before McIntyre took control. McIntyre tug Rhodes in, who hit a DDT, and went up top. Rhodes hit a flying clothesline, and covered for a 2 count. Rhodes tagged in Ziggler, who pummelled Morrison in the corner, before hitting a Belly to Belly suplex. He then tagged in Zeke, who smashed Morrison with a clothesline, followed by a spinebuster off an Irish Whip, before he covered and got a 2 count. Zeke tagged in Ziggler, but Morrison countered his Ankle lock, kicked Ziggler back into his turnbuckle, before Morrison managed to tag in R-Truth, whilst Rhodes tagged himself in.

R-Truth hit a spinning flying elbow on Rhodes, followed by a flying clothesline. R-Truth went for a scissors kick, but missed and Rhodes hit an inverted backbreaker. Rhodes set up R-Truth for the Cross Rhodes, but R-Truth countered, irish whipped Rhodes to the turnbuckle, went for a big running kick at Rhodes, but Rhodes dodged and R-Truth got caught up on the ropes. Once he got free he walked straight into the Cross Rhodes by Cody, who covered for the pin.

Eliminated-R-Truth(by Cody Rhodes, via Pinfall).

In came MVP who attacked Rhodes, MVP took Rhodes down, went for a cover, got a 2 count. Rhodes then reversed an irish whip into his corner, and tagged in Zeke. Zeke destroyed MVP, had several 2 counts. However MVP drop toeheld Zeke, who smacked his head into the turnbuckle, and MVP managed to hit a drive by. He then hit his "balling" elbow drop, and went for his Playmaker. However Zeke countered, and hit an Electric Chair. Once MVP got up, Zeke hit his Book Of Ezekiel, and covered for the pin.

MVP Eliminated(By Ezekiel Jackson, via Pinfall).

Zeke celebrated as his corner cheered, and he turned round as Bryan charged at him, but Zeke smashed him with a clothesline. As Bryan struggled to his feet, Zeke locked in the Bear Hug and wrung the life out of Bryan. However Morrison and Kofi came in to break it up, and Rhodes, Ziggle and McIntyre tried to stop them. Zeke dropped Bryan, and pushed Kofi Kingston out of the ring. Zeke turned round to Bryan, tried to grab him, but out of nowhere Bryan locked in the LeBelle Lock, and after a struggle with all his teammates brawling outside the ring, Zeke tapped out.

Eliminated-Ezekiel Jackson(By Daniel Bryan-via submission).

Dolph realised what had happened, and was horrified and furious that his big weapon was out, so he charged into the ring and immediately walked into the LeBelle Lock by Bryan, and he was on the verge of tapping before Rhodes broke it up. Morrison then charged in and clotheslined Rhodes, and Cody went out of the ring, whilst JM also knocked McIntyre off the ropes. Kofi then appeared in his corner and begged Bryan to tag him in, Bryan eventually did so, and Kofi climbed the top rope, hit a flying crossbody on Ziggler. When Dolph got up, he walked straight into Trouble In Paradise, and Kofi covered for the pin.

Eliminated-Dolph Ziggler(By Kofi Kingston, Via Pinfall).

Drew McIntyre rolled in the ring, and he had a back and forth 3 minutes with Kofi, before Kofi went for Trouble In Paradise, however McIntyre countered into a Big boot. McIntyre went for Thee Move, Kofi countered into a roll-up, but McIntyre kicked out. Kofi charged at Drew, who kicked him in the gut, and hit Thee Move, and covered for the pin.

Eliminated-Kofi Kingston(By Drew McIntyre, Via Pinfall).

McIntyre smiled, as Morrison ordered Bryan to stay out, and came in the ring. McIntyre went for a big boot, Morrison ducked, Morrison went for a clothesline, but McIntyre ducked, bounced off the ropes, and they both hit a clothesline on each other at the same time. They both crawled to their corners, Morrison tagged Bryan in, whilst McIntyre tagged Rhodes in. Bryan hit several clotheslines, and went for a German Suplex, hit it and turned it into a pin, Rhodes kicked out at 2. Bryan sized up Rhodes, but Rhodes countered with a kick to the gut, Rhodes went for a punch, but Bryan turned it into an armbar, and struggled to lock in the LeBelle Lock, but eventually manages it, and Rhodes taps out.

Eliminated-Cody Rhodes(By Daniel Bryan, Via Submission).

Bryan at this point is exhausted, and is clutching his ribs. McIntyre sneaks in, and Bryan doesn't know. Bryan turns round into McIntyre, who hits Thee Move, covers and gets the pin.

Eliminated-Daniel Bryan(By Drew McIntyre, Via Pinfall).

McIntyre looks smug, as Morrison comes in and kicks Drew in the back of the head. Morrison goes up top, goes for Starship Pain, McIntyre counters with 2 knees in the gut, and Morrison flips away into the ropes. McIntyre gets up, poses, and sets up Morrison for Thee Move, hits it, and covers....but Morrison somehow kicks out!. McIntyre is seething, and as Morrison crawls into the turnbuckle and sits there, trying to recuperate, McIntyre charges in for a big boot. However Morrison rolls out the way, and McIntyre gets caught in the turnbuckle, and Morrison uses the ropes as support to hit a Sweet Chin Music-esque kick to McIntyre as he's caught in the turnbuckle. McIntyre falls flat out on his back, Morrison gingerly goes for Starship Pain, he covered and got the pin victory to be the sole survivor.

Winner and SOLE survivor-John Morrison(For Team Bryan, eliminating Drew McIntyre via pinfall).

Morrison gets a standing ovation by the WWE Universe, as his other team members come down and celebrate with him as we see a replay of the ending, as Morrison stands on the ropes and takes in the adulation of the crowd as we go to a WWE Make A Wish promo.

Back from the promo and we're with Wade Barrett in his locker room. Nexus surround him and they ask him if there's anything they can do for...but Barrett cuts them off. He says tonight all the odds are against him, that it is plainly obvious that the WWE Universe is against him, but he will prove them all wrong, he will walk out WWE Champion and prove to the world how dominant he and Nexus are, and then tomorrow night he will make John Cena pay.

We're back in the ring and out comes Ted DiBiase with Maryse, followed by Goldust and Aksana.

Match 2: Million Dollar Championship-Goldust v Ted DiBiase.

A decent length match that ends with Goldust taking down DiBiase, but in the mean time Maryse and Aksana are staring each other down, before Aksana slaps Maryse. They then brawl and Goldust is distracted, before DiBiase grabs him, and hits Dream Street for the pinfall to win the title.

Winner and NEW Million Dollar Champion-Ted DiBiase.

DiBiase gets his title, and celebrates with it as Maryse comes into the ring and they hug, as Goldust rolls out the ring. Aksana is standing there blurry eyed, and Goldust goes up to her, only for Aksana to push him away. Goldust is bemused, goes back to Aksana but is then slapped by her. Aksana runs away as DiBiase and Maryse smile as we go backstage.

Randy Orton is taping his wrists backstage as John Cena comes in. Orton asks what he wants and Cena just wants to tell him that he's not Barrett's lacky and isn't under orders tonight, and it will be Triple Threat and not a 2 on 1 handicap match. Orton says although he respects Cena's will to compete, he would like nothing more than to RKO Cena to become the new WWE Champion. Cena says that's the spirit, and he'll see him out there. Orton smirked at that last comment, before giving a cold stare in the direction that Cena left in.

We're back in the ring with Ladders surrounding the ring, and it will be the MITB Ladder Match between Miz and Sheamus. Miz is out first, looking slightly nervous, with Alex Riley. Sheamus follows him out, looking very confident.

Match 3: Ladder Match-MITB briefcase-Miz(h) v Sheamus.

Very long match with the highlight being Miz and Sheamus both falling off a huge ladder, with Sheamus falling through the announce table and Miz onto the ropes, before smacking the back of his head off a ladder, cutting himself open in the process. The end followed this moment in the match, as Alex Riley had a brainwave and went to revive Miz, before looking at the briefcase, setting up a ladder, and after hesitating, he climbed the ladder. However Sheamus came back in and punched him as he was reaching for the briefcase, before Sheamus put Riley in the Celtic Cross position, and hit it on him off the ladder. Riley rolled out the ring, as Sheamus had a breather before climbing the ladder. As Sheamus got to the top, Miz got on the ladder, clutching the cut on the back of his head, and they traded blows, Miz slipped off the top of the ladder onto a lower rung as Sheamus overpowered him, but as Sheamus reached again, Alex Riley appeared out of nowhere and smacked Sheamus in the ribs with a chair. Sheamus fell onto a ladder and was out of it, and Miz retrieved the briefcase to remain the MITB Holder.

Winner and STILL the MITB Holder-The Miz.

The Miz and Alex Riley leave quickly so Miz can get medically checked, as Sheamus is left grimacing but staring angrily at them as we go to a Tribute In The Troops promo.

We're back and we get a special video package with all 6 participants in the 6 pack challenge, showing snippets of their history in the WWE as well as their thoughts on the upcoming match, and once we return to the ring we have Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer, and out comes Del Rio in a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead, and he makes his way to the ring. He's followed out by Edge, then Jack Swagger, Big Show, Rey Mysterio and then Kane.

Match 4-World Heavyweight Championship-6 Pack Challenge-Kane(c) v Rey Mysterio v Edge v Jack Swagger v Alberto Del Rio v Big Show.

A long match that sees 15 minutes of nobody getting eliminated, before we have Swagger and Mysterio as the only participants in the ring. Rey dodges a clothesline, bounces off the ring ropes before Swagger catches him in the World's Strongest Slam position, he goes for a swinging side slam, but Rey counters with a DDT, and Swagger crawls onto the ropes. Rey sets up for the 619, but Alberto Del Rio grabs his foot, pulls him out of the ring and clotheslines him. Del Rio poses, before climbing into the ring. Swagger is resting now sitting against the ropes, and Del Rio kicks him repeatedly. Del Rio tries another kick, but Swagger grabs his foot, twists it so Del Rio is forced to try and re-balance, Swagger stands up but Del Rio manages to hit an enzuguri, which sends Swagger to the floor outside. Del Rio limps a bit, but grins as Rey climbs on the apron behind him. Del Rio hears the crowd cheer, turns round and Rey goes for a seated senton, but Del Rio catches him, and hits a powerbomb, but keeps Rey in the hold on the mat to create a pinning opportunity, but Rey manages on the two count to turn it into a grounded hurricanrana(basically he flipped Del Rio over him with his legs whilst doing a backwards roll. Rey then went for the 619, hit it, then hit the Frog Splash off the top rope, and pinned Del Rio.

Eliminated-Alberto Del Rio(by Rey Mysterio, Pinfall).

Rey stumbles to his feet, but is attacked by Kane. Kane beats him down and irish whips him into the corner, Kane goes for Snake Eyes, and almost decapitates Rey with a big boot. Kane pins Rey but Mysterio kicks out. Kane is livid, he sets up for the Chokeslam, but Big Show interferes, and he headbutts Kane. Big Show then pummels Kane in the corner, before letting Kane stumble away, Kane turns round and tries a big boot, but Show grabs his foot, forces it down and hits a Knockout Punch to Kane. He covers...

but Kane kicked out somehow!

Show looked bemused, and he waited for Kane to get up, before going for a Chokeslam. However Kane also went for it, and they both had 1 hand round the others neck as they circled in the centre of the ring. Edge then sneaked in to the corner, and Show spotted him, so he kneed Kane in the gut, who turned round and Edge speared him!. Edge got the cover and eliminated the World Champion!

Eliminated-Kane(By Edge, Pinfall).

Show and Edge looked at each other before squaring up, however Swagger came in and jumped Edge, he was beating down as Show just looked on. Show then grabbed Swagger and went to push him over the ropes, but Edge came up behind them and managed to force both of them out of the ring, and they fell to the floor. Edge stood up, and Rey crawled in the ring behind him. Edge noticed and set himself up for the Spear, he went for it but Rey dodged and Edge went shoulder first into the steel ringpost. Rey rolled up Edge up but got a 2 count. Rey went for Edge but Edge booted him in the skull. Edge set Rey up for the Edgecution, but Rey back body dropped him over the ropes onto the ring apron, before dropkicking him into the barricade. Rey held his ribs as Swagger came back in and beat down Rey. Rey fought back with punches and kicks, before Swagger caught him with a Pump Handle slam. Swagger then grabbed Rey's ankle, and locked in the Ankle Lock. Rey refused to give up, and nearly got to the ropes before Swagger pulled him back into the centre of the ring. Rey however managed to crawl back to the ropes and eventually grabbed them, forcing Swagger to break the hold. Swagger was livid, but he turned right into Big Show, who had got in the ring behind him. Chokeslam by Show, and he covered Swagger to eliminate him.

Eliminated-Jack Swagger(By Big Show, Pinfall).

We were down to the final 3, and at this point Rey is slouched in the corner, and Edge has crawled back in. Edge tries to avoid Show, but eventually Show grabs him, drags him to the corner and pummels him. Edge falls to a sitting position at the turnbuckle, and Show charges in at him, only for Edge to roll out of the way. At this point Rey dropkicks Show and he stumbles, and then Edge drop toeholds him, and Show falls on the ropes. Rey hits the 619, and Show stumbles away and turns into a Spear by Edge. Rey hits a Frog Splash, and pins Show to eliminate him.

Eliminated-Big Show(By Rey Mysterio, Pinfall).

Rey stares at Edge as we are down to the final 2. They lock up, Edge gets Rey in a headlock but Rey breaks out. Rey runs at Edge but gets knocked down with a clothesline. This takes a lot out of Rey. Edge goes to the corner and sets up for the Spear. He charges at Rey, but Rey jumps over him, Edge stops, turns round and gets an enzuguri for his troubles, and he falls on the ropes. Rey goes for the 619, and hits it!. Edge stumbles away, Rey goes for the Seated Senton, but Edge counters into a Spear on a mid-air Rey!. Edge covers Rey and gets the victory.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion-Edge.

Edge celebrates with his new title as we get a replay of the dramatic ending to the match. In the meantime though, we get our first Armageddon promo(replacing TLC), before we our back in the ring and Justin Roberts asks us to welcome the lumberjills for this match. They come out, followed by Natalya, and then Laycool, but the lumberjills only let Layla through, and stop Michelle getting through. Michelle is furious, but leaves.

Match 5-Unified Women's Championship-Lumberjills match-Layla(c) v Natalya.

The match ends with Natalya and Layla going to the outside, which causes the lumberjills to get involved and inevitably brawl, Natalya drags Layla into the ring, hits a spinebuster, and covers...

..Wait! Michelle McCool has pulled the ref out of the ring!.

Natalya breaks the pin and stares at Michelle angrily. However Layla has got her title belt in her hands, and Michelle smirks, but some of the lumberjills wrestle the belt off Layla, before Michelle gets in the ring to stop them, but she is surrounded and attacked, then forcibly removed from the ring by the lumberjills. Layla turns into a Side Slam by Natalya, who then locks in the Sharpshooter, and Layla taps, which is seen by the now revived ref.

Winner and NEW Women's Champion-Natalya.

The lumberjills celebrate with Natalya and hand her the belt as Michelle rescues Layla and they look distraught as we go to a Main Event promo. Back from that and Randy Orton's music hits, and he comes out to a massive cheer and makes his way down to the ring, where he does his trademark arc pose. He is followed out by John Cena in purple attire tonight, and then the WWE Champion Wade Barrett, who gets a lot of boos.

Main Event-WWE Championship-Triple Threat-Wade Barrett(c) v John Cena v Randy Orton.

A long main event which ends with Barrett and Orton in the ring. Barrett clotheslined Orton, and pummelled away at him. He then sized Orton up, but Orton dodged a big boot, before hitting a Scoop Slam on Barrett. Barrett got up, went for a clothesline, but Orton hit his inverted backbreaker. Orton pounded the mat with his fists, went for the RKO, but Barrett countered, attempt a wasteland, but Orton rolls off his shoulders, RKO!. Orton covers...

2 1/2!
...Cena breaks up the pin!, and Barrett rolls out of the ring.

Orton glares at Cena, and he runs at him, attempt at an FU by Cena, Orton counters into an RKO attempt, Cena counters into another FU Attempt, but Orton manages to squirm out and hits his inverted backbreaker. Orton then lines up Cena for a punt to the skull, but he misses, drop toehold by Cena, and the STFU gets locked in!. Orton is squirming, he's trying to get to the ropes, but he's fading...the ref drops his arm twice but on the 3rd go Orton shows life, tries desperately to get to the ropes, but Cena pulls him back into the centre of the ring. Orton keeps fighting, he won't tap, but he's going faint, he's trying to crawl to the ropes, and Barrett breaks the submission up, and Orton slumps out of the ring and is motionless.

Barrett waits for Cena to get up, and goes for a clothesline, but Cena catches him, FU!, Cena covers Barrett.

Barrett kicks out!

Cena can't believe it. He lines Barrett up again, but Barrett boots him in the skull. Barrett picks Cena up for Wasteland, and hits it!. He covers...

2 1/2!
3...NO! Cena somehow kicks out.

Barrett remonstrates with the ref, he cannot believe it. He goes to pick Cena up by the shoulders, but Cena counters out of nowhere into the FU, and he hits another one! He covers again!


Cena pins Barrett and wins the WWE Championship!

Winner and NEW WWE Champion-John Cena.

The crowd erupts, Cena is in shock but delight as he is given the belt. He raises it above his head as Nexus comes out, but all they do is stare Cena down and retrieve Barrett. Orton has barely moved since the submission hold and is being given oxygen by EMTs. Michael Cole wonders what Nexus will do now John Cena is the WWE Champion whilst being in a group controlled by Wade Barrett as we go off the air with pyro going off and John Cena, standing on the turnbuckle with the WWE Championship above his head.

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This is a summary leading up to TLC. Basically I had an idea of the direction I wanted to go in on RAW but not on Smackdown, however the show I wrote for the RAW following Survivor Series I felt was too soon to be used and wanted to keep it for after TLC, and then I didn't want to particularly right a half-arsed back-up story to get us through to the PPV. So here's the summary so I can just write the PPV and go forward with it.

We ended Survivor Series with Cena winning the WWE Title by beating Orton & Barrett in a Triple Threat. Barrett naturally was furious with this and tried to order Cena to give him the title on RAW. The GM intervened and said that was not possible. However the GM did say Cena is still a member of Nexus so he must listen to Barrett's other orders. Barrett then ordered Cena to run the gauntlet against the other members of Nexus that night and to give Barrett a title rematch at TLC, in a TLC match. Cena is about to agree but the GM intervenes(via email) and says that Barrett must give something back in return. Barrett looks cross, but then says he'll settle this once and for all. If he wins at TLC, Cena never gets another title shot, obeys all Barrett's orders and never lays a finger on any member of Nexus ever again. If Cena wins, which he won't, then Cena is free of Nexus. They agree. Cena runs the gauntlet and beats all the other members of Nexus, and calls Barrett down to the ring. Barrett comes down to the ramp, gets on the ring apron, Cena beckons him in. However Nexus charge back in and Cena has to fend them off, but Nexus take over. Barrett pulls out a table, and he hits Wasteland on Cena through it. He then takes Cena's belt and says he can have it back at the PPV.

The next week Cena confronts a suited Barrett in the ring, however Barrett says he'll have to earn his belt back. Cena will face a selection of Barrett's handpicked opponents in a handicap match tonight. In the match Cena has to face 6 men in the match, and he gets on top and goes for the STF on Tyson Kidd before Nexus storm down, Cena breaks the hold and then Nexus takes out Cena's opponents. Cena loses via DQ so Barrett is smug as he keeps the belt.

The next week Cena is put in a Ladder match against Justin Gabriel for his belt. Cena is about to go for the belt when Nexus storm the ring, push the ladder over and Cena falls into a balancing ladder on the outside. Once Cena is down Barrett picks up a ladder, and retrieves the belt and laughs as we go off air. In the final show before the PPV Barrett is sitting on top of the ladder with the belt, suited, and says Cena isn't here. He rambles on about how he will win on sunday before Cena appears through the crowd, and he pushes Barrett's ladder over. Barrett falls onto the ring ropes, and falls out of the ring. Cena goes out the ring, pulls apart the announce table and puts Barrett through it with an FU, before standing over Wade with the belt as we go off air.

So the WWE Championship match at the PPV is Wade Barrett v John Cena in a TLC Match.

For the World Heavyweight Championship, after Edge's victory at the PPV Kane challenges him to his rematch at the PPV in a Tables Match, and Edge accepts. The following weeks is basically a series of events where Edge gets the upper hand on Kane, including costing him matches and he then stuck Paul Bearer through a table set up in the corner with a Spear. In the go home show before the PPV Christian returns to talk about a possible return for him by the Royal Rumble, and to talk up the PPV. At this point Kane comes out and attacks Christian to make an example of him to Edge, he gets a table and goes to Chokeslam Christian through it, but Edge appears out of nowhere and spears Kane, and Edge & Christian watch Kane stumble back up the ramp as the show went off the air.

So the World Heavyweight Championship match is Edge v Kane in a Tables Match.

The aftermath of Miz's lucky victory over Sheamus at SS to retain his MITB briefcase was that Sheamus came out and complained he was cheated out of the briefcase. Miz came out and says Sheamus wasn't smart enough to beat him, so he got what he deserved. Sheamus challenges Miz to a rematch in the same match at TLC, without Alex Riley interfering. Miz says no, but then the GM emails in. He says Miz and Sheamus will be facing off for a different kind of briefcase at TLC. This briefcase will guarantee the winner the Number 1 Contender spot for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble, but it won't just be them involved. There are 2 other competitors. Out first comes John Morrison, as he is part of the match, and he grins at Miz who looks less than impressed. The other man in the match is Randy Orton, and he comes out, gets in the ring and jumps Sheamus, they pummel each other as Miz goes for a cheap shot on Morrison. This ends with Morrison cleaning out Miz, and Orton doing the same to Sheamus. Morrison and Orton stare each other down, but seem to be on the same page and nodding their heads mutually, before Morrison turns to leave, Orton grabs him and RKOs him. In the following weeks they have a series of singles matches, with each competitor getting at least one victory to their name.

So at the PPV we have a Fatal 4 way Ladder match for the Number 1 Contendership to the WWE Championship between Sheamus, Miz, Morrison and Orton.

On the Smackdown side Alberto Del Rio was furious at Rey eliminating him from the 6 pack challenge, and he wanted revenge. He cost Rey a match against Edge before attacking him and bashing him with a chair. Del Rio said he would put Rey's head through the chair at TLC as they would face off in a Chairs match. In the following weeks Del Rio keeps trying to attack Rey, but finally Rey dropkicked Del Rio with a chair, and Del Rio scarpered as Rey posed as they went to the PPV.

So Rey Mysterio will face Alberto Del Rio in a Chairs Match at TLC.

The fallout of Team Bryan's win over Team Ziggler at Survivor Series is that Ziggler wanted a shot at Daniel Bryan, however the RAW GM said they had too many challengers for their title to keep facing each other, they would have to defend their belts. However he wanted to make this more interesting and innovative, so he said that Daniel Bryan would face Dolph Ziggler that night, and the loser would have to defend their title at the PPV. Bryan won with a cheeky roll-up, so Ziggler would have to defend his title. However the GM had more news for Ziggler. He would defend his title in a 6 man TLC Match at the PPV, against not only Daniel Bryan, who would have the chance to be come an Undisputed Champion, but also Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston.

So at the PPV we have a 6 man TLC Match between Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Drew McIntyre.

And Finally Natalya would defend her title against Michelle McCool in a Tables Match, with lumberjills around the ring to prevent Layla from unnecessarily interfering.

So the final TLC PPV card is:

WWE Championship-TLC Match-John Cena(c) v Wade Barrett.
World Heavyweight Championship-Tables Match-Edge(c) v Kane.
Intercontinental Championship-6 Man TLC Match-Dolph Ziggler(c) v Daniel Bryan v Kofi Kingston v Ted DiBiase v Cody Rhodes v Drew McIntyre.
Women's Championship-Tables Lumberjills Match-Natalya(c) v Michelle McCool.
#1 Contender's Match for the WWE Championship-Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match-The Miz v Sheamus v John Morrison v Randy Orton.
Chairs Match-Alberto Del Rio v Rey Mysterio.

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Sorry, nitpicking again. I like descriptions, your matches aren't described enough in my opinion. A bit of colour to liven it up, format it a bit different.

You have something promising, just lay it out properly and take your time with it and it should be pretty good.

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Houston, Texas

We are live at the Toyota Center in Houston as Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. He introduces Jerry Lawler and CM Punk, and they run through the jam-packed card. We have ladders all around the ring, and Randy Orton's music hits and he comes out to a huge ovation. He is followed out by John Morrison, The Miz and finally Sheamus. The black briefcase is above the ring, and all 4 contenders stare at it as the bell rings.

Match 1-#1 Contendership for the WWE Championship-Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match-Randy Orton v Sheamus v John Morrison v The Miz.

A long match that had quite a lot of bashing opponents with ladders, and all 4 men making an attempt to retrieve the briefcase. However the match ends with Orton climbing the ladder to stop Sheamus retrieving the briefcase, and they brawl. Orton gets the upper hand, and he RKOs Sheamus off the top of the ladder, and Sheamus rolls out of the ring as Orton clutches his ribs and neck. In the meantime Miz sneaks in, and tries to climb the ladder, but John Morrison pulls him off, and buzzsaw kicks him down. Morrison then smacks Miz with the ladder in the skull, and Miz rolls out of the ring. Morrison then throws him into the steel steps, and Miz is out. Morrison then puts up two ladders, and then pulls a smaller one out from underneath the ring and puts it horizontally across the other 2, like this..^-^, and he puts Miz on the horizontal ladder. Morrison then goes up top on the ladder in the ring, and is about to jump off it onto Miz but Miz rolls away, stumbles up the ramp and dissappears behind the curtain. Morrison turns his attention to Orton who is getting up outside the ring. Morrison jumps onto the turnbuckle, and goes to take down Orton, but Orton counters into an RKO onto the floor. Orton is nursing himself, as Sheamus rolls in and starts climbing the ladder. Orton realises and rolls in and punches Sheamus in the gut, stopping the Irishmen momentarily. Orton climbs up, and again they trade blows. Orton goes for an RKO, but Sheamus stops him and pushes Orton off the ladder and into the ladders that Morrison set up. Orton is busted open as Sheamus retrieves the briefcase to win the match and become the new number 1 contender.

Winner and NEW number 1 contender for the WWE Championship-Sheamus.

Sheamus celebrates on top of the ladder as Orton gets medical attention and Cole wonders why his beloved Miz walks out, he tries to defend it but Punk says Miz is a coward, and we go backstage.

We see John Cena stretching as Wade Barrett walks in. Cena asks what he wants, and Barrett smiles and says it's simple, once he wins tonight he will force him onto his knees begging for mercy and apologising to him for pushing him off the ladder last week, and he will make Cena's life a misery. Cena laughs, and says Barrett is deluded, and that once he retains his title tonight, he will see to the destruction of the Nexus. Cena picks up his belt, dusts it off in front of Barrett and leaves, Barrett gives a cold stare in Cena's direction.

We're back in the ring and it's ladders, tables and chairs surrounding it, with the IC suspended above the ring. Out first is Dolph Ziggler, with a worried look on his face, and out next is Cody Rhodes, then Ted DiBiase, Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston and finally Daniel Bryan, who laughs at Dolph.

Match 2-Intercontinental Championship-6 Man TLC Match-Dolph Ziggler(c) v Ted DiBiase v Cody Rhodes v Drew McIntyre v Kofi Kingston v Daniel Bryan.

Long match which ends with Kofi Kingston going to jump off the turnbuckle onto DiBiase, but DiBiase helps Kofi through a table, which leaves Kofi spark out. Meanwhile Ziggler is clearing the ring by smashing everybody with a chair, but as he pauses and takes a breather, DiBiase rolls in and hits Dream Street on him from out of nowhere. DiBiase sets up a ladder, and climbs it, but in comes Cody Rhodes. They trade blows, before they both go to take each other off the ladder, but Daniel Bryan comes in and pushes them off and they fall through tables on the outside. Bryan sets up the ladder, and slowly climbs up, as he does so though Ziggler crawls back in, and tries to climb the ladder, but Kofi also rolls in and sets up a ladder against Bryan's. Kofi then runs up that ladder and takes both Bryan off with a clothesline, hanging onto the ladder, grabbing Ziggler and throwing him onto the ladder he just ran up. Kofi composes himself, goes for the title, but McIntyre comes in and hits him in the ribs with a chair, and Kofi falls onto the ropes, turns into Thee Move by McIntyre onto the chair, and Kofi is out. McIntyre climbs the ladder and retrieves the title to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion-Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre poses with the title for a bit before negotiating the carnage as he makes his way back up the ramp, before raising the title aloft as we go to a Tribute In The Troops recap promo.

We're back with tables around the ring and diva lumberjills, and out comes Michelle McCool, followed by Natalya, who is jumped by Layla, and the lumberjills flood to Layla and take her backstage. Meanwhile Michelle has set up a table in the ring, and Natalya rolls in. Michelle immediately goes for a suplex, but Natalya reverses. The referee rings the bell and the match is on.

Match 3-Women's Championship-Tables Match-Natalya(c) v Michelle.

A back and forth match which ended with Natalya trapping Michelle in the Sharpshooter, Michelle taps but it doesn't count. Natalya releases as we cut backstage and Layla is still fighting everything that moves, Divas, referees, staff etc. and this distracts Natalya. Michelle lifts Natalya up on her shoulders, and goes for the Electric Chair through the table, but Natalya jumps off her shoulders, kicks Michelle in the gut and powerbombs her through the tabe to retain her tite.

Winner and STILL Woman's Champion-Natalya.

Natalya celebrates as Beth Phoenix tells Layla her precious friend Michelle has lost. The rest of the divas laugh and escort a screaming Layla out of the building as we cut to a Make a Wish promo.

We're back in the ring and we have MVP out. He says he is dissappointed not to be on the card tonight so offers an open challenge to anyone in the back for a match. Jack Swagger comes out and we have a 1 on 1 bout.

Match 4: MVP v Jack Swagger.

This match is obviously just to break up the speciality matches. A back and forth match which ends with MVP going for the drive-by, Swagger dodges and goes for the Gutwrench powerbomb, but MVP rolls him up and gets the quick pin.


MVP celebrates as we go to a Kane/Edge promo, detailing the long rivalry all the way back to Lita, and the recent feud between the 2 escalating to this. Kane comes out first without Paul Bearer, and Edge follows suit.

Match 5-World Heavyweight Championship-Tables Match-Edge(c) v Kane.

A decent length match which ends with Edge going for a Spear, but Kane countering with a big boot. Kane sets up for the Chokeslam, Edge kicks him in the gut and irish whips him into the turnbuckle, Edge climbs up and pummels Kane, but Kane grabs him for the Last Ride, however Edge keeps pummelling Kane and so Kane puts him on the turnbuckle. Edge drops down to the other side of the turnbuckle, and tries to pull Kane up, they climb up together, punching each other, before Kane goes for the chokeslam, but Edge grabs him and they both fall off the turnbuckle and through a table on the outside.

The referee rings the bell but can't call it, so they got to a video replay, and it shows that they both went through at the same time, so it's a draw, and Edge retains his title.

Result-Draw, so STILL World Heavyweight Champion-Edge.

Edge crawls back in the ring and gets given his title, but The Miz's music hits and he comes out with his briefcase, he's cashing in!

Match 6-World Heavyweight Championship-Edge(c) v The Miz.

The Miz goes for the skull crushing finale but Edge counters and chucks Miz into the turnbuckle, Miz turns round into the Edgecution. Edge goes to the corner, sets up for the Spear, but Miz trips him into the turnbuckle, and Edge goes through shoulder first. Miz grabs Edge, sets up for the Skull Crushing Finale, covers and gets the pin to become the new champion.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion-The Miz.

The Miz celebrates as Cole goes mad as he says that's why Miz walked out earlier, to stay fresh, he was smart and that's why he's a champ. Punk sighs before saying we're heading to an Alberto Del Rio/Rey Mysterio promo.

After the promo Alberto Del Rio comes out to his personal ring announcement in his Rolls Royce. He has his pyro and comes down to the ring. After a little wait out comes Rey in white and pale blue attire and he comes down to the ring.

Match 7-Chairs Match-Alberto Del Rio v Rey Mysterio.

A back and forth match which ends with Rey dropkicking a chair into Alberto Del Rio, who falls on the ropes. Rey positions a chair between the ropes and Del Rio's head, and goes for the 619, and he hits it. Del Rio spends a while on his front clutching his head, but eventually he gets to his feet, but he is clutching a chair to him which Rey can't see. Rey goes for the Seated Senton but Del Rio turns and smashes Rey with the chair in mid flight. Mysterio back flips and falls to the mat. Del Rio waits for Rey to stagger up, before smashing Rey with the chair again, and this time Rey's skull dents the chair. Del Rio sets up Rey for a DDT, and hits it onto the chair. Rey's mask is becoming crimson as the blood soaks it, and Del Rio covers for the pin.

Winner-Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio raises his hand, but he picks up the chair and stops EMTs and officials entering the ring, and scares the ref out. Del Rio puts the chair around the left leg of Mysterio, and he stamps on it numerous times, and Rey is writhing in agony. Del Rio then smacks Rey's left leg(still in the chair) with another chair, before he puts the other chair around his head. Del Rio climbs up top, but Big Show's music hits and he's runs down to the ring, gets onto the ring apron, and Del Rio drops to the outside, and exits through the crowd with a big smile on his face. Big Show urges the EMTs in to aid Rey, and they carry him out on a spinal board to a warm ovation from the crowd.

We go to a Barrett/Cena/Nexus promo, and we get the Main Event announcement. Out first is Cena, to a huge ovation, followed by Barrett. Chairs, Ladders and Tables line the ring.

Main Event-WWE Championship-TLC Match-John Cena(c) v Wade Barrett.

A long match during which two tables are placed one on top of the other in the ring behind a ladder. The action spilled to the outside, where Barrett whipped Cena in the ring steps. Barrett smashed Cena in the face with the steps, busting him open. Barrett then dismantles the announce table, and sets Cena up for the Wasteland, and he put Cena through the table. Barrett smiles, and he returns to the ring, repositions the ladder and starts climbing up. However as he gets to the top the RAW GM emails, and Barrett looks puzzled. It happens again and Barrett points for Cole to go and read it. Cole gets on the stand, lifts the screen, but it's blank. Cole tells Barrett it's blank, and Barrett has come off the ladder and he verifies that with Cole, before going back to climb the ladder. However it happens again, and Barrett is furious, Cole goes up again, and it's STILL blank. Barrett goes back up to the top step but Cena rushes in and smacks Barrett with a chair in the ribs, and Barrett falls. Cena climbs up the other side of the ladder gingerly, but Barrett gets back up, and they trade blows, Barrett goes to lift Cena, but Cena holds on to the ladder, punches Barrett in the gut, Barrett slips down a few steps, and Cena bashes his head on the top step. Cena then picks up Barrett onto his shoulders, and FU's him through the 2 tables. Cena, still on the ladder, reaches up, retrieves his title to remain champion and become free from Nexus.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion-John Cena.

Cena sits on top of the ladder with his title raised above his head as the PPV goes off the air with Michael Cole trying to convince Punk and Lawler that the emails were blank.

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Sorry, nitpicking again. I like descriptions, your matches aren't described enough in my opinion. A bit of colour to liven it up, format it a bit different.

You have something promising, just lay it out properly and take your time with it and it should be pretty good.
I honestly don't have time to do pretty colours and pictures and do complicated formatting and loads of detail. The idea for mine is simple layout, enough description for you to know the main points of the matches and storylines and for you to create your own imagination about how it looks as it's going on.

You may not like it, but that's the way I'm doing it because it works and is time effective.

I will be straying from the reality of the WWE from now on a bit as I want to bring some people back who wouldn't realistically come back, but I want to freshen it up a bit.

The next edition of RAW is the one I had planned for after Survivor Series, it's a bit different, it might not appeal to everyone but I want to be a little different.

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I like your card but I'm not a huge fan of Barrett walking away with the title at Bragging Rights. It was still a bit early for him IMO.

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We cut to the arena, but the ring is dark. A spotlight shows down to the centre of the ring onto Nexus leader Wade Barrett, where he stands with his microphone. He says "Welcome To Monday Night Raw", and then grins as we go to a very different opening package, it is a video similar to RAW's opening video but only shows the members of Nexus, is yellow and black instead of red and has the Nexus theme tune, and in the traditional RAW fashion we have fireworks but they are yellow instead of red.

We cut back to the ring and Barrett is flanked by security guards. He says last night he was subjected to an absolute miscarriage of justice, it was an absolute travesty. He points to the tron and we get a video of the email saga during last night's main event. We cut back to Barrett and he says that for months he has been screwed over by the anonymous(said in a really condescending tone) General Manager. Barrett says that ultimately he has to make a statement on intent, and that if the GM can't run the show properly, he will have to take over, which he has done. We cut to the GM's stand, and McGillicutty is stood beside it. Barrett gives him a nod and McGillicutty takes the laptop, kicks over the stand and smashes the laptop into pieces. He then pulls a trash can out, puts the pieces into it and walks back up the ramp with the trashcan, whilst Barrett smugly says "time to take out the trash".

McGillicutty dissappears and Barrett continues. He's says if the GM doesn't have the guts to come out here and make the decisions to his face, then he is taking over. He says tonight he has Raw under control, and he says he will show us what he means. David Otunga appears on screen and Barrett tells him to give us a guided tour of the back. Otunga obliges, and sets off flanked with more security. We come to the main locker room, guarded by several SM(security men), and he opens the door to see the majority of the RAW roster sat down and being guarded by about 20 SM's. Barrett says nice, and urges Otunga to continue the tour. Otunga takes us to another locker room, and in this one is Randy Orton, sat down and surrounded by half a dozen SM's. Orton is glaring, but resists Barrett's taunts for him to strike out. Otunga moves on to the Divas locker room, and he opens the door and stands outside as the cameraman shows that even the divas are being guarded. Finally we come to the end of the corridor, and Otunga opens the last door and there is Cena, sat in the middle of the room circled by security guards and the other members of Nexus, Harris, Gabriel and Slater. Barrett taunts Cena, but Cena gets up, but Otunga tells him to sit down as the guards surround him. Cena obliges, and Barrett laughs, and says there is nothing that Cena can do about it. Cena says Barrett may be barking orders, but he still has this, and he lifts his WWE Championship up to a large roar from the audience. Barrett gives a cold stare to the tron, and says that unless he gets what he wants tonight, then he will strip Cena of that title and crown himself WWE Champion. He tells Nexus to leave him and fetch some security and head down to the ring.

Barrett then says he has two final things he needs to sort out. The first is that if the GM does not appear by the end of the show then he will prevent anybody from WWE making it to next week's show, he will stop RAW right in its tracks. He then says that some superstars may not make it anyway, but he is giving them the opportunity to save their careers, their jobs, their livelihoods, all they have to do is come down to the ring and swear their allegiance to the Nexus. Barrett gives them 30 seconds, but nobody comes, so Barrett says fine, he's gonna make them pay. He walks up the ramp to the stage where there is an armchair, with a table upon which there is a tombola, and he sits down. He says he is going to enjoy the show from the best seat of the house, and he is going to unveil his masterplan. In this tombola there is the name of every member of the RAW roster, superstar and divas, and he is going to pick any number of them out at random and they will compete in a match right then and there. The winner gets to stay on the show, the losers will be escorted out of the building and not allowed back, in other words he is firing them. He says people will ask how he can do this, and he says it's simple. He has powerful friends, and he knows the GM will not show up tonight, and there is nobody who can stop him. Tonight Wade Barrett becomes Mr. Monday Night Raw. His music hits and we go to a break as he grins to large boos from the audience.

We're back and we see a clip of MM(McGillicutty) dumping the trash can with the destroyed laptop inside into a garbage truck which then drove off, and we cut back to the arena and the Nexus theme hits and out come the other members of Nexus with 6 other SM's, who line the ramp, and Nexus surround the ring. Barrett then says that it's time for our first match, and he says he fancies a 1 on 1 match. He pulls out a slip, opens it and it's R-Truth!, and he's escorted from the locker room to the curtain, and he comes out with a mic and tries to do his what's up, but the security guards take it off him, he comes down to the ring and waits for his opponent. Barrett then draws his opponent, and he laughs, and it's R-Truth's best buddy, John Morrison. Morrison comes out and down to the ring.

Match 1: John Morrison v R-Truth.

Morrison and R-Truth stare down, and neither wants to fight the other. Morrison shrugs his shoulders and says what do we do? R-Truth mouths back "I dunno", and Barrett yells down the mic that if they don't fight he will fire them both, and they lock up. It's a 12 minute match which ends with R-Truth hitting his spinning flying elbow. He goes for a legdrop, but Morrison rolls out the way and he goes for an enzuguri, but R-Truth dodges, goes for a DDT, but Morrison flips him over. R-Truth comes at Morrison who hits a modified spinebuster. Morrison goes up top, hesitates, goes for the Starship Pain, hits, and covers for the pin.

Winner-John Morrison.

Morrison apologises to R-Truth before storming off up the ramp, he refuses to look at a laughing Barrett as R-Truth is pulled out the ring by Nexus and handed to SM's who escort R-Truth out the arena. Barrett says we should watch this, and R-Truth is seen walking out the arena with 3 SM's till they go out of view.


We're back and Barrett says it's time for a tag match, and the first name he draws out is Santino Marella, and his tag partner is Daniel Bryan. They will face Ted DiBiase and Sheamus, and they come out to the ring. Santino looks petrified of Shay-moose, so he asks Bryan to start.

Match 2: US Champion Daniel Bryan & Santino Marella v Sheamus & Ted DiBiase.

Back and forth match which ends with Sheamus tagging in DiBiase after Bryan dropkicks him. Bryan crawls to Santino and tags him in. 2 clotheslines by Santino, and a takedown. He pummels Ted in comical fashion before DiBiase smashes Santino with a clothesline of his own. Knee to the jaw by DiBiase, he bounces off the ring ropes but Marella goes for a swinging side slam, but DiBiase counters into a DDT. DiBiase goes for the Dream Street, but Marella counters into a roll-up and gets the shock 3 count!

Winners-Daniel Bryan and Santino Marella.

Daniel and Santino leg it whilst Sheamus slides back in the ring. He goes to Ted, who tries to use him to help himself up, but Sheamus boots him in the head. Sheamus destroys DiBiase and finishes with a Celtic Cross, before getting on the mic and screaming that he didn't lose, this isn't fair and that he is the number 1 contender. Barrett laughs and says tough, he's fired, and Sheamus is escorted out against his well whilst DiBiase is stretchered out.


We're back in the RAW locker room and Mark Henry and Yoshi Tatsu are whispering, and one of the security guys asks what they're muttering about, so Henry gets up and says he's going to stretch his legs. The security guards block the door, but Barrett get on the mic and says Henry can stretch his legs, all the way down to the ring for a match. Henry comes out and Barrett says it's time to pick his opponent, and it's...Eve Torres!

Eve comes out absolutely horrified as Henry looks concerned.

Match 3: Mark Henry v Eve Torres.

Henry looks resigned as Eve looks horrified. Henry eventually walks over to her, Eve is trembling, but Henry just lies down and tells Eve to pin him. Eve says no, but eventually she does reluctantly.

Winner-Eve Torres.

Henry looks dejected as Eve gives him a hug, before leaving. Barrett is laughing on the mic, and says loyalty is such a sweet thing, but Henry is still fired. Henry leaves the ring and accepts his fate.

We're backstage in Orton's locker room and a SM is taunting Randy, saying that he watched TLC and saw him lose again, and that he remembers a few years back how HHH kicked him out of Evolution and has bullied him ever since. Orton is angry, and says that if he wants to run his mouth, why doesn't he come and put actions to his arrogant words. Barrett interrupts and says Orton has made a great suggestion, so bring them out, and we're having Orton v the SM...

Orton comes out, and then the SM comes to the ramp. Barrett tells him to stop, and says it would only be fair to give the unexperienced SM some help, and MM, Otunga, Harris, Gabriel and Slater climb onto the apron, and Barrett says it's a 6 on 1 Elimination Handicap match, and if Orton loses, he's fired.

Match 4: 6 on 1 Handicap match-Randy Orton v Nexus(Gabriel, McGillicutty, Otunga, Slater and Harris) and Security Guard.

Orton starts out against Gabriel, but eventually gets overpowered and Nexus takes it in turn to batter him. Eventually Harris hits a splash on him, and an overexcited SM tags himself in. SM tries to batter Orton, who gets to the ropes. SM backs off, but goes for Orton again, eats an RKO, and is pinned.

Eliminated-Security Guard.

Slater in, RKO! Pin!

Eliminated-Heath Slater.

McGillicutty in, misses the clothesline, RKO! Pin!

Eliminated-Michael McGillicutty.

Harris jumps Orton, he irish whips Orton into the turnbuckle, goes for the turnbuckle splash, Orton dodges, goes for the RKO, Harris pushes him away and Otunga smacks him. Samoan drop by Harris. Otunga tags himself in, and hits his spinebuster finisher. Otunga tags in Gabriel, and he goes up top...450 Splash! and he covers...and he pins Orton!.

Winners-Nexus and Security Guard.

Nexus celebrate as Barrett applauds them as Orton is carried away by a big group of security guards. Nexus then resume their normal positions as we go to a commercial.

We're back and Barrett says we're going to have a tag match, and he draws out Natalya and Maryse and they would face Layla and Melina.

Match 5: Tag Team match-Natalya and Maryse v Layla and Melina.

A quick match that ends with Natalya going to tag in Maryse, but Maryse walks away. Natalya turns round and Melina hits an enzuguri, she goes for a Sunset Split, covers and gets the pin.

Winners-Layla and Melina.

Maryse blows Natalya mocking kisses as we go to another commercial.

We're back and Barrett stands up, he says it's time for our main event, and he has 1 man he really wants to put through the grinder. He says "bring him out", and after a while, out comes Cena and he goes down to the ring suspiciously. Barrett tells Cena he's got a match, and it will be something fun, for Barrett. It's a gauntlet match, so bring out the first competitor. Out comes Vladimir Kozlov.

Main Event: Gauntlet Match: John Cena v Opponents.

Cena gets a beating, but as Kozlov goes for a headbutt, Cena lifts him up and hits an FU out of nowhere, and he gets the pin.

His next opponent is Tyson Kidd, who charges into the ring, but Cena drop toeholds him and locks in the STFU, and Tyson taps pretty quickly.

Out next is Alex Riley, and he pummels Cena. After some exchanges, Cena knocks him down with a shoulder charge. He hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, before going for the FU. At this point Nexus storm the ring and pummel Cena, and they drag Cena out the back. Barrett then walks down the ramp and gets in the ring, dozens of security guards flood down to ringside and guard the ring. He says it's almost the end of the show, and STILL no GM. He says this proves everything he already knew about the GM, that he's a cowardly, deceitful, 2 faced fraud. He says Nexus is taking over the WWE and there is nothing anybody can do to...

the crowd roars as Barrett stops, and there are superstars flooding down the steps in the arena. It's the Smackdown roster. Mysterio, Big Show, McIntyre, Edge, Miz, Del Rio, Rhodes and co. come down and stare down the security guards. Meanwhile in the parking lot we see Cena brawling with Nexus, and Orton, R-Truth, Sheamus and DiBiase are fighting too, throwing security guards everywhere. In the RAW locker room the security guards have been taken out, and the Divas one too. Then a limo turns up and out steps...Vince McMahon! the boss is here!. He is followed by the RAW roster and they are coming to the ring!

Meanwhile Edge is ordering the Smackdown troops, 3-2-1! and they jump the barricade!. They take down the security guards and throw them back into the crowd and chase them out. Then out comes Vince, followed by the RAW roster, and they all line up on the stage.

Barrett tries to start talking but Vince yells at him. How dare he do this to his show, how dare he treat his staff like this and the WWE Universe so badly. How dare he show such a lack of respect for his bosses and how dare he give himself the right to run the show, Vince McMahon runs the show. Barrett says Vince isn't the GM, and that he has to have the backing of the WWE Board of Directors. Vince interrupts, and says he does have the backing of the Board of Directors, and besides even if he isn't the GM, he knows who is, and he's going to make him pay. Barrett laughs, and says who is it, he isn't even here, you're just trying to threaten me because you're scared of the power you know I hold...

Unbeknown to Barrett somebody has got in the ring behind him. Barrett hears the roar from the crowd and the smirks on the RAW roster's faces, and he turns round and gets a faceful of...


HBK is back, and has superkicked Barrett. He has a mic, and he tells Barrett a very simple fact.

"I'm the General Manager".

And RAW goes off the air with HBK standing over Wade Barrett.

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WWE Smackdown Live
21st December
San Antonio, Texas

We start off straight away with "AWESOME!" and out comes the new World Heavyweight Champion, The Miz. He comes down in a posh suit with the belt over his right shoulder and gets in the ring. He says that he is the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. He says he has finally proven himself as a true star in this business. He says after all these years of being sniped at and booed by arrogant, ignorant fans he has proven himself to be better than every single one of them. He is the champion, he is the number one superstar, he is awesome, and the WWE Universe should respect him for it. He has worked endlessly up the ranks in the WWE and won championship after championship, accolade after accolade and now he can call himself a world champion. He's about to carry on but Edge's music hits and he comes out to a huge roar. Edge has a mic and he says congratulations in a sarky tone. He says congratulations on copying the true innovator in this industry, the original Mr. MITB, the man who invented cashing in on a vulnerable champion. Well done for beating the Rated R Superstar at his own game. However he says that that is where the congratulations ends, because now the hard work starts for The Miz. He has to defend his title and prove he deserves the championship, and he will have to do that sooner than he thinks as he is invoking his rematch clause tonight.

Kane's music hits and he comes out, and he asks Edge how he thinks he can invoke his rematch clause when he didn't even beat him at TLC. He says that he is sick and tired of being cheated out of the title and he will not stand for it any longer. He should be the World Heavyweight Champion, but if anyone deserves to be the number 1 contender it should be him. Edge laughs, and says that if the Big Red Monster was so powerful and fearsome, he'd have had no trouble in beating him. He says he already proved that he was better than him when he beat him for the World Heavyweight Championship in the first place. Kane says he can prove it if he dares to try. At this point Teddy Long comes on the tron, and he says that he loves a bit of controversy. However he says that Miz is the Champion, and the next time he will defend his title will be at the Royal Rumble, but that he will still be in action tonight. He says that seeing as neither Edge or Kane won their match last night, they will have to go again one on one to decide the number 1 contender, tonight! "Holla that, Playa!". Kane and Edge stare each other down whilst Miz looks quick smug as we go to a break.


We're back and Alberto Del Rio's music hits, and he comes out in an old Rolls Royce to large jeers and his personal ring announcer. He comes down to the ring after his fancy gold pyro and gets on the mic, he looks really smug. He says "good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am Alberto...Del Riiioooo! But you already know that". He says that we know a lot about him now, because of the statements he has been making on Smackdown every single week. He says that last night he made the biggest statement of his career so far last night when he put Rey Mysterio out of action for a long, long time. We see the brutal footage of Rey's destruction at the hands of Del Rio. Del Rio is laughing, and he says that he hopes Rey is in the hospital bed watching this now, because he wants him to know that the PPV was only the beginning. It was only his first pledge from when he came to the WWE, his second is to end Rey's career forever, his third is to be the win the World title, the fourth to be the longest reigning world champion in history, and the 5th to be a WWE Hall of Famer. He says that if Rey dares to come back, ever, he will end his career for good. He tells us that he has now become the biggest Latin-American star in the WWE, in fact in WWE history. He is bigger and better than Rey, than Pedro Morales, even bigger than Eddie Guerrero, which gets a lot of boos. He says he will continue to dominate this show because he is the best, that's a fact...and that's The Big Show's theme music, which promptly shuts Del Rio up.

Big Show comes to the ring and gets on the mic. He says for months now all he's heard is Del Rio's big mouth going on and on and on, and he says what Del Rio did to Rey was disgraceful, and he's going to get revenge. He says that Del Rio can claim to be the biggest mexican superstar ever, but he's the biggest American superstar, in fact he's the largest athlete in the world. He says tonight he's going to knock Del Rio out.

Del Rio goes on the defensive and says he doesn't have a problem with Show, he sas that he respects what he's done in the business etc. and Show retorts that of course he would, because he's bigger than him. He says Del Rio is a coward, and if he wants to prove he isn't, then he'll face him right here, right now. Del Rio agrees, and we have our first match.

Match 1: Big Show v Alberto Del Rio.

Not a long match, and it consists of Del Rio dodging Show or taking him down via his right knee. Del Rio goes to kick Show in the skull, but Show pushes him away, and then clotheslines Alberto. Show hits a bodyslam on Del Rio, and goes for a splash but Del Rio rolls out of the way. Del Rio goes kicking away at Show before he calls Ricardo Rodriguez to get him a chair, he obliges, and Del Rio takes the chair and lines up Show. The ref tries to take it off him, but Del Rio threatens him with it, but he turns into Show who grabs him by the throat and Del Rio drops the chair. Show goes for a chokeslam but Del Rio counters into a DDT onto the chair, and the ref calls the DQ.

Winner by DQ-Big Show.

Del Rio grabs the chair and continues to batter Show with across the back and his skull. Del Rio gives him one more smack in the skull, before standing back, waiting for Big Show's next move. Show tries to push himself up, but can't support his weight and collapses again, and Del Rio celebrates with a big grin on his face as we go backstage.

We're in the GM's locker room and in comes Kane to talk to Teddy. Teddy asks what he can do for him and Kane says he believes the officials are conspiring against him, and he wants to make sure he has a fair match. In essence he wants Teddy to be the Special Guest Referee, as he says he knows Teddy will call it right down the middle. Teddy stutters and goes well it's not really my business...but Kane says just do it. Teddy reluctantly agrees and Kane says good, and he'll see him out there. Kane leaves and Teddy looks on nervously as we go to a commercial.


We're back and Shaman's Harvest play Drew McIntyre's theme live and the new US Champion comes out to the ring looking confident. McIntyre says that at the PPV he proved he was the chosen one by defeating 5 other men for this illustrious title. He says that he is the most talented superstar on the roster and plans on being the champ for a long, long time. He's interrupted by Kofi Kingston, who comes out and says that although Drew won at the PPV, it still doesn't show that he is better than the Boom, Boom crazy Ghanaian 1 on 1. He says he will happily challenge Drew to a title match right now, but Dolph comes out and yells that he has a rematch clause and wants his title back now. Teddy Long comes out and says that as this is Christmas, and he's feeling the festive spirit and feels like giving the fans a great match, Drew McIntyre will defend his title against Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler in a Triple Threat match right here, right now. Drew looks furious but Kofi and Dolph start brawling down the ramp immediately before Drew comes down and eventually they all scramble into the ring for the match.

Match 2: US Championship-Triple Threat-Drew McIntyre(c) v Kofi Kingston v Dolph Ziggler.

Long match that ends with Kofi taking control of Dolph, he irish whipped Dolph to the turnbuckle, knee to jaw. Bulldog by Kofi, cover and he gets a 2 count. Kofi hits a buzzsaw kick, goes up top, goes for a splash, but Dolph rolls out of the way. Kick to the back of the head by Ziggler, and he covers, Kofi kicks out. McIntyre is on the outside after taking a battering by Kofi. Ziggler goes for a headlock, and Kofi is struggling, but he flips Ziggler over onto his back and hits a leg drop. Kofi does the "Boom, Boom", goes for the leg drop but Ziggler pushes him into the ropes, Kofi falls back into the ring, Dolph goes for the Zig Zag, but it's countered by Kofi, Trouble In Paradise!

Kofi covers...

McIntyre kicks Kofi in the head!

Kofi rolls out of the ring and McIntyre falls on Ziggler, covers and gets the pin!.

Winner and STILL US Champion-Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre celebrates with the belt as we have another commercial break.

We're back and it's a divas tag match, Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix v Layla and Michelle McCool.

Match 3: Divas Tag Match-Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix v Layla & Michelle McCool.

Short match which ends with Kelly tagging in Beth who clotheslines the incoming Layla, then knocks Michelle off the apron. Beth hits a bodyslam on Layla, and covers, but Layla kicks out at 2. Beth goes for the Glam Slam, but Michelle McCool comes in, but Kelly Kelly takes her down and they brawl to the outside. Layla goes for a roll-up, but Beth rolls through, kicks Layla in the head, covers and gets the pin.

Winners-Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix.

Kelly comes back in the ring and celebrates with Beth as we go to a RAW Review.

Back from the RAW Review and The Miz's music hits, and he comes down to the ring. He says he does not know who his opponent is, but he is confident that he can beat anybody as he's the World Heavyweight Champion, he's The Miz and he's awesome! And his opponent is...

...Cody Rhodes!

Match 4: World Heavyweight Champion The Miz v Cody Rhodes.

Good back and forth match which ends with Miz irish whipping Rhodes to the corner, he goes for a big boot, but Cody dodges and Miz gets tangled on the ropes. He eventually gets clear but walks straight into the Cross Rhodes!.

Rhodes covers...

2 1/2!
Kick Out!

Miz just managed to get his shoulder up! Rhodes keeps kicking away at Miz, and lifts him up on his shoulders, but Miz counters, Skull Crushing Finale! He covers...

2 1/2!
Rhodes just gets the shoulder up!

Miz cannot believe it. He yells at Rhodes to get up, he stomps his right foot several times in frustration. Rhodes staggers up, Miz goes for the SCF again, but Rhodes counters, kick to the gut, Cross Rhodes again!


Wait! The ref is distracted by a man on the ropes, it's Alex Riley!.

Rhodes breaks the pin, and gets up to confront Riley, and he smacks him with a right hand. Riley falls to the floor, but Miz grabs Rhodes, Skull Crushing Finale! He covers, and gets the pin!

Winner-The Miz.

The Miz celebrates as Alex Riley staggers into the ring to celebrate, clutching his jaw. Miz raises his title as we go to a commercial.

We're back with a video package of the Edge/Kane rivalry so far, and first out is Teddy Long in his referee's outfit. Then out comes Edge to his pyro, and finally Kane who looks angry.

Main Event: #1 Contendership to the World Heavyweight Championship-Kane v Edge w/ Special Guest Referee Teddy Long.

Kane takes control of the match with a big boot. He whips Edge into the corner, clothesline. Whips him into the opposite corner, big boot to the skull. Kane goes up top, and hits his clothesline. Goes for the cover, only a 2 count. Kane looks cross, but carries on. He sets up for the Chokeslam, goes for it, and hits it!

2 1/2!
Edge gets the shoulder up just in time!

Kane berates Teddy, saying it was 3. Teddy is adamant it's 2, Kane looks really frustrated. He does the slit throat pose, and sets Edge up for a Tombstone, and he hits it. He covers...

2 1/2!
3..No! Edge just managed to get the shoulder up in time!

Kane loses it, he says it was clearly 3! He's right in Teddy's face, Teddy says it was 2, he's just calling as he sees it. Kane goes to turn around, but then turns back, grabs Teddy by the throat and chokeslams him!. Teddy rolls out of the ring, and Kane yells at his motionless body that you don't mess with him. The crowd roar, and Kane turns around and walks into a Spear by Edge!. Edge motions for a ref and one runs down to the ring. Edge covers...

2 1/2!
Kane kicks out!

Edge looks dejected, he can't believe that wasn't enough. He goes to the corner, sets up for another spear. Charges at Kane, but Kane dodges and Edge goes into the ringpost shoulder first. Kane waits expectantly, goes for the chokeslam, but Edge counters into a DDT. Edge sets up for the spear, and hits it! and covers whilst he grimaces because of his injured shoulder.

He covers...


Edge wins to become the new number 1 contender.

Winner and NEW Number 1 Contender-Edge.

Edge celebrates and goes up the ramp as Kane sits up. Edge grins sadistically at Kane, who is seething. Kane goes to the outside, stares at Teddy, then the announce table. Cole says "no!", and Kane rips apart the top of the table. He takes a TV monitor, and smashes Teddy in the skull!. He's completely lost it. He picks Teddy up, goes for the Last Ride, and powerbombs him through the table!. Kane is raging, he does his arms up and down pose, and his red pyro goes off. The lights go out for a few seconds, and then they come back on, and Kane is gone as trainers and EMTS run down to treat Teddy as we go off the air.

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Storylines up to the Rumble

On RAW HBK's return shocks the WWE. Barrett confronts him the following week on RAW and demands an apology for HBK's actions. HBK laughs him off, but Barrett gets Nexus to corner him. HBK says that if Barrett, in fact the whole of Nexus don't do as he says, they will be out of the Rumble. Therefore Nexus get put into increasingly hard matches, mostly handicap matches against main eventers and big guys like Khali, Henry etc. Then the week before the Rumble Barrett angrily confronts HBK in the ring, and he gets a chair and says he doesn't care if he gets fired from RAW, because he has a cosy deal waiting for him on Smackdown, but he wants HBK to treat him with respect. HBK says Barrett has to earn his respect, and Barrett says he will earn everybody's respect when he wins the rumble on sunday. HBK says that will be difficult, as he's number 1. Barrett is apopleptic, but HBK just smirks at him, and says he has 2 other things he has to say, the first is that he's in the tag match mentioned below, and the second...he hits him with a Sweet Chin Music before Nexus come down, but HBK warns them that if they touch him they'll be out of the rumble. HBK dances to the back as we close this feud off before the Rumble.

Meanwhile Sheamus is re-instated as number 1 contender for the WWE Championship, and we have a KOTR tournament, which comes down to Randy Orton v Sheamus, and Sheamus wins after Nexus costs Orton the match through distraction. Sheamus goes on proclaiming himself as the King of the WWE, and Cena argues that Sheamus was a fluke and that he has very little credibility to be a real king, because a real king wins fair and square with no outside interference. Sheamus reminds him that he put Cena through a table to win the WWE Championship, and that at the Rumble he will beat him all over again. Cena says we'll wait and see, but until then...and they brawl. HBK intervenes and manages to keep them seperate through a series of matches for the next few weeks, until the RAW before the Rumble, where Cena teamed with Orton to face Sheamus and Barrett. In this match Cena and Sheamus brawl into the crowd, and Orton reverses Wasteland into an RKO for the pinfall. Sheamus has gained the upper hand as they go into the concourse, and he powerslams Cena through a confectionary stand, and stood over him to conclude the build up to the feud before the Rumble.

On Smackdown Edge is the number 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. The whole essence of the feud with Miz is that Miz has mirrored himself on the Rated R Superstar, but he feels Edge has lost his "edge", his touch, and he says he is the future. Edge laughs him off, and says that he will prove to Miz that the master is better than the student, and they brawl, in fact they brawl most weeks up until the go home Smackdown, where Edge spears Miz through a barracade after The Miz's match versus Rey Mysterio.

Meanwhile the commentators have had no sighting of Kane since he snapped and injured Teddy Long. Long is out of action indefinately and a new Smackdown GM will be announced in a few weeks.

For the divas match, Laycool won a battle royal to determine the #1 contender, and Layla was drawn to face Natalya at the Rumble.

And obviously the rumble match is the big match. There was a series of qualifying matches, but I'm not going to spoil the surprise :). All you know is that Nexus is involved, and that Wade Barrett is #1.

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WWE Royal Rumble 2011
Boston, Massachusetts

**Disclaimer: There is an impossible in reality surprise in the PPV but I'm moving away from following WWE as I have being doing.**

Huge Opening pyro as Michael Cole welcomes us to the 24th annual Royal Rumble live in Boston, alongside him on commentary are Jerry "The King" Lawler and Matt Striker, and they plug the Rumble match before we head up to our ring announcer Tony Chimel, and Edge's music hits as we start with the World Heavyweight Championship match. Miz follows him out with Alex Riley accompanying.

Match 1: World Heavyweight Championship-The Miz(c) v Edge.

Long back and forth match which ends with both men going down after a collision. The referee gets to a count of 8 before Edge staggers to his feet just before Miz, and they trade blows, Edge gets the upperhand and they go into the corner, Edge pummelling Miz. Edge steps back, before running at Miz, but Miz dodges and Edge smacks his shoulder into the ringpost. Armbar take down by Miz, and he works out the injured arm of Edge as the Rated R Superstar refuses to tap out. Edge gets up, kicks Miz in the gut and hits a DDT, but rolls away clutching his arm.

Edge eventually gets up, and he hits several running clotheslines with his good arm on Miz. Atomic drop by Edge and Miz is down. Edge goes up top, but Alex Riley climbs on the apron and distracts him, and Miz jumps onto the ropes and causes Edge to fall onto the turnbuckle. Miz goes up onto the turnbuckle, and pummels Edge, he's going for a superplex, but Edge punches him in the ribs several times, before smacking him in the jaw and Miz falls down. Edge waits for Miz to get up, and he turns around, and Edge jumps off the turnbuckle and spears Miz!. Edge slowly struggles into a cover...

Wait! Alex Riley has pulled the ref out of the ring!. Edge is bewildered, but quickly gets angry. He rolls out of the ring and chases Alex Riley round it, until Riley falls. Edge lines up for a spear on Riley, but Alex dodges and Edge spears the ref into the steel ring steps!. Edge is shocked, and turns round and Riley smashes him with his briefcase! Riley rolls him back into the ring, Miz, who has struggled to his feet goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, calls for another ref and covers...


Miz retains his title!

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion-The Miz.

The Miz is helped out of the ring by Alex Riley and they hurry off up the ramp as Edge stares at them in anger and frustration at the outcome.

We go backstage and we're with the Nexus, and Barrett is telling them that they will be successful tonight, because they will fight for each other and stick together and eliminate everybody else. Otunga then asks what happens if they end up together at the end, and Barrett says that as he is the leader of the Nexus and because he won NXT and is a former WWE Champion, that they should do the right thing and eliminate themselves for him. Otunga looks like he's going to chirp up an argument but the other members of Nexus seem to unnerve him, so instead he asks what about if Barrett is eliminated before they get in? Barrett says he will not be eliminated and that he is going to Wrestlemania to become the World Champion once again, and he and the other members of Nexus walk off and leave Otunga contemplating in the locker room, but Barrett comes back on screen and says "are you with us?", and Otunga reluctantly goes with him and we're left with an empty locker room bar a Nexus t-shirt hanging up in front of us.

We're back in the ring and it's time for the WWE Championship match. Out first is Sheamus with his crown, green robe and green and gold trunks and he's followed out by the near hometown hero to a huge ovation, John Cena.

Match 2: WWE Championship-John Cena(c) v Sheamus.

The match concludes with Cena fighting back against the dominant Irishman. He takes down Sheamus with 2 shoulder blocks, before hitting his spinning back suplex. Cena goes for the 5 knuckle shuffle, but Sheamus gets up and clotheslines him. Sheamus then waits for Cena to get up, before booting him in the skull. He covers...

Kick Out!

Sheamus looks cross but he picks Cena off the mat. Cena fights back by pummelling Sheamus, he goes for the Irish Whip but Sheamus counters and Cena bounces off the ropes, ducks a clotheslines but walks into a Belly to Belly suplex. Sheamus roars in approval and Cena rolls out of the ring. Sheamus follows him and Cena is resting on the ring steps. Sheamus charges at him but Cena trips him into the ring steps and there's an almighty crash as Sheamus falls into them. Cena uses the announce table to help himself up, before he goes and picks Sheamus up. He bounces Sheamus off the ringpost, then the announce table before pushing him back into the ring. Cena goes up top, and hits his flying legdrop onto the back of Sheamus's neck. Cena goes for the 5 knuckle shuffle, and this time he hits!. Cena waits for Sheamus to stagger up which he does, and he goes for the FU, Sheamus rolls off his shoulders, Cena turns into a spinebuster! Sheamus stretches his arms out in approval and roars, and he picks Cena up for the Celtic Cross, but suddenly a video package plays on the titantron, highlighting how Sheamus isn't a real king and that he is going to pay for his actions, the real king is coming to get revenge. It ends with the emblem of Triple's trunks, topped with a crown on the screen. Sheamus has dropped Cena, and he looks petrified, and shouts "no" several times at the titantron, but unbeknown to him Cena has got up, and Sheamus turns into an FU, and Cena hits it and covers to retain his title.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion-John Cena.

The crowd erupts as Cena celebrates retaining his title. He leaves the ring and poses up on the ramp, as Sheamus hammers his fists into the mat in frustration at what happened, and the commentators are bemused at the video and what happened as we go to an Elimination Chamber promo.

We're back and it's time for the Divas title match. Out first is Natalya with her title, and following her out is Layla accompanied by Michelle McCool.

Match 3: Divas Championship-Natalya(c) v Layla

A shorter match which ends with Natalya locking in the Sharpshooter on Layla, who just about crawls to the ropes, but can't reach them. She's about to tap out but Michelle enters the ring and distracts the ref as Layla starts tapping. Natalya breaks the hold and confronts Michelle, and slaps her and throws her out the ring. Layla sneaks up behind Natalya and rolls her up for a 2 count. Layla is then going for a DDT, but Natalya counters into a back body drop. Natalya waits for Layla to get up and hits a spinning powerbomb on her! She goes for the cover...

No! Michelle has pulled the referee out of the ring, and she slaps the ref! The ref calls for the DQ and Natalya retains her title.

Winner and STILL Divas Champion-Natalya.

Michelle is horrified, and gets angry and grabs the ref, but Natalya scuttles out the ring and takes Michelle down. She pummels Michelle before going for a Sharpshooter, but Michelle kicks her away and runs away. Natalya just smiles and poses with her title as we go to a Wrestlemania promo.

We're back and we get a Rumble promo package, before we go up to the ring and Justin Roberts is to announce the first entrants. Out first obviously is Wade Barrett, and he comes down to the ring purposefully and Cole and Lawler think it's unlikely that he will able to survive the whole match, but Striker says you never know, it all depends on the influence of the Nexus in the match. He waits in the ring for the no.2 entrant, and it's Randy Orton, the viper comes down to the ring to huge cheers and we're ready to start the match.

Main Event: 30 Man Royal Rumble Match.

Orton and Barrett lock up in the centre of the ring. Orton gets the upper hand and they go to the corner, Orton pummels away at Barrett but he reverses it and starts pummelling Orton in the ribs. Orton counters by punching Barrett in the jaw, causing Barrett to stumble away, and Orton clotheslines him. Orton goes to eliminate him, but Wade holds on and elbows Randy in the nose, Orton turns away and clutches his face and Barrett goes to throw him over the ropes but Orton holds onto them. Barrett can't throw him over as we get the countdown to the next entrant...

Entrant #3-Kofi Kingston.

Kofi runs down and takes Barrett out with a clothesline. He hits him with another one before he hits Orton with an enzuguri. Kofi lifts Barrett up, and hits him with several shots before going for an Irish whip, but Barrett reverses but Kofi counters with a Buzzsaw kick, however Orton catches him from behind and hits an inverted backbreaker on him. Orton stalks Kofi, setting up for the RKO, but Kofi pushes Orton to the mat. Orton charges at Kofi but Kofi trips him over the ropes, however Orton holds on. Kofi walks into a big boot from Barrett as Orton slides back in under the bottom rope. Barrett stomps away on Orton as the countdown begins for entrant #4...

Entrant #4-Rey Mysterio.

Rey runs down, jumps on the apron, and takes Barrett down with a Seated Senton. He stands waiting for any movement, and he takes Orton down with a clothesline, before hitting a bulldog on Barrett. He then turns round and stares down Kofi, but before they lock up Rey turns round and Orton boots him in the skull, but Orton is met with an enzuguri by Kofi for his troubles. Rey has staggered up, and Barrett charges at him, but Rey trips him into the ropes, and he goes for the 619, but Barrett grabs his legs, pulls him into the ring and goes for the Wasteland, however he drops Rey as Kofi hits him with a Trouble in Paradise, Orton spins Kofi around and hits him with an RKO! then Rey hits a head scissors on Orton which forces him into the ropes. Rey sets up for the 619 and hits it! Rey goes to jump onto Orton from the top rope, but Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere! Orton is the only man standing as we count down to entrant #5...

Entrant #5-Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes runs down into the ring and takes down Orton. He pummels Orton as Cole reminds us of the Legacy feud. Cody relents and waits for Orton to get up, he goes for the Cross Rhodes, but Orton counters, lifting Rhodes onto his shoulders and managing to force him over the top rope and to the floor below.

Eliminated-Cody Rhodes.

Orton grins sadistically at Rhodes who looks devastated that he got eliminated. Orton however is grabbed from behind by Kofi who tries to push him over the ropes, but Orton gets his leg through the middle rope and prevents Kofi from pushing him out. Kofi is then knocked in the back of the head by Barrett, who then hits a knockout punch on Orton which sends him through the middle rope, but his leg gets tangled and he grabs the ring apron to steady himself before clutching onto the ring post and lying face down, dazed at the edge of the ring.

Barrett is kicked several times by Rey, as the number 6 entrant comes out...

Entrant #6-Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre comes into the ring and clotheslines Kofi. Rey is pummelling Barrett in the corner. Barrett knees him away, charges at him but Rey catches him with a DDT. Drew then attacks Rey, but Kofi jumps him from behind and he and Rey double team on McIntyre, they hit a double suplex, before Rey hits a Frog Splash off the turnbuckle(Barrett is slouched in the corner, Orton is still out of it). Drew staggers to his feet as Kofi hits him with a Trouble In Paradise which sends McIntyre over the top rope and to the floor below.

Eliminated-Drew McIntyre.

Almost instantly Barrett jumps up, grabs Kofi from behind and throws him over the top rope to eliminate him!.

Eliminated-Kofi Kingston.

It's time for the #7 entrant...

Entrant #7-David Otunga.

He comes down and Barrett gives him a pat on the back. They go after Rey as he's all alone as Orton is still down. Otunga pummels Rey under Barrett's instruction. He then passes him to Barrett who hits him with a bodyslam. Barrett and Otunga grin before Wade picks up Rey, and holds him and orders Otunga to pummel him. Otunga does but then pauses, flexes his hands and goes for a big right hand but Rey dodges and Otunga smacks Barrett!. Rey drop toeholds Otunga into the ropes, he goes for the 619 and hits it, and follows it up with a Seated Senton! He's grabbed by Barrett, but spins into a hurricanrana, goes up top, and hits a Frog Splash on Barrett! The countdown for entrant #8 starts as Rey poses to the crowd's adulation...

Entrant #8-Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio's music wipes the smile of Rey's face. Del Rio looks in a business like mood and he runs down to the ring. They brawl, and Del Rio starts stomping on Rey. Suplex by Del Rio. Del Rio poses but he has an angry look on his face. Del Rio grabs Rey, but Rey starts fighting back, but Del Rio hits him hard in the back and Rey goes down again. Del Rio lifts Rey for some sort of powerbomb, but Rey punches Del Rio in the head, leans back, grabs the ropes and tosses Del Rio over the top rope with a head scissors!

Eliminated-Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio is furious as Rey laughs at him. Rey turns round and counters a charge by Otunga with a dropkick, he then takes down Barrett with a DDT. He's standing over Barrett when suddenly Del Rio enters the ring, grabs him and throws him over the top rope!

Eliminated-Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio is shocked as Del Rio looks smug at him, and Alberto comes out of the ring and Rey attacks him, and they trade blows all the way back up the ramp and backstage as the next entrant's countdown begins...

Entrant #9-Michael McGillicutty.

McGillicutty comes down and checks on Barrett and Otunga, they both stagger to their feet, and all 3 stare at Orton lying motionless in the corner. Barrett instructs McGillicutty to grab him, and he does. Several punches to Orton, he's irish whipped and McGillicutty clotheslines him. Orton staggers to his feet, ducks a second clothesline but Otunga and Barrett jump him and take him down. Orton slithers to the corner, but McGillicutty and Otunga stop on him, before MM stands back, charges in and boots Orton in the skull. Nexus laugh as MM boots him again, before he lifts him up and hits a hip toss on Orton as the clock counts down for the next entrant...

Entrant #10-Husky Harris.

Harris runs down to the ring and Barrett has a massive grin on his face. Harris splashes Orton down into the corner. He then charges in and smashes into him but first. Barrett orders Harris to pick him up, and he does. Harris lifts him onto his shoulders, and hits a Samoan Drop. Orton struggles to the ropes, and gets to his feet. Otunga then tries to knock him over them, but Orton dodges and starts pummelling Otunga, but McGillicutty and Harris pull him off and pummel him down, before they push him towards Otunga who hits The Verdict on Orton, and they all raise each others arms and grin over the lifeless Orton as the clock ticks down to entrant #11...

Entrant #11-Mark Henry.

The World's Strongest Man comes down and gets on the apron, McGillicutty charges at him but Henry headbutts him away. He gets in the ring and clotheslines Otunga and Barrett, before staring down with Husky Harris. Henry splashes into Harris but can only get him to stagger into the corner. Henry charges into the corner, but Harris kicks him away, Henry turns round and Otunga charges at him, but Henry counters into the World's Strongest Slam. Now McGillicutty, same treatment!. He goes to pick up Barrett, but Harris hits him from behind, Harris pummels Henry, goes for an irish whip, Henry reverses, and they splash into each other. Henry staggers backwards into the ropes, and Harris clotheslines him over to eliminate him!

Eliminated-Mark Henry.

Harris turns round, RKO by Orton!. Barrett grabs Orton, and goes to throw him over, but Orton reverses and tries to push Barrett over, but McGillicutty and Otunga pull Orton away and save Wade, who stumbles back into the ring. He orders that they give him Orton, and they beat him and then give him to Barrett, who lifts him onto his shoulders, Wasteland!. Barrett stands over Orton as the next entrant comes out...

Entrant #12-Justin Gabriel.

Gabriel runs down and Barrett orders him to the top rope. Gabriel goes up, pauses, this takes about 30 seconds to be done, before he hits the 450 splash on Orton who rolls out of the ring. Barrett then orders Nexus to surround Orton on the outside and they do, Barrett dictating orders from in the ring. Harris whips Orton into the ring steps whilst McGillicutty destructs the Smackdown Announce table. They lay Orton out on it, and order Gabriel onto the turnbuckle. They hold Orton down, and Gabriel hits a 450 splash onto Orton and they go through the table. Orton is laid out cold as Nexus laugh and celebrate as the next entrant comes out.

Entrant #13-Ted DiBiase.

Ted DiBiase runs down and catches Barrett off guard, and tries to eliminate him. Nexus charge back into the ring and pull DiBiase off Barrett, and start the beat down on Ted. Harris clotheslines him, then McGillicutty follows suit before Otunga hits a DDT on him. Gabriel goes up top, and another 450 splash!. Nexus wait for DiBiase to struggle to his feet and Barrett climbs to the top rope. He orders Harris and MM to pick DiBiase up, they do, and they put him on Barrett's shoulders. Barrett then hits wasteland off the turnbuckle to the outside and DiBiase crashes into the barricade! it looks really awful and immediately referees signal to the back for medical help. Barrett smirks and points to the Wrestlemania 27 sign as the next entrant is about to enter...

Entrant #14-The Big Show.

Big Show comes down to the ring and Nexus are on edge. They start the beat down on Show, but he pushes them away. Show takes each of them down with right hands, before grabbing Barrett for a chokeslam, but the rest of Nexus jump all over him. He throws Otunga off, but MM and Harris double clothesline him, and jump all over him pummelling him. He pushes them off and tries to struggle to his feet using the ropes, but Nexus grab his legs and try and throw him over, then Gabriel gets on the apron and pulls the rope down, which shifts Big Show's weight and he topples over the top rope to the floor below, and Nexus regroup and celebrate.

Eliminated-The Big Show.

Barrett stares over to Orton to check he's still out, which he is, so Nexus prepare for the next entrant which is...

Entrant #15-The Great Khali.

Nexus look resigned but Barrett slaps them all on the back and tries to gee them up. Khali enters and the punches aren't having any effect on him. He pushes them away and starts chopping them down individually. He double chokeslams Otunga, but Harris grabs him round the neck and McGillicutty takes his right leg and they topple Khali back onto the ropes. Nexus jump like a pack of dogs onto Khali and try and force him out, they punch him and try and lift him but his size and occassional chops are keeping him in, the crowd are on edge as the clock ticks down and the next entrant comes out...

Entrant #16-Heath Slater.

Slater runs down, pulls down the top rope and Nexus keep pushing and eventually Khali topples out. Nexus congratulate each other and raise each other's hands in celebrations, but they have their backs turned to the announce table, and unbeknowngst to them Orton has staggered to his feet, the crowd cheers and Barrett turns round and Orton is glaring at him. Barrett smirks and beckons Orton into the ring, and Nexus are egging him on, and Orton nods, then picks up a chair, and Nexus look worried. Orton charges in, and gets attacked by Nexus, he pushes them away, SMASH! Harris down, SMASH! Otunga down! SMASH! McGillicutty down! Barrett dodges to the corner as Orton sizes him up with the chair, but Gabriel jumps off the turnbuckle, SMASH!, but Slater from behind, and Orton is taken out. McGillicutty and Harris pull Orton into the corner, and they pummel him again. Barrett orders them to pick him up, and he sizes him up with the chair as the next entrant comes out...

Entrant #17-Booker T.

Booker T's music hits and the crowd goes wild. He comes down to the ring and Barrett stares him down, holding the chair. Orton wrestles his way out of Nexus's grasp and takes out Barrett. Booker T comes in and takes down Otunga, and Orton and Booker double team and take down Nexus, clotheslines to MM, Harris and Otunga, boots to Gabriel and Slater. Booker does the spinaroony, before Barrett grabs him, BookEnd by Booker T!. Harris eats an RKO by Orton, and Booker kicks MM in the gut, and hits the Scissors Kick!. Booker and Orton stare down, but they're both smiling. Otunga runs at Booker T, and he's sent flying over the top rope! Booker stares down at Otunga, but Slater's lining up T, and he runs at him, but Booker lifts him over the top rope too, and he mouths off at Slater, however Harris has taken out Orton, and MM sneaks up on Booker and sends him over the top rope, and Nexus take back control of the Rumble.

Eliminated-Heath Slater, David Otunga & Booker T.

Husky has neutralised Orton as the next entrant comes out...

Entrant #18-Santino Marella.

Santino runs down to the ring and punches MM. He takes him down with a clothesline before turning to the crowd and cheering. He sets up for the cobra, but turns into Husky Harris, he goes for the cobra, but Harris grabs his hand, and hits the Samoan Drop on Santino. Marella crawls to the ropes, staggers up and gets clotheslined over the top rope by Harris and is eliminated.

Eliminated-Santino Marella.

Barrett is sitting in the corner and instructing MM and Harris to continue the beat down of Orton. This continues in the corner until the next entrant is counted down to, and McGillicutty moves to the middle of the ring in anticipation.

Entrant #19-Tyson Kidd.

Tyson Kidd runs down, jumps on the apron, jumps over the top rope and is immediately clotheslined out by McGillicutty.

Eliminated-Tyson Kidd.

Cole and Lawler wonder if that is a record elimination, Striker says it was 2 seconds. Barrett is still sat in the corner resting up, and he orders Harris to lift Orton up. Harris hits a samoan drop on Orton. Barrett then gets up and orders Gabriel to the top rope, he obliges and they hit another 450 splash on Orton, who is battered and bruised beyond belief. Spinebuster by McGillicutty. Barrett gets Orton on his shoulders and is about to go for a wasteland, but the next entrant comes out...

Entrant #20-Edge.

Edge comes out to a huge ovation and charges down to the ring, and spears Barrett. MM, Harris and Gabriel attack him, but Edge lifts MM over the top rope, he holds on, but Edge spears him to the ring floor! He turns round and Gabriel charges at him, but Edge lifts him over the top rope to the floor below! Harris jumps Edge, and lifts him up above his head, but Orton attacks Harris's knee, and dropkicks Harris into the ropes. Harris is balancing on the ropes, and Edge and Orton look at each other, and they both push Harris over the top rope, Rated RKO back on fire!

Eliminated-Michael McGillicutty, Justin Gabriel & Husky Harris.

Edge and Orton stare at each other, and then look at the corner where Barrett is standing, look very wary. Orton is clutching his ribs, but suddenly finds another gear and lays into Barrett, they're pummelling away at each other, Orton is reversed into the corner but his kicks Barrett away who turns into a Spear by Edge! Orton is slouched in the corner as the next entrant comes out...

Entrant #21-John Morrison.

Morrison comes down, jumps off the top rope into a Starship Pain on Barrett. Awesome move! Crowd chant "Holy Shit!". Morrison stares at Orton, but turns back and Edge spears him! Orton stands up in the corner and he and Edge stare down, and they go at it, trading blows before Orton kicks him in the gut. Orton bounces off the ropes but Edge clotheslines him, and he clotheslines Morrison too. Barrett comes in with a big boot though. Barrett taken down by an enzuguri by Morrison, who pounds away on him. He turns round into a clothesline by Orton, and a second, and then an inverted backbreaker! Crowd cheers for Orton, but Edge is in the corner sizing him up for the Spear, but Orton dodges it and sends Edge flying into the ringpost, and he pulls him out into an inverted backbreaker. Orton does his arc pose as the next entrant comes out...

Entrant #22-R-Truth.

R-Truth comes down and takes down Orton with a clothesline. He immediately goes after Barrett and starts beating him down in the corner. Morrison hits an enzuguri on Edge, and the next 90 seconds is just everybody fighting amongst themselves in the corner until the next entrant...

Entrant #23-Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler comes in and joins the brawling, and eventually he turns round into Edge. They lock up and start brawling into the corner. Ziggler pummels Edge, but Edge flips it round and starts kicking and punching Ziggler. Thumbs to the eyes by Ziggler and he hits the Zig Zag on Edge! Ziggler poses but turns into a spinning elbow by R-Truth, who walks straight into an enzuguri by Morrison, who gets spun by Orton into an RKO, who gets caught by Barrett, who goes for the Wasteland, but Orton rolls off his shoulders and hits a back suplex on Wade. The next entrant is...

Entrant #24-Daniel Bryan.

Bryan comes out and Orton goes for an RKO, but Bryan counters into the LeBelle Lock. Orton is in agony but won't tap(doesn't matter anyway) before Ziggler stomps on Bryan's head. Ziggler clotheslines Bryan into the corner, and starts pummelling him, but Bryan manages to lift Ziggle over the ropes onto the apron, and he is punching Ziggler, but Dolph holds on and then grabs Bryan's head, he's trying to force Bryan over the ropes but Bryan's holding on. Out of nowhere though Barrett comes from behind and grabs Bryan and chucks him out, and Ziggler survives.

Eliminated-Daniel Bryan.

Meanwhile Morrison has taken down Edge, and is going up for the Starship Pain, but Edge gets his knees up and Morrison flips over. R-Truth has climbed up top and he hits a spinning legdrop onto Morrison, before getting taken down by Barrett. Barrett stomps away on R-Truth, as Orton gets into a squabble with Ziggler in the corner as we count to the next entrant...

Entrant #25-Chris Masters.

Masters comes out to his old theme. He comes down to the ring and takes down Morrison with a clothesline. He then takes down Orton, Barrett, Ziggler and R-Truth. Edge kicks him in the gut, but Masters ducks a charge by Edge and slips in the Masterlock, and Edge is struggling to get out of the hold. Edge is losing consciousness and Masters lets him go, and turns a big boot by Barrett. Masters struggles to the ropes but Ziggler kicks him in the side of the head and Masters falls over the ropes to the floor below.

Eliminated-Chris Masters.

Ziggler is smiling and being really cocky but Morrison jumps him from behind and sends him over the top rope. Ziggler holds on for dear life but as he regains his footing Morrison hits an enzuguri and Ziggler falls off and is eliminated.

Eliminated-Dolph Ziggler.

R-Truth goes for Morrison, but Morrison lifts R-Truth over his shoulders and R-Truth lands on the apron, Morrison has turned away but in the background Edge whips off the ropes and charges across the ring and spears R-Truth, who crashes into the barricade and is eliminated.


Edge looks pleased with himself but Morrison confronts him and starts punching him. Edge blocks a kick and takes down Morrison. Edge sets up for a DDT, but Morrison reverses into one of his own. Morrison goes to the corner and hits the Starship Pain on Edge, and as Orton and Barrett are fighting in the corner Morrison stands alone in the middle of the ring. The countdown begins and the next entrant is...

Entrant #26-Sheamus.

Sheamus storms down and Morrison is egging him on to come down. Sheamus into the ring and Morrison jumps on him, and they brawl on the mat, rolling over and pummelling each other in the process. Sheamus gets in control and starts kicking Morrison in the corner. Sheamus turns away before charging at Morrison, who kicks him in the head. Morrison goes up top, jumps off but Sheamus kicks him in the skull. Sheamus roars in approval before he hits the Celtic Cross on Morrison. Orton charges at Sheamus but eats a big boot, and Sheamus hits a spinebuster on Barrett. Morrison is struggling to his feet and Sheamus throws him out to eliminate him.

Eliminated-John Morrison.

Sheamus raises his arms and roars in approval and notices the clock counting down, so stands there waiting for the next entrant who is...Triple H!.

Entrant #27-Triple H.

Sheamus looks horrified as the crowd goes wild. HHH comes down to the ring as Sheamus says "it was you, you cost me". HHH grins, and charges into the ring and Sheamus pummels him. HHH pushes him off and hits a spinebuster on Sheamus. HHH does his pose and the crowd goes mad as HHH goes for a pedigree, Sheamus low blows. Sheamus goes for a big boot, HHH ducks, PEDIGREE!. HHH walks round the ring menacingly whilst Sheamus crawls to the ropes to get up. HHH charges at Sheamus, clotheslines him but his momentum takes them both out!

Eliminated-Sheamus and HHH.

HHH roars, and attacks Sheamus. He throws him into the barricade, and then the ring steps. He goes under the ring, and pulls out his sledgehammer, and smashes Sheamus between the eyes with it. HHH carries on the assault, smashing Sheamus with his sledgehammer and also throwing him into every barricade possible as they go back up the ramp. HHH then hits a pedigree on the stage before standing over a bloodied Sheamus as the clock ticks down for the next entrant...

Entrant #28-Diesel.

Diesel is back! The crowd go ballistic as Diesel stares down HHH before heading to the ring. He takes down Orton and Barrett with clotheslines and hits Edge with a big boot. He hits a powerslam on Orton, before going up top. He goes for a clothesline on Edge, but Edge spears him!. Diesel clutches his ribs and staggers to try and get back to his feet, but Barrett comes in with a big boot and sends him over the top rope and eliminates him.


Barrett looks smug, but turns round right into an RKO by Orton!. Orton is going absolutely mental and the crowd eats it up, as they are on side after his terrible beating. Orton and Edge stare down and lock up in the centre of the ring. They go to the corner and rotate and trade blows. Orton breaks it up and hits Edge with several kicks to the gut, before slamming Edge shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Edge is really hurting in his shoulder now, and Orton takes advantage with an armbar takedown. Orton stands up waiting for the next entrant as he comes out...

Entrant #29-Jack Swagger.

Swagger comes out looking smug, and he takes down Orton with a clothesline before twisting Edge's arm round, going up top and jumping down on top of Edge's shoulder. Edge is in agony but Swagger doesn't relent, and he takes Edge and wait...he locks in the Crossface! Crossface by Swagger! Edge is in agony and taps out but Swagger won't relent. Orton eventually kicks Swagger to break the hold, and Randy lines up for the punt, but Swagger dodges, German Suplex by Swagger and Orton lands on his suspect neck. Swagger picks Orton up, and hits a jackhammer suplex on Orton!. Swagger gets up and grabs the ropes and is seriously happy, but Edge across the ring is setting up for a Spear!. Edge charges but Swagger lifts him up and manages to toss Edge to the floor, Edge is out!


Edge looks dejected as Swagger grins and poses as the clock ticks down...who is number 30?

Entrant #30-KURT ANGLE!

Angle's music hits and the crowd goes mad! Swagger looks shocked. Angle says "wooo, I'm the real american!". Angle charges in the ring and takes Swagger down. Swagger is in shock as he gets up, Angle slam by Kurt!. Kurt lines up Swagger, and clotheslines him out of the Rumble! We're down to the final 3! Orton, Angle and Barrett!.

Eliminated-Jack Swagger.

Swagger is horrified on the outside as Angle turns round into Wade Barrett. Barrett goes for the punch but Angle blocks, he pummels Barrett, right hand after right hand. Angle goes for the irish whip, Barrett reverses, Angle hits the turnbuckle. Barrett charges in but Angle kicks him the head. Barrett stumbles away and Angle catches him with the Angle Slam!. Angle woos and pulls down his straps, and locks in the Ankle Lock on Barrett, and Barrett is tapping like mad but Angle won't let go. Barrett crawls to near the ropes, but Angle pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Barrett crawls back close to the ropes, but Orton comes up behind Angle, spins him round, goes for the RKO but Angle counters, and pushes Orton to the mat. Orton gets up, and Angle hits a Belly to Belly suplex. Angle goes for Orton's ankle, but Orton boots him away, Angle goes after him again but Barrett comes across and smashes him with a boot to the side of the head. Barrett and Orton then lock up, elbow smash by Barrett, Orton punches back. Barrett whips Orton to the corner, Orton dodges the clothesline and hits an inverted backbreaker on Barrett. Orton walks backwards away from Barrett right into an Angle Slam by Kurt. Kurt woos as he goes after Barrett, but Barrett trips him into the turnbuckle. Barrett hits a back suplex on Angle and raises his arm as he senses victory is close. Barrett picks Angle up onto his shoulders for a Wasteland, but Angle is elbowing him so Barrett drops him over the ropes onto the ring apron, but Angle puts Barrett in a headlock and is trying to get him over the ropes. Barrett is close to going at one point but he wriggles free and hits a big right hand to Angle, who falls but holds on to the top rope with one hand. Barrett thinks he's eliminated him, but turns round and sees Angle struggling back onto the ring apron, so he charges at Angle, who pulls down the ropes and Barrett goes over and is eliminated! Angle laughs at Barrett but Orton has got up, and as Angle turns round Orton RKOs Angle into the top rope and Angle falls to the floor, Orton is going to Wrestlemania!

Winner-Randy Orton.

The crowd erupts as Orton clutches his ribs but staggers to his feet and raises his arm in victory. Cole says that Orton has broken the record time in the Rumble, lasting 1 hour 7 minutes!

Orton does his arc pose on the turnbuckle as the pyro goes off and Cole says that the Viper is going to Wrestlemania!.

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Storylines to Elimination Chamber PPV

On the back of a historic Royal Rumble, the winner Randy Orton addressed Monday Night RAW as the longest participant in the Rumble in history. He came out and said that he was going to do things differently this time around. He said he had learnt from 2 years ago and his spat with Triple H, that he was going to play things cool. He said that he wasn't going to pick his opponent till after the Elimination Chamber PPV, and that he was going to watch both chambers with great interest. He said that the Viper is going to Wrestlemania and will walk out as a World Cham...and he is conveniently interrupted, by a Mr Wade Barrett. Barrett said he has come out to congratulate Orton on lasting the rumble, and the assault on him by the Nexus. He says that Orton showed a great courage, personal pride and determination to outlast him last night. He says however that lightning does not strike twice, and that if they faced off again, in a real wrestling match that he would win. Orton says it is all irrelevant now, as Orton is going to main event Wrestlemania, whilst Barrett is not, unless he wins the Chamber. Barrett says that that is where Orton is wrong, because Barrett is taking a leaf out of his book. He reminds us of 2006 where Orton tastelessly provoked Rey into accepting a challenge by Orton for his Wrestlemania spot at No Way Out, which Orton took by cheating. He says that instead of being tasteless, he is going to ask Orton for the same opportunity at the Elimination Chamber. He says that if Orton is such a man and is so deserving of that spot he would face him in a heartbeat, and beat him one more time to prove it beyond doubt. Wade says that if Orton doesn't accept, that he is coward and that Nexus will beat him down till he has to forfeit his main event spot and he will take his place, and if he doesn't believe him then he should pay close attention. Nexus come out and surround the ring, and Orton is cornered. He attacks Barrett with the mic, before escaping the clutch of Nexus. He goes to the top of the ramp and tells Barrett he's on. In the next 2 weeks Orton thwarts Nexus, and manages to take out Husky Harris with an RKO through the announce table, followed by a punt to the skull. Nexus chased Orton off but he stood at the top of the arena staircase looking down at Barrett and Nexus, frustrated by their inability to get to Orton.

So at Elimination Chamber Randy Orton puts his title shot at Wrestlemania on the line against Wade Barrett.

For the RAW Chamber, John Cena will be forced to put his title up in the Chamber against 5 other men who had to qualify for the match. CM Punk defeated Daniel Bryan, John Morrison defeated Tyson Kidd, R-Truth defeated Heath Slater, Sheamus defeated Ted DiBiase and HHH was last up in his qualifier against Michael McGillicutty. Sheamus interfered and got HHH disqualified, however HBK came out and ordered a restart to the match and said that if Sheamus interfered again he would lose his Chamber spot. HHH hit a quick pedigree to pin MM and qualify. In the next 2 weeks Sheamus and HHH would confront each other, but neither man would get the upper hand in the feud. In the meantime CM Punk was telling the world that it was his destiny to make the most historic impact ever at Wrestlemania, and that he would make his own Wrestlemania moment.

So John Cena will defend his WWE Championship in the Elimination Chamber against John Morrison, CM Punk, R-Truth, HHH and Sheamus.

On Smackdown Edge was seeking revenge against Alex Riley for his interference in the World Title match. He eventually got it when he injured Alex Riley in a qualifying match for the Elimination Chamber by spearing him through a barricade after he won the match. Miz says that Edge should be fired for the injuries he has given to Riley, and that he will punish the Rated R Superstar in the Chamber, because he is going to Wrestlemania as the World Heavyweight Champion. Edge says that this time there is nobody to help Miz, and that he will get his justice and will go to Wrestlemania as the champ. Also qualifying for the chamber are Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio(who continued their feud on Smackdown with several match interferences and beatdowns), Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler.

So The Miz will defend his World Heavyweight Championship in the Elimination Chamber against Edge, Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler.

Also on Smackdown Jack Swagger came out complaining that he was cheated out of a Royal Rumble victory by Kurt Angle. He says that it was a fluke and that he is the All-American American and will prove that he is a true ambassador for this great nation by laying the fraud that is Kurt Angle to rest. Angle comes out and says that he is the only Olympic gold medallist in WWE history, and that he will ensure that Jack Swagger will never ever call himself the "All Amewican-Amewican" again once he knocks his teeth down his throat and breaks his neck. Swagger says he must be talking from experience seeing as Kurt wears a gum shield as he's a wuss and because he's broken his neck more times than the Packers have won the Superbowl. Kurt goes after Swagger but Swagger continues to escape, but Vince McMahon confirms via satellite that the two will face off at the Elimination Chamber PPV.

So at the PPV Jack Swagger will face Kurt Angle.

Also on the Smackdown side Cody Rhodes wants revenge for Drew ditching him as a tag partner. He says that he is much more talented, handsome and impressive. He says that he will take the United States Championship off Drew and have it round the waist of a true, dashing American. Drew says that he should call him when Kurt Angle wants a title match. Cody is angry and says that he will prove himself at the Chamber, and that he will walk out the United States Champion. Drew says that it's about time he taught Cody a real lesson and that at the Chamber he will ruin not only his face, but all his dreams in one devastating moment.

So at the Chamber Drew McIntyre will face Cody Rhodes for the United States Championship.

And finally for the Divas Melina won a Battle Royal to become the new #1 contender, and she will face Natalya at the Chamber for the title.

So the final card for the Elimination Chamber PPV is:

WWE Championship-Elimination Chamber Match-John Cena(c) v CM Punk v John Morrison v R-Truth v Sheamus v HHH.
World Heavyweight Championship-Elimination Chamber Match-The Miz(c) v Edge v Rey Mysterio v Alberto Del Rio v Kofi Kingston v Dolph Ziggler.
#1 Contender's Spot at Wrestlemania-Randy Orton v Wade Barrett.
Kurt Angle v Jack Swagger.
United States Championship-Drew McIntyre(c) v Cody Rhodes.
Divas Championship-Natalya(c) v Melina.
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