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Here is my WWE, it is one company with no roster split.

The roster :

The Rock
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Dudley Boys (Spike, D-Von and Bubba )
3 Minute Warning ( Rosie and Jamal)
Booker T
The Undertaker
Rey Mysterio
Shannon Moore
Billy Kidman
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
Trish Stratus
Molly Holly
Stacy Kiebler
Torrie Wilson
Dawn Marie
Rodney Mack
nWo ( Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan )
Triple H
Randy Orton
Yung Dragons
Elix Skipper
Scott Steiner
La Resistence
Rob Van Dam
John Cena
Brock Lesnar
Tommy Dreamer
Justin Credible
Lance Storm
Ultimo Dragon
Eric Bishoff

There will be a Raw and a Smackdown every week, then a ppv once a month. All titles will be decided on the first show. The titles will be WWF Championship, WWF Womens title, Cruiserweight title , Extreme/Hardcore title , WWF Tag Team titles.!!

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Here is the first Raw live from Madison Square Garden , New York City!!

Across the Nation plays as Raw kicks off this week and the pyro hits and J.R and the King welcome us to MSG for the first raw .

J.R - welcome everybody to Raw , this is a special Raw , all the titles on the line and King welcome to you

King - yes J.R welcome as you said all the titles on the line - gets interrupted as I'm back plays and here comes Eric Bischoff struting to the ring !!
Bischoff " as co-gm of this company I am intitled to make some decisions around here and tonight as Austin seems not to be here I will make the title matches "
Bischoff " for the tag team titles we will see a three team table match , with the Dudleys going up against 3 Minute Warning against Lance Storm and John Cena
< crowd pops we want tables >
Bischoff " also tonight the Womens championship will be decided in a four way elimination match with Trish Stratus , Jazz , Lita and Molly Holly

< not much crowd reaction >

Bischoff " and tonight I have a special match for the Cruiserweight title , you see I made the Cruiserweight division famous in WCW

< crowd you suck, you suck >

this match will change the wrestling world completely "

Bischoff " and now onto the Heavyweight title, we don't need a match for this because Triple H is that damn good and deserves the title so Triple H come out here .

Triple H walks down the ramp with a smile on his face, as he gets in the ring and about to grab the belt , glass shatters and here comes Steve Austin the other co G.M
Austin " what is this, what are you doing , this isn't right
< what >
Austin " now since Eric you have all the deisions so far I will make the WWF title match, tonight in this very ring there will be a match between Triple H, Kane, Rob Van Dam, the Undertaker, The Rock, Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash
< what >
The first pinfall wins the belt, but the fall must happen in the ring < and thats the bottom line coz Stone Cold says so >

J.R well King did you hear that a 7 man WWF title match tonight,
King "yeah j.r it should be awesome

< add break >
King " thats not all tonight Linkin Park will perform there new song Somewhere I Belong tonight here on Raw ,
King " yeah I am excited J.R
J.R "Here we go King our first match on Raw the WWF Womens title match

Trish , Lita and Molly are already in the ring and here comes Jazz
J.R ' she is dangerous this woman , king who is your favourite in this match
king " well J.R Lita, Molly and Jazz are all great wrestlers but I can't get away from Trish , she is my favourite .

The match starts with all four women in the ring, they pair off with Jazz going after Lita and Trish chasing Molly around the ring
Molly outsmarts Trish, there and waited for her to get in the ring and she just pounced, Molly now going to work on Trish with a couple of kicks to mid section and she goes for a third, but Trish reverses it into a bulldog

King "Yeah go Trish

Now on the outside Lita and Jazz are going shot for shot, finally Lita chickkicks Jazz to the floor, but as this happens Steven Richards comes on to the stage and distracts Lita

King " What does this yokel want?

He starts to walk down the ramp when from behind Jazz nails Lita with a kendo stick, and the two start to beat down Lita unaware that the referee is counting 8 .. 9 Jazz starts to run to the ring , but the referee counts 10 before she gets to the ring.

J.R "Double elimimation there both Lita and Jazz are eliminated
King " Yeah it's unfortunate for Lita

Back in the ring Molly is getting her way with Trish as she whips her into the corner and follows that up with a spear to the midsection, Molly goes to pick up Trish who is laying on the ground. As Molly picks Trish up, Trish reverses Molly and starts to throw punches towards Molly 1.2,3,4 punches right to the head as Molly stumbles around, chick kick to the head

J.R "This should be all over now King .
King "That chickick was placed to perfection, cover her Trish

1, 2 no kickout by Molly

J.R "Well that was surprising King

King "Yeah wait .....

Rollup by Molly 1, 2 kickout by Trish, Molly signals that it's over and puts Trish in a figure four leg lock, Trish has nothing to do she is in the centre of the ring, she taps to the figure four leg lock.

** Winner and WWF Womens champiopn Molly Holly

J.R "Well King what a match that was.
king "Yeah it was great.

In the backstage area we see Eric Bishoff talking to some people but we cant see there faces,

Eric "so you guys know what to do tonight
Uknown Guys "sure eric
Eric " Stone Cold thinks he can outhink me he has another thing coming

< add break >

Well King up next we have a tag team table match
King "yeah JR we do, I can't wait to see some wood!!

Well that match is up next and here go the brothers D-Von and Bubba are the last team in the ring and its on the Dudleys and Storm and Cena both attack Jamal and Rosie sending them to the outside while this is happening, Justin Credible makes his way to the ring and taking a seat at ringside the Dudleys are working on Jamal while Cena and Storm are beating the crap out of Rosie now both the Dudleys and Cena and Storm throw 3 Minute Warning in the ring, I think it's time Bubba goes to D-Von. Bubba "D-Von get the tables. D-Von and Storm go and get the tables while Cena and Bubba get on the turnbuckles and wait for the tables to be set up. As the tables are being set up Credible gets up off his seat and drills Bubba with a steal chair, then he clobbers D-Von aswell. He points to Storm and Cena and they put the Dudleys through the tables and are the new tag team champions.

J.R. "Well King we now have new tag team champs Cena and Storm, but with a some help from Justin Credible

Next Triple H comes down to the ring to talk to Coach about his title match tonight,

Coach "Well Triple H you have a title match tonight,
Triple H "Yes I do, I will win, I am the game and I am that damn good, now i would like to present the special time keeper for this match the one and only Scott Hall < hall makes his way to the ring >
Scott Hall "Hey yo
Triple H "and the geust referee for the match X-Pac < X-Pac makes his way to the ring > see Coach I have a feeling I will be leaving the building champion toninght.

J.R. "Oh my God King I smell a rat here,
King "Yeah something is up J.R

< add break >

As we return from an add we see Kane and Undertaker talking about the title match later.

Undertaker " doesnt like what he just saw with hhh in the ring , Kane is pissed aswell and punches a hole through the door, settle down bro, we will get our shot tonight, but you do know that it is every man for himself.

Kane " Oh yeah I do and just to tell you I will do all I can to win that match.

Just then The Rock walks past and sees a bit of tension between the brothers

Rock "Woah boys settle down don't let Cripple H get to you the odds maybe stacked his way, but I have a feeling that things will be going my way tonight!!

< Well the Rock seems confident, yeah abit to confident if you ask me King >

< I'm back blares over the speakers as Bischoff makes his way to the ring > now i promised you people something special earlier with the Cruiserweight title and I am going to deliver ......... umm on Smackdown because you fans don't deserve to witness this match live < crowd booing like hell > on Smackdown you will see a six man match
between Elix Skiiper, Ultimo Dragon, Rey Mysterio < huge pop > , Billy Kidman, Shannon moore and a mystery opponent.
< Eric Bishoof leaves the ring >

< add break >

We come back from a break and see Linkin Park in the ring ready to play their new single "Somewhere I Belong " they are absloutley rocking and the crowd is going nuts until all of a sudden the power to the amps is cut and a strange silence goes across the arena; then Eric Bischoff makes his way out to the ring, what happened here who did this then a evil smile comes across his face
eric " you losers aren't good enough to pay on my show
< crowd boos >
Suddenly from behind X-Pac and 3 Minute Warning attack Linkin Park form behind breaking their guitars over the head and smashing their equipement. Then X-Pac gets the drum kit and smashes it over Chesters head and the three leave the band laying

J.R " That was shocking what I just saw, absolutely shocking

As we return we are ready for the main event < J.R is still shocked at what Eric Bischoff just did to Linkin Park >

Scott Hall and X-Pac go to there positions and the 7 men start to make the way to the ring. Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan two of three nWo members come down to the ring. Rob Van Dam comes out next < huge pop >. Next out is the Undertaker, then Kane, then The Rock and finally Triple H. All men are in the ring The Rock, Kane, Rob Van Dam and the Undertaker all go after Hogan, Nash and Triple H. Undertaker and Kane double team on Nash on the outside while in the ring the Rock and Rob Van Dam face up with Hogan and Triple H. Rob Van Dam punches Triple H in the mid section whips him into the corner spear to the mid section once, twice then backflip into a running monkey flip. The Rock is working over Hogan, until Scott Hall gets involved but the Rock sees him coming and ducks a punch and counters with his own right hands and knocks him over the rope. While through the crowd Kane and the Undertaker are working on Nash they throw into a wall, and bodyslam him to the ground

J.R "The brothers are working good together

Until out of nowhere Randy Orton, Matt Hardy and Eric Bischoff start attacking Kane and the Undertaker. They continue the beat down and wait for Nash to get up

J.R " This is who Bischoff was talking to earlier

And they call Triple H over who is dragging a referee with him. Nash tells Triple H to cover him the referee is reluctant but ends up counting the pin on Kane 1 , 2 , 3 the winner and new WWF wait a minute < glass shatters > here comes Austin who rolls in the ring

Austin " Do you have a hearing problem
< what >
Are your ears clean
<what >
I said the fall has to take place in the ring, so ring the bell the match continues < Austin gives Bishoff the finger for good meausure >

As Orton , Nash , Triple H, Matt Hardy and Bischoff drag Kane and the Undertaker to the ring they throw them into the ring, Triple H is ready to pin the Undertaker until the lights go out

King " What now?

And on the screen it says here comes the pain, lights go on and Brock Lesnar comes running down the ramp <crowd goes nuts>. He is hitting anything that gets in his way F-5 to Nash, Hardy, Orton, but Hogan comes from behind and breaks hits Lesnar with a steal chair. Eric Bishoff is telling Hogan to hit Lesnar harder as he does <glass shatters again> and Austin comes flying down to the ring stunner to Hogan , Triple H, and then he lines up Bischoff and waits for him to turn around and gives him the stunner not once but twice <Austin and Lesnar leave>

* men everywhere on the ground Kane, Undertaker, Triple H, Hogan and Nash. The first to get is the Undertaker, then Triple H and then Nash, then Kane who slides out of the ring. The Undertaker is attacking Triple H with all he has until Nash comes from behind and low blows him and then Jacknife powerbombs him. Nash tells Triple H to cover him, but he doesnt he goes for the pedigree. Kane then becomes behind Nash and lays him out with a chair and then waits for Triple H to turn around and he absolutely levels him with a devastating chair shot < cover 1 , 2 ... 3 winner and WWF champion Kane > Kane gets a huge pop as he holds the title over his head.

** we see Eric in the back ,
Eric " screw Austin, screw Kane screw all of them. Then he gets a call on his cell phone --------- and the show ends with a grin coming across Erics face!!

End Show

Smackdown will be up in the next few days, this is my first try at this, so tel me what you think.

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Smackdown live from, Joe Lewis arena

Pyros go off and the Beautiful People hits as Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to Smackdown

Cole "Welcome to Smackdown folks tonight we are gonna see a huge tag team match between Brock Lesnar and Triple H and Kevin Nash. Also Eric Bischoff has promised a match out of this world for the cruiserweigth title, so I can't wait for that and Tazz we are ready to kick off Smackdown now with the new WWF champion Kane, in the ring."

Tazz "Yeah we are it was a warzone on Monday night and Kane survived so I give props to the guy."

Kanes pyro goes off and here he comes the new WWF champion Kane , making his way to the ring < huge pop for Kane >
Kane takes the mic

Kane "Well as you know I am the new WWF champion < crowd pops > Kane holds the title, "damn this feels good to be champ now I am gonna be a fighting champion I don't back down from no one and I will take on < gets interrupted by Eric Bischoff >

Eric "Now Kane on Raw I had a plan for one of my men to win the WWF title, and you screwed that plan <crowd you suck Eric>, now I heard you say that you are a fighting champ well I think I have a challenger for you <as Eric says this the lights go out> the lights come back on and surrounding the ring are Triple H , Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, Matt Hardy, Randy Orton, X-Pac and Scott Hall now Kane we can do this the easy way or the hard way, your choice <as the group start to get close to the ring> all the men enter ring and start the beat down of Kane, but Kane is fighting,

Tazz "Here comes the back up but the Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Steve Austin they are clearing the ring with Bischoff and his troops leaving the up the ramp with Bischoff saying you will pay

< add break >

Cole " Welcome to Smackdown the show a replay of the opening segment, and Tazz who do you think Bischoff has in mind to face Kane here on Smackdown?
Tazz "I don't know Cole, but knowing Bischoff he will have a plan.
Cole "Also tonight the Cruiserweight and Hardcore titles will be up for grabs for the first time, I am looking forward to that.

<backstage in Bischoff's office> damn Kane, Austin, Undertaker and Lesnar tonight they will all pa, now you all know the plan and leave Kane to me I have a special suprise for him <Bischoff has a evil grin on his face>

The new tag team champs Lance Storm and John Cena w/ Justin Credible come to the ring for their match against La Resistance.

John Cena and Dupree start off in the match with Cena getting the upper hand with a couple of straight right hands to the face , but Dupree reverses into into headlock and throws him against the ropes and cathches him with a thigh to the gut, Dupree tags in his partner, when from out of nowhere, Justin Credible leveled both members of La Resistance with a steal chair, the ref rang the bell and La Resistance win the match by DQ, Cena, Storm and Credible continue the beat down of La Resistance until from the back come the Dudleys come out all three of them, they get in the ring and start to clean house, but in the ring Storm is left on his own and is getting up gingerley and walks right into a 3D by the Dudleys the Dudleys celebrate in the ring with the tag team titles.

Cole "Well the Dudleys got the revenge from Raw after getting screwed out of the titles.
Tazz " Yeah they sure did.

< add break >

< backstage with Kane > Kane is sitting on a chair watching the replay of Raw when he leveled Triple H, just then the Rock walks up to Kane
Rock "Hey Kane congrats on winning the title
Kane " Yeah thanks buddy
Rock " You know I got your back against that yokel Bischoff and his J-clowns
Kane just stands and nods and walks away

Cole "Now Tazz you will be interested in this next match being a former ECW wrestler
tazz "Yeah Cole ECW was all about being extreme and hardcore, and this match will get extreme and hardcore with two of the most extreme wrestlers in the bussiness RVD and Tommy Dreamer.

First to the ring is Tommy Dreamer, and here comes RVD to a huge pop, Dreamer doesn't wait for RVD to get in the ring, he goes straight after RVD with right hands and knees to the gut, as Dreamer goes to get some weapons, this gives RVD some time to compose himself and he follows Dreamer gives him a couple of kicks to the back and then rolls him in the ring, but then throws him over the top rope and puts him on the barricade, RVD gets back in the ring and sets up a chair near the ropes, and he runs jumps on the ropes and Summersaults onto Dreamer

< crowd holy shit >

RVD continues the beat the crap out of Dreamer with a chair as the two make their to the backstage area, RVD slips over and Dreamer finds a singapore cane and goes to work on RVD, shots to the midsection and one over the head, Dreamer is now in control and throws RVD into a wall and follows that up with a singapore cane shot to the gut, Dreamer now drags RVD to porta potty ans starts ramming his head against the putside of it and then stands him up against the door and absolutely smashes a steal chair to RVD's head, RVD now K.O Dreamer can't lift him up.

Cole "Why doesnt he just go for the pin?
Tazz "I think Dreamer has a few ideas for RVD, and trust me it won't be good.

Dreamer goes and gets a forklift and puts RVD on the forklift and drives him to the outside area of the building, Dreamer is looking for something and then spots it a semi-trailer in the middle of the parking lot he lift RVD onto the top of the truck with the forklift and then Dreamer starts to set up four tables on top of each other, and then climbs a ladder to the top of the truck RVD still knocked out Dreamer powerbombs RVD through the four tables and RVD just lays there all piled up in the rubble.

<Winner and WWF Extreme/Hardcore champion Tommy Dreamer > crowd goes off, but then from behind Raven does the Raven Effect to Dreamer on top of the truck and then proceeds set him up for a piledriver, on the truck, which he does

<Raven grabs a mic> the WWF G.M's left me out of this match, now that title will be mine it is just a matter of when I want to take it " qoute the Raven nevermore "
< Raven stands over Dreamers body on top of the truck with his hands sticking out >

Cole " Well this title is gonna be hotly sort after as we saw there Raven has now thrown his name in the ring.
Tazz "well what do u expect ?

< add break >
Mysterio, Kidman, Elix Skipper, Ultimo Dragon and Shannon Moore are all in the ring.
Eric Bischoff makes his onto the stage

Bischoff "Now I promised you a match tonight for the cruiserweight title which would be off the hook, and introducing the 6th competitor in this match Matt Hardy .
Hardy's music hits and he comes rushing to the ring only to be set upon by the other 5 guys, they keep beating on Hardy until he stays down, they all move and start to stand down each other Skipper and Shannon Moore go after Kidman, while Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon pair off in the ring. Right hands by Mysterio to Ultimo Dragon reversed by Ultimo Dragon into a whip off the ropes, Ultimo ducks the clothesline by Mysterio and hurricanranas Mysterio, followed up by standing dropkick, while out on the floor Skipper and Moore continue to work on Kidman, Skipper launches Kidman into the steal steps and then Shannon Moore goes to high five Skipper but Skipper just levels Shannon Moore woith a right hand, moore straight to his feet and he is sat staright on his ass again by Skipper, meanwhile back in the ring Mysterio is fighting back against Ultimo Dragon he whips Dragon into the corner and follows it up with a running flip to the middle of the ring, then a hurricanrana, then a drop toe hold onto the ropes, and the he calls for it

Cole "You know what he going for now, 619

Mysterio runs in for the 619, but Matt Hardy comes from outside the ring with a steal chair and clocks Mysterio in the head with the chair, Ultimo Dragon sees this and goes for a west coast pop on Mysterio which connects and he goes for the cover

Tazz " 1 , 2 ...

No Matt Hardy with that steal chair interrupts the count , this time the ref sees it tho and DQ's Hardy, and he is sent to the back.

Cole " Now were down to five men.

on the outside Skipper and Shannon Moore are fighting on the floor while Kidman gets up grogerly and slides in the ring and starts to climb the middle of the ring ropes and suddenly he hits a springboard shoting star press to Skipper and Moore

< crowd goes off >

now them 3 are just starting to get when Mysterio hits a running corkscrew over the top rope and it coonects with Kidman, Skipper and Shannon Moore, not to be outdone Ultimo Dragon goes to apron on the outside and hits a backflip on all four men

< crowd go wild >

all five men are down now, Skipper and Kidman are the first two up and they get back in the ring, as the others make their way to their feet may Hardy comes back to ringside with that steal chair and attacks Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon and Shannon Moore and continues to until security comes from the back

Cole " They are all out cold, Hardy is just a sore loser

Kidman and Skipper are now in the ring trading right and left hands until Kidman gets the upper hand and hits a standing drop kick and then a DDT to Skipper, Kidman then drags Skipper over to the corner and sets him up for the shoting star press, as he is about to it Skipper starts to get up climbs trhe ropes and starts to hit Kidman the two continue to fight until Skipper hits a brain buster from the top rope

Tazz "Kidman is out Cole

Skipper doesn't go for the pin though he sets him up and hits a reverse piledriver and goes for the cover 1 , 2 ...... 3

Winner and new Cruiserweight champion Elix Skipper .

< crowd cheers for like 10 minutes >

Cole "What a match that was, amaizing absolutely amaizing.
Tazz "Well Bischoff delivered there he said it would be unforgetable match and it was.

< add break >

We come back from a break and see Taker and Lesnar walking towards the ring in one shot and Nash and Triple H on the other shot .

Cole "Well Tazz this all started on Raw in the 7 man title match for the WWF title, lets see the footage
Tazz "It was a battle field on Raw, there were bodies everywhere, Lesnar coming down and denying Bishoff the screw job over Taker
Cole "Here we go, are you ready for this

Triple H and Nash come out to the same music of Triple H, as they make their way down to the ring they are looking very confident on their face, next the Undertaker comes out to a great crowd reaction, then Brock Lesnar makes his way out to a huge crowd pop as Taker and Lesnar get in the ring Triple H and Nash get out of the ring. Lesnar and Taker want Triple H and Nash to get into the ring, but as they wait

I'm Back hits as CO G.M Eric Bischoff makes his way out to the ring and says this will be a no DQ match and then he proceeds to join Cole and Tazz in commentary .

The match starts off with Taker and Triple H in the ring going shot for shot until Taker starts to get the upper hand he whips Triple H into the corner and comes in for the big splash which connects, and Triple H falls to the ground, Taker drags him to his corner where he tags in Lesnar and Lesnar starts to go to work on Triple H with some spears into the corner, Nash tries to get involved but gets a suplex for his trouble but this distraction allows Triple H to get back to his feet and he attacks Lesnar from behind with some forehand shots to the back the referee is disctracted so Triple H throws Lesnar to the outside where Nash goes to work on Lesnars lower back with a steal chair 1,2.... 3 shots with a steal chair Taker has had enough and goes and chases Nash around the ring but gets hit with a chair by Triple H, Nash and Triple H seem to be in control now and a re slowing down the match and completely dominating now Triple H goes for pedigree on Lesnar but Lesnar reverses it into an F-5 and all men are out on the floor, Hogan comes through the crowd and starts to beat down Taker and Lesnar with his belt, this brings the Rock out and he and Hogan are going toe to toe with the Rock getting the upper hand and they fight off into the crowd as this is happening Bischoff slides into the ring while all men are down and has a set of brass knucks and lines up Lesnar and knocks him clean out and as he waits for Taker to turn around Kane comes from the back and attacks Bischoff, with right hands and tilta - world slam and Kane leaves the ring and sets up a table outside the ring and I sinaling to chokeslam Bischoff over the ropes and through the table, but the rest of k.w.o < kliq world order are the group controlled by Eric Bischoff > come out and make the save and Scott Hall, X-Pac and Randy Orton all life Kane up and put him through the table on the outside, and they start to dismember Taker and Lesnar Taker gets a pedigree from Triple H and Lesnar gets a powerbomb from Nash.

< when the k.w.o start to leave, glass shatters and Austin comes out to the ramp >

Well, Bischoff are you happy?
< what >
You and the k.w.o have destroyed three men tonight
On Raw I think things will be a bit different, since you flapped your gums tonight
< what >
I am gonna make some matches on Raw ... Raw is gonna be done Stone Cold style ................... and thats the bottom line coz Stone Cold said so.

< show ends >

**add for Raw hyping the first Intercontinental title match**
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