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Ok the name is WCW....I said it would be up Tuesday but Im bored so I will do it now.It will be up weekly...every Friday.Here is the roster again and the champs are vacant.I can only do like half now but the rest will be up tommorow at some point.Oh and the WCW Us title will be introduced later but for now here are the titles:World,Cruiserweight,Tag Team,Womens

G.M.:Vince Russo
Commish:Bret Hart
Sid (at some point)
Jeff Hardy
Kid Romeo
Evan K.(from 3 count)
Stevie Ray
Devon Storm
Terry Funk
Shane Douglas
Rick Steiner
Mike Awesome
Bam Bam Bigelow
Mike Sanders
Joanie Laurer
Just Added:
Juventud Guerrera
The Great Muta
Kaz Hayashi

"Gone" by 3 doors down hits as the pyro goes off and WCW-The New Era kicks off its first show live in Knoxville,Tennessee.We kick off the show where Mike Tenay and Tony Schiavonne greet us and welcome us to the show as we go straight to the ring where general manager Vince Russo in walking aroundthe ring with a smirk getting massive heat.

Vince:You know it is the first show of the new WCW.The New Era of WCW.You see we got the guys that Vince Mcmahon could not get.We have got some of the greatest superstars to ever grace a wrestling ring.My only question is...why are we having our first show in this dump of a town?I mean come on...you ******* pieces of trash dont deserve to see history tonight.You dont deserve to see people like Sting.You dont deserve to see people like Hulk Hogan.You dont deserve to see people like Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell of Totally Buffed.You dont deserve to see Scott Hall.You definetly do not deserve to see the Macho Man Randy Savage!And lets not forget the man you really do not deserve to see....me Vince Russo!!But Im out here right now to present this to a very special and deserving superstar.

He then walks over to a briefcase and opens it up and pulls out the WCW World Heavyweight Title.

Vince:Im here to present this to none other than Macho Man Randy Savage!!So without a fur.....

Suddenly Vince is interupted as "Hitman" hits and Bret Hart walks out on stage to a HUGE pop.

Bret:Vince...for once just shut your mouth.You see Ted Turner owns this company and he put me in as commisioner to make sure you dont kill the new WCW like you killed the old one.Ya' see these people want to see competion.So starting tonight a Tournament will start with 4 matches and the tournament will end at WCW Starcade in which a new World Champion will be crowned.Also tonight a 6 man match will occur in which the winner will be the WCW Cruiserweight Champion.Also tonight...The Womens Title will be on the line when Chyna takes on Asya.And the tag titles will be on the line when Totally Buffed takes on the Road Warriors.You see Vince I know how to run the show.He walks backstage as "Hitman" hits and we go backstage as Hulk Hogan is shown arriving to a huge pop.We go back to the ring as the next match is about to get under way.

Match one
Mike Awesome and Malice vs Demon and The Great Muta
"Demon" hits as The Demon and Great Muta make their way to the ring to a mixed reaction."Awesome" hits as Mike Awesome walks halfway down the ramp.He smirks as "Malice" hits and the big man makes his way to the ring.They get in and the bell rings as Great Muta and Awesome start it out.They tie up as Awesome backs Muta up into the corner.He laughs and slaps him in the face.Muta comes out and Awesome attempts another lockup but Muta kicks him in the gut.He then punches him repeatly.He then lands and dropkick and pins but Mike kicks out before the ref can even count.Awesome gets up and c/lines Muta down.He then drops an elbow on him.He picks him up and nails him in the ribs.He is about to set him up for the Awesome Bomb when Demon runs in and attempts a c/line but he ducks and Malice cathes him by the throat!He then gives him a thunderous chokeslam as Mike lifts Muta up and nails the Awesome Bomb.He then covers.1...2...3!!!Awesome and Malice win in this squash match.

We go backstage where Pamela Paulshock is standing next to Sting.The fans erupt in cheers as Pamela begins talking.

Pamela:Well Sting we have recieved word that you will compete in the World Heavyweight Title tournament tonight when you face Vampiro.

Sting:Yes that is correct.You know me and Vampiro have alot of history together.We have had many battles in the past.And frankly...I hate the man.He was the guy that set me on fire and tried to take my career.But yea that is all behind us but I will never forgive Vampiro for that.But tonight...when I face him in the ring in the WCW World Title Tournament...well lets just say....ITS SHOWTIME FOLKS!!

Sting smirks and the scene then goes to Chyna aka Joanie Laurer getting ready for her match in a little while against Asya for the womens title.

Ok so its not half over but I have to leave to go see a movie so enjoy for now and the rest will be up tommorow.
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Ok Imma try to finish it now.I couldnt finish it yesterday cause I went to see Bad Boys 2 which is sooooooooo hilarious and packed with action.But parts had me crying lol.Anyway here are some changes:I forgot to add the hardcore title....it is also a title.And replace Lash with none other than... Psicosis.See this is a special edition 3 hour episode and has 8 matches :).Ok lets get to finishing it.

Mike:Well we are back to this special edition of WCW Nitro Friday.And up next it is the hardcore title on the line.

Tony:Thats right...Terry Funk takes on Devon Storm.But we are recieving word that the fight has begun backstage

We go backstage to the parking lot as Terry Funk and Devon Storm are brawling.Terry is getting the upperhand and then irishwhips Storm into a truck!He then runs at him and c/lines him back into the truck.He picks him up but Devon Storm low blows him and grabs his head and smashes it thru the window!!!He pulls him out and Funk is busted wide open.Storm gets in the turck and begins looking for something.He then pulls out a crowbar!The camera zooms into the truck and sees all kinds of hardcore weapons.It appears to be Funk's truck.Storm then chases after a dizzy funk and nails him in the back with the crowbar.He then turns him around and nails him in the face!He then climps up on the top of the truck and attempts a leg drop but Funk moves and he nails the cement!Funk staggers to his feet and pulls some wire out of the truck.He then ties it around Storm and begins choking him out!Storm is apparenlt knocked out and Funk picks him up.He then grabs him and throws him through the windsheild!!Funk climps up on the truck and stands there taunting.Storm comes to and sees a 4x4.He then stumbles out of the truck onto the top of it behind Funk.He then nails him in the back of the head with the 4x4!ZHe then covers him.1...2...No Funk gets a shoulder up.Devon Storm picks Funk up but recieves a low blow!Funk then delivers a pulling piledriver on top of the truck!!!He then gets a arm over Storm.1...2...3!!!!!A bloody Terry Funk is the new hardcore champ.

Winner and New Hardcore Champ:Terry Funk

We then return to the ring as Aysa is pacing around and waiting for Chyna."Who I am" hits as a blonde Chyna makes her way down to the ring to a nice pop.She gets in as the bell rings and we begin.

Womens Title
Chyna vs Asya
The two lock-up and Asya then takes a cheapshot and nails Chyna with a kick to the ribs.She irish whips her into the corner and runs after her but Chyna nails her with a big boot.Chyna paces around with a smirk and then picks up Asya and bodyslams her hard on the mat.Chyna then picks her up and and then nails her with a scoop slam.Chyna begins to chuckle as the crowd cheer.Asya gets to her feet and kicks Chyna in the ribs again.She then rolls her up.1...NOOOOO Chyna kicks out before the ref can count 2.Chyna gets to her feet and recieves a dropkick to the face and a cover.1...2... Chyna kicks out.Chyna gets up and Asya goes to punch her but Chyna cathes her arm and then kicks her in the ribs.She then delivers a Chynabomb and covers.1...2...3!CHyna wins this pretty much squash match and is the new womens champ
Womens Champion:Chyna

Tony announces that they have six more big matches to occur and informs us that Hulk Hogan will take on Scott Hall in the main event as part of the World Heavyweight Title Tournament.Along with Sting vs Vampiro,Macho Man vs Stevie Ray,and Bam Bam Bigelow vs Vader.

We then go backstage where Rick Steiner is talking to a staff member about something when Shane Douglas walks up to him.

Shane:Hey Rick how is it going?

Rick:What do you want?

Shane:Hey...hey just trying to be friendly...you see I changed my ways.We are on the same side now.And...well

He then punches Rick in the face!But we see he has a chain wrapped around his hand.He begins to laugh.

Shane:You see Rick...that was Vince's order.Because he wants you to be taken out like the trash you are!

He then nails him again and busts him wide open.He picks him up and walks over to a dumpster.He nails him again and opens it up.he then throws Steiner in the dumpsert and pulls out a lock.He then locks the dumpster and laughs before walking off.

We return to the ring as Kid Romeo,Mike Sanders,Kaz Hayashi,Juvi,Psicosis,and lets not forget Jeff Hardy are all in the ring ready for this six man elimination match for the cruiserweight title.The bell rings as we begin

Cruiserweight Title elimination match
We begin as Jeff Hardy goes after Mike Sanders,Romeo goes after Juvi,and Psicosis start it off.A little while later we are down to 3 man after Psicosis eliminated Mike Sanders,Jeff eliminated Kaz,and Juventude eliminated Kid Romeo.The three fan favorites pce around the ring.Juvi and Psicosis then begin double teaming Hardy.Juventude hits a perfect hurricanrana as Psicosis scales the top rope.Juvi then runs and pushes him off as Psicosis goes flying and nails the guardrail.Juvi then rolls up Hardy.1...2...no Jeff kicks out.With Psicosis knocked out these two begin going at it.Juvi pikc sup Jeff but Jeff nails his chinbreaker.He then grabs Juvi legs and nail his low blow.He hooks the legs down and pins.1...2...no Juvi kicks out.Both get up at the same time and go running at each other and both hit each other with a c/line.They both get up at the same time and Juvi nails him with a tornado ddt.He picks him up and nails another perfect hurricanrana.He jumps up on the top rope and attempts a 450 splash but Hardy moves as Juvi nails the match hard.Juvi gets to his feet and Hardy comes running at him but he catches him with a hurricanrana to the outside.He stands on the apron and hits an Asia Moonsault.The two lay knockes out as Psicosis rolls back in the ring.He gets to his feet and looks around.The crowd cheer as he goes running and jumps over the rpes hitting his perfect over the top rope Tope Suicida on both men!!He then picks up Jeff and throws him into the ring.He takes his time to get in because he si still hurting.He then picks Jeff Up and nails his version of the tombstone.he covers Jeff.1...2...3!!!Its down to Juventude and Psicosis.Juvi rolls in the ring fast and rolls up Psicosis.1...2...No.Juventude then picks up Psicosis and nails him with his tombstone.He covers.1...2...No Psicosis kick out.Juventude picks him up but Psicosis nails him with a drop kick.he then gets on the top rope and attempts his splash mountain but Juvi moves and Psicosis hits the mat.Juventude then jumps to the to rope.He then nails a perfect 450 Splash and covers.1...2...3!!!!Juvi wins this amazing matchup.

New Cruiserweight Champion:Juventude Guerrera

We then go backstage where the Macho Man is sitting in Vince Russo's office.
Macho:What is going on around here?I am supposed to be the World Chapion right now but now I have to be put in a tournament against Stevie Ray?What am i doing facing this chump?I should have been presented with the World Title.

Vince:I know...but Bret Hart stuck his nose in our business and made it so that cant happen so what do you want me to do?

Macho:I have got an idea.

The scene then fades back to the ring."Road Warriors" hits as Hawk and Animal make their way to the ring.""Buffed" hits as Buff Bagwell struts to the ring to massive heat."Lex" hits as Luger makes his way to the ring also to massive heat.Buff and Hawk start it off.

tag Team Titles
The Bell rings as Buff and Hawk start it out.Buff nails Hawk in the ribs and DDTS him first thing.He laughs and picks him up and irish whips him into the corner.He charges after him and splashes him back into it.He then throws him into the other corner and goes to run and splash him but Hawk moves and tags in Animal as Buff runs into the tb.Animal nails him with some shots to the back and then body presses him.He pins as the crowd cheer.1...2...Buff kicks out.Animal picks him up and goes to c/line him but Buff pushes the ref in the way as Animal nails the ref.Buff then low blows Animal and ddts him.Luger goes to the outside and gets a chair!!!Hawk doesnt see this and is still on the apron.Luger then nails him in the back with the chair!!He then rolls in the ring and nails Animal with the chair aswell!Buff then begins to laugh but then Luger nails his own partner with the chair as the crowd boo him.He stares down at Buff and whispers these words:Bosses Orders!He then rolls out of the ring and walks backstage.Animal staggers to his feet and picks up Buff and puts him on his shoulders.Hawk then cales to the top rop and jumps off and nails the doomsday device.Animal pins.1...2...3!!!!
Winners and New Tag Team Champs:The Road Warriors

Ok now the rest will be up later probably tommorow cause Im going to my friends.:)

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The scene goes backstage where Vince Russo,Shane Douglas,and the Macho Man all sit in front of a moniter in Vince's office laughing.The door then opens and Lex Luger walks in as the three men begin to clap as he smirks.

Vince:That is what I am talking about!We are gonna take over this place!

The bathroom door opens and Scott Hall then walks out as the crowd boo and the scene fades into Bret Harts office.The door then busts open as Buff Bagwell comes in.

Buff:Bret...I want Lex Luger in the ring next week!

Bret:Well Buff...since you asked so nicely...well actually because I dispise Lex Luger.You got it next week you will face Lex Luger and it will be apart of the World Title Tournament.

Buff smirks as we go back to the ring and Bam Bam Bigelow is inside pacing around."Vader Time" then hits as Vader comes out to a nice pop.He gets in as the two big men stare down and the bell rings.
World Title Tournament
Vader vs Bam Bam
The bell rings as the lock up and Bam Bam takes a cheap shot with a kick to the gut.He then nails him with a forearm.He nails him again and irish whips him into the corner.he chargers at him but he moves and Bam Bam nails the turnbuckle.Vader then back body drops him hard on the mat.He begins taunting and picks him up he then delivers a dtt and pins.1...2...Bam kicks out with power.He picks him up but Bam nails him in the ribs and then sets him up and delivers a piledriver!He pins.1...2...Vader kicks out with power as well.Bam then begins to taunt as Vader staggers to his feet.He then signals for the Greatings from Asbury Park!He lifts him up amazingly and sets him up on his shoulders.he goes for it bu Vader gets down and nails him in the ribs.He then sets him up and delivers a powerbomb to Bam Bam as the ring shakes from the impact!!!!He then does his taunt and jumps up on the turnbuckle.He then hits a Vader-Sault and covers him!1...2...3!!!!Vader wins this short match but the crowd cheer and respect the power of both men.Vader stares down at Bam Bam and then sticks out his hand to help him up which Bam Bam accepts.Vader pats Bam Bam on the back.
"Harlem Heat" then hits as former multi-time tag team champion with Booker T.,Stevie Ray walks to the ring to a great pop."Macho Man" hits as Randy Savage comes to the ring to Massive Heat.The bell rings as the two staredown.
World Title Tournament
Stevie Ray vs Macho Man
The bell rings as the two stare each other down and the Macho Man hits a blatant low blow on Stevie Ray!The ref pushes him back yelling at him when Vince Russo comes walking down the ramp to massive heat.He gets in the ring and walks over to the ref.He then punches him and takes his ref shirt and puts it on.Macho Man laughs and then ddts Stevie.He then rolls out of the ring and gets a chair.He rolls in and then nails Stevie in the back with the chair!He sets it down and picks him up.He then nails him right in the face with it!He throws it down and scales to the top-rope.He then jumps off nailing a beautiful elbow drop on Stevie.He then stands up and puts his foot on his face as Vince Russo bends down.1...2...3!!!Macho Man and Vince Russo just screwed Stevie Ray!Luger,Douglas,and Hall make their way to the ring.They get in and the four begin to beat down on Stevie.All of the sudden a bloody Rick Steiner and Buff Bagwell run to the ring.They begin to fight but there is too many of them but then Sting runs to the ring to a HUGE pop.He rolls in and begins wailing away Macho Man!The 3 are getting the edge but Scott Hall gets in the fight and the 4 get back the advantage but then HULK HOGAN runs to the ring to another HUGE pop!He rolls in and goes after Hall.The faces are destroying Vince's boys and then Bret Hart makes his way down to the ring with a smirk to another HUGE pop he rolls in and nails Russo!Russo goes over the top rope and runs up the ramp as his boys flee aswell.The faces check on Stevie Ray.
Winner:Macho Man
Hogan and Bret Hart then walk up the ramp and Buff and Steiner help Stevie up the ramp.They leave and Sting paces in the ring because his match is next."Take It" hits as the lights dim and Vampiro makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction.He gets in the ring as the lights come on and he gets in Sting's face as the bell rings.
World Title Tournament
Sting vs Vampiro
The two stare down and then lock up as Sting just pushes off and Vampiro gets thrown into the corner.Sting then walks over to him and nails him in the face with some punches.He steps back and then runs into him with his elbow.He then irish whips him into the another turnbuckle.He then runs after him and attempts a Stinger Splash but Vampiro moves and Sting hits the turnbuckle face first.Vamp gets behind him and then rolls him up and puts his feet on the ropes.1...2...No!Sting kicks out.Vamp picks him up and then nails a evenflow type ddt.he covers.1...2...No Sting kicks out.Vamp picks him up but Sting nails him in the ribs.He does again and then suplexes him.He gets up andpicks him up and then sets him up and nails a piledriver.he pins 1...2...Nope Vampiro kicks out.he pcisk him up and nails another power move with a powerbomb.He pins again but only gets a 2 count.Sting then irish whips Vamp into the corner.He does his own wooo and then runs at him and hits a Stinger Splash.He then does it again and Vampiro stumbles out of the corner then falls face first.Sting looks at the crowd who begin to cheer.He then locks him up with the Scorpion Death Lock.Vampiro screams in pain which you dont hear often.Suddenly Macho Man sprints down the ramp and Sting lets go and walks over to the apron.Vampiro also sees Macho and begins acting like he has an injury and begins to distract the ref.Macho Man jumps on the apron and Sting goes to hit him but gets nailed in the ribs with a bat!!!Macho Man then runs back up the ramp and Vampiro jumps to his feet and nails the Nail in the Coffin!! He covers...one...two...thre NOOOO!!!Sting barely gets a shoulder up.Vampiro yells at the ref and picks up Sting.Sting then nails him in the ribs and grabs his head and nails the Scorpion Death Drop!!He covers with one arm.1...2...3!!!!The resiliant Sting wins even after interference from Macho Nan
We are then shown a bracket of the tournament.3 men have already moved on.Next week there will only be two tournament matches which will be,Shane Douglas vs Rick Steiner and Buff Bagwell vs Lex Luger.Then the week after that there will be two more and it will be narrowed down to 8 guys.Then there will be 2 matches on week 4 and 2 matches on week 5 which will narrow it down to 4 guys who will compete at WCW Starcade.

"Survey Says" hits and Scott Hall comes ot the ring to huge heat.
"American Made" hits as Hulk Hogan comes to the ring to a HUGE ovation.The two stare down as the bell rings and here we go with the main event.

WCW World Title Tournament
Hulk Hogan vs Scott Hall
The bell rings and Hall automatically cheap shots Hogan with a slap to the face.He then takes out his toothpick and throws it at Hogan.Hogan then nails Hall with a right hand.Another one and another one.Hogan punches him to the ropes and then throws him to the other ropes as Hall comes back he throws him over his shoulders.Hall gets up fast but Hogan charges at him and c/lines him down.He pins early.1...2...Hall kicks out.Hogan picks him up but Hall lows blows him and then hits him with a thumb to the eye.He then nails him with a bothed ddt.He then walks around the ring taunting as Hogan gets onhis fours and Hall nails hiim with a kick to the ribs.He picks him up and then suplexes him and covers.1...2...No Hogan kicks out.Hall picks him up and then signals for it he then hits the Outsiderz Edge!!!He hits it early.He then pins him cockily.1...2...NOOO Hogan gets a shoulder up.Hall is irate and argues with the ref as Hogan stagger to his feet.Hall turns around and nails him with a punch.He nails him again but no Hogan blocks it.He then waves his finger at Hall and then begins wailing away at him with punches.1..2..3..4..5 He then runs at him and nails him with a big boot.He then runs and bounces off the ropes and hits the leg drop!He covers.1...2...3!!!!Hogan advances in a fairly short match.Hogan celebrates as WCW fades off air!!

Ok first show done please rate it.

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You have some pretty good ideas, good job. 7/10

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Ok I just realized I could do this on word lol…save it then post it later :S…lol well here is week 2 of WCW.And I just remember that Shane Douglas was apart of TNA but oh well I have a few TNA guys.Like Vince Russo but I could not think of anyone else. And I changed plans.WCW will be in Atlanta every week like TNA is in Tennessee.

“St. Anger” by Metalica hits as the pyros explode and week 2 of WCW Friday Night is live from Atlanta,Georgia. The show starts off with Vince Russo in the ring again.

Vince:You know last week my plans were interrupted by the commissioner Bret Hart. Well tonight that is not gonna happen again.You see tonight is my night.Tonight is history.You see my boys Shane Douglas and Lex Luger will both advance in the World Title Tournament…and Macho Man Randy Savage and Scott Hall will defeat Sting and Hulk Hogan.That means that 3 of my 4 guys will be in the semis of the tournament.The one guy that wont is Scott Hall. Now Scott I am not gonna criticize you or anything like that.I saw how Hogan cheated you last week.But you should be embarrassed that he beat you so quickly.Now I am disappointed but it is ok.But my group of guys are gonna dominate this business.S.E.X. is gonna dominate this business.From now on we are known as Sports Entertainment Xtreme. Now if anybody has a problem with that well all I have got to say is….Too Bad!!

He drops the mic as “S.E.X.” hits and we go backstage where Bret Hart is shown in his lockerroom shaking his head.He looks over as does the camera to see Stevie Ray, Rick Steiner,Buff Bagwell,Hulk Hogan,And Sting.

Bret: Well do you guys have a problem with that?

Stevie: Yeah I do. Those punks jumped me last week.They make me sick and I may not have a match tonight but I will have all of you guys’ backs.

Steiner: And tonight I am gonna take out Shane Douglas.”The Franchise”. Well after tonight lets just say S.E.X. will be a member short.

Bagwell: One member short?Well tonight I plan on taking out Luger so that will make it two members short.And why? Because Im Buff and Im the stuff!

Hogan: Well let me tell you something brothers I beat Scott Hall last week with ease in about 5 minutes and when me and Sting face Hall and Savage tonight it is gonna be even quicker and easier…aint that right Sting?

Sting: Yeah that’s right.Vince Russo said that tonight will be a history making night.And it will.It will be the night that WCW finally cleaned up its act and got rid of scumbags like Douglas,Hall,Luger,and Savage.And lets not forget Vince Russo.Its Showtime!! Wooooooo!

We go back to the ring where Juvi and Asya are standing on one side of the ring and Psicosis and Chyna on the other.Tony shows a clip of earlier today where Juventude had an interview and was making fun of Psicosis and saying how easy he was to beat.(turning heel) Psicosis showed up and the two began brawling.The bell rings as Chyna and Asya start it out.

Juvi/Asya vs Chyna/Psicosis
The bell rings and Chyna immediately c/lines Asya out of the ring and into the floor.She gets out and the two brawl up the entrance way!!!The begin brawling backstage!The ref immediately calls for the bell as refs try to break the two up.Suddenly Psicosis and Juvi are left in the ring.They both jump in and Psicosis dropkicks Juvi.He picks him up and ddts him.He jumps to the top rope and moonsaults him!He picks him up but receives a low blow.Juvi then hurricanranas him.He jumps to the top rope and attempts a 450 splash but Psicosis gets to his feet and Juvi nails the mat!He staggers up and receives a kick to the ribs and a tombstone! Psicosis then climbs to the top when all of the sudden a masked man runs to the ring!He pushes Psicosis off and jumps on the top rope.He then does a spinning hurricanrana to Psicosis! He jumps back on the turnbuckle and nails a 450 splash of his own on Juventude!He stands up and takes off his mask revealing him to be……..SUPER CRAZY!!!!The crowd go nuts as we go backstage where Terry Funk and Devon Storm are talking.
Winner:No contest

Terry:Man last week was crazy…you really impressed me.

Devon:Thanks that means a lot.

Terry: I was thinking maybe we team up for a little bit you know.

Devon:Yeah that could work…but you know I will get that hardcore title from you soon.

The two smile as we go back to the ring where Kid Romeo and Mike Sanders are in the ring pacing.”Road Warriors” hits as Hawk and Animal walk out with the tag titles.They get in as Animal and Sanders start it off.

Tag Titles
Road Warriors vs Sanders/Kid Romeo
The bell rings as Animal and Sanders stare down and Mike looks at the ground then goes for a right hand which Animal blocks.Animal begins hitting him with several right hands and irish whips him into the corner.He comes back out and receives a botched sidewalk slam.He picks him up laughs then c/lines him down.He then picks him up and throws him up high ready to military press him when Romeo runs in and dropkicks him in the face and he drops Sanders who lands on his feet.Romeo gets out and Sanders DDTS Animal!He pins…1…2…He kicks out with authority.Sanders picks him up and begins hitting him with some right hands.He then dropkicks him.He jumps up on the turnbuckle and goes for a cross body but Animal catches him and hits a huge backbreaker.He then tags in Hawk who picks up Sanders and suplexes him hard.He picks him up but receives a low blow.Sanders then tags in Romeo who jumps up on the turnbuckle and hits a BEAUTIFUL shooting star press on a standing Hawk.When he came down he c/lined him.He covers him.1…2…Animal breaks it up and is forced out of the ring.Romeo picks him up goes for a hurricanrana but Hawk counters it into a powerbomb!!! Sanders and Animal both run in and Sanders receives a double flap jack!He rolls out of the ring as Animal picks up Romeo and puts him on his shoulders as Hawk scales to the top.He then jumps off and they hit the Dungion of Doom as Hawk covers.1…2…3!!They retain their titles!Suddenly two huge men run in and double c/line but Warriors. They are none other than Kronik!!!They pick up Hawk and double powerbomb him!!They then pick up Animal and deliver a double chokeslam!!!They stand over them as we go backstage.
Winners: Road Warriors

We go back to the S.E.X. lockerroom as all 4 members and Vince Russo sit talking.

Vince:Wow…that was pretty nice.But that’s not important what is important is tonight are you guys ready?

Shane:I don’t know about you guys but I am defiantly ready to beat the D.F.G. and move on in the tournament!

Hall:Hey Yo check it out.I was cheated by Hogan this week and tonight I will get my revenge when me and Macho beat him and Sting!

Savage:OH YEAHHHHH!S.E.X. will take over tonight!Tonight we will finally put Sting and Hulk Hogan where they should be…in retirement!

Luger:And right now it is time for me to advance in the tournament when I beat Buff Bagwell. I mean no wonder I turned on him last week. He tried to drive my career into the ground.Well tonight I will end his career right now!

Vince:Good luck!

Luger smirks and walks off as “Buff” hits and Buff Bagwell makes his way to the ring to a nice pop.”Lex” hits as Lex Luger makes his way to the ring to huge heat.He gets in as the two stare down.

World Title Tournament
Luger Vs Bagwell
The bell rings as the two stare down.They talk some trash and Luger spits his gum in Buff’s face and then slaps him!!Bagwell spears him down and begins wailing away at him with punches!He gets up and taunts as Luger gets up.They lock up and Luger low blows him.he then suplexes him and covers.1..2…Bagwell kicks out.Luger picks him up and taunts he then military presses him! He flexes and then goes to the top rope. Bagwell quickly gets up and superplexes him off!He covers.1..2…Luger kicks out.Bagwell picks him up and double arm ddts him.He flexes as the crowd cheers.Luger gets up and Bagwell irish whips him and when Luger comes back he nails a overhead belly-to-belly suplex!He pins.1…2…No Luger gets a shoulder up.He picks him up and gets nailed with a low blow and then gets nailed with a c/line!Luger picks him up and scoop slams him.He picks him back up and irish whips him and nails a back body drop.Luger and Buff get up and Buff nails Luger with a dropkick.Suddenly Shane Douglas makes his way to the ring but Stevie Ray runs down and throws him into the steps.He walks back up the ramp with a smirk and slaps some hands with the fans.However this is a distraction for Buff and Luger low blows him!He then locks him in the Torture Rack!!!After a few moments Buff taps out and Luger advances!
Winner:Lex Luger

We then go backstage where Pamela is standing next to Mike Awesome and Malice.

Pamela:Well I know you two are not big on words but I was just gonna ask how you two got together and…

Mike:How we got together?Well we were both back in the old WCW but we were too busy fighting each other we never teamed up.You see thse were the old horrible days.That was when I went soft and was not know as the career killer….well Im Backk!!

Malice:And I have changed my ways.Im not big on talking…I just like to hurt people and that’s why we work so well together.

Pamela:Ok well what do you think of Kronik returning and destroying our tag team champions…the road warriors?

Mike:Well they like to hurt people…we have that in common.But we are the team to fear in the WCW.So if you guys have a problem with that well lets settle it in the ring.

Malice:And as far as destroying the Road Warriors…big deal we could destroy them as well.But Kronik if you want a real challenge..then try us!!!

The two storm off as Pamela looks a little scared and we go back to the ring.

“Take It” hits as Vampiro,Demon,and the Great Muta make their way to the ring to some boos.They get in and challenge any three men to a 6 man tag team match.”Vader Time” hits as Vader and Bam Bam Bigelow make their way to the ring with a smirk.They get in and “Brood” hits as Gangrel makes his way to the ring with his eyes on Vampiro.The bell rings as it is announced that this will be a tornado 6 man tag match.

Tornado Tag Team Match
Bam Bam,Vader,Gangrel vs House of Pain
The bell rings as Vader goes after Muta,Bam goes after Demon,and Gangrel goes after Vampiro.Bam Bam ddts Demon The 6 man brawl on the outside and Bam Bam and Vader brawl with Muta and Demon up the ramp.They brawl backstage as Gangrel and Vampiro fight in the ring.The ref changes it into a single match between Gangrel and Vampiro.Gangrel suplexes him.He picks him up and irish whips him into the corner.He comes out and gets nailed with a dropkick.He covers but only gets a two count.He picks him up but gets nailed in the ribs with a forearm.He then rolls out of the ring and gets a chair.He rolls back in and attempts to hit him with it but Gangrel ducks!He then kicks him in the gut and scoop slams him. They show refs breaking up the brawl backstage and go back to the ring.He then picks him up and gives him his Impailer on the chair!He covers! 1…2…3!!!!Gangrel wins!He stares over Vampiro with a smirk.The lights go out for a few moments and when they turn back on Gangrel is gone and Vampiro is covered in blood!He got a blood bath!We then go backstage where Bret Hart and Vince Russo are standing face to face.

Vince:If you ever touch me like that again I will personally sue you for everything that you own. You hear me?

Bret: Wow Wow Wow you see you may be able to try to sue me if I attack you here backstage…but when it comes to a wrestling ring…I can do whatever I want to do.

Vince:Oh yeah?You think you can just get away with that? I am the General Manager and I can make matches…and I can put you in them.So if you think you can get away with that so easy you are wrong.

Bret:Actually…in a few months maybe you can put me in matches but as for now you cant because I am on the injured list and am not medically cleared to compete.But lets talk about the next two matches.Im gonna make a stipulation.For both matches. You see Im gonna make it so that the rest of S.E.X. and Buff Bagwell and Stevie Ray are barred from ringside and Sting,Hogan,and Steiner are barred when they are not in a match.

Vince:…Oh yeah?well you cant bar me from ringside so don’t be surprised to see me in the main event.

Bret: That’s fine but know that if you try something I will be there to make sure you don’t.

The two stare down as we go back to the ring as “Franchise” hits and Shane Douglas makes his way to the ring to massive heat.Then “DFG” hits as Rick Steiner makes his way to the ring to a nice pop.He gets in as the two stare down and the bell rings.
Sorry I cut this match short.
World Title Tournament
Rick Steiner vs Shane Douglas
The bell rings as the two stare at each other.Douglas kicks him in the ribs.He then nails a belly-to-belly.He taunts as Steiner gets up.He then knees him in the ribs and goes for a ddt but its conuter into a northen lights suplex!He then picks him up and gives him his own belly-to-belly.Steiner picks him up and irish whips him into the corner.He runs after to splash him but he moves and rick nails the turnbuckle.After a few minutes of fighting and suplexing Shane low blowed Steiner and then nailed a Pittsburgh Plunge both men lay out cold on the mat.Douglas then rolls an arm over him as the ref counts.1..2…Steiner kicks out!Douglas looks irate!He then picks Rick up and goes for the Franchiser but Steiner blocks it!He then nails a Steiner-Liner but Shane drops and he nails the ref! He then turns around and nails the Steiner Driver and pins but the ref is out!He then climbs to the top and Douglas gets up and pulls out the chain and wraps it around his hand.Steiner jumps off attempting a Steiner-Dog but gets nailed in the ribs with the chain!!!Douglas then catches him and nails the Franchiser!he then covers as the ref crawls over to count.1…2…3!!!!!!Shane Douglas wins by cheating!
Winner:Shane Douglas

We go backstage where Sting is shown walking down the hall towards the ring. He walks past a lockerroom which opens up and Hulk Hogan walks out.We return to the ring where Scott Hall is in pacing.”Macho” hits as Randy Savage walks down to the ring. He gets in as “American” hits and Hulk Hogan walks to the ring to a huge pop.”Sting” hits as Sting gets in the ring to a even bigger pop.The bell rings as Sting and Hall start it off.

Sting/Hogan vs Macho Man/Scott Hall
The bell rings as the two stare down at each other.Hall then takes out his toothpick and throws it in Sting’s face.Sting smirks and Hall pushes him.Sting then nails him with a right hand.He nails him again.He nails him one more time and irish whips him.Hall comes back and receives a flying lariat!He stands up and runs and hits a leg drop.He covers but Hall quickly kicks out.They get up at the same time and Sting gets nailed with a low blow.Hogan yells at the ref which distracts him as Macho and Hall double team Sting.Macho gets out and Scott covers.1…2..Sting kicks out.Hall argues with the ref and picks him up.He goes to irish whip him but Sting counters and DDTS him.They both lay out cold for a few seconds when sting gets to his feet.Hall gets up and receives a dropkick!He picks him up and gets another low blow and then a back drop.(the thing Bradshaw does too cant remember its name)Hall then tags in Savage.Savage picks up Sting and front suplexes him.He picks him up and irish whips him into a back body drop over head.He taunts as Sting gets up and runs and c/lines him back down.He talks trash to Hogan.He grabs Sting’s leg and begins working on it.He picks him up and puts him in a sleeper.Sting reverses it into a back suplex and manages to crawl to Hogan and make the tag.Hogan comes in and cleans house.He takes out Macho then Hall.He picks up Savage and scoop slams him!He then signals for the leg drop but Hall nails him in the back of the head.Macho and Hogan get up at the same time and Hogan runs to big boot him but he ducksand c/lines him!Suddenly Vince Russo comes down to the ring.He stands at ringside for a bit.Hogan and Savage beat each other down for a bit until both men make a tag.Sting comes in and nails Hall with a dropkick.Then he nails Savage with a c/line.Macho gets up and goes to hit him but nails the ref and then gets scoop slamed.Bret Hart then comes to ringside and begins talking to Russo.Suddenly Russo takes out a bat and nails Hart in the ribs!He then nails Hogan in the back with it!Sting sees this and runs over to the apron but gets nailed in the face with the bat and it busts him wide open.Hall then rolls him up as the ref comes over to count.1…2…3!!!!S.E.X. celebrate as WCW goes off the air.

Ok I finished it but if I don’t get any feedback then Im gonna stop doing the shows and do something else. :S
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