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My WWA/WXF {Should I do it?}

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Ok I am thinking about doing a WWA/WXF type fed.I will post a show every Firday with previews on Wednesdays.It would cut in on me doing my raws as well cause I do them on Mondays.I know my name is WWE_Booker but it may be fun.But if i did it would u read it weekly and rate it?If you would and want me to do it please reply and if I get some feedback I will do it.You can check my work at My WWE Raws post.Thanks :)
G.M.:Vince Russo
Commish:Bret Hart :)
Sid (at some point)
Jeff Hardy
Kid Romeo
Evan K.(from 3 count)
Stevie Ray
Devon Storm
Terry Funk
Shane Douglas
Rick Steiner
Mike Awesome
Bam Bam Bigelow
Mike Sanders
Joanie Laurer
Gorgeous George
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I would enjoy you doing the new fed, just because you can never get enough fed's to read. Heh. Here is some of my personal feedback for you. You have a very stable upper midcard, and main event wrestlers that could lead to entertaining storylines. I find it quite interesting that you have former tagteam members who were in the shadow of their partner; Rick Steiner, he hasn't really been keeping with the pace as much as Scott, and Stevie Ray, who is shadowed by his brother Booker T. I am sort of worried about your tagteams, I only see the Roadwarriors (I don't like calling them L.O.D.) and Kronik, of course you can put together various wrestlers from your starting roster to form new tagteams. The rest looks pretty good, there is a handful of cruiserweights which makes it more fun, and quite alot of 'hardcore' wrestlers though I understand that is what the fed is suppose to be like. So that is my comments.

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Thanks for your feedback...Since you took the time to write a long paragraph for it...Im gonna do it.But I would still like more people to reply with their thoughts.But dont worry about the teams.Im planning on teaming up Stevie Ray and Rick Steiner...:S.Buff and Luger (totally buffed).Vader and Bam Bam,Mike Awesomeand Malice,Gangrel and Vampiro all at some point.Thanks again and the first show probably will be up Friday but since its my first show maybe like Tuesday or Wednesday.:)
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