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Please take note that the roster split has ended and JR and the King are commentators for the PPV.

JR and the King welcome us to most famous arena in the world, Madison Square Garden for Wrestlemania. Pyro’s go off and WWE CEO Linda McMahon comes out. She says that now that the roster split ended on Smackdown that Stephanie and Eric are out of jobs. They, along with Shane come out and announce they will become managers. Vince comes out and makes piece with Shane after the Invasion with WCW.

John Cena and B Squared come out followed by Rikishi and Scotty Too Hotty for some one on one action. John Cena starts the match and starts to dominate Rikishi in his corner due to help from B Squared. They continue until the referee gets knocked down. B Squared gets in the ring and they put Rikishi in the corner. Buchanan Irish whips Cena into the corner and Rikishi hits a Super kick, Buchanan goes over but Scotty hits a bulldog. Rikishi and Scotty set it up so Scotty can hit two worms at the same time. Scotty hits the worm on both and then Rikishi goes for the cover. A new referee runs out and gets to two before Buchanan pulls him out. Rikishi gets up and starts talking to Buchanan, but then Cena roles Rikishi up and picks-up the win.

Next is a tag team battle royal but we see a promo from Randy Orton. He asks the fans for more e-mails to [email protected].

Next is a tag team battle royal. All the teams get in the ring and the match begins. Each go after everyone but their partner. Dudleyz and BookDust eliminate Matt Hardy so he and Nowinski are gone. Billy and Chuck are eliminated but the referees are still dealing with Matt and Chris and so they survive. Storm and Regal are next to be eliminated as Billy throws Regal out of the ring. Billy is then double-teamed by Chavo and D-Von and so Billy and Chuck are gone. BookDust then eliminate Los Guerrero’s when Goldust eliminates Chavo and Booker eliminates Eddie. The fans then start a, ‘We want tables’ chant. Dudleyz and BookDust oblige and put four tables around the ring. All four get in the ring, they brawl with Booker T and Buh Buh Ray getting the upper hand on D-Von and Goldust. Eventually they both Irish whip Goldust and D-Von against the ropes and both hit a back body drop and both go through the two separate tables at the same time. The referees talk and say the match will continue with Booker T and Bubba Ray. Eventually Bubba ray puts Booker T through a table after hitting a belly-to-belly from inside the ring. Spike runs out and helps D-Von into the ring as the Dudleyz celebrate their win and become tag team champions.


Next is a 6 Man Tag team match. Big Show, A-Train and Bill DeMot are in the ring. Edge, Steiner and Test come down to the ring. Steiner and Show start off and Steiner attempts a suplex. Test gets in and tries to help Steiner. Then Edge comes in and they finally Suplex Show. Referee gets Edge and Test out of the ring and then the referee is knocked out. All 6 men get in the ring but Edge gets the tag just before the brawl. Test manages to put Bill DeMot threw the table that D-Von set up. A-Train then hits a Baldo Bomb on the outside. Show knocks Edge down and turns round and gets a chair shot to the head. A-Train pulls Steiner out of the ring as Show falls on Edge and gets the win.

Vince comes out and announces that the Dudleyz will take on 3 Minute Warning and Rico in a table elimination match. 3 Minute Warning come out with Rico as Vince goes. Just before he goes he says the tag titles are on the line. All three Dudleyz come out and the match begins. Immediately Jamal, Rosie and Rico get the upper hand. Rosie hits a big splash from the top rope to D-Von, and eliminates D-Von. Next Bubba Ray is just about to be eliminated by Jamal and Rosie. Rosie goes up top again but Bubba Ray moves out of the way just in time as Spike comes from behind and hits a bulldog from the top rope. Spike then goes for a cross body but Jamal catches him. Rico sets up a table in the corner and Jamal throws Spike through the table. Bubba Ray is on his own and down. Rico goes outside and gets a table but then D-Von comes out and puts Rico through a table leaving Bubba Ray and Jamal. Both are down for a while and then get up and battle for dominance. Eventually Jamal sets up a table and gets put on it as Bubba recovers. Then Rosie comes out and climbs to the top rope but Spike pushes him off. Rosie puts Jamal through a table and thus Jamal is still in the match. However D-Von comes out and Spike sets up another table. D-Von comes out but Rico garbs him by the shirt and yanks him down. Bubba thinks that Rico is D-Von and goes for the 3D but Rico pushes Jamal backwards. Rico then suplexes Bubba Ray through the table as 3 Minute Warning win the tag titles.


Victoria, Jazz and Ivory are in the ring as Molly and Jacqueline comes down. There are weapons all over the ring. After somewhat of a battle between Ivory and Jazz, Ivory hits the Poison Ivory and eliminates Jazz. Victoria and Jacqueline battle as does Ivory and Molly. Molly hits the Molly Go Round but Ivory kicks out. Molly goes up top again and looks to hit the Molly Go Round on Ivory who shoves Victoria infront of her and Victoria is eliminated. Jacqueline goes to hit a tornado DDT but Molly reverses it into a northern lights suplex and eliminates Jacqueline. Molly and Ivory use all sorts of weapons and Molly goes up top and goes for a double axe handle but Ivory gets a mirror and smashes it over Molly’s head. Ivory gets a two count and Molly then roles up Ivory for a two count. Ivory then gets another pin attempt but then Molly goes up top and hits a second Molly Go Round to Ivory and gets the win and wins the WWE Women’s title.

Next up is two Hardcore matches. A mystery opponent, Al Snow and Dreamer in one and then Credible, Raven and Richards. The first to pick up the pin-fall is the Hardcore champion. Both matches start except the mystery opponent had yet to come out. Saturn comes out and starts to beat down on Snow and Dreamer. Dreamer gets the upper hand on Al. Saturn starts on Credible and Raven beats down on Richards. Raven leaves but returns with a trolley of weapons. Whilst Raven is gone, with Richards out, Al and Dreamer in the crowd, Saturn picks-up the win in the ring and becomes Hardcore champion but Raven hits him over the head. Flair comes out and pins Saturn, Ivory comes out and whacks Flair over the head with a chair and pulls Raven on top of Flair. Raven then becomes the Hardcore champion.


Next up is the TLC match for the Cruiserweight championship. Mysterio and Kidman start the match off with high-flying action. Both are knocked down after a double clothesline. Torrie and Dawn come out and pull Mysterio out and beat down on him. Kidman climbs a ladder but falls off, as he can’t keep his balance. Vince comes out with the Boss Man and Viscera. Viscera and Boss Man take Dawn and Torrie to the back. Mysterio gets up and starts to get chairs and tables. Mysterio tosses Kidman a chair and hits a drop-kick. Mysterio then sets up a table and gives Kidman a chair again and goes to hit a drop-kick but Kidman dodges and then when Mysterio gets up hits Mysterio over the head with the chair. Kidman goes to hit Mysterio with the chair but Mysterio kicks the chair in Kidman’s face. Eventually Mysterio puts Kidman thorough a table and then Kidman shoves Mysterio backwards as Mysterio was at the top of the ladder and Mysterio falls through 6 tables. Kidman climbs the ladder to retain his Cruiserweight title.

Next Up is the Elimination Chamber between Angle, Jericho, Taker, Kane, Benoit and Lesnar. Angle, Jericho, Benoit and Kane are in the separate chambers. So Undertaker and Brock start off the match. Undertaker gets the upper hand and it doesn’t take them long until they get to the steel on the outside. Undertaker goes for a tombstone but Brock reverses. Brock then goes for the F5 but Undertaker reverses. By this time the first man is released, Kane is the next out. Kane and Undertaker double team on Brock before they eventually tombstone him and then battle each other. Kane hits the chokeslam and then goes to pin Brock but gets a two. Angle is released now and things start to hot up. Brock and Angle tag against Kane. Eventually Brock hits an F5 and then Angle hits the moonsault to eliminate Kane. Undertaker is next to go as Angle hits a Angle slam on the outside and puts Undertaker inside and slaps on the Ankle lock. Undertaker doesn’t tap but then Benoit is released and puts on the cross face and Undertaker taps. Benoit, Angle and Lesnar battle and Brock hits the F5 on Benoit, Angle hits the Angle Slam on Brock and Angle goes for the cover but Brock kicks out. Brock and Kurt battle whilst Benoit recovers. Jericho is then released. Jericho comes in, Angle then hits another Angle Slam on Brock, Benoit hits the Headbutt and Jericho hits the Lionsault to eliminate Brock. Then Angle and Jericho team and eventually eliminate Benoit. Now it’s down to Angle and Jericho who battle. Eventually Jericho wins and is the new Undisputed champion.

JR and the King say how much of an exciting night it has been, say thanks for tuning in and watch Raw tomorrow night.

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