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If i was the booker in WWE at the moment this is what my Wrestlemania card would be

WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle

This match is so simple to work out. Lesnar wins, Heyman gets involved alot, Finally gets hit with the F5 becasue they have been taunting the crowd for ages with the move.

Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michales

Should steel the show really. Becasue these two are amazing in the ring and should be a real push for jericho to be one of the biggest players in wwe, Jericho wins

Nathan Daniels vs Undertaker vs Big Show

Some how they make this a Triple Threat and then you really see who strong Nathan Daniels is as he has the chance to destroy the Big Show and Undertaker. But theres now way that Undertaker will ever lose at a wrestlemania event.

World Championship
Triple H vs RVD

Triple H should lose the belt and have a feud with somebody which doesn't include the World belt. Because personally i'm bored of seeing Triple H fight in a title match. I like seeing HHH wrestle but not with the championship belt. Also this gives RVD a chance to go alone on his own with some good matches starting with Booker T or Jericho

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock

a rematch of all Rematchs in my mind, I can't stand watching Hulk Hogan wrestle. I love to watch the crowd and when he does his promos but not in a match, the match against Rock at Wrestlemania 18 was not a good wrestling match the crowd made it a good match. But this match at Wrestlemania 15 + 17 were amazing i still love watching them to this day and the bulid up to the Main Event at Wrestlemania 17 was great. I think Rock would win becasue he leaves to go to Hollywood again

World Tag Team Championship
Tables match
Lance Storm and William Regal vs Dudleyz

This has had a great Build up from Christmas with Morlay getting involved aswel . Dudleyz would win their match

Chris Beniot vs ???

Who would Beniot face I really dont know? I did have my money on Edge or Benoit turning on each other at No Way Out but since Edge is doubtfull i dont know. Maybe Rhyno would come back or even Kanyon seems he is back

WWE Tag Team Championship
Team Angle vs Los Gurreros (or how ever you spell it)

This could be a great match we saw a class match at Smackdown a couple of weeks ago maybe the rematch at Wrestlemania. I would have Team Angle to win this match

Scott Steinar vs Dave Batista

A match were both men try to out power each other and have the upper hand. Steinar winning his first PPV match after coming back

Booker T vs Randy Orton

Booker T just looking for Payback on Goldust with him picking up the victory

WWE Womens Championship
Victoria vs Jazz

Should be the best Womens championship match ever them fighting with power, Matt skills and High risk moves. A real good match. Also even tho i love looking at her finally a feud were Trish aint in it becasue she has been in every feud through 2002 with the womens Championship

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Billy Kidman vs Rey Misterio

An Amazing Cruiserweight match with both men showing there Cruiserweight style and Enegry, if both men fight to there true cruiserweight protenial could have a shot at Match of the Night

Matt Hardy vs Shannon More

Finally Matt and Shannon fight with these two having a great storyline leading up to Shannon turning on shannon after having a match. But maybe this will have to be on Smackdown.

a good Wrestlemania in my mind with 13 class matches with all going well. Only 4 boring matches that will not turn out to be all that good but up to the standerd.

Tell me what you think

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That's way too much going on there. 13 matches would happen in 2 PPVs combined and not in one show. I know it goes from 8-Midnight but Angle/Brock and Rock/Austin could combine for about an hour and a half. Good card though, I like the Regal/Storm vs. Dudley Boyz Tables Match.

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soz i did mean Nathan Jones. I've been in E-feds before and mixed up between a Nathan Daniels in one of them sorry again. About the Wrestlemania thread one i didn't know and two im pertending to be a booker so it could go in this thread aswel.

Soz Again
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