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wwe champion/r vs sd:brock lesnar(C) vs goldberg
world heavyweight champion:shawn michaels(C) vs ric flair
intercontinental champion/6-man elimination-way:christian(C) vs randy ortan vs rvd vs booker t vs chris jericho vs test
united states champion/no-dq:a-trian(C) vs bigshow
world tagteam champion/4 corners:steiner/test(C) vs dudleys vs jindrak/cade vs rosey/hurricane
tagteam champion:s2h/rikishi(C) vs twgtt
womens champion/fatal 4-way:trish(C) vs victoria vs molly vs jazz
cruiserweight champion:rey(C) vs tajiri
no holds barred:triple h vs mick foley
scsc/rock 4:stonecold steve austin vs the rock
casket/r vs sd:the undetaker vs kane
#1 contender 4 wwe title next smackdown/4-way elimination:kurt angle vs chris benoit vs john cena vs edge
bret hart segment
classic 1 hour wrestlemania 1-19 moments

classic 1 hour wrestlemania 1-19 moments
us title/no-dq:bigshow d a-trian(C) v showstopper in 9.04
tagteam title:s2h/rikishi(C) d twgtt v worm 2 sb in 11.58
cw title:tajiri d rey(C) v kick 2 head in 7.45
womens title/fatal 4-way:trish(C) d jazz,molly & victoria v bulldog 2 j in 8.43
world tagteam title/4 corners:scott steiner/test(C) d dudleys,jindrak/cade & rosey/hurricane v boot 2 d-v in 16.11
ic title/6-man elimination:christian(C) d chris jericho,randy ortan, test,booker t,rvd in 23.59
elimination order-bt by rvd v 5-star in 7.00,rvd by ro v rko in 13.56,t by cj v rollup in 16.43,ro by c v unprettier in 18.50,cj be c v rollup in 23.59
#1 contender 4 wwe title next sd/4-way elimination: angle d cena,benoit & edge in 20.58
elimination order-jc by e v spear in 9.58,e by cb v crossface in 15.42,cb by ka v angleslam in 20.58
scsa/rock 4:stone cold steve austin d the rock v stonecold stunner in 17.50
(scsa announces retirement after match)
bret hart segment
world title:shawn michaels(C) d ric flair v superkick in 27.02
(kane challenges sm for world title match on raw/shawn accepts)
no holds barred: mick foley d triple h v maniable claw in 25.00
wwe title/raw vs smackdown: lesnar(C) d goldberg v f-5 in 13.34
(vince announces wwe title match on sd-lesnar(C) vs angle)
casket match/raw vs smackdown:the undertaker d kane in 32.57
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