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WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar v Kurt Angle

World Heavyweight Championship Street Fight
Triple H v Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWE Tag Team Championship 3 Way Elimination
Dudley Boyz(now on Smackdown)(C) v Los Guerreros v Team Angle

World Tag Team Championship Cage Match
Orton/Batista(C) v Booker T/Goldust

WWE Cruiserweight Ladder Match 6 Way Survival
Billy Kidman(C) v Hurricane v Rey Mysterio v Shannon Moore v Tajiri v Nunzio

WWE Womens Championship Triple Threat
Victoria(C) v Lita v Jazz

Shawn Michaels v Y2J

Rock v Goldberg

Hulkster v Vince

Undertaker v A-Train

Ric Flair v Rob Van Dam

Edge v Chris Benoit

1st Match:WWE Cruiserweight Championship Ladder Match Billy Kidman(C) v Hurricane v Rey Mysterio v Shannon Moore v Tajiri v Nunzio

Great Match here Shannon Moore picks up the victory after help from Matt Hardy.Highlights Of The Match: Tajiri does the tarantula off of the top of the ladder to Nunzio , Rey Rey does a 450 off the top of the ladder to Billy Kidman. Matt Hardy interferes helping Shannon Moore to win the CW title.
New WWE Cruiserweight Champion Shannon Moore

2nd Match Edge v Benoit

A great long 15 min match here with Edge kicking out of the Diving Headbutt and countering the crossface twice Edge hits the Edgecution Benoit kicks out Edge is fustrated and the mean side comes out of Edge when he lays into Benoit with a steel chair busting Benoit open.
Benoit wins by DQ

3rd Match Undertaker v A-Train

Better match then everyone expects Taker kicks out of the A-Train bomb and kicks out of a chokeslam from A-Train. Undertaker also hits a chokeslam A-Train kicks out. Taker hits 3 tombstones A-Train kicks out of 2 but goes down for the 3rd pinfall. Taker 11-0.

4th Match Rob Van Dam v Ric Flair
Nuthing special here Rob Van Dam hits the 5* frog splash to get the pinfall. Orton runs in after the match to help Flair beat down RVD but then Sabu:eek: runs in and helps RVD out smashes Orton round the head with a chair gets Flair in the corner hods chair to his face and RVD hits the Van Terminator on Flair.

5th Match WWE Womens Championship Triple Threat Vicotoria(c) v Lita v Jazz

Not bad match here Lita makes a sucessful comeback by hitting the moonsault on Victoria to win the Womens Championship. After the match Trish comes down and proceeds to beat the shit out of Lita and hen Edge accompaning Trish hits a spear on Lita but then Matt Hardy comes running down to save Lita from ne more beatings.
New WWE Womens Champion Lita

6th Match HBK v Y2J

Prolly oen of the matches of the night Jericho constantly targetss HBk`s back and puts HBK in the walls twice but HBk reaches the ropes.HBK goes to hit the SCM but jericho moves out of the way and hits poor old Earl Hebner. Now with the ref laid out HBK pulls out a Ladder and both men are on top of the ladder and Y2j locks HBK on top of the ladder causing HBK to scream in pain. Hbk fights out of it and knocks jericho down to the floor. He then hes a splash on Y2j ref wakes up and only goes to a 2 count. Y2j goes for the walls again Hbk counters bounces up htis the SCM and gets the 1-2-3. Y2j gets up after the match to a satnding ovation but jericho gets on the mic and promises he will pay back Shawn Michaels for what he done tonite and demands a rematch at Backlash.

7th Match
Goldberg v The Rock

The fans are clearly on Goldbergs side for this match Goldberg kicks out of the Rock Bottom counters the peoples elbow hiots the Jackhammer and spears the fuck out of Rock and gets the 1-2-3 fairly short match but Rocky gets humilated. After the match rock gets on the mic and sez, " U know what ive had enuff of this monkey crap id rather have my millions of $$ in hollywood than sweat my ass off and get beat for some unappraicitive sons of bitches people like u, this will be the last u will be seeing off the rock in the WWE rock then leaves arena.

8th Match WWE Tag Team Championship 3 Way Elimination
Dudley Boyz(now on Smackdown)(C) v Los Guerreros v Team Angle

Great match up here Dudleyz hit 3d to Eddie to get them eliminated but then Shelton Benjamin puts D- VOn thru a table with a moonsault and Charlie Haas locks in his finishing manouver to Bubba to make him tap out and win the WWE Tag Team Championship.
Winners:Team Angle New WWE Tag Team Champions

9th Match WOrld Tag Team Championship Cage Match Batista/Orton(C) v Booker T/Goldust

Not bad match up here goldust fucks his arm up pretty good Booker hits the Bookend on Batista and picks up the victory plain and simple.
Winners:New World Tag Team Champions Bookdust

10th Match World Heavyweight Championship Triple H v Stone Cold Steve Austin Street Fight

This match is exactly this same as Stone cold steve Austins encounter witht he rock at Wm17 with HHH been the heel and Austin the face. Flair runs down interefers turns on HHH proceeds to hit HHH with the sledgehammer Austin stunners HHH pins him 1-2-3 Falir and Austin celebrate afterwards by haviing a steveweiser.(S)
New World Heaycweight Champion Steve Austin

12th Match Hulk Hogan v Vince McMahon

Great match up here both men are bsuted open and Vince very nearly picks up the victory but Hulk Hulks up does his fing legdrop to vinne mac 1-2-3 Hulk does his thing afterwards.

13th Match WWE Championship Brock Lesnar v Kurt Angle

Phenomenal Match up here Brock hits an F5 on Kurt and kicks out of it. Kurt wears down Brock with 12 German suplexes throughout the match. Brock counters the ankle lock three times. Heyman interferes gets an F5 to a huge pop for his trubles.f5 to kurt 1-2-3 new wwe champion is brock.
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