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Exellent first show, good length although you wouldn't want to shorten that at all. I also like the way you set out the show with colours and the use of bold, it looks neat and tidy and would definetely help in getting people to read.

Somoa Joe makes his debut on Smackdown adn just like that we have a new Cruiserweight Champion. I'm not to firmiliur with Somoa Joe and would have rathered a Super Crazy win but the muscle buster sounded impressive.

I like how your using Palmer Cannon, hopefully he will debut in the ring soon enough.

I didn't like how you used Dean as a jobber to Batista, I would go as far as him beating The Animal if used right but I guess we know nothing else of Simon Dean than a jobber.

Decent Rock/Kennedy promo with some vintage Rock lines. Nice idea for a fued, I never would have thought of it. Wonder who the mysterio guy is?

Great to see you using the old scchool heel Regal and he even used the brasp knucks. Looking foward to seeing what you do with Burchill and please let him use the C4, it is much more effective than an armbar.

I don't believe LOD should have beaten MNM in less than a minute, actually I would have booked MNM to win the match. Whatever though, this is your thread. You need to get some new tag teams happening.

Entertaining main event especially since I love reading Number one contender matches. Batista/Lesnar and Taker/Sting at No Mercy are good additions and I can see your bringing back some major talent.

Overall a decent show but work on your promos and make them a little longer, if you do it on Word, 2 promos a show of about 1.5 pages long is a good length if you are serious about booking. Goodluck for the future
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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