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Hi, I am new here but I been reading around at some others BTB and I am going to start one. My will be the real WWE with the real rosters with some new guys.

New RAW Guys
Stone Cold Steve Austin

New SD Guys
Brock Lesnar
The Rock

More probably will be added. The first show will be this Friday for Smackdown and the first PPV will be No Mercy next week. If you have any questions, just ask.
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Looking forward to your first show, Nice additions to the rosters. Good luck with this. Remember to use Color in your shows. Also review other btb's so they will review yours.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview(Sept 30 2005)

This Friday night will be a special one. Teddy Long will have a major announcment and plus LOD will defend the WWE Tag Team Titles against MNM, plus the Crusierweight Title will be on the line when Nunzio defends against Super Crazy. All this and much more only on UPN.
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WWE Friday Night Smackdown
September 30 2005

The opening video hits follow by fireworks.

Cole: Welcome to WWE Friday Night Smackdown and we just found out that Teddy Long haves a major announcement concerning No Mercy and tonight's main event.
Tazz: Yeah but Cole, tonight we understand that Teddy's announcment haves something to do with the World's Heavyweight Title.

Macmiltant hits and Teddy Long comes out with UPN's Exctuive, Palmer Cannon. They enters the ring and Teddy grabs the mic.

Teddy: Let me holla at cha players. I am out here because we still dont know who will be the number 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Title at No Mercy.
Palmer: Wait just a minute, Mr. Long. We already know who the number 1 contender is, Eddie Guerrero.
Teddy: Now I told you in the back that Eddie Guerrero is not the number 1 contender anymore. I told you about the main event tonight. Tonight we are going to find out players, who will truly be the number 1 contender and will face Batista at No Mercy when we have a 10 Battle Royal tonight on Friday Night Smackdown. This wont just be a battle royal but only way to eliminate your oppoents is to pin them 123 or make them submitt. In the match will be JBL, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Randy Orton, Sting, Chris Benoit, Booker T, and Christian. Also the World's Heavyweight Champion, Batista will be in action tonight against Simon Dean.

Teddy Long's music hits as him and Palmer leaves the ring.

Mexicools hits but only Super Crazy comes out. He rides his Jaun Deer around the ring and enters. FBI music hits and Vito and the Crusierweight Champion, Nunizo comes out. He enters the ring and they get ready for there match when Palmer Cannon comes out.

Palmer: I'm sorry to inform you guys that this match will now be a Triple Threat Match for the Crusierweight Championship. Now I was thinking about what we should do with this title and let's face it, Nunizo you dont make a very good Crusierweight Champion. I mean it is not your fault there is just no meaning to that title. Well I am changing that you see, that title will now have no weight limit. If you can fly then you belong in that class of Crusierweight. That is why I have hired a guy to change this division around. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the newest Smackdown Superstar, The Somoan Submission Machine, Somoa Joe.

Joe comes out to a loud pop. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring.

Match 1- Cruiserweight Championship- Somoa Joe vs Super Crazy vs Nunzio(C)
Start- Somoa Joe, Super Crazy, and Nunzio all look at each other. Super Crazy runs at Joe but Joe moves and Crazy hits the turnbuckle. Nunzio runs at Somoa Joe but Joe takes him down with a hard spinebuster. Somoa Joe turns his attention to Super Crazy who walks right into a high kick. The crowd starts chanting JOE JOE JOE.
Mid- Somoa Joe is still in control as he haves Nunizo down in the corner kicking at his face. Somoa Joe picks Nunizo up and whip him into the ropes and lowers his head. Nunizo comes back and kicks Joe right in the head. Joe stands straight up and looks at Nunizo. Nunizo goes for a clothesline but Joe ducks it. Joe runs to the ropes and he grabs Nunizo's head and slam it to the mat.
Finish- We see Joe still in control but only this time he haves Super Crazy. Super Crazy though gets some moves in and he sets him up for a suplex but he can't pick him up. Nunizo goes over and trys to help but they can't. Somoa Joe pick both men up and slam them down with a double suplex. Joe gets up and he grabs Nunizo. He puts on his shoulders and connects with The Muscle Buster. Super Crazy gets up and runs at Joe but he moves and Crazy knockes Vito off the apron. Crazy turns around and walk into a high knee right to the face. It look like he might have been knocked out. Somoa Joe covers both Nunizo and Super Crazy as the ref counts to 3. We have a new Crusierweight Champion.
Winner and new Crusierweight Champion, Somoa Joe
Somoa Joe walks up the ramp holding the Crusierweight Title.

Cole: OH MY GOD! We have a new Crusierweight Champion and this huge guy, Somoa Joe. Who is he?
Tazz: I heard of him Cole and let me tell you this, this guy will be a impact on Friday Night Smackdown.


Backstage we see a long long limo pull up. The driver gets out and opens the door. We see that it is THE ROCK. The Rock grabs his bags and walk into the arena as the fans are chanting ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY.

Backstage we see Teddy Long and Palmer Cannon in their office.

Teddy: Let me tell you something Mr. Cannon. That was a great idea you had about Somoa Joe. He is going to be a impact on Smackdown that's for sure.

Just then there is a knock on the door and Orlando Jordan walks in.

Orlando: Mr. Long, I want a shot at the US title. I mean, Chris Benoit did not beat me fair and square at Summerslam. I was'nt ready then. I am ready now. Give me the shot at, um, No Mercy next week.
Teddy: I already made my mind with what to do about this. You see next week on Friday Night Smackdown, we are going to have a Triple Threat Match and the winner will face Chris Benoit at No Mercy. It will be you, Orlando Jordan taking on Christian, and Booker T. Now Orlando, get out of my office.
Palmer: Um, our office.

Orlando leaves the room.

In the ring we see Simon Dean with his new product, The Ultimate Fittness Machine which is just a threadmill.

Simon: Now I know my oppoent tonight may not be the fittest person around but trust me, 5 minutes on this and he would look like, well, ME!!! Now Dave......................

Just then the World's Heavyweight Champion, Batista comes out. He walks down the ramp and stops. He does his thing and fireworks shoot off. He enters the ring and he holds up the Worlds title in front of Simon.

Match 2- Batista vs Simon Dean
Start- Simon starts the match with a freindly handshake and he offers Batista to use his machine. Batista walks over to it and he picks it up and toss it outside. He tells Simon that he dont feel like playing right now. Batista then clothesline Simon to the floor.
Mid- Batista is kicking Simon to the floor.
Finish- Batista picks Simon up and does a hard spinebuster. Batista holds up his arms and turns them around and he picks Dean up. He connects with a hard Batista Bomb and covers for the win.
Winner, Batista

Batista holds up the world title and he grabs a mic.

Batista: Now I dont care who wins that battle royal later tonight because at No Mercy. I will promise all of you this. At No Mercy, whoever I am facing will feel the Bomb.

Batista drops the mic as he leaves the ring.

Backstage Josh Matthews is standing by with Christian.

Josh: Hi, I am standing by with Christian. Christian, tonight you have a 10 man battle royal match, can you win it?
Christian: Can I win? Are you stupid? I can win and you know why? I have something that no other man in that match haves. That is Charisma. That is why they call me Captain Charisma and I will prove it tonight when I beat every single one of them left and right.
Josh: Now Christian, next week you have a 3 way match with the winner facing Chris Benoit at No Mercy. Can you win that and if you do, will it be double duty at No Mercy?
Christian: Yes I will be doing double duty at No Mercy and you know why? Because I am that good. At No Mercy I will beat Chris Benoit for the US title and go on and beat Batista for the World Title and become the only double champion in Smackdown History.

Christian walks off.


IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLLLLL hits and the one and only, The Rock comes out. The fans are in their feet screaming for the great one. He enters the ring and grabs a mic.

Rock:Finally......................................................Finally............................................................Finally The Rock has come back to the WWE. Now The Rock was sitting at home watching a little Smackdown and I thought, hey I have to get back. Guess What, The Rock is here. Now The Rock knows what all of you are thinking. How Long is this jerk going to be around for, a week?, maybe a month? Well let The Rock tell you that he have offically quit Hollywood. Now that The Rock is back, I want to kick some ass. I dont care if it is the popcorn guy in the 5th row are any jabornies in the back. So Just Bring It.

The Rock waits in the ring and Ken Kennedy comes out. Ken enters the ring and grabs a mic.

Ken: Rocky, you are looking at Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy.
Rock: What is your name?
Ken: Mr. Ken....................
Rock: It Does'nt Matter what your name is. The only thing that matters is that you interuptted The Rock's speical time. Now The Rock have two ways to handle this. You can step in this ring and face me 1 on on 1, or I will grab that mic and turn it sideways and stick it up your candy ass.
Ken: Now hold on Rocky, I dont see why we can't get a long. I mean I am just like you.

Just then Ken Kennedy nails The Rock in the head with the mic. Ken Kennedy starts kicking The Rock to the ground. He picks Rock up but Rock starts fighting back. He nails some hard right hands and he spits on it and nails it again. He picks Ken Kennedy up and nails The Rock Bottom. He calls for The People's Elbow and as he was about to do it. This guy in this black ski mask enters the ring. He bulldogs The Rock down to the mat. The mask man goes outside and grabs a chair. He waits for The Rock to stand up. The Rock stands up and the guy nails The Rock right in the head with the chair. Ken Kennedy gets back up and smiles. He grabs a mic.

Ken: Hey Rocky, I will face you in a match at No Mercy.

Ken drops the mic as he hugs the huge guy.

Cole: Who is that guy? He just took out The Rock by himself.
Tazz: I dont know but The Rock just got taken out on his first night back.

Backstage we see William Regal and Paul Burchill making there way to the ring. William Regal vs Hardcore Holly is NEXT!!!!!!


How Do You Like Me Now hits and Hardcore Holly comes out with Scotty 2 Hotty. They walk down the ramp and enters the ring. England music hits and William Regal and Paul Burchill comes out. Regal enters the ring and waves at the fans.

Match 3- William Regal vs Hardcore Holly
Start- William Regal and Hardcore Holly circle the ring before locking up. Regal backs Holly into a corner and the ref tells them to break it up. Regal slowly breaks it but Hardcore Holly clothesline him down to the mat. Holly gets on top of Regal and starts hitting him left and right. Holly picks him up and whip him into the ropes. Hardcore Holly clothesline him back down to the mat.
Mid- Hardcore Holly is still in control as he chops away at Regal in the corner. He whips him into the ropes and connects with a picture perfect dropkick. Hardcore Holly makes the cover but only get a 2 count. He picks Regal up but Regal knees him and takes him over with a float over suplex and makes a cover for a 2.
Finish- William Regal and Hardcore Holly are in the center of the ring trading punches. Paul Burchill gets on the ring apron and grabs the ref. Hardcore Holly runs over and knocks him off. Scotty 2 Hotty comes out and start kicking him. Hardcore Holly turns around and right into a brass knuckles shot by Regal. The ref turns around and see Regal haves the cover and counts to 3.
Winner, William Regal
Backstage we see The Rock looking for Ken Kennedy and the mask guy. He looks everywhere but can't find them.


What A Rush!!!!! hits and the WWE Tag Team Champions, LOD comes out. They enters the ring. MNM comes out next with the red carpet and all that stuff. They enters the ring.

Match 4- WWE Tag Team Championship- LOD(C) vs MNM
This was a quick match only last a minute or so. LOD tored MNM apart and finish Mercury off with The Doomsday Device.
Winner and still WWE Tag Team Champions, LOD

Backstage we see Booker T getting ready. 10 Man Battle Royal is next!!!!!!!!


Whatever hits as the United States Champion makes his way to the ring. Chris Benoit holds up the US title as he enters the ring. Can You Dig It hits and Booker T comes out with Sharmell. They stop and Booker T jumps up and the fire goes off behind them. They walk down the ramp and Book enters the ring. Just Close Your Eyes hits and Christian comes out to a good pop. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring. Booyka hits and Rey Mysterio jumps from the stage. He spins around and walks down the ramp. He enters the ring. The lights go out and Sting's music hits. We see Sting coming down from the celing. Longhorn hits and JBL comes out in his white limo. He gets out of the car and enters the ring. I Lie I Cheat I Steal hits and Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero comes out. He walks down the ramp and he gets in the ring and he stares a hole right though Rey Mysterio. Here Comes The Pain hits and Brock Lesnar comes out making his return to the WWE. He walks down the ramp and he jumps on the apron. He enters the ring. Burn My Light hits and The Legend Killer, Randy Orton comes out. He walks down to the ramp and also enters the ring. The lights go out and the fans cheer. A lightning bolt strikes the tron as The Undertaker comes out. He walks slowly down to the ring.

Match 5- Number 1 Contendership for the World Title- 10 Man Battle Royal
Every man in this match starts beating each other. Rey Mysterio runs at Eddie Guerrero but Latino Heat takes him over to the outside. Eddie turns around then he jumps over on top of Rey Rey. Booker T and Chris Benoit is going at it in a corner. Randy Orton is stomping away at The Undertaker in the corner. Outside the ring, Eddie Guerrero whips Rey Mysterio into the steel steps. Christian nails a reverse DDT on Booker T and covers but only for a 2 count. Christian starts nailing Booker with some hard right hands. Christian stands up and walks right into a clothsline from Sting. Sting yells WOOO as Brock Lesnar clothesline him. JBL gets on the outside and helps Eddie stomp Rey on the ground. JBL picks Rey up and bodyslams him outside the ring. JBL covers but the ref tells him he haves to be inside the ring. JBL picks Rey up high in the air and slams him on the ring apron. JBL slides him in the ring and covers for a 2 count. JBL stands up and Randy Orton nails him with a clothesline. Randy turns around and The Undertaker grabs him by his neck. The Undertaker picks Randy Orton up and drives him down with a hard chokeslam. Undertaker makes the cover but Brock Lesnar clothesline Sting and Sting falls on top of Taker to break the count. Brock kicks Undertaker right in the head. Rey Mysterio is hammering Eddie in the corner. Rey picks Eddie up and sits him on the top rope. Rey Mysterio gets up and calls for a suplex. Meanwhile, Christian connects with the Umprettier on Booker T. Eddie grabs Rey Mysterio and toss his leg above his head. Rey Mysterio does a flip and lands right on Christian. Another words, Rey Mysterio connects with a moonsault on Christian. Eddie Guerrero sees Booker T down and he jumps and connects with the Frog Splash. Eddie makes the cover and Booker T is eliminated!
Eliminated: Booker T
Eddie Guerrero gets up proud of himself. Just then Chris Benoit grabs Eddie from behind and does a hard german suplex. He rolls through and connects with a 2nd one. He rolls though again and does the hat trick as he nails a 3rd one on Eddie Guerrero. Chris Benoit gets up and does his cross on his neck. He climbs to the top rope and calls for the headbutt. JBL gets on the ring apron and he shoves Chris Benoit down to the mat. JBL enters the ring as Chris Benoit slowly gets to his feet. JBL runs to the ropes and connects with The Clothesline From Hell. JBL covers and Chris Benoit is eliminated!
Eliminated: Chris Benoit
Randy Orton slowly gets up and JBL also trys to hit the clothesline but Randy ducks it. JBL turns around and into a huge RKO. Both men are out. The Undertaker is getting mad as he just busted Brock Lesnar open with his soupbones fist. He pulls Brock up and he twist is arms. He yells Old School and he climbs to the top rope. Brock yanks Undertaker off the ropes and Taker goes flying to the center of the ring. Rey Mysterio gets on the apron and he jumps and connects with the West Coast Pop on Christian. He makes the cover but Christian is out just before 3. Rey Mysterio stands only to get a Stinger Splash. Rey Mysterio falls to the ground. Sting turns around and Undertaker grabs him by his neck and picks him up for a hard chokeslam. The Undertaker slit is neck and he picks Sting up. The Undertaker then drops Sting with the Tombstone Piledriver. The Undertaker makes the cover and Sting is eliminated!
Eliminated: Sting
Randy Orton gets up and he comes running at Undertaker but Undertaker kicks him right square in his face. The Undertaker lifts his arm up but Brock Lesnar grabs him and give him a german suplex. Brock Lesnar starts kicking Taker in the head. Christian runs up and hits Brock in the back. Lesnar turns around and points. Christian turns around and Eddie kicks him and connects with a suplex. He rolls his hips and connects with a 2nd one. He does it again and connects with the 3 Amigoes. Eddie tells Rey to go to the top. Rey Mysterio jumps on the ropes and connects with Drop The Dime on to Christian. Rey covers and Christian is eliminated!
Elminated: Christian
Just as Rey Mysterio stood up, Eddie runs and quickly rolls him up using the tights for the 3. Rey Mysterio is eliminated!
Eliminated: Rey Mysterio
Eddie Guerrero waves bye at Mysterio as he walks up the ramp. Eddie turns around and see Brock Lesnar staring at him. Brock grabs him and we here Brock tell Eddie that he remembers No Way Out 2004. Brock sits Eddie up on the top rope and he is choking him. JBL turns Brock Lesnar around and kicks him. JBL whips Lesnar into the ropes and goes for the clothesline from hell but Brock ducks it. Eddie jumps off and connects with the Missle Dropkick on Brock. Eddie makes the cover but Brock kicks out at 2. JBL and Eddie double team Brock with a double suplex. Randy Orton is putting Undertaker to sleep in the corner with a hard chokehold. Eddie and JBL whip Brock into the ropes but Brock came back with a double clothesline. He picks JBL and hits him in the head. He backs up and he clothesline him over the top rope. Brock turns around and Eddie trys for a clothesline but Lesner ducks it. Brock picks Latino Heat up and connects with a hard F5. Brock covers and Eddie Guerrero is Eliminated!
Eliminated: Eddie Guerrero
Brock Lesner gets up but JBL nails The Clothesline From Hell. Bradshaw makes the cover, 1...........................................................................2.........................................Brock Lesner kicks out. The fans and everyone can't bealive it. The Undertaker fights back and he chokes Randy Orton with his boot. JBL pulls Brock Lesnar up but Brock scoops him up fast and drops him with a hard F5. Brock gets an arm over and JBL is Eliminated!
Eliminated: JBL
It is down to the final three, The Undertaker, Brock Lesner, and Randy Orton. The Undertaker calls for a chokeslam. He lifts Randy Orton up and plants him with a chokeslam. Brock Lesner runs up and he hits Taker from behind. Undertaker falls on the mat. Brock turns his attention to Randy Orton. Brock picks Randy Orton up and connects with a F5. Brock then locks in The Brock Lock as Randy screams in pain. Randy Orton taps out as he can't reach the ropes. Randy Orton is eliminated!
Eliminated: Randy Orton
It is down to Brock Lesner and The Undertaker. Brock and The Undertaker stare at each other before locking up. As soon as they locked up, Sting came back out and nails Undertaker in the back with a chair. Brock Lesner looks at him confused. Sting points to the ground as Brock picks Undertaker up. Brock puts Undertaker on his shoulders and does the F5 on to the chair. Sting lets go of the ref and Brock covers, 1.........................................................................................2......................................................................................................3. Brock Lesner will face Batista at No Mercy.
Winner and number 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Title, Brock Lesner

Brock Lesner leaves the ring as Sting looks down at Undertaker. Sting grabs Undertaker by his legs and lock in The Scorpion Deathlock. Undertaker screams but soon passes out. Friday Night Smackdown goes off with Sting staring down at The Undertaker.​

Tell me what all of you think about it and what I should improve on.
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Exellent first show, good length although you wouldn't want to shorten that at all. I also like the way you set out the show with colours and the use of bold, it looks neat and tidy and would definetely help in getting people to read.

Somoa Joe makes his debut on Smackdown adn just like that we have a new Cruiserweight Champion. I'm not to firmiliur with Somoa Joe and would have rathered a Super Crazy win but the muscle buster sounded impressive.

I like how your using Palmer Cannon, hopefully he will debut in the ring soon enough.

I didn't like how you used Dean as a jobber to Batista, I would go as far as him beating The Animal if used right but I guess we know nothing else of Simon Dean than a jobber.

Decent Rock/Kennedy promo with some vintage Rock lines. Nice idea for a fued, I never would have thought of it. Wonder who the mysterio guy is?

Great to see you using the old scchool heel Regal and he even used the brasp knucks. Looking foward to seeing what you do with Burchill and please let him use the C4, it is much more effective than an armbar.

I don't believe LOD should have beaten MNM in less than a minute, actually I would have booked MNM to win the match. Whatever though, this is your thread. You need to get some new tag teams happening.

Entertaining main event especially since I love reading Number one contender matches. Batista/Lesnar and Taker/Sting at No Mercy are good additions and I can see your bringing back some major talent.

Overall a decent show but work on your promos and make them a little longer, if you do it on Word, 2 promos a show of about 1.5 pages long is a good length if you are serious about booking. Goodluck for the future
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just a pointer Samoa Joe is 270 pounds so he cannot possibly qualify for cruiserweight action, he must be under 225 to compete for cruiserweight gold. A huge blunder, but apart from that you show was very impressive, the main event was great and a Sting/Taker match should be good at No Mercy.
If you read what Palmer Cannon said that there is now no weight limit for the crusierweight title. If you can fly then you are in it. Anyways, thanks for the replys guys.
Samoa Joe vs Nunzio vs Super Crazy-Good match it was easy to know that Joe was going to win. Hopefully Joe will get a US title shot soon.

Well know we know Christian isn't going to win tonight unless he gets 2 title shots a No Mercy.

Batista vs Dean-Good way to get Batista a squash win.

Finaly the Rock has come back and will face Mr. Kennedy..........Kennedy.

William Regal vs Hardcore Holly-Very good match I like how you used them. I like Regal using the Power of the Punch to put away Hardcore Holly.

LOD vs MNM-I though MNM was going to get the titles back but glad LOD still has them.

Main event-Very good main event I was cheering on Sting but a nice win for Brock even though I am not a fan of Lesnar vs Batista matches. Oh well hopefully you can put on a great match.
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I am going to start posting news from like WWE.com. I will have one every Saturday but since I am bored I will post the first one up now.

WWE.com News and Notes for October 1 2005.

We at wwe.com just found out that there are some new matches for No Mercy added. At No Mercy next Sunday, it will be The Undertaker taking on Sting, Eddie Guerrero will take on Rey Mysterio, for the WWE Tag Team Championship it will be LOD taking on MNM, Hardcore Holly and Scotty 2 Hotty, and William Regal and Paul Burchill, also the returning Jamie Noble will face the returning Brian Kendrick with the winner becoming Number 1 contender for the Crusierweight Championship. Also to be announced soon will be the Cruiserweight title match at No Mercy.

We just learned that WWE have hired 4 new superstars. The two superstars that will go to Smackdown will be AJ Styles and Chris Dainels while the two superstars that goes to RAW will be Abyss and Jeff Hardy.​
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