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1. United States championship
Lex Luger VS Scott Hall

2. Disciple VS Scott Norton

3. Cruiserweight championship
Dean Malenko VS Psychosis VS Konnan VS Rey Mysterio Jr

4. Arn Anderson and Ric Flair vs Paul Lasvique- AKA HHH and Steven regal

5. Televison championship
Honky Tonk Man vs Johnny B. Badd

6. No.1 Contender WCW heavyweight championship match No Holds Barred stell Cage Match VaderW/Harley Race VS Bill Goldberg W/ Bret Hart

Date 12/24/93
annoncers Bobby Hennan and Tony Shavone

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Heenan: Welcome ladies and gentalemen to WCW thunder! Bob heenan alongside Tony shavone and what a night this is going to be

Shavone: Yes tonight we will determine a no.1 contender for the world title as two of the largest men in the WCW squarre off in a Steel Cage Live right here from Las Vegas Nevada!


Lex Luger VS Scott Hall for the U.S title

the match begins: the two tie up for a few soconds as luger delivers a kick to the solarplexis of Scott Hall. Hall Fights back with a few straight right hands to the face of the U.S champion Lex Luger. Luger iris whips Hall into the corner and cathes him with a clotyheline he then goes for another but hall gets out of the way. and lifts luger up onto the top tunrnbuckle and hits a superplext Goes for the pin and a Near fall 2 count by the referee. Hall stomps away at the ribcage of Lex luger and picks him up iff the ground he goes for the right hand but his fist is caught by luger luger punces hall 8-10 times in the face.

The match ends: Luger vertical suplexes hall three tmes and goes for a cover and a near fall. Hall then low blows luger behind the refrees back. Hall sets up for the Razors Edge but its reversed somehow into the tourture rack witin seconds Hall is unconisios

Match result: winner and still the WCW United States Champion Lex Luger

Backstage: Bill Goldberg is in his locker room lifing weights and lokks psyced Bret hart still hasnt arrived at the arena yet.

Shavone: well what a great match that was folks. But lets talk about WCWs next PPV Slamboree!

Heenan: yes Slamboree comes to you live from the sold out boston civics center in Boston MS. Sunaday Januray 6th 1994 only on PPV!

Shavone: Yes a great PPV indeed that will feature the WCW world havyweight champion Hulk Hogan Defending aginst the winner of tonights No Holds Barred steekl cgae match

Hennan: Oh Yeah! Like that Hogans gonna beat man VADER!

Shavone: Vaders gotta go threw goldberg first and trust me hes ready!

Heenan: Whatever Tony!

Disciple VS Scott Norton

The Match begins:

Dsciple and Norton begin exchanging blowss to the face as norton kicks disciple in the solarplexis and goes for a powe bomb but its reversed by disiple into a triple powebomb Disiple goes for the cover 2 count! disiple angry now lifts norton up by the head and snapmares him and executes a sleeper hold on norton hes in big trouble now the ref liftys nortons arm it goes down ONCE! norton very groggy now struggling to break the sleeper hold
the ref lifts norotns arm it goes down TWICE! one more and notons finished! the ref lifits Nortons arm up one more time he manages to keep it up in the air this time powering out of Disiples sleeper hold he kicks Disiple hard in the chest and pulls a DDT on Disiple. A huge opening for Norton! he goes up to the top turnbuckle and executes a 450- Splash. and goes for the cover and Another near fall. Norton cant believe it!

the match ends: The crows starts chanting NORTON SUCKS! NORTON SUCKS! NOTON SUCKS! Norton Frusterated turns his back on dicsiple who sits up. and as norton tuens around executes a sit down powerbomb for a cover and the Win!

Match result: winner The Disciple!

Shavone: WOW! that was an amazing match!

heenan: it sure was lemme tell yuo somethi...


X-Pac: YEAH YOU TOO SHAVONE! move your ass up out of my seat

both annoncers leave the set as the nWo sits down in the seats.

Nash: What kind of annouvers are you guys? where the hells the Beer?

X-pac: HA HA HA!

3rd match WCW Crusierweight championship 4 way dance eliminaton match.
Dean Malenko Vs psychosis Vs Rey Mysterio Jr VS Konnan

The match begins: Dean Malenko double clotheslines Psychosis and Konnan and goes to work on the injured leg of Rey mysterio juinor with several kicks to it. he the sets up for a Powerbomb unexpected form a man like Mlenko! Psycosis breaks it up with a big boot to the head of Malenko! Konnan tries to attack psychosis but Psychossis with great speed dodges Konnans spear tackle. sendind him itno the ropes Psycjosis then eliminates him with a Clothesline to the outside. Malenko contiues on Reys injured Leg with a texas Cloverleaf. Psychosis stands there and watches not doing anything. Malenko releases the hold after a mininute or so and stands up to face psycosis staring him down the two exchnge chops to the chest. As Psychosis goes for another big boot which is reversed into another texas cloverleaf this time to psychosis! From the top rop flys rey mysterio jr. with an elbow drop breaking up the the hold Psychosis clotherslines rey over the top rope!

The math Ends: Malenko sees a perfect opputunity as he low blows psycsis and dropkics him out of the ring!

Match Result: Winner And Stll the WCW Cruiserweight champion Dean Malenko!

After the match: Malenko holds the title hight in the air and picks up the microphone. Ladies....and gentalmen... he says as from behind comes LA ParakA! with a steel Chair off the skull of the champion he is busted wide open! La parka stares at Malenko scarily with evil eyes!

Nash: WOAH! How Grotesque HA HA HA!'

X-Pac: He looks like a Waffle!

Nash: mmmmm Waffles!

4th match Arn Anderson and Ric Flair vs Paul Lasvique- AKA HHH and Steven regal.

the match begins: Eric bishoff hits the ring

Bishoff: HOLD IT! HOLD IT! HOLD IT! Nash X-Pac you two are terrible announcers! get youre asses out of my ARENA! DAMMIT i wont have you ruining my show! As For you four! Paul,Steven,Flair, anderson get out of my arena as well i ahve buisness to take care of. Lasvique stares at boshoff fpr a second but heads out of the ring along with the others.

Bishoff: Now! Everybody knows that tonight there will be a Number one contendersteel cage match tonight between Vader and Goldberg right?
the fans chant ASSSHOLE! ASSSHOLE! ASSSHOLE ASSSHOLE! Bisgoff ignores them well ladies and gentalmen this will now become a Triple Threat macth as i will now introduce the Third Competeetor for the Title!

Big Show hits the ring the fans are shocked

Bishoff: oh hell yeah pepole the show! thats right!

the two leave together to thwe backstage area

where the stare down vader.

Vader: SHOW! im gonna take you out SHOW!

Big Show: Ha ha ha vader very friggin funny!

HOUR TWO! Coming up on monday................

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I think he gets the point. Just let him do what he's doing. Now he knows he won't do that again and he will improve along the way. I was like that tooo, you know and look how I turned up. Not bad of a PPV.

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You said the date was 1993? If it's 93' then there would be no Bill Goldberg, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, X-pac, Lex luger (well, he may have been in WCW in '93, I don't remember). Anyway, the show is terrible! Put some Effort into it and make it woth reading!

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Crimsontide and rko 1993, this is not a pointless thread, it is a show, it might not be a good one but none the less it's a show.

Onto the show, needs major improving really as a few people have said some of these wrestlers wouldn't be in WCW in 1993 and the lines are very unrealistic.
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