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Hey im really fucking bored so dont mind me but heres my way of running the WWE and if u thinks its bad i know i know so here..

For The Brand Extension


GM:Eric Bischoff(he brings back Ted DiBiase and Ted Turner)
Championships: World Heavyweight Championship
WWE US Championship
World Tag Team Championship
WWE Cruiserweight Championship

RAW Roster:Booker T,Chris Jericho,Goldust,Goldberg,Johnny The Bull,Matt Hardy,Justin Credible,Kane,Kevin Nash,Hulk Hogan,Scott Steiner,Lance Storm,Raven,Ric Flair,Rico,Steven Richards,Hurricane Helms,William Regal,Big Show,Billy Kidman,Chavo Guerrero,Chuck,Chris Benoit,Eddie Guerrero,Jamie Noble,Rey Mysterio,Shannon Moore,Tajiri,Torrie Wilson,Stacy Kiebler,Rhyno,Kanyon,Kronic,Batista,Ric Steiner,Scott Hall,Jeff Jarrett,Juventud Guerrera,X-Pac,Low Ki,Spike Dudley,Mike Awesome,Stasiak,Sean O'Haire

WWE Smackdown!

GM:Stephanie McMahon(Vince and Shane McMahon)

Championships: WWE Championship
WWE Intercontinental Championship
WWE Tag Team Championship
WWE Womens Championship

Roster:Ron The Truth Killings,Al Snow,Bradshaw,Dudley Boyz,Chris Nowinski,Christian,D`Lo Brown,Ivory,Jackie,Jazz,Jamal,Jeff Hardy,Lita,Molly Holly,RVD,HBK,Test,Dreamer,HHH,Randy Orton,Trish,Victoria,Road Dogg,Albert,Billy Gunn,Brock Lesnar,Crash,Dawn Marie,Edge,Hardcore Holly,Kurt Angle,Mark Henry,Rikishi,Tazz,The Rock,Undertaker,Steven Richards,John Cena,Stone Cold Steve Austin,Maven

Plot:NWA:TNA Joins forces with RAW. Bischoff takes over RAW.Bischoff brings back Ted Di Biase and Ted Turner to work alongside him.On the other hand on Smackdown! Vince and Shane join forces with Steph to stick up for the name of McMahon and fight to get RAW back.At start the brand extension stays in place till Bischoff brings back the nWo as the nWo launch an attack on Smackdown! this declares the end of the brand extension but still Stephanie owns Smackdown! and Bischoff owns RAW and its superstars respectively. And here we have a decent Invasion angle goin.The somewhere down the line in a year or 2 years both sides compete at Survivor Series and whoevere wins takes full control of the WWE.

nWo:Scott Steiner,Hulk Hogan,Scott Hall,Kevin Nash,X-Pac,Rick Steiner ,The Nation:Mark Henry,Ron Simmons,Rikishi,D-Lo Brown ,DX- Triple H,HBK,Shane McMahon,Billy Gunn,Road Dogg,Trish

Tag Teams:(RAW)Goldberg and Kane,Johnny The Bull and Matt Hardy,Hurricane and Shannon Moore,Rey Mysterio and Kidman,Sean O`Haire and Mark Jindrak,Kronic,Chuck and Stasiak,Awesome and Rhyno,Nash and Hall, the Steiners,X-Pac and Big Show

Tag Teams(Smackdown):Kurt Angle and The Rock,Austin and Taker,Dudley Boyz,E+C,Jeff and RVD,Henry and Simmons,Kishi and D`Lo Brown,Billy Gunn and Road Dogg,Triple H and Shane,Triple H and HBK

What I Would Do With Some Of The Superstars:
Edge/Christian I would Reunite them but have them both pushed accordingly Edge with main even level for the WWE Title and Christian staying on the IC title range.

John Cena i would give him a gimmick but not sure what. give him some face paint let him talk on the mic more and have some comparison with the ultimate warrior or sting to transform cena into a better star.

Jamal/Rosie Have them fued with Kronic

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Well I'd really like to see Jamal and Rosey having a good feud. They are strong and deserve a push. I wanna see Rikishi/Rosie/Jamal as the Island Boys

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WWE Championship-Brock Lesnar to set up a fued with Goldberg
World Heavyweight Championship- Chris Jerichi have Ric Flair as his manager.
World Tag Team Champions- Kronic
WWE Tag Team Champions - Dudley Boyz
WWE US Champion - Booker T
WWE Intercontinental Champion - Christian
WWE Crusierweight Champion - Juventud Guerrera

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WWE Womens Champion - Jazz
maybe give Torrie Wilson a brief stint as she seems to be the next Trish

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I'd like to see Chyna back, she can beat any woman.

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No Brand Extension

Booker T, Goldust, Benoit, Jericho, Angle, Show, Lesnar, Nash, Hall, Hogan, X Pac, HBK, HHH, Kane, Taker, Jamal, Rosie, Rico, Billy, Chuck, Albert, John Cena, Bull Buchanan, Tajiri, Shannon Moore, Kidman, Mysterio, Tazz, Simmons, Bradshaw, Stamboli, Justin Credible, Jindrak, Kronik, Edge, Christian, O'Haire, Shamrock, Snow, Bautista, Regal, Storm, Test, Hardyz, Dreamer, Hurricane, D'Lo, Bubba, D-Von, Spike, Rhyno, Godfather, Val, Saturn, Malenko, Guerrero's, Raven, Randy Orton, RVD, Hardcore, Taka, Funaki, K-Kwik, Perfect, Mysterio, Guido, Spanky, Harris, Jerry Lynn, Road Dogg, Grand Master, Rikishi, Scotty Too Hotty, Jeff Jerret, Elix Skipper, Puppet, AJ Styles, Nathan Jones, Awesome, Stasiak, Horace Hogan, EZ Money, Lash LeRoux, Vampiro, Inferno, Malice, Ernest Miller, Gangrel, Steiners, Steve Corino, Sabu, Sanders

postb the rest tommorow

*Note - 2nd Part of Post Added GP218*

women's roster
Ivory, Molly, Jacqueline, Jazz, Tori, Torrie, Nidia, Dawn Marie, Stacy, Terri, Trish, Victoria

next part
Titles: WWE, IC, US, Hardcore, Euro, Cruisereight, Tag and Womens

Ministry: Taker, Kane, Simmons, Bradshaw, Cena, Albert, Test, Rhyno, Jazz
4 Horsemen - Benoit, Flair, Lesnar, Bautista

Tag: Benoit and Brock
O'Haire and Jindrak
Godfather and Val
Jamal and Rosie
Goldust and Rico

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Make titles avaible on both shows.
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