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Begins after Wrestlemania, at Raw.

Vince McMahon comes out and tells how he is disappointed in how he has lost viewers since he hired Eric Bischoff and says, "Eric your fired!"

Bischoff then comes out acting hurt. Eric says, "Vince, come on don't fire me. Please? We've just began to get to know one another and I'm sorry about how I ran WCW, and I'm sorry about how I had Madusa throw the WWF Womens title in the trash on Nitro, and I'm sorry how I told the results before you even aired."

"Eric, it's nothing personal really. But you haven't been running the company as I had thought you would. Whatever happened to ruthless aggression?" Vince asks.

"You want ruthless aggression Vince? You want to fire me Vince? Well sorry Vince, but you can't! You can't fire me Vince, because the only way that you got me to come to the WWE is by putting a clause in my contract stating that, you can't fire me!" Eric laughs at Vince, then holding a folder in his hands draws out his WWE contract. Reads the clause.

"I might not be able to fire you, Eric. But I can demote you! Eric Bischoff as of now you are no longer General Manager of Raw. As of now, you're a vendor, Mr. Morely please bring out the vendor's merchandise."

Morely comes out caring a tray of popcorn.

"Vince, you can't do this to me," Eric says.

"Why can't I do this to you? Are you the president of the WWE, do you own the WWE?" Vince asks.

"No, Vince I don't own the WWE. But if it's ruthless aggression you want, that's what you'll get. Vince, there was a reason why your son was warning you against hiring me. There was a reason why he was telling you to be careful last year, and you want to know what that reason is?"

"What's that?"

"Vince, after the failed 'Invasion' by your son, I bought WCW from him, and when I did that I also bought the contracts of the superstars that he had hired to be part of the new WCW. But guess what Vince, after you hired me on as General Manager for Raw I had those superstars sign a new contract." Eric shows Vince a copy of the contract that he had the talent sign, then reads it, " I also, agree to take part in the WWE televised events as well as house shows under the idea that I am both WWE talent as well as WCW talent. And I will not disclose that information until, my employer, Eric Bischoff is ready to make the information public that he is the owner of WCW."

"You own WCW?"

"And by hiring me, Vince as Raw's General Manager you gave me power to sign talent to the WWE," Eric smiles. "So not only was I the owner of WCW, but I also had power as the RAW General Manager."

"May I ask who you signed as part of your WCW?" Vince asks, angrily.

Eric takes out a list and begins to read the list of talent:

Kevin Nash
Scott Steiner
Booker T
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Eddie Guerrero
Chavo Guerrero
Billy Kidman
Rey Mysterio
Torrie Wilson
The Giant (Big Show)
Molly Holly
Chuck Palumbo
Billy Gunn
Bill Demott (Hugh Morus)

As Eric reads the names, the stars walk out one by one. "But some of you are Smackdown Talent!" Vince yells, "How could you sign Smackdown talent?"

"Were you watching last Halloween when I kissed your daughter?" Eric asked.

"Yes, I saw that you son of a bitch!" Vince yells.

"Well then Vince, let's bring out daddy's little girl!" Eric says smiling. Stephanie's music hits, and out walks Stephanie wearing a miniskirt and a low cut top.

"Daddy, Shane might have warned you about Eric," Stephanie says sweetly. "But he didn't ever think that I would try to run you out of business again. But Shane always was the weak one, he never really had the grapefruits to do anything. Now daddy, I might not be a man, but look at my chest they're bigger than grapefruit and so are my guts. Daddy I don't have testicles the size of grapefruits, I have tits the size of basketballs!"

"You mean you two were in on this together?" Vince asks.

Stephanie and Eric turn to each other, and start to kiss.

Vince moves in to attack Eric but suddenly is jackknife powerbombed by Kevin Nash.

Stephanie looks down at her father, "You see daddy, the reason why the Invasion failed two years ago is because we didn't have the man power. And we didn't have Eric Bischoff's brilliance, but now that elite stars of WCW are here, we have more of a chance. With the man power and mind power, we will destroy the WWE."

~To Be Continued~

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The New WCW stars leave the ring. And head towards the back.

Eric says, "Hey Steph, did you see the look on your dad's face when Big Sexy picked him up and dropped him!"

Stephanie smiles and replys, "Yeah, you know Eric, Shane and I didn't stand a chance against my father two years ago. But now with you at the helm... my dad is going straight to hell."

Eric laughs.

Camera pans out and in back of where Eric and Stephanie are talking we see the new Four Horsemen: Ric Flair, HHH, Randy Orton, Batista, and Arn Anderson.

HHH shakes his head, "Did you see what just happened to Vince? Nash picked him up and powerbombed him."

"I know and how about your ex-wife and Bischoff?" Orton replies looking at Triple H.

Triple H shakes his head and then slams Orton up against the wall, "Don't you ever talk about that bitch around me again."

Flair, "Come on H man, he was just replying by saying that it was a surreal moment."

Batista shakes his head, "Come on guys, we're the Four Horsemen, let's not fight. I remember growing up watching the Horsemen when it used to be Ric, Arn, Ole, and HHH back in WCW. H was an up and rising star, the other three already legends. And then they had the Four Horsemen a few years ago, with Benoit, Malenko, Mongo, and Ric."

Arn shakes his head, "None of those three had the calibur that the three of you have today. Triple H has gotten better with experience, and Ric was the only real Horseman out of that 1999 version. Look truth is we're the Horsemen and we can't be fighting. Not now when the end is upon us."

Triple H and Orton nod their heads.

"Sorry H," Orton says.

Triple H nods his head but doesn't offer any apoligies, instead he says, "You and Batista just be sure as hell ready to go and when that four way elimination tag match. We could use more gold in this group." Pats the WWE title, that he's holding on his shoulder.

Fade out, we go back to the ring.

It's a six way lingerie match with:

Trish Stratus V. Victoria V. Molly Holly V. Stacy Keibler V. Jacqueline V. Ivory (Match is for the Womens Title)

Ivory looses her top.

Victoria looses her pants.

Jacqueline looses her shirt.

Trish looses her shirt.

Molly looses her pants.

Ivory looses her shirt.

Ivory's eliminated.

Stacy looses her pants.

Jacqueline looses her pants.

Jaquelines eliminated.

Stacy looses her shirt.

Stacy's eliminated.

Trish looses her pants.

Trish is eliminated.

Victoria looses her shirt.

Victoria is eliminated.

Molly wins.

Stephanie runs out and embraces Molly, and starts to jump up and down. The two go to the back.

In the back Goldust and Booker T are warming up for their tag team match. Goldust, "Booker man, I have to know that you have my back out there."

Booker looks at Goldust, "Goldust man, yeah, I have your back. You're my partner you know that."

"Alright, but I have an uneasy feeling in my stomach about you and WCW," Goldust replies shaking his head.

Goldust leaves the room, and Booker stares after him.

The next match is a four way elimination tag team match to determine the Number 1 Contenders for next weeks RAW.

Goldust and Booker T V. The Giant (Big Show) and Kevin Nash V. Dudley Boyz V. Batista and Randy Orton.

The Giant and Kevin Nash begin dominating the match early. With Nash in the ring powerbombing Bubba, Batista is also in the ring and is working on the recently healed knee of Nash. Batista gets Nash on the ground, and then begins to stomp on him mercilessy. Goldust covers Bubba and the Dudleyz are eliminated. Nash mounts a comeback, and throws Batista into the turn buckle where Batista recieves the big boot. Batista is slumped in the turnbuckle, Goldust attacks Nash from behind jumping onto Nash's back. Nash backs into a corner and slams Goldust hard into it. Goldust falls off of Nash, and makes a tag to Booker T. Booker T jumps onto the turn buckle and missile drop kicks Nash. Nash's down, Nash then makes his way to his partner and the Giant goes to work on Booker T. Giant has Booker T in a bear hug, and Booker looks to be in pain. Giant then drops Booker T onto the mat, and goes for a cover. Booker kicks out. Batista stands in the corner watching, choosing his place to attack. The Giant picks Booker up and is about to chokeslam him, when Batista attacks the Giant clotheslining him from behind. The Giant and Booker then fall to the mat. Booker is on his shoulders, and the referree has a two count. Goldust makes the save and pulls the Giant off of Booker, Nash runs in and is about to deliver a big elbow when Goldust dodges it and it nails the referree. Orton then runs in with a chair and nails Nash with it, he then drapes Nash across the chest of the Giant and pulls the refferee over to where the two big men lay. He then tells the referee to count. The referree counts and Nash and the Giant are eliminated, by each other! JR is going crazy, "Nash pinned his own teammate! WCW is out of the match!" "But what about Booker, what side is he on?" Orton then goes up top and delivers a flying clothesline to Booker T. Booker's down and the referee goes for the pin, Goldust interrupts the count, as Batista attacks. "Who's legal in this match, JR?" "I have no idea King!" Booker T then mounts a comeback against Orton, and then delivers the head scissors kick to the back of Orton's head. Booker T covers Orton, and Batista covers Goldust. The referree counts, as both teams have the pin and the match ends in a draw.

Lillian Garcia, "By the coincidence of a double pin... this match is declared a draw."

Booker T is looking at Goldust and Batista is looking at Orton.

"Who the hell just won?" The four turn to each other and start brawling. #No Chances# begins to play, and out walks Vince McMahon holding his back.

"Because this match was a draw, both teams, " he looks at Booker, "as much as I hate to give WCW a shot, will go on next week to face William Regal and Lance Storm for a chance to win the tag team titles."

The four brawl their way to the back stage.

Out in the parking lot we see a limosine pull up, and watch as Shane McMahon gets out.

"It's Shane McMahon! Shane McMahon's back King!"

"I see him, but what about the new WCW? Where does Shane stand?"

~To Be Continued~

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I like it but it a rehash of storylines. Try to be more creative and think of new ideas. Like when I did the rumble I had the ministry return BUT I had Ivory die during the event and later come back in the rumble match. It is fine but try to use different elements and things than the WWE did. Like Shane returning was like when Stephanie was named the owner of ECW but it would be nice to see Shane on TV again though

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In the back, Eric and Stephanie are looking at the Giant and Kevin Nash.

"What the hell just happened out there?" Eric is yelling, "God damn it Kevin, when you came to the WCW you were a monster. You had one of the best damn tag teams ever."

Nash shakes his head, then Stephanie turns to the Giant.

"Giant, what the hell! I've seen you take more of a beating than that since you've come here, and then you let Randy Orton drape Nash's body across yours and you take the pin!"

Giant and Nash look at each other, Nash begins to yell"What about Booker? He was supposed to go out there and take the fall! He could have interrupted the count!"

Eric and Stephanie look at each other and nod their heads. Stephanie looks at Nash and the Giant, "I want you two to bring Booker T to us, unharmed!"

Giant and Nash walk away.

Eric shakes his head, "Those two would have destroyed Regal and Storm."

Camera cuts back to the ring, where it's Chris Jericho V. RVD. It's a cage/ladder/no DQ match to determine the number 1 contender for next weeks RAW. (I don't really feel like writing this whole match out.) RVD and Jericho go back and forth, finally Jericho has RVD down and Eddie Guerrero comes running down and climbs to the top of the cage where he delivers a five star frog splash to RVD. RVD is down, and Chris Jericho puts him into the Walls of Jericho. Suddenly Tommy Dreamer runs out with a kindostick and hits Eddie Guerrero in the stomach and then Dreamer continues to deliver continuous blows to Eddie, he then throws Eddie out of the ring. RVD meanwhile has grabbed the bottom rope and the referee makes Jericho let go. RVD mounts a comeback, and then Dreamer hits Jericho in the stomach with the kindo stick as RVD begins to climb the cage. He's just about to win the match, when he turns and delivers a five star frog splash onto the fallen Jericho and covers him for the win. Dreamer and RVD celebrate in the ring. RVD goes on to face HHH the next week on RAW.

#Here Comes the Money# begins to play as RVD and Dreamer celebrate in the ring. Shane comes down and walks into the cage holding a mic. He congratulates RVD on his win, and shakes Tommy Dreamers hand. "This is the first time that any of you have seen me since I warned my father last summer when he made Eric Bischoff the General Manager. And since then I have been in contact with both my father, and my sister. Well earlier today Stephanie called me and told me to watch what was going to happen to my dad, and I again called and warned my dad. Well dad, didn't listen and out he came earlier to fire Eric for not taking RAW to the next step. And what happens he gets powerbombed! Now dad, I know that I should have warned you about me selling WCW to Bischoff, and I'm sorry that I didn't. But dad, I did warn you by saying that Eric would try to run you out of business but you didn't listen to me, so I'd like to call Eric out right now."

#I'm Back# Eric walks out.

"Eric, earlier today before we even went on the air you called me and asked me to be a part of your WCW," Shane smiles, "And I've done alot of thinking, and I'd love to..."

"Oh God King, Shane is siding with Eric Bischoff!"

"I know JR I can see it, what does this mean for Vince!"

Eric holds his hand out for Shane to shake, and then as Shane shakes Eric's hand Shane pulls Eric in to him and clotheslines him. Eric Bischoff's on the ground and Shane begins to beat the hell out of him with the microphone, the arena can hear Eric Bischoff screaming as the crowd cheers. Stephanie is running down the ramp with the WCW superstars, but Shane sees them and runs quickly into the crowd, he turns still holding the microphone. "Eric, like I was going to say, I'd love to kick your ass!"

We see Vince McMahon in the back and Vince smiles he has a look of fondness on his face, "Way to go Shane."

~To Be Continued~
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