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My Version!!!!

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raw titles

world champon
intercontinental champion
tag team champions
womens champion

raw roster


1st raw will take place in a couple of days. i will do one for smacksown as well
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dont be brutal im new at this.

new raw theme plays and fireworks explode

JR: welcome to the first ever showing of raw at our home of madison square gardens. today we will have new champions announced as of current there are no champions. tag champs, womens champ, intercontinental champ and the world champ will all be announced tonight.

match 1: the hurricane vs jeff hardy
quick highflying match up here. hurricane has the upperhand at the beginning with some nice heel kicks. hurricane whips jeff into the corner, but jeff jumps up onto the top turnbuckle and counters into the whisper of the wind. hurricane stumbles to the outside. jeff climbs out the ring and attempts a diving clothsline of the side. hurricane manages to get out the way. now back in the ring hurricane attempts the chokeslam but jeff gives him a few elbows. hurricane turns arond and walks right into a twist of fate.
jeff climbs up on to the top turnbuckle and hits the swanton bomb. 1...2...3
winner: jeff hardy

jeff turns around and can see lance storm at the titantron smiling. regal come from the crowd and attacks him from behind laying him out. hurricane, regal and storm all raise hands standing over jeff hardy

JR: what was that about??
KING: i don't know but jeff hardy got whats coming to him

the rock comes out to a round of boo's

rock: i am out here to talk about thing and that is that i should be the new champion.i am by far the strongest and by far the most talented out of all the wrestlers at the back. so im telling you bischoff not asking you come out here and give me that title.

bischoff comes out

bischoff: well rock i would consider that quite unfair as this is a new era and you will have to earn it tonight in a match with hhh.

kanes music hits

kane: put me in as well
bischoff: ok then it will be....

scott steiner comes out now

steiner: i want in as well
bischoff: ok before any more superstars come out this is gonna be an elimination match where if you are pinned you're outta here. the competitors are:
the rock, triple h, steiner, kane, stone cold, chris jericho, shawn michaels, and another person of my choice and i guarantee you will be surprised.

KING: oh today history will be made and theres more to come


as we return we see goldust and booker t talking backstage about their tag title match.

match 2: tommy dreamer vs christian (hardcore match)

dreamer comes out with his usual singapore cane stick and christian with a chair. in the ring we see christan beng put in a trash can and thrown over the top rope. dreamer on the top rope jumps on the trash can and christian is in pain. outside now and christian is out of the can. dreamer picks him and and throws him into the steel steps. back in the ring christian low blows dreamer and hits him with the chair. dreamer is now busted open. christian using the ropes for leverage goes for the cover 1...2...3
winner: christian

JR: next up we will have the womens chamionship match
KING: puppies!

backstage we see bischoff on the phone talking to the "mystery" person who will feature in the main event

match 3: trish vs lita vs torrie (womens championship)
early on lita and trish double team torrie and knock her out of the ring. trish is talking trash to torrie. she turns around and is met with a vicious clothsline my lita. torrie gets up and drop kicks lita into the corner. torrie delivers vicious chops to her. she turns her attention on trish but is met by a stiff kick by trish. trish hit the bulldog. meanwhile lita is climbing to the top rope. 1...2... lita hits the moonsault on trish and torrie and goes for the pin 1...2...3 and its all over. the first ever womens champion is lita!
winner: lita (new womens champion)

KING: let me go and help trish and torrie up JR

meanwhile at the top of the stage jazz is staring at lita. she smiles and walks off

JR: what was that about?


JR: welcome back and we are now ready for the tag title ladder match. this is going to be off the charts.

match 4: the dudley boz vs APA vs william regal and lance storm
the APA in control early. from behind d-von rams the ladder right in the face of bradshaw. from behing a chair shot from lance storm on d-von. buh buh looking for tables outside. he finds 2 and throws them into the ring. he set them up. regal from behind clocks buh buh in the face with his brass knuckles. regal and storm set up two ladders under the title belt. and start to climb. they are within touching distances of the titles. into the ring come bradshaw and farooq who push storm and regal off the ladder, they went straight through the table. storm looks pretty banged up. bradshaw starts to climb while farooq is looking around hoping no one will get in the way. from behinf the dudleys appear and 3d farooq through the table d-von sets up the table and begins to clmb up. buh buh is fighting bradshaw and bradshaw is pushed off falling near the steel ramp. d-von reaches for the titles and yes he hag got them.
winners: dudley boyz (new tag team champions)

cameras shown back stage and booker t has appeared to be hurt.

KING: does this mean the intercontinental title match is off
JR: i sure hope not

bischoff come out

bischoff: i know all of you wanted to see the title match but unfortanetly booker t has been injured and is off but the match will happen on next weeks show.

bischoff walks off

main event: the rock, triple h, steiner, kane, stone cold, chris jericho, shawn michaels, and ?????
every one is out and they are waiting for the last person who is unknown. his music hits and its ....

i will finish later

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OK,man I`m sorry that I said it like that.So here are things that you should improve:

-Please at the beging of the sentence use capital letters.
-Work on promos.
-Have your matches well developed
-Have your matches well written
-Have your matches flow with your show
-Make your storylines/angles well developed
-Make your storylines/angles flow with your show
-Have your promos well organized
-Have your promos well written
-Make your show well organized
-Correct your spelling errors
- Have your matches well written
-Have your matches flow with your show
-Add more matches.
- Add more promos.
-Make sure we understand why a match is taking place, it adds to the readers psychological aspect of the whole thing as if they know they feel more involved and more up to date!

So those are things that you need to work on.

WE champion said:
well i am new to this so what is NDM and whart could i do it improve?
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