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My top 20 of the week

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I'm new to this forum, so if I'm posting this in the wrong place, then feel free to tell me!

My top 20 - 27th Feb 2011 (based on performance look like this)

1 - The Miz
Retaining the title at EC then winning the Tag Titles on Raw, although losing them straight away he ended the night by nailing Cena with the Skull Crushing Finale.

2 - Edge
He also retained his title at EC, although suffered an attack by Alberto Del Rio after the match. Also winning a Tag Team match on SD by pinning Drew McIntyre, again suffered an attack by Del Rio

3 - John Cena
He won the Raw EC match, he also won the Tag Titles on Raw, although suffering a double cross by Miz to lose them straight away, not forgetting the one night return of the Dr of Thuganomics, cutting a great promo on The Rock

4 - Alberto Del Rio
Defeating Kofi Kingston at EC could be seen by some as an upset, defeating a champion is always a plus, he also attacked Edge twice during the week, getting the best of him both times, therefore despite no match on SD, he gets a high placement

5 - Rey Mysterio
Lasted until the end of his EC match despite starting, just coming off short of defeating Edge. He also won his match against Kane on SD, although suffering a brutal attack by Cody Rhodes

6 - Randy Orton
Didn't do as well as some expected in the EC match getting pinned quite early on, although no match on Raw he made his presence felt by chasing off CM Punk and the New Nexus

7 - CM Punk
Could have been ranked lower if it wasn't for the GM's ruling of a 'false start' at EC, but he did last until the end. On top of that he won his match on Raw against John Morrison, but was chased off by rival Randy Orton after

8 - John Morrison
Although not winning the EC match or his match on Raw against CM Punk, he did deliver the move of the night at EC by delivering a modified version of Starship Pain on Sheamus from the top of the cage to eliminate him

9 - Kane
Put up an average showing at EC, at one point dominating, but he lost his match to the giant killer Rey Mysterio on SD

10 - The Big Show
Last minute replacement for the SD EC match, it took all 5 men to wear him down to eliminate him, however he did redeem himself on SD by winning his match against Wade Barrett then fighting off all 4 Corre members

11 - Jack Swagger
Despite not appearing at EC, he made up for it with a massive win over Kofi Kingston, and a dominating win on SD

12 - Drew McIntyre
Failed in his quest to gain the World Championship at EC, then was pinned by Edge in a tag team match on SD which saw Vicki Guerrero getting fired

13 - Heath Slater/Justin Gabriel
They won the Tag Team Titles at EC, and although losing them the following night on Raw to Miz and Cena, they quickly regained them with their rematch clause (albeit with a little help from Miz), Gabriel also won his match on Superstars

14 - Sheamus
He put in a good showing at EC, however had an upset loss to Mark Henry on Raw, however he did make his mark verbally back stage to US Champ Daniel Bryan

15 - Mark Henry
No match at EC, however he did prove his worth with an upset win over Sheamus the following night on Raw

16 - Daniel Bryan
The US Champ has been a little quiet, however he didn't back down to Sheamus backstage on Raw and he defeated Ted Dibiase on Superstars this week

17 - Kofi Kingston
The IC Champ did not have the best of weeks, losing his match to Alberto Del Rio at EC and then a surprise quick loss to Jack Swagger on SD, how much longer can he hold the title?

18 - Jerry Lawler
Unsurprisingly failed to capture the WWE Title at EC, however he refused to back down to Michael Cole on Raw, issuing him a challenge at WM, then chasing him out of the arena

19 - Chris Masters
No showings at EC or Smackdown, however he did pick up a second consecutive win over Tyler Reks on Superstars, does Masters have Reks' number?

20 - Cody Rhodes
The Dashing One returned to Smackdown this week and attacked Rey Mysterio after his match with Kane. With the help of a set up by his father, Dusty, Cody dominated Mysterio leaving him lying on the ramp

Let me know what you all think of this list, would you agree or disagree
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good list man im lazy so ill just do 5
The Miz wwe champion scf john cena he screwed john cena
edge got vickie and dolph fired thanks edge
alberto del rio won royal rumble jumped kofi
john cena won ec
triple h ( i no it seems wierd but he did interupt the undertaker that takes balls )

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honorable mention to the return of Stone Cold/The Rock/The Undertaker/HHH
And the potential return of HBK

good list though
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