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My Top 20 Of The Week (Ending Sat. 5th Mar.)

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Ok, sorry this is a little late this week, but here are my top 20 wrestlers from last week. The way my list differs from WWE's Power 25 is that it is for the week gone by only, therefore if a wrestler doesn't appear, he doesn't get placed!

So Week Ending 5th March!

01. 01. The Miz
Although no match, he certainly had the last laugh by showing both Daniel Bryan and John Cena who's in charge of Raw by attacking them both, leaving them lying!

02. 06. Randy Orton
Not only did he defeat Michael McGuillicutty but also punted him in the head for good measure before escaping a 3 on 1 attack from the New Nexus. Orton is on fire!

03. 02. Edge
Despite defeating Drew McIntyre in the opening match, he did suffer another attack from Alberto Del Rio after the contract signing.

04. 03. John Cena
He may have defeated Alex Riley in a cage match which ended Riley's association with The Miz, but no time to celebrate when the Miz attacked him after the match, he was also victim to a very emotional promo by The Rock.

05. 04. Alberto Del Rio
No match this week, but he continued to taunt Edge with another attack at the contract signing only to be stopped by Christian.

06. NE. Triple H
The Game gave a great promo about how he's done everything in the WWE except defeat The Undertaker at WM, however he made it clear he would either win, or die trying! Following that, he attacked Sheamus giving him his long awaited revenge.

07. NE. The Rock
Delivered perhaps the most emotional promo for many years, showing off his accomplishments he mocked John Cena, assuring him when they do meet there will be hell to pay!

08. NE. The Undertaker
Responded well to Triple H's comments about their match at WM, but has Triple H got what it takes, or will he, as Taker put it 'Rest In Peace' at WM?

09. 11. Jack Swagger
Revealed as Michael Cole's trainer for WM, he put the ankle lock on Jerry Lawler on Raw, then won an exhibition match with the same hold on SD.

10. NE. Evan Bourne
The high flyer returned to Raw this week by beating a beaten down Sheamus in great style and a fast time.

11. 09. Kane
Had a match against The Big Show interrupted by The Corre who slipped Kane a chair who used it on Show, causing a DQ, The Corre attacked Show but Kane smashed Gabriel with the same chair sending The Corre running.

12. 13. Heath Slater/Justin Gabriel
The Tag Champs successfully defended their titles this week and seemed to get in Kane's good books until he turned on Gabriel hitting him with a chair.

13. 10. The Big Show
On the receiving end of attacks by Kane with a chair, which ended their match, followed by The Corre until Kane saw them off.

14. NE. Christian
New to the list this week, Christian made his second appearance this week, once again saving Edge from an attack by Alberto Del Rio.

15. NE. Michael Cole
He accepted Jerry Lawler's WM match, managed to acquire Jack Swagger as his trainer and getting to choose the referee, he then taunted Lawler while he was in Swagger's ankle lock on Raw and revealed the referee was 'simply awesome' on SD

16. 20. Cody Rhodes
Came out to Rey Mysterio's music wearing a Mysterio mask. He then told everyone that Rey deserved what happened last week, and at WM he would make him pay for what he has put the dashing one through.

17. NE. Santino Marella/Vladimir Kozlov
Won their match on Superstars this week and came close to regaining the Tag Titles on SD, only thing that stopped them was the dirty tricks of The Corre.

18. NE. R-Truth
Again, no show on Raw this week, but he did secure an impressive win on Superstars.

19. 19. Chris Masters
Continues his winning streak on Superstars, however he suffered an attack at the hands of rival Tyler Reks after his match.

20. NE. Tyler Reks
No match this week, but made his presence felt on Superstars where he attacked his nemesis Chris Masters after his match leaving him lying.

Saying goodbye to....

Rey Mysterio - No show after his attack last week
CM Punk - No match and failed to get the best of Randy Orton
John Morrison - No show, nursing his wounds from the EC match
Drew McIntyre - Lost his match to Edge on SD
Sheamus - Suffered an attack from Triple H going on to lose a match against Evan Bourne
Mark Henry - No show this week, so loses his spot
Daniel Bryan - The US Champ was brutally attacked by The Miz on Raw
Kofi Kingston - The IC Champ was absent from all shows this week
Jerry Lawler - Suffered the ankle lock from Jack Swagger and taunts from Michael Cole on Raw

Please let me know what you think of this list and if you agree or disagree, all comments welcomed!!
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