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Just got home from the TNA house show at the Hagerstown Theater in Hagerstown, MD. I figure I'll post this as a thread and at least one person would be interested enough to wanna know the results.

First off I'll say it was a packed house. Idk how many seats the theater holds but they announced they sold out the place. The meet and greet started early and I got autographs from Brian Kendrick, Max Buck, Abyss, Mickie James, and the Hebners. Robbie E was out but I missed him. If you haven't seen Mickie in person, she's FUCKING GORGEOUS. And there's also no way Abyss is 6'8" He's a big guy but not that big. And then the night of action started:

X Division Championship: Kazarian(c) def. Brian Kendrick & Robbie E in a fun match. HUGE Kendrick chants broke out as he was the clear favorite and was actually(to my surprise) the only wrestler the entire night to run through the aisles and shake hands. Kazarian pinned Kendrick with that reverse tombstone move. Anyone know what that's called?...

Knockouts Championship: Madison Rayne(c) def. Mickie James in a really solid, and again fun, match. I didn't see their Genesis match but this was probably the same formula. If you haven't seen any knockouts or divas in person, you need to. Cause they look sooo much better. During the match, Rayne was knocked into Earl Hebner's arms and he put a big liplock on her. Then postmatch Mickie smooched him for no reason and he had to be revived. Fun stuff for sure. Rayne won with that loaded glove again.

TNA World Television Championship: Abyss(c) def. Douglas Williams in suprisingly pretty decent match. There were several chants of USA so I guess that either means there weren't a lot of Williams fans or they just wanted to chant USA for no reason... But anyway. Midway through the match Abyss went under the ring to reveal JANICE and the place just blew up. Abyss won with a blackhole slam.

Motor City Machine Guns def. Generation Me in an excellent match and the best of the night, as usual. By far the best match I've ever seen in person from WWE or TNA. Max's chest was bleeding from several Shelley chops. I had to have been the only one in the crowd who cheered for the Bucks in any way. haha. But that's ok, they lost to a damn good team. On television, this match probably would've gone at about ***1/2 at least. Guns win with a Welcome To Detroit on Max. Great stuff.

Intermission time. Madison Rayne did autographs, and I shook Earl Hebner's hand... twice. They announced this was their first time in Hagerstown but it wouldn't be the last, as they sold out. Place went nuts.

Samoa Joe def. The Pope in another solid match. Pope was gonna give his shades to a kid in the crowd but then walked away. Joe stole the shades and gave them to the kid, which got a huge pop. Crowd was kinda split between the two guys but postmatch Pope gave the crowd the finger, so that quickly changed. Nothing spectacular but a good match from the two. Joe made Pope tap to the rear naked choke.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Mr. Anderson(c) def. Jeff Jarrett where Kurt Angle was the special guest referee. From a wrestling standpoint, this was probably one of the worst of the night, but it was incredibly entertaining to make up for it. Someone had a sign in the crowd that said "Jarrett is a parrot" and Anderson grabbed that and showed everyone. Huge laughs that started chants such as "You're a Parrot" and "Jarrett wants a cracker." Earlier in the show JB had told us that Jarrett had said that Angle must call it down the middle or he'd be banned from TNA for life. And he did, kinda. Anderson won with a Mic Check after all this occured: Anderson had Jarrett pinned and while Angle was making the count Abyss ran out and pulled Kurt out of the ring. They fought on the outside while inside Jarrett hit Anderson with a low blow and blow to the head with the title belt. Once Kurt threw Abyss down he came in and made a slowwww count which Anderson finally kicked out of. Jarrett got distracted with Kurt and Anderson hit him with the Mic Check when he turned around. Postmatch Anderson pulled a kid out of the crowd to announce him as the winner. Entertaining stuff all around

Overall it was just a really fun show with an awesome tag match. If you've never been to a TNA live event you owe it to yourself to go. They're always a blast and you certainly get your money's worth. This was my 2nd ever show, as the first was in Woodstock, VA, September of last year. Both a lot of fun.

Biggest Pops

Biggest Heat
Pope (after the match)

Don's Insane Deals
Real Copley(I think) guitar with an engraving of Jarrett, plus go backstage and meet people - $175
Brown Bag Special - $20 (got it)
TNA Program autographed by everyone at the show and a t-shirt of your choice - $40
Pictures in the ring with Angle and Anderson - $20
Earl Hebner's shirt, autographed in person by him and his son - $10
Jeff Jarrett 8x10, autographed in person - $10 (got it)

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sounds cool. i wonder if they do many house shows in Florida.... thats where i'm at, but i dont ever want to go to an iMPACT taping because then Thursday nights would be ruined, and i don't want to know storylines in advance, etc.

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Sounds like a really fun show, love the Jarrett Parrot thing, what DVD's did you get with Brown Bag Special?
Best of the Tag Teams Vol. 1
Best of the X Division Vol. 2 (had it)
Final Resolution 2005
Against All Odds 2005 (had it)

And the t-shirt was a new black shirt with the TNA logo wrapped in barb wire.

Nuglet McJunior said:
They're coming to my state Oregon in March. Hope the crowd is as good as the one you describe. If the crowd is anything like the one at Smackdown, it won't be lol.
Well I think it'll all depend on how big your crowd is. I did some research and the theater I went to holds 1300 people, so that's a pretty big crowd for a TNA show. If it's a decent size crowd, you should be alright.

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That sounds awesome. One of the biggest pops was for Janice, really?
Yes sir. Place blew up and pictures started flashin. People were actually chanting for it early in the match and it was completely shocking when he got it from under the ring.

And if you stare at Jarrett for a while, he kinda does look like a parrot...

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i was at that hagerstown show i was on the stage 5 rows from the ring and had the meet and greet where i meet a few other TNA wrestlers i didn't get autographs from when i saw TNA back in sept. at the york fair in york,Pa i didn't like the set up for meet and greets thay could had better set up like guys at table or something but i able to get Abyss,Robbie E,Kendrick,the 2 refs,Generation Me {i think i spelled that wrong}

and guitar with jarrett engaved in it Don West said if u bought it u get backstage to meet and the wrestlers it turned out u only got to see Jeff jarrett the guy next to us bought that and said it a rip off cause don west said u would meet all the wrestler

i got the brown bag deal and i happy to get 3 DVD's i didn;t already have the 4th one i already did have but i think the same 4 DVD's were in ever bag cause me and my freind both got the same 4 dvd's but i also say that cause the first bag i had only had 3 dvd so i got another one and it had the same 3 plus the fourth one
TNA 50 greatest moments
Bound For Glory 2005
Against all Odds 2005
Best Of The X Divion vol 2

we both got the same 4 dvd's i think that were trying to get rip of some of there stock i could be wrong but 3 bags and all 3 had the same DVD's in o well i got 3 DVD i didn't already have

Mickie James was really cool to meet even if it was only for 10 seconds as i passed by the table and getting the 20 dollar picture with both kurt angle and Mr.Anderson was really cool but man it hard as hell to get through them ropes i didn;t think it be hard LOL

the matches were all good my favorite matches were MCMG vs G.M and it sad to hear about alex shelley breaking his collarbone in that match

Joe vs The Pope- i thought was pretty good match but pope didn;t like hagerstown fan gave us all the middle finger before heading behind the curtain

Jarrett vs Anderson- was the best match and said the best moment of the night with the "Jarrett is parrot" chant

i found it that the section i was in on the right side of the stage near the ring was the loudest and we started all the chants everything from "You Screwed Brett" "USA",Jarrett is Parrot" maybe it was just me i don't know but i believe my section of 60 people were the loudest in the building

all in all was great night and enjoy meet more wrestlers now i have in total
M.Rayne {york fair show}
V.Sky {york fair show}
J.Jarrett {york fair show}
MCMG {york fair show}
J.Neal {york fair show}
Robbie E
the 2 hebners
Don West {york fair show}
Rhino {York Fair show}
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