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Royal Rumble:
*Brock retains against Hardcore
*Triple H retains against Shawn via interference or some other "illegal" way
*During Royal Rumble match:
The final 2 men are Kane and Benoit. As Kane is beating up Benoit, the lights go out and The DEADMAN's music plays (The old one). The lights come back on but no one comes out. Kane is shocked and surprised and Benoit takes advantage of that and eliminates Kane to win the royal rumble.

Next Raw:
*Bischoff announces that there has been a trade..Benoit and Goldberg
Since Benoit won the rumble, he gets the shot at the World Heavyweight Title against Triple H at WMXX

*Goldberg debuts on Smackdown
*Paul Heyman explains that he promised that Benoit would never get another title shot against Brock and Since Eric hates Goldberg so there was a trade.

The Next Raws and Smackdowns:
*Benoit-HHH fueds go on
*Undertaker comes to RAW(not shifting, just appearing) to continue feud with Kane as well as Kane appearing on Smackdown to continue fued.
*Goldberg-Lesnar start fued.

*Undertaker defeats Kane
*Brock retains against Goldberg and Goldberg retires from WWE
*Benoit becomes Champion and heads to Backlash to his hometown, Edmonton as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Well.... That's what I think... What do you say?
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