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Basic storyline, some matches but no detail. It runs for a while so I thought I would ask you to grade it. Some of you might have seen this before and the credit to part of this goes to 1wrestling. 1wrestling wrote the first part and I continued it.

Eric Bischoff approaches Vince McMahon about buying half of the WWF from him. McMahon tells Bischoff he's not interested in selling half of the company, noting that his experiences with Ric Flair left a bad taste in his mouth. Bischoff tells McMahon that he's the only person that ever defeated him in the wrestling business and if they became partners, he would make Vince and the WWF more money than he would know what to do with. Vince is still down on the idea. Bischoff hands McMahon a piece of paper and tells him the number on the paper is how much he'd give him to buy half of WWF. Vince opens the paper and his eyes pop out of his head. Vince asks Bischoff if he really has that kind of money and Bischoff says he has that and then some. Vince says he will think it over and give him an answer the following week on Raw.

On the same show, Bischoff invades Smackdowns talent and convinces all of the cruiserweights to jump ship from Smackdown to Raw. Bischoff says that no one knows how to use the cruiserweights in this business like he does. Bischoff announces that Rey Misterio Jr., Billy Kidman, Tajiri, Jamie Noble, Chavo Guerrero Jr., The Hurricane, and Funaki have all been signed to Raw contracts.

Also on the same show Bischoff gets in arguments with The Hardy Boyz, Bradshaw and Bubba Ray Dudley and fires them all from his show. The four show up on Smackdown that week. D-Von & Batista are in a tag match against Faarooq & Rico. Faarooq gets the win after pinning D-Von, and Batista destroys D-Von after the match. Bubba Ray Dudley makes the save and chases Batista back to the locker room. Bubba & D-Von reform the Dudley Boys. With Faarooq left in the ring celebrating, Rico jumps him from behind and Billy & Chuck run out to join in. They are beating him down three on one until Bradshaw runs out to make the save. Bradshaw is cleaning house until Billy hits him with a chair. Now Billy, Chuck, and Rico are beating down the APA until Hardy Boyz run out to make the save. You'd then have Hardyz, Dudleyz, APA, and Billy & Chuck all as teams on Smackdown.

Also on Smackdown that week, Shane McMahon confronts his father and tells him he can't sell half of the company to Bischoff. Vince shows Shane the paper of how much money Bischoff is offering, but Shane tells him he can't do it. Vince asks him why not and Shane says he can't say, but begs his father not to do it. Shane says there's something only he knows about Bischoff and tells his father if he sells half the company to Bischoff it will be the biggest mistake of his life. Shane leaves the room and Vince looks at the paper and says, "This is too much money to turn down."

That Sunday at Summerslam, Brock Lesnar defeats Undertaker to win the WWE Undisputed Championship and HHH decides that he can't take working under Stephanie McMahon on Smackdown anymore and decides to join Raw. From now until Summerslam, they can milk Bischoff trying to sign HHH away from Smackdown and air tons of vignettes of Stephanie making HHH work opening matches to get back at him for dumping her.

The following Raw, which would be the day after Summerslam, Vince comes out and agrees to sell half of the company to Bischoff. Eric comes out and says this means he has 100 percent creative control over Raw, owns all the talent on Raw, owns half of the PPV's, owns Heat, and that Vince McMahon can't appear on his show anymore. Vince says it's all already in the contract and Bischoff asks where he should sign. Once the contract is signed, Bischoff tells Vince it was a pleasure doing business with him and to be sure to tune in next week to see the biggest night in the history of wrestling. Vince asks what he has planned and Bischoff says, "Trust me Vince, even you'll be shocked." Bischoff laughs and walks off as the show ends.

On Smackdown, Vince sees Shane and asked him what he meant last week. Shane begins crying and tells his father he's sorry. Vince asks him what he is talking about. Shane says he thinks he knows what's going to take place on Raw next week and if it does, it's his fault. Shane is crying like a baby and Vince calms him down. He asks Shane to tell him what's going on but Shane runs off screaming "I ruined everything."

The following Raw, the show opens with Eric Bischoff on the screen saying, "The time has come Vince to finally stick it back to you. Finally Vince, I have won the Monday night wars. You see people, I was all set to buy WCW last year when it was going out of business, but then the McMahon family went and bought it from under my nose. I have been waiting for the right moment to stick it back to you Vince and that time is now. How dumb can you be Vince? First of all, how could you agree to bring me into the WWE to begin with? Second of all, how in the hell could you make me your partner? I played you for a sucker Vince. This show you're watching right now from your mansion in CT will no longer be called Raw, it'll be called WCW Monday Night Nitro! You see Vince, last year at the Survivor Series you had a match with WWE vs. the Alliance. If WWF won, WCW and ECW had to go out of business. Well Vinnie Mac, two days before the Survivor Series, I got in touch with your son Shane and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. He sold me WCW. So when WWF beat The Alliance, WCW never went out of business because Shane no longer owned it. I did. With me now owning this time slot and the wrestlers, WCW is back in business. Oh by the way Vince, you no longer have a WWF champion. Brock Lesnar will now be the WCW Champion, since he's under contract to me. See this WWF title Vince? It means nothing anymore. (Bischoff throws the title in the garbage can).

The first Nitro show, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar come out and Heyman says how his client's dream was to become WWE champion and how he nor his client want to work for Bischoff or WCW. Bischoff comes out and tells Heyman that they both belong to him and they will do what he says. Lesnar grabs Bischoff by the throat and from out of the crowd comes Scott Steiner and destroys Lesnar and leaves him lying. Bischoff welcomes back Scott Steiner to Monday night wrestling.

Throughout the show, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, who hate the fact of working for Bischoff and WCW by the way, keep talking about how pissed off Triple H is going to be when he arrives at the building and finds out he's working for WCW. For the last segment of the show, Triple H arrives and is informed of what took place earlier in the night. Triple H is irate and storms to the ring and demands that Bischoff come out. Once he does, Triple H demands to get out of his contract to return to WWE or else he'll make sure Bischoff never walks again. Bischoff enters the ring and tells Triple H he'll give him his release. He has Triple H sign the release first and when Bischoff is about to sign it, the lights in the arena go out. When they come back on, Goldberg is standing in the middle of the ring and spears Triple H. Bischoff welcomes Triple H to WCW as the show goes off the air.

The next Smackdown starts of with Vince and Linda McMahon although they tell the cameraman to go. After the first match Shane McMahon pulls up in a limousine, he immediately addresses the crowd and before he can say anything Vince and Linda come out and say how disappointed with him. Shane says it’s his entire fault and Vince and Linda agree. Although they can’t do anything but then out comes Triple H, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. They all express their need to wrestle for the WWE. Linda explains that there is nothing they can do unless they get fired. At thr last part of the show Stephanie goes into see Vince and Linda and tells them not to resign Triple H but Vince and Linda don’t say weather they will or will not resign Triple H.

On Monday Night Nitro Eric Bischoff announces the nights first match which would be Triple vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman. The match ends with Triple H getting the win. Later on in the show Eric Bischoff is talking to the crowd on JR and the Kings comments but says he respects their views. Then Triple H comes out and starts to verbally abuse Eric Bischoff. Then the lights go out and Sting, Lex Luger, Rick Steiner and Sid Vicious are standing there and destroy Triple H and Bischoff says he will stay on WCW Monday Night Nitro. Later Bischoff speaks to Heyman about ECW, Heyman says he would like ECW to come back but Lesnar doesn’t. Heyman then agrees to bring ECW and Brock Lesnar to be fired.

The next Smackdown Stephanie comes out and says sorry for selling ECW to Eric Bischoff. Vince and Linda understand like they did with Shane. Vince is shocked but it’s bringing in money, but for Bischoff. Vince then says something big will happen tonight, Then Austin returns, Rock announces he will no longer do the movies, Kurt says he won’t do the Olympics and Tazz says he will be a wrestler again. Then Vince announces Brock Lesnar’s WWE return.

On Sunday Night Heat the night starts with Paul Heyman coming out and announcing this was ECW. He told the crowd the roster. It was Raven, Rhyno, Mikey Whipwreck, Balls Mahoney, Sabu, Nova, EZ Money, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Jerry Lynn, Jack Victory, Tajiri, RVD, Spike Dudley and Terry Funk.

Monday Night Nitro was well under way when Bischoff comes out and announces more signings. He tells the crowd they are Vampiro, the Wall, Ernest ‘the Cat’ Miller, Kaz Hayashi, Taka Michinoku, Franchise, AJ Styles, Juventud Guerrera, Yung Yang, Shannon Moore, Evan Karagias, Ultimo Dragon, Mr. Perfect, Scott Hall, DDP, Kenji Mutoh, Elix Skipper, Crowbar, Essa Rios and Tank Abbott. They come out but out of the crowd comes Mark Jindrak and Bischoff employs him. He then says he is bringing the old WCW back. They will defeat Vince McMahon in the second alliance invasion.

Smackdown Vince comes out and announces his new signings. They are Just Joe, Mean Street Posse, Cactus Jack, Road Dogg, Grand Master Sexay, Puppet, Ken Shamrock, K-Kwik, Headbangers, Gillberg, Tiger Ali Singh, Mideon, Viscera, Gangrel, Blue Meanie, Trailer Park Trash, Mike Sanders, William Regal, Chris Nowinski, Bull Buchanan, Haku, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Ron Waterman, Rob Conway, Nick Dinsmore, Molly Holly, Trish Stratus, Tori, Sable, Nicole Bass, Chyna, Jacqueline, Jackie Gayda, Linda Miles, Jason Sugarman, Matt Morgan, Horace Hogan, Marc Mero, Chris Candido, Blue Meanie, Luna, Demolition, LOD, Nathan Jones, Buff Bagwell and Bam Bam Bigelow.

At Wrestlemania many matches take place. The women’s title match Ivory vs. Tori vs. Luna, the match ends with Jazz, Luna and Ivory joining the alliance and Ivory retaining the women’s title.
The next match was the Hardcore title, with help Al Snow regained the Hardcore title for the eighth time. Al Snow rushes away in a cab. The cab doors lock and the Steiners get out and push Al Snow into the nearest river. The emergency services come to get Al out but then Rhyno gores him and then proceeds to beat on him. They get back to the arena and in the ring where the entire alliance is waiting on him. Al Snow manages to escape in a real cab. We then saw William Regal join the alliance.

Monday Night Nitro begins and Bischoff comes out, he sacks JR and the King and bans them from the arena, he then brings down Bobby Heenan and Paul Heyman as the new announcers. Then Stone Cold runs through the crowd and beats down on Bischoff until Steiners come down and scare him off. Austin continues to attack people through out the night until Bischoff confronts him in the ring and asks who is telling him the way to get in and out of the arena but Austin’s reply is what. Bischoff and Austin continue to argue until Austin agrees to leaves, then before he leaves the nWo’s music hits and out comes Scott Hall, he comes down to chase Austin but Austin fights back and gives him the stunner. However then the Steiners, Goldberg, Lex Luger, Sting and Sid Vicious come out and destroy Austin. Bischoff orders them to throw Austin out of the arena and they do so and continue to beat on Austin. Vince McMahon’s voice appears and the alliance members look round and they are surrounded by WWF superstars who then beat up them up. Eric Bischoff is angered and swears revenge (End Show).

On Smackdown Vince comes out and praises the success of their raid of Nitro. Vince says he can’t wait to see what Bischoff’s surprise is. Then out of nowhere Sting comes and announces he has defected to the WWE. The crowd goes wild but then out comes Lex Luger who comes in and beats up Sting and Vince. Lex leaves the same way but only to find the WWF superstars. They beat up Luger and Vince McMahon tells them to take him outside but Vince changes his mind and tells them to tie him up and lock him away somewhere. Vince McMahon announces there shall be more surprises during the night. Later in the show Vince comes out and makes one of his announcements, that there will be more commentators on Smackdown, he then says the commentators on Smackdown will be Michael Cole, Tazz, the King and JR. He then goes back stage. Later Vince comes back out and says Luger is being dealt with and he has another surprise, he tells the crowd that Jesse Ventura has signed a contract with the WWF. End Show.

Monday Night Nitro
Eric Bischoff comes out and asks all WCW and ECW superstars to come out to the ring, he then asks them if any of them have seen Lex. No one has and then out comes Buff Bagwell. He tells the crowd he's WCW forever. He then tells everyone to look at the titantron, as it is a recorded message from Vince. Eric and the rest look up and Lex is on the floor. There's blood all over the floor and Vince says that no WCW or ECW star will ever invade WWF again and Lex shall be kept. He doesn't say where he is. Eric is angry and leaves the ring. Later on Eric says he's not seen Sting and then Bagwell informs him he defected. Then Eric realises that WCW is going under in the ratings. He then publicly challenges Vince, Shane, Stephanie, and Linda to war.

Vince, Shane, Stephanie and Linda all come down to the ring at the start of the show and inform the crowd that Lex is still safe. He then addresses Eric's challenge. He says he says he excepts the challenge as long as WCW and ECW don't join forces. Then Linda says that they have some surprises later on. Later on Linda comes back out and announces that Jesse Ventura is now commissioner of the WWF.

Monday Night Nitro
Eric comes out and accepts Vince’s offer and has a contract not to end the war no matter what. Paul Heyman comes out and signs it and so does Eric and for the purpose of business lets WWF's Chyna come down to the ring and tells everyone not to attack her. She gets the contract and leaves the arena.

Vince, Linda, Shane, Stephanie and Chyna come to the ring. Vince and Linda sign the contract and Jesse Ventura says he managed to get Kamala to join the federation. Later on Vince tells Chyna to take the contract back tp Eric.

Monday Night Nitro
Chyna comes out and so does Eric. Chyna gives him the contract and tells Vince he's a fool and now WCW and ECW have merged and tells the divas of WCW and ECW to beat the hell out of Chyna. Chyna just out womans them all and kicks Bischoff in the balls. Then Chyna walks out the arena with no hassle until Scott Steiner kicks her ass when she leaves the arena. End Show

WWF Smackdown
Half way during the show Vince comes out and tells Eric that he used a fake signature and it was that of some1 he'll live to regret. Vince then roles footage of Luger still being kept hostage by the WWF.

WCW Monday Night Nitro
Eric is pissed off and goes for the contract that he'd put in a safe and told the combination to Booker T. It's not there and Eric goes berserk but calms down. Then he comes up with a plan and leaves the arena. 30 minutes later we see Eric talking to someone, although we don't hear his voice.

WWF Smackdown
Everyone is wondering where the contract is and who Eric was talking to. Booker T makes it into the ring area and says he has he contract, Vince comes down and takes it. Booker says he wants to join the WWF, and does so. Shane then comes out and says he thinks the person Eric was talking to was Stone Cold Steve Austin as there were cans of beer on the floor. Also in the corner of screen there is a Rock jacket and merchandise and Shane says it could be Rock.

ECW Sunday Night on TNN
Heyman comes out and bad mouths Vince, saying his a fool. He says Bischoff has everyone fooled. He says he knows who it was.

WCW Monday Night Nitro
Bischoff comes out and declares if Vince agrees to the invasion he will tell him who it was. Eric then says he also wants to know where Lex Luger is as he's not seen him in a while. Later on in the night Kamala comes through the crowd and the WWF logo comes on the titantron. Kamala hits a big splash off the top rope. A whole load of WWF superstars comes down and proceeds to leave the arena. However Viscera goes back and pins Crowbar to become WCW Hardcore champion. As they get to the back the entire WCW and ECW roster is waiting and the WWF superstars are beaten down until the WWF roster come and help them. They escape, well all but the WCW Hardcore champion Viscera. Viscera is beaten down continuously until the next match. After the match we go back to Viscera being dragged away by four WCW stars. They tie him up and drag him away.

WWF Smackdown
Vince comes out and says he does except the invasion angle and goes to show video footage of Lex but instead its a WCW tape of Sara. After the video Taker comes out and wants and explanation. Vince says he doesn't know but then posts the footage of Lex and he demands Viscera be released.

WCW Monday Night Nitro
Bischoff comes out and tells them to show footage of backstage and Viscera is thrown out. Bischoff says he's lost 150 pounds and is down to 400pounds. He then thanks Vince for showing the footage and demands he also be released but says next week on WCW Monday Night Nitro it will be the first night in which all 3 companies will fight. He says the Sara footage was nothing to do with, then more footage of Sara starts. The Undertaker comes out and has left 20 WCW stars down and goes for Bischoff. Undertaker gives him a chance to say something. Eric swears he's not stupid as he saw the Sara/DDP thing. Undertaker says I suppose you ain't stupid and goes to leave but says whoever it is gonna get an ass kicking.

WWF Smackdown
Half way through the show another Sara video is shown. Vince comes out and says it must stop. undertaker comes out and says Vince might know, and Vince says he has nothing to do with it. Undertaker then goes backstage. In the next match Undertaker comes down and destroys the participants, Cole, King, JR, Tazz and Finkel.

WCW Monday Night Nitro
The WWF roster arrive together and go into a massive lockerroom for them. The refs. also have to use this lockerroom. Eric makes Regal commissioner. Regal and Ventura make unification matches, the IC and US title, both Hardcore titles and Tag titles. WWF wins all the matches.

WWF Smackdown
Vince comes out and says he's proud of the WWF and winning the unification match and announces some matches. He then leaves the arena to find Bischoff as he's not hear yet. Bischoff comes out as Vince leaves the arena and he points to the titantron and a logo comes up and its OVW. Eric then says OVW has joined the WCW and ECW. Eric then says EVW (the name of the feds combined) will destroy the WWF. Vince comes out and demands he tells him who it was, out comes Rikishi who says it was Rock, then out comes Rock who says it was Austin, then Austin comes out and says it was Rikishi. Eric says there all wrong and that the person will defect to EVW soon.

King of the Ring
The tournament is made EVW vs. WWF in every match
William Regal vs. Booker T
Buff Bagwell vs. Sting
Crowbar vs. Test
DDP vs. Albert

Regal, Sting, Test and Albert win there matches. Sting and Test win and make a WWF vs. WWF final. Test wins the King of the Ring and announces he is the defector.

EVW Monday Night Nitro
Vince says Test is nothing but a back-stabber and he can't believe he jumped ship. Ivory comes out and says Test made the right decision this time, they were wrong last time but they know EVW will win. Test comes out and beats-up Vince and says he agrees with Ivory. William Regal comes out and says he can't wait this time for the WWF to die.

WWF Smackdown
Eric comes out and says nobody had any idea who was jumping ship. JR comments on how the Sara videos have not been on recently. Then video footage of Sara shows and Undertaker comes out and destroys Eric.

Vince comes out and tells the people backstage if they want to enter the immunity battle royal to come out and Vince will put their name down. Out comes Goldust, Bradshaw, Faarooq, Mark Henry, Steven Richards, Tommy Dreamer, Christian, Edge, Lance Storm, Matt, Jeff Hardy, Tajiri, Chris Nowinski, William Regal, Dudleyz, Justin Credible, Bagwell and whole load of others. EVW Monday Night Nitro
Vince comes out and asks wear Eric is and footage comes on of Bischoff at his home, he says he won’t be around for awhile and then says Paul Heyman will take his place. Vince then leaves. Then he says the Undertaker was wrong, he says he has nothing to do with the Sara video thing. He says he has told the EVW roster if it is them to come forward tonight. Then out comes DDP, DDP says he knows who it is and it isn’t him. He says he isn’t stupid after what happened last time. He then says he has told the guilty party to come out very soon. Out comes the Undertaker who then proceeds to chase DDP. DDP gets away and Undertaker says he won’t leave the ring until the guilty party comes out. Then Goldberg, Sid and the Steiners come out and beat him up however Undertaker turns the tables and kicks them out of the ring. Then out comes Terry Funk, RVD, Dreamer, Raven, Justin Credible and KEVIN NASH. They beat down the Undertaker and Nash says it was him, he says he watched the DDP thing and got the idea from watching the videos.

WWF Smackdown
Paul Heyman comes out and says how he is glad Eric is getting better and so is Luger. Paul tells the Undertaker to come and he does so. Paul says the EVW didn’t know anything about this but Kevin Nash is a member of EVW. Undertaker then says he wants a match at Vengeance. Paul says if Vince allows it then it’s a match. Vince comes out and says yes. Then Paul says he wants to challenge Vince to another Elimination Tag. Vince says yes. Paul says he hopes the videos stop of Sara but then another video comes on. (This is a live) Undertaker knows Nash has yet to arrive but then Nash confronts Sara. Nash tells Undertaker if he wants Sara in one piece he has to beg, Undertaker immediately drops down on his knees and begins to cry and begs for Sara’s release. Nash says it is nice to see him cry and tells Sara to go into the house before he harms her. Sara goes inside with her dogs and locks the door. Nash says this is between them, Nash says the reason he did this is because when the nWo had come back I was Undertaker being the bad-ass and nobody cared about the nWo.

EVW Monday Night Nitro
Eric comes out in a wheel chair accompanied by Sid Vicious, he then says he’s back but not for long. He says he accepts that there will be a Elimination Tag match at Vengeance and he says how about winner takes all. Vince comes out and says your on.

WWF Smackdown
Vince comes out and says how the WWF beat team alliance and will defeat EVW next week. He then says what about the participants, he then says to Paul or Eric to come out and decide how many participants will there be and who will compete. Eric says how about a 12 Man Tag, Vince agrees. Eric says team EVW will be Scott Steiner, Rick Steiner, Sid Vicious, RVD, Booker T and Kevin Nash. Vince then says he will announce team WWF on Monday night.

EVW Monday Night Nitro.
Vince says team WWF will be Undertaker, Kane, Sting, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and Triple H. Vince also says that Regal and Ventura should come to the ring right now, and Paul and Eric. All come out and Vince says all the titles should be on the line. Vince says all of them met on Saturday in a meeting and says the matches for Vengeance are. The Unified Hardcore champion Crowbar vs. Albert, Unified IC/US champion Just Joe vs. Terry Funk, Unified Tag champions Scott Hall and DDP vs. Haku and Eddie Guerrero, WWF and EVW champion, Cactus Jack vs. Ken Shamrock vs. Mr. Perfect, Women’s title Ivory vs. Luna vs. Molly vs. Trish vs. Lita vs. Jacqueline vs. Jazz. Then there will be a immunity battle royal. Then Regal announces a Cruiserweight title match, Rey vs. Chavo vs. Tajiri vs. Noble vs. Hurricane.

WWF/EVW Vengeance
Unified Hardcore championship, Albert defeated Crowbar, Unified Tag championship, DDP & Scott Hall defeated Haku and Eddie Guerrero, Unified IC/US championship Terry Funk defeated Just Joe, Women’s title Ivory defeated Lita, Jazz, Jacqueline, Trish, Luna and Molly, WWF/EVW World championship unification Ken Shamrock defeated Cactus Jack and Mr. Perfect, Immunity Battle Royal was won by Goldust, Unified Cruiserweight championship, Rey Mysterio defeated Chavo Guerrero, Tajiri, Hurricane and Noble. Elimination Tag winner take all, Kevin Nash is eliminated first, then Undertaker, the Kane, then RVD, then Booker T, then HHH, then Jericho, then Sid Vicious, then Scott Steiner then Benoit and then Sting which means EVW have killed the WWF.

EVW Monday Night Nitro
Eric Bischoff comes out and tells the crowd how happy he is that the WWF is dead, he says although Albert and Goldust sill have contract he is willing to employ some members of the WWF. He calls out about 20 members of the WWF and signs them up. He then says that he is very pleased that the WWF is gone forever. Vince comes out and says that he understands that EVW won but he doesn’t want to leave the business. Some EVW guys come out and destroy Vince. They then throw Vince out of the arena. Eric and Paul laugh and say that the WWF is gone, let EVW reign supreme.

EVW Smackdown
Eric and Paul come out and order all the old OVW guys to come out. He then fires them all, he says that their services are no longer needed. Shane comes out and says that Eric and Paul are just evil. He says that he wished he could get a company together. A very bruised Vince comes out and whispers something into Shane’s ear. They then leave the arena. Eric and Paul say that it was their plan to get rid of OVW As soon as possible. They couldn’t believe they joined.

EWW Monday Night Nitro
Stephanie and Linda come out and say that there will be a surprise tonight. She says that she signed a very last minute contract with Paul Heyman and that she is the CEO of EWW. She then makes a match that neither can override Paul and Eric vs. Kane and Haku. Later in the night they have the match with Kane and Haku winning.

EWW Smackdown
Linda is the only senior management their and towards the end of the program she announces something big will happen on EWW Monday Night Nitro. Then a pre-taped message from Eric and it says that the program is no longer Smackdown, it’s Thunder.

EWW Monday Night Nitro
Vince comes out and the titantron has the WWF logo on it. He then says he has managed to get the WWF back up and running but only just. He says that anyone who wants to join the company come out, indeed the twenty who joined EWW came out. Then OVW came out and they were back together. Eric and Paul come out and say that they will destroy the WWF. In the back Paul says that he is not sure that they will beat WWF because they don’t have the strength in superstars needed.

EWW Thunder
Vince comes out and says that Monday Night Nitro will be treated like a PPV, as long as Eric and Paul have the guts to take him on. Eric comes out and before Paul can stop him he says that he accepts. They go back and leave the arena. Vince says that seems they have left he will make the matches. He says all the titles will be unified. Tag Team unification match, the Outsiders vs. Booker and Goldust. Hardcore Unification Battle Royal, he says the participants will be, Crowbar, Gangrel, Albert, Test, DDP, RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Nova, Justin Credible, Cactus Jack, Terry Funk and Shane Douglas. Then a Cruiserweight title Ladder match, he says the participants are, Tajiri, Jamie Noble, Jerry Lynn, Hurricane, Funaki, Taka, Rey Mysterio, Juventud and Kidman. Then a women’s title match, the participants are Luna, Ivory, Jazz, Molly, Trish, Victoria, Nidia, Chyna, Tori, Nicole Bass, Jacqueline and Lita. Then a title unification match, Shawn Michaels vs. Sid Vicious. Then 10 Man Tag, Scott Steiner, Rick Steiner, RVD, Ken Shamrock and Mr. Perfect vs. Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Kane, Rikishi and Triple H. TV title, Rhyno vs. Raven vs. Haku. Then a Bra and Panties match, Torrie vs. Stacy vs. Terri. He says everyone else will be in immunity battles, there will be 6 and the winners will gain immunity.

EWW Monday Night Nitro
The Outsiders defeated Booker T and Goldust. Crowbar defeated Gangrel, Albert, Test, RVD, DDP, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Nova, Justin Credible, Cactus Jack, Terry Funk and Shane Douglas to retain his Hardcore titles. Jerry Lynn defeated Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera, Taka, Funaki, Kidman, Noble, Tajiri and Jamie Noble to win the Cruiserweight title. Ivory defeated Luna, Bass, Chyna, Tori, Jacqueline, Jazz, Lita, Molly, Trish, Victoria and Nidia to retain the Women’s title. Sid Vicious defeated Shawn Michaels to win the Unified title. Torrie Wilson won the Bra and Panties match by stripping both Stacy and Terri to their Bra and Panties. K-Kwik, Malice, Bradshaw, John Cena, Brock Lesnar and John Cena won the immunity battle royals. Rhyno defeated Raven and Haku to win the TV title. Chris Benoit was the last person in the 10 man tag leading the WWF to be victorious.