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I've got 2 sons aged 8 and 4 and they have genuinely become bored with Cena winning all the time.

They started watching last year around Nexus time.As you would expect with kids at that age,Cena,Rey,Kofi,Orton etc,etc became their faves.We record Raw every monday night(tuesday morning)and they watch it the day after.They haven't missed one since. We order the ppvs,buy the dvds,figures,everything.

When Cena won the title from Miz at Extreme Rules they were jumping for joy.It was the first time they had seen Cena with the title. After that,weeks and months go by,Cena comes out on top of everything.Around the time of Cm punks promo,i noticed they weren't as interested at all in Raw,particularly my 8 year old.I asked him why he wasn't that bothered about watching anymore.He told me "it was just getting boring,i just know Cena is going to win everytime".

Then came MITB.I actually stayed up to watch it for the the first time in a long time.The kids watched it the day after with me.When Cena came out they both looked at me,shocked! "Why are they all booing?".I told them it was Punks hometown and not everyone likes Cena.My 8 year old said,"well they probably just know Cena is going to win".They were more than a little surprised with the ending!

The next couple of Raws they were suddenly interested again.My four year old was over the moon with Rey Mysterio winning the title.He just looked confused when Cena won it back at the end of the night!Punk's new music plays and they are both glued to the screen,intrigued.

Leading up to Summerslam they were into Raw again.My 8 year old in particular was really getting on the Punk bandwaggon.They both want a Punk t-shirt(as of now they are still wanting!)HHH returns,Nash returns(who they obviously didn't know),the storyline goes on....The next few Raws,they seem to be fast forwarding the Cena/ADR segments to get to the Punk/HHH segments!

Night of Champions comes,they are sort of watching it the next day.They only really get excited about Miz/Truth vs AirBoom,Henry/Orton and Punk/HHH. I watched them when Cena won the title.My 4 year old was playing on the floor with his wrestling figures,he watched the STF,watched the tap-out,then just put his head back down and continued playing.I said to him "Cena won".He just said "i know" it didn't mean anything to him this time.My 8 year old watched the tap-out,said "i knew Cena would win it again" and fast forwarded to the next segment.3 times in a few months is even too much to young kids!

Punk/HHH was the only match that they watched intently.Especially the ending,which they loved.

My kids have been watching just over a year and already,Cena winning all the time is boring to them. They enjoy watching things that interest them.At the moment that seems to be Punk,HHH,Miz,R-Truth and AirBoom(oh yeah,and Zack Ryder!i'm sick of hearing woo woo woo).

Why the fuck they keep putting the belt on Cena,i have no idea.Of course my kids don't represent everyone,but they fall into Cena's target audience and they are sick of the guy.

I know it's a long post which will probably bore a lot of people,but i'm bored and felt like sharing this.Make of it what you will.

Just for the record,before last year i hadn't really watched WWE since the Attitude Era,so imagine my surprise at the difference....

Congratulations, you played yourself
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WWE still doesn't realise that people are getting bored. Even the kids. John Cena winning the title just isn't exciting anymore.
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