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Intro: My Smackdown is starting on the first Smackdown after the brand split.

The new brand is: -

· Akio
· Billy Gunn
· Bill Kidman
· Bradshaw
· The Worlds Greatest Tag Team
· The Bashams
· Eddie Guerrero
· Paul Heyman (gm)
· Dawn Marie
· Hurricane
· Paul London
· Rey Mysterio
· Shannon Moore
· Tajiri
· Sakoda
· Ultimo Dragon
· Rob Van Dam
· Rhyno
· John Cena (US Champion)
· Matt Hardy
· Christian
· Trish Stratus
· Lance Storm
· Maven
· Tommy Dreamer
· Sean O’haire
· Randy Orton
· Kurt Angle (injured)
· Chavo Guerrero (Cruiserweight Champion)
· Rob Conway
· Matt Morgan
· Funaki

The WWE Tag Team Titles are currently vacant due to the former champions being moved to Raw.

This show is my first so be kind. This could be a one off, but if it gets a good response could become a weekly show.

Michael Cole: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Smackdown! Tazz and me are here, fresh off an extraordinary Raw in which we had a brand new roster split.
Tazz: That’s right Cole, we lost some great talent to Raw last, but we also gained some as well.
Michael Cole: Exactly, some of the quality lost on Raw could be damn near irreplaceable, however with new superstars we will pull through and be the superior bran, as always.
Tazz: I’m very excited here tonight to see the Smackdown debuts of Rob Van Dam, Randy Orton and all of the other new talent.
Michael Cole: So am I, but it seem were going to be starting things off with some of our old roster, the Dr. of Thugonomics, John Cena.

“You Can’t See Me” blast through the speakers as the WWE United States Champion enters onto the staging area. With the title draped over one shoulder Cena bangs on it with his fist and raises his hands together in the air with his pinkies sticking out.

John Cena enters the ring and asks for a microphone.

Cena: Yo yo yo, cut my music. Now it seems we’ve entered a new Smackdown era, a lot of great talent has left, and so has Paul bearer. No more dead man- no more big show, but we’ve gained Christian and his skanky little ho. But I’m still the champ dawg, you better belie, I beat a giant on the PPV. Well we got a champ but we need a contender, he’s gotta be a worthy though we don’t need no pretender. But to deal with me he’ll be a real man, he’ll hafta be a lock, otherwise he can suck… my…

Crowd: Cock

John Cena puts his mic down on the mat and prepares to leave. Just then Randy Orton’s music begins to play.

Orton appears on the top of the entranceway in his wrestling gear.

Michael Cole: Well we didn’t have to wait long for the Smackdown of this up and comer.
Tazz: We certainly didn’t Cole, and I tell you I’ve been very impressed with this kid on Raw and I tell ya, he looks ready for action.

Orton slides in under the bottom rope and climbs the nearest turnbuckle; he poses for a second before climbing down and picking up Cena’s mic.

Orton: Well John, it seems you and I, as unlikely as it seems have something in common. It appears that you need a number one contender and I need a title. You see John last Monday I was screwed. Paul Heyman screwed me, Eric Bischoff screwed me and Mick Foley screwed me.

The crowd starts cheering at the mentioning of the hardcore legends name.

Cole: He has a point Tazz, I mean Foley not only convinced Bischoff to not pick him at number three like he was going to, but he then went and convinced Paul Heyman that he should pick him ahead of Rikishi and Scotty, who of course we lost to Raw.
Tazz: Yeah, he has every right to be pissed, he lost his Intercontinental Title last night as a result of that, and we lost out tag team champions.

Orton looks around pissed at the sold out crowd.

Orton: Cheer him for all I care, I already beat his ass at mania and now he stuck dealing with Batista, Flair and Hunter. He hasn’t got a hope in hell. Anyway John back to me and you, now as you can imagine I was quite angry at losing my Intercontinental title and I went and had a word with one of the very men that screwed me, Paul Heyman. Now it seems Paul isn’t as bad as I first thought, and he picked me for Smackdown purely because I am the future of this sport and in order to make things up to me, he has given me a shot at your United States title. You see John you maybe Dr. Thugonomics but I’m Mr. I don’t care, next week your titles mine.

Orton and Cena stare at each other for a second before a shocked John Cena reaches out and punch’s Orton. Cena drives Orton into the corner with stiff right hands pulls him out and sets him up for the F-U. Orton manages to wriggle off Cena’s shoulders; he grabs his head and delivers a devastating RKO.

Orton pick up the United states title for second admiring himself in the reflection before dropping it onto the fallen body of John Cena.

Cole: Wow partner this is huge, next week we are going to have a US title match right here on Smackdown.
Tazz: It certainly is and I can guarantee one thing, with these two ambitious young superstars we are going to have a rocket buster on our hands.

We switch back stage to see Rob Van Dam run into Dawn Marie.

Rob: Hay Dawn, you haven’t seen Paul around here have you?
Dawn: Yeah Rob, he’s in his office.
Rob: Look I’m new here cut us some slack, where is it?
Dawn: Just down the corridor third door on the right.
Rob: Thanks Dawn, Hey I’ll catch ya later.

Rob runs down into Heyman’s office as we see Heyman sitting on the desk waiting for him.

Heyman: Rob Rob Rob Rob Rob. Nice to see you finally made it, I see not only has Raw taken that hardcore edge away from you, you are also very unpunctual. You see Rob, many people, and I’m sure you were one of them, were very confused when I picked you as my number two draft but I just couldn’t stand to watch you stand out on Raw and parade yourself like a monkey. Your Mr. Mon… Thursday night, the whole da… F*cking show and you were far too good to be used as Booker-T’s sidekick. You shouldn’t be used as a tag team wrestler at all. A waste of perfectly good talent.
*Bleeped out

Rob: Well Paul, what exactly do you have in store for me then? I mean I can’t challenge for your tag team title it seems, and Randy Orton’s been confirmed as number one contender for Cena’s…

Heyman gives Rob a dirty look

Rob: I mean your US title. So what exactly am I meant to do?
Heyman: The US title? Why rob, your thinking too small, you were at one time the most coveted athlete in the greatest wrestling promotion in history.

A huge ECW chant echoes from the crowd.

Heyman: I need to bring back the old Rob Van Dam, and in order to do this I’m putting you in an ECW rules match against a mystery opponent, and if you win you’re the number one contender for Eddie Guerrero’s WWE World Championship.

Paul walks off as Van Dam is left speechless in Heyman’s office.

Dawn Marie is in the ring with a microphone in her hand as we come back from the commercial break.

Dawn: Ladies and Gentlemen it is my honour and my privilege to announce that Paul Heyman has declared a tournament for the vacant WWE Tag Team Titles, which is to begin now.

Cole: This is huge, a tournament for the tag team titles and its about to start right now, I wonder what our first match is going to be.
Tazz: Well I think were about to find out

The Basham Brothers make their way to the ring dressed in black leather trousers and climb into the ring they climb on opposing turnbuckles they taunt the crowd for a few seconds before climbing down off the turnbuckles and exiting the ring.

Next out Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, The Self Proclaimed Worlds Greatest Tag Team, make their way to the ring, the slide into the ring in their silver and blue attire and jump up and down a few times before the match is officially underway.

Start: Haas and Doug start off against each other. They lock up and Haas goes downstairs with a leg sweep, he pull Doug to his corner and makes the tag.
Middle: Haas and Benjamin have been in control for the majority of the match with very little reply from the Bashams. Shelton makes the tag to Charlie as the Bashams continue to work on the leg of Doug Basham, who has been isolated from his brother Danny for the entirety of the match. Haas hits a couple of hard suplexes for a two count and then whips Doug into the corner. Benjamin is tagged in again as he hits a couple of hard chops on the chest of Doug. Shelton whips Doug against the ropes and hits a high back body drop on him cover but only a two count.
Finish: Haas yet again whips Doug against the ropes, only this time when Haas lowers his head Doug is able to plant him with a hard DDT. Both men are down as Danny start to rile up the crowd by banging on the turnbuckle. As both Men crawl towards their corner Danny gets the hot tag and stops Haas from reaching his. Benjamin runs in the ring and gets knocked down with a clothesline and roles out of the ring, Doug chases after him. Danny has Haas right where he wants him as he hits a devastating Russian leg sweep and makes the cover, one, two and a late kick out from Haas and Doug is whipped into the steel steps on the outside. Danny picks up Haas and hits a devastating implant DDT. Danny has the pin, one, two, thr- and Shelton just gets in there to break up the pin. Danny gets up and whips Shelton into the ropes, only to be met with a hard shot from behind. Charlie picks up Danny and hits him with an inverted atomic drop as Benjamin runs against the other ropes and hits him with a hard superkick into the back of the head. Danny falls to the floor as Charlie locks in the Haas of pain and Danny is forced to tap out.

Cole: Wow what a match, this tournament is gonna be great, and I can’t wait till next week to see who advances then.
Tazz: Neither can I Cole, Smackdown’s been great tonight, and I can’t wait until later tonight to see the in-ring debut of Mr. Thursday Night, Rob Van Dam.
Cole: Neither can I, we’ll be right back with more great action right after this commercial break.

Cole: Well ladies and gentlemen were back and what an exiting night we’ve had all ready, and we’ve only just begun.
Tazz: It sure has been and now were starting up with our WWE Cruiserweight champion in the ring.

Chavo stands in the ring looking confused as then Paul Heyman appears on the ovaltron.

Heyman: Chavo, I have been very impressed with your run as cruiserweight champion, however due to several mistakes that occurred during our cruiserweight open at Wrestlemania several weeks ago I have been forced to place your title on the line tonight against several people that just didn’t have a chance at Wrestlemania.

The wrestlers he calls out walk to the ring silently and get ready to start the match.

Heyman: Shannon Moore, and Ultimo Dragon who started off first in that match, Akio who was eliminated without actually taking part and this next man, who I know many of you are expecting to be Rey Mysterio.

The crowd goes wild at the sound of Rey Mysterios name…

Heyman: He, however is not Rey Mysterio, he had his chance and he blew it. He’s been champion before and it’s time for somebody else to be given their chance. Ladies and Gentleman please welcome, making his Smackdown debut, The Hurricane.

The crowd starts going nuts as The Hurricanes music plays and he makes his way out to the ring.

The Start: As the wrestlers are still shocked at the Hurricanes entrance Chavo Guerrero goes for a quick roll up on Shannon Moore however is unsuccessful. Hurricane makes his way down the ramp and stands outside the ring and poses in his thinking pose for a few seconds before walking round to the commentary table.

Cole: Hurricane, what are you doing here? I mean you’re supposed to be in this match.
Hurricane: Why, Michael Cole, yes I am. However to me it seems logical, if I were to let these four men eliminate each other I will have the best chance of winning the cruiserweight championship.
Tazz: Hey, good thinking, I tell you what I’ve questioned your antics on Raw before, but this seems to be a good idea.
Back in the ring Ultimo Dragon has taken control of the match with a variety still kicks to his opponents. Dragon climbs up top and hits a moonsault on Moore for a two count. Dragon stands up and walks into a reverse DDT from Akio. Chavo sneaks up behind Akio and nails him with a brain buster. 1, 2, 3.

Elimination: Akio

Dragon gets up and hits a spinning kick to the head of Chavo and chavo falls to the floor in a heap. Moore is back up and him and dragon are trading shots at each other. At this point the Hurricane jumps up from ringside and enters the ring, the dazed Chavo, who is on one knee getting to his feet, his hit with a shining wizard. Hurricane makes the pin. 1, 2, 3.

Elimination: Chavo

Cole: Wow this means were going to have a new cruiserweight champion who are you picking out of these three fantastic competitors?
Tazz: I’m gonna have to go with the hurricane; I just think he’s got an energy about him that’s just going to give him the edge.

Chavo Guerrero has slid out of the ring and grabbed a chair from ringside. He’s slid into the ring and delivered a devastating chair shot to the back of the head of the Hurricane. He hits Shannon Moore in the face and leaves with the damage already done.

Dragon climbs to the top rope and hits a corkscrew moonsault on Hurricane and makes the cover. 1, 2, 3.

Elimination: The Hurricane

Shannon Moore is down in the ring as Ultimo walks up to him, he delivers some hard punches to his mid section and set him up on the top rope. Dragon delivers a hard Frankensteiner on Moore for a late two count. Dragon whipped Moore to the ropes and kicked him to the outside. Dragon stands on the apron checks behind him and hits a fantastic Asai moonsault. Dragon crawls back into the ring and tries to jump to the outside but the ref get in his way. Dragon keeps trying to push past the referee and while he’s distracted Sakoda comes running down to ringside and hits a devastating powerbomb on Shannon Moore.

Dragon backs off after seeing this and goes to take control of Moore on the outside; Dragon whips Moore into the ring and makes the cover. He gets to pin but the referee stops at two as he sees Sakoda on the outside of the ring. The referee stops the count to go and see off Sakoda, as the ref has his back turned Matt Hardy runs in through the crowd and delivered a Twist of Fate to Ultimo Dragon and throws Moore and top of him. The referee turns around and makes the three count as Hardy disappears through the crowd as quickly as he appears.

Cole: Hey! What was all that about? First Sakoda comes to the ring and helps Ultimo Dragon and the Matt Hardy comes down to help Shannon Moore capture the WWE Cruiserweight Title? Tazz, something’s up
Tazz: Maybe Cole, I dunno. I mean with Sakoda and Matt interfering I did not see that coming. What A night it’s been, as we get ready for the main event.

Backstage Chavo is tearing up the locker room throwing anything he can get his hands on and ripping it apart. WWE Officials come in to try and stop, but to no avail, many of them get hit with flying objects.

“Viva La Raza” fills the arena as WWE World Champion Eddie Guerrero makes his way to ringside. Eddie sits at the announce table for commentary as this special ECW rules number one contenders match is set to start.

Cole: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome WWE champion Eddie Guerrero to ringside.
Eddie: Hola homles, Michael Cole, Tazz. O how I’m looking forward to this one esse, with Rob Van Dam in there holmes I knew Paul wasn’t going to let me down with some bum number one contender were going to have a real winner.

“One of a Kind” comes blaring through the speakers as Rob Van Dam, hoping to capture the number one contender ship for the WWE World title, heads to the ring.

Start: All of a sudden the lights dim and when they come back on Rhyno’s music is playing and Rhyno is standing right behind Van Dam. Van Dam turns around and walks right into a gore, sensing the probable pin Van Dam Rolls out of the ring. Rhyno chases after him, try to get him back in the ring but van dam manages to escape up the ramp. Van Dam lies down for a minute, as Rhyno appears to have disappeared. Rhyno appears behind Van Dam, for the second time in a matter of minutes with a steel chair in hand, this time thankfully as Rhyno went for an attack Van Dam was able to avoid the contact and rolled out the way.
Middle: Rhyno has RVD down in the middle of the ring with a body scissors wrapped on tight. RVD is struggling to escape the hold as Rhyno increases his pressure. Rhyno, intent on keeping the pressure on RVD goes outside and sets up a table on the base of the entrance ramp. Rhyno goes over to Van Dam, drags him to the outside and goes to suplex him through the table. Thankfully for Van Dam, he is able to block it and turn it into a suplex of his own, driving him to the solid floor below. Van Dam has some vital rest time in which he crawls back into the ring in order to get away from Rhyno. Rhyno begins throwing chairs into the ring; he breaks up the steel steps and throws them in as well. He empties the underside of the ring throwing all types of foreign objects into the ring. Rhyno enters the ring and sets up the stairs in the middle of the ring.

Finish: Rhyno picks up a trashcan and throws it to RVD. Van Dam catches it as Rhyno speeds toward Van Dam, aiming for a gore. RVD manages to throw the can in the air and duck. This made Rhyno Gore the trashcan right into the turnbuckle. Rhyno rolled outside the ring. Van Dam seizing perhaps his only opportunity gave chase with a steel chair. Van Dam threw the chair at Rhyno. Rhyno caught the chair and RVD delivered a deadly spinning kick to the chair. RVD laid Rhyno on the table on the foot of the entranceway that Rhyno had set-up earlier. Van Dam climbed to the top rope and delivered a thundering 5-star frog splash to Rhyno threw the table. Van Dam threw Rhyno back into the ring and made the pin, 1, 2, and 3.

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen we have a new number one contender and he’s going to meet Eddie Guerrero for the WWE World Championship at Judgement day in just over a month.

Eddie Guerrero has left the announce table and began to step inside the ring. Van Dam is still lying on the floor in great pain. Eddie Climbs to the top rope and delivers a Frog splash to RVD sending a message that this will truly be a war.


please rate, but be kind, its my 1st attempt and I did it in one sitting.
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