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Here's my new show Smackdown Roster is the same as are champions.
All 12 WWE PPV's are for SD now.


Pyro goes off and the Smackdown Music plays

Cole : Welcome to WWE Smackdown tonight there is an atmosphere of uncertainty in the building Mr McMahon has promised a major announcement tonight

Tazz : Yeah Cole I got goosebumps waiting for this announcement and knowing Mr Mc Mahon this is gonna be big.

No Chance hits and out comes Mr McMahon to the ring. He has a briefcase in his hand. Mc Mahon gets the mic.

Mr McMahon : Last week on Smackdown I said I would make a huge announcement. Well tonight im here and its not only gonna be one huge announcement. Its gonna be Several Huge Announcements that will change the Smackdown Brand. You know I watch Raw each week and I see how well Eric Bischoff and Stone Cold Steve Austin compete with each other to make their brand superior to Smackdown. And I find that Co-GM way benefical. So Tonight on Smackdown is the start of a new control. Stephanie Mc Mahon is no longer the GM of Smackdown.

Crowd Boo’s very loudly

Mr Mc Mahon : No im afraid she’s not. She is the co-gm of Smackdown. Let me introduce the other co-gm of Smackdown. Brought in by me to shake up the brand more. Sable.

Crowd Boo’s as Sable’s music hits.

Cole : Wow sable is the new co-gm of smackdown
Tazz : I cant believe my eyes Cole

Sable gets in the ring and hugs Mr Mc Mahon.

Sable : Stephanie, I know you must be upset. But you should be honoured really. To be Co-GM with the Most Dominate Female in the WWE. You see Stephanie. Too prove my Authority. I challenge you to a match next week on Smackdown. Now I know you aren’t here yet. But later on tonight I shall require an answer.

Sable gives Vince the mic.

Vince : Here comes the 2nd announcement. It involves this.

Sable opens up the briefcase and Vince takes out the WWE Championship

Vince : You see last week after SD. I went up to Kurt Angle. And I told him to hand over the WWE Championship. You see as of now all Smackdown titles are vacant. And I have to make the announcements regarding the awarding of the titles.

Vince gives the mic to Sable.
Sable : As a reward for A-Train assisting me at Vengeance. A-Train will be involved in a match to decide the vacant United States Title tonight. His opponent will be Orlando Jordan.

Sable gives the mic to Vince

Vince : Tonight we will see a Cruiserweight Title Fatal 4 Way. Involving Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman,Ultimo Dragon and Matt Hardy Version One.

Crowd gives that announcement a decent pop.

Vince : Next Week on Smackdown. The Tag Team Titles will be decided. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin will face a team of Stephanie Mc Mahons choice.

Crowd gives that a good pop.

Vince : Now but a slightly more important announcement. Concerning the WWE Championship. Next week on Smackdown. There will be an 8 man tournament. The Winner of this tournament will go to Summerslam to face The Real Brock Lesnar. The participants in the tournament will be Big Show, Rhyno, Chris Benoit, John Cena, A-Train,Undertaker,edge and Kurt Angle.

Crowd gives that announcement a huge pop.

Vince : But Kurt Angle you only get into the tournament if you deserve it. To prove if you deserve it or not you have a qualification match tonight. Tonight it will be Kurt Angle against The Worlds Greatest Tag Team of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

No Chance hits and Vince and Sable walk away arm in arm.

Cole : Wow all titles striped, Sable and Steph Co-GM’s what can happen next now
Tazz : Well that’s the night only started whats it gonna be like at the end.
Cole : First up is the United States Title Match between A-Train and Orlando Jordan

WWE United States Championship
A-Train V Orlando Jordan

A-Train comes out to huge heat from the fans while Orlando Jordan gets a decent pop. A-Train and Jordan tie up with A-Train easily backing Jordan into the corner. A-Train starts giving big knees to the mid section of Jordan then huge right hands. A-Train brings Jordan out of the corner and whips him into the ropes. A-Train big boots Jordan then goes for the cover 1-2-kickout by Jordan. A-Train gets up and stomps Jordan. The crowd start the shave your back chant to annoy A-Train. A-Train gets mad and picks up Jordan. A-Train whips Jordan into the ropes then powerslams him and covers 1-2-kickout. A-Train gets angry at the ref and backs him into a corner. Jordan sneaks up behind him and rolls him up 1-2-kickout by A-train. A-Train knocks Jordans head off with a clothesline. A-Train picks Jordan up and whips him into the corner. A-Train runs into the corner and squashes Jordan. The fans are still chanting shave your back and A-train shouts shut up. A-Train signals for a second running splash and tries it but Jordan moves and A-Train hits the turnbuckle. Jordan runs of the ropes and clotheslines A-Train but he dosent go down. Jordan tries again and he still dosen’t go down. Jordan goes up top and clotheslines him from there. A-Train goes down and covers 1-2-kickout by A-Train. Jordan stomps A-Train repeatedly but A-Train continues to get up. Jordan tries to whip A-Train into the ropes but A-Train reverses and tries a clothesline but Jordan ducks and then jumps over A-train and tries a sunset flip. A-Train tries to stay up but eventually goes down and he does 1-2-kickout by A-Train. Jordan tries a clothesline again but gets sidewalk slammed and the cover by A-Train 1-2-kickout by Jordan. A-Train gets frustrated at not being able to put Jordan away. A-Train picks up Jordan but Jordan fights him off with right hands Jordan runs into the ropes but A-Train catches him and gives him the Baldo Bomb and covers 1-2-kickout by Jordan. A-train chases the ref who leaves the ring. A-Train turns around and Jordan kicks him in the mid-section and just manages to deliver a fisherman suplex 1-2-kickout by A-Train. A-Train gets up and kicks Jordan then delivers the train wreck for the 1-2-3.
Winner : and the new United States Champion A-Train

Cole : a good performance by Orlando Jordan but A-Train wins in the end
Tazz : Yeh good effort by Jordan but big A-Train too big and tough takes a lot to beat the guy
Cole : yeh on this night were all the titles were made vacant.
Tazz : Yeah we got our first new champion then.
Cole : Can’t believe Vince McMahon is gonna make Kurt Angle go against The Worlds Greatest Tag Team. Kurt should already be in the tournament if not the match itself why is Brock not in the tournament.
Tazz : Well cause Brocks with Vince a smart choice some would say
Cole : yeah right

In the Parking Lot a Limo Parks and out steps Stephanie Mc Mahon with a determined look on her face.


Cole : Up now is Chavo Guerrero against Johnny Stamboli of the Full Blooded Itailans
Tazz : This will be good

Singles Match
Chavo Guerrero V Johnny Stamboli (wFBI)

Chavo gets a good pop while the Johnny Stamboli with the other FBI members get heat. Chavo runs off the ropes and crossbodies the three FBI members. Chavo puts Stamboli in the ring and then goes in. The ref stops the FBI getting in. Chavo delivers quick right hands to Stamboli. Chavo whips Stamboli into the ropes and clotheslines him. Chavo goes up top but Nunzio distracts the ref and Chuck shoves him off. Chavo gets up and baseball slides Chuck. Chavo knocks Nunzio off the apron but gets met with a clothesline from behind by Stamboli. Stamboli stomps away at Chavo then delivers quick elbow drops. Stamboli goes up top but Chavo gets up and pushes him causing him to slip. Chavo goes up top with stamboli and comes off with a hurricanrana and covers 1-2-kickout by Stamboli. Chavo runs off the ropes and jumps up on them coming off with a cross body 1-2-kickout by Stamboli again. Nunzio distracts the ref again while Chuck jumps in the ring. Chuck tries to clothesline Chavo but he ducks then delivers quick right hands to the head of Chuck then knocks him out of the ring. Chavo then DDT’s Stamboli and runs after Nunzio. But gets met with a superkick from Chuck. Chuck puts Chavo in the ring but the ref calls for a DQ. The FBI beat down on Chavo but Eddie Guerrero runs down and clears house with the FBI. Eddie and Chavo hug and celebrate they then leave together.
Winner : by DQ Chavo Guerrero

Cole : Well the reformation of Los Guerreros what next for tonight
Tazz : What next I dunno we’ll have to wait and see I guess


All Grown Up now hits and out comes The Smackdown Co-General Manager Stephanie Mc Mahon to a huge pop.

Stephanie gets the mic

Steph : I came out here for 2 reasons. First reason is to say that A-Train will pay for costing me my match at Vengeance. And second is to accept Sables Challenge for next week on Smackdown. Next Week I will prove I am the most dominate female in the WWE. Next week I will prove Sable is nothing. But wait why next week Sable. Why don’t I prove it to you tonight.

Fans Cheer.

Sables music hits and she appears on the titontron.

Sable : Now Stephanie you know perfectly well it would be unfair for me to kick your ass tonight. Because Stephanie you need time to prepare. You want me to kick your ass this week so you have the excuse you didn’t have time to prepare. Well no Stephanie I don’t want you to have excuses. Next Week or never your choice.

Steph : Oh I accept your challenge for next week. But why don’t we give the fans a sample of what you’ll get tonight.

Sable : oh no I want you to be in 100% condition next week that would give you an excuse if you weren’t.

Steph : Ok then if you wont come to the ring I’ll come to the back and get you.

Sable : oh no im not in the back Steph. Im at a location you will never find me.

Steph : ok then so I’ll have to wait till next week but I heard earlier about the championships being vacated. And Kurt having to earn his spot in the tournament. And Brock getting a free ticket into the title match. Well Brock aint getting it that easy. So heres what im gonna do. The winner of Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit tonight gets a spot in the Title match at Summerslam. The loser is in the tournament.
All Grown Up now hits and Stephanie leaves.

Cole : Benoit and Brock tonight.


Cole : welcome back to smackdown ladies and gentle men up now is the cruiserweight title fatal 4 way.

Cruiserweight Title Fatal 4 Way Match
Matt Hardy Version One V Rey Mysterio V Ultimo Dragon V Billy Kidman.

Matt Hardy comes out with Shannon Moore to heat from the crowd. Rey Mysterio gets a huge pop. Ultimo Dragon gets a huge pop. Billy Kidman gets an ok response. The bell rings and matt Hardy attacks Rey Mysterio and Kidman attacks Ultimo. Matt Hardy gives Mysterio right hands in the corner then walks away doing the version one sign. Rey climbs to the top rope. Hardy turns around and gets the top rope Hurricanrana . Kidman whips Ultimo into the ropes but Ultimo does a hamstring back elbow. Rey clotheslines Matt taking them both over the top rope. Ultimo gives kicks to the mid-section and sits him up on the turnbuckle Ultimo climbs up with Kidman and delivers a bull dog from the top. Matt Hardy sends Rey Mysterio into the steel steps on the outside. Ultimo covers Kidman 1-2-broke up by Hardy. Hardy picks up Ultimo and delivers the Side Effect 1-2-broke up By Kidman. Rey gets back in the ring and starts giving Kidman right hands. Rey puts Kidman on the rope then delivers the 619. Rey Mysterio then delivers the West Coast Pop. 1-2-broke up by Hardy. Matt Hardy picks up Mysterio and delivers the twist of fate. Ultimo Dragon is on the top rope. Hardy covers Mysterio 1-2-Leg Drop from the top rope by ultimo Dragon. Cover by ultimo 1-2-broke up by Kidman. DDT’s Ultimo then goes up top. Kidman hits the Shooting Star Press onto Ultimo then covers 1-2-foot on the rope by Ultimo. Kidman then gets up but is dropkicked by Mysterio causing Kidman to fall through the rope to the outside. Hardy crawls over the ropes to get up. Mysterio runs and hits the 619. Mysterio goes to hit the west coast pop but Ultimo dropkicks him in midair. Ultimo goes up top but Hardy shakes the ropes. Hardy goes up top with Ultimo and comes off with a Twist of Fate from the top. Hardy covers 1-2-Kidman pulls Hardy out of the ring and throws him into the barricade. Kidman goes up top and goes to hit the shooting star press but Rey stops him. Rey goes to back suplex Kidman and Ultimo goes up to. Ultimo powerbombs Rey who is also back suplexing Kidman cover on Rey by Ultimo 1-2-kickout by Rey. Matt gets back in the ring and throws Ultimo out. Matt covers Kidman 1-2-kickout by Kidman. Matt cant believe. He pulls Kidman over near the ropes. Matt comes off with the leg drop and covers 1-2-kickout by Kidman. Rey attacks Hardy and lifts him to the top. Rey DDT’s Hardy from the top rope and covers 1-2-Ultimo breaks it up .Ultimo gives Rey right hands but Rey fights back and gets the better. Rey lifts Ultimo to the top but Ultimo fights back and comes off with a Sunset Flip 1-2-3.
Winner : and new cruiserweight champion Ultimo Dragon

Cole : Ultimo Dragon is the new Cruiserweight Champion
Tazz : yeah cole what a match
Cole : to say the least

Interview with Kurt Angle
Josh : Well Kurt Angle tonight you take on the Worlds Greatest Tag Team Charlie haas and Shelton Benjamin what are your thoughts on that and being stripped of the WWE Championship.

Kurt : what are my thoughts. I honestly never believed Brock would do such a thing and align with Vince Mc Mahon. I thought he had more credibility than that. But I have aligned with Vince before and do you know what happens. You get screwed. Brock will regret his decision. He is in Mc Mahons good books now. But will he stay there. I doubt it. And as for taking on Haas and Benjamin tonight this is just another test that I will pass on the road to regaining the WWE title at Summerslam. Its True Its Damn True.

Interview Ended

Cole : A pretty intense Kurt Angle then Tazz
Tazz : Yeh Kurt Angle is always Intense he is an Olympic Gold Medal winner and 4 time WWE Champion.
Cole : Up next is John Cena against Undertaker in the Vengeance rematch.


Video is played of the Vengeance match between John Cena and Undertaker

Vengeance Rematch
Undertaker V John Cena

Undertaker comes out to a huge pop. John Cena gets heat from the crowd. Cena attacks Taker straight away. Cena gives Taker right hands in the corner but Taker reverses and puts Cena in the corner. Taker hammers away with lefts and rights. Taker goes over to the other corner then runs and clotheslines Cena into the corner. Taker sets Cena up for Old School. As Taker walks along the ropes Cena pulls him off. Cena stomps Undertaker. Cena picks up Taker and throws him threw the ropes into the ring pole shoulder first. Cena chokes Taker in the corner. Cena taunts him and then tries to whip him into the ropes but Taker reverses and Big Boots Cena then covers 1-2-kickout. Taker calls for the chokeslam and waits on Cena to get up. Taker tries the chokeslam but gets Kicked low then DDT’d. Cena covers taker 1-2-kickout. Cena pulls a chain out of his tights. Cena raps the chain round his fist and tries to hit Taker with it but taker ducks. Taker grabs Cena and chokeslams him and covers 1-2-kickout by Cena. Taker cant believe it and signals for the last ride. Taker picks Cena up but Cena counters. Taker tries to clothesline Cena but Cena ducks and Taker gets the ref. Cena picks up Undertaker for the FU but its countered by Taker who then delivers right hands. A-Train and Big Show appear at ringside. Taker is distracted by them both as the ref gets up. Cena runs at taker but taker steps aside and Cena gets the ref. A-Train and Big Show get in the ring and attack Undertaker. Taker tries to fight them off but the numbers game gets too much. They beat him up in the corner. Cena gets up and low blows the Big Show and starts giving A-Train right hands then clotheslines him over the ropes. Taker and Cena both beat on Big Show and double clothesline him over the ropes. Taker turns around and Cena gives him the FU and covers the ref stirs round and counter the three. Taker gets up and walks over to Cena who was celebrating. Taker offers to shake Cena’s hand, Cena accepts and they shake hands. Taker raises Cena’s hand to a huge pop and they leave together.
Winner : John Cena

Cole : Well Big Show and A-Train getting cleared of by Cena and Taker their and Cena beating the Undertaker then shaking hands.

Tazz : Yeah pretty impressive sports man ship between Cena and Taker there.

Stephanie bursts into Vince Mc Mahons office

Steph : Were is Sable
Vince : Sable is at a secure location for your own benefit.
Steph : For my Benefit you mean. I want Sable right here right now so you get on the phone right now and tell her to get her ass here now.
Vince : you now what steph you want Sable right here right now so be it

Sable appears from behind and hits Stephanie in the back with a chair then a shot to the head leaving Stephanie out cold.

Cole : Up next Brock Lesnar V Chris Benoit


Brock Lesnar (with Sable) V Chris Benoit

Brock Lesnar comes out to huge heat from the crowd with Sable. Chris Benoit gets a major pop. Benoit and Lesnar tie up. Neither man moves an inch and they break. Benoit and Brock go to tie up and Brock kicks Benoit. Brock starts hammering away with right hands but Benoit puts Lesnar in the corner and starts delivering knife-edge chops. Benoit then kicks away at Lesnar in the corner. Benoit brings Lesnar forward and delivers a snap suplex to him. Benoit stomps away at Lesnar and Lesnar leaves the ring. Benoit leaves the ring and chases Lesnar round it. Lesnar goes in the ring and stomps Benoit as he ducks under the ropes. Lesnar then picks Benoit up and gives him a gut buster. Lesnar applies a bear hug on Benoit. Lesnar grips tightly as Benoit fades. The ref lifts benoits hand it drops once. Then it drops twice but it stays up the third time and he fights back Benoit with lefts and rights. But Lesnar delivers a side walk slam. Lesnar keeps on the bear hug again. Benoit fights up and reverses the bear hug into a german suplex by Benoit. Benoit keeps the grip and delivers a second German Suplex. Benoit still keeps the grip and hits a third one. Lesnar looks loopy. Benoit hits a 4th German Suplex. Benoit still has the grip locked then hits an overhead German Suplex. Lesnar looks out cold. Benoit signals for the head butt and goes up top. Benoit hits the headbutt on Lesnar then covers but Sable has the ref distracted. Benoit tries to hit Sable who jumps off the apron. Benoit turns around and Lesnar picks him up for an F-5 but Benoit counters and locks on the crippler crossface. Sable is up on the apron again and Lesnar is tapping out. The Ref dosent see it so Benoit lets go. Benoit tries to tell the ref he tapped but gets low blowed then slapped by Sable. Lesnar hits the F-5 on Benoit and covers 1-2-kickout by Benoit. Lesnar cant believe it. Sable slides a chair in the ring and then gets the mic. Sable announces that she is changing the match rules to No DQ. Lesnar hits benoit with a chair and covers 1-2-benoit kicks out again. Stephanie Mc Mahon makes her way down the ramp. Sable gets in the ring and kicks benoit a few times. Steph gets in the ring and slaps Sable. Lesnar grabs Stephanie then Sable hits her in the back with a chair. Sable picks up Steph and sable bombs her. Benoit sneaks up behind Lesnar and rolls him up and the ref counts 1-2-the ref is elbow dropped by Sable. Sable gets the mic and announces that she is the special guest referee. Benoit gets in Sables face but Lesnar hits him with a chair from behind. Lesnar F-5s benoit onto a chair and pins him Sable counts the 1-2-3.
Winner : Brock Lesnar.

Cole : well Brock Lesnar cheats his way into a title match at Summerslam
Tazz : yeah well things happen. Now Benoit has to go into the tournament.
Cole : up next Kurt Angle against Charlie haas and Shelton Benjamin.


Handicap Match 2 on 1
Kurt Angle V The World’s Greatest Tag Team

Kurt Angle gets a huge pop as he comes out. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin come out to major heat. Haas starts. Haas and Angle tie up and Angle backs Haas into the corner the ref tells them to break and Haas hits a low blow. Haas hammers away with quick right hands to Angle. Haas brings Angle out of the corner and delivers a back suplex on Angle. Haas picks up Angle and tries a DDT. But angle reverses and hits an inverted suplex 1-2-kickout by Haas.Angle tries to clothesline Haas but Haas ducked and eye rakes Angle then tags Shelton. Shelton comes in and clotheslines Angle. Shelton picks Angle up and suplexes him. Shelton stomps away at Angle and tags Haas again. Haas and Benjamin double suplex Angle and Haas covers 1-2-kickout. Haas picks up Angle and take him into the corner. Shelton wonders over to the other corner and takes off the pad without the ref noticing. Haas goes to whip Angle into the steel bolt but Angle reverses and Haas hits the bolt. Angle overhead belly to belly suplexes him then Shelton comes in and attacks. Angle delivers an Angle Slam to Shelton. Brock Lesnar shows up at ringside. Angle is distracted by Lesnar and gets attacked from behind by Haas. Angle tries to fight back and tries to clothesline Haas but gets the ref. Angle then delivers the Angle slam to Haas and covers no ref. Lesnar gets in the ring and Angle gets up. Angle and Lesnar start exchanging right hands Angle getting the better of Lesnar. Shelton gets Angle from behind allowing Lesnar and Shelton to beat down on Angle. Benoit comes running out. Benoit attacks Lesnar and Shelton driving Lesnar out of the ring. Haas has a Steel Chair he tries to hit angle. Angle ducks and Haas hits the ropes causing the steel chair to rebound and hit the head of Haas. Angle gives Haas the Angle Slam then gives Benjamin the Angle slam. Angle covers Benjamin and gets the 1-2-3. Benoit and Angle celebrate in the ring as Lesnar, Haas and Benjamin make their way up the ramp.
Winner : Kurt Angle

Cole : Kurt Angle is now in the WWE Championship Tournament

End of Show

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Ok...I will be hard on this show due to other stuff i've been reading elsewhere.

- Promos were good enough...but there was far too much Vince McMahon/Stephanie McMahon/Sable stuff.

- Who really wants to see Steph/Sable fued continue.

- Lesnar/Benoit & Angle vs. Haas/Benjamin were far too short for big matches like that, especially when A-Train/Jordan was nearly as long.

- Didn't like the Cruiserweight Title 4-way. Match had no flow at all, and big spots started happening immediately.

Overall: Promos were good but not using the right people enough. Matches wern't very good, A-Train vs. Orlando Jordan was good though. Matches need to be longer.

Grade: C-

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The first promo got me wondering on a few things. Supposedly Sable is Stephanie McMahon's personal assistant, if so, couldn't Stephanie fire her? Well, going back to the review, I don't think Sable really needs to have co-general manager powers, as you see from last night's SmackDown! she pretty much makes matches like her boss. Wouldn't making her co-general manager just be giving her a title, and if Vince wanted to shake things up why not just appoint himself as the new co-general manager of SmackDown!? And, this goes on why would Stephanie really be upset with Sable for being appointed the new co-general manager she acts like it and does tasks that qualify her as one.

I am very disappointed with the announcement of vacating all titles on SmackDown!. A-Train assisted Sable so he will fight Orlando Jordan for the United States Title, that seems to far off. Orlando Jordan was supposedly getting a large push with the Undertaker gimmick only for it to fall short, and now he is already up and in the United States Title grasp when his former mentor is just hanging around. Not a single person in the top four contenders for the United States Title, in real life, are getting a title shot. If one of them isn't in the works of trying to acquire the main title I will be quite peeved. I am klooking forward to the Fatal Four Way for the Cruiserweight Title, but I think you could have kept Rey Mysterio Jr as the champion and just have it be a title match. Then, you throw a real zinger, with the World's Greatest Tag Team fighting a team of Stephanie's choice. Sable/Vince have been awarding Sable a job, giving a title shot for one of their hitman, and doing this and that. Why let Stephanie's choose a tagteam to wrestle the WGTT? I am semi-impressed at the Heavyweight Title Tournament. You didn't disappoint putting Chris Beniot and Rhyno in the tournament, but where is Eddie Guerrero, most of your others fit in quite well, Undertaker, Big Show, John Cena, and Kurt Angle. But then, you add A-Train we know it is pretty farfetch'd for him to have won the United States Title and the Heavyweight Title but having him in the runnings for both kind of disheartens me, especially when we could give the tournament spot to Eddie Guerrero or Billy Gunn. It is nice to see Edge back in action. I find it kind of hard to take this as a "title tournament", beings the winner has to fight Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. That is just saying Brock Lesnar gets a total by through the tournament. So it seems as if Lesnar is the real champion and has a title match against the winner of the tournamen at SummerSlam.

The A-Train versus Orlando Jordan match was a good one. Alot of detail, so it is easy for readers to visualize. I really don't think that this match should have been the first match of the night, I would swap spots, with this one taking the next single's match's spot.

I was kind of disappointed. You have Edge, and Chavo Guerrero Jr., being added to the SmackDown! roster but didn't put in that the announcers said how good it is for the two to be back from what I suspect is injuries. I enjoyed this match alot, but I hope you aren't going to have Los Guerrero's first fued be with the Full Blooded Italians. Eddie Guerrero goes from being the Tagteam Champion and later United States Champion, fueding with Tajiri and Chris Beniot down to being in a tagteam and fueding with a lower midcard/midcard stable like the Full Blooded Italians.

About this progress with the Stephanie McMahon/Sable angle, I can't believe Stephanie just gave up that easy. Sable says she is at a location no one will find, and Stephanie just leaves it at that. Stephanie you are the co-general manager of SmackDown!, father of the leading man in Sports Entertainment and soon to be leading female in the largest wrestling promotion ever, I think you can stretch your resources to find her and kick some sable butt. The Chris Beniot/Brock Lesnar match is a good set-up, of course it still doesn't really go. I think Lesnar should replace A-Train in the tournament, with the tournament finals being at SummerSlam. Also did Stephanie forgot or something about deciding on the tagteam to wrestle against the World's Greatest Tag Team?

I liked the Fatal Four Way match, so happy the belt was given to Ultimo Dragon. He really deserves it, I mean the guy once held nine belts at 'one time'. I would have been kind of sad about the possible break-up of Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio Jr., due to altercations in the match-up, but now that we have a new tagteam to take their place in Los Guerreros it isn't such a bad thing.

When reading Kurt's interview the only thing that was running through my mind was "The Real American Hero" song, which was the theme song for G.I. Joe. Hehe. I don't think fighting off the World's Greatest Tagteam is a big deal of Kurt Angle, I mean didn't he do it already, with the big man, The Big Show in the WGTT's corner. Nothing for him to sweat about.

The match between The Undertaker and John Cena was just so-so. A-Train and Big Show interfering was foreseen. Match was only semi-entertaining, kind of coming upon the realization that the SmackDown! is being split in two like SmackDown! was from RAW. Vince and Sable's group or hired goons in A-Train, Big Show, John Cena, and Brock Lesnar. And, then Stehanie McMahon's unoffical side with Kurt Angle, Undertaker, Chris Beniot, et cetera.

It is terrible. Brock Lesnar was destined to be the winner of this match before it was even signed. I am almost positive the SummerSlam match was going to be Brock Lesnar versus Kurt Angle, and that makes it impossible for Chris Beniot to win.

The one major disappointment of the show is that it is focused too much on Stephanie and Kurt Angle's ongoing fued with Vince McMahon and Sable's hired goons and associates. All the interviews, backstages and in ring encounters all dealt with that, the only other promos that I can make out are if I look a bit deep. I think it could have been better with one less segment on Stephanie/Sable, and either given it to Los Guerreros for an interview, or a backstage segment with either Tajiri/Billy Gunn/Jamie Noble.

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Ok good reply ben i will explain some points now

no stephane did not forget about the tag team to face theWGTT the team will be announced on the next SD

Steph did not give up easily wanting to get Sable as u may have read she went to Vince and demanded to know were she was.

There is a specific reason for Eddie Guerrero not being in the tournament a reason which i cannot tell you and u will find out soon enough. Thus meaning A-Train has to be in the tournament.

The whole point of Brock already getting the spot in the Summerslam Main-Event was to show that he was being favoured. Brock wouldnt take kindly to being put in a tournament by Vince.

As for your comment on the semi-split roster you may have failed to realize but when Show and A-Train interfered which may have been guessed. There was a twist and it was John Cena turning face by helping out the Undertaker and they shook hands at the end of the match.

The whole point of Sable being GM is because Vince will disappear of screen in the near future i think. If Vince goes what about Brocks heel character hes on vinces side so he will have someone he can be favoured by.

Thanks for the replies everyone.
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