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This is my Smackdown Thread. The PPV's are going to be changed and I will right a list underneath there will be 8 smackdowns in between the PPV's and a PPV every two months. 6 PPV's a year.

Here are the Smackdown PPV's
Jan : Royal Rumble
Mar : Wrestlemania
May : Judgement Day
Jul : Vengeance
Sep : Unforgiven
Nov : Survivor Series

Smackdown Roster
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
Chris Jericho
Rob Van Dam
Chris Beniot
Charlie Haas
Shelton Benjamin
Eddie Guerrero
Chavo Guerrero
Rey Mysterio
Big Show
Nathan Jones
Juventud Guerrera
Super Crazy
The Hurricane
Shawn Michaels
Jerry Lynn
John Cena
Chuck Palumbo
Johnny Stamboli
Matt Hardy Version 1
Shannon Moore
Jamie Noble
Brian Kendrick
Sean O'Haire
Jeff Hardy

WWE Title : Brock Lesnar
Cruiserweight Title : Billy Kidman
Tag Team Titles : Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin
United States Championship : Rob Van Dam

I'll post the first Smackdown Tommorrow it will start after Wrestlemaia 8 weeks before Judgement Day. I'll post the preview for my Smackdown Shortly.

Here is the Smackdown Preview

This week on Smackdown WWE Champion Brock Lesnar will be in Non-Title action. Chris Beniot will battle Edge. And Beniot's partner Rhyno will be taking on Kurt Angle. Also the Tag Titles will be on the line all this and much more on Smackdown.

Smackdown Preview

This week on Smackdown Brock Lesnar will be in Non-Title action.Chris Beniot will take on Edge. Beniot's partner Rhyno will be battle Kurt Angle.And The tag team titles will be on the line.

Smackdown will be posted tommorrow please send feedback.

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I don`t understnad why you just wanna write a SD?
I like a roster.And Brock as a champmion.
Do you know where Cards/Previews located in Be The Booker,you have to post your preview in there.
And why did you wrire same preview two times?

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I didn't mean to post my preview twice it was a mistake. I just want to write smackdown because i like it better and if im struggling with a storyline then i can bring somebody else in like a rock or austin without worrying about the other show. Here is my Smackdown


Pyro goes off

Cole : Welcome to WWE Smackdown what a night we have in store for you
Tazz : Yeah your right cole the tag team titles are online
Cole : Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman get a shot at tag team gold but first up WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in Non-Title action against A-Train.
Tazz : Here comes the Pain !!!

First Match : Brock Lesnar V A-Train (with Big Show)
Brock comes out to a huge reception and A-Train gets huge heel heat from the fans. Big Show distracts Lesnar while A-Train attacks him from behind. A-Train hammers away at Lesnar in the corner with right hands. A-Train then throws Brock out of the ring and distracts the ref while Big Show beats up Lesnar slamming him into the barricade then puts him back in the ring. A-train whips Brock into the ropes and sidewalk slams him 1-2-kickout by brock. A-Train picks brock up and gives him a backbreaker but holds onto him he gives him another backbreaker and keeps a hold of him he gives him the third backbraker in a row then pins him 1-2-kickout by Lesnar. A-Train picks up lesnar and gives him the pumphandle slam 1-2-kickout by lesnar. A-train looks frustrated. A-Train picks up Lesnar and gives him the Baldo Bomb 1-2-kickout again. A-Train is furios he picks up Lesnar and Gives him the train wreck 1-2-kickout A-Train can't belive it A-Train backs the ref into a corner but turns around to see Lesnar standing up A-Train runs to clothesline lesnar but he ducks Lesnar opens up with right hands on A-Train then clotheslines him and A-Train gets up he clothes lines him again followed by a huge powerslam. Brock sets up A-Train for the F-5 but Big Show is up on the apron with a chair Lesnar sees him A-train hits a low blow. Big Show tells A-Train to whip Lesnar into him and he'll hit him with a chair. A-Train whips Lesnar but he reverses it A-train gets hit with a chair and then gets the F-5 1-2-3. Big show comes into the ring but he gets the F-5 as well.
Winner : Brock Lesnar

Cole : Well a good match to start off there but we have to go to the back for an interview with Jerry Lynn.

Coach : Jerry Lynn tonight you have a match with Tajiri with the winner facing RVD next week for the US Title.

Jerry : Let me change that sentence you just said coach. Tonight i beat tajiri and go on to become US Champion next Week on Smackdown.

Coach : But Tajiri will be no easy opponent you have to beat him before you get to RVD

Jerry : Cut the crap coach you know i'll beat Tajiri then go on to prove im the real whole f*n Show.

Interview ended

Cole : Well Thats it Tazz Jerry Lynn is pretty confident but should he be.
Tazz : Yeah he should cole i've known this Guy for Years he has a right to be confident but Tajiri will be no easy opponent for him Tonight.

Cole : Well coming up next Jeff Hardy V Chuck Palumbo of the FBI

Second Match : Jeff Hardy V Chuck Palumbo (with FBI)
Jeff is already in the ring. The FBI make their way down Jeff dives over the ropes onto all three members of the FBI. Jeff puts Chuck in the ring. Jeff opens up on chuck beating him up in the corner. Chuck Low Blows Jeff. Chuck chokes Jeff in the corner. Chuck taunts the crowd he takes off the turnbuckle pad and smashes Jeff's head into the steel bolt. Chuck whips Jeff into the other corner and runs after him and but jeff hits the whisper in the wind. Jeff hits the twist of fate on Chuck but Nunzio distracts the ref. Jeff dropkicks Nunzio of the apron. Then Chuck hits a lowblow on Jeff. Chuck throws Jeff out of the ring and Stamboli holds him and nunzio hits him with a chair while Chuck Distracts the ref. They put him back in the ring and chuck covers him 1-2-kickout. Chuck Gets up and sets him for the superkick but Jeff ducks and he gets the ref. Jeff hits a ddt on Chuck but Johnny Stamboli and Nunzio get in the ring They attack Jeff Hardy. Los Guerreros come running down and attack the FBI. Chavo throws Johnny Stamboli into the ring steps while Eddie throws Nunzio into the ring pole. Los guerreros get in the ring and attack Chuck Chavo gives him the Brainbuster and Eddie goes up top and hits the frog splash. Jeff gets up and Los Guerreros point to the turnbuckle Jeff nods his head and goes up top and hits the Swanton Bomb The ref slowly strolls around and counts the 1-2-3. Jeff and Los Guerreros Celebrate going up the ramp.
Winner : Jeff Hardy

Backstage we see Kurt Angle talking to Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

Haas : Why do we have to wrestle those two guys out of all the other teams why do they get a title shot.

Benjamin : Yeah they didn't win a shot against us

Kurt : Oh come on guys im sure you can beat Rey Mysterio and Billy "freakin" Kidman. Now Ready 1-2-3

All Three : TEAM ANGLE !!!

Cole : Well Kurt Angle over confident that Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin Team Angle will defeat Mysterio and Kidman

Tazz : im lookin foward to that one
Cole : Stick around its up next

Third Match : Team Angle V Rey Mysterio & Kidman Tag Team Titles
Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin come out to the usual you suck chants. Rey and Kidman come out to huge responses from the crowd. Haas and Rey start off. Haas runs at rey but gets dropkicked he tries it again but gets dropkicked again. Rey runs at haas jumps onto him spins around and hits a ddt followed up with arm drags by rey. Haas is stunned and tags Shelton. Shelton Looks confident rey runs at shelton and slides under his legs and does a back suplex. rey tags kidman who goes up top and hits a cross body 1-2-kickout. Kidman dropkicks shelton three times in a row. Shelton tags out and in comes haas. Haas runs at kidman ducks a clothesline and german suplexes him hard on his head. Haas snap suplexes Kidman and tags in shelton. They do a double suplex double team move to kidman. Shelton Takes Kidman up top and delivers a hard superplex. 1-2-kickout by Kidman. Shelton signals to the crowd and shouts one more time. Shelton picks Kidman up and puts him on the top turnbuckle. A clip is shown backstage of Kurt Angle gloating while watching the match. Kidman fights of Shelton and hits a missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle 1-2-kickout by shelton. Kidman tries to tag rey but shelton holds his foot. Kidman tries to fight him off but gets low blowed. Shelton tags Haas and they double ddt Kidman. Haas picks Kidman up and tiger bombs him 1-2-kickout by Kidman. Haas takes off the turnbuckle pad. He lifts Kidman up onto the turnbuckle he goes up top but kidman fights him off. Haas hits Kidmans head off the steel bolt and super tiger bombs him of the top turnbuckle 1-2-rey dropkicks haas to break up the pin. Haas tags Shelton and Shelton once again puts kidman on the turnbuckle. Kidman fights shelton off hitting his head off the steel bolt then bulldogging him from the top. kidman makes his way over to the corner and tags rey. Shelton tags Haas. Rey Spin wheel kicks Haas then dropkicks benjamin rey hits the 619 on haas but gets shelton kicked. Kidman clotheslines Shelton over the rope. Charlie Haas gets up but sees Los Guerreros approach ringside.Haas is lookin at the guerreros but from behind rey rolls up haas 1-2-3.Los Guerreros walk away laughing while rey and kidman celebrate.
Winners : and new tag team champions Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman

Tazz : Well a shock there Mysterio and Kidman winning with a little help from Los Guerreros.

Cole : Im sure Kurt Angle ain't that confident now
Tazz : Maybe
Cole : Now its time for Tajiri V Jerry Lynn

Fourth Match : Tajiri V Jerry Lynn
Tajiri comes out to a good reaction from the fans as does Jerry Lynn. Men are about to tie up as Rob Van Dam's music hits and out comes the Us Champion. He stands at the top of the ramp to watch the match. Jerry Lynn attacks Tajiri who is still wondering what RVD is doing at the top of the ramp. Jerry Lynn back suplexes tajiri and stomps away at him. Lynn goes up top and tries a clothesline but his dropkicked by Tajiri. Tajiri takes lynn into the corner and kicks away at him. Tajiri whips Lynn into the ropes and nails a cresent kick and covers him 1-2-kickout. Tajiri tries to whip lynn into the corner but he reverses and lynn whips tajiri into the corner. Lynn runs at Tajiri but runs straight into the tarantuala 1-2-3-4-Tajiri breaks the hold before the ref gets to 5. Tajiri goes for a suplex on lynn but lynn counters and hits a reverse DDT and into the cover 1-2-kickout by tajiri. Lynn takes Tajiri up top tajiri tries to counter but Lynn hits the Hurricanrana. Lynn goes for the cover 1-2-kickout by tajiri. Lynn tries the cradle pile driver but tajiri counters and hits a superkick 1-2-kickout by Lynn. Lynn hits a low blow on tajiri. Lynn goes up to the middle turnbuckle and waits for Tajiri to get up. Tajiri gets up and turns around and gets tornado DDT Lynn covers Tajiri 1-2-kickout. Lynn tries to suplex tajiri but Tajiri lands on his feet. Tajiri kicks Lynn in the back of the leg reducing lynn to his knees. Tajiri nails the Buzzsaw kick and covers him 1-2-Jerry Lynn gets his foot on the rope. Tajiri waits for Lynn to recover then tries a second Buzzsaw kick but Lynn ducks and hits the cradle piledriver and pins him 1-2-3. Jerry Lynn points at RVD and leaves.
Winner : and the Number 1 Contender To US Title Jerry Lynn

Cole : Well Jerry Lynn is the Number One Contender and will face RVD next week and what a match that will be.

Tazz : Yeah I have a feeling those two are going to have a classic match next week

Cole : Well coming up next is Kurt Angle V Rhyno

Backstage Kurt Angle is talking to Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

Kurt : Damn Los Guerreros
Charlie : Now we have lost our tag titles Kurt what will we do now
Shelton : I have an idea Kurt why don't you ask Steph to make us have a shot at the Tag Titles next week.
Kurt : yeah okay after all it wasn't your fault.

Kurt leaves the lockeroom and goes around to Stephanies office

Kurt enters the office.

Steph : Whats up Kurt
Kurt : Its about Haas and Benjamin they were robbed of the tag titles tonight and i was wondering if you could give them a tag team title shot next week on Smackdown.

Steph : Give them a tag team title shot
Kurt : Yes
Steph : No
Kurt : But Why not
Steph : Because there are a lot of teams that deserve a shot just as much as team angle.
Kurt : Who ?
Steph : The Guerreros
Kurt : The Guerreros they screwed my team out of the tag team titles.
Steph : Okay
Kurt : Really
Steph : Yeah tell team Angle they have a match with Los Guerreros next week
Kurt : Los Guerreros
Steph : Yeah Kurt the winner gets a title shot at Rey and Kidman now leave.
Kurt : But
Steph : Now !!!

Kurt Leaves and tells Haas and Benjamin about their match next week

Shelton : But thats not fair
Haas : They screw us but they deserve to face us for the shot next week. We should be getting a rematch.
Kurt : Don't worry I have a plan see you later.

Fifth Match : Kurt Angle V Rhyno
Rhyno gets a huge crowd pop. Kurt comes out to the usual You Suck Chants. Kurt attacks Rhyno from behind. Angle delivers fast right hands in the corner when angle stops he taunts the crowd but turns around and is clotheslined by Rhyno. Rhyno kicks away at Angle in the corner then runs at him and smashes his knee into Angles face. Rhyno powerslams Angle and covers him 1-2-kickout. Rhyno picks up angle but angle low blows him. Angle hits a belly to belly suplex on Rhyno and walks around gloating. Angle stomps away at the ankle of rhyno. Angle tries the anklelock but rhyno gets out of it. Rhyno fights of angle and delivers the pumphandle slam. Rhyno sets up angle for the gore but angle moves and rhyno hits the turnbuckle Angle hits a german suplex but Angle keeps his grip he hits another german and keeps his grip and hits the third german suplex and lets go. Angle goes up top and tries to hit his moonsault and rhyno moves. Rhyno and Angle both get up slowly. Angle tries to give rhyno a right hand but Rhyno blocks it and starts giving Angle right hands. Rhyno whips Angle into the ropes and clothesline him angle gets up and he clotheslines him again. Rhyno kicks Angle but he catches his foot and turns it into an anklelock. Rhyno screams with pain he is in the middle of the ring he starts crawling slowly to the ropes but angle pulls him back. Rhyno screams in pain again but refuses to give up Rhyno gets to the rope. Angle refuses to break the ref does the count 1-2-3-4-Angle breaks the hold. Angle sets Rhyno for the angle slam but rhyno gets over the back rhyno tries a suplex but angle lands on his feet and rolls up rhyno and holds onto the ropes 1-2-3.
Winner : Kurt Angle

Cole : What a match between Rhyno and Angle there but I can't belive he used the ropes to win

Tazz : Well Cole you do what you have to do to win.

Cole : Now changing what happened but Angle cheated to win
Tazz : indeed he did
Cole : Well coming up next we will see Edge against Chris Beniot but first the Coach has the crippler

Coach : Well Chris Beniot just before your match with Edge what are your thoughts.

Beniot : My thoughts are we just saw Kurt Angle cheat to win over against Rhyno something that rhyno wouldn't do something that i wouldn't do and something that Edge wouldn't do. You know i respect edge he is my friend but when we face each other in the ring things are different. I know Edge respects me too. I am the best technical wrestler in the buisness. Prove Me Wrong !

Main Event : Edge V Chris Beniot
Edge and Beniot both come out to huge pops. They shake hands before the match. Edge and Beniot tie up with edge forcing beniot into the corner but beniot turning it around. Beniot chops away at the chest of Edge. Edge puts beniot in the corner and chops away at beniot then gives beniot right hands. Beniot catches Edge's arm and tries the crippler crossface but edge blocks it. Beniot german suplexes Edge and keeps the grip locked on but edge breaks the grip and clotheslines beniot and clotheslines him again followed by a dropkick. Edge tries the Edgecution but Beniot reverses into a crippler crossface. Edge screams with pain and tries slowly to move to the ropes Edge rolls over and mounts Beniot and punches away. Edge sets up Beniot for the spear and hits it and covers him 1-2-kickout by beniot. Edge goes up top and waits for beniot to get up but beniot shakes the ropes causing edge to fall. Beniot battles edge on the top turnbuckle then delivers a superplex. Beniot slides over into the cover 1-2-kickout by edge. Beniot puts an armbar on edge. Edge screams in pain edge battles Beniot and finally gets to the ropes but the damage is done. Beniot picks up edge and delivers a shoulder breaker. Beniot then goes up top and sets edge for the Headbutt. Beniot dives but Edge moves. Edge struggles to get up but goes up top and hits the missile dropkick and then covers him 1-2-kickout by beniot. Edge tries an edgecution but beniot delivers a german suplex then another one and keeps the grip till he hits the fifth German suplex. Beniot goes up top and Hits the Diving Headbutt then covers him 1-2-kickout. Beniot tries the crossface but edge reverses and opens up with right hands on beniot. Edge kicks Beniot and gives him the Edgecution then pins him 1-2-kickout by Beniot. Edge can't belive it edge tries the second edgecution but Beniot reverses into the crippler crossface but edge reverses and tries the Edgecator but Beniot rolls him up in the small package 1-2-3. Edge and Beniot shake hands and head to the back.
Winner : Chris Beniot

End of Show

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Again im sorry i m doing the rest right now i had to come of the internet so my dad could make a phone call i wasn't going to leave it for days i was leaving it for a couple of minutes

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Pretty good show. Grade B.

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ZD01 we have rules here!Don`t just post good show,tell us why.If you are going to do same thing,we call it SPAM!

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yeh f-5 don't spam your supposed to grade them as well!

good show
but a bit more detail into matches
improve your promo's

grade: B

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WE champion said:
yeh f-5 don't spam your supposed to grade them as well!
Thanks. There's such thing as "Nothing was majorly wrong, but nothing was perfect." I can't say what needs to be improved and what was good.

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That was quite a good show i liked it, promos were not that good, matches were good, there is place for improvement there though,

Grade B

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Good show. Nice match Length. Could add a bit more but really there's no need. Promos need a bit of work but everything else its great

Keep up the good work

Grade B+
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