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Since this weeks show sucks im just going to continue the feuds and everything from last week.

The show starts off with John Cena coming down to the ring. Cena cuts a final rap for his match this sunday. RvD and Mysterio come out followed by there oppnoments at no mercy.

Match 1:Booker T, Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki defeated John Cena, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio. Booker T used the ropes when he rolled up John Cena.


We come back and John Cena is complaining in Teddy Longs office. Theodore says that he will not need to worry about Booker cheating or using the ropes because at No Mercy their match is now a Falls Count Anywhere match. Now Beleive Dat Playa.

Rob Van Dam and Rey get interveiwed by Josh. Dupree and Suzuki attack from behind with chairs.

Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns are shown arriving to the arena.


Match 2: Charlie Hass defeated Bubba Ray Dudley. After the match all 3 dudleyz beat Hass and Rico down. They push Miss Jackie in a corner. Out of nowhere Hardcore Holly storms down to the ring for the save

Jindrak and Reigns are backstage looking at the monitor. As Kurt Angle is shown heading towards the ring.


Match 3: Kurt Angle cuts a promo. Making fun of Big Show mainly. Showing highlights from last week. Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak come down to the ring dresses as Big Show. They are wearing bald hats that make them look bald. Eddie Guerrero comes down to the ring in his lowrider. He runs down and clears the ring. Teddy comes down and orders a match between Jindrak and Eddie and its going to happen right now.


Eddie Guerrero defeated Mark Jindrak by DQ. Reigns came back down to ringside and Jindrak gave Guerrero a lowblow. Typical beat down. Big Shows's music hits as Jindrak and Reigns seem scared. Nothing happens. Kurt Angle just comes back down out on the ramp and smiles before heading to the back.

Promo for Carlito Cool. He will make his debut at No Mercy.


Paul London is interveiwed backstage. Heidenrech comes from behind him and reads him a poem. He wishes Paul luck and walks away.

Match 4: Nunzio and Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli fought The Bashem Brothers to a no contest. Heideirech came out and beat everybody up. He leaves the ring and pounds on the announce table. He than follows by blowing Michael Cole a kiss.

A Run-down of the No Mercy Card is shown.

Match 5: Spike Dudley def. Hardcore Holly by using the tights. Dudleyz and Hass/Rico come back down for the save.


JBL & Orlando Jordan came down to the ring. JBL says that The Undertaker got lucky and will not defeat him. The lights go out. When they come back on Orlando Jordan is missing from the ring. Takers face appears on the titontron. He looks backwards and Orlando is shown crucified on the Undertaker’s symbol. Undertaker tells JBL that he will see him at No Mercy...or sooner? Takers music hits as the Undertaker ehads down to the ring. JBL runs down and gives taker a clothesline. He hops in his limo. Taker punches through the glass of the window and pulls somebody out. Its Mideon dressed as JBL. The Limo drives us. Show ends after Taker gives Mideon a chokeslam on the ramp.

END Show

(No Mercy Card)
*WWE Championship Last Ride Match: JBL(c) vs. The Undertaker
*Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show
*Luther Reigns vs. Eddie Guerrero
*U.S Championship: Booker T(c) vs. John Cena
*Tag Team Championship: Rene Dupree/Kenzo Suzuki(c) vs. RvD/Rey Mysterio
*Paul London vs. Billy Kidman
*6 Man Tag: The Dudley Boyz vs. Charlie Hass, Rico and Hardcore Holly
*Handicap Match: John Heidenreich vs. Nunzio and Johny Stamboli
*Carlito Caribeon Cool's debut(agaisnt Funaki)
do u think the smackdown creative team needs some1 like me?
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