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Smackdown June 17th

(Velocity Tapings)
*Orlando Jordan def. Scotty 2 Hotty(the two shake hands after the match)
*Hardcore Holly def. Matt Capotelli
*Kenzo S. def. Funaki
* Billy Kidman and Paul London def. Akio and Sakoda

(Raw Rebound kicks off the opening sequence)

(Backstage) Stephanie McMahon is shown arriving into the arena. She steps out of the limo and looks over to her right to find several face Smackdown superstars clap for her.

(Opening Smackdown Video)

(Match 1) Rey Mysterio and Spike Dudley def. Chavo Guerrero and Chavo Classic. Classic got pinned by Mysterio which pretty much makes Mysterio #1 contender for beating both Chavos. After the match the Chavos beat up Rey. Chavo Classic put the C.W Title in Mysterio’s face. Chavo Guerrero knocks him down from behind.

Kurt Angle is shown talking to several of his superstars. He says that he doesn’t care who gets traded for Big Show. He wants Big Show on his show. He doesn’t care if its John Cena traded or if its Shannon Moore. JBI says he knows in his right mind that Stephanie will pick him. He then asks Kurt to give him his title match tonight instead of GAB. Kurt agrees. JBI walks out of the locker room as Kurt Angle smiles.


(In Ring Segment)
John Cena comes down to the ring. John cuts a Hilarious rap on Rob Van Dam and Booker T. John Cena gets interrupted by Rene Dupree. John Cena says he forgot about Rene. Rene stormed down the ring and got it. Kurt Angle appeared on the titontron. He said that when JBI becomes the champion he has a feeling that Stephanie will take him. So the U.S title may be the main title on Smackdown. He will be damned if Cena and Rene ruin the potential main event for GAB. He says Cena and Dupree will both be in action. Coming up next its going to be a special tag team match. It will be John Cena teaming with Rene Dupree to face the team of Rob Van Dam and Booker T.


(Match 2) John Cena and Rene Dupree def. Booker T and Rob Van Dam via
DQ. The match goes well over 15 minutes. It ends when Rob Van Dam misses a missile drop kick and hits Booker. Booker T and RvD than exchange blows. John Cena hits Van Dam with the FU! Booker T than uses Cena’s chain and knocks him down. Booker and Rene than double team Van Dam in the corner. The two than start to argue over whose finishing move to use. Booker gives Rene the book end. Booker T turns around only to be hit with the FU! John Cena hits Van Dam with the belt to get even for last week. Cena leaves the ring to a monsterous pop.


(Backstage) Josh Matthews is shown outside of Eddie Guerreros locker room. Josh wants to get a word with Eddie before his big match tonight. Stephanie than walks out of Eddie’s locker room. From inside the room you can hear Eddie say see you next week.
Josh asks Steph whats going on. Stephanie just smiles and walks away.

(Tale of the Tape for Eddie Guerrero and John Bradshaw Layfield)


(In Ring Segment)
Paul Heyman and The Dudley Boyz come down to the ring. They get in their and Paul takes the microphone. Paul Heyman gives Undertaker a nice and long introduction. Undertaker comes down to the ring. Paul and The Dudleyz do all the talking. Paul Heyman says that no man can stand in their way. Mordecai comes down to the ring to a bunch of boo’s. Mordecai gets in the ring and takes the microphone. He gives a speech about how Undertaker is a sinner for siding with Paul which gets him a few pops. Heyman reminds the Undertaker who has the Urine. Paul pulls it out as Undertaker walks eye-to-eye with Mordecai. Mordecai gets back into Taker’s face. Bubba Ray and D-von than attack Taker from behind. They lay him out but he keeps getting up. Both Dudleyz scram out of the ring. Mordecai snatches the Urine away from Heyman and smashes it on the ground. It breaks and Taker falls to his knees. Mordecai laughs and spits in Takers face. Heyman than hits Taker in the back of the head as Taker hits the mat. The fans are all confused of what happened. Taker doesn’t seem to be moving.


(Match 3) Mark Jindrak def Billy Gunn. Jindrak did the whole mirror thing he usually does. Jindrak continues to beat Gunn up after the match. Hardcore Holly comes down for the save. Holly and Jindrak exchange blows. Holly picks up the mirror and breaks it over Jindraks head. Jindrak bleeds pretty bad. Teddy Long helps him up the ramp looking back down at Hardcore Holly.

(Backstage) Charlie Hass and Rico are shown with their tag team belts. Rico kisses Charlie on the cheek to wish him luck in his match. Charlie walks out of the locker room in exhaust. Charlie than bumps into Miss Jackie. Charlie looks over his shoulder for Rico. There is no sign of him and Charlie and Jackie kiss.


(Match 4) Nunzio /w Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli def. Charlie Hass. Some nice 5 minute action. Bull gets involved which helps Nunzio get the roll up using the tights. Rico than comes down to help Charles but Nunzio and Johnny are already gone.

(John Bradshaw Layfield is shown heading down towards the ring. The huge Title Match is up next.)


(Match 5; Main Event) Eddie Guerrero def. John Bradshaw Layfield in a Bull Rope Match. The match was atleast four stars. Lots of brawling. Match ending when Eddie choked the daylights out of Bradshaw using the rope. Eddie Guerrero than got loose from the rope when the Referee wasn’t looking. Eddie gave Bradshaw a frog splash and than a 2nd one for good measure. Eddie than slipped the rope back on and touched all four corners. Eddie Guerrero left with his title as Bradshaw slowly got up. He got on the microphone and called Eddie Guerrero back down to the ring. He said he didn’t wrestle 20 minutes for nothing. JBL wanted Eddie but out comes the Big Show and chokeslams JBL. The Smackdown locker room than starts to make their way down to the ring. Stephanie’s choice is next.


(In Ring Segment)
Kurt Angle makes his way down the ramp in his wheel chair. Luther puts Angle in the corner of the ring. Cena does his you cant see me thing to Kurt. Stephanie McMahon comes down to the ring as the fans are on their feet. She gets inside the ring and starts to look at the talent. She gets on the microphone and asks Kurt if he cares who she picks. Kurt Angle says he does not care who Stephanie picks. Stephanie walks over to Kurt and sits in his lap as the crowd is confused. Kurt Angle and Stephanie than share a passonite kiss in the ring. Stephanie looks into the camera and says I pick Kurt Angle. Stephanie than says its not what we think though. She was appointed to be GM and she will be GM. But on Smackdown. She says her and Kurt have kept many secret things. Including…. As soon as she said that Kurt jumped out of his wheel chair and began to attack John Cena. Steph scurried out of the as the Smackdown Superstars brawled to End the Show.

(End Show)

What do you think?

I started many fresh feuds and of course you all know you want to know what happens next on my Raws and Smackdowns. Well that will give you something to talk about. My next Raw and Smackdown series will be next week. Hope you enjoyed the show.
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