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My Smackdown for this week........

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We start the show with pictures of highlights of the great american bash this past sunday.

We go to the backstage in kurt's office where he tells luther that tonight he has some special plans!


And we start the show with the new wwe champion! JBL comes out in his limo and proudly holds the wwe titles in his shoulder as he makes his way to the ring.
He grabs the mic and tells us that he once again kept his word by guaranteeing victory. And he showed us what it takes to be a true champion and actually earn the title.Unlike Raw where a bald superstar gets the belt for better ratings, he was given a real chance and did what he promised he would do. He has been loyal to this company for many years and it was about time JBL became the wwe champion! Year after year,he patiently waited for his chance,and this past sunday was it. He thanked angle for being a great GM and doing the right thing. And like any great champion,he will defend the title like a great champion does!
Latino heat!!!! Out comes eddie on the stage with a mic and says that even though he thought he won,he accepts that bradshaw did win fair and square. so he called JBL the better man this past sunday,but tonight is a new day and he wants a rematch,that is if the champ is up for a title defense!
Angle appears on the screens from his office and told eddie that is a nice try,but it's not happening tonight. Bradshaw was just put through a brutal match this past sunday and he needs rest. But since eddie seems really desperate to wrestle tonight,then he will be given a chance. Tonight,in the main event,it will be eddie guerrero vs........ THE UNDERTAKER[email protected]

Cole: Good God! Eddie guerrero was also just put through a brutal match and tonight he has to face the deadman? a man who has no compassion for his own mentor?
Tazz: This cannot be good,cole.This cannot be good.


we come back and bradshaw is walking in the backstage towards his room,and he comes upon john cena rapping to officials in the back. he talks about some wrestlers,including JBL. JBL laughs,then leaves,so we see cena continuing to rap,then out of nowhere,a chair shot to the back of cena by [email protected]@@ offcials comes in and stop him form continuing!
JBL:U better watch ur mouth boy!

Rey Mysterio JR vs Paul London. Londo hasn't gotten any tv time,which is a shame,so i think it's time. i think this may be a little unrealistic knowing the wwe,but london really needs to be shown more to show his talent. This should be a great high flying match to start off the night. Both men are faces,so the crowd cheers for everything! The match goes through one commercial break,and we come back to this match that out of nowhere,is becoming a great awesome match! Rey wins in the end with the west coact pop. Both men shake hands and rey raises his hands to signal that paul london has arrived!

We go to the backstage and Paul heyman tells the dudley boyz that tonight spike dudley has requested a tag title match,so they're gonna fight tonight. The dudleys laugh. Heyman tells them that tonight begins the night they take over with heyman,the dudleys,and the undetaker!!!!


Billy Gunn vs Kenzo Suzuki. The third time these men face each other,and quite frankly,i have no idea how they're gonna use kenzo suzuki. I don't see himn going anywhere or even being in the wwe by this time next year,so i just made this match for something else. It lasts about 5 minutes,then the lights go out,and out comes taker. Both men have no idea what to do,just staring at him making his way. Taker gets in and beats them up. Out comes heyman and the dudleys after taker destroys them. Paul grabs Horoko and says-"Her too! No mercy!" taker grabs her and tombstones her!
Paul grabs the mic and welcomes us to the new era of smackdown! an era of dominance,an era of success. an era of POWER! He tells us about what happened this past sunday,but there is yet more power to come! and tonight,eddie guerrero will find out what it is!


In kurt's office,cena demands to have JBL,he doesn't care about the title,he just wants JBL. Angle tells him he can have him next week in a non title match!

Rene Dupree vs Rob Van Dam. Good mid card match,lasts about 15 minutes. In the end,RVD gets the win with the 5 star frog splash. Just a good match,no interfierence and a clean win by RVD.

But up next,the dudleys defend their titles by request of spike,but who is spike's partner,we'll find out next!
We see spike making his way to the ring!


The dudley boyz w/paul heyman vs spike and ???. the dudleys ask spike if hes sure about this? they have no time for games and won't have sympathy on him if he really wants to do this? spike tells them that he actually was gonna do this as a handicap match and who knows? maybe win the tag titles!LOL. But as he sat in the back,he thought,"hey,i used to be a tag champ! that's right! I do have a chance! I used to be a champion with tazz. So tazz,i know ur busy and stuff,but how about we go for the titles for one more run!?"
Tazz thinks about,but then the dudleys attack spike and beat him up. so tazz quickly gets in and the match it on!!


WE come back to the tagteam title match and things are sure heating up. we see tazz send d von to the steel steps hard! In the end,bubba is outsike knocked out,and tazz and spike look like they're gonna win! But in comes bubba with a steel chair and hits both men in the head and getting disqualified! Now the dudleys beat thme up with 3-ds on top of the chair and heyman gets in their faces telling them not to mess with them!


Torrie Wilson and Billy Kidman vs Dawn Marie and Nunzio. Pretty ok match,basically just a filler. Kidman wins with the shooting star.

In the backstage, we see eddie guerrero wamring up. and then we see taker walking. then luther is also wheeling angle to make his way out! That match is next!


eddie vs taker. Should be a great main event. angle comes out at ringside to watch with luther behind him. it should also be noted,that tazz couldn't return,so heyman filled in for him and the dudleys are standing next to him watching the main event as well! Good 20 minute match. as eddie gets the 3 amigos,he goes to the top rope. but then jbl comes out making his way out,and eddie looks at him,taker chokeslams him hard from the top rope and gets the win!!

the dudleys now enter the ring and with taker,just stare at eddie as he struggles to get [email protected] then on stage,out of nowhere,cena attacks jbl from behind! There's a brawl on the entranceway! Angle is furious and sends luther! Edddie tries to batlle the dudleys and taker,but they destroy him! they bring in cena as well and angle also now comes into the ring!

cole:what the hell is this?
Paul heyman stands on his chair
Paul: Ladies and gentlemen,i told u that tonight more power would be brought! and eddie,and even cena,have now realized what they've gotten themselves into.
(JBL is on stage,not in the ring)
Paul:JBL,nice making business with u. and as for the power,everyone,welcome the man who is now officially on heyman's side-kurt angle!!!!!!!
Angle gets up,still sturggling to get up from his cast,and he shakes hands with heyman,who is now in the ring! Taker gets on one knee and bows down as the lights go out! is this the beginning of a new era????????


I know many people will not like this show,but i think this is the right direction for smackdown! it's time for taker to appear weekly and it's time for great main events and great storylines that don't have to wait until the ppv. i was hesitant on the alliance thing,but with the way smackdown is going,this can't get any worse,so this might turn out great. so what do u all think? i think it;s a realistic show that should happen,and it's better than actually getting some kind of tag team main event with eddie and jbl or something like that,and also probably without taker in the show.

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