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my smackdown for this week.........

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Pyro goes off and we are off to an exciting night here on Smackdown and we will start it off with the tag titles on the line.

Rico and Haas w/Miss. Jackie vs. The Dudleyz

Great way to start off the night, two great teams going for the gold. Jackie tries to interfere, but the Dudleyz are actually able to give her the 3D. The Dudleyz come very close to winning the titles with a 3D to Haas, but Rico was able to make the save. Rico and D-Von battle on the outside as Bubba and Haas battle in the ring. Jackie once again interferes and low blows Bubba after he grabbed her hair. Haas German suplexs him, and goes for the cover, but out of nowhere D-Von makes the save. Rico comes in to battle bubba now, but then Rico gets the Bubba bomb but Rico kicks out. Both teams end up battling outside the ring, and the match ends in a double count-out.

Result: Double Count-out

Both teams continue to battle until officials come out to stop the brawl. They stop Bubba and Rico, but Haas and D-Von continue battling through the crowd as officials follow them. No doubt, this is going to be a big threat for the tag team champions.


We come back and the Dudleyz are in Kurt’s office saying they want the tag team champs, but Kurt tells them after what he just saw, he's gonna have to gold that match. This match has huge potential so it will happen at Great American Bash! But...it will be a no DQ match. The Dudleyz seem happy with this decision.

We go to the backstage where Chavo Classic and Chavo Jr are talking about what happened last week. Classic says it was an accident, but is still happy he won the title. Chavo tells him he should give him a title shot tonight, so Classic agrees.

Backstage, Todd Grisham interviews John Bradshaw Layfield, and he says he doesn’t feel any remorse for what happened to Eddie last week. Part of being World champion is having endurance, so if he can’t handle it, he shouldn't be the champion. And he will continue to be tested because he just came out of angel's office and he is getting a rematch with Eddie at Great American Bash for the World title. And Eddie, this time, I guarantee a pinfall.


Billy Kidman and Paul London vs. The Basham Brothers

The match lasts about 5 minutes, when all of a sudden, out comes Mordecai. This is the second week in a row he has attacked Kidman! Mordecai destroys all four men, but ends it with the Crucifix powerbomb to Kidman once again.

We go to Kurt’s office where he tells Luther to wheel him out cause he needs to address the crowd.


We come back and out comes Kurt Angle being pushed by Luther into the stage. Angle insults the crowd, tells us of the two huge matches already signed for the next PPV which shows that Smackdown is the leading brand in the WWE. They don't have to resort to special attraction matches like Hell in a Cell. They have true wrestlers who win the public with their athleticism. And that is why tonight, the World title will be defended!

Michael Cole: What? Is Eddie even here tonight?

Kurt: And if Eddie doesn't defend the title tonight, he will be stripped off it and a special tournament will be held to crown a new World champion.

Tazz: Wow!

Kurt: Because here at Smackdown, our wrestlers are always ready for competition, so tonight he will defend it against a man who has been on a role ever since coming to Thursday nights and that is RVD.

Michael Cole: Wow, but will we really see that tonight?


In Kurt’s office, John Bradshaw Layfield is complaining to Kurt telling him he wants the belt, but he also wants Eddie at Great American Bash, but Kurt tells him it's all under control.

Cruiserweight Title
Chavo Classic vs. Chavo Guerrero

Both men actually shake hands and go right ahead to a one on one match. Very interesting to see Classic work with a Cruiserweight. In the end, Chavo Classic and Chavo both have the same plan. They both get out brass knuckles, which the referee doesn't see. So they both hit each other at the same time, and they both fall, but Classic falls on top of Chavo for the win.

Winner and still Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Classic

Another week for Chavo classic with the belt, but how long will this continue.

We see RVD warming up in the backstage, and John Bradshaw Layfield comes up to him. He tells him no matter what happens tonight, Eddie Guerrero is his and if he gets in his way, he will have hell to pay as well.

And up next, it is the lumberjack match we have been waiting for, John Cena vs. Rene Dupree.


Lumberjack match
John Cena vs. Rene Dupree

An ok match. A bunch of wrestlers surround the ring making sure they stay in the ring with no favouritism shown to anyone of them. In the end, Cena once again defeats Dupree.

Winner: John Cena

This should be the final nail in the coffin to end Dupree's quest to take down Cena. But then after the match, one of the lumberjacks, Jindrak attacks Cena and beats the hell out of him with a steel chair. Dupree just watches from the corner as he gets up.

We go to the parking lot and a limousine has just arrived. Who could this be?
The World title match is up next and we still haven't seen Eddie all night, what's going to happen?


We come back and RVD makes his way to the ring. Then Eddie's music hits and nothing happens, but then out comes Eddie Guerrero. He seems battered up, but will go on with this match. So both men stand in the ring and the bell rings.

WWE Title
Eddie Guerrero vs. Rob Van Dam

They shake hands and then tangle up, but both men release. Then they tangle again and RVD backs Eddie into a corner, but the referee comes in between and they separate once again. Seems like this will be a very professional bout. But then we hear the music and out comes Paul Heyman.

Michael Cole: Now what the hell is he doing here?

Heyman stands in the entranceway and then the Dudleyz come out behind him. They make their way to the ring and RVD and Eddie face them in the ring. But then, RVD attacks Eddie from behind. The Dudleyz enter the ring and they all triple team Eddie. Paul Heyman looks in approval as he stands in the ring. Then John Bradshaw Layfield comes out and he assists in the punishment. Rey comes out, but John Bradshaw Layfield destroys the hell out of him with a nasty clothesline and powerbomb. Bradshaw grabs the title and shows it to Eddie’s face and all 5 men raise their hands in the ring with Eddie and Rey knocked out.

Michael Cole: I guess we know who was in the limousine, but are these 5 men now working together?

Tazz: I don't know, but if they are, Smackdown is in for a lot of trouble Cole.

Michael Cole: Well, I guess we know who was in that limousine and he came with some serious business.

But then we go to the parking lot where the limousine is and Luther pushes Kurt towards it. Kurt opens the door and talks to someone inside. Kurt finishes talking to him/her and closes the door. Then he tells Luther that Eddie hasn't seen nothing yet.

End of show.

Hope u like my show. I try to make the best out of a bad show, and I think this is a pretty good show with what I am given and being realistic as well. The suspense in the end adds more drama to the show and makes the whole main event scene better. The person in the limousine could end up being anybody from the Big Show, Shane McMahon, Scott Steiner, etc.

So what do you guys think?

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There are some bad things I can find with the show. The lack of capital letters, grammar etc. Also the over use of exclamation marks. Also there were only five matches and I think there should be more matches than that. Also there didn't seem much going on backstage.

It was still a good show though.

Overall Grade: 8.5/10

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