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Stephanie Mcmahon's music hits as she enters the ring.

Steph: Welcome to the premiere of shellshock. Now, i know because i sold smackdown to start my own company, i bet you are all wondering who bought it. Well, who cares, because i got a bunch of new superstars from the WWE, as well as some brand new talent. With that, tonight, we will have 2 battle royales. first, a tag team title tournament consisting of 10 teams:
*Los guereros, APA, dudley boys (D-von and spike - bubba is pursuing a solo career on raw), team angle, 3 minute warning,storm and regal, Chuck and stamboli, Jake and kenny (TE2), Matt and John (TE3), and bill dollar and mo' money from the millionaires.

next battle royal consists of 20 superstars
Kurt angle,
brock lesnar,
Worth Millions,
Chris Cash
Stone cold
the rock
Randy Orton
blue meanie
and rhyno

and 1st place gets the shell shocked undisputed title,
2nd place gets the universal title
3rd place gets the state title.

there will be a cruiserweight battle royal and a hardcore battle royal next week

Match 1: tag team battle royal.
(for battle royals, i will only write the eliminations)

*chuck and stamboli by TE2
*TE3 by 3mw
*3mw by the millionairres
*dudleys by the APA
*regal and storm by team angle
*los guerreros by the apa
*the apa by TE2
*TE2 by the millionairres
*team angle by the millionairres
SHELLSHOCKED TAG CHAMPS: the millionairres

Main Event: 20 man battle royal.
Rikishi by rhyno
blue meanie by austin
gangrel by rock
Chris cash by undertaker
Orton by Worth Millions
Test by batista
Y2j by atrain
atrain by lesnar
bookert by kane
RVD by lesnar
undertaker by kane
rhyno by angle
rock by austin
austin by worth millions
lesnar by batista
edge by kane
kane by angle
angle by worth millions
worth millions by batista

State champion: kurt angle
universal champion: worth millions
SHELLSHOCKED undisputed champion: batista

sorry if all these were battle royals. next time, i will have matches between the battle royals. i will continue to post shows in this thread. post your comments

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no BERD, this is just to give out the titles, after that, there will be battle royals but rarely. but now, the next shellshocked.


Stephanie Mcmahon's music hits as she enters the ring.

steph: Tonight, I am sure you are all waiting for the two battle royals, but kurt angle will defend the state title against Ediie Guerrero. we will witness a match of the superheavyweights. really, because it will be a fatal 4 way between rikishi, atrain, mark henry, and the big show. the main event will be an 8 man elimination tag team match. it will be the millionairres fighting HHH, batista, and 2 mystery partners.

Match 1: Cruiserweight title battle royal - 15 men
Matt Hardy
Shannon Moore
Taka Michinoku
Diamondback (Kendricks 1st velocity gimmick)
Jeff Hardy
Chavo guerrero
Billy Kidman
Rey Mysterio
Spike Dudley
Jaime Noble

Spike by nunzio
Noble by tajiri
Moore by rey
rey by kidman
Hurricane by kidman
kidman by diamondback
Taka by nunzio
Funaki by Matt hardy
Tajiri by jeff hardy
nunzio by diamondback
Chavo by rico
Rico By team japan (Taka, funaki and tajiri pulled him over with the ref not seeing them)
matt and jeff by diamondback

Cruiserweight champion - Diamond back

Backstage, we see atrain coming to the ring for his match


Match 2: Rikishi vs Mark Henry Vs Atrain Vs big show.
*we find out this is elimination with no tagging*
*All men enter the ring*

Atrain goes for mark henry imediately as they both exchange punches while big show evades rikishi. atrain gets knocked down with a big boot from henry. as show walks backwards, he is caught with a neckbreaker by mark henry. pin
1...2.. kickout by big show.
the match paces as all four men are knocked down. rikishi gets up and drags atrain to the corner. he gets on the 2nd rope when atrain gets up andhit's a huge trainwreck. the crowd chants holy shit as atrain covers
atrain rests from lifting rikishi, and while that happens, mark henry tries to give the big show the bearhug, but it's countered into the final cut. big show covers
it is down to atrain and show. atrain hit's the bicycle kick and goes to the top rope. show gets up only to get hit with the flying dropkick. Both are pretty hurt and have there arm over eachother.
1.....2.....3 IT'S a draw. show and atrain hug when they get up stephanie comes out.

Steph: it is great that two great competiters are hugging after a draw, BUT YOUR 3 MINUTES ARE UP!!!

*3mw comes out and assaults atrain and big show*


Kurt angle with team angle vs eddie guerrero
*Both men come out to the ring. angle gets a lot of heat*

Very technical match between the 2. a lot of cheating though like distractions from team angle, using the ropes, low blows, etc. match ends with the angle lock on eddie.
Winner: Kurt angle
after the match, angle picks up the mic
kurt: Now who is the cheater now, EDDIE?


Match 4 - battle royal for the hardcore title - 10 men
Road Dogg
al snow
hardcore holly
steve blackman
crash holly
tommy dreamer
steven richards

bradshaw by raven
al snow by bossman
hardcore holly by richards
richards by dreamer
crash by blackman
blackman by raven
bossman by road dogg
dreamer by raven
road dogg by raven


after the match: Shane comes out and hits raven with a chair and pins him.

NEW HARDCORE CHAMPION: SHANE. then, stephanie comes out.

Steph: Hey, raven. remember the 24/7 rule. too bad. now, shane, if i were you, i'd run off.

Main event
Millionairres vs HHH, BATISTA, Gangrel, and christian

match starts with mo' money and christian. christian weakens mo', and tags in HHH who beats the crap out of mo' money. mo' tags in cash, who immediately gets low blowed and the pedigree for the elimination. then, 3mw comes in and punches mo' money until show and atrain chase them off. HHH tags in christian and he battles bill dollar. bill puts on his gold knucks and christian gets a chair. they hit eachother at the same time for a double DQ. orton comes out and beats up bill even more to the outside. orton then comes back to ringside as he distracts mo, so he can get hit by the impaler for the 3 on 1. gangrel tags in batista who hits the powerbomb. 1...2... kickout. then, he tags in HHH who knees him in the face. then the lights go out, and on the titantron, it says edge on it. the lights go back on as the ref is knocked out and worth millions is in a bloodbath. edge is standing over him. orton, edge, gangrel, batista, and hhh 5-1 him until kid cash comes in and clears ring. he helps worth millions up and powerbombs HHH thru a table and worth pins him. the ref gets up. 1........2........3 HHH is eliminated. outside, kid cash powerbombs edge and orton thru the announcers table. worth millions eliminates gangrel with the market plan (a chokeslam flapjack combination) then batista taps out to the payroll (STF)

Winner: Worth MILLIONS

well, post your comments. i know it wasn't too great but it will get better.
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