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This is my second time to ever write a Raw script, so let me know what everyone thinks, and what I need to critique. My Raw is the raw scheduled for this Monday.

We skip all the pyro and opening video montage and our program starts with Hunter standing in the ring, with Flair and Orton in the background. The crowd roars with disapproval as Flair comes to the forefront and raises the mic to speak. "Kane. Last Monday night, you were given a choice. You were offered an opportunity that most people go their entire lives and only dream about. You were offered a chance to become a member of one of the most elite stables in wrestling today. You were offered the chance at legendary status. The chance to have your name, engraved on that same plaque as all the other greats of this sport. Not only names like Ric Flair, Triple H, and Randy Orton. But names like Chris Benoit, Dean Melonko, Arn Anderson, Sting, Lex Luger, Tully Blanchard, Ole Anderson, and Barry Windham. Not everyone is given that chance Kane. You were."
At this point, Flair pauses, and JR says, "Folks we welcome you to Raw tonight as we join Evolution in the ring. I can't imagine what they have in store for Kane tonight, but from the looks on their faces, it can't be good."
Triple H then takes the mic from Flair. "Kane, what you did last week, when you wrapped your icy hand around mine and Austin's throats, I looked into your eyes, and I saw it." At this point Helmsley smiles. "I saw the fear in your eyes Kane. You were afraid Kane. Afraid to turn your back on these worthless people and join the only group of people who recognize your true ability. Afraid, to take a chance and step out from under Taker's shadow. But more than that, once you grabbed me by the neck Kane, you knew your time was up. You knew you'd crossed the line and you realized the mistake you made." In the background, we see Orton and Flair laughing and basically agreeing with everything HHH says.
At this point, just as HHH is about to address the crowd again, "I'm Baaack!" kicks in and we see a stern-faced Eric Bischoff make his way to the top of the ramp. "Now Hunter, don't get me wrong. I saw what happened last week, and believe me, I'm just as upset as you are with Kane. Not only, did Kane annihilate my tag team champions, he always laid his hands not only on a referee, and co-commissioner Steve Austin, but, and perhaps most importantly, he assualted you Hunter, the world heavyweight champion. The centerpiece to our organization. Now, Austin has already set up tonight's match for the title, so their's not alot I can do about that, but I can do my part to make this as fair and square as possible. Not only will RVD be banned from ringside, but, if anyone at all, interferes on Kane's behalf, he will be immediately disqualified, and will be suspended indefinitely."
The camera cuts to Evolution in the ring, who are all smiles now, and then back to Bischoff, who smirks, and then returns to the back. Lawler finally cuts into the silence, I don't know about you JR, but I'm ready to see some action in that ring."
"I've gotta agree with ya King, I enjoy a Ric Flair interview as much as anyone, but you've got to realize when you've worn out your welcome."
With that, we go to the ring and see Lance Storm standing in the ring on mic. "If I could be serious for a minute. Last week, I came out here and was embarrassed by Lance Cade, after constant heckling by one Steve Austin. So, after speaking with Commissioner Bischoff today, I've been granted a rematch with Cade and Austin has been barred from the use of a mic throughout my match. Also, this has been made a hardcore match." Lance Cade makes his way to the ring to no music, (the true sign of a squash match). Cade enters and a highly technical (i.e. highly boring match ensues.) Storm brings a chair into the ring, and the crowd anticipates a crushing chair blow, only to see Storm open the chair, then stand on it, so he is higher and greater leverage for his reverse chinlock. Cade escapes and lands a few punches, only to see Storm slide tothe outside and come back with a stop sign. He swings as if to hit Cade, but then holds it up and says, "Stop" then proceeds to show Cade how to execute an open palmed strike, as opposed to the illegal closed fist. The match continues in this format, with more of Storm's antics, until the camera catches a hooded, bearded fan at ringside heckling Storm. Eventually he lifts a beer, only to throw it towards the ring and hit Storm in the head, he stumbles forward into a chair shot from Cade, and falls to the ring for the 1,2,3. Security comes to escort the man from ringside, but he removes his beard to reveal Commissioner Austin!
"It's Austin! Oh my God JR, can you believe this? Once again, Stone Cold finds a way to cost Lance Storm another match."
"The only thing I can understand King, is why he didn't do it sooner."

We then go to a Stacker 2 commercial followed by a CSI preview.

We see JR and King at the booth when we return, "Welcome back folks to an already explosive Monday night as we've seen Evolution in the ring, and Lance Storm embarrassed once again at the hands of Steve Austin. We've got no time for delays here as we take you back to the ring where Jazz will be defending her woman's title againt Ivory." King, "Ivory has been Jazz the last 3 weeks JR, you think her luck has run out?"
"I don't think luck has anything to do with it King, Ivory is one of the most accomplished divas in the WWE." We cut to a shot in the back of Ivory, laying unconscious on the floor. The camera then catches Chris Nowinski running away, ballbat in hand. "That son of a bitch. Jazz had to know that her time was up tonight, and so they've orchestrated a hit on Ivory." "Now you don't know that JR, maybe Nowinski's late for one of my softball tournaments."
In the ring, Jazz lets it be known that since Ivory is laid out, she'll take on anyone else that wants a shot at her title. No one comes down, and just as she is about to leave the ring, we see the return of Lita! Lita slides in the ring and immediately decimates Jazz. In a matter of minutes, Lita hits the twist of fate, followed by the Swanton for the win.
Lita leaves the ring in celebration and heads towards the back. We then cut to Coach, ready for an interview in the back with Chris Jericho. "You know Chris, after the match you had with Goldberg at Bad Blood, I can honestly say that I was suprised you were fit to wrestle last Monday."
"Suprised Coach?!? You were suprised? Take a look at my physique. I'm the most chiseled physical specimen in the WWE. Of course I was in shape to compete, after all, I'm the King of The World. However, being the king that I am, I had a little too much fun this weekend, and I'm not really feeling up to competing tonight. But don't think you're getting out of it that easy Dull-berg. I've added a new knight to the king's court, and I've arranged for you to meet him in the ring tonight. I'm not gonna tell you who it is just yet, but let's just say it's gonna be an Ultimate Suprise."
We cut back to JR and King, "JR did you hear that? He's brought Ultimate Wa..."
"Whoa king, don't jump your guns, it's all speculation now. I find it hard to believe that Chris Jericho has the ability to bring in someone of that status, I mean afterall, he's been out of the WWE for years."
La Resistance's music kicks in, and we see them make their way to the ring. "King, with Kane participating in tonight's main event, RVD has been left without a partner for this, his last, rematch with the champs." The pyro explodes and RVD comes to the ring. "First off I just wanna say good luck to my buddy Kane tonight. Secondly, and most important to me, I've got a championship match tonight, with no partner. Now, we all know that I, R-V-D, could handle these guys by myself, but then I wouldn't be able to wear both belts, so I went and got me a partner. "
"Who's it gonna be JR?" The camera cuts to the top of the ramp, and we see Super Crazy come through the curtain! Crazy and RVD put on a classic, ECW clinic at the hands of La Resistance and end the French Connection's short title reign after Rob hits the 5-star while Crazy hits his variation of the Rolling Thunder, flipping himself over the top rope and onto Silvan Grenier (sp). (I could go into greater detail, but we know it wouldn't do this match justice.)

We go to another commercial break

"Welcome back to the action folks, we'd like to pass on to all of you who were concerned, Mae Young was taken to a hospital last week after Test's brutal assault, and we have learned that she was held over night and was released Tuesday afternoon. Now folks, I may be a little up in the years, I may not be exactly the hippest cat on the block, but where I come from, I was alwys taught to respect my elders and to never lay a hand on a woman. Now what Test did last week was dispicable and frankly, I don't see how he got away with that, without receiving a fine or suspension."
"Now JR, Mae is a professional, and she understood the risk of getting in that ring."
"Dammit Jerry Mae Young is 80 years old, she has no business in a wrestling ring."
"Test, this is a test." Test makes his way to the ring, receiving the loudest boos yet. A basic squash match for Test, as he takes on Stevie Richards. Richards gets in one good suplex, before Test finishes him with the boot. Basically, this just serves to keep Test on TV, so we remember the storyline and impending rematch against Steiner next week.
The pyro explodes again, and we see the Dudleys make their way to the ring. This week the Dudley's get a rematch with Rodney Mack and Chris Nowinski. The match begins with The Dudleys taking control. Soon order breaks down, and D-Von is feuding with Nowinski, while Bubba trades blows with Mack on the outside. Soon enough, Tedddy Long gets involved and they begin to overwhelm the Dudleys. Bubba is stood up against the ring, and just as Teddy Long is about to lay the boots to him, we see the return of Sign Guy Dudley, he grabs Long, and decks him with his posterboard sign, which he tears in half, to reveal a baking sheet inside. Bubba gets the advantage on Mack and rolls him back in the ring where they hit the 3-D. As Bubba stands up, D-Von shoves him from behind. Bubba turns around and they come nose to nose, then D-Von smiles and yells, "Bubba, get the tables!" Mack and Nowinski then each get wood as the Dudleys leave them laying.
After another one of Lawler's ignorant internet polls, we return to the ring as Goldberg's music hits. He stands in the ring awaiting his opponent, as Chris Jericho comes to the ramp. "Now Bill, you know how much I wanted to come out and school you again tonight, but the fact of the matter is, I had too much fun this weekend, and I seem to have a pulled a groin muscle *wink, wink*. Anyways, like I said earlier, I've added a new knight to my court, and I've brought him to Raw, to take you out tonight." With that, the Ultimate Warrior's music hits, and the crowd pops huge, only to see Ralphus (Jericho's WCW security) come out, in facepaint and bicep ties and jog to the ring. As he trips getting into the ring, Goldberg smiles, then spears him and ends the match as soon as it starts. He then chases Jericho to the back as we go to commercial.
In the back, we see Kane walking from behind and see Randy Orton sneaking up behind him. Orton lays him out with a chair shot, then he and Flair drag Kane's limp body into a closet and lock him in. We then see HHH make his entrance and step into the ring. Randy Orton rushes down to ringside and whispers in HHH's ear. "My good friend Randy Orton has just let me in on a piece of bad news. It appears that someone assaulted Kane in the back, and he's not going to be able to compete. That's really too bad, because I was looking forward to the match, but I guess I'll just have to accept his foreit." Suddenly, we see Kane enter the ring through the crowd and attack Hunter. The bell rings and the match begins. Your usual big man title match as they go back and forth trading power moves. In mid-match, our camera cuts to the back and we hear someone pounding on the closet door, still locked within. "JR, if Kane's out here fighting, then who's locked in that closet?"
"I don't know King, but something isn't setting well here"
We return to the ring, and see that the match has carried to the outside, where Hunter, is ramming Kane's head against the steps repeatedly. Kane whips his head up, grabs Hunter by the throat, and chokeslams him on the outside. The action returns to the ring and Kane begins to dominate. In the end, Flair slides the sledge in to Hunter while the ref is out, but Kane gets it and lays out Hunter. He covers him, but the ref signals for the bell and disqualifies Kane. Triple H grabs his belt and begins to get out of the ring, but Kane grabs him and chokeslams him, laying him out. As per the stipulation, Kane reaches up and begins to remove his mask, the camera zooms in and when the mask is off, Kane flips his hair back to reveal.....the face of Kevin Nash!!!

The show ends with Nash smiling over an unconscious HHH.

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Okay, I guess that's... very... interesting. I don't quite understand, you're just making a script of what JR/King would say? I guess that's cool but you gotta have matches and stuff and not just a script. Mix in some dialogue next time with matches and promos.

Grade: C-

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A highly technical match wouldn't be highly boring.
And that Cade/Storm bit wouldn't make an enjoying Raw...

Apart from that...ok...

Grade: C-
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