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The Day is July 29th. The show begins.....

NO CHANCE!! Vinnie Mac's music hits and walks down to the ring. He grabs the microphone. Vince McMahon who temporarily calls himself the Interim GM, calls out Kurt Angle to the ring. Kurt's music hits and he is accompanied by his bodyguard: Luther Reigns. Vince McMahon tells him that in his first match since being put back on the active roster, he would be teaming up with Luther Reigns to face John Cena and Eddie Guerrero later tonight on Smackdown. Angle goes nuts and Vince dismisses him out of the ring. Vince announced that tonight the Undertaker would be facing Rene Dupree. His music hits and we go to a commercial break.

The first match we have is the cruiserweight title match. Spike Dudley vs. Rey Mysterio. The match is filled with high flying stunts, high risk manuevers. Towards the end of the match, the dudley boys come out and hit Rey Jr with a chair leaving him knocked out cold outside the ring. Winner : Spike Dudley by DQ, no new champion. Spide Dudley sees the Dudleys and he tries to punch them to death. He gets double-teamed in the process and Dvon gets a table from under the ring. Bubba Ray goes to the middle rope, Dvon sets the table right next to him, then places Spike in Bubba Ray's hands. Bubba Ray does the powerbomb on the table from the middle rope and he has that deranged look on his face afterwards.

Commercial Break...
After the commercial break, we see Paul Heyman and the Dudleys run into the undertaker backstage. He asks the Undertaker if he saw how the Dudley Boys just destroyed Spike in the ring. He starts lecturing the Undertaker about how much of a force he would be with the Dudleys. Heyman's final remarks to the Undertaker are "You're either with us, or Against us". Undertaker walks away and Heyman shakes his head with a smile on his face.

Second Match Starts
Chavo and Noble vs. London and Kidman (non title match)
Match starts off slow with a couple of kicks and punches from chavo. London is beat up throughout most of the match. Noble and Chavo do a great job of making sure Kidman doesn't get tagged. Finally London does an insegueri on Chavo and the crowd tries to clap london back to Kidman. Kidman makes the tag and he starts drop kicking London and Noble repeatedly. He does the BK Bomb on Chavo from the middle rope but Noble gets in to disrupt the count. Kidman stands groggy in the middle of the ring and Noble and Chavo run to the ropes on opposite ends of the ring. Kidman moves out the way and they knock each other out. Kidman calls London to come in the ring. They set up Noble and Chavo for the Shooting Star and 450 splash. They connect, winners: Kidman and London.

We go to commercial break...
Second Half of Smackdown begins!
Dupree's music hits, he gets alot of boos from the crowd as he walks with FiFi to the ring. The lights go out and the gongs start. It's the Undertaker walking to the ring. He turns on the lights, takes off his coat and cowboy hat, and the match begins. We're near the end of the match now and the two men are fatigue. The Undertaker tries to do the bigboot on Dupree but Rene moves out of the way resulting in a knocked out referee. A minute later the Dudleys come running to the ring. First Bubba Ray hits Dupree with a Bubbabomb to make the crowd think that they are helping the Undertaker. Secondly Dvon gets the table and sets it up in the ring. Undertaker is slowly getting up as is Dupree. The crowd is saying 3-D,3-D,3-D but Bubba Ray pushes Dupree out of the way and the Dudleys take out the Undertaker by 3-ding him through the table. the pull undertaker to the middle of the ring and they take out the table and debri. They tell Dupree to cover the Undertaker and the ref slowly regains consciousness making the 1-2-3 count on the Undertaker. Winner : Rene Dupree. After the match Dupree and the Dudleys hold each other's hands in the air and the crowd starts booing them. Paul Heyman comes out and grabs the microphone. He tells the Undertaker "This is the kind of consequence that happens, when you don't respect Paul Heyman"

Commercial Break, a few commercials show summerslam.

Stock Market bells are ringing and here comes in his LIMO John Bradshaw Layfield. He comes to the ring waving to the crowd. He grabs the microphone and he starts talking about how life has been great to him eversince he won the WWE Title. He starts bragging about how his stock has been rising on Wallstreet and his merchandise is skyrocketing to the top. He also says when people see his limo they think he's Vince McMahon, but when he steps out of the limo people are going crazy chanting JBL JBL JBL. He brags so much that he even says "Hell,I'm so rich I could buy the Dubya-Dubya-E if I wanted to. No Chance.... Vince's music turns on and Vince walks out to the ring with a curious look on his face. He compliments JBL about his limo and tells him that he has one just like that and JBL shakes his head yeah, and then Vince says "I have about 10 of those at home." and JBL starts clapping. Vince tells JBL "What is this I heard about you wanting to buy the WWE?" JBL tells him that "It was only a joke Vince I'm not serious about that." Then Vince says "who the hell do you think you are walking into Vince Mcmahon's WWE and joking to buy MY COMPANY?" JBL says "Vince, I have the highest respect for you and your company, I mean look we're both Millionaires." Vince replies "I'm not a millionaire John, I'm a Billionaire." Crowd starts going nuts and JBL has that "UH-OH" face. Vince says "But you know what John, I like a man that's aggressive in his words, I mean who knows someday you probably could own the WWE." JBL says "It's all a business Vince." Vince has that evil smile on his face and says "Well then partner put her there." JBL and Vince shake hands and the crowd starts booing Vince and JBL. Then one last comment from Vince before he and JBL leave the ring. "By The Way John, I like LIMOs much more than I do a low-rider." Crowd boos louder and JBL's music comes on. They both enter JBL's limo and leave.

We head to a commercial break...

Final Match and the Main Event: Angle and Reigns vs. Cena and Eddie
Kurt's Olympic Music comes out and Reigns is right behind him. Kurt does the fireworks thing and they walk to the ring. Cena's music comes on and starts his YO YO YO YO YO YO stuff. He talks about Kurt and Luther for a minute then VIVA LA RAZA. Eddie's music comes on and they both run to the ring. They are greeted by Luther and Kurt with a few punches. Match begins and it's Luther and Cena to start off the match. About 10-15 minutes later, It's Cena and Angle in the ring. Cena tries to do the throwback on Kurt but he misses and kicks the referee in the face. Cena tries to wake up the ref and Kurt attacks Cena from behind. Kurt tags in Luther and Luther throws Cena to the ropes and he tries to run and clothesline cena out of the ring but Cena moves out of the way and Luther goes flying over the top. Kurt tries to take advantage and beat up on Cena. Cena does the FU on Kurt and he tries to pin him. THe ref is still knocked out on the otherside of the ring. So he tells Eddie to dance and do the Frog Splash. Vince runs in the ring and tells Cena to wait. He wants to finish off Kurt. So Cena and Eddie start shaking their heads. Vince gets the chair from the outside and he waits for Kurt to get up. Kurt slowly gets up and as Vince is waiting JBL runs and knocks Eddie of the turnbuckle. Vince then turns around and hits Cena with a chair. The crowd is disgusted. JBL grabs eddie and does a clothesline from hell and a powerbomb. They tell Kurt to pin Cena and the ref wakes up and counts the 1-2-3. After the match, Luther rolls back into the ring and Angle looks scared at Vince and JBL. Then Vince smiles and Angle smiles and they shake hands and hug. The 4 men left standing in the ring, LUTHER REIGNS, KURT ANGLE, VINCE MCMAHON, and JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD.

TWO ALLIANCES IN ONE NIGHT WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT??? Why is Rene Dupree with Paul Heyman, why did Vince McMahon and Kurt Angle shake hands? All this to come on the next smackdown!

I'm going to write my second show later today and you're goin to find out why everything happened and see what will happen next.

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Here is my second Smackdown! show following the Birth Of The Millionaire Corporation

Fireworks BLow and Michael Cole and Tazz Welcome Everyone To Smackdown. And here comes Vince's Music.

Tony Schimmel: "Ladies and Gentlemen Please Welcome The Chairman and Principle Owner of the WWE, Vince McMahon"

Crowd gives the boos to vince as he does his corporate walk down the aisle. He snatches the microphone from Tony Schimmel. This is how he starts off. "First and foremost I'd like to call out a good friend of mine. At Summerslam he's going to rip apart Eddie Guerrero I give you Kurt Angle." *Angles Music Comes ON* He comes smiling down the aisle with Luther and they are both in suits. Angle enters the ring and he and Vince nod their heads at eachother and shake hands. Vince now says "I'd also like to bring out another person, he is the WWE CHAMPION and I couldn't be more proud, I give you John Bradshaw Layfield" *Stock Market Bells Ring* and JBL comes out in his limo. He gets a warm reception of boos as he steps out of his limo. He's also smiling and when he enters the ring he shakes the hand of Vince,Luther, and Kurt. Vince continues to talk now telling the fans what he did and Why he did it. "First of all I know everyone is wondering why the hell I hit Cena with a chair and double crossed Eddie Guerrero." "And I'm here to tell you that I did it for the sole purpose!, and that's because I would never help out a man that LIES!, that CHEATS!, and especially one that STEALS!.""You know people like Bradshaw and myself who worked hard to be where we're at, and people like Kurt Angle who earned his gold medal with a broken neck, Eddie Guerrero is not the kind of example I want to set for my company, no it's not." "You see each man standing here in the ring with me has something Eddie Guerrero DOESN'T have, and that's CLASS." *Crowd Boos Abruptly*. "Wait I'm forgetting something, ah yes the self proclaimed Dr. of Thugonomics John Cena, who I might add also has no class none whatsoever." *Crowd Boos LoudeR*. "That's why Tonight I'm going to put Eddie Guerrero and John Cena in their places." "That's why Tonight it's going to be.... The Undertaker vs. Eddie Guerrero and John Cena vs. John Bradshaw Layfield... in a Non Title Match *crowd boos*". "Now I'm sure everyone wants to know why myself and Kurt Angle are once again associates." "I'm here to tell everyone Kurt Angle is a great decisionmaker, he made the right choice to let JBL win the Great American Award, and he made an even better choice when he pronounced JBL WWE champion at the Great American Bash. Oh It's Damn True". Vince Gives the mic to Kurt Angle. Kurt takes the mic and chants of YOU SUCK , YOU SUCK, YOU SUCK start and Angle just shakes his head. Angle: "You know what people? You should be glad Eddie Guerrero isn't WWE champion. You should be glad John Cena isn't the United States Champion either Oh It's True." "John Bradshaw Layfield is not only a Great American, but a Great WWE Champion.Oh yeah it's damn true. Vince McMahon is not only a great Owner and businessman, but he sure is the best damn interim GM I've ever seen oh it's true it's true." "I'd rather Kill myself than see any of those two thugs holding a title around my waste." "And that's why at Summerslam, I'm going to make sure Eddie Guerrero has a real broken leg." Corporation Music Comes on and they are all leaving towards JBL's limo.

Commercial Break

First Match is Paul London(tag champ) w/ Kidman vs. Jamie Noble w/ Chavo.
London starts off the match with a few drop toeholds and hip drops. London throws Noble to the ropes and Noble ducks under the clothesline and returns with a spinning wheel kick. Noble tosses London outside the ring. He goes on the top turnbuckle and does a flip to the outside of the ring. Crowd starts chanting Holy S---! Holy S----!. Anyways Noble and London both come back inside the ring. About 7 minutes later after alot of punches and kicks and running. Noble sets up London for the tigerdriver. London reverses it with a hurricanrana. London sets up Noble for the 450 and gets a clean victory 1-2-3.

After the match.....

Heyman,Dudleys and Dupree are backstage with Josh Matthews. Matthews gives the Q & A.
JM - "Paul everyone wants to know why you helped Rene Dupree and put The Undertaker through a table last week on Smackdown?"
PH- "Well Josh, let's just say when you make bad decisions, bad things happen to you. Like that jerk The Undertaker, he could of been great with myself and the Dudleys but NOOOOOOOOO. He made a bad decision. On the other hand we have Rene Dupree who made the Wise choice in accepting my offer of friendship."
JM - "Well Rene why did you accept Paul Heyman's offer?"
RD -"You stupid idyote. You dunnot understend how much of a ginyus Pole Heyman is. We are talking about tha same mastermind who created E-C-W. Only a dumb amerdican would decline an offer from a smartman like Pole Heyman"
JM- "Well I guess my last question is for the Dudleys, why are you guys wrestling spike dudley in a handicap match tonight instead of a tag-team match?"
PH -" I'll answer that question for them Josh, you know like a great man once said "In The Interest Of Fairness (Vince)" I'm going to let Spike Dudley pick his tag team partner tonight against my Paid Assassins from Dudleyville. I'm telling you now Spike, find any one of your friends backstage, but you're not going to beat Dvon and Bubba Ray. You know Josh, Spike having a friend is like the Undertaker getting a brain,it's already dead so it's not coming back to life."

Heyman,Dudleys, and Dupree walk off.

Commercial Break
Michael Cole: "Tazz, Interim General Manager Mr. McMahon just announced during the commercial break a 4 man tournament for the US TITLE. The Title match will be held at Summerslam and the contestants will be Rene Dupree, Booker T, RVD, and Kenzo Suzuki. One match will take place tonight and that's Kenzo vs. Dupree, the other will take place next week with RVD vs. Booker T."

They show a clip of Vince on the Big Screen during the commercial break.
"Ladies and Gentlemen I'm pleased to inform you that there will be a titleholder of the US CHAMPION, but I'm afraid that's going to happen at Summerslam. With the interest of fairness, it's going to be a 4-man tournament and the final 2 will face eachother at Summerslam for the title. The contestants will be, Kenzo Suzuki, Booker T, RVD, and...... Rene Dupree. That's right Cena I didn't mention your name, I swear to god as long as I am GM of Smackdown you will never see another championship belt around your waste and that's a promise."

Dudley Boys music come on.
Tony Schimmel - "Ladies and Gentlemen the following is a tag team match scheduled for one fall, first accompanied to the ring by Paul Heyman and Rene Dupree, they are Bubba Ray and DVON, the DUDLEY BOYS."
Dudleys enter the ring. Spike's music comes on.
Tony Schimmel- "From Dudleyville weighing in at 185 pounds, Spike Dudley!"
Spike waits and the music stops.
Tony Schimmel - "And his partner from San Diego California he is the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Rey Mysterio"
Spike looks at Rey and Rey looks at Spike and they both shake their heads yeah and they run in the run. Dudleys try to clothesline them but they slide under and run to the ropes. They run off Spike does a crossbody block and Mysterio does a dropkick. Bubba Ray gets knocked over the ropes and DVON is pinned 1-2.. TWO COUNT. Referee restrains things in order and the match begins. Spike is hammering DVON with kicks to the stomach and hard forearms to the back. He tags in Rey and Rey jumps on the turnbuckle and drop kicks DVON. We move on to 10 minutes later. Spike is on the ground outside the ring and Rey is about to do the 619. Bubba Ray is laying on the middle rope about to get the 619. Rey runs to the ropes but is tripped by Dupree. Ref didn't see it cause he's too busy paying attention to DVON hurt Spike outside. Rey does a plauncha outside the ring and lands on Dupree. Heyman grabs the chair and hits Mysterio on the outside. The referee still doesn't see what's going on. Dupree rolls mysterio back in the ring and Bubba Ray Regains Consciousness. DVON runs in the ring and they do the Dudley Device with Mysterio getting clotheslined and flipping in midair. The count 1-2-3. Your Winners: The Dudleys

Commercial Break for about 40 seconds

Start of Second hour of Smackdown!

We come back and Kenzo is coming to the ring with Hirohko(sp?). He's ready to wrestle and now here comes Dupree's music. He's accompanied by DVON,BubbaRay but No Heyman??? Where's Paul Heyman??
About 8 minutes into a fast paced match Dupree distracts the referee and DVON and Bubba Ray do the 3-D outside the ring to Kenzo. They roll him back in and Dupree picks him up and does the Michinoku Driver to get the victory.
Winner: Dupree
After the match Hiroko comes in the ring trying to help Kenzo and Bubba Ray looks at her with that derranged look. He tells DVON to get the tables and Dupree strangles Hiroko. They then do the powerbomb on her like they did the past week on Spike. The Dudleys and Dupree leave the ring with Kenzo and his wife lying outcold in the ring.

Commercial Break
John Cena's music plays. YO YO YO YO YO YO YO. Is ________________ ready to make some noise? If ________________ is ready to get this show started I wanna hear yall say-----*Stock Market Bells Ring* and JBL interrupts Cena. Cena throws the mic down and takes off his jersey awaiting JBL to the ring. JBL comes in the ring fighting Cena still with his black jacket on. Cena gets knocked down hard after getting thrown to the turnbuckle with full force. JBL is able to take off his jacket and the match is regaining control. About 10 minutes later Cena is pumping his shoes. He does the throwback and then does the 5 finger shuffle. Vince McMahon is walking down to the ring and Cena looks at him hard. Vince stands up on the ring apron and flicks off Cena. Cena runs and hits Vince to the ground. The referee tells Cena to go back to JBL and the ref checks up on Vince. While the ref is turned around Kurt Angle runs in the ring and hits Cena with his own Brass Knucks.Ref turns around as if nothing happened and he sees JBL pinning cena for the 1-2-3 count. Winner : JBL
JBL leaves the ring as Cena is groggy and hurt in the ring. JBL leaves with Angle and Vince escorting him.

Final Commercial Break
VIVA LA RAZA!!!! Eddie comes to the ring with his lowrider.
Tony Schimmel - "Coming to the ring from El Paso Texas, Eddie Guerrero"
Eddie Guerrero dances his way to the ring and gets alot of pop from the crowd. The lights go out and the gongs start.
Tony Schimmel - "Coming down the aisle, from Death Valley California, The Undertaker!"

Match is underway, it starts with the Undertaker throwing left and rights at Eddie. Undertaker who has the size advantage over Eddie does not have the speed and agility as that of Eddie. Eddie starts to run around the ring where the Undertaker has a hard time catching up to him. A few minutes later.... Eddie goes ont he top rope and connects with a cross body block. Counts 1-2... TWO!!!. Eddie looks at the ref like he had a 3 count. He pulls Undertaker up and he runs to the rope, the Undertaker catches him and does a sidewalk slam. The Undertaker throws Eddie to the turnbuckle. He sets him up for old school. He walks up the rope and has Eddie right where he wants him. As he jumps down to hit Eddie's arm, eddie moves out of the way and the Undertaker hits the referee. Undertaker is looking at the referee while he is on the ground. Eddie takes advantage by going behind UT and hitting him with a low-blow. Eddie goes for the suplex tri-fecta. He hits the first suplex, he hits the second suplex and he hits the third. Now he dances his way to the ropes and starts the Viva La Raza chant. He sees Angle,JBL, and Luther running to the ring, but there is no VINCE????. He knows he's outnumbered so he tries to hit the first man to come near him and that's Kurt. He knocks down Kurt with a punch, then he knocks down JBL with a punch. He cannot knock down Luther though cause he is too fatigue. Luther does his modified sidewalk slam on Eddie, Angle does the Angle Lock and they hold Eddie so Bradshaw can do teh clothesline from hell. But wait the Dudleys and Rene Dupree are coming out!!! But there still is no Paul Heyman???. Dudleys and Dupree come out and assault the Undertaker with a 3 on 1 attack. The Dudleys do their 3-d and Dupree does his Dupree Driver. Then the dudleys and Dupree turn around at Angle,JBL and Luther as they are pounding on Eddie. They all stand face to face with eachother. Luther-Bubba-Ray, DVON-Angle, and Dupree-JBL. Then they all have that evil smile on their faces shake hands and hug.

Cole: "Tazz my god The Dudleys and Dupree are making friends with JBL, Angle and Luther!! What is going on here?"
Tazz: "I dunno Cole but I wanna know where's Vince and Heyman

Then a limo comes to the entrance ramp. There are two men that walk out of the limo and they are none other than Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon. Both walk down to the ring to join the other 6 men already standing in the ring.

Cole: "Tazz what the heck is going on??? Why are Vince and Heyman allies??"
Tazz: "You got me Cole could this be the new revolution of Smackdown?"
Cole: "Cena's hurt, Spike's Hurt, Mysterio's hurt, there's nobody to come and help Eddie or the Undertaker!!"
Tazz: "You're right Eddie's laid out in the ring and so is Taker"

Vince and Paul laugh evily as JBL,Angle,Luther,the Dudleys, and Dupree assault the Undertaker and Eddie. As the show is cutting off, all 8 men stand in the ring with their hands held high. The crowd is booing and throwing stuff in the ring just like when the New World Order began at Bash at the Beach.

Cole: "Tazz we're running out of time, what does this mean for Eddie,Cena, and the Undertaker? What does this mean for the state of Smackdown?? We'll find out next week!!"

Notes for this show:
During the Josh matthews and Dupree interview, I know i spelled it wrong, you just have to read it the way I typed it to make it sound like Dupree's accent.

This was my second smackdown PLEASE RATE IF YOU CAN I wanna know the quality of my shows so I know whether or not to write a second show.

Remember since we have to put all shows in one thread, for each show you rate could you put SHOW #1- ?/?, SHOW #2 - ?/? SO i know which show you're talking about thanks.

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Pretty good for your first shows, but try to use bold & italics in your show.
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