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Hey everyone im new to writing shows so i dont have any experience really but i thought i would give it a try so go easy on me as it is my first time doing this :). I'll try to have a show every Thursday but i might not be able to because of school work. Also please till me what you think of my shows when i finish them

Roster: H=Heel F=Face
Akio - H
Billy Gunn - H
Billy Kidman - H
Booker T - H
Spike and the Dudleys - H(Bubba and D-Von tag team champions)
Rico and Charlie Haas - F(with Miss Jackie)
Chavo Guerrero - H(Crusierweight Champion)
The Bashams - H
Eddie Guerrero - F(WWE Champion)
Funaki-interviewer - F
Hardcore Holly - F
Hedirich - H(with Heyman)
John Cena - F (U.S Champion)
FBI(The Bull and Nunzio) - F
Josh Mathews- Announcer
Bill Demott-Commenatator - F
Micheal Cole-commentator - F
Kenzo Suzuki - H (with Hiroko)
Kurt Angle - H
Luther Reigns - H
Mark Jindrak - H
Orlando Jordan - F
Paul London - F
Rene Dupree - H
Rey Mysterio - F
Rob Van Dam - F
Scotty 2 Hottie - F
Shannon Moore - F
Undertaker - H
Torrie Wilson - F
Dawn Marie - H
Hiroko - H
Miss Jackie - F

Smackdown gm-Thedore Long - F

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Looks good Ring, can't wait to see how your shows turn out!

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thanx for the support JCFG i'll have a preview tommorow hopefully my first show goes good :)

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Smackdown preview:

New #1 contender?

For months now Eddie Guerrero has been reighning supreme on Smackdown after Eddie defeated JBL two ppv's straight will he find a new #1 contender this week?

Also theirs going to be Diva action this week on Smackdown when Torrie Wilson takes on Dawn Marie. All this and much much more this week on Smackdown

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Smackdown! 9-30 in Key Arena in Seattle,WA

A Pyro fills the arena and the kick off of Smackdown is now!

Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to Thurseday night Smackdown I'm Micheal Cole alongside my partner Bill Demott and Bill tonight should be filled with alot of suprises

Demott: Right you are kid so lets go right to it shall we

Cole: Good idea lets get to our first match FBI vs the tag team champs The Dudleys

*FBI's music hits and come out to a nice pop*

Match #1- Normal tag team match
FBI vs The Dudleys

It starts out with Nunzio and D-Von exchanging chops, D-Von takes control of the match early, he delivers a back body drop on Nunzio then hits Nunzio with a flying clothesline then makes the tag to his brother Bubba. Bubba throws his jabs at Nunzio, but soon blocks one of Bubba's punches and nails a right hand then a dropkick then tags the Bull right away Bull throws some hard right hand punches then in comes D-Von only to get lifted up for the military press then Nunzio and the Bull set up Bubba for a double powerbomb, the Bull covers Bubba



3 winners Nunzio and The Bull(the FBI)

Cole: What an outstanding match the FBI upsetted the tag team champs
Demott: It was a fluke the Dudleys are still the best damn tag team today consider it luck for the FBI
*Commercial break*

(Viva La Raza)

Cole: Looke like Eddie is on his way down

Demott: Thank you captain obvious
Cole: Iwas just saying jees,no need for that nonsense
Demott: Shut up and listen to the man he's your WWE champion

Eddie Guerrero: Whats up Seattle, hows everyone out thier doing (crowd chants Eddie Eddie) I came out here for a challenge tonight so will my opponent come out here so i can kick our ass homes.
Rene's music hits

Rene Dupree: I would be glad to kick your ass Eddie but you seem like the cocky type how about you put the WWE title on the line tonight.
Teddy's music hits
Teddy Long: Woah,woah settle down you two, as great as Seattle is were going to do it at another time and that time will be No Mercy, yes the challenger will be Rene Dupree against the WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero now believe dat Playas also since you want a match tonight Eddie you got one against Kurt Angle.(Both Rene and Eddie stare each other down)
Cole: What an announcement No Mercy is looking great and we only have that 1 match announced
Demott: Well its Smackdown what do you expect

*Commercial Break*

Match #2----Torrie Wilson vs Dawn Marie
Dawn starts by slapping Torrie in the face but Torrie slaps Dawn right back, they both start rolling in the ring slamming each others heads then they both get up and Torrie kicks Dawn in the gut and nails a clothesline Torrie goes for the cover 1---2 kick out.Out of no where comes Hiroko and Susuki and then a triple team beat down on Torrie starts but Cena comes to make the save as he colthesline Susuki and then gives him an F-U.Then Cena leaves while Susuki is knocked out.
Cole: Thank the lord for Cena Torrie would have gotten killed had Cena not made the save.
Demott: Ya you got that right guess what the main event should be good and its next Jr

*Commercial Break*

Match #3--Main Event----Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle
Both men start off with the test of strength Kurt powers Eddie into the corner into the corner. (Ref)1--2--3--4 kUrt Angle lets go before the count of 5 and now goes to the mat game and gets Eddie in a headlock,Eddie though gets up and irish whips Kurt and hits a shoulder block then Eddie throws right hands at Kurt and then hits a huricarana pin 1--2 kick out Eddie soon builds momentum and nails a DDT on Kurt then goes to the top turnbuckles,as soon as he gets to the top Kurt gets up and hits a Belly to Belly suplex off the top turnbuckle,Kurt crawls for the cover 1--2 kick out,Both men are down.
Cole: What a phenominal match will be right back after this commercial break
*Final Commercial Break*

Back to the match Kurt hits 3 German suplexes and now is signaling for the Angle slam, he nails it and locks in the Ankle lock but Eddie after inmense pain flips over Kurt right into the ref who is knocked out ,Eddie nails a suplex and now as a smirk on his face and grabs a steel chair and hits Kurt right in the head with it,Then goes for the Frog Splash but out of no where comes Rene who grabs the steel chair and nails Eddie right in the head,then he drags Kurt on Eddie for the ref to do a slow count 1-------2-------3 Here is your winner Kurt Angle
Cole: Damn that Rene , he thinks he is all that
Demott: He is all that Cole he is the number 1 contender for the WWE title
Cole: Ya but he costed Eddie the match
Demott: Well thats the way the dice rolls Jr
Cole: Whatever will see you guys next time good night everyone
The show fades to a black screen

Ok guys please rate my first show i did my best :) im open for critics,suggestions,comments,etc and thanks

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man no critics,suggestions or comments what so ever oh well heres my preview

Smackdown Preview:

Last week we saw Eddie lose to Kurt Angkle thanks to the number 1 contender Rene Dupree will Eddie find revenge on Rene?

Plus Cena made the save last week.This week we have an intergender tag team match between Kenzo and Hiroko against Cena and Torrie. All this and much much more this week on Smackdown

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much too much on the short side and needs bakctsage segments/promos. Besides that pretty good, 6.5/10.

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Yeah, on the average you want at least 5 matches. You have some good ideas and you should expand on them. Also, throw in a couple of promos too. Keep going ring!

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Smackdown 10-6-04 in Spoakne WA
A pyro fills the arena

Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to Thursday night Smackdown
Demott: Well last week was great but I have a feeling tonight will be much better
Cole:You got that right partner later on tonight is the intergender tag team match but lets start our first match.

FBI's music hits and come out to a normal pop Mach #1 The Bull vs Bubba

Bubba starts out on top by slapping The Bull in the face The Bull though takes down Bubba down and nails some punches right to the face then he irish whips Bubba abd delievers a close line on Bubba The Cover 1--2 kick out. Bull then hits a back body drop on Bubba The Cover 1--2-- kick out at 2 in a half. Outside the ring is D-Von who hits Nunzio with a steel chair right i nthe head which distracts The Bull Bubba then hits a Bubba Bomb The Cover 1----2----3 after the match D-Von gets a table and sets it up in the ring then the Dudleys do a 3-D on The Bull through the table. Your winner Bubba Ray

Cole: Oh my god I think the Bull is outcold and Nunzio for that matter
Demott: They just proved why there the best damn tag team this industry has today.
Cole: Damn Dudleys, boy how I hate them
Demott: Better watch out Jr they'll put you through the table next.
Commercial break

(Rey's music hits and comes out to a big pop)
Match #2 Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero

The CW Champ starts out early with a kick to the gut and then a close line, Chavo picks up Mysterio but Mysterio scores with right hand punches then irish whips Chavo which leads to a dropkick then Mysterio gets on the top rope and trys a moonsault but Chavo rolls out of the way, Chavo goes for the Gory Bomb but Mysterio counters into a hurricarana, Chavo finds himself poistoned for the 6-1-9
Mysterio signals for it but from no where out comes Kidman who dropkicks Mysterio which eventually leads into Chavo and Kidman double stomping on Mysterio but the London comes out for the save and hits Kidman with some punches and Mysterio dropkicks Chavo outside of the ring. Paul London and Rey Mysterio are celebrating. Your winner--- Rey Mysterio

Cole: What a match to bad Kidman had to come and ruin things
Demott: He didnt ruin anything he is proving he should be the #1 contender for the CW title
Backstage we see Cena and Torrie preparing for there match

Torrie: Hey Cena I just wanted to thank you for saving me last week.
Cena: Hey no problem, tonight you and me have a match the sides are even now so lets go out there and kick some ass all over Spokane WA Cena style
Torrie: I'm down with that lets do this thing
Commercial break

Cena's music hits and Cena and Torrie come out to a massive pop
Match #3 Intergender tag team match Kenzo and Hiroko vs Cena and Torrie

Match starts off with Cena and Kenzo, Cena kicks Kenzo in the gut and throws hard right hand punches at Kenzo, Kenzo soon blocks one of Cena's punches and hits Cena with a close line then Kenzo throes Cena in the corner and then lifts him up on the turnbuckle to try a superplex but Cena pushes Kenzo off the top rope and hits a big splash off the top rope The Cover 1----2 kick out, Kenzo quickly crawls and tags in Hiroko who is scared at first but the she gets in the ring and says to tag in Torrie she then slaps Cena but Cena has a smirk on his face saying You Cant See Me then shoves Hiroko down and tags in Torrie. Torrie throws punches at Hiroko then hits a close line The Cover 1----2 but Kenzo breaks it up. Torrie though irish whips Hiroko but they both knock heads and are knocked out cold (The Ref 1----2----3----4----5----6) both women make the tag though in comes Kenzo in comes Cena who nails an elbow to the face then a close line then delievers the throwback The Cover 1----2 but Hiroko breaks it up but Torrie comes flying in the ring with a close line and they start to roll from in the ring to outside the ring and start a catfight while in the ring Cena is pumping it up he nails the F-U The Cover 1----2----3 Torrie and Cena hug to celebrate after the match.
Here are your winners John Cena and Torrie Wilson

Cole: What a match
Demott: Yes my friend a match for the ages

Backstage we see Theodore Long and the dudleys

Bubba: You wanted to see us Mr. Long
Long: As a matter of fact players i did, since you guys like tables so much next week you will be defending you tag team title in an elimination table match oh and players your opponents are non other then the FBI now holla,holla,holla.
Bubba: What no you cant make us defend our title (to D-Von he cant do this to us)

Cole:Wow what an announcement
(Viva La Raza)
Cole: Oh boy here comes the WWE Champion
Crowd chants: Eddie,Eddie,Eddie

Eddie: Whats up Spokane, listen last week Rene costed me my match against Kurt Angle so homes im out for revenge im calling you out if you dont come out then i'll just to have to come back there ese whats it going to be?Fine i'll just come find you.
(but all of a sudden the lights go out and the gong sounds)
Crowd: Booooooo you suck Taker Taker makes his way down

UnderTaker: Don't worry about Rene right now you have other issues right now like a match with the deadman.

Cole: Wow i guess it's an official match we have to take a quick commercial break
Commercial break

Cole: Welcome back Taker has taken control ever since the match started

Taker applys a choke hold then about 15 seconds later he hits Eddie with his body punches in the corner of the turnbuckle after that he goes for Old School and succesfully hits it The Cover 1----2 kick out, Taker lifts up Eddie and trys a strong right hand but Eddie counters and hits Taker with a few punches of his own then goes for the 3 suplexes and hits them all Eddie shakes his shoulder and makes his way to the top turnbuckle he goes for the Frog Splash and hits Taker with it The Cover 1----2--- But rene comes from no where and hits Eddie with a steel chair right on the back, Eddie gets up only to get a steel chair in the face from Rene. Your winner---- Eddie Guerrero via DQ
Rene Dupree celebrates by doing the French Tickler right in front of Eddie

Cole: Damn Rene 2 weeks in a row I'm really getting sick of him interfering in Eddie Guerrero's buisness
Demott: The #1 contender strikes again haha
Cole: Well see you all next week goodnight everyone
The show fades on Rene having a smirk on his face to a blackscreen
Match Results
Bubba defeats The Bull
Mysterio defeats Chavo Guerrero via DQ
Cena and Torrie defeat Kenzo and Hiroko
Eddie Guerrero defeats UnderTaker via DQ
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