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Pyros go off Tazz and Cole start off the first match.

Cole: We are at the 2004 royal rumble and you are witnessing the road to wrestlemania 20.

Tazz: o yea cole and this is going to be a great night.

First match: Bashams v Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty (Tag Team titles)

Rikishi starts off the match with doug basham. Rikishi with some punches and a reverse into the turnbuckle. Splash into the corner by Rikishi. Stink face to doug. tag to scotty. Scotty with punches but doug reverses scotty into the ropes than he gets the clothesline by scotty. Bulldog and the worm. he goes for the pin but danny comes in to break it up. doug gets up beats down scotty. the tag to danny. danny with some good aerial shots to scotty but scotty moves out of the way for a cross body and tags in the kish. Rikishi with a samoan drop on danny and a spinebuster. Sit down splash by the kish but Shaniqua gets involved and pulls out the referee. Rikishi goes after her only to get kicked in the face by shaniqua. Scotty in the ring with danny and hits another worm but doug pulls out danny to make the switch and he has the tag title under him and hits scotty with it for the three count.

Winners and still tag team champions the bashams.
Match Length - 6:36

Backstage Terri talks to Christian about the royal rumble.

Terri: Christian, in weeks leading up to royal rumble, u and chris jericho have had some run ins with each other. are u two friends and still partners and if not why?

Christian: Terri, Chris Jericho wasnt my friend, i used him to get to the top of my game just like we used trish and lita for our bed game. Chris Jericho never respected me and to tell u the truth i never liked him. He was just a rip off of well, me. And as for the royal rumble tonight, Im going to wrestlemania 20 to make my mark as the greatest their ever was.

Next match is Kane v Booker T. A video package is shown as to how these two great performers came together for the royal rumble. It was found that kane came after booker t because he felt that booker t was putting himself in more important roles such as the ic title but wasnt concerning himself with the man looking right in his face, KANE!

Kane comes out than Booker t. They fight with eachother for about 6 minutes where booker t goes for the scissors kick but kane comes up for the chokeslam but booker kicks him in the mid section for the scissors kick where he gets it. He goes for the spinaroonie where kane pops up and hits his chokeslam. but he is not done and hits 2 more chokeslams and gets the three count. Kane goes for a steel chair where emt's are helping booker up but kane goes after booker and slams the chair into his back and hits him in the back with the chair a couple of more times and just stands over booker t.

Winner: Kane
Match Length - 8:24

backstage with Evolution. Ric Flair gives Evolution a pep talk on tonight.

Ric Flair: We are the greatest faction in the wwe today! We deserve the best and we deserve everything we have today! Randy Orton tonight u are gonna go into the royal rumble and win it and go onto Wresltmania 20! Me and batista are gonna go out their and wipe the dudley boyz with out shoes and retain our tag team titles. And triple h u are gonna prove to shawn michaels that he is not the showstopper he once was and u are gonna retain the world heavyweight championship! Tonight we leave our mark! Tonight is Evolutions night!

Women's title - Victoria v. Molly v Lita v Trish

The ladies fight with your typical women's fight for about 5 min. Trish hits the Bulldog on molly and goes for the pin but victoria breaks up the pin. Victoria with a piledriver on trish but lita comes in and hits her powerbomb and goes for the moonsault and hits it for the one.....two.....three! Lita is the new women's champion. After a year's worth of pain and work lita has come on top!

Lita hugs Trish at the end while Molly is very upset and mad.

Winner and NEW women's Champion Lita!
Match Length - 7:34

The next match is Hardcore holly vs. Brock lesnar for the wwe title.
The video package is shown on how these two got together from when hardcore holly got his neck broken by brock till all of the revenge hardcore holly has attempted.

Brock and holly fight for 8 minutes where holly hits a suplex from the top rope but gets a 2 count. Holly hits the alabama slam where lesnar gets his foot on the rope. Lesnar hits the F-5 but holly kicks out!!! Holly gets a roll up but again a close 2 count all most 3. Brock gets the brock lock on holly where after 30 seconds holly taps out. After the match holly comes up from behind brock and beats him up bad. and he gets a full nelson on brock trying to break his neck but officals come out and top him before he actually does break brock's neck.

Winner and still wwe champion Brock Lesnar.
Match Length - 14:38

Terri talks to lita about her win and her newly won women's championship.

Terri: Lita, u have come a long way to get to this point and it has been 4 years since your last women's championship. How do u feel right now in such a great moment of your life?

Lita: well terri im so happy for myself cuz i knew i could do it i just needed time and i defeated all the odds that came at me.

Terri: well good for u lita. O Chris Jericho, Chris Jericho!

Chris Jericho: Yeah What i got to get ready for the rumble.

Terri: I talked to Christian about your alliance with him and he said it was over.

Chris Jericho: O he said it was over. After all the crap i went through, he's callin the shots! no its not gonna be like that. Im gonna eliminate him in the royal rumble tonight and im gonna go onto Wrestlemainia!

Tag Team titles Dudley boyz vs. Ric Flair and Batista.

The two teams fight for about 6 minutes but while ric flair has his figure four leg lock on bubba, batista does his st down power bomb on d-von for the 3 count to retain the tag team titles just like they said they would do.

Winners and still tag team champions Evolution!
Match Length - 6:38

Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H (World title)

A video package is shown for this match.

Some key moments in this match is where hbk kicks out of the pedigree.
Triple h kicks out of the sweet chin music. But hbk gets his role up on triple h for the 3 count!!!!!!!! Confetee falls from the ceiling and Shawn Michales celebrates along with other raw superstars coming out to celebrate with him!

Winner and NEW World Champion Shawn Michaels!
Match Length - 28:38

Backstage you see chris benoit doing puch ups for the rumble.

You see Big Show walking towards the ring.

You see rvd coming to the ring and is approached by Eric Bishoff.

Eric Bishoff: RVD i have my full hopes on u tonight that you will win the royal rumble. But tommorow night on raw you are gonna be facing the new world champion of raw Shawn Michales!

RVD - Hey thanx dude but what is the catch?

Eric Bishoff - No catch. Just a little reward for a hard working raw wrestler. O but this isnt gonna be a regular match. Your gonna face shawn michales in a Ladder match!

RVD: Cool, i'll be ready.

Rob van dam leaves to the ring

Eric bishoff: O rob, im so counting on it. (Evil Grin)

John Cena with a little rap

"Yo check it, tonight is the royal rumble". I'll make all the participants look like they just got a make over from Brian Gumble! Im gonna eliminate every man in that ring, make them feel they just lost their ding a ling. "It could come down to anyone". Me and kurt angle, me and chris benoit, me and Chris Jericho who in my opinion is just a pain i'll see to it he gets his ass all burnt up by my main man kane! You see im making my mark here tonight, make big show look like he just drank 30 whole cans of miller light!

Kurt Angle comes up to cena

Kurt Angle: Yo cena, i hope what your sayin is all true because tonight is my night im the man who is gonna come through!

Kurt angle: Good luck rookie!

John Cena: Im a legand dawg!

Kurt Angle: After tonight you'll be talked about all over the world, because im gonna eliminate u tonight and go onto Wrestlemania 20 to become the WWE Champion! Now believe that, Dawg!

Both men walk away from each other and the rumble match starts!

Royal Rumble particiapnts in order:

1.Chris Benoit
2.Rob Van Dam
5.Matt Morgan
6.Matt Hardy
10.Scott Steiner
11.Eddie Gurrero
12.Ric flair
13.Lance Storm
14.Charlie Haas
15.Rey Mysterio
16.Billy gunn
18.Chavo Gurrero
19.Shelton Benjamin
20.The Hurricane
21.John Cena
24.Randy Orton
25.Mark Henry
26.Kurt Angle
27.Chris Jericho
28.Booker T
29.Big Show

Some Key notes - Booker t eliminates kane for revenge but kane comes back and pulls booker out of the rumble and chokeslams him through the announcers table!

The Final Four are Goldberg, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho.

Goldberg Spears angle and goes for the jackhammer but chris jericho eliminates both of them at the same time. Its down to jericho and benoit! After 5 minutes of back and forth action Chris Benoit eliminates jericho to win the royal rumble!

Winner of the Royal Rumble - Chris Benoit

Jim Ross: o my god benoit has done it and he has reached his all time child hood dream! Benoit is going to Wrestlemania 20!

So how did u guys like my very FIRST Be the booker column?

Rate my post out of ten so i can see how i did so i can be sure if i should ever do this again. Thank u


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Hey thanx man! i know alot of people would probably say that yur a newbie and that u only said that cuz u dont want to put a bad immprsion on me but thanx alot! that really did boost my ego! lol lol lol!

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You have the right idea for booking, plz keep doing this as you will improve in time too, I think your promos are fine, there are gonna be a few people who will say write out the full match, but you can book this way, I think the results are likely and its all very possible, i won't grade the actual match lengths because you done your show this way.

Here are the rest of the grades then
Promos - 8.5/10
Realism - 9/10

That is what I can grade you on, try to write out a full show if you can.

Keep up the good work ;)

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Yeah, like Dr. Thugonomics said, I'm one of those people who like reading the full matches instead of just the little details. I like how the stories go and the realism to it all including Benoit going to WrestleMania. That's what they seem to be pushing to. A few spelling errors but barely noticeable. Good job.

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I don't have time at the moment to read through it all...but the card and who won each match was very good.
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