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Royal Rumble

BookDust vs. Dudleyz vs. 3 Minute Warning (Tag Team titles)
Winners: 3 Minute Warning when Rico hits a super-kick to Bubba Ray and a spinning wheel kick to Booker T whilst Goldust and D-Von are battling on the outside.

We go backstage to see Victoria infront of mirror in her lockerroom. She looks at the mirror and asks ‘Mirror mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of them all’. ‘What, Molly’ and she throws the mirror on the floor.

Dawn Marie vs. Torrie Wilson
Winner: Dawn Marie in a typical non-woman wrestler contest with Al distracting Torrie allowing Dawn to hit Torrie with a bunch of flowers which Al had given her.


We come back and see Al and Dawn kissing, Dawn thanks Al for the flowers and pulls out a lead pipe. Stephanie comes out and tells Dawn that Torrie is out cold and has been taken to the hospital. She then bans Al from any further event until this thing is over. Al and Dawn leave and go to the hospital.

Billy Kidman vs. Chavo Guerrero (Cruiserweight title)
Winner: Billy Kidman. Billy hits the shooting star press and gets the pin, after however Eddie comes out and beats down on Billy using the weapons from around the ring for the next match. Billy is then checked out and is taken to the hospital.

We go to the hospital as Al and Dawn arrive, Coach says that Torrie has just come round and will have to stay in the hospital over night. He says they are awaiting Billy Kidman. He asks Al how he could do such a thing and Al says he didn’t think it would be this bad. He says he has finished with Dawn as of this moment and asks for a divorce, which she accepts.

We end up backstage and Ivory is making her way to the ring and then someone smashes a door into her face. Ivory goes down and Victoria walks out, of a lockerroom with Steven Richards. As Victoria leaves Richards takes fellow ex-RTC member and lays her down in his lockerroom and starts undressing her.

Victoria vs. Molly
Winner: Victoria. Victoria repeatedly hits Molly with chairs, ironing boards, trash cans. Molly then goes for a sun set flip but Victoria reverses it and pins Molly for the win.


We go back to the hospital as Billy Kidman arrives. Al is still there and tells Torrie that he and Dawn are finished. Torrie is happy and then she sees Billy. She asks what happens and Coach tells her. She asks Al to leave, Billy comes round and their beds next to each over and they start kissing passionately.

We go back to Steven Richards lockerroom and Victoria walks in and starts laughing. They then leave after a while. The camera man goes in and sees Ivory on the floor face down and runs off to call the EMT’s. They arrive and say that Ivory is dead.

Triple H v. Scott Steiner
Winner: Neither as it ends in a double DQ when the Big Show and A-Train beat down Scott and Triple H.

Vince comes to the ring. He says that tonight has been an awful night. ‘Torrie and Billy ending up in hospital is bad enough, but know that Ivory is dead, this has to be the worst night in the past few years of my life, I would like to say my condolences go to Ivory’s family. We go backstage and Ivory is re-clothed and left in Richards lockerroom.

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit
Winner: Kurt

Angle, after Benoit knocks the referee down and Team Angle beat down on Benoit and put Angle over Benoit with then holding Benoit’s feet.


‘The Rumble is up next’ JR shouts.

Eric and Stephanie are in the ring and say that Richards will pay and he is fired as of now.

Royal Rumble Participants: Kane, RVD, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Raven, Christian, William Regal, Test, Christian, Ric Flair, Chris Nowinski, D’Lo Brown, Sean Morley, Al Snow, Tommy Dreamer, Big Show, A-Train, Shelton Benjamin, Brock Lesnar, Charlie Haas, John Cena, B2, Rikishi, Matt Hardy, Edge, Shannon Moore, Rey Mysterio, Jamie Noble and 2 returning superstars.

During the rumble the ministry music hits. The Undertaker walks out, he gets to the ring but does not enter. He walks half way back, then out comes Paul Bearer, Viscera, Mideon, Gangrel, Rhyno, Steven Richards, Victoria, Edge, Bradshaw, Ron Simmons and ……………………………….. Ivory. All but Bearer, Ivory, Victoria and Bradshaw enter the ring. They eliminate All the participants in the ring. The next entrance is Edge, who is already in the ring but they do not eliminate Edge. After 2 minutes Haas comes out and he is eliminated. Then Rikishi, then B2, then Cena, then Nowinski, then A-Train, then Show and they are all eliminated. The last seven are in the ring battling it out until all of them except the Undertaker jump out of the ring. The Undertaker announces the return of the ministry. He announces the members: Myself, Paul Bearer, Viscera, Mideon, the Acolytes, Gangrel, Edge, Christian, Test, Lance Storm, William Regal, Rhyno, Steven Richards, Victoria and Ivory. He says that Richards and Victoria made a sacrifice earlier tonight, i.e. Ivory.

Eric and Stephanie come out and say that they are allowed on both shows.

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Well I doubt they would have thatm but I thought it would be a twist and be a way to get Richards/Victoria/Ivory into the ministry as Richards sacrificed Ivory, Ivory was sacrificed and Victoria is Richards partner, also I tried to make it realistic by not including injured superstars and un-realistic with return of many superstars

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thats alot of people to be in the Ministry.id slim it down with getting rid of Edge, the UnAmericans and Richards/Victoria.I wouldnt buy them as Undertaker's followers.put Raven in it since he'd be like a brain to help with manipulations and stuff.
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