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My Royal Rumble 2011 (More interesting than what will happen tonight GUARANTEE)

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I know this is long but worth a read I promise.

Feedback is welcomed positive or negative.

Thanks in advance.

Royal Rumble 30/01/2011
World Heavyweight Title Match. Edge (c) vs Dolph Ziggler
The Royal Rumble kicked off with last year’s Rumble winner and Smackdown’s World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, coming to the ring to face Dolph Ziggler. Edge was not allowed to use his Spear in this match.
Dolph had got the upper hand in this match after Vickie stopped what was going to be a very embarrassing loss for Dolph. Edge took the match to Dolph from the off and very early on hit him with the Edgecution DDT and had him set up for the three count only for Vickie to get up on the apron to distract the referee. Dolph also used this as a chance to hit Edge with a low blow. Dolph then had Edge under control and looked like he was headed for a win until Edge planted him with the Edgecution again from out of nowhere! He did not have the energy to get the pin however and the match continued. Edge lined Dolph up for the Spear before realising he could not use it! Instead Edge got Dolph locked into a Sharpshooter which again Vickie got up on the apron and stopped the referee from seeing Dolph tapping out. However this time, Chrisian, Edge’s long time friend ran down to the ring and pulled Vickie from the apron and shoved her to the ground. Christian told the referee to get back in the ring where Edge locked Dolph into the Sharpshooter again! Dolph struggled for a while but eventually gave in and tapped out making Edge the winner and retaining his World Heavyweight Title. Christian and Edge celebrated in the ring before heading to the back.

We then went backstage where we saw the Bella Twins drawing out the numbers for contestants in tonight’s Rumble. Daniel Bryn came in with Gail Kim and goes to pick out his number. One Bella is talking to Daniel and Gail about what happened on Monday while the other reaches into a bag and empties more balls into the tombola without Daniel seeing. Daniel picks his number and looks disappointing before walking away with Gail. The Bellas high fived each other.

We see Orton getting ready for his match with the Miz loking very focused.

Womens Championship Match. Natalya (c) vs LayCool
Natalya takes it to Layla in the early goings before she gets the tag to Michelle. Michelle takes Natalya down with a hard belly to belly suplex. Natalya seems to have a real problem with her neck after this move. Michelle uses this to her advantage by hitting numerous suplexes. She then locks Natalya in an STF but Natalya manages to get to the ropes. Layla then comes in and shows off a little but Natalya fights back, Layla manages to tag Michelle straight back in though and she continues the assault on Natalya’s neck. Layla then holds Natalya in the corner as Michelle runs from the corner to try and hit her with a splash but only runs into the turnbuckle and into Layla after Natalya managed to get out of the way. When Michelle gets up Natalya takes it to her with some rights and lefts before hitting a few suplexes of her own. She is about to lock in the Sharpshooter when Layla clocks her with the title making Natalya the winner via DQ. LayCool then continue to assault Natalya until Beth Phoenix runs down for the save. Natalya looks in bed shape as she is taken back to the locker room.

We then go backstage again and see The Corre picking their numbers with the Bellas. Everyone looks happy apart from Heath Slater. The Nexus then come in and have a few words with The Corre. CM Punk promises to win the Rumble but Wade Barrett tells him that the Corre don’t work like that. He promises that one member of The Corre, will win the Rumble. Not just himself. The Nexus then pick all their numbers and again all look happy but apart from CM Punk this time. John Cena then bursts in and cracks a few jokes about the Nexus, mainly CM Sucks. Cena picks his number after a bit of flirting with the Bellas and seems happy enough with his number before cutting a promo on how he is going to eliminate as many members of both the Nexus and The Corre as he can before going on to win the Rumble! Christian then comes in and shakes hands with John. Cena welcomes him back and asks if he’s going to be in the Rumble tonight. Christian says he is and picks out his number looking pretty disappointed. Christian shows John who pulls a face but Christian says that he is still confident that he can win the Rumble tonight.

We then see Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero backstage watching Christian pick his number on a TV Screen. Vickie is fuming and says that she promises retribution on Christian tonight in the Rumble. Dolph reminds Vickie that she is the official consultant of Smackdown and that Teddy Long was in hospital injured. He tells her to put him in the Rumble match and that way he can go on to win it and become the Champion at Wrestlemania! Vickie calls Dolph a genius and says that he will be in the Rumble match tonight.

We then see The Miz and Alex Riley getting ready to head down to the ring for the match against Orton which is next.

WWE Title Match. The Miz (c) vs Randy Orton
Orton took the fight to Miz as soon as the bell rang. Orton looked more focused then ever as he really ripped into Miz. Alex Riley was sent to the back by the referee early on for trying to interfere with the fight. This still managed to give Miz the upper hand though as he finally found a way into the fight. Miz however got a little too confident and was playing up to the crowd which led to Orton getting back into the fight. Orton then didn’t look back and hit The Miz with a great RKO. However Orton didn’t go for the pin and instead looked at Miz with the horrible look in his eyes. Orton lined up the Miz who had started to stir for what looked like it would be a punt to the head. Orton was about to deliver the kick when Alex Riley returned and hit Orton over the back with a steel chair. The bell rung and Orton was announced the winner via DQ. However the shot by Alex Riley didn’t even affect Orton who grabbed Riley and hit him with an RKO. Orton then went to kick Miz again but he managed to squirm away and grab his title. Instead, Orton lined up Riley for the Punt. Miz looked on petrified, choosing not to help his friend. Randy then delivered the Punt and Riley was absolutely motionless in the ring. Orton starred down the Miz as Orton’s music hit and they both headed backstage. Medical staff attended to Riley as we went away from the ring.

We then went backstage where the Bellas were still giving out numbers. They were saying to each other that they couldn’t believe who had just been to get a number from them. Dolph Ziggler then came running in and quickly got his number. He looked ecstatic with his number and said he was destined to main event at Wrestlemania.

We then saw Alex Riley being put into an ambulance as The Miz told doctors to hurry up to look after him. Cena then bumped into The Miz and told him that that was another well fought title defence by him! Cena called Miz a coward and said he doesn’t know what he’s got himself into by becoming the WWE Champion. Cena said that Orton would be after him and that Orton would beat him now that Riley was out of the equation. Cena then walked off and The Miz just looked petrified.

The 40 Man Royal Rumble Match
It was now time for the Royal Rumble! We were about to see who were the unlucky number one and two for tonight’s event. Number one was Daniel Bryan! After the Bellas had earlier tampered with his balls (excuse the pun). He was then shortly followed by Nexus leader CM Punk! These two fought it out for a while until they were joined by Christian! The three men all fought trying to eliminate one another unsuccessfully until number 4 came in. It was King Sheamus! Sheamus came close to eliminating Bryan but number 5 Yoshi Tatsu made the save when he came down. Sheamus then throws Yoshi straight out for the first elimination. The Corre’s first entrant then comes down and it’s Heath Slater. He and Punk go straight at it and Slater is really taking it to Punk. However Slater lines him up to clothesline him over the top, but Punk reverses it and instead it is Slater who goes over the top.

The count down then begins again and this time it’s The Big Show! Everyone looks as if they are going to gang up on Show and they do to start with. However Show fights his way through it and actually eliminates Sheamus! Sheamus is fuming on the outside and we see John Morrison backstage laughing at a TV Screen. Big Show also eliminates Daniel Bryan who isn’t going to add his name to the list of superstars to have won the Rumble having entered as number one. Ted Dibiase is next down and he gets into a brawl with The Big Show. Not the brightest thing to do but he holds his own until the next man enters the fray, William Regal. Regal and Dibiase gang up and try to take out Big Show. However Show reverses it and eliminates both men! Show has now eliminated four participants. We are now a quarter of the way through when Mark Henry makes his way down. Henry and Big Show go at it for a while until number 11 comes down and it’s CM Punk’s Nexus ally Mason Ryan. Ryan goes straight to the aid of Punk and bodyslams Mark Henry. Ryan then eliminates Henry before going toe to toe with the Big Show. Number 12 then comes down and it’s Tyson Kidd. Kidd goes for Christian and the two of them battle it out while Ryan and The Big Show go at it too. CM Punk is getting rest in the corner. Unlucky number 13 is Zack Ryder. Zack and Kidd go at it but again no one is eliminated and number 14 is Darren Young. Darren goes straight for CM Punk who is lying in the corner. Wrong move for the rookie as Mason Young scoops him up and slams him straight out! It seems as if Mason is just protecting Punk all fight since he came into the ring. At what would normally be the halfway point of any other Rumble, number 15 comes down to the ring and it is the Corre’s Ezekiel Jackson! The monster runs down to the ring and goes toe to toe with Mason Ryan. The two are having one hell of a brawl and Jackson gets the better of Ryan. However CM Punk then gets involved for the first time in a while and low blows Jackson. Jackson is then easy picking and becomes the second member of The Corre to be thrown out in less than a minute and again to be thrown out by CM Punk after Punk also eliminated Heath Slater earlier on.

Christian has also eliminated Zack Ryder as all this was going on. Rey Mysterio is next down to a huge ovation. Rey cleans house to start with and eliminates Tyson Kidd with a hurracanranna as he looked to repeat his feat of 2006. JTG is next down and is shortly followed by Primo and then R Truth. Christian came very close to going at the hands of the Big Show but managed to stay in by the skin of his teeth. We are now at the halfway point and number 20 is ... JOHN CENA! Cena comes down a house on fire and goes straight for CM Punk. However Mason Ryan tries to stop him but to no avail as Cena throws him right over the top rope. Cena shouts at Punk that his boy is now gone as he takes it to him and very nearly eliminates him. Cena hits Punk with the Attitude Adjustment before Primo and JTG team up to try and take him out. Cena reverses their advance and it ends up with him eliminating both JTG and Primo. Christian again came close to being eliminated this time by Rey Mysterio. Number 21 then comes down and it’s another of Cena’s enemies in Wade Barrett! Barrett looks as if he wants to call it a truce with Cena but has no such luck as Cena takes it to him. The two men battle in the ring for a while until Punk gets involved and hits Cena and Barrett both with suplexes. Number 22 then comes down and it’s the last Corre member, Justin Gabriel. Gabriel and Barrett team up immediately against Punk who is again motionless in the corner of the ring. Barrett and Gabriel try to eliminate Punk who happened to be playing possum as his miraculously reversed The Corre’s move and somehow ended up eliminating both Barrett and Gabriel! This now meant that Punk had eliminated every member of The Corre on his own and still had Otunga, Harris and McGillicutty to join him in the ring. Punk was the favourite for the win just over the halfway point. R Truth was then close to being eliminated but hung on after Christian had thrown him over the top. Number 23 down to the ring was a shocker for WWE fans. It was Kevin Nash!

Nash who used to be in the WWE came down to a massive ovation and cleared house. He eliminated R Truth and Rey Mysterio in one go and then did the impossible by launching the hi ex nWo partner the Big Show over the top rope. We were down to 4 men again in the ring. CM Punk, Christian, John Cena and Kevin Nash. Punk and Christian had been in the ring for getting on for an hour and it was beginning to show. Nash and Cena went at it in the middle of the ring as number 24 was announced. It was Jack Swagger. Punk looked on shocked that it was no member of his Nexus. He would have to stick it out a little while longer until he got some more much needed protection. Number 25 was David Hart Smith who didn’t last long. He was out in 12 seconds after John Cena flipped him over the top rope. Next in was Santino Marella. Santino started as house on fire and actually eliminated Jack Swagger. However in setting up for the Cobra on CM Punk, he actually ended up being eliminated by Punk himself as he got out of the way of the Cobra. Next down to the ring was Beth Phoenix. Only the second woman ever to compete in a rumble. Cena looked on at her and looked like he didn’t want to hit her. However she went straight for him and he had to alternative than to pick her up and dump her right over the top. The contestants coming in at the moment, were not having much luck at all. Nash came close to eliminating Christian but Captain Charisma somehow hung on again. Punk finally got his team mate next. Husky Harris came down and straight away went after a tiring John Cena.

Harris then fought off Kevin Nash for a while before being joined by number 29, Michael McGillicutty. Harris and McGillicutty took it to Cena badly. To the point where it looked like he would be eliminated. Punk was directing traffic but Cena somehow fought them both off and managed to get to Punk. However they wore him down again and like a pack of lions hit him with their finishing moves one after another. The buzzer then went for number 29 and it seemed that John Cena’s fate was sealed after The Nexus’s music came on again. David Otunga, the last member of the Nexus to enter the fray came running down and also hit Cena with his signature move too. Cena was motionless and Punk scooped him up and landed the GTS too. Kevin Nash and Christian were lying in the corners and were being hit by members of the Nexus to keep them down while the vicious assault on Cena continued. Punk then said that he wanted to be the man to eliminate John. The rest of the Nexus stood back and let Punk lift Cena over the rope, but somehow, Cena from somewhere for the energy to not stay in, but somehow hang onto Punk and drag him over the top with him! The rest of the Nexus looked on in shock as Punk and Cena were both lying on the outside after eliminating one another! Punk was fuming and he took this out on Cena. Mason Ryan also came down to assault Cena with Punk as the other three members of the Nexus stayed in the ring. While this was going on numbers 31 and 32 had entered the ring being many people’s favourite, Alberto Del Rio and Smackdown’s Chris Masters. Christian and Del Rio went at it as it was Del Rio who put Christian on the shelf many months ago. Number 33 was next and the buzzer went down from ten and it was none other than Booker T! Booker T was making his return after last being seen in a WWE ring in 2007! Booker and Kevin Nash went at it straight away after feuding for much of their years with the WCW. Christian, who was now the longest serving member of the Rumble came close to being eliminated again as the Nexus tried to gang up on him. But Masters and Del Rio who seemed to be on the same page stopped it and teamed up against the Nexus.

But it was to no avail as Otunga eventually eliminated Masters. John Morrison was next down and immediately saved Christian again from being eliminated by the Nexus. Morrison threw McGillicutty over the top to narrow The Nexus’s chance of winning. Otunga and Harris slowed Morrison down however and nearly eliminated him but Christian returned the favour and stopped this from happening. Next down was number 35, Kofi Kingston. Kofi came in like many others on fire. He almost eliminated Husky Harris but was stopped by Otunga, However Otunga was then attacked by Booker T which left Kofi to finish off Husky and throw him over the top. David Otunga was now the sole survivor from any of the factions in the WWE, be it The Corre or The Nexus! Number 36 made his way down and it was Drew McIntyre. McIntyre eliminated Kofi Kingston with ease straight away. He also came close to eliminating Christian who stayed in again but was struggling very much so now. It has been a brilliant return to action for Captain Charisma and he was still in with a shot of going to Wrestlemania as we approached the end of this Royal Rumble. Number 37 was next and it was Vladimir Kozlov! Kozlov came in and got involved in Booker T and David Otunga who were both trying to eliminate Kevin Nash. The three came very close to eliminating Big Daddy Cool until Nash poked one in the eye and fought off the other two. Christian and Del Rio were once again going at it, as were McIntyre and Morrison. This Royal Rumble was the most open we have had for years.

Any one of these competitors had the potential to win the fight. Number 38 was next down and it was the new favourite to win. KANE! Kane came down and threw out both Booker T (who had looked very good on his return) and Vladimir Kozlov. Christian was then close to going via Alberto Del Rio but reversed the move and threw Del Rio over the top. Del Rio was on the outside distraught and was closely followed by John Morrison who was Chokeslammed to the outside by Kane. Morrison was in obvious pain as doctors got to him. However, King Sheamus returned and attacked Morrison. Sheamus was about to hit the High Cross when number 39’s countdown finished. The music hit. IT WAS TIME TO PLAY THE GAME! Triple H came out and Sheamus froze. HHH ran to ringside and immediately attacked Sheamus. HHH took it to the man from Ireland until referees pulled them apart. HHH was ordered into the ring and Sheamus escaped to the locker room. HHH took out his aggression on Drew McIntyre and hit him with the Pedigree before eliminating him. HHH and Nash then went toe to toe. Long time foes the two of them fought back n forth as Kane fought with Otunga and Christian lay in the corner. Number 40 then came down and it was Dolph Ziggler! Dolph went straight for Christian after he helped stop him from cheating Edge out of the World Heavyweight Title earlier on tonight. We were down to the last six competitors. Christian who had been in the ring for well over an hour after coming in at number 3. Kevin Nash who had been in there for nearly an hour too after entering at number 23. Otunga who had been the last member of the Nexus to join us at number 30. And the final three entrants, Kane, Triple H and Dolph Ziggler. Nash was the first to go from this crop as Triple H eliminated the long serving competitor. Kane then eliminated David Otunga from the fray leaving us with our Final Four. Christian, Kane, Triple H and Dolph Ziggler. Christian and Dolph went at it with Dolph getting the upper hand while HHH and Kane were going at it too. Kane almost eliminated HHH only for The Game to reverse it and eliminate the Big Red Machine! Dolph had not noticed and was close to doing the same to Christian until HHH intervented and launched Ziggler right over the top! Ziggler was fuming on the outside but on the inside we had had one of the bravest fights in a Rumble ever. Christian had been in since number 3 and outlasted everyone. But he was against the rejuvenated and fresh Triple H. Christian fended off the Game but eventually succumbed the a sickening Pedigree. Christian was motionless in the ring and Triple H picked him up and was ready to throw him out but he just dropped to the floor again. HHH picked him up one more time and was about to throw him out until Sheamus came running down and stopped.

Sheamus cracked Hunter with a massive boot to the face from out of nowhere! Sheamus then scooped him up and hit him with the Irish Curse and the High Cross twice! Sheamus then left Triple H lying across the ropes in the corner and woke Christian before leaving the ring. Christian got up looking confused but none the less pushed the Game out of the ring to become the winner of the Royal Rumble match! As the most gruelling Royal Rumble ever came to an end, we are left with Triple H motionless on the outside, Christian didn’t know where he was on the inside and Sheamus is at the top of the ramp with an evil look on his face as the Royal Rumble 2011 came to an end.

Entrants and their numbers (Plus who they were eliminated by)

1. Daniel Bryan – Big Show
2. CM Punk – John Cena
3. Christian
4. King Sheamus – Big Show
5. Yoshi Tatsu - Sheamus
6. Heath Slater – CM Punk
7. Big Show – Kevin Nash
8. Ted Dibiase – Big Show
9. William Regal – Big Show
10. Mark Henry – Mason Ryan
11. Mason Ryan – John Cena
12. Tyson Kidd – Rey Mysterio
13. Zack Ryder – Christian
14. Darren Young – Mason Ryan
15. Ezekiel Jackson – CM Punk
16. Rey Mysterio – Kevin Nash
17. JTG – John Cena
18. Primo – John Cena
19. R Truth – Kevin Nash
20. John Cena – CM Punk
21. Wade Barrett – CM Punk
22. Justin Gabriel – CM Punk
23. Kevin Nash – Triple H
24. Jack Swagger – Santino Marella
25. David Hart Smith – John Cena
26. Santino Marella – CM Punk
27. Beth Phoenix – John Cena
28. Husky Harris – Kofi Kingston
29. Michael McGillicutty – John Morrion
30. David Otunga - Kane
31. Alberto Del Rio - Christian
32. Chris Masters – David Otunga
33. Booker T - Kane
34. John Morrison - Kane
35. Kofi Kingston – Drew McIntyre
36. Drew McIntyre – Triple H
37. Vladimir Kozlov – Kane
38. Kane – Triple H
39. Triple H - Christian
40. Dolph Ziggler – Triple H
Order of Elimination

1. Yoshi Tatsu
2. Heath Slater
3. King Sheamus
4. Daniel Bryan
5. William Regal
6. Ted Dibiase
7. Mark Henry
8. Darren Young
9. Ezekiel Jackson
10. Tyson Kidd
11. Zack Ryder
12. Mason Ryan
13. Primo
14. JTG
15. Wade Barrett
16. Justin Gabriel
17. R Truth
18. Rey Mysterio
19. Big Show
20. David Hart Smith
21. Jack Swagger
22. Santino Marella
23. Beth Phoenix
24. John Cena
25. CM Punk
26. Chris Masters
27. Michael McGillicutty
28. Husky Harris
29. Kofi Kingston
30. Booker T
31. Vladimir Kozlov
32. Alberto Del Rio
33. John Morrison
34. Drew McIntyre
35. Kevin Nash
36. David Otunga
37. Kane
38. Dolph Ziggler
39. Triple H
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