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Armageddon: All the same results except Goldberg pinned Triple H to retain the World Heavyweight Title.


The pyro’s blast off and the theme tunes plays as we start the Royal Rumble.

Jim Ross: Hello Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to the nineteenth Royal Rumble in WWE history. We have some good matches on the Raw side of things tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Oh yeah we do JR, the Smackdown side looks good as well. I can’t wait for the start of the Rumble.

Jim Ross: Well talking of Smackdown lets take you down to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Thank You JR and King. Well tonight Tazz, Smackdown has some good matches. Plus of course the Royal Rumble match itself, which should be good with the Smackdown competitors in it.

Tazz: Yeah Cole, I mean I only wish that I could be in the Rumble match. That would turn it from a great match into a rocket buster, but never mind. Yeah we got some good matches, as have Raw. Of course the Rumble will steel the show.

Michael Cole: Well lets say hello to our friends Carlos Canberra and Hugo Savinvovich.

Hugo and Carlos start talking Spanish for a couple of minutes and we cut back to Michael Cole.

Michael Cole: Well apparently Josh Matthews is back stage with the Big Show.

Josh Matthews: Big Show, tonight you go one on one with your best friend the A-Train, why do you think your feud has come down to this?

Big Show: The reason, it’s Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar told us to attack A-Train when he lost to Moore and all the other times. I’m sick of Brock giving us orders. I’m US champion, I don’t need bossing around. Besides, I’m a 500 pound monster. I only take orders from Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon. Besides, they are the only people I trust, apart from A-Train and Matt Morgan.

Josh Matthews: Well that being so, Brock Lesnar is the WWE champion. The last time that Brock and you had a match for the WWE title Brock won.

Big Show: Thank You but I don’t need reminding. I mean, who beat him at Survivor Series 2002 for the WWE title. ME. I’m the US champion, former WWE and WCW champion; tonight I’m gonna kick A-Train’s ass.

Big Show leaves.

We then cut to Shawn Michaels who is in the back. Lilian Garcia enters the locker room.

Lilian Garcia: Shawn I’m sorry to stop you from your training, but tonight you are in the Royal Rumble. What do you think your chances of winning the Royal Rumble for a third time are?

Shawn Michaels: Well for you Lilian I will stop my training. Well there are so many guys in this that could win. I mean there is Jericho, Flair, Guerrero, Benoit, Angle, Undertaker, Kane and other guys. It just depends on what my number is, and what there number is. If I can get in number 30 then I believe I will win, if I enter number one I doubt it. However Lilian you are look at the one man who won it from number one. I just hope that tonight I can win, then I will choose whoever I feel like beating up.

Lilian Garcia: Thank You Shawn for your time.

Lilian exits the locker room and Shawn Michaels continues his training.

Michael Cole: Well Shawn seems confident. Well the first match of tonight is just about to start, it is the Big Show vs. A-Train.

Big Show vs. A-Train
A-Trains music hits and the A-Train walks out and grabs something. We don't see what as the cameras cut to the Big Show who makes his way out. A-Train runs up the ramp with a stop sign and goes to hit Big Show with it, but Show punches it back in his face. Big Show gets A-Train up and throws him into the barricade. Big Show then hits the Atomic Drop using the barricade and climbs into the ring. The referee starts to count the A-Train out. The referee gets to nine when A-Train roles into the ring. The Big Show gets him up and throws him into the corner. Big Show walks back and goes to squash A-Train who gets out of the ring. Big Show is dazed and looks over the ropes and A-Trains grabs Shows head and drops to the floor. Big Show is still standing and A-Train gets in the ring and hits the scissors kick. A-Train starts stomping on Big Show who crawls to the corner. A-Train uses his boot to choke the Big Show to the five count. A-Train continues to stomp Big Show and throws punches at him. Big Show gets up and A-Train goes for a powerbomb but can't hit it. Big Show knees A-Train in the gut and hits a chokeslam. Big Show pins A-Train but gets a two count when A-Train puts his foot on the bottom rope. Big Show argues with the referee and A-Train slides out of the ring. A-Train throws a pipe in the ring and the Big Show picks it up. The referee takes the pipe away and puts it on the time keepers table. Whilst the referee is away A-Train hits Big Show with another pipe he found and jumps back down to the floor. The referee gets back in the ring and starts the count on both men. A-Train climbs in the ring and makes it to his feet at five. Big Show is not moving until seven, but makes it to his feet quickly. Big Show again throws A-Train into the corner and then climbs to the top rope punching A-Train. A-Train crawls under Big Show and kicks him. Big Show's head falls into the top turnbuckle and Big Show falls down. A-Train gets up and climbs to the top rope. A-Train squashes the Big Show and gets the 1,2 but Big Show kicks out. Big Show and A-Train get up and Big Show knocks A-Train down with a big boot. Big Show climbs to the top rope and hits the moonsault and pins A-Train for the 1,2,3.

Winner at 8:12 The Big Show

After the match A-Train helps the Big Show up and they shake hands and leave together. Matt Morgan runs out and helps Big Show to the back. Big Show grabs a microphone.

Big Show: I want everyone to know that me and A-Train are on the same page, it took this for me to realise but A-Train is my friend, and if you don’t agree with me then you all obviously as thick as a plank.

The trio leaves the arena to a lot of heat.

Backstage we see Lilian Garcia entering Chris Jericho’s locker room.

Lilian Garcia: Chris Jericho tonight you enter the Royal Rumble and will be pitted against twenty nine other guys. Do you think you can…

Chris Jericho: Will you please shut the hell up. Vivian, I know I’m in the Rumble. I know I have 29 other guys to face. I also know that I am the King of the World and the Highlight of the Night. I will win tonight, and when I win, I will choose anyone of my choosing. Now please leave, I want to get back to my training, well as if I need to train.

Lilian Garcia then leaves.

We then cut to John Cena’s locker room where Josh Matthews enters.

Josh Matthews: John Cena, tonight you enter the Royal Rumble. There have been eighteen winners of the Royal Rumble, and tonight twenty nine of the best in the business enter the match. What makes you think that you will stand out from the other twenty nine superstars and win the Rumble?

John Cena: Well nothing makes me stand out from some of guys in the Royal Rumble. About half the people in this stand out more than me. Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, Kane and some others. The one guy I will be lucky to eliminate tonight will be Rikishi, who of course is in his ninth Rumble, a record. I can’t wait for the Rumble match to begin.

Josh Matthews: Thank You John Cena.

Josh Matthews leaves as we cut back to Lilian, who enters the Evolution locker room.

Lilian Garcia: Tonight all four of you are in very important matches. Dave Batista and Ric Flair, tonight you both enter the Royal Rumble. My one question is if you two are the last two in the Royal Rumble, what will you do?

Ric Flair: Well let me say this. If it comes down to Dave and me, we will fight it out. We will see who the best is. The best will win. We have just one minor thing to this, getting rid of the other twenty eight superstars. We will be the last two, we are the best two in the Rumble, you’ll see Lilian.

In the back we see Shaniqua with the Basham Brothers.

Shaniqua: Now tonight boys, you have to defend those belts. Of course I will be there, but let me tell you this, you better retain those titles, or else life won’t be as pleasurable as it has been recently.

WWE Tag Team Championship
Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs. Basham Brothers (Champions) with Shaniqua
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team walks into the arena to a lot of cheering. They run back up and hide up against the Royal Rumble set. The Bashams and Shaniqua walk out and the Worlds Greatest Tag Team run at them. The Bashams duck and they both hit Shaniqua. The Bashams low blow them and throw punches at them as they fall down the ramp way. The Bashams throw them into the ring and enter themselves. The Bashams throw Shelton Benjamin out of the ring and Irish whip Charlie Haas into the corner. The Bashams walk over and start kicking Haas in the mid-section. Haas falls down and Doug Basham leaves the ring. Danny Basham uses his foot to choke out Haas. Benjamin got back up on the apron but Danny knocks him back down. Danny runs up to Haas and uses his knees to squash Haas’s head. Danny picks him up and hits a DDT and then locks in a reverse headlock. Danny Basham holds the Reverse Chinlock for about twenty seconds and then lets go. Danny releases the hold and drags Haas over to his corner and stomps on him five times and tags Doug Basham in. They hit a double suplex and Danny goes to the apron. Doug hits a punch, which knocks down Haas. Doug hits a leg drop on Haas and then hits a snap suplex. Doug gets up and hits an elbow drop and then a leg drop. Doug Irish whips Haas into the corner and tags in Danny. The Bashams walk over and hit a double suplex. Danny Basham picks Haas up and hits a DDT, and then stomps him more. Danny backs Haas into the corner and goes for a suplex but Haas reverses it into a role up. Danny kicks out as he pushes him over to Benjamin who gets tagged in. Benjamin gets into the ring and punches Danny Basham into the corner and turns round and sidewalk slams him down. Benjamin runs over to Danny in the corner and starts kicking him in the mid-section before hitting the scoop slam out of the corner. Benjamin runs over to Doug and hits a suplex, landing Doug on Danny. Benjamin picks Doug up and throws him out of the ring. Danny Basham gets up and is super-kicked by Benjamin. The referee counts 1,2. Shaniqua who has eventually made it to the ring pulls the referee out of the ring. Benjamin slides to the outside and chases Shaniqua. Shaniqua runs round the ring and grabs something and enters to the ring. Shaniqua has a whip and hits Benjamin with hit until Danny Basham locks in a headlock. Doug Basham then enters the ring and they put Benjamin on the top rope. They go to climb the turnbuckle but Haas gets back up and punches the Bashams who get off the turnbuckle. Haas clotheslines Danny out and then throws Doug out the other side. Haas follows Danny Basham and throws him into the barricade. The referee is still down and Shaniqua gets into the ring and walks over Benjamin, who is still on the turnbuckle. Shaniqua then hits a devastating powerbomb. Charlie Haas realises and runs into the ring and chases Shaniqua out the ring and follows her but is met with a clothesline from Doug Basham. Doug Basham then throws Haas into the steps as Shaniqua runs round the other side of the ring. Shaniqua throws Danny Basham back in the ring who pins Shelton Benjamin. Shaniqua then throws the referee and the referee starts to count. Charlie Haas gets in the ring and goes to brake the pin up but Shaniqua throws her shoe at him and he is confused and the Bashams get the win.

Winners at 10:02 and still WWE Tag Team Champions the Basham Brothers

We cut to the back, where we see Jaime Noble, who is with Josh Matthews.

Josh Matthews: Tonight you are taking on Tajiri for the Cruiserweight title. This match obviously has big stakes. Not only is the Cruiserweight title on the line, but this is also your opportunity to get revenge on Tajiri since he sprayed the black mist in Nidia’s eyes. Also how is Nidia.

Jaime Noble: Fortunately Nidia is fine, her blindness isn’t permanent. It should be a few weeks until she will be able to see, but I’m glad she will be able to. To Tajiri, you hold onto that Cruiserweight title, because in our match tonight I will pin you for the Cruiserweight title.

Jaime Noble leaves with Nidia.

Mick Foley and Eric Bischoff walk out along with Terri Runnels. Terri announces the first round is a pie eating contest. Eric Bischoff and Mick Foley await for the pie to arrive in the ring. Mae Young’s music hits and she walks to the ring with the Fabulous Moolah. Eric Bischoff quickly grabs the microphone.

Eric Bischoff: I forfeit, I quit. I’ll do anything but kiss the old hag.
Mick Foley: So I’m one-nil up.

Eric Bischoff: Yes, yes. Now go away you hag.

Mick Foley and Mae Young have a kiss and Terri announces that Mick Foley has won. Mick Foley helps Mae Young out of the ring. On the outside Mick also kisses Moolah, and they walk to the back talking. Eric Bischoff walks back to, but at a distance from Moolah and Mae.

Josh Matthews is backstage again and is talking to the Undertaker.

Josh Matthews: Undertaker the Royal Rumble hasn’t been your best PPV. In fact you have never won the Royal Rumble, do you think tonight is your night to win the match?

Undertaker: I always hope that I will win the Rumble. No I haven’t won it, but tonight I have a new cause. This will allow me to kick an opponent ass of my choosing at Wrestlemania. It is a guarantee I will win at Wrestlemania, so don’t question whether I will win. Now leave.

Josh Matthews leaves.

WWE Cruiserweight Title
Yoshihiro Tajiri (Champion) vs. Jaime Noble with Nidia
Tajiri’s music starts and out walks the Japanese Buzzsaw, who enters the ring going over the top in the corner holding his title. Jaime Noble walks out carrying Nidia. He walks round to the time keepers table and gets a steel chair and sets it out and sits Nidia on it. Noble gets in the ring but Tajiri is reluctant to give his title away. When he does Tajiri then quickly hits a round house kick to Noble. Tajiri gets up and goes for a quick pin but Noble kicks out at one. Tajiri clotheslines Noble down and goes for the pin again and gets a two count. Both men get up and Tajiri hits a belly to belly suplex and goes for the pin but again only gets a two count. Both get up and Noble goes for the clothesline. Tajiri ducks and hits the backslide and gets a two count. Tajiri stays down and Noble goes to pick Tajiri up and Tajiri hits an inside cradle, but only gets a two count. Nidia attempts to get up but falls over a draws the attention of Noble. With Noble not look Tajiri roes him up but again gets a two count. Noble gets up and gets suplex back down. Tajiri then pins him with a bridge and gets two. Both get up and Tajiri hits a German suplex but gets two. Both get up again and Tajiri hits a Northern Lights Suplex and gets a two count. Both get up and Tajiri hits a hurracanrana pin , but Noble again kicks out at two. Tajiri gets up and hits a fisherman suplex and pins Noble but again gets a two count. Then Tajiri hits the sunset flip but again only gets a two count. Both get up and Tajiri kicks him in the head. Noble turns round and Tajiri climbs the top rope. Noble turns around and Tajiri hits the cross body block and pins Noble, who kicks out at two. Both get and Noble finally gets on the offensive by punching Tajiri back into the corner. Noble turns round only for a second and then Tajiri locks in a sleeper hold. Noble goes down onto his knees. After another 20 seconds Noble gets up and runs backward into the turnbuckle. Tajiri releases the hold and goes to the outside. Tajiri gets annoyed by one of the fans and argues with him in Japanese. When he turns round he receives a baseball slide from Jaime Noble. Noble throws Tajiri into the barricade and delivers some kicks to the mid-section. Noble throws Tajiri back in the ring and talks to the fan who annoyed Tajiri. Tajiri stands up near the ropes and Noble hits a shoulder block into the stomach. Noble goes for the sunset flip but Tajiri reverses into a pin and holds the ropes but only gets two. Tajiri gets up first and whips Noble into the corner. Tajiri runs over but Noble gets his feet up. Tajiri tries again but stops, and then kicks Noble in the head. Tajiri walks the rest of the way and locks in the Tarantula. The referee counts to five and Tajiri lets go. Tajiri snapmeres Noble into the centre of the ring and picks him up. Tajiri then locks in the abdominal stretch. Noble is too close to the ropes though and grabs the top rope. Tajiri releases the hold at five and then kicks Noble in the back. Noble grabs his back but hits five back elbows and turns round and hits the Tiger Bomb and pins Tajiri. Noble gets a three count but Tajiri has his foot on the bottom rope, and so the match continues. Noble is angry with the referee and argues with him but Tajiri roles him up. Tajiri has his feet on the ropes for extra leverage but only gets a two count as Nidia runs to the ring and runs into Tajiri’s feet, knocking them off of ropes and breaking the pin. Nidia is down and Tajiri goes to the outside and kicks her. Tajiri gets back in the ring and looks at Nidia. Noble though uses his forearm to hit Tajiri in the back and Irish whips him into the corner. Tajiri climbs to the top turnbuckle but Noble runs into the ropes making Tajiri slip. Noble goes up top and hits a superplex. Noble gets the cover but only gets two. Noble picks Tajiri up and goes for the Tiger Bomb but Tajiri reverses it into a hurracanrana. Tajiri runs over and grabs Nobles leg and locks in the half Boston crab. Noble uses his other foot to kick Tajiri away. Noble gets up and Tajiri goes to kick him but Noble ducks and Tajiri gets the referee. Tajiri then hits a roundhouse kick on Noble and pins him. Tajiri could have won the match and gets the referee up. He turns round to a chair shot. Noble throws the chair out of the rings, and pins Tajiri. The referee comes to and counts to two as Tajiri kicks out. Tajiri gets up quickly and hits a belly to back suplex on Noble. Nidia is now standing up and Tajiri talks trash to her. Tajiri grabs her hair and she slaps Tajiri who falls on Noble. The referee starts the count but Noble kicks out at two. Tajiri gets up and waits for Noble to turn round. Tajiri hits the kick of death on Noble and pins him but Noble again kicks out. Tajiri is livid and argues with the referee. Noble roles Tajiri up but Tajiri manages to continue rolling and ends up pinning Noble and gets the three count.

Winner at 12:43 and still Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri

Tajiri exits the ring, and Noble helps Nidia to the back.

Backstage Lilian Garcia enters Booker T’s locker room.

Lilian Garcia: Booker T, you proved yourself in WCW. You won the WCW title five times, and you have proven yourself in the WWE winning the Intercontinental title. Do you think this is the night when your performance in the WWE can go up to the next level?

Booker T: Well yes I have proven myself, but in the WWE I never have had the extra something. I never have been up to the standard of the guys like Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Tonight I have a feeling that this will be my night.

Lilian Garcia: Thank You Booker T.

Lilian Garcia then leaves Booker’s locker room.

WWE Women’s Championship
Molly Holly (Champion) vs. Jazz with Theodore Long
Jazz and Theodore Long walk out to a lot of heat. Both enter the ring and Theodore Long grabs the microphone.

Theodore Long: Now tonight, Jazz will once again become Women’s Champion. It is time for her to become Women’s Champion and help black people brake through in this business. Now Beliedat Playa.

Jazz then takes the microphone.

Jazz: I got one thing to say, the bitch is back and the bitch is black. Now Beliedat Playa.

Molly’s music hits and she runs through the crowd and jumps into the ring. She double clotheslines both Theodore Long and Jazz down. Molly Irish whips Theodore Long into the corner and kicks him in the mid-section before low blowing him. Jazz runs from behind but Molly hits a back elbow to knock her down. Molly Irish whips Jazz into the opposite corner. Theodore Long tries to escape but Molly Irish whips him, however Theodore Long reverses it. Jazz comes out of the corner and delivers a spinebuster to the Women’s Champion. Jazz then picks Molly up and hits a back breaker, followed by leg drop. Jazz picks Molly up and hits a back drop on Molly. Jazz gets up and kicks Molly’s back. Jazz then kicks Molly’ s back another ten times before hitting a backbreaker. Jazz picks Molly up but Molly starts punching Jazz. Molly hits a knife edge chop on Jazz and runs against the ropes. Molly runs back but is met with a tilt a whirl back breaker. Jazz gets back up and locks in the half Boston crab. Molly gets within reaching distance of the ropes but Jazz pulls her back into the centre of the ring and locks in the STF. Molly is screaming in pain but she gets to the ropes. Jazz releases the hold and kicks Molly’ s back a few times. Molly gets up quickly though and battles back and Irish whips Jazz into the turnbuckle. Molly kicks Jazz and eventually the referee stops her. The referee turns away and Molly picks Jazz up and Irish whips her into the referee. The referee is down and Molly is punching Jazz. Jazz quickly stops the offence with a knee to the gut. Jazz clotheslines Molly down and from the back out runs Mark Henry. Mark Henry gets in the ring and locks in the bearhug on Molly. After ten seconds Henry releases the hold and hits the big splash. Mark Henry exits the ring and goes to the back. Jazz locks in the Half Boston Crab and when the referee starts to stand up she locks in the STF. The referee turns round and Molly is out cold and he rings for the bell.

Winner at 3:45 via Knockout and new WWE Women’s Champion Jazz

After the match Jazz keeps the hold on. The referee is trying to brake the hold and from the back runs Jacqueline, who runs into the ring and hits the Jumping Swinging Tornado DDT on the referee. Jacqueline and Theodore Long are in the ring laughing at Molly, and the crowd start to boo. Eventually Jazz lets go and they all walk to the back and when they exit there is a tremendous uproar as Molly stands up. From behind her though Rodney Mack clotheslines her down and starts kicking her. Rodney Mack walks away, but comes back and grabs the microphone.

Rodney Mack: I am not ready for an in ring return, but I’m back to see that we are liberated from these chains that you have put on us.

Rodney Mack throws the microphone at Molly and walks to the back.

We cut backstage to Lilian Garcia, who is standing outside the locker room of Christian, then Lilian enters.

Lilian Garcia: Christian, tonight is your chance to have a match at the biggest event this industry has ever seen. Do you think you can win, and if you do win who will choose?

Christian: I, being the People’s champion, know that. If I win tonight I don’t know who I will pick, I have a lot to choose from. Whoever I pick will be the best choice for the people and me. Well I have to win first, and if you excuse me I have training to do.

Lilian Garcia then exits the locker room.

Eric Bischoff and Mick Foley walk out to the ring with Terri again. Terri announces that the second part of the ******* Triathlon is a Firing Contest.

Eric Bischoff grabs the microphone and fires 25 people within a minute. Mick Foley grabs the microphone but only manages 20. Eric Bischoff grabs the microphone.

Eric Bischoff: Mick, don’t be ashamed. I’ m used to firing people, and hell I’ve been practising.

Mick Foley: You’ve only been practising because you need to. Remember Eric, the Capture the Midget match is the last one. Oh, and I’ll win. Oh, and a new stipulation is that if I win, Steve Austin is reinstated as Co-General Manager of Raw, oh and Eric I won’t be giving my job either. So you’ll have double trouble, so have a nice day Eric.

We cut backstage to Josh Matthews, who is with Eddie Guerrero.

Josh Matthews: Eddie Guerrero tonight we are at the Royal Rumble. You are one of the men involved in the Rumble match, do you think you have what it takes to win?

Eddie Guerrero: Esse, I have exactly what it takes to win. You know there are a lot of top class wrestlers in there, but let me tell you, none of them are as good as Eddie Guerrero. I just know that tonight is my night, and that I will win the match.

Eddie Guerrero then walks off.

Tables Match
Dudley Boyz vs. Scott Steiner and Test
Test and Steiner walk out into the arena but are quickly attacked by D-Von Dudley and Bubba Ray Dudley. D-Von and Test fight in to the back, leaving Steiner and Bubba. Stacy Kiebler walks out and slowly walks to the ring. Steiner has the upper hand on Bubba Dudley and Irish whips him into the steel steps, before hitting his head on the ring post. Steiner then sets up a table but Bubba Dudley low blows him. Bubba gets ready to hit the Bubba Bomb but Stacy slaps him on the back. Bubba turns round and goes to attack her but Steiner grabs his head and throws it onto the announce table. Steiner enters the ring. Bubba eventually gets up on the apron and Steiner hits a running shoulder block on him. Bubba Ray though jumps and misses the table but goes through the announce table. The referee and Steiner have a conversation on whether it is an elimination. All of a sudden the cameras cut to the back and both Eric Bischoff and Steve Austin announce it is an elimination, which gets some heat.

Elimination #1: Bubba Ray Dudley.

Steiner then quickly runs to the back. The cameras cut backstage where D-Von has the upper hand on Test, and there is a table set up. D-Von grabs a mirror and hits Test with it. Test falls on the table, and D-Von goes onto the table. D-Von gets Test up and powerbombs him through it.

Elimination #2: Test

Scott Steiner arrives in the back and finds D-Von. Steiner clotheslines D-Von down and picks him up. Steiner hits the belly to belly suplex onto the concrete and sets another table up. Steiner helps Test up. D-Von comes back on the offence by taking out Steiner with a chair shot. D-Von goes to eliminate Test with the chair but Test uses the big boot to kick the chair back in his face. Bubba Ray now has made it to the back and throws Test into some anvil cases. Bubba is walking backwards and Steiner trips him up, and Bubba hits his head hard on the floor. Steiner and D-Von are both now up and both hit a clothesline. Both are out on the floor and La Resistance run in. They pick Bubba up and hit the two-man flapjack through the table Steiner set up. They leave spitting on Bubba and chanting France. The cameras cut back and Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade are there. Garrison Cade finds a table and sets it up, whilst Jindrak picks D-Von up. Jindrak and D-Von are standing up, and Jindrak looks down at D-Von. Jindrak kicks him in the gut and gets him in the powerbomb position. Garrison Cade runs over and picks Steiner up. Jindrak gets D-Von in the position for the last ride and passes him to Steiner. Steiner goes to powerbomb D-Von but Bubba pulls the table away. Steiner holds on to D-Von and Jindrak and Cade kick Bubba Ray down. Steiner puts the table on some wooden crates, which Bubba can’t reach. Steiner then powerbombs D-Von through the table for the win.

Winners at 8:34 Scott Steiner and Test

Backstage Lilian Garcia is with Randy Orton.

Lilian Garcia: Tonight Randy Orton, you defend the Intercontinental title against nine other men in a battle royal. Do you feel comfortable defending your title against such gifted men such as RVD, Tommy Dreamer and Chris Kanyon.

Randy Orton: They might be gifted, but no one in the business is as gifted as me. I am the Intercontinental champion, and when you talk to me later on I will still be the Intercontinental champion. Only RVD in that match can challenge me, and let me tell you he is nothing. Remember how I beat him at Armageddon, well that’s what’s going to happen tonight.

Randy Orton leaves.

WWE Intercontinental Title Battle Royal
Participants: Rob Conway, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, Rico, Tommy Dreamer, Steven Richards, Al Snow, Chris Kanyon, Rosey and Spike Dudley.

All the participants enter the ring and the match begins. Everyone immediately singles out Rosey as they try to eliminate him. Eventually they all stop and turn on each other. Chris Kanyon backs Al Snow into the corner and starts kicking him in the mid-section. Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam are punching and kicking away at Randy Orton. Richards and Rico are fighting. Richards and Rico stop fighting and grab Conway. They then throw him over the top rope and eliminate him.

Elimination Number One: Rob Conway

Rosey has the upper hand on Snow and eventually Van Dam and Dreamer grab him and Irish whip him into Randy Orton. Rosey backs away and Orton falls out on to his knees. Van Dam and Dreamer pick Randy up and Rosey superkicks. Orton fights back with a low blow to Rosey and double clotheslineing Van Dam and Dreamer. Orton then grabs Rosey and throws him into the ropes. Rosey fights back with a right hand but Steven Richards superkicks Rosey out.

Elimination Number Two: Rosey

Chris Kanyon runs up behind Richards and throws him out.

Elimination Number Three: Steven Richards.

Chris Kanyon turns round and Spike Dudley runs at him. Chris Kanyon hits the back body drop on Spike Dudley. Spike Dudley goes flying out of the ring but Steven Richards catches him and roles him back in the ring. Rico gets to work on Spike with some kicks, and Orton is taking out Dreamer in one corner, with Kanyon and Van Dam having a fist fight in the middle of the ring. Al Snow is on the outside. Rico eventually picks up Spike and hits the round house kick. Rico looks at the crowd and taunts them, Al Snow runs in the ring and throws Rico out.

Elimination Number Four: Rico Constantino

Al Snow turns round and grabs Kanyon from behind. Al Snow low blows Kanyon and throws him out.

Elimination Number Five: Chris Kanyon.

Al Snow then picks up Spike and throws him out.

Elimination Number Six: Spike Dudley.

Al Snow, Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer are all in the centre of the ring punching away at Orton. After a while Snow turns on Dreamer and kicks him in the mid -section. Al Snow then hits the Snow-Plow. Snow tries to eliminate Dreamer but Van Dam then stops attacking Orton to save Dreamer. Then Orton gets up and clotheslines Van Dam from behind. Orton helps Snow eliminate Dreamer.

Elimination Number Seven: Tommy Dreamer.

Snow and Orton then grab Van Dam. Snow kicks Van Dam in the mid-section and Orton hits the RKO. Orton and Snow grab Van Dam and throw him out.

Elimination Number Eight: Rob Van Dam

Snow talks trash to him and Orton clotheslines him from behind and eliminates Al Snow.

Elimination Number Nine: Al Snow.

Howard Finkel grabs the microphone and starts to announce the winner, but Mick Foley’s music hits.

Mick Foley: That’s not all of the competitors.

Goldust enters the ring from the crowd and throws Orton out and wins the match.

Elimination Number Ten: Randy Orton

Winner at 9:56 and new WWE Intercontinental Champion Goldust

Backstage Josh Matthews is with Rikishi.

Josh Matthews; Rikishi, tonight is your ninth Rumble appearance. First of all congratulations on that but do you think on your ninth time of trying you can win?

Rikishi: I have to think I can win this match, other wise what is the point in me being in it. I better go and train now though.

Rikishi then goes back to his locker room.

Mick Foley and Eric Bischoff walk to the ring. Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah walk to the ring with Meatball. They explain that they have to capture Meatball to win. The bell rings and Bischoff runs at Meatball but is low blowed. Foley goes for Meatball who runs out of the ring. Foley follows him to be hit with a stop sign ten or fifteen times. Meatball runs to the back but falls back out onto the ramp way. Steve Austin walks out and throws rights and lefts until Meatball ends back in the ring. Austin gets in the ring and hits the Stone Cold Stunner on Meatball. Foley enters the ring and grabs Meatball and is declared the winner.

Mae and Moolah announce Foley as the winner of the Capture the Midget Contest and the second ******* Triathlon.

Mick Foley: Eric Bischoff, you should never have challenged me. I’m glad you did because now, this means Steve Austin can come back as Co-General Manager of Raw. Eric, this means double trouble for you. Steve and me will make your life a living hell. Mick Foley, Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff, all Co-General Managers of Raw, doesn’t that sound great Austin.

Steve Austin: Hell yeah. Steve Austin is back in town. Eric, I am going to open the biggest can of whoop ass I ever have and destroy you. Steve Austin’s career is back on, fourteen years and two months. When you got me fired, it was a momentary blip. Never mind though, I’m back and am going to kick your ass.

Steve Austin then delivers the Stone Cold Stunner to Eric Bischoff and Foley and Austin leave together.

We cut to the back to see Kevin Nash walking down a corridor towards the ring.

We cut to Josh Matthews with Brock Lesnar.

Josh Matthews: Brock Lesnar, tonight you defend your WWE title against Kevin Nash. There are rumours that if you lose your WWE title that you will join Raw, are this true?

Brock Lesnar: Well there is no way that I will lose to Kevin Rehash. Does that answer your question?

WWE Championship
Kevin Nash vs. Brock Lesnar
Kevin Nash’s music plays and there is a huge uproar from the fans. The pyro’s go off and out walks Nash. Nash walks to the ring and enters. Nash does his signature in-ring taunt and the pyro’s above the ring go off. Brock Lesnar then walks out to a host of heat, and also walks to the ring. Brock Lesnar stops on the outside of the ring as Nash isn’t moving a cell. Nash has his eyes fixed on Brock. Brock jumps onto the apron and enters the ring. Brock hands the title over to Patrick, who gives the title to Tony Chimmel and calls for the bell. The two stand toe to toe, and Brock slaps Nash. Nash turns right back and slaps Lesnar. Lesnar staggers against the ropes and comes back at Nash with a clothesline. Nash is still standing. Brock punches Nash about fifteen times but Nash doesn’t budge. Brock goes for the clothesline but Nash hits the big boot. Nash gets Brock by the neck and drags him up and hits a Jackknife powerbomb on Lesnar. Nash pins Brock but Lesnar kicks out. Nash gets up and walks over to the corner. Nash stands in the corner as Brock gets up. Nash runs at Brock going for a clothesline but Brock ducks and backs Nash into the corner in a gore manoeuvre. Brock gets Nash in the corner and hits three gores into the corner before punching Nash five times. Brock then Irish whips Nash into the opposite corner and clotheslines Nash back into the turnbuckle pad. Nash goes for the clothesline but Brock ducks and Nash goes for a clothesline going back into the turnbuckle and Brock hits the drop toe hold and Nash goes face first into the turnbuckle. Nash staggers back up to a vertical basis and Lesnar hits the backdrop. Lesnar goes up top but Nash roles out of distance from Brock. Brock waits on the top rope and Nash gets up. Nash then kicks the ropes and Brock falls down. Nash walks over and then throws Brock back into the centre of the ring. Nash walks over and locks in a rear chin lock. Nash applies the hold for a few seconds and then releases it and changes it into a headlock. Lesnar battles back with elbows to the gut. Nash keeps the hold applied and kicks Lesnar’s knees, making him fall to his knees. The referee is asking Brock if he wants to give up and Nash uses the ropes to extract more pain out of Brock. The referee notices and argues with Nash until he releases his hold on the ropes. The referee goes back to asking Brock if he will quit and Nash again grabs the ropes. The referee eventually realises and tells Nash to release the rope. The referee tells Nash that if he does it again he will disqualify him. Nash releases the hold and knees Brock in the back. Nash then hits the pump handle slam on Brock and goes to pin him but Brock kicks out. Nash argues with the referee and pushes him down. Brock runs up behind him and hits a German suplex. Nash grabs his neck in agony, and Brock starts kicking Nash in the neck region. Brock then goes to the turnbuckle and takes the pad off. Brock then picks Nash up and Irish whips him into the exposed turnbuckle. Nash runs into it back first and falls down. Lesnar drags Nash back into the ring and then puts him on his back. Brock goes up top and hits the Shooting Star Press on Nash. The referee starts the count but at two Nash kicks out. Nash gets up and Lesnar can’t believe it. Nash turns round facing Brock who kicks him in the mid-section. Brock then hits the F5 on Nash. Brock pins Nash but at two Nash kicks out again. Both men get up and Brock waits for Nash to turn round. Nash turns round but quickly kicks Lesnar in the mid-section and hits a powerslam. Nash gets up and drags Lesnar up with him. Nash then Irish whips Lesnar into the exposed turnbuckle. Brock walks back out of the corner and Nash kicks him in the mid-section. Nash hits the Jackknife powerbomb on Brock and gets the one, two, three and becomes the new WWE champion.

Winner at 11:24 and new WWE Champion Kevin Nash

Josh Matthews goes to the ring.

Josh Matthews: Congratulations Kevin Nash on winning the WWE title. How does it feel to once again be WWE champion?

Kevin Nash: It’s an un-describable feeling to be the WWE champion, especially when you defeat a very talented young superstar like Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar attacks Kevin Nash from behind and grabs the microphone.

Brock Lesnar goes to speak and just smiles at Josh Matthews.

Brock leaves, followed by Matthews. Nash gets up after about a minute and also leaves.

We go backstage to Lilian Garcia.

Lilian Garcia: Triple H, tonight you will once again challenge Goldberg for the World Heavyweight title. What makes you think that you can win the World Heavyweight title back from Goldberg, considering that you were pinned at Armageddon by Goldberg?

Triple H: Well I have been training since our last encounter. I am fitter than the last time and I have an insurance policy.

Lilian Garcia: Evolution.

Triple H: You’ll have to wait and see.

We cut to Josh Matthews who is with Vince McMahon.

Josh Matthews: Mr. McMahon, ever since the Royal Rumble has started the winner has got a title shot at Wrestlemania. I would like to ask why have you changed this?

Vince McMahon: Well as you know this year’s Wrestlemania is number 20. I thought hat maybe the winner of the Royal Rumble will have a bigger agenda. Maybe he wants to beat someone else at Wrestlemania. The winner though can choose either the WWE champion or the World Heavyweight champion. Now please leave.

Josh Matthews then leaves.

World Heavyweight Title
Triple H vs. Goldberg
Evolution’s music starts and out walks Triple H with Nature Boy Ric Flair. They walk to the ring and enter. Goldberg’s music hits. Goldberg walks from the back with police officers guarding him. Goldberg walks to the ramp and stops. Goldberg points at them, and looks at them. Goldberg starts to laugh. Goldberg walks to the ring and waits on the outside. Ric Flair exits the ring. Goldberg then enters the ring. Goldberg takes his World Heavyweight Title from around his waist and hands it to Earl Hebner. Triple H and Goldberg meet in the ring and Hebner explains the rules. Hebner says that he won’t disqualify either until absolutely necessary, to make the match better for the fans, and the bell starts. Triple H and Goldberg tie up and Triple H gets a headlock. Goldberg backs up to the ropes and then goes to push Triple H away from him but Triple H bulldogs Goldberg. Triple H starts kicking away at Goldberg who roles away and then stands up. Goldberg spears Triple H. Goldberg stands up and picks Triple H up. Goldberg then hits the Jackhammer on Triple H. Goldberg pins Triple H but at two Ric Flair pulls Hebner out of the ring. Flair enters the ring and receives a spear from Goldberg. Flair stands up and Goldberg hits the Jackhammer. Orton and Batista run to the ring and enter. They double team Goldberg into the corner with lefts and rights. Orton and Batista double Irish whip him in the opposite corner. Orton and Batista run at Goldberg but Goldberg double clothesline them both down. Goldberg picks Orton up and hits the jackhammer on him. Goldberg then roles Orton out of the ring and squats in the corner. Batista turns round and Goldberg spears him and then roles him out of the ring. Goldberg then pins Triple H but only gets a two count. Triple H and Goldberg stand up and Triple H hits him with a DDT. Triple H stands up and scoop slams Goldberg. Triple H then locks in the Indian death lock. Goldberg is in severe pain, but he reaches the ropes. Goldberg stands up and starts limping. Triple H gets up and hits the pedigree on Goldberg and pins him but only gets two. Triple H can’t believe it. Hebner turns round and Triple H knocks him down with a right hand to the back. Triple H exits the ring and grabs a sledgehammer from under the ring. He enters the ring and also throws a chair in. Triple H hits Goldberg with the sledgehammer, knocking him down. Triple H also hits the Pedigree on the steel chair. Triple H pushes both weapons to the outside and gets Goldberg up. Triple H picks Goldberg up again and pedigree’s him down, just as the referee stirs round. Triple H pins him and the referee starts the count but Goldberg kicks out at two. Triple H then pedigree’s Goldberg again. Triple H pins him once more but Goldberg kicks out at one. Triple H can’t believe it and goes to attack the referee. Goldberg walks up and back drops Triple H. Goldberg gets up and goes to the corner. Triple H stands up and turns round but Orton grabs Goldberg’s foot and trips him up. Hebner talks to Orton and Flair throws some brass knucks to Hunter. Goldberg stands up and Hunter nails him with the brass knuckles. Hunter pins Goldberg and the referee goes to count one and Goldberg kicks out. Goldberg stands up and Orton, Batista and Flair enter the ring. Orton though knocks Hebner down and roles him outside. Orton, Batista, Flair and Batista are now beating up Goldberg in the corner with lefts, rights and kicks. Flair Irish whips Goldberg into the corner. Batista runs at Goldberg and gets speared. Orton and Flair start kicking Goldberg. They both hold Goldberg up and Triple H walks over. Hunter starts playing with Goldberg. Goldberg though low blows Triple H. Goldberg then hits elbows to Flair and Orton’s guts. Goldberg then battles back with back elbow smashes on Flair and Orton. Goldberg then spears Triple H, then Flair and then Orton. Goldberg sees Batista getting and hits the jackhammer. Goldberg picks Orton up and jackhammers him, then Flair and then Triple H. Goldberg then pins Triple H. Hebner after about 10 seconds turns round and counts the three.

Winner at 18:58 and still World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg.

Goldberg stands tall in the ring with all of Evolution down. Goldberg celebrates and the fans are going crazy. Goldberg exits the ring leaving Evolution destroyed.

Backstage we see Josh Matthews with Kurt Angle.

Josh Matthews: Tonight Kurt you will enter the Royal Rumble, something that you have not won before. Do you think you can win this tonight?

Chris Benoit: No he can’t win this because tonight the Rabid Wolverine will win the Rumble.

Kurt Angle: Well I beg to differ, I will win this. Oh It’s True It’s True.

Chris Benoit: Prove Me Wrong Kurt.

Benoit and Angle both leave in separate directions.

Royal Rumble
Participants: Shawn Michaels, Batista, Christian, Booker T, Ric Flair, Lance Storm, William Regal, Hurricane, Rene Dupree, Val Venis, Kane, Mark Jindrak, Mark Henry, Sylvain Grenier, Maven, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, John Cena, Undertaker, Ultimo Dragon, Sean O’Haire, Bradshaw, Faarooq, Hardcore Holly, Rikishi, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Rhyno, Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Howard Finkel announces the rules and starts the Rumble match.
Red pyro’s start and out walks Kane. Kane enters the ring. O’Haire then walks out and the match begins. Kane and O’Haire talk in the ring and agree to wait for the next entrant. O’Haire though hits a martial arts kick. Kane staggers into the corner and O’Haire follows up with some kicks to the gut. O’Haire Irish whips Kane into the opposite corner. O’Haire goes for the clothesline but Kane moves. O’Haire runs into the turnbuckle and Kane hits a back drop. The arena is filled with French music and out walks Rene Dupree. Dupree hits a few elbow drops on O‘Haire. Kane shoves Dupree out of the way and starts stomping a mud hole into O’Haire. Dupree low blows Kane and clubs him on the back with his forearm. O’Haire is up now and is hitting Kane with a variety of kicks. O’Haire and Dupree Irish whip Kane and hit a double hip toss on the big red machine. Dupree taunts the crowd and out runs Hardcore Holly. Whilst the cameras are on Holly, O’Haire eliminates Dupree.

Elimination Number One Rene Dupree

Hardcore dropkicks O’Haire from behind and O’Haire goes over the top rope but lands on the apron and roles back in the ring. Hardcore starts attacking Kane who just sits up. Kane stands up and clotheslines Holly down. O’Haire runs at Kane who back body drops him. O’Haire reverses it and lands on the apron. Hardcore Holly dropkicks Kane into O’Haire. O’Haire falls down but hops around and hops back into the ring. Val Venis runs out to a good pop and clotheslines O’Haire down. Venis throws O’Haire into the corner and starts punching him. Venis then runs at Holly and starts punching him. Venis then hits a bulldog on Kane. Venis goes back to O’Haire and uses the fireman’s carry to get O’Haire in the middle of the ring. Venis goes up top and hits the Money Shot but O’Haire moves. O’Haire climbs the ropes and hits the Seanton Bomb. O’Haire gets up and taunts at Venis and Kane throws him out.

Elimination Number Two: Sean O’Haire

Val Venis and Hardcore Holly start double-teaming Kane with lefts and rights. They then double clothesline Kane down. The cameras cut to Kurt Angle running to the ring. Angle goes straight for Venis and clotheslines him over the top rope.

Elimination Number Three Val Venis.

Angle then goes to work on Kane with kicks to the head. Holly and Angle double team Kane and hit a double suplex. Angle and Holly continue with kicks to Kane’s head. Kane then roles out of the ring. Holly and Angle are left in the ring and square off. They tie up and Holly low blows Angle. Holly locks in a headlock but Angle reverses with a backdrop. Angle gets up and puts Holly in a sleeper hold. After a while Holly drops to his knees. Angle drops to one knee and uses the other knee to bridge Holly. Hardcore fights back with lefts to Angle’s head. Angle releases the hold and stomps away at Holly. “Stand back, theirs a Hurricane coming through”, the Hurricane runs to the ring. Angle exits the ring and starts punching Kane. Hurricane waits until Holly stands up and he hits the Hurrislam on Holly. On the outside Angle has a chair and knocks Kane down. Hurricane grabs Holly and throws him over the top rope but Holly lands on the apron and roles back in the ring. Holly turns Hurricane round and punches Hurricane and hits the drop kick. Both get up and Hurricane goes to kick Holly in the mid-section but Holly catches his foot. Holly tries for the kick to the mid-section but Hurricane grabs Holly’s leg. They are both hoping around when Kane re-enters the ring and throws them both out.

Elimination Numbers Four and Five: Hardcore Holly and Hurricane Helms

Angle comes from behind Kane with the Angle Slam. Faarooq runs out to the ring. Faarooq runs in as Kane stands up. Faarooq runs in and clotheslines Kane down and hits the spine buster on Angle. Faarooq gets Kane up and goes for the Dominator but Kane blocks it. Faarooq goes for it again but Kane reverses it into a suplex of his own. Kane sits up and goes straight to Faarooq. Kane picks Faarooq up and walks towards the ropes but Angle kicks Kane’s knees. Kane falls to his knees and Angle scoop slams him. Angle climbs to the top rope but Faarooq comes from behind and powerbombs him on to Kane. Faarooq falls back and hits his head on the turnbuckle and falls down. All three men are down but Kane sits straight back up and tombstones Angle down. Angle roles to the outside and Faarooq are still down. Faarooq gets up and when Kane turns round he hits him with the dominator. Faarooq then falls down as Mark Jindrak runs out. Mark Jindrak runs in and starts punching away at Faarooq in a corner. Kane roles to the outside and picks Angle up and drops him stomach first into the barricade. Back in the ring Faarooq is battling out of the corner with lefts but Jindrak ends the offence with a drop kick. Jindrak gets up and then Irish whips him into the ropes and then DDT’s him into the canvas. Kane then grabs Angle and bashes his head into the ring post. Jindrak starts putting some boots in on Faarooq. Jindrak gets Faarooq up and locks in a headlock. However Faarooq immediately starts punching Jindrak’s gut and brakes the hold with a single leg take down. Jindrak holds onto Faarooq’s neck and Faarooq is DDT’d. The cameras cut back to Angle and Kane who are still fighting. Kane grabs Mark Yeaton’s chair and uses it over Angle’s skull, knocking Angle out. Kane re-enters the ring to see both Faarooq and Jindrak out. Kane picks Jindrak up who then dropkicks Kane. Kane falls backwards onto the ropes and then runs back knocking Jindrak down with the clothesline. Jindrak roles Kane up and Faarooq nails a double axe handle on Kane’s back side. Faarooq and Jindrak celebrate with a high five. They shake hands but Jindrak squeezes Faarooq’s hand. Faarooq though just stares at him and then squeezes Jindrak’s hand. Faarooq then kicks Jindrak in the mid-section and then Irish whips him against the ropes and then hits the spine buster on Jindrak. Kane gets back in the ring and hits the neckbreaker on Faarooq. Rey Mysterio jumps up through the floor and runs into the ring. Angle is finally standing up and Mysterio uses the ring post to hit the 619 on Angle. Mysterio climbs to the top rope and hits the West Coast Pop on Kane, who reverses into a powerbomb. Kane stands up and then hits the big boot on Faarooq, and then on Jindrak. Kane exits the ring and throws Angle back in the ring. Kane stands in the middle of the ring waiting for someone to stand up. Mysterio is first up and Kane backs him into a corner and Irish whips him into the corner. Mysterio though jumps up to the top rope and hits the moonsault on Kane who went for the follow up. Kane is down but quickly sits up. Mysterio runs against the ropes and dropkicks him in the face. Kane sits up again and then stands up and Mysterio goes to the top rope and hits a bulldog. Jindrak gets up and dropkicks Mysterio, however Jindrak jumped up to high and Mysterio dodged it. Mysterio then hits the leg drop on Jindrak. Mysterio then sees Faarooq standing up and runs over and punches him in the face and follows it up with a snapmare. Mysterio runs back to Jindrak and tries to eliminate him but Jindrak low blows him. Jindrak then throws Mysterio over and celebrates but Mysterio held on. Mysterio goes for the west coast pop but reverses it into a hurracanrana. Mysterio gets straight back up and then dropkicks Faarooq in the back. Faarooq falls to the middle rope and Mysterio hits the 619 on Faarooq. Faarooq falls back into the ring and trips Jindrak up. Jindrak falls down and knocks Mysterio out of the ring, and he hits his head on the floor. Kane stands up and grabs Angle. Angle is still out cold and Kane tries to eliminate but Angle goes through the middle ropes. Kane tries to grab Angles head from over the ropes, but Angle grabs his feet and pulls him out of the ring. Angle throws him into the barricade before driving him back first into the apron. The UnAmerican music starts and out walks Lance Storm. Lance Storm walks to the ring with the Canadian flag. Storm enters the ring and hits a superkick on Faarooq. Storm then dropkicks Jindrak before exiting the ring to kick Mysterio on his back. Storm then scoop slams Mysterio onto the floor and then picks him up again. He then DDT’s Mysterio into the floor. Storm re-enters the ring and locks in the single leg Boston crab on Jindrak. Angle gets back into the ring and Irish whips Storm into the turnbuckle. Angle goes for the clothesline but Storm moves and Storm and Angle get up to the second rope. Storm then hits the super piledriver. Storm gets up and then goes back to the outside. Storm picks Mysterio up and throws him into the ring. Kane the enters the ring and Storm picks Mysterio up and throws him into the corner. Kane is now fighting Faarooq in a corner and then throws him into the opposite corner of Mysterio. Storm Irish whips Mysterio and Kane Irish whips Faarooq. Faarooq and Mysterio collide in the ring and turn round. Storm dropkicks Mysterio and Kane big boots Faarooq down. Kane then uppercuts Storm back into the corner. Angle gets up and locks the ankle lock in on Jindrak. Jindrak is screaming in pain whilst Kane puts Kane on the second rope. Kane then hits a northern lights suplex on Storm. Angle releases the hold on Jindrak and applies it on Kane. Kane is in pain but stands up on his one leg and then hits the Enziguri on Angle. Bradshaw runs out next. Bradshaw runs to Faarooq and helps him up. Faarooq and Bradshaw then look straight at Jindrak. Faarooq and Bradshaw Irish whip Jindrak off the ropes and then hit the double shoulder block. Bradshaw and Faarooq then look at Lance Storm. They pick Lance Storm up and hit the double shoulder block on him. Bradshaw and Faarooq then look at Mysterio, they Irish whip him and go for the double shoulder block again but Mysterio ducks. Mysterio runs against the other ropes and dropkicks them both in the back. Mysterio goes for the double 619 but Bradshaw gets up and nails the clothesline from hell on Mysterio. Bradshaw then hits the clothesline from hell on Storm when he stands up. Bradshaw and Faarooq are left standing in the ring waiting for someone to stand up and then the noise sounds and out walks Nature Boy Ric Flair. Ric Flair walks into the ring with his robe on and the APA stand to one side. Ric Flair starts his strut and takes his robe off. Ric Flair turns round and looks at the APA and the APA stare back. All three then look at Mark Jindrak. Flair picks him up and the APA double clothesline out of the ring.

Elimination Number Six: Mark Jindrak

The APA are verbally attacking Jindrak over the top rope and Flair walks up behind then and throws them both out at the same time.

Elimination Numbers Seven and Eight: Faarooq and Bradshaw

Ric Flair looks at Mysterio and picks him up. Flair throws him over the top rope but Mysterio holds on. Mysterio then goes for the west coast pop but Flair moves backwards. Mysterio jumps off and Flair reverses it into a atomic drop. Flair then hits the knife edge chop on Mysterio who falls down. Flair goes for the elbow drop but Mysterio moves. Mysterio gets up and runs against the ropes and dropkicks Flair’s side. Flair roles towards the ropes and then gets up. Flair Irish whips Mysterio into the ropes and Mysterio comes back and goes for the wheelbarrow bulldog but Flair throws him away. Flair goes over to Mysterio but is attacked by Storm from behind. Flair Irish whips Storm into the ropes. Flair ducks his head and Storm slides through his legs and trips him up. Storm gets up and locks in the half Boston crab. Mysterio then grabs Storm from behind and eliminates him.

Elimination Number Nine: Lance Storm

Chris Benoit’s music hits and out walks the Rabid Wolverine. Chris Benoit enters the Rumble match and hits the drop toehold on Flair and then hits the back body drop on Mysterio. Benoit goes back to the outside and sets a table up and re-enters the ring. Benoit grabs Mysterio and throws him out and through the table.

Elimination Number Ten: Rey Mysterio Jr

Flair throws Benoit’s arm into the air and delivers the backdrop and then gets straight back up and locks in the figure four-leg lock. Benoit is in pain for seconds as Benoit reverses and puts the pressure on Flair. Angle locks in a headlock on Benoit. Kane kicks Angle in the head making him release the hold, and Benoit releases his hold. Benoit gets up and starts hitting knife edge chops on Kane. Kane though just stands their and hits a powerful clothesline. Ric Flair gets up and backs Angle into a corner and delivers ten closed fist punches. Flair then suplexs Angle out of the corner. Flair then goes to attack Kane, who moves and Flair hits Benoit. Kane throws Flair into the ropes and clotheslines him out.

Elimination Number Eleven: Ric Flair

Chris Benoit gets up and tries to throw Kane out of the ring, but Kane hits the back elbow smash on him. Kane goes for the clothesline but Benoit ducks and hits a German suplex. Benoit keeps the hold and hits another German Suplex, then again. In total he hits ten German suplexs, and then gets Angle up and hits ten consecutive German suplexs on him. Benoit is standing in the ring all on his own and Booker T’s music hits. Booker T runs to the ring. Booker talks to Benoit and Benoit moves to the corner. Booker T gets into the centre of the ring and does the Spinaroonie. Booker T gets up and looks at the fans and Kane gets up and throws him out of the ring.

Elimination Number Twelve: Booker T

Benoit gets Angle up and goes for another German suplex but Angle goes behind and hits a German suplex of his own. Angle gets up again with the hold still applied and does another German suplex. Angle gets Benoit up with the hold still applied and hits the release German suplex. All three men are down until Rhyno runs out. Rhyno gets in the ring and waits until Kane gets up. Kane turns round and Rhyno hits the gore. Rhyno then waits in another corner and waits until Benoit gets up and hits the gore again. Rhyno goes to another corner and goes to gore Angle. Angle moves out of the way and Rhyno’s head hits the turnbuckle. Rhyno stumbles out of the corner and Angle hits the angle slam from the inside of the ring outside and eliminates Rhyno.

Elimination Number Thirteen: Rhyno

Kurt falls down to his knees and then down on his face. All three men are down and out runs Dave Batista. Batista picks Benoit up and hits the powerbomb. Batista then gets Angle up and hits a sit out powerbomb on him. Batista grabs Benoit and gets Benoit in the powerbomb position. Batista walks to the ropes and Benoit hits the hurracanrana on Batista. Taking him out of the ring. However Batista holds onto Benoit and powerbombs him and eliminates him from the Rumble.

Elimination Numbers Fourteen and Fifteen: Chris Benoit and Batista

Angle and Kane both stand up and stagger into the middle of the ring. Angle goes for a right hand but Kane blocks and hits an uppercut. Kane backs against the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Angle hits the over head belly to belly suplex. Angle gets up as does Kane. Kane hits the big boot on Angle and climbs to the top rope. Angle gets up and hits the top rope overhead belly to belly. Angle gets straight back up and goes to the rope once again and hits the moonsault but Kane gets his knees up. Now both men are down again and Too Cool’s music hits and out walks Rikishi. Rikishi gets a big pop as it is his ninth Royal Rumble appearance and enters the ring. Rikishi drags Kane to the corner and hits the Banzai drop. Rikishi then picks Angle up and goes to eliminate him but Angle manages to drop from Rikishi’s shoulder to his feet and hits a German suplex. Angle is down again but Rikishi gets him up and Irish whips him against the ropes. Rikishi lowers his head and hits a Samoan drop on Angle. Rikishi goes to the top rope and goes for the Banzai drop but Angle roles out of the way. Rikishi is in pain and Kane sits up. Kane stands up and grabs Rikishi’s hair. He pulls Rikishi up and hits the scoop slam on Rikishi. Kane climbs to the top rope and Rikishi stands up. Rikishi turns round and Kane hits the flying clothesline from the top rope. Kane stands up and gets ready for the chokeslam. Angle runs at Kane and is grabbed at the throat. Kane chokeslams Angle and then waits for Rikishi to get up. Rikishi gets up and super kicks Kane down. Kane gets back up and hits the big boot. Rikishi falls into the ropes and Kane knocks him out of the ring with the big boot.

Elimination Number Sixteen: Rikishi

Angle and Kane are in the middle of the ring and Angle Irish whips him into the ropes. Angle and Kane both hit the clothesline and both go down. Christian walks from the back and runs to the ring. He picks Angle up and starts throwing lefts and rights and knocks him down again with a drop kick. Christian picks up Angle and hits the Impaler, and then picks him up again and hits the Unprettier. Angle gets up quickly and hits the Angle slam on Christian. Christian gets up and leans on the ropes. Angle goes for the clothesline on Christian but Christian low bridges the ropes and Angle falls to the outside.

Elimination Number Seventeen: Kurt Angle.

Christian is looking proud with himself when Kane walks up behind him and lifts him up in the air. Kane then throws Christian on to Angle.

Elimination Number Eighteen: Christian

Kane is all on his own, until John Cena walks out. John Cena walks out and cuts a rap on Kane and enters the ring. The music sounds again and out walks William Regal with the UK flag. Cena has the upper hand on Kane and hits the FU on him. Cena goes to eliminate Kane as Regal enters the ring. Cena turns round to a kick to gut from Regal. Regal hits the Regal Bomb and picks Cena up. Cena goes for the clothesline but Regal ducks and hits the neckbreaker. Regal locks on the Regal Stretch for about thirty seconds before letting go. Regal goes to work on Kane with some left kicks, but Kane sits up. Regal continues with left kicks whilst Kane stands up. Kane just hits one straight right hand and Regal falls down. Cena stands up and Kane goes to kick Cena in the mid-section but Cena holds onto Kane’s foot. Kane though hits the Enziguri. Kane stands up and grabs Regal by the throat and chokeslams him. Kane grabs Cena and chokeslams him out of the ring.

Elimination Number Nineteen: John Cena

Kane grabs Regal and goes to throw him up but Cena uses his chain to knock Kane out. Cena enters the ring and knocks Regal out and leaves. Mark Henry walks out and stops on the ramp way and beats Cena up. Cena though battles back and hits Henry over the head with a stop sign. Cena goes to the back as Henry continues his walk to the ring. Mark Henry enters and Kane sits up. Kane grabs Henry by the throat. Henry grabs Kane by the throat as well. Kane starts to give up and kicks Henry in the mid-section. Kane gets Regal up and they together pick Henry up and throw him out of the ring.

Elimination Number Twenty: Mark Henry

Regal and Kane talk and Kane gets the microphone off Howard Finkel.

Kane: I bet all of you want me to kick Regal’s ass?

Crowd cheers

Kane: Well I’m sick of listening to losers. I will continue to do what I WANT.

Kane and Regal stand in the ring and wait for the next person to enter. “Viva La Rasa”, out walks Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero to a huge pop. Eddie drives out in the low rider and parks outside the ring. Eddie Guerrero stands on the outside for the two minutes until HBK’s music hits. Shawn Michaels walks to the ring and he and Eddie enter the ring. Eddie and HBK are punching away at Regal and Kane. Shawn Michaels throws Kane out of the ring. Kane lands on the low rider and re-enters the ring. Kane hits the big boot on Shawn Michaels and exits once again. Eddie is knocked out by Regal by the power of the punch with brass knuckles. Kane re-enters the ring with the ring steps. Shawn Michaels stands up and is knocked back down by a rampaging Kane with the steps. Shawn Michaels falls to the outside and Kane tells Regal to get Eddie up. Regal tells Kane to stand still. Regal picks Eddie up and Irish whips into Kane. However Guerrero reverses it and Regal is sent into the steps. Guerrero runs and trips Kane up with the drop toe hold and Kane’s head goes straight into the ring steps. Guerrero picks Regal up and throws him over the top rope and eliminates him.

Elimination Number Twenty One: William Regal

Eddie throws the ring steps to outside. Eddie goes to the outside and checks on Shawn Michaels. Shawn is busted open and Eddie looks round and Kane has disappeared. The lights go out and we see Kane at the top of the ramp. We look next to him and we see Hector Guerrero in a noose. Hector is still standing and Kane threatens to kill Hector unless Eddie eliminates himself. Eddie goes over the top rope and eliminates himself.

Elimination Number Twenty Two: Eddie Guerrero

Kane signals for Hector to be raised anyway and he starts laughing. Mando Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero Senior and Chavo Guerrero Junior run out and beat Kane up with Mando using a knife cutting the rope before it strangles Hector. Eddie runs up to the top of the ramp and joins his relatives in beating Kane up. Before that he shoves Chavo Jr out of the way and reminds him that he is still in the Rumble. Chavo Jr goes to the back and leaves his three uncles and father to beat up Kane. Shawn Michaels is now standing in the centre of the ring. The Dead man walks from the crowd and enters the ring. Undertaker throws Shawn Michaels out of the ring but Shawn skins the cat and re-enters the ring. Undertaker turns round and walks straight into sweet chin music. Undertaker and Shawn both get up. Kane has know fought off all four Guerrero brothers and is walking back to the ring as the Undertaker clotheslines Shawn down. Undertaker gets Shawn back up and tombstones him down. Undertaker stands up and Kane enters the ring. They stand nose to nose and look each other in the eyes. Undertaker Irish whips Kane into the ropes and then they both clothesline each other down. Both sit up at the same time and get up at the same. They both turn round and stare in each others eyes once again. They both stand there for about thirty seconds and then they start exchanging right hands. They are exchanging right hands until Billy Kidman runs to the ring. Billy Kidman enters the ring and Kane and Undertaker stop and stare at him. They then grab him and through him out of the ring.

Elimination Number Twenty Three: Billy Kidman

Kane goes back to the Undertaker with right hands and then Irish whips him to the ropes. Kane kicks Undertaker in the mid-section and then hits a DDT. Undertaker though sits straight back up. Undertaker stands up and they stare off once more. Undertaker attacks Kane with a low blow and wrench’s Kane’s arm. Undertaker climbs to the top rope and hits Old School. Undertaker then wrench’s Shawn’s are and hits Old School on Shawn. Undertaker is standing tall in the ring and Kane sits up. Kane sits up and out runs Sylvain Grenier. Grenier runs in and runs straight into the Undertaker. Undertaker and Kane grab him and throw him back out.

Elimination Number Twenty Four: Sylvain Grenier

Shawn Michaels then hits the heel kick on Undertaker and the Undertaker falls out of the ring.

Elimination Number Twenty Five: Undertaker

Shawn runs at Kane who hits the tilt a whirl slam. Kane goes to the outside and drags Shawn Michaels out as well. Kane Irish whips him into the ring steps. Shawn Michaels is up but is holding his back. Shawn Michaels tries to escape Kane, who catches up and picks him up. Kane is holding HBK in the air and drops him through the Smackdown announce table. Kane then picks him up again and throws him through the ropes. Kane goes to re-enter the match again and Shawn hits the baseball slide on Kane. Kane falls back and hits his back on the barricade. Kane stands back up and goes to climb to the apron again when Shawn Michaels dives through the ropes and hits Kane. Shawn and Kane end up back in the ring where Shawn tries to eliminate Kane, who holds on. Ultimo Dragon runs to the ring and saves Kane. Ultimo goes to work on Shawn with some kicks. However Shawn fights back and drop kicks him down. Shawn Michaels sets a table up. Shawn Michaels then re-enters the ring and powerbombs Ultimo down and through the table.

Elimination Number Twenty Six: Ultimo Dragon.

Shawn Michaels walks back and is hit with a big boot to the back of the head by Kane. Kane falls back and hits his head on the turnbuckle and he falls down. Kane and Shawn are both down until Chavo Guerrero runs down. Chavo Guerrero enters the ring and is the only man standing. Chavo gets Shawn up who pushes Chavo away and nails sweet chin music and Chavo falls out of the ring.

Elimination Number Twenty Seven: Chavo Guerrero Jr

Shawn Michaels gets back up and goes to Kane and throws some rights and lefts. Shawn Michaels backs off and hits Kane with sweet chin music. Kane falls back in the turnbuckle and comes back with a clothesline. Kane gets back up and gets ready for the chokeslam. Shawn Michaels gets up and turns round as Kane uses grabs Michaels throat with his hand Kane chokeslams him. Kane picks him up and throws him out of the ring. Kane turns away as Shawn Michaels skins the cat. Shawn toots up the van and when Kane turns round hits sweet chin music. Shawn and Kane are down until the countdown hits. Chris Jericho walks out and takes his time to get to the ring. Chris Jericho gets to the ring and Shawn Michaels stands up. Kane exits over the top rope but re-enters under the bottom rope quickly before exiting the ring. Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho stand in the ring. Shawn is covered with blood and he starts the ball rolling with right hands. Shawn Michaels has the upper hand and Irish whips Jericho into the ropes. Shawn Michaels lowers his head, Jericho goes to kick him in the head but Michaels moves it. Shawn Michaels has a cocky smile on his face and drop toe holds Jericho down. Michaels gets up and stomps away at Jericho’s back. Shawn Michaels gets back up and Irish whips Jericho into the ropes and dropkicks him. Shawn picks him up and throws him out of the Rumble. Jericho holds on and skins the cat and is back in. Shawn celebrates as he thinks he has won but Jericho attacks him from behind with a forearm smash. Jericho Irish whips Shawn into the ropes and hits the back body drop. Shawn Michaels gets straight back up but is taken down with a suplex. Shawn gets up once again and is taken down once again with a suplex. Shawn gets up but kicks Jericho in the mid-section. Shawn hits the jumping tornado DDT onto Jericho and climbs to the top rope. Shawn Michaels goes for the moonsault but Jericho moves out of the way. Jericho goes to the top rope and goes for a moonsault of his own but Shawn moves. Shawn Michaels throws Jericho out of the ring.

Elimination Number Twenty Eight: Chris Jericho

Shawn exits the ring. Shawn Michaels gets the monitor from the Spanish announce table and hits Jericho with it. Jericho is knocked down and Shawn takes the other monitor and table top off. Shawn gets Hugo Savinvovich and Carlos Canberra out of the way, as well as Michael Cole and Tazz. Jericho gets up and is busted up. Jericho kicks Shawn in the gut and Irish whips him into the barricade. Chris Jericho then Irish whips him into the ring post before Irish whipping him into the steps. Jericho gets Shawn up and goes for the back drop. Jericho goes for the back drop through the Spanish announce table but Michaels reverses it. Jericho turns round and Shawn hits the double axe handle on Jericho. Shawn gets a stop sign from under the ring and hits Jericho with it about ten or twelve times. Michaels then gets a chair and knocks Jericho down Shawn gets a fire extinguisher out and sprays at Jericho. Jericho is confused and stumbles into Michaels with a right hand. Michaels though hits a right hand and grabs a trash can. Michaels puts the trash can over Jericho’s head and grabs the chair. Michaels hits Jericho with the chair and knocks him out. Michaels takes the trash can off Jericho’s head and puts him on the table. Shawn Michaels gets back in the ring and climbs to the top rope. Shawn Michaels hits the elbow drop and drives Jericho through the table.

Elimination Number Twenty Nine: Shawn Michaels

Winner at 1 Hour and 11 minutes: Kane

Jim Ross: Well Kane has won the Rumble match. What a Rumble match King, and what a night.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah JR, tonight has been an amazing ride.

Jim Ross: Tune in tomorrow night for Raw. Good night everybody.


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i think are a few too many backstage segments but then agian thats what makes it interesting. i dont think u captured the characters personallities very well because every one said they were either n a very good spot to win or had a huge task ahead of them but still that wasnt that bad. i liked the stories and the matches but i dont think having a battle royal at the royal rumble, which is a battle royal anyway, was a very practical idea.

great job though

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look at that effort, and you ppl sneer at it? I think if this actually happened people would think it was a good PPV, one of the best in a while. i say 9/10...10/10 if effort is added in. What a great rumble.

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Not a bad Rumble at all...except for Kane winning it though.

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I'm writing the Raw and SmackDown! and No Way Out shows leading up to WrestleMania XX for A-Dust. Here's the first Raw...


Highlights are shown of the Royal Rumble Match and finishes off with Kane celebrating his Royal Rumble Victory. The lights dim in the arena now and "Slow Chemical" begins playing. Everybody booes as Kane makes his way down to the ring.

Kane: "...Last night...I won the Royal Rumble...which earns me a shot at the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania...well I don't do what other people tell me to do...I do what I want! I don't want to face a champion at WrestleMania...I want to face my older brother...the Undertaker!"

I'm back...

Erich Bischoff makes his way down to the ring.

Eric: "Kane...Kane...you can't do this. And let me tell you something...you think I put you in the Royal Rumble so you can just refuse a title shot...so you can take on your brother? You're brother isn't even here...he's on SmackDown! And I highly doubt that the general manager is going to give up one of the biggest stars on their roster to Raw."

Kane grabs Bischoff by the throat.

Kane: "Listen Eric...if you don't bring my brother here before WrestleMania...it will be Kane against Eric Bischoff at WrestleMania twenty! Either I face my brother at WrestleMania...or you're going to feel my pain!"

Kane lets go of Bischoff and begins walking up the ramp. Backstage, Austin is sitting in his office drinking some beer. Triple H enters the office.

HHH: "Austin, I want my rematch right here, tonight for the World Heavyweight Championship!"

Austin: "Who the hell do you think you are? (what) You come in here (what) with your nice suit (what) your nice glasses (what) your nice shoes (what) and you ask for a title shot? (what) Well let me tell you something (what) what ever happened to climbing the mountain? (what) You remember the mountain Triple H (what) I said the mountain! (what) Every wrestler is on that mountain and the World Heavyweight Champion is at the top of the mountain. Triple H, you just lost that belt so you're going to have to start from the bottom of the mountain and work your way back up! (what)"

HHH: "What do you mean work my way back up?"

Austin: "I mean that tonight (what) it's going to be Triple H (what) versus Maven (what) Next!"

Triple H is furious as he leaves Austin's office. Austin begins drinking more beer.

King: "Did you hear that JR?"

JR: "I sure did. It's Maven and The Game, next."


Triple H Vs. Maven​

Triple H and Maven tie up. Maven is whipped to the ropes and hit with a knee to the face. Triple H picks up Maven and delivers a pedigree. Triple H picks up his opponent and delivers another pedigree. The crowd begins booing loudly as Triple H picks up Maven for the third time and delivers yet another pedigree. Hunter shows no signs of stopping as he delivers a fourth pedigree. Maven is out cold but Triple H is relentless in his assault, giving him a fifth pedigree. Triple H goes for the cover...1...2...3!
Winner: Triple H

JR: "What an assault by Triple H."

King: "He has just sent a message to Austin I think."

JR: "I sure hope Maven will be okay."

King: "What's this?"

In the parking lot, a limo pulls in. The door opens and Mr. McMahon comes out of the vehicle to a large amount of heat.

Mr. McMahon begins walking into the arena.

King: "It's the boss!"

JR: "Mr. McMahon is here? Why is he here? We'll find out later tonight, but first we gotta take a commercial break."


Lance Storm Vs. Rob Van Dam​

Both combatants tie up. Lance backs RVD up into a corner and hits him with some hard knife-edge chops. RVD reverses positions with Storm and then backs up. RVD does the "rob van dam" signal with his hands and is slapped in the face for it. Storm hits RVD with a shoulder tackle and then puts him in a headlock. RVD tries getting out of it several times but to no avail. After two minutes, RVD finally gets to his feet and gets out of the hold with some elbows to the face. RVD then follows with some quick kicks. Rob goes for a kick to the mid-section but Lance catches the foot. Van Dam fakes the enziguri the first time and hits it the second time, knocking Storm down. RVD goes to the ropes for a rolling thunder but Lance stands up and catches RVD's legs on his way down. Lance Storm locks in the maple leaf. RVD is in pain as he screams and reaches for the ropes. RVD is about to get to the ropes but Lance pulls Van Dam right back to the center of the ring. Everyone in the crowd begins chanting "RVD!RVD!". This pumps up RVD and gives him the motivation to get to the ropes. RVD gets to his feet and Lance runs at him only to be backdropped to the floor. RVD goes to the apron and hits a moonsault onto Storm. RVD gets Storm back in the ring after a count of seven and climbs to the top rope. Lance is up on his feet and gets a kick in the face from the top rope for it. Van Dam goes for the cover...1...2-kickout! RVD hits a weak bodyslam and goes for rolling thunder. He hits it this time and then goes up top. RVD goes for the five star frog splash but misses. Lance takes advantage of the situation and puts Rob again into a Maple Leaf Submission. It takes a while, but RVD eventually gets to the ropes to break the hold. Lance goes for a superkick but RVD catches the foot and spins his opponent around. Van Dam goes for a martial arts kick but Lance ducks and hits a DDT. Both competitors are down as the referee begins the 10 count...1...2...3...Lance and Van Dam begin moving...4...5...6...Lance is up to his feet and goes to the corner. Lance appears to pull something out of the turnbuckle pad and put it in his hand. RVD quickly gets to his feet as his opponent's back is turned and splashes him in the corner. RVD lays Lance down in the center of the ring and climbs to the top rope. RVD goes for the five star frog splash but Lance sticks up his hand and nails RVD in the face. Lance goes for the cover...1...2...3!
Winner: Lance Storm

Replays are shown and the object on Storm's hand appears to be brass knuckles. Storm celebrates his victory as RVD is out cold. Meanwhile, Cameras go to a locker room where paramedics are surrounding somebody. It's Booker T!

Goldust: "Is he gonna be all right? This sucks! I'm going to find out who did this to you Booker...I will get my revenge."

Austin: "Don't worry about Booker T, he'll be fine. You should worry about yourself, you have to defend your Intercontinental Title next against Randy Orton. The paramedics will take care of Booker, you get ready for your match...Now!"

Goldust leaves as paramedics continue to check up on Booker T.

King: "What happened to Booker T.?"

JR: "I'm not sure King. But next we got an Intercontinental Title Match between Goldust and The Legend Killer, Randy Orton."


Intercontinental Championship Match: Goldust (c) Vs. Randy Orton​

Goldust and Randy Orton start off by circling the ring. Both get in a tie up and Orton quickly follows with an armwrench put into a headlock. Goldust has trouble at first but pushes Orton to the ropes and is taken down with a shoulder tackle. Orton runs to the ropes again, this time Goldust drops to the mat to avoid contact and then whips Orton to the outside. Goldust capilalizes by sliding to the outside and slapping the challenger. Goldust grabs Orton and is whipped into the steel steps. Orton gets in the ring and taunts the crowd, receiving a lot of heat. Goldust gets to the apron afterwards and is suplexed right back in. Orton goes for the cover...1...2-kickout! Orton drops the elbows on Goldust and then puts him in a headscissors submission hold. Goldust is asked by the ref if he wants to submit but he says no. Orton begins using the ropes for leverage while the referee is not looking. The ref almost catches Orton using the ropes but he quickly let go. The crowd tries to tell the referee that Orton's been using the ropes but the Legend Killer tells them to shutup. Ric Flair makes his way down to the ring and onto the apron. Orton uses the ropes now for a lot of leverage until Goldust appears to be passed out. Ric Flair gets off the apron and the refere checks on Goldust. He raises the arm of Goldust to see if he is still conscious, but it quickly drops. The referee raises it again but still no answer. If it drops one more time there is a new Intercontinental Champion but Goldust does not allow that to happen. Goldust keeps the arm up on the third time and reverses the headscissors with the electric chair and then both men are down. The referee begins the 10 count...1...2...3...4...Goldust begins to move...5...6...7...8...both men to their feet and hit eachother with lefts and rights. Goldust gains the advantage and runs to the ropes. Orton hits an atomic drop and attempts the RKO but Goldust reverses it into the Curtain Call. Goldust goes for the cover...1...2...Flair gets Orton's leg on the ropes! Goldust goes to the outside and begins chasing Flair and is eventually hit with an unsuspecting baseball slide from Orton. Randy whips Goldust hard into the steel steps for a second time and then puts Goldust back in the ring. The Legend Killer climbs to the top rope in an attempt for a huge cross body block but Goldust ducks to avoid contant. Flair gets on the ropes and is furious. Goldust knocks Flair off the apron and is then rolled up by the challenger...1...2...kickout by Goldust! Orton sets up for the RKO and nails it. The sounds of a car crashing hits and Mick Foley makes his way down to the ring. Orton begins arguing with Foley who is on the outside. Goldust comes from behind and hits Orton with another Curtain Call. Goldust goes for the cover...1...2...3!
Winner: Goldust

Goldust and Mick Foley celebrate in the ring as Flair and Orton go back up the ramp.

Vince McMahon is walking backstage and Bischoff is following him.

Eric: "Mr. McMahon, why are you here?"

Vince: "It's strictly business, Eric."

Eric: "That's what I'm afraid of...now what business is this about?"

Vince: "I'm just here to fix a couple of problems on Raw."

Vince goes into his office and slams the door on Eric.

Eric: "He better not mean me."


Shawn Michaels Vs. Batista​

HBK comes down to the ring first, then as Batista makes his way out, Shawn meets him in the aisle way and they start brawling. Batista tosses Shawn into the ring, and the bell is rung to officially begin the match. HBK gets the advantage with punches, but Batista pokes him in the eyes and starts hitting punches and chops. Michaels comes back with punches, and hits his opponent with a lariat. Shawn follows with a cross bodyblock and a cover...1...2-kickout! Batista gets up and closelines the Showstopper from behind HARD! Batista begins yanking on HBK's left leg, and drops his weight on it from the ropes. The animal grapevines the leg and drops down. Batista applies a toehold and wrenches the leg, but HBK reverses into a figure four. Batista makes it to the ropes. Batista rolls to the floor for a breather. Shawn goes outside to continue the assault and Batista decks him with a punch, then tosses him back in. Shawn hits a series of punches, but Batista backdrops him to the floor after being run at. The strongest member of Evolution goes outside and throws his opponent back in. Batista hits a vertical suplex twice then slaps Shawn in the back of his head and trash talks him. Batista knees HBK in the head and hits another vertical suplex followed by a cover...1...2-kickout! HBK is locked into a waistlock but he reverses it into a waistlock of his own. Batista elbows free, but Micaels grabs him again and Anarchy reverses it with two german suplexes. Batista pounds Shawn in the back, then hits two more. Batista attempts for another one but the Showstopper reverses it with a tornado DDT. Shawn goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Batista gets away, pokes Shawn in the eyes, then hits a high knee, sending HBK into the ropes. Batista puts Shawn on the top rope, but Shawn fights off the superplex attempt. Batista gets back on him, and hits the superplex. Both competitors slowly get up, and Batista hits the fallaway slam with a cover...1...2...Scorpion kicks out! Batista complains towards the referee, then gives Shawn a second fallaway slam, but he falls through the ropes to the floor. Batista goes outside and rams his opponent into the ringpost. Batista rams Shawn into the ringpost again, and Shawn is now bleeding. Batista rams him into the post a third time. Batista goes to use the ring bell as a weapon, but the referee takes it away. Two more shots into the post, then Batista pounds HBK on the floor. Batista just measures his opponent with left and right hands on the floor. Batista tosses Shawn into the ring, and goes for the cover...1...2...kickout!. Batista sends Shawn back to the floor, and tosses him into the same ringpost again. Batista rams Shawn into the announcer s table. Batista lifts Shawn, but he floats over and shoves his opponent over the barricade into the crowd. Batista gets back up, and suplexes Shawn over the wall onto the concrete. They stay in the crowd for a moment, then Batista throws HBK back over the wall to ringside. As Batista climbs back over the wall, Shawn grabs the leg of his opponent for an ankle lock. The Showstopper takes Batista by the ankle and drags him up the steps and into the ring. Shawn, a bloody mess, locks in the figure four, but Batista makes it to the ropes. Batista goes to the floor, and Shawn eventually goes after him and hits a cross body block from the ring to the floor. Batista fires off some punches, but Shawn gives him Sweet Chin Music. Shawn rams Batista into the announcer s table, then puts him back in the ring. HBK hits the elbow drop followed by a cover...1...2...kickout!. HBK starts throwing punches, and the two trade right hand attempts, but Batista ends up applying a sleeper hold and sweeps HBK's legs so they fall to the mat. Shawn fights up, and kicks off the corner to put his opponent in a pinning position, but Batista rolls over and holds on to the sleeper hold. The referee checks his arm, but Shawn keeps it up on the third time. HBK uses the ropes to shrug Batista off to the outside. Batista gets back in and measures Shawn for a HUGE spinbuster! He hits it and goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Batista is irrate. Shawn slowly gets up, holding on to Batista. Batista slaps Shawn, and goes for another spinbuster but HBK fights out of it with right hands, comes off the ropes and hits a flying forearm. HBK springs to his feet and sets up for Sweet Chin Music.
Flair nails HBK with a low blow. Batista gets up and hits the demonic powerbomb in the center of the ring! Batista goes for the cover...1...2...3!
Winner: Batista

JR: "That sucks! Flair hits Michaels with the low blow and it cost him the match."

King: "What a win for Batista!"

JR: "No...what a win for Batista...and Ric Flair!"

Kane is backstage watching the end of the Buried Alive Match from Survivor Series. Kane begins laughing.

JR: "How peverse is Kane?"


Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring.

Vince: "Ladies and gentlemen...you may all be wondering why I am here tonight. I am here with a huge announcement. I am here to say that I am officially taking over Raw! (Crowd boos.) That's right, and the first thing I'm going to do is..."

If ya smell...

The Rock surprisingly shows up to a HUGE pop. The Rock gets in the ring and grabs a mic.

Rock: "Finally...the Rock has come back to Raw. Now let me tell you something Vince, you might as well get your monkey ass out of this ring now before I lay the smackdown on it! (Vince gets out of the ring.) Now, the jabroni beating, pie eating, all around, smacketh down people's champ the Rock is back with one purpose...one goal in mind and that is to see if I've still got what it takes to be in the WWE. I've been making movies for a while now and it's been a while since the Great One's been in the ring. So here's a proposal...unlike the one between Billy and Chuck had. For Raw, live, next week...I'm issuing a challenge to anybody who will go one ON ONE with the GREAT ONE!"


Ric Flair makes his way down to the ring.

Flair: "Hey Rocky. How's it going? You see, there's a problem. While you were gone...there were a lot of new guys coming in. I wouldn't mind taking you out next week, but then Triple H stopped me and said that he wanted you in the match. Then Orton said he wanted to kill the legend known as the Rock!"

Rock: "...Nature Boy. Woah, woah, woah, come damn before you crap out a monkey. It's been a while...could you answer me a question...what is your name?"

Flair looks around and decides he's not going to answer it.

Rock: "See...you're so old you don't even remember your own name. Well let me tell you something, in this ring right now, you have one of the greatest World Champions of all time, he's known around the world for all his success in the wrestling world, he's fought in cage matches with the best and he's beaten them all...he's fought for an hour but he beat them all...considered the greatest wrestler alive today...and then you got Ric Flair staring right into his eyes. Flair, get out of the ring, you're making the Rock look like a mid-carder."

Batista comes through the crowd and turns Rock around. Batista hits the demonic powerbomb on Rock and then celebrates with Flair.

Flair: "We'll see you the mid-carder is next week Rock. Batista accepts your challenge for next week. Not only that but you're gonna have to deal with the kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, limousine riding, jet flying, sixteen time world champion...Ric Flair! Woooooo!"

Flair and Batista celebrate in the ring as the Rock lays there out cold to end the show.

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This is just an update. I am no longer expecting Juvy to write the shows as I know he has other commitments, such as running CCWF. I am no longer going to write No Way Out, but am going to write Wrestlemania XX still.


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I'll continue it's just that I'm very busy and I've been having tons of computer problems. You can actually expect the first smackdown show to go up soon since I just got a new computer. I'll try and go fast too so u can be posting WMXX soon enough. You'll like the shows. Sorry for taking forever.
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