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I'm going to start my own RAW brand. I will use the current RAW roster as it is now on wwe.com and my 1st RAW is set the night after Wrestlemania.

Please give your opinions or suggestions after reading any of my shows. I will also do the Backlash pay-per-view and if someone is willing to do the Smackdown brand we can do the joint ppv's as well.

I hope you enjoy!!

Eddie Guerrero def. Kurt Angle (wwe title)
Chris Benoit def Triple H (whc)
Brock Lesnar def. Goldberg
Undertaker def Kane
The Rock def Shawn Michaels
Mick Foley def Randy Orton
Christian def Chris Jericho (IC title)
John Cena def Big Show (US title)
WGTT def The Dudleyz, Evolution & the Bashams
Chavo Guerrero won 10 man Battle Royal (CW title)

This is the first WWE Raw the night after Wrestlemania XX and what a night it was!!!

JR: Welcome ladies and gentlemen we are live in??? Just 24hrs after the greatest night in WWE history!! I’m Jim Ross with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and wow what about last night King!!

King: Well what a night JR, what matches!! But Goldberg is gone from the WWE, unbelievable!! I can’t believe he lost to Brock Lesnar!! Goldberg is gone JR!!

Highlights role of the Lesnar vs. Goldberg match and Goldberg has to retire after being pinned following 2 successive F5’s and a chair shot.

JR: Also last night folks, Chris Benoit won the World Heavyweight Championship by making HHH tap out to the crippler cross face in one of the all-time great matches!!

King: But JR what about The Undertaker and Kane how are they doing after their match last night if it is possible to call it a match!!

JR: Yes of course King, Ladies & gentlemen I would have to say that what we saw between The Undertaker and Kane last night was the most hellacious, barbaric, disturbing thing we have ever seen in the WWE. That had nothing to do with wrestling or contest, it was just pure hatred and the will to hurt and make the other person suffer.

We hear a screech of tires and out walks the ‘Hardcore Legend’ Mick Foley to a thunderous ovation!!

JR: Well here he is King and what about his win over Randy Orton last night!?

King: I still can’t believe it JR and I don’t think that Randy Orton can either. That was like looking back in time at the Mick Foley of old as he beat the Legend Killer!

Foley can’t speak until the huge pop subsides.

Foley: Well while I can say that last night was without doubt one of the greatest wins of my wrestling career and I’d love to celebrate it with all of you I can’t help but feel a bit hollow. I feel a bit hollow because even though I am out here celebrating with a packed out stadium full of screaming fans there is one person who’s not celebrating and I would really like him to join me. So I’d like to invite
Randy Orton to come out to the ring right about now.

Orton’s music hits but he only comes out to the entrance way. He looks very sad and disappointed after his loss and receives big heat from the crowd.

Orton: What do you want Mick, you beat me last night, you got what you wanted, you got your name back, you embarrassed me in front of the world on the biggest stage, what do you want from me???

Foley: Well Randy it’s quite simple, you see, you and I aren’t quite that different as some people may think.

Orton: What are you talking about??

Foley: Well I mean that when I was in my prime I did whatever it took to get the job done and did whatever it took to get to the top. Much like what you were doing when you tried to disgrace my name just a few weeks ago. You were trying to get to the top Randy and that’s something I believe it or not, admire. Now call me crazy if u like, call me a bit cooky but it’s something that I like about you.

Orton: What are you getting at Mick??

Foley: What I’m trying to say Randy, is that you have more talent that I ever had as a wrestler and from what I’ve seen you have more talent than any other young wrestler that has set foot in a WWE ring. Randy, you just need to harness those talents and have the determination I had as a wrestler. You have to be willing to take the blood and the tears and the broken bones and keep crawling your way to the top. Randy, do you want to be one of the greatest superstars of all-time and be remembered in history??

Orton: Yeah, of course I do.

Foley: Randy, make sure you think about because i’m not talking about being the so-called ‘legend-killer’ and wrestling some buck toothed old hack like me who hasn’t wrestled in years, I’m talking about being the World Heavyweight Champion, the top of the mountain, the man chased by all, do you wana be that man Randy??

Orton: Yeah

Foley: Well sunny boy there’s only one thing, no I’m sorry one group that’s holding you back from your dream and I’m talking about Evolution and I’m talking about that scum sucking excuse for a man Triple H. Triple H doesn’t care about your dreams Randy, he’s using you to achieve what he wants to achieve and you’re keeping him propped up. Oh and by the way bad luck last night trips.

IT’S TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!!! Triple H has apparently had enough and looking, badly bruised, beaten up and very surly walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring with the ‘Hardcore Legend followed’ by Orton. Foley and ‘The Game’ eyeball each other and atmosphere is electric.

King: Oh my god JR!!!!

JR: This atmosphere is electric; this is gona get out of control any second, look at The Game, this could explode!!

HHH: Who in the hell do you think you are Mick, you think that you can just talk to my team like that??

Foley: Randy, this guy has been using this whole time, you’re better off without him and he’s holding you back from achieving what you want to achieve.

HHH: Shut up!! Don’t listen to him Randy. Look you freak, Randy Orton doesn’t care what you say and even if he did I’ve already talked to Eric Bischoff and he’s given me a no 1 contenders match for a title shot at Backlash tonight and I am going to win and then take the World Heavyweight Championship off Chris Benoit!!!

Foley: Well Hunter, that’s all good and well for you but did Eric Bischoff happen to tell you who your opponent was tonight??

HHH: He gave me the final decision on my opponent and I’ve already chosen him, Spike Dudley!!!

Foley: Sorry Triple H but that’s just not gona happen. You see I already heard about your match and didn’t like the idea so I talked to a good friend of mine and he’s got a much better idea so Id like him to come out now please.

The breaking of glass hits the arena as the one and only Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way onto the entrance way to a huge pop!!

SCSA: Well Triple H lets get right down to it, I heard about your scheduled match with Spike and I did not see that as a good option. Spike still has a sore neck from his last Pedigree on RAW a couple of weeks ago and is unable to compete. Triple H you were knowingly put another superstar’s health in danger and that is break-in Stone Cold’s law. Now seeing Spike is out if you don’t have an opponent the title shot would be yours.

HHH: Yeah, that’s right and at Backlash, I’m gona….

SCSA: Whoa Whoa Whoa not so fast I wasn’t finished. As I was saying you’re breaking Stone Cold’s law and according to section 3-16 Stone Cold Steve Austin is required to do somethin’ about it!!

HHH: What!! Austin you stupid…

SCSA: Shutup!! As I was saying, I gave a good friend of mine, Linda McMahon a call and she granted me permission to reassign your opponent for tonight.

Huge cheers from the crowd. Triple H goes into one of his angry fits jumping around the ring.

SCSA: So tonight, theres gona be a match
SCSA: For a shot
SCSA: At the World Heavyweight Championship
SCSA: At Backlash
SCSA: Against Chris Benoit
SCSA: And it will be
SCSA: Triple H
SCSA: Versus
SCSA: Randy Orton!!
The crowd is half cheering and half stunned

SCSA: And that’s the bottom line ‘cos Stone Cold said so!!

Stone Cold exits with the crowd shocked.

Foley: See here Randy, now you’ve got a choice. You can give up your hopes and dreams, stay with Evolution and watch Triple H in a title match at Backlash or you can take this opportunity and possibly become the next World Heavyweight Champion. What’s it gona be??

Triple H starts laughing.

HHH: Ha ha, c’mon Randy lets leave this freak to think about just how stupid he is.

HHH starts to leave but Orton just keeps standing in the ring.

HHH: C’mon Randy what are you doin?

Orton remains in the ring and looks around at the mat as if he’s thinking intensely.

HHH: What the hell are you doing Orton? You’re not actually thinking about this are you??

Foley: Yes I think he Is trips, because he knows this is what he has lived for, I no how you feel Randy waking up every day and wishing for a shot at the gold wondering when your day will come, well this could be your only opportunity Randy, take it!!!

Orton: I’ll do it

There are some pops for this.

HHH: What!! Whaddya mean you’ll do it??

Orton: I want to be the next Heavyweight Champion.

Orton turns his back on HHH and exits.

Foley: That’s my boy, bye trips, oh and trips, hava nice day!!!

Foley exits pleased and Triple H is standing in the ring with a bewildered look on his face.

JR: Its gona be Orton versus Triple H for a title shot tonight!!
King: Oh my god!!


Back from the break and a quick review of how the Orton vs. Triple H main event came about showing Austin and Foley’s influence. JR and King speculate on if Randy Orton is finished with Evolution.

Orton is in the locker room by himself but is then approached by Batista and Flair.

Flair: Hey Randy, what in the hell were you doin out there? You’re not really goin through with this are you?

Batista: Yeah, and if you are, you don’t actually think you can win (laughing).

Orton: You’re damn right I’m goin through with it and I’m not sure id I’m gona win, but you can be damn sure I’ll be in there fightin with every ounce of strength I have.

Orton leaves with Flair and Batista looking angry.

Its time for the first match of the night with La Resistance taking on Booker T & Maven. This match is determining the number 1 contenders for a match against Evolution at Backlash.

La Resistance vs. Booker T & Maven

START: Dupree starts off against Maven as they lock it up in the ring. Maven starts impressively hitting a good dropkick, then nearly rolling up Dupree for a quick win.
MIDDLE: Dupree starts to get back on top and wears Maven down with a good sleeper. Maven recovers but not for long as Conway is tagged in and hits a couple of good suplexes and strong right hands. Conway tries another suplex but Maven manages to reverse it and runs to the corner and tags in Booker T.
Booker T gets his team back into the match with some hard chops and gets a near fall. The ‘Booker man’ tries to hit a scissors kick on Conway but he moves out of the way and plants a big power bomb on Booker T. Before Conway gets a chance to pin Booker T, he is taunted by Maven so tries to nail him with a kick.
Maven ducks the kick and pulls Conway to the outside of the ring. Maven hits Conway with some right hands before the ref. orders him to stop. Dupree makes a blind tag on Conway but now Booker T is back up. Booker T hits some chops and then tags in Maven.
FINISH: Maven hits some right hands and then a DDT on Dupree before going to the top rope and hits a diving leg drop for the pin.

The winners and new no 1 contenders for the tag championships, Maven & Booker T!!

The new World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit is shown walking into the arena and is talking aggressively to an official in the hallway before being approached by The Coach.

Coach: Well Chris after your win last night…

Benoit takes the mic…

Benoit: You mean after my World Championship win. You mean after the greatest night of my life!! Now, what’s this I’ve heard about Orton thinking he’s gona face me at Backlash. Well, I hope he does because that kid hasn’t got a hope he’s just a boy playing in a man’s game. Orton if you win tonight, I’m asking you to prove me wrong!!

Exit Benoit. Coach is left standing.

Eric Bischoff is shown in his office and is approached by RVD.

RVD: Hey Eric, look I was wondering seeing I didn’t have a match at Wrestlemania last night, if I could get a match tonight??

ERIC: Oh yeah, and what sort of match did you have in mind??

RVD: I duno… like a match against Christian for the Intercontinental Title?

ERIC: Well, as tempting as it is R-V-D, I was going to book Christian in a match against Spike Dudley tonight. But how about this, RVD vs Christian & Matt Hardy in a 3 on 1 handicap match. Oh, and it’s up next.

RVD: Whatever

The members of Evolution are shown minus Randy Orton.

Flair: Look Hunter, I really think Randy is gona go through with this, what are you gona do? This can not be good for Evolution. We need to convince Randy to stop the match and let you be the number one contender.

HHH: Orton is not gona pull out of the match. And if Randy wants a match, he’ll get a match, and if he thinks he’s gona beat ‘The Game’ he’s got another thing coming. He can try all he wants to beat me Ric, but he will not leave the ring the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship!!

Oh, and when I say he won’t leave the ring, he won’t leave the ring.

JR: Well what does that mean for Orton!?

King: I think it means bad news for Orton, and I think it means the end of Orton as a member of Evolution!!

Its time for the second match of the night as the RVD hits the ring to a big pop but it’s going to be a tough night for ‘Mr. Monday Night’ because he’s taking on Matt Hardy and the Intercontinental Champion Christian with Trish Stratus. JR tells the audience how Christian cheated Jericho not just out of the IC title but also stole Trish at Wrestlemania.

RVD vs. Christian & Matt Hardy

START: Christian pretends to start things off against Rob Van Dam but Matt Hardy ‘Version 1’ hits a cheap shot from behind and apparently; he’s gona start off in the ring. Hardy hits some right hands and a back drop which gets a two count.
MIDDLE: With RVD down Christian tags himself in and applies a reverse chin lock. RVD manages to struggle out of it hits some offense. Christian is down after a powerslam so Matt Hardy tries to interrupt in the ring. Hardy feels the Rolling Thunder but Christian is back up and nails RVD with a big neck breaker.
FINISH: Hardy heads up top and slams into RVD on the mat with a diving leg drop. Christian tags himself in and hits the Unprettier for the win.

As Christian & Hardy celebrate and walk to the back Jericho emerges from the behind the curtain with the chair and nails Hardy across the back of the head. Jericho then hits Christian with some big right hands then picks up the Intercontinental Title belt and hits Christian who falls of the stage area. Jericho then walks to the edge of the stage and then turns around and hits a huge moonsault onto a lying Christian. The crowd is going nuts as both superstars are lying motionless.


JR: Well folk’s just moment ago after Christian and Matt Hardy’s win over RVD, Chris Jericho appeared and managed to beat the living hell out of Christian.

Footage is shown

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring for tonight’s main event and here comes Triple H accompanied by Ric Flair and Batista.

Randy Orton vs. Triple H (Winner is the new No 1 Contender)

START: Orton and Triple H stalk each other before locking it up in the middle and Triple H overpowers Randy Orton, throwing him to the mat. The third-generation superstar gets back up and this time overpowers ‘The Game’. Third time around and again Orton wins the mini-battle. Before another lock-up Triple H gives Orton a kick to the gut and elbows him to the mat. A suplex on Orton and then an early sleeper hold wear down the young superstar.

MIDDLE: With Triple H completely on top he goes for the Pedigree which, Orton counters into a back toss. Orton quickly climbs up top and goes for a cross body but Triple H ducks out of the way. ‘The Game’ now mounts Orton and hits stiff right hands and gets a two count. As the game is doing this Mick Foley makes his way down the ramp and this distracts Triple H. Orton takes his opportunity and hits a huge dropkick. Orton has all the momentum and hits some shots to the chin of Triple H. Batista distracts Orton as Ric Flair grabs a chair. Mick Foley grabs Flair and starts beating ‘The dirtiest player in the game’ through the crowd.

FINISH: Orton knocks Batista out of the ring but turns around & Triple H tries to smash him with the chair. Orton ducks and then hits the RKO for the 1-2-NO!!! ‘The Game’ kicked out!! Just, by millimeters Triple H kicked out and the match continues. Both men are up and Orton starts hitting some right hands and hits a DDT on Triple H. Orton goes to climb up top again but sees Batista approaching so flys out of the ring and hits him with a massive flying body-press which gets the crowd going nuts!!! However, Orton is completely out cold and looks like he’ll be counted out. The count gets to 7 before Stone Cold runs out and drags Orton back into the ring just before the 10 and the crowds is on their feet!! Triple H is up and glaring at Austin but now turns his attention to Orton. Beating down on Orton ‘The Cerebral Assassin’ dominates with a back-breaker and gets a very near fall. He starts going into one of his fits on the mat and then tries to annihilate Orton with a chair shot he ducks it and then devastates Triple H with an RKO onto the chair. Orton just manages to roll over onto Triple H and the referee counts the 1-2-3 and Orton is going to Backlash!!

All of a sudden Chris Benoit runs down to the ring and starts kicking Orton who is still down on the mat, Benoit then puts the Crippler Crossface on Orton who is screaming in pain as RAW goes off the air!!

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Really, really good dude. Lots of description which gets points in my book, but if this were run in real life, you'd only get about an hour long show. If you done this intentionally because youthought the equivalent of a two hour show would be too long for people to read, then I give you 9/10. But if you accidentally made it too short, I give you 7/10, still a great score thanks to some fine writing.

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thanks for the comments.

I think that the lenth was half deliberate. I didn't want it to be too long too read and also wanted quality no quantity. This allows for more time and emphasise on storylines and average superstars not getting too much time. A good comment and a valid point. Cheers and keep your opinions coming because i want to improve!!

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Ok here we go, RAW number two!!

Footage of Randy Orton’s win last week against Triple H to become the number 1 contender and then being put in the Crippler Crossface by Chris Benoit.

The fireworks go off in the arena and its time for RAW!!

JR: Hello fans and welcome to ?? This is going to be a big night of RAW folks, during the week two matches were set, Christian vs. The Hurricane in a non-title match and RVD vs. Matt Hardy in a high-flying singles match-up.

King: But what about Triple H and Evolution JR, they’ve gota be looking for revenge on Orton after last week.

JR: Yes folks what a performance by Randy Orton but at what cost, what danger has Orton put himself in by breaking out of Evolution!?! Triple H is not yet here but I’m sure that he will be targeting Orton at some stage.

King: Incoming!!!

The Dudleyz fireworks deafen the fans in the arena as they are about to take on Val Venis & Lance Storm in tag team action!!

The Dudleyz vs. Val Venis & Lance Storm

START: Lance Storm starts off very quickly against D’Von with some impressive takedowns, holds and arm bars. Val Venis is tagged in and hits a suplex followed by a quick scissor sweep.
MIDDLE: Bubba Ray gets involved after being tagged in following a D’Von Dudley eye gouge to Storm when the refs back was turned. Bubba Ray gets in control against Storm with a strong shoulder block and his trademark jabs to the Canadians jaw. Bubba then hits a scoop slam and D’Von is tagged back in and picks up where his partner left off. D’Von is on top but then makes a mistake by throwing Storm into his own corner and allowing ‘The Big Valbowski’ to get a blind tag. Venis hits D’Von with a clothesline and a DDT and climbs up top looking for the money shot.
FINISH: Bubba Ray pretends to trip on the apron, knocks the ropes and now Venis is down on the mat. While the referee is chatting Bubba Ray, D’Von goes to get a chair and takes a swing at Storm on the outside which, Storm ducks and then knocks D’Von out with a big kick. Storm picks up the chair but the referee turns around and thinks Storm hit D’Von with it so Venis & Storm are disqualified and The Dudleyz pick up the win.

Winners via DQ: The Dudleyz

Bubba: Cut the music!! What the hell is going on here at RAW? We are the greatest Tag Team Champions in the history of the WWE; we have held the belt more times than any other group. But last week, we weren’t even involved in a match to be the number one contenders. Instead of it being us challenging Evolution, it’s Maven and Booker T?? What the hell?

D’Von is back up after the kick and grabs the mike.

D’Von: We don’t care what we have to do; we are gona win the World Tag Team Championships!!

Orton begins to be interviewed by The Coach.

Coach: Congrats last night Randy, now no offense but how stupid are you. You’re putting yourself in the firing line of Evolution. I mean Triple H and Ric Flair; these are two of the biggest superstars ever.

‘You forgot me’

The camera swings to show the monster, Batista.

Orton: You got something to say to me

Batista: You’re damn right I do you little pipsqueak!! I wana know what makes you think your so special? What makes you think that you’re good enough to leave Evolution and become the World Heavyweight Champion? You think you’re the hottest superstar around but you’re not!!

Orton: Oh yeah

Batista: Yeah, I’m the best young superstar on RAW and you’re not half the man I am. I’ve got the strength, the power and the ability to pull that little head straight off your puny neck!!

Orton: You think so?

Batista: I know so.

Orton: Well how about tonight, you prove it!!

Batista: Alright, but you’re gona wish you never said that. And since your so confident, how about you put a little more at stake.

Orton: Let me guess, you want to be number 1 contender.

Batista: No!! If I win Triple H is the number 1 contender.

Orton: You’re such an idiot, oh and tonight, how about you have the guts to come and face me without old man Flair holding your hand!!

Orton walks away.

Batista: We’ll see who the idiot is after tonight.


RVD comes out to pops and is about to take on Matt Hardy Version 1.0.

RVD vs. Matt Hardy

START: RVD barely let’s Hardy into the ring and starts on the attack early obviously upset from last weeks handicap match against Hardy & Christian. A couple of right hands and a strong roundhouse kick to the side of the head floors Hardy.

MIDDLE: RVD kicks Hardy on the ground and then takes him to the corner and hits a nice monkey flip. RVD goes up top and watches a groggy Hardy climb to his feet and hits a missile dropkick from the top. This gets a two count which, is then followed by a spinning leg drop, another two count and RVD is completely on top. Van Dam sets Hardy up for the Rolling Thunder but at the last second ‘Version 1.0’ rolls out of the way to the outside. The opponents are now trading punches on the outside and RVD gets Hardy lying over the barricade. RVD goes for his spinning leg drop off the apron but again Hardy moves and Van Dam is screaming in pain and holding his knee to chants of ‘Holy Shit!!, Holy Shit!!’

FINISH: Hardy takes his opportunity and brings Van Dam back in the ring. RVD tries to go after Hardy with a spinning heel kick but Hardy is waiting for it, he ducks and then Matt Hardy ‘Version 1.0’ hits the Twist of Fate for the upset win.

Winner: Matt Hardy

After the match Hardy leaves celebrating and RVD remains in the ring looking devastated.

Orton is in the dressing room and approached by Mick.

Foley: Hey Randy how are ‘ya doin? I just found out that Batista has requested that tonights match is a non-disqualification match and Bischoff granted his request.

Orton: Great Mick, thanks for last week you really opened my eyes and thanks to you I’ve got a title shot a Backlash so long as I beat Batista tonight.

Foley: Good luck tonight Randy but remember, even though Triple H isn’t here now, you’ve gota watch you’re back during your match tonight. Trust me because I know from experience, you can never trust Triple H.

Orton: Thanks Mick

The camera follows Mick out of the locker rooms and Ric Flair is there waiting.

Flair: What the hell where you doin in there??

Mick: Outta my way Flair

Flair: Woh, hold up what do you think you’re doin I wana talk to you. Now Triple H may be concentrating on breaking Orton in half and by god he’s gona do it. But Mick, I am holding you, you!! Entirely responsible for corrupting our boy Randy Orton. Believe you me Mick, I’ve got my eye on you and if you get involved with Orton and Triple H, or for that matter the ‘Nature Boy’ Wooooooo!! It’ll be your ass that I come after.

Flair walks away and Mick is smiling with a crazy, not-so toothy grin.

Next up it’ll be the World Heavyweight Champion facing Booker T in a non-title match.

Chris Benoit vs. Booker T

START: Benoit starts on top with some hard chops that get “Wooo’s!!” from the crowd.
MIDDLE: Benoit continues to dominate with a couple of hard suplexes. The match continues its one-sided nature as Booker T manages to avoid a clothesline but when he tries to hit Benoit with a swinging kick the champ ducks and locks his arms around Booker T’s waist and hits a big German suplex. Benoit keeps it locked in and hits two more German suplexes before releasing the hold. Benoit signals cutting the throat and goes up top and WHAM!! Hits his dying head butt for one of the very few times in his career. This gets a very close two-count but Booker T is still in the match. Benoit climbs up top and tries to go for two diving headbutts in a row and….WHAM!! Benoits head smashes against the canvas in a sickening thud. Both men are down and the referee begins to count. Booker T is first up at seven and Benoit barely manages to get on his feet with the count at 9.
FINISH: Booker T is able to hit some chops of his own and then knock Benoit down with a kick. Benoit staggers to his feet and Booker T jumps for the scissors kick but hits air as Benoit dodges the move. Benoit puts on the armbar, locks in the Crippler Crossface and it doesn’t take long for Booker T to submit and the bell is rung.

Winner: Chris Benoit

After the match Benoit decides to get on the mic and straight away draws his attention to Randy Orton.

Benoit: Did you see that Randy, that’s how you’re gona be at Backlash, tapping out to me, the World Heavyweight Champion. How did it feel last week, I beat you thought your neck was gona rip in half!! Get used to that feeling Orton ‘cos you’re gona get a lot of it!!

Booker T is walking, feeling his neck after his match and Maven starts walking with him.

Maven: Hey man you alright?

Booker: Yeh I’ll be fine

Maven: You were doin well out there, hey cheer up man, and don’t forget soon we’re gona be in a match for the tag titles!!

Booker: (Laughing happily) Hehe, yeah your right man.

SMASH!! SMASH!! Booker T and Maven are both absolutely creamed across the back of the head with chair shots from both of the Dudleyz.

Bubba: I told we’re gona stop at nothing

D’Von: Hehe c’ya boys

Bubba and D’von leave with Booker T & Maven left lying.

JR: Those damn Dudleyz!! What are they doin?


JR: I can’ believe what the Dudleyz just did, what possessed to do such and underhand, damn thing like that!?!

King: Oh come on JR their right. AS if Booker T & Maven deserve a shot for the World Tag Team Titles ahead of them, the greatest Tag Team ever!!

JR: Oh give me a break!

Here comes the Intercontinental Champion, Christian with Trish in a non-title match against The Hurricane!! Christian still looks sore from the beating he received at the hands of Chris Jericho last week.

Christian (w/Trish) vs. the Hurricane

START: The Hurricane starts well and manages to get a couple of roll-ups in the early stages before Christian hits a big clothesline.
MIDDLE: Christian plants The Hurricane with a suplex and wears him down with a tough wristlock. Christian starts beating The Hurricane in the corner and hangs him up top. Christian tries to perform a Superplex but The Hurricane manages to knock Christian down and then hit a Tornado DDT. The Hurricane then goes for a chokeslam which Christian easily avoids and then crunches The Hurricane with a Powerslam.
FINISH: As Christian sets The Hurricane up for the Unprettier Chris Jericho runs in from the crowd with a steel chair and nails Christian with a big shot. The bell is rung for a disqualification.

Chris Jericho continues to stomp Christian down and then stalks him until he gets back up and then floors him with another chair shot. Y2J then puts Christian in the Walls of Jericho and will not release the hold until several officials come to the ring and force Jericho to release the hold.

JR: Oh my god, Jericho has snapped, he’s gona break Christian in half!!!

Trish is in the ring and Jericho is about to hit her but he can’t do it. Y2J turns his back on Stratus so she tries to sneak up and hit him but Jericho catches her. Jericho then puts Trish in the Walls of Jericho and the referees are again forced to pull a crazed Y2J off.

The camera pans up to show HBK walking in the arena and he passes RVD, still looking disappointed from his earlier loss to Matt Hardy.

HBK: Hey Rob, bad luck tonight.

RVD: What? What did you say?

HBK: I said bad luck, bad luck about your loss tonight.

RVD: What are you, trying to be funny??

HBK: No Rob, I was just…

With that RVD hits Michaels with a right hand and starts beating him to the ground. Van Dam throws HBK against the wall and then cracks him across the head with a steel pipe and the ‘Heartbreak Kid’ is left lying in a pool of blood!!

JR: What the hell is goin on, on RAW?!! This is carnage!!

King: Yeah!! And it could get even worse because Batista is about to take on Randy Orton!! Oh my god JR!!


Batista comes to the ring minus Ric Flair. Here comes Randy Orton to a huge pop from the crowd with a cool new entrance and theme music from Grinspoon called ’Killswitch’.

Randy Orton vs. Batista (No DQ Match)

START: Batista looks eager and very confident bouncy around in the ring with Orton not taking his eyes off his opponent. They move in to lock it up but Batista hits a knee to Orton’s gut. A few overhand shots to Orton’s back and then Batista whips him into the corner.
MIDDLE: Some strong right hands and Batista begins to choke Orton with his bare hands until the ref makes him break the hold. Orton is down on his knees so Batista uses his foot to choke him on the bottom-rope. Again the referee forces Batista to release the hold so Batista picks Orton up over his head and knocks the wind out of him with an Oklahoma Slam. Orton is picked up again and Batista goes for his power bomb early but Orton rolls with the move to avoid it and scampers to the opposite corner. Batista charges to try and knock Orton’s shoulders off with a clothesline but Orton trips Batista with a scissor sweep and quickly locks in an armbar. Batista is in pain for a few seconds but basically powers out of the move and lifts Orton up for a backbreaker. Batista goes for the cover but only gets a two-count. Batista starts walking around the ring yelling out how good he is and gets boo’s from the crowd. He walks over to Orton but when he tries to pick him up Orton rolls Batista into a small package and nearly steals the win. Batista gets up looking angry and charges at Orton but ducks, pulls the top rope down and Batista goes flying to the outside of the ring!! Orton struggles to the top and, just like last week, fly’s out of the ring and hits Batista with an amazingly high flying cross body. Orton just gets to his feet first and whips Batista into the ring steps. All of a sudden Triple H comes down the ramp with a chair in hand but Orton starts slugging it out with him.
FINISH: Triple H knees Orton and then wallops him with the chair!!! ‘The Game’ and Batista roll Orton back in the ring and Batista goes for the cover and gets the pin! But NO!! It’s only two, Randy Orton kicked out!!! Evolution are getting frustrated now. Triple H calls for Batista to lift Orton up and he holds his arms behind his back. Triple H picks up the chair and knocks out……Batista!!! Orton ducked and The Game is stunned!! He tries to hit Orton with the chair for a second time but Orton ducks again, hits the RKO and then crawls over to Batista for the 1-2-NO!! So close but Ric Flair had come down to the ring and pulled Orton of Batista out of the ring!!! Now Flair is beating down on Orton with kicks but here comes Mick Foley, Flair see’s Foley coming and two of the legends of wrestling start slugging it out!! Meanwhile Batista is back up and Orton has returned to the ring, Orton reverses a whip, Batista goes for the clothesline but Orton ducks and then locks in…..the Crippler Crossface!! Orton has got the Crippler Crossface on Batista who is in enormous pain. Batista can’t resist and taps out to Chris Benoit’s own move performed by Randy Orton, who is still the Number one Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship!!

Winner and still number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, Randy Orton!!

Orton is celebrating with Foley who got the better of Flair when Chris Benoit walks out to the entrance ramp and is obviously very pissed off at Orton. Benoit talks some trash and the two superstars stare each other down as RAW goes off the air!!

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glad you noticed dude,

kane is still on RAW but is currently out of action after his hellacious match against the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, nobody has seen or heard from him but don't count out the big red machine coming back soon though.

Good question, plz evry1 keep the questions, comments & criticisms cumin!!!

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great raw cabs 26, i'll be coming up with my own match soon

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both shows hav been brilliant i will read them religiously!
shocked at rvd attack on hbk i thought u were going to but them as a team but i was wrong!!! cant wait for next week!

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Very soon....

The fireworks fly and it’s time for RAW just two weeks out from Backlash!!

JR: Ladies and Gentleman welcome to RAW as the buildup to Backlash continues!! Tonight as announced during the week by the General Manager of RAW Eric Bischoff, Chris Benoit & Ric Flair will be teaming up to take on Randy Orton & Mick Foley in a star-studded main-event!!

HBK Shawn Michaels walks into the backstage locker-room and approaches Rob Van Dam. HBK has a patch over his cut eye remembering last week Rob Van Dam snapped after seemingly just a misunderstanding between the two and left Michaels lying in a pool of his own blood. The two exciting superstars eyeball each other and the atmosphere is extremely tense.

HBK: What the hell were you doin last week?? You beat the living hell out of me and smacked me across the head with a steel pipe. You left me lying unconscious in my own blood…What the hell were you thinking?

RVD: What was I thinking? What the hell were you thinking!?! I’ve just lost a match to Matt Hardy and you say to me ‘Bad luck Rob, better luck next time’, who do you think you are? You think that because you’re HBK you can just mouth off to whoever you like? Well I’m not HBK, I’m R-V-D and you better realize you can’t do that to me otherwise what I did to you last week will be nothing compared to what you’re gona get.

HBK: Rob you’re talking big, but that’s all you seem to do, I used to think that you were one of the most talented wrestlers I’ve ever seen, that you’d be up there with the greats. But when you think about it, who have you beaten, after all these years you’re still just a wannabe who’s never reached the pinnacle. So how about at Backlash, I give you a chance to beat one of the greats; at Backlash it’s your chance to beat ‘The Showstopper’.

RVD: You’re challenging me to a match at Backlash. Well of course I accept Shawn, and you can call yourself ‘The Showstopper’ all you want, but I am the one and only ‘Mr. Main Event’!!

RVD leaves with Shawn Michaels standing there with a stern expression.

Up next its gona be tag team action with The Dudleyz taking on Evolution’s Ric Flair & Batista for the World Tag Team Championships in a match granted by Eric Bischoff.


START: Batista is in the ring with D’Von and is on top straight away with a knee to the gut and a huge clothesline that flattens the Dudley.
MIDDLE: Flair is in the ring and hit some hard chops on D’Von and then performs a takedown and puts D’Von in a chin lock. D’Von struggles to his feet but Flair straight away puts him in a sleeper. D’Von is stuck in the hold for a while but manages to lift Flair for a backdrop and release himself from the move. Bubba Ray is in and hits Flair with his trademark punches and then hits a side walk slam for a two count. Bubba picks up the ‘Nature Boy’ and tries to move in again but Flair rakes the eyes and tags in Batista. Batista slams Bubba Ray with a rib breaker and then a fall away slam. D’Von tries to come in to help Bubba Ray but Batista just picks him up and tosses him out of the ring.
FINISH: Batista tags in Flair who gets ready for the figure four but sees Mick Foley coming down to the ring!! Batista sees him as well and tries o knock his head off but Foley duck and then knocks the big man senseless with a double arm DDT onto the entrance ramp!! Flair is busy watching this and Bubba Ray takes his opportunity and rolls up Flair and he gets the pin, 1-2-3!!

The winners and new World Tag Team Champions, The Dudleyz!! And Ric Flair can no believe it!! It also means that The Dudleyz will face Maven & Booker T at Backlash for the World Tag Team Championships!!


Ric Flair is outraged after Mick Foley’s interference and approaches Eric Bischoff.

Flair: Eric what the hell is goin on out there?! You can’t let Mick Foley get away with this; you saw what he did out there!

Eric: Yeah I saw it but I can’t change anything, there’s nothing I can do about it.

Flair: Well dammit that’s not right!!! That’s it, I’m sick of Foley stickin his nose in where it doesn’t belong, he did it with Randy Orton and now he’s doin it with the ‘Nature Boy’ but I’m not gona let that happen. Eric, give me a match with Mick Foley at Backlash, give me a match and I’m gona make him pay!!

Eric: Alright, alright you got it!! It’s gona be you ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair versus ‘The Hardcore Legend’ Mick Foley!!

Flair: Now that’s what I like to here!! And I’ve talked to Triple H and I’m replacing him in the tag match tonight!!

Eric: But you were just in a match, you can’t afford to be in two matches in one night!!

Flair: Don’t you tell me what I can or can’t do I’m the ‘Nature Boy’ Wooooo!!! And I’m the greatest superstar in the history of the WWE, two matches in one night is simple and I’ll prove that to you, tonight!! Wooooo!!!

Eric leaves and Flair is happy about the match. Woooooo!!!

Lita vs Molly Holly (WWE Womens Championship number 1 contender)

START: Lita and Molly locked it up in the centre of the ring and Lita gets Molly down with a scissor sweep. Lita whips Molly to the ropes but Molly hits a big clothesline to knock Lita down.
MIDDLE: Molly keeps attacking with a suplex and a quick roll up for a two count. Lita is back on top after a reversal and nice dropkick and powerslam.
FINISH: Lita flattens Molly with her own Twist of Fate and then goes up top looking for the Litacanrana. All of sudden for some reason, WWE Womens Champion Victoria runs down and pushes Lita off the top rope. The referee calls for the bell and this match is a no-contest!! But who will Victoria face at Backlash?

Stone Cold’s music hits and the Texas Rattlesnake appears on the entrance way.

SCSA: Victoria I saw what you did. You can’t get away with that, you screwed one of these women out of a title shot and that pisses me off. So at Backlash it will be a triple threat match with Victoria defending her title against Lita & Molly Holly. And it will the first ever womens’ triple threat ladder match!!!

Exit Stone Cold


Stone Cold walks into Evolution’s locker room.

HHH: Get the hell outta here, what do you want?

SCSA: Hey trips why are you so grumpy?? Still disappointed about losing at Wrestlemania huh? Is that it? Is it because you lost the biggest match of your career? Is that the reason?

HHH: Shutup!! If you don’t say what you gota say and get outta here trust me, you won’t walk out of here at all!

SCSA: Oh yeah and who the hell is gona stop me from doin that? But I don’t wana get into an argument with you trips; I just wanted to talk to Ric Flair.

Flair: What do you want Austin?

SCSA: Well I talked to Mick Foley, and he was very happy about the match with you at Backlash he just wanted to make one change.

Flair: What’s that?

SCSA: At Backlash, Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley will be a hardcore rules match!!

Flair: What? He can’t do that!!

SCSA: It’s too late its official, ha-ha good luck!!

5-4-3-2-1…..BOOM!! Y2J Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring to a huge ovation and is coming down to compete in a singles match against Rodney Mack.

Chris Jericho vs. Rodney Mack

START: Jericho is on top right from the start hitting a running elbow and some hard chops to Rodney Mack.
MIDDLE: A suplex to Mack gets a two count. Mack tries to hit a clothesline but Jericho ducks, flips Mack on his back and locks in the Walls of Jericho but Mack quickly makes the bottom rope. Jericho hits a bulldog and goes for the lionsault but Mack gets his knees up. Mack waits for Jericho to get up and puts Jericho in the Black Out. Jericho looks like he’s about to tap but manages to make a bridge and get a two count.
FINISH: Jericho goes up top and knocks Mack down with a missile dropkick and then locks in the Walls of Jericho. This time Mack is stuck in the hold and is forced to tap out.

Jericho picks up the win and is celebrating when Christian comes in from the crowd sneaks up behind Jericho and nails him in the head with a steel chair. He then picks him up and plants him with the Unprettier onto the cold, hard steel. Jericho is busted open and there is blood soaking the mat. Christian now grabs the mike and proceeds to berate Jericho.

Christian: There you go Jericho, how did you like that? The past two weeks you’ve smacked me across the head with chairs and thrown me off stages now how does it feel!! You want me; you want to get this title?? Well at Backlash you’ll get your shot. But Chris, this will be your one and only shot because I’ve talked to Eric Bischoff it’s gona be you and me, one on one in a steel cage!!

Christian backs up the ramp and Jericho crawls to the bottom rope and Christian is shocked to see a smile creep across Jericho’s bloodied face!!


Randy Orton & Mick Foley vs. Chris Benoit & Ric Flair

START: Orton locks it up with Flair and starts off on the offense with a big backdrop followed up by a dropkick with huge elevation off the mat. Orton has Flair in the corner but the ‘Nature Boy’ rakes the eyes of the third-generation superstar.
MIDDLE: Flair hits some chops that echo across the arena and then manages to get Orton in the sleeper hold but Randy quickly escapes by nailing Flair with a backdrop. A strong neckbreaker by Orton, who then goes for the pin but Benoit kicks him in the back of the head to break up the count. Benoit then lifts up Orton and gives him a German suplex over the top rope down to the floor!! Foley is in the ring know and starts hammering on Flair and beats him down into the corner but Benoit again comes from behind and hits Mick with not one but two German suplexes!! Orton somehow manages to crawl back into the ring and Flair tags in Benoit who wasn’t even the legal man. Benoit hits some stiff chops across Orton’s chest and then snap’s Orton almost in half with a powerful suplex. Flair is back in and stomps down on Orton. Flair goes up top to hit Orton with a fling elbow but Flair only hits mat. Orton flips up reminiscent of HBK Shawn Michaels and knocks Benoit off the apron. He then climbs up top himself and splashes Flair with an awesome cross body. Orton goes for the pin but the referee is pulled out of the ring by Benoit. Orton tags in Foley then walks to the rope and puts his body on the line to slam Benoit with a vaulting body press.
FINISH: Mick is then tagged in and goes to hit the double arm DDT but Flair hits a low blow and Foley is down!! Flair gives Foley a kick to the knee and then puts him in the figure four!! Flair is yelling at Foley to tap and then and at first Foley is in pain but then he gets this weird smile on his face, as if he likes it!! Flair is shocked and tries to increase the pressure but Foley is laughing at Flair despite the pain he’s in!!! Flair release the hold and doesn’t know what to do, he tries to hit a clothesline but Mick ducks and then hits the double arm DDT. The crowd is going nuts and Benoit and Orton are still fighting on the outside. Flair slowly, slowly gets to his feet, turns around and aaaarrrrrghhh!!!! It’s Mr. Socko, Foley has Mr. Socko and Flair is being chocked, he’s tapping out!! It’s over!!

After the match, Orton is congratulating Foley when Triple H comes from nowhere and he’s got his sledgehammer!! Triple H annihilates Orton and he is busted wide open he then hits Foley in the gut and Batista comes in and floors Floey with a massive Batista Bomb. Flair now puts Foley in the figure four and Benoit locks the crippler cross face on Orton who is covered in blood and not even conscious. While this is happening Triple H announces that Chris Benoit is the newest member of Evolution as RAW goes off the air!!

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wowo man these are amazing, Im very happy to see RVD heel and I wish this were real, its ace.

Great move putting Benoit in evolution, can't wait to see how this pans out, hows hunter gonna reactnow hes got no chane of being world champ?

Just wondering does the stable with mack, jazz, henry and long exists?

anyway mate is grade A stuff and just wondering if ne1s stepped up 4 sd! yet? i'd love to read htere show aswell.

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that was another great show, i was shocked at the benoit heel turn!! new member of evalution thts genius, i cant wait to see how hbk n rvd story pans out

is the next show 2moro?

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^^^ give him time, it takes a long time to bang these things out and he might b busy.

stupid n00bs :no:

Edit: I do know him so nobody get angry please
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