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ok this is picking up from where it currently is in the wwe, but the Evolution stable has been announced yet.

Fire works shoot off the rampway as the Raw theme hits, the sold out crowd are screaming their lungs out and chanting for their favorite superstars. The sky cam zooms over the frenzy as we join Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" lawler at ringside.

Before JR and King start Eric Bischoffs theme hits to boos. Bisch makes his way to the ring and is handed a mic.

Bisch - Now as most of you know, last week when the cameras turned off that no good s-o-b Stone Cold Steve Austin showed his face around here (Crowd Cheers) He showed his face on my Raw, he showed his face on my own show, and not only did he show up but he actually put his hands on Eric Bischoff, and let me inform all you stupud fans here that when you put your hands on Eric Bischoff you pay! and the paying is going to start right now, because let me introduce you to my new and improved henchman, the men that are willing to become big here on Raw, ladies and gentlemen i present to you the Evolution!

HHH's music hits as he stands on the top of the entrance ramp with a mic in hand.

HHH - Now Bisch i agreed that i would help you kick Austins ass. Because it seems that whenever i finish kicking his ass something always happens, weither it be him getting ran down by a car (Crowd Boos) weither it be him jumping companies (Crowd Boos) or weither ir be him taking his ball and going home (Crowd Boos) Simple fact Bischoff, Austin can't beat me and i'm hear to clean out the WWE of its pathetic superstars starting with Austin.

Bischoff has a sadistic smile on his face as cameras turn back to the locker room area.


Stone Cold is seen ariving in the arena, the fans go crazy.

Rob Van Dam vs Kane (#1 contenders match for World Title)

Good match, Kane wins with the chokeslam.


Austin is seen talking to someone in his locker room, before cameras can get any further details, Austin closes the door.

Nowinski vs Test

Nowinski ducks Tests boot, and rolls him up pulling the tights for leverage.


Storm/Regal vs Dudleys (Tag Titles)

Dudleys win with a 3D to Regal. After the match 3MW run down to the ring and put a beating to the Dudleys.


Shawn Michaels is seen walking out of HHH's locker room.

Jeff Hardy vs D'lo

D'Lo wins through Teddy Longs interference.

Victoria vs Molly vs Ivory (Womens Title)

Victoria wins through Stevens interference, Victoria continues to beat one Molly after the match until Trish makes the save.


Eric Bischoff announces a 6 man tag for later in the night, it'll be Austin/ Steiner/ Booker vs HHH/ Jericho/ Batista.

A black limo is seen pulling up, before anyone exits the cameras return to ringside.

Austin/ Steiner/ Booker vs HHH/ Jericho/ Batista

Austin pins Jericho with a Stunner. After the match Randy Orton runs down and puts a beating to Austin, Jericho, Batista and HHH beat down on the other two, Austin fights off Orton until the lights turn off, when they turn back on Austin, Booker and Steiner are all lying on there back. A man wearing his mask then reveals himself as Nash! HBK's theme hits as he runs down the ramp, HBK looks ready to hit HHH but instead Sweet Chin Music's Austin who was getting to his feet.

Raw fades with HHH, Batista, Orton, HBK, Nash and Jericho all standing tall.

Ok i know this aint great but i thought i'd give it a go
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