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My Monday night RAW starts the week after the Raw 10th Anniversary Show.

Opening Segment:
Eric Bischoff comes out and Welcome everybody to RAW. He talks about how good he feels the show is going to be. Than out of the blue, the No Chance in Hell theme starts. and out walks Mr. McMahon. Vince informs Eric that he isn't happy with the way Bischoff was running Raw and therefor Vince has no other option to fire Eric Bischoff. Bischoff says that Vince can't do that so he challenges Vince to a survivor series style match for creative control of WWE RAW. Vince excepts and the two part their separate ways to prepare for the main event match.

Tag Team Championship Match
The Dudley Boys (c) vs. Christien and Jericho
the dudley boys arrive in the ring waiting for their oponents. Christien appears and states that Chris Jericho could not appear on RAW because her was traded to SmackDown. Christien states though that he has a tag team partner to help win the championships back. Just then out comes Edge and the two brothers race to the ring. After a long struggle, E&C apply the conchairto to the skull of D-von, thus capturing the WWE Tag Team Championship Titles.
WINNERS - Edge and Christien

Eric Bischoff informs Morely that tonight's main event is going to be the biggest main event the NITRO (that's right NITRO) will ever see. Morely asks "Why did you say NITRO? This is RAW". Eric replies "Because that is what tonight's main event is going to be. WWE RAW vs. WCW NITRO."

F-View (Mr. McMahon's Office)
(Vince is talking to the phone to Linda McMahon)
"Don't worry Linda, I have it covered. Team WWE will consist of Myself, Triple H, HBK Shawn Michaels, and... Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!!!!"

WWE Woman's Championship Title Match
Victoria (c) vs Trish vs Molly Holly vs Ivory
All the women arrive in the ring except Molly. After a brief delay the match begins. After many chair shots by Victoria onto Trish and Ivory, things looked like Victoria was going to retain her championship unit... "Stand Back! There's a Hurricane Coming Through!!!!" Out Appears Mighty Molly who storms to the ring to attack Victoria. After a brief struggle Mighty Molly prevails and a new WWE Woman's champion is crowned.
WINNER - Mighty Molly

Locker Room
The rest of the WWE superstars are busy racking their brains trying to figure out who will be representing team WCW Nitro?
3 - Minute waring and Rico stuggest that Ric Flair, Booker T, and Scot Stiener are the three who are going to betray the WWE by helping Eric Bischoff out with the Main Event. The three ex- WCW stars deny it, but accusations become strong to the point where 3 minute warning challenge Book, Big Poppa Pump and The Nature Boy to a 6- man tag match.

Outside in the Parking Lot
The Coach is waiting for the arrival/return of the Rattle Snake. when Austin arrives, the Coach tries to interview him but receives the stone cold stunner instead.

Test/with Stacey vs. Batista/with Ric Flair
The two wrestlers battle it out until Ric Flair runs into the ring with a chair and knocks both wrestlers to the ground with a chair shot. Both he and Stacey leave the ring, leaving Test and Batista a bloody mess.
WINNER - No Contest

Eric Bischoff talks to three people who have their backs truned. He informs them that the Main Event for tonights Raw has only one meaning. Whether or not WCW is alive?

3-Minute Waring and Rico vs. Ric Flair, Booker, Scot Stiener/Stacey
A brutal contest that sees all six superstars on the receiving end of punishment. Batsita and Test race down to the ring to help 3 minute warning, but find themselves getting mixed up with Chris Benoit and a returning Marcus Alexander (Buff) Bagwell. While the referee is on the outside trying to break that fight up Ric Flair brings a chair into the ring and knocks 3 minute warning out of the ring leaving only Rico in the ring to suffer the Stiener Recliner.
WINNERS - Ric Flair, Booker T, Scot Stiener/with Stacey

Booker T goes back to the locker room while Ric Flair is standing in the ring with Scot Stiener, Buff Bagwell, Chris Benoit, and Stacey. He introduces the WWE to the Four Horsemen.

Hardcore Match (Returning Hardcore Championship Title)
Rob Van Dam vs Raven vs Tommy Dreamer
The four superstars battle it out into the parking lot. Rob Van Dam climbs to the top of ambulance. He flies off and lands a 5-star frog splash on both Raven and Tommy Dreamer.
WINNER - Rob Van Dam

WWE Locker Room
Vince McMahon arrives in the Locker Room where all the WWE stars are from both WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown. He introduces to them TEAM WWE RAW and informs the superstars that the future of RAW hangs in the balace of team RAW. Vince instructs the superstars that he wants ALL Raw superstars on the RAW stage to watch the Main Event and to offer their support to the TEAM RAW.

WCW Locker Room
Eric Bischoff and Chief Morely arrive in the WCW locker room where the 4 Horsemen, Booker T, Goldust, Lance Strom, William Regal, Big Show, Chris Jericho, Eddie and Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Shannon Moore, Sean Stasiak, Chuck Polumbo, The Cat, Torrie Wilson, The Hurricane, and Mighty Molly are located. He introduces Team WCW Nitro, but the three men are wearing black clothes and black masks, so nobady can tell who these people are. Bischoff informs the wrestlers that tonight can only make WCW the greatest in Sports Entertainment. He instructs the WCW superstars to sit at the ring area for the Main Event.

In the arena
Eric Bischoff introduces the WCW commentators who will join JR and The King. The WCW Nitro Music hits and Jessi Ventura and Tony Shevonie appear and take their seats. The RAW theme starts and all the Raw Superstars arrive in the arena. Then the WCW Nitro Music hits and all the WCW superstars come towards the ring and takes their seats.

Main Event
The Raw Music hits again and team WWE enter the ring. Eric Bischoff's Music hits and he comes out accomanied by Chief Morely. Eric asks to cut his music. From their the arena does black and the NWO music kicks. the pyro of white and grey goes wild and out appears Hollywood Hulk Hogan, and Kevin Nash. The two men along with Eric Bischoff move towards the ring as the four commentators ponder over who the fourth member of the now team NWO is. The match starts and immediately Hollywood Hulk Hogan eliminates Vince McMahon. As Flair distracks the Referee the NWO make their move on Triple H. With Triple H out on the side lines HBK steps into the ring and give the Sweet Chin Music to Bischoff who gets pinned and is eliminated. HBK than forces Big Sexy Kevin Nash to give up. Shawn Michaels starts in on Hollywood Hulk Hogan and than pins him. Leaving nobody for Team WCW or is their????? As Vince McMahon and all the WWE stars are celebrating on the stage and HBK is celebrating in the ring, Stone cold enters the squared circle and hits Michaels with the Stunner, he than pins Shawn for the victory. The WCW stars enter the ring and celebrate with Austin while Vince McMahon is on the stage kissing his Monday night show goodbye! Paul Heymen Enters the ring with WWE stars (RVD, Raven, Buh Buh Ray, D-Von, Spike, Tajiri, Tommy Dreamer,Justin Credible, Dawn Marie, and Tazz. Eric Bischoff welcomes ECW to WCW Monday Nitro and the screen goes black with a WCW Nitro 2003 logo appears.
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that monday 'NITRO' impressed me soo much, but sadly my friend no1 in the wwe will ever read it or use it cos there stupid. Bringing the NWO was a masterpiece, forming the NwO again was a stroke of Genius HOWEVER with the inclusion of Holywood in the NWO again whos 2 say that they wont get cheared again. I liked Stonecold joining WCW again that kicked ass and stunning that little retard the coach was cool. read my Raw as well thanks...

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Yes! It is almost exactly like the Invasion angle, but the difference is that with the invasion angle WCW was not WCW. All the stars that made WCW what it was in its prime were not involved with the invasion. People like Big Poppa Pump, Ric Flair, Hollywood Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Kevin Nash entered WWE after the invasion. With may RAW, WCW and ECW return with their respected leaders Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman, not Stephanie and Shane.

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The NITRO theme comes on and the Pyro goes off with the RAW turned NITRO set. Eirc Bischoff comes out and excitingly welcomes the fans to the first WCW NITRO owned by the WWE.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I am curtain that tonights edition of Monday Nitro will be one to remember. Tonights main event will feature the Heavyweight Champion of the World Triple H defending against Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Also for the Tag Team championships, Edge and Christian will defend against Scot Stuener and Buff Bagwell."

Just then Mr. McMahon's music came on and he along with Jamal, Rosie, Rico, Trish, Edge and Christien stood on the stage.

"Eric, you may think that you have the free run on Monday nights and you do, however I am Vince McMahon, the greatest wrestling promoter in the world and I along with the Corporation will remain on Monday Nitro to ensure that you will not have complete control. As well you will also be forced to select your new Nitro roster from the current WWE roster tonight."

"Don't worry Vince, tonight is a night that will be remembered. Especially seeing that you will be involved in Nitro's first elimination chamber match as you wrestle against Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ric Flair, Booker T, Rhyno, and a Mystery Wrestler added to the Nitro Roster."


Woman's Championship Match
Mighty Molly (c) vs. Trish
After a brief struggle, Mighty Molly successfully defeated Trish. After the match the Hurricane entered the ring to congratulate Molly on her victory. From behind, Rico with the assistance of the ring bell, struck the Hurricane and Molly over thehead, sending them to ground.
WINNER - Mighty Molly


Tony Schivone - "Isn't it great to be back in World Championship Wrestling?"
Jessi Ventura - "Boy, is it ever good to be back on television. I have waited so long for the opportunity to commentate an wrestling program."
Tony - "Well let's go to the back where Eric Bischoff will introduce us to his NITRO roster."

"Thank you Tony and Jessi. This roster is truely the best WCW roster ever. Please welcome to WCW...
Hollywood Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, the Big Show, The Nature Boy Ric Flair, Scot Stiener, Buff Bagwell, Chris Beniot, Chris Jericho, Booker T, Goldust, Edge, Christien, Buh Buh Ray, D-Von, Jamal, Rosie, Jamal, Rob Van Dam, Raven, Tommy Dreamer, William Regal, Tazz, Rhyno, Rico, Sean Morely, Hurricane, Spike Dudley, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Stacey, Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, Trish Stratus, Mighty Molly, Victoria, and... of course my mystery wrestlers..."

Tag Team Championship Match
Edge and Christien (c) vs. Scot Stiener and Buff Bagwell w/Ric Flair
a cruel struggle back and fourth ends when Stacey forces the referee to take his eyes off the match, leading to Ric Flair's aggresive chair shots to the head of both Edge and Christien.
WNNIER - Scot Stiener and Buff Bagwell New Tag Champions


The NWO's Nash, Austin, Hogan, and Big Show are shown attacking 3-Minute Warning with bass ball bats. Hollywood "That will show McMahon what WCW is really about. If he thinks that by his Corporation being here will prevent the NWO from taking over WCW again, he has another thing coming hahaha....."

Mr. McMahon's Office
"Did you see that Hunter? That is why you have to beat Hollywood Hogan tonight. The longer you are the WCW Heavyweight Champion of the World, the longer you stay on Nitro and the longer you can help me take back Monday night."

Triple H "I will try my best Vince you know that."

Vince "Well, trying isn't good enough, you have to beat Hollywood Hogan tonight."


No. 1 Contender - WCW Television Championship (Street Fight)
Chris Beniot vs. Chris Jericho
The two Canadian's battled it out in horrific street fight. In the end it was Chris Benoit who successfully earn a title shot for the Television championship on next weeks Monday Nitro against the other No. 1 contender.


No. 1 Contender - WCW Television Championship (Blind fold)
Goldust vs. William Regal
Regal, who started the match with an uneasy feeling due to the fact that he could not see where Goldust's hands were due to the blindfold, seem to have a good grip on the match. By being assisted with the Power of the Punch, Regal pinned Goldust. He will meet Chris Beniot next week for the WCW Television Championship.
WINNER - William Regal


Elimination Chamber
Vince McMahon vs. Stone Cold vs. Rhyno vs. Booker T vs. Ric Flair vs. ??????
As the first five wrestlers entered the chamber, Eric Bischoff informed them that the winner of the Chamber Match will wrestle the Heavyweight Champion at NO WAY OUT. Bischoff then introduced the sixth wrestler into the chamber and the newest acquired talent to WCW Nitro...STING!!!!!! One by one each wrestler was eliminated until there was only two wrestlers left, Sting and the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Franchise vs Franchise who will be the true legend of WCW.... the two battle a bloody match until Sting countered Flair's figure four leg lock and applied the Scorpion Death Lock for the victory
WINNER - No. 1 contender for the WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World ... Sting


Main Event - WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World
Triple H (c) vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan
For most of the match, Triple H domminated the match until Hollywood kicked out of the Pedigree. As Hollywood Hogan Hulked up, Triple H tried everything in his power to forced the Immortal one to lay on the mat for the pin, but Hollywood would not stay down. Hogan hit Triple H with the big boot then hit the atomic leg drop for the pin...1,2,3
After the match the NWO came down to celebrate the victory of the Great One. with numerous belt shots to his head, a bloddy Triple H was kicked out of the ring while the NWO Spray Painted the championship gold once again with the ugly black NWO letters.
WINNER - New WCW Heavyweight Champion of the World Hollywood Hulk Hogan

As the NWO celebrated in the ring, a black figure flew down from the sky. It was the No. 1 contender Sting who stood nose to nose with the NEW Champion until Nitro went off the air.
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